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brycehis apw gone on holiday now?00:46
jjohansenbryceh: hrmm I am not sure which day it starts he left it off the calendar00:52
brycehjjohansen, ok thanks00:56
bjfbryceh, he should be around all this week (i think)00:56
brycehbjf, aha good, I'll email00:56
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* apw waves morning ...08:52
jjohansengood morning apw08:53
apwjjohansen, morning, hows it going today08:53
jjohansenheh, not bad, at least not yet we will see how the night goes :)08:54
smbIt should be dark, quiet and you probabaly sleeping. :)08:54
apwjjohansen, heh out of sync as usual i see08:58
jjohansen1wheee: shutdown now -r in the wrong terminal09:03
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apwjjohansen, you are tired!  time for bed09:03
jjohansenapw: hehe, no I'm really not.  The terminal had been connected to the test box, but it was one that had dropped.09:05
tumbleweedhi. anyone know the state of core i3 (intel hd) graphics on lucid? Got a new box that'll boot with a Maverick kernel, but not lucid.09:05
jjohansenI know because all the terminals in that workspace were09:05
smbipmitool -Ilanplus -Hjjohansen power off09:05
jjohansenhrmm, if only /me could take a hint :)09:06
jjohansentumbleweed: where does the boot fail09:06
apwipmitool -Ilanplus -Hjj-house power off09:06
apwipmitool -Ilanplus -Hjj-state power off09:07
smbapw, I guess we would have to add a -Uspouse09:07
jjohansenaw shucks my ups lasts about 1 min09:07
tumbleweedjjohansen: kernel BUGs... http://paste.ubuntu.com/581502/09:07
tumbleweedoh, whoops, multiple boots in there09:08
jjohansenapw, smb don't worry I won't be here all night, but I need a few hours to settle down from exercising09:08
apwMar 17 10:53:06 aa-bok-3 kernel: [    7.888543] [drm:i915_gem_object_bind_to_gtt] *ERROR* Attempting to bind an object larger than the aperture09:09
apwisn't that an indication of a BIOS setting the AGP aperture smaller than graphics memory09:09
apwMar 17 10:53:06 aa-bok-3 kernel: [    7.888422] [drm:i915_driver_load] *ERROR* Detected broken video BIOS with 262140/262144kB of video memory stolen.09:10
apwMar 17 10:53:06 aa-bok-3 kernel: [    7.888468] [drm:i915_driver_load] *ERROR* Disabling GEM. (try reducing stolen memory or updating the BIOS to fix).09:10
apwindeed, the kernel hates your BIOS with a pasion09:10
tumbleweedI'll try a static share rather than "auto"09:11
apwsmb, i have just realised that 5 years at an abi bump every 2 weeks (worst case) will bust the 0-99 range we have for abi on lucid master09:12
jjohansenapw: are we doing an abi bump every time?09:13
jjohansenyes /me knows they have been changing, just whether we expect them to always change09:14
apwjjohansen, well they tend to pretty often, its not 100% guarenteed of course but worst, worst case we can double bump in a 2 week period due to reverts ... so i still think we'll be pressing in on 99 09:16
apwmight be prudent to increase spacing for natty and above09:16
jjohansenoh yikes /me wasn't thinking of double bumps09:16
tumbleweedapw: thanks reducing it to 128M did the trick. /me kicks himself for not following the suggestions from the kernel first09:18
apwtumbleweed, hrm, not sure that that isn't a bug however ... the rest boots ok now?09:18
tumbleweedapw: yeah09:19
tumbleweedit cerntainly works out the box with the maverick kernel, so the issue has been fixed / worked around09:20
apwahh good point09:21
smbapw, jjohansen I guess worst case we will have to to a magic bump into the higher regions09:22
apwsmb, yeah probabally so09:24
* apw reboots to test a patch09:24
apw(this is my only affected work station, of course)09:24
smbFarewell friend...09:25
smbapw, Successful?09:29
apwit boots at least09:29
apwso far seems to suppress the terminal corruption i was seeing too09:37
smbsounds not too bad then09:38
smbapw, Was that the sort of corruption that suddenly would garble the contents of your window but go away when you scrolled or refreshed?09:38
apwsmb, yeah thats the one, though the commit is really expected to make it better not worse09:40
smbapw, sounds like the thing I noticed somewhat on my aspire one. Though I usually put it to bad hw09:42
apwyeah, if you look close its 'previous screen contents' dithered and mixed with the current screen09:42
jjohansenapw: does that happen to you in other windows than a terminal, that bug seems to hit pigin, chromium, and mumble for me09:43
jjohansenor perhaps its just a bug that is similar09:44
apwjjohansen, i cannot say i have ever seen it anywhere else, but the bug is in copy operations on areas of screen not particularly text related09:44
apwi rarely scroll anything but terminals and chrome09:45
jjohansensounds like it09:45
jjohansenhrmm, but I see corruption without scrolling09:45
jjohansenbut perhaps its because of switching workspaces09:46
tumbleweedapw: ah, you ran into the same corruption bug I reported. I see it most in curses programs, but scrolling is a sure way to trigger it too.09:59
tumbleweedI've very occosionally seen corruption in other windows (often notfy-osd), but that may be unrelated10:00
jjohansentumbleweed: now that you mention it I do usually see the corruption in other window under where notifications displayed10:02
apwtumbleweed, yeah am trying to debug it now, its very annoying, upstream has offered some things to try10:02
apwtumbleweed, i may have a fix for that corruption bug, i will be pushing some kernels for testing shortly; are you able to test?10:28
tumbleweedapw: certainly10:30
apwbe about half hour, i'll poke you when they are up10:30
lesshastehi I just installed apt-get install linux-headers-2.6.38-7-generic linux-headers-2.6.38-7 on lucid10:57
lesshastebut weirdly, I can't actually find vmlinuz-2.6.38-7-generic10:57
lesshasteany idea what is going on?10:58
lesshasteoh oops10:59
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Ntemisfinally i have found the sweet spot on my server12:14
Ntemisall kernels <2.6.38 where freezing my system randomly because of my eth0 r816912:15
Ntemiswith 2.6.38 problem seems gone :)12:15
Ntemisthanks guys12:16
Ntemisfor the mainline repo12:16
Ntemisbtw is a 8111E realtek12:16
apwthere was something for r8169 very recently12:17
Ntemishi apw12:17
Ntemisi was here before some days posting my kernel logs12:17
Ntemisyou remember me?12:17
Ntemisnothing found on the logs12:17
apwseems it was in -rc812:18
Ntemisseems the caveat was my 8111E gbit lan 12:18
Ntemisit was freezing the server randomly12:18
Ntemisno ssh access12:19
Ntemiswhy they remove the firmware from 8111D? from 2.6.3812:19
apwcirtianly the latest have some fixes for ASPM killing r8169's dead and nothing in the logs12:19
apwNtemis, not sure i saw them removing firmware, though most migrates into the firmware package when pulled out12:19
Ntemisthat one was in the but server still freezed12:20
Ntemisis not the aspm the problem12:20
Ntemisproblem gone for good on 2.6.3812:21
Ntemissomething else changed on r8169 driver12:21
Ntemisi thing they got the realtek driver and used some code from it12:21
Ntemisport it over12:21
Ntemisnow i have the latest kernel and samba 3.5.6 will i need to update to natty?12:23
Ntemisor i am ok to stay as it is?12:23
Ntemisserver is used for torrenting, news groups downjloading and cifs/samba, nfs jbod12:24
Ntemisam pleased as it doesnt crash now12:25
Ntemisalso now coretemp works ok on 2.6.3812:26
Ntemisbut is showing some weird stuff12:27
NtemisAdapter: ISA adapter12:27
NtemisCore 0:       +9.0°C  (crit = +100.0°C)                  12:27
NtemisAdapter: ISA adapter12:28
NtemisCore 1:       +8.0°C  (crit = +100.0°C)12:28
Ntemiswhat do you thing about this output?12:28
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apwbah boiler man has killed the boiler instead of fixing it12:56
apwtumbleweed, dunno if you saw but those kerenels are up12:56
smbapw, Maybe you should have asked for the boilerrepairman instead12:57
apwsmb, don't get me started, i am going to strangle the next contractor who lets me down12:58
* smb fears there won't be many left after that12:58
apwsmb, you aware of the xen TSC running away issues ?13:14
apwbug #72745913:14
ubot2Launchpad bug 727459 in linux "TSC is not reliable under Xen on some Intel CPUs" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72745913:14
smbapw, I heard of so many time problems....13:15
smbIs that lucid, hardy or later...?13:15
smbOk, yes it might give wrong utimes of processes probably. I'll see how much of those problems are left when I am done with the tree13:17
smbIf it still runs then13:17
tgardnerapw, I just updated the tangerine natty schroots. have a look at the gcc segfaults in dmesg.13:25
apwtgardner, no not more compiler fallout ... bloody hell13:26
apwtgardner, are they all since you updated ?13:26
tgardnerapw, can't tell when they happened. looking in syslog...13:26
apwtgardner, i'll bang a build in and see if we get some more13:27
tgardnerapw, hmm, not showing up in syslog. I was hoping time would be normalized with the segfault message13:27
tgardnerapw, bang away13:28
apwtgardner, i386 builds don't seem to be triggering it13:48
tumbleweedapw: I'm not seeing any corruption yet13:49
apwtumbleweed, good news indeed13:49
apwif you could feed back on the bug when you are happy13:49
apwi can get that back to upstream and get that progressed13:49
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apwtumbleweed, i don't seem to be able to reproduce your other corruption in unjity there... can't tell if thats unity or the same sort of bug ... unity being a little volatile14:23
apwtumbleweed, would you agree its a major improvement?14:23
tumbleweedapw: unity moves very fast, yes. I haven't even used it in a while14:24
tumbleweedsorry just sorting out stuff for a meeting I'll comment on bugs in an hour and a bit14:25
jcrigbyapw, tgardner: quick question,  I've been asked to turn on CONFIG_PNP_IP in linux-linaro-omap to allow setting ip config on command line.14:25
jcrigbyall the other linaro flavours all ready have it on because their configs came from kernel source defconfigs14:25
jcrigbybut omap came originally from ubuntu kernel14:26
apwjcrigby, those are totally separate from our omap arn't they?14:26
jcrigbyapw, yes just drawing on your wisdom14:27
* apw can't even find such an option in natty14:27
apwor maverick or lucid14:27
jcrigbyI may have spelled it wrong14:27
jcrigbyCONFIG_IP_PNP and CONFIG_ROOT_NFS are very useful for embedded development14:29
apwthey don't sound like dangerous things to enable to me14:29
jcrigbyok, just checking if there was some historical or other reason, thanks14:29
tumbleweedyay just caused a total lockup by running impressive (GL)14:30
apwjcrigby, the description implies they are only needed for your kind of use case, so i can see why they would be off in our world14:30
tgardnerapw, I think CONFIG_IP_PNP could cause unhappy things. I'm concerned about the connection table getting populated  with stuff you may not necessarily want.14:33
apwtgardner, yeah cirtianly wasn't proposing we enable it in any of our images14:33
tgardnerapw, upgraded from maverick to natty on the HP mini. seems to have gone pretty well.14:49
apwtgardner, yeah we are past the absolute worst of unity cratering every 10s14:53
apwi am using it here on this netbook without whining14:53
apwnow that most things seem to work i am working up to upgrading on my dekstop14:53
tgardnerapw, gsettings-data-convert crashed a couple of times, but now seems to have stopped.14:54
apwthough it gives me butterflys14:54
tgardnerapw, I'm quite happy with Lucid on my desktop :)14:54
apwtgardner, heh a sound plan indeed14:56
apwbut .. if i don't use it every day on my boxes they stop working!14:56
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tgardnerapw, looks like you need a Natty meta package update.15:10
apwtgardner, ahh has the main packages finally gone through, i've got it ready to upload15:11
tgardnerlooks like all arches have built15:12
apwtgardner, yeah they were built, but still New this mornign, they were menat to be done last night, but something got delayed15:13
tgardnerapw, ack15:15
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* apw shifts location15:28
* JFo needs foodage... bbiab15:30
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* apw returns ... shaken but not stirred16:04
smbapw, How many olives?16:05
kamalapw: I'm curious why you didn't upload a linux_2.6.38.orig.tar.gz this time... isn't it ready for that now?16:07
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apwkamal, yes it is ready for it, but i didn't have one at hand or the time to ensure it was the right one before, as i had to hit betweeen two compiler uploads16:10
apwkamal, is it somehow causing a problem?16:10
kamalapw: not at all!16:10
kamalapw: just makes PPA uploads take forever and consume more PPA space -- not at all critical.16:11
tgardnerkamal, it goes fast from tangerine16:12
kamaltgardner: yup, sure does :-)16:12
apwkamal, or from zinc16:12
kamalapw, tgardner: I do all my own test builds on tangerine, but I upload (the fully tarball, in absence of a .orig) to PPA to publish16:13
apwkamal, as do i, but push the branch to zinc and package it there, and upload it from there16:14
kamalapw: ah yes, I just clued in to what you guys meant there.16:14
apwkamal, anyhow, it will have one shortly, as i have to reupload for the next comp change16:14
kamalapw: you remotely sign the package on zinc?  (debsign -r or something)?16:15
apwuploads in a about 8s16:16
apwthe debsign only does the tiny files, life is good16:16
kamalapw, tgardner: wow, okay, I'll try that procedure (at least when I need to upload the full tarball).  thanks much guys.16:17
apwkamal, i do it that way always now, it rocks16:18
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tgardnerbjf, do you have an official channel for getting kernels pocket copied from the c-k-t PPA ? I need Lucid linux-mvl-dove and linux-meta-mvl-dove pocket copied into -proposed.17:01
bjftgardner, no official channel yet, just ping pitti17:02
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tgardnerbjf, Has Clint been activated in that role yet? I suspect Martin is gone for the day17:04
bjftgardner, don't know, maybe ping skaet ?17:04
skaettgartner, bjf - not sure if the training's happened or not yet.   17:05
skaetprobably best to ask clint directly at this point.  17:06
skaetif he's not comfortable yet, possibly colin can help (if he's still around) if pitti's gone for the day.17:07
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bjfogasawara, did you use "create-cve-tracker" to create the bug for CVE-2010-4342 ?17:37
ubot2bjf: The aun_incoming function in net/econet/af_econet.c in the Linux kernel before 2.6.37-rc6, when Econet is enabled, allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (NULL pointer dereference and OOPS) by sending an Acorn Universal Networking (AUN) packet over UDP. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2010-4342)17:37
ogasawarabjf: I did17:38
bjfogasawara, odd, it doesn't look right17:39
ogasawarabjf: it did give me some message that I'd have to update some parts by hand for some reason17:39
tgardnerbjf, since she's special, perhaps the nominations got fubared ?17:40
ogasawarabjf: so now I'm trying to open the nominations by hand but lp keeps failing17:40
apwlaunchpad not right?  never17:40
bjftgardner, could be, the nominations don't look right and the tag is missing17:40
ogasawarabjf: I keep getting a timeout error when trying to open the nominations so I suspect the script may have hit the same?17:41
bjfogasawara, just sent email about what to do about timeouts, we got this from jml in london17:42
ogasawarabjf: cool thanks17:43
ogasawarabjf: heh, now it is no longer timing out17:44
* bjf running an errand, brb17:47
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* tgardner --> lunch18:06
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Martiinielou. any ubuntu devels hang out here ??19:36
Martiiniquestion about ubuntu kernel .. kernel seems to configured not as well as some other distros19:37
Martiinihowcome .. ?19:37
tgardnerbjf, https://launchpad.net/~kernel-ppa/+archive/ppa19:40
Martiinitgardner, is that .. backport kernel .. 19:43
MartiiniI can test that of course19:44
tgardnerMartiini, are you testing for some particular behavior ?19:45
Martiinino .. opensuse kernel just work as the best .. out of all distros Ive tried .. dmesg, etc etc .. is no help .. simple things .. like acpi, boottime .. work best in opensuse on all laptops Ive tried .. so .. wanted to know why19:47
* ogasawara back in a bit19:52
cndbryceh, ogasawara, bjf: I'm coming to portland!19:54
bjfcnd, sweet!19:54
bjfcnd, i take it ohsu got selected ?19:54
cndit was our top choice too19:54
tgardnerthe world needs a larger portland mafia19:55
brycehcnd, wow congrats!19:59
bjfcnd, i know of a row house within walking distance of ohsu that is for sale :-)19:59
bjfcnd, or will be very soon (i hope)20:00
cndbjf, that might be handy :)20:03
cndI'll probably be making a trip out soon to look at things20:03
cndwe'll be moving in early-mid june I believe20:03
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brycehcnd, be prepared for having endless advice about finding where to live ;-)20:06
cndso much to do in so little time now...20:09
brycehon the plus side, it's a buyer's market here20:14
bjfbryceh, in some areas, i was surprised when two houses in my neighborhood went on the first day for full price20:15
cndthings seem volatile right now20:18
cndit's hard to gauge things20:18
cndbut one would assume that even if we didn't buy at the absolute bottom things are likely to go up from here20:18
brycehcnd, yep.  Like bjf says, while there's a lot of houses available, finding the real gems can take some luck20:21
* sbeattie would probably rent first20:25
brycehsbeattie, yeah, I've heard of others take that approach with good results20:27
sbeattiebest to get to know the area first, to figure out where you'd like to buy.20:27
sbeattiecnd: and cool, glad you're becoming one of us! :-)20:27
cndsbeattie, thanks!20:32
Martiiniok, so .. what is linux-image-generic-lts-backport-natty , linux-image-generic-pae-lts-backport-natty20:52
kristian-aalborghi all21:02
kristian-aalborgwould it be possible to make a "generic" pre-2000 hw kernel?21:02
bjfJFo, can you accept the nominations for bug 737124 ?21:11
ubot2Launchpad bug 737124 in linux "Support workstations with greater than 64 cores" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73712421:11
JFobjf, yessir21:13
JFobjf, done21:14
bjfJFo, thanks21:18
JFomy pleasure :)21:20
JFoand now I must step away for a while and pretend I am Irish. (well, more than I already am) :-)21:21
* bjf is heading out for some air22:14
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