cjohnstonRonnie: bug 728766 is fix released with 0.3.101:03
ubot4`Launchpad bug 728766 in loco-directory "Crash when running lpupdate (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72876601:03
cjohnstonsorry.. 0.3.201:03
cjohnstonRonnie: I don't think that we should change the way that agenda owners are done.. its too easy for them to login once... and when/if we integrate with mootbot, i only see that causing problems01:19
JanCif anybody is interested, just saw this pass by in another channel: http://ourfriendsinjapan.com/01:32
mhall119Ronnie: I like who you managed to not have any code changes come out of that discussion ;)01:46
mhall119I don't think we should change the agenda stuff, but I can be presuaded that lp update should pull in _all_ loco member users, not just admins01:47
mhall119we'd have to see what kind of performance impact that would have on us and also on LP itself01:47
YoBoYgood morning06:08
head_victimIs there a way to make an event venue be an IRC channel on loco.u.c ?08:36
YoBoYHead_victim: it's a meeting not an event10:15
head_victimYoBoY: well sort of, I'm trying to get a translation jam happening for our loco. As we are so spread out I was actually going to try and run it on IRC.10:15
YoBoYThere is no solution yet for that type of IRC event 10:19
head_victimOk, would it be acceptable to create a generic "location" for the team and just provide the irc details in the description?10:20
czajkowskihead_victim: thisx has been raised on a few ocassions10:21
czajkowskithere is a bug there 10:21
czajkowskimarked as wish list 10:21
czajkowskiso we 10:21
czajkowskiget more dev folks on board to help or we wait until they get some free time 10:21
YoBoYYou are free to choose the right solution for you and your team10:22
head_victimYep, that's fair enough. I just wanted to make sure I wouldn't go and do something that isn't the best way.10:22
czajkowskioffline for the rest of the day10:22
head_victimI might just find the geographical centre of the country and use that for the IRC location10:22
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effie_jayxgood morning11:56
mhall119head_victim: that would work, or find an actual venue that some of you can meet at, and let the rest participate remotely13:09
mhall119that's what cjohnston and I are doing for our jam13:09
head_victimmhall119: I was thinking of that but then I was worried it would seem exclusive of those not able to attend. 13:11
head_victimBut yeah, might for the next one if I get enough interest for this one13:11
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AlanBellhi all21:56
AlanBellbit of news this evening, I have been declared the new point of contact for Ubuntu-UK LoCo21:57
jledbetterAlanBell, Congratulations:)21:57
YoBoYcongrats AlanBell 22:01

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