mycosys_antant - i remeber hearing about an issue of that ilk using ATI video cards?00:06
mycosysmy experience is myth +ATI = pain00:06
_antantGot it all sorted now thank god01:19
_antantNow just can't get the xbmc svn repo installer to install01:20
mycosysare you using ati, jus curious?01:22
mycosysget an nvidia01:22
_antantdisabled the onboard audio in my bios01:22
_antantI've literally just got this one01:23
mycosysjust kill it - shove it to a win box01:23
_antantand it works fine01:23
mycosyspay $25 for a gt21001:23
_antantI'm in uk01:23
_antantit's more than that01:23
mycosysfine 15 pounds01:23
_antantway more than that01:23
mycosysi am in australia, not US01:23
mycosysthey are cheap as chips01:23
mycosysnvidia > 8xxxx will give you vdpau, and opengl that works01:24
_antantthis 5450 works fine now01:24
_antantno problems with audio through hdmi, no problems with mythtv, nothing01:24
mycosysvdpau is decode acceleration for unix01:24
_antantwell if I do run into any problems then I may well01:25
mycosysmain one will be high cpu usage01:25
mycosysuhuh - u are doing all decode on cpu01:26
_antantI'll get my case vfd working and check it01:26
_antantwhich I read may be a bit of a pain too01:26
_antantminimum (even on ebay) for a gt210 is £3201:27
mycosyswould it happen to be an antec case?01:30
mycosysseriously???? $50?01:30
mycosyslook internationally01:30
_antantfusion v101:31
Zinn[avenard.com] LIRC/LCD & Antec Remote Fusion01:32
mycosysjust enable his repos if u want01:32
Zinn[avenard.com] Ubuntu Media Playing Packages01:33
_antantnice one01:35
mycosyshttp://avenard.com/media/Patches_%26_Add-Ons/Entries/2008/10/9_iMON_0038_LCD_working_with_LCDd.html older instructions of what he did01:36
Zinn[avenard.com] Working LCD for Antec Fusion Remote Black (iMON 0038)01:36
mycosyshe also has a funky refresh rate patch in those repos http://avenard.com/media/Patches_%26_Add-Ons/Entries/2010/6/7_Matching_refresh_rate_with_input_framerate_to_reduce_judder_%3B_final_part.html and some upmix patching for 5.1 too01:36
Zinn[avenard.com] Matching refresh rate with input framerate to reduce judder01:36
_antantany idea how I can minimize xbmc?01:38
mycosysnever really played with it01:38
mycosysdunno why you would need it on a myth system?01:39
_antantprefer is as a media centre01:39
mycosysare you running doze on ur network too?01:40
Zinn[members.iinet.net.au] MythTV for Windows01:41
mycosysprebuilt windows frontends01:41
mycosysso much easier than having to compile it lol01:41
_antantYeah, a couple of my flatmates will be running it on win01:44
_antantHaving problems connecting tho01:46
mycosyswhat are they using to connect?01:46
_antantxbmc with the mythbox addon01:47
mycosyswould say use mythfrontand01:48
mycosyshave had very few hassles with it on windows (other than getting it to build that 1st time lol)01:49
mycosyswill also be the only way they will get live tv01:49
_antantI'm getting told that it can't log in to the sql database01:49
mycosysrings bells again01:50
mycosyssomething about mysql being configured to accept connections from the network01:50
_antantI've got a d/l link for mythtvplayer01:51
_antantthat the one?01:51
Zinn[members.iinet.net.au] MythTV for Windows01:52
mycosysis actually mythtv built for windows01:52
mycosysexactly the same as on linux, just built using mingw01:53
_antantaha! I found that once and couldn't find it again01:53
mycosysif u cant find it again - search mythtv.org for windows - there is a link on the windows port page01:53
_antantcheers matey01:55
mycosysnp :)01:55
_antantis there a key combo to force close an app?02:00
_antantDo you have an antec then?02:06
mycosysnot a fusion, no02:06
mycosyshad a 240002:06
_antantdoes it have a volume control? and if so have you got it working?02:07
mycosyshad been looking at what avenard was doin of late earlier today - just a happy coincidence02:07
mycosysnah 2400 is the fusion without the media gear, jus the case02:07
rhpot1991I didn't care for xbmc mythtv integration02:08
rhpot1991didn't play well with 0.2402:08
rhpot1991is there a question in there about an antec fusion that I'm missing?02:08
mycosysdont need a htpc that fits in a cabinet atm - a tower hides pretty easily behind a 56" TV lol02:12
_antant_well, true I suppose!02:13
_antant_Why does mythbuntu not come with an archiver already installed?02:14
_antant_Any recommendations?02:14
mycosys1welcome to the can of worms lol02:23
mycosys1http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Mythvidexport.py that what you are looking for?02:25
Zinn[www.mythtv.org] Mythvidexport.py - MythTV Official Wiki02:25
mycosys1clever script that moves recordings and their metadata into mythvideo02:26
mycosys1should be able to use this transcode wrapper BEFORE it to transcode the recording too if you wish02:26
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_antant_Nope. I literally mean a zip/tar handler02:31
mycogoddam nickserv02:44
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mycosysthank god for that02:47
tgm4883_antant_, it looks like tar is installed by default02:47
mycosysdid i miss anything _antant_02:48
tgm4883I may have installed it along time ago though02:48
mycosyswas that script what you are lookin for?02:48
mycosyshttp://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Transcode_wrapper_stub is the other script i mentioned before i stuffed up nickserv02:49
Zinn[www.mythtv.org] Transcode wrapper stub - MythTV Official Wiki02:49
mycosysuse ti before the move02:49
mycosysmythvidexport is very clever- can actually export between machines without one machine knowing or caring about the disk location on the other - uses the myth protocol02:50
mycosysthey are both written by one of the mythtv devs, who also happens to be a software engineer02:52
_antant_Hey mycosys. No, I was literally talking about a zip/tar/whatever utility02:55
mycosystar is there by default02:55
mycosysso is bzip02:55
_antant_gui one?02:55
mycosysgui is for wimps02:56
mycosysor more correctly W.I.M.P.S.02:56
_antant_be gentle. I'm just ported my box over from the dark side02:56
mycosyswimps = windows icons menus pointers02:56
mycosysis a very old pun02:57
mycosysgui is for wimps02:57
_antant_describes me well02:57
_antant_what's the one that comes in plainbuntu?02:58
_antant_and where did I set my sql password?03:00
mycosysi have no idea - and the system does it for u during setup03:01
_antant_file roller is the answer to my first question03:01
mycosysWIMPs is the normal form of GUI that just about everything uses btw03:01
_antant_I remember seeing a 6 or 8 char password somewhere when i was setting up but i didn;t change it or note it down03:02
tgm4883_antant_, mythtv sql password is kept in /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt03:03
tgm4883if you need the mysql admin password it is different03:04
_antant_got it, changed it. cheers03:07
_antant_Now if only I could run this bloody jar file03:07
_antant_java -jar RemoteDroidServer.jar03:08
tgm4883looks correct, is java installed?03:08
_antant_unable to access jarfile xxx.jar03:09
rhpot1991_antant_: why not use one of the mythtv droid remotes?03:09
_antant_I will03:10
_antant_I wanna be able to use my phone as a mouse too though03:10
rhpot1991vnc is prob easier03:10
rhpot1991there are vnc clients for android too03:10
_antant_yeah, I had this running under win though and I've paid for it03:11
_antant_only a £ or so, but still03:11
_antant_any recommended java I should install? used the open jdk/jre03:19
_antant_fecking great. Now java.awt.headlessexception03:25
perlmonkeyhi guys13:57
perlmonkeyI've just installed mythbuntu 10.10 (master and slave backends) appears to be partially working, but i've got a couple of issues... firstly, playback on the frontend can't be stopped on my remote machine, esc is unresponsible and shortcut keys appear to be also.. any ideas?13:58
perlmonkeyok please ignore, seems to be responding now..not sure what happened13:59
perlmonkeysecond issue... I'm having trouble adding the slave backend to master backend, or figuring out how to share a tv card on slave machine14:00
perlmonkeyI have added my second card to slave backend (first card is in master backend), when I run frontend on slave machine, and select watch TV, I get "All Tuners are Busy. Select a current recording" with only one option (which is the first card/Master backend recording)...why can't I watch the slave backend tuner?14:04
perlmonkeyunresponsiveness issue has returned again... seems it happens for the first few minutes of playback14:05
perlmonkeyunable for some reason to switch between Master and Slave tuner cards...I assume Y is the correct short-key?14:16
rhpot1991perlmonkey: did you setup that card on the 2nd backend, you need to run mythtv-setup there too15:15
perlmonkeythank you rhpot15:16
perlmonkeyim using 2nd card for cctv camera15:17
qwebirc11749Mythbuntu 10.10 with TeviiS464 (driver and FW installed) "Channel scan" only brings "Encrypted" results. Already tested different LNB settings16:55
perlmonkeyI couldn't make it work17:41
perlmonkeyrhpot1991 I ran myth-setup on the 2nd backend and added the card and video source, inputs, but for some reason it won't let me switch to that card or use it when I Watch TV, it doesn't even come up17:41
perlmonkeyi think maybe something is wrong with the driver...as I just did a cat /dev/video0 test and although it wrote to a file, the video could not be viewed..just freezes17:42
rhpot1991perlmonkey: 1. are you sure thats the right location17:43
rhpot1991what kinda card?17:43
perlmonkeyI put a video source into the card and i saw the image in the video file17:43
perlmonkeybut it only shows the first frame and freezes when i play it in a video player17:43
rhpot1991sounds like a configuration issue with the card17:44
perlmonkeyIt's an Adaptec VideOh! card but it uses the exact same chipset as the Hauppauge PVR-150 and uses the Ivtv driver?17:44
perlmonkeyI have the same card in my master backend which works fine17:44
rhpot1991should configure the exact same way then17:45
perlmonkeyya i configured exactly the same with ivtv driver17:45
perlmonkeybut maybe something is wrong on this sys cuz the cat test should of produced a proper video file eh17:45
perlmonkeycomplete mystery17:47
perlmonkey01:0a.0 Multimedia video controller: Internext Compression Inc iTVC16 (CX23416) MPEG-2 Encoder (rev 01)17:48
perlmonkeyunable to make it work17:51
perlmonkeywill try again17:52
perlmonkeywell the cat test is now working fine18:00
perlmonkeyi had to reload the driver, so perhaps the driver is not loaded by the sys automatically on boot, I heard of this problem before with ivtv18:01
perlmonkeyright lets try the slave backend now18:01
perlmonkeystill won't let me switch cards18:02
perlmonkeynah just can't get it to work18:04
rhpot1991perlmonkey: as in says all cards are busy?18:04
perlmonkeyI must be missing some step18:05
rhpot1991if you check mythweb or info center on your backend, does it list all the cards?18:05
perlmonkeywhen I go to Watch TV on frontend, it just automatically starts using master backend card, if i press Y to switch cards it does nothing18:05
perlmonkeygood question, let me check18:05
perlmonkey"Tuner 10 has an error"18:06
rhpot1991check your logs for hints18:06
ZinnMythTV logs are stored in /var/log/mythtv/   You can use mythbuntu-log-grabber from the Applications menu to automatically post the most relevant logs to our pastebin.18:06
perlmonkeythanks rhpot checking18:06
perlmonkeyit seems the Y/next card feature has been depreciated18:17
perlmonkeypressing M brings up a livetv menu with a Switch Input option, but when I select that I get "TV Error: Unknown menu action"18:18
perlmonkeyI'm out of options at this point18:19
perlmonkeystill seeing "Tuner 10 has an error"18:28
perlmonkeyI give up.18:33
perlmonkeylooks like either the card itself or the driver maybe screwed18:38
rhpot1991perlmonkey: could try swapping cards and see what happens18:39
perlmonkeyyeah may have to18:39
perlmonkeyinteresting...just discovered something18:39
perlmonkeyit seems that.. if I have frontend running, I cannot play video in a separate video player..18:40
perlmonkeyvideo from cat from the card I mean, the player just locks up18:40
perlmonkeyi will try replacing the card18:41
rhpot1991cause its used18:43
rhpot1991frontend running as in watching video, or just at the menu?18:44
perlmonkeywatching video, but not using that card of course18:49
perlmonkeyit's strange why myth info says the card has an error when it works fine with cat test18:51
perlmonkeyall I can do now is try changing the card18:54
perlmonkeybrb shutting down to fit a brand new card18:57
_antant_I've mounted /dev/sda1 to /mnt/Media, can I then mount /mnt/Media/Media to /home/ant/Media ?19:03
perlmonkeyinstalled new card, exactly same error in mythtv info system status19:05
perlmonkeyhow annoying. but at least the hardware is ok, must be a driver issue or config prob19:05
perlmonkeycompletely out of options now19:06
perlmonkeyI wonder...19:06
perlmonkeyif the problem is to do with the fact I have mythbuntu on my master backend, and ubuntu + mythtv packages on my slave backend19:07
perlmonkeymaybe there's some incompatibilty19:07
perlmonkeywasted half a day on this19:10
degliHi all19:13
perlmonkeyhi degli19:14
degliI'm new user of mythubuntu!!19:14
deglibut... can I watch the video from megavideo ?19:14
perlmonkeywhat is megavideo19:14
_antant_plenty of ways, degli19:15
_antant_google it and you'll find at least one19:15
deglimegavideo is a streaming video19:15
perlmonkeyoh neat19:15
degliI try to find some plugin from google19:16
rhpot1991degli: its possible mythnetvision will work19:16
rhpot1991or miro19:16
rhpot1991(and mirobridge)19:16
rhpot1991or just fire up a browser19:17
_antant_mythweb, yeah19:17
deglimythvweb ? what's? a plugin?19:17
_antant_are you sure you wouldn't be more comfortable in windows, degli? Not that I'm trying to push people onto win of course19:17
rhpot1991not mythweb19:17
Zinn[www.mythtv.org] Category:Plugins - MythTV19:18
degli_antant_: lol :P19:18
_antant_rhpot, I've mounted /dev/sda1 to /mnt/STORAGE, can I then mount /mnt/STORAGE/Media to /home/ant/Media ?19:19
_antant_and can I also mount further media folders to that to combine media collections?19:19
degli_antant_: no, I can't u can make a link simbolian19:19
degliln -s source destination19:20
_antant_aha. so ln -s /mnt/STORAGE/Media /home/ant/Media then?19:21
perlmonkeystill getting card error..i can't get it work no matter what I try19:21
_antant_What card?19:21
perlmonkeyvery difficult problem to solve19:21
perlmonkey_antant_ Adaptec VideOh! (Hauppauge PVR-150 chipset) ivtv driver19:21
degliI've thi's card https://www.linux-user.de/ausgabe/2005/03/080-satkarten/nexus.jpg19:22
perlmonkeyi wish myth info would give more details on why the card has an error "Tuner 12 has an error" is hardly very helpful19:22
degliwhith DVR w0rk, but I don't know if work on mythtv19:23
_antant_found this page, perlmonkey?19:23
Zinn[www.simsemporium.com] Mythtv - PVR-150 - Ubuntu - New Zealand HOWTO19:23
rhpot1991_antant_: ya symlink will do, careful using your home dir19:24
deglican I use the happaugen for watchin g on my tv ?19:24
rhpot1991mythtv uses special permissions and if you use your home dir it generally causes issues19:24
rhpot1991you should use /var/lib/mythtv if possible19:24
rhpot1991or go ahead and make yourself something like a /mythtv19:24
_antant_well it's just for my ever expanding media library19:25
_antant_(which is about to hit 2Tb of HD films. Yay!)19:25
rhpot1991_antant_: /var/lib/mythtv/videos is prob a good place for it, that should already exist if you installed mythvideo19:25
perlmonkeywhere is the directory set?19:25
_antant_well I'm using xbmc as a media centre19:26
_antant_I'm just used to it from having an original xbox for so long19:26
rhpot1991_antant_: dunno how much we can help you here with that19:26
_antant_Nah, don't need help with xbmc19:27
rhpot1991perlmonkey: what directory?19:27
perlmonkeythe directory for mythtv to write all its video files into19:27
perlmonkeyi had to give up20:38
perlmonkeyit's working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!21:32
perlmonkeysort of...heh21:33
perlmonkeyall working =)22:04
perlmonkeyall this to watch some tv-on-demand programs and install CCTV to keep the TV License goons off my property22:05
_antant_Anyone recommend any extra repositories?23:45

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