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shadeslayerhey so would someone mirror this story on ubuntu-news : http://dot.kde.org/2011/03/11/confkdein-project-neon-returns-bleeding-edge-kde-software15:28
pleia2seems pretty far off-topic for ubuntu-news, but I can add it to our list of urls for UWN (might even be off-topic for that, but I can put it in the consideration pool :))16:05
pleia2(others feel free to chime in, my word is by no means official)16:06
shadeslayerpleia2: seeing how it's a ubuntu oriented project, how is it off-topic? :)16:36
pleia2shadeslayer: if we posted about every upstream event and project our work would never be done :)16:36
shadeslayerUpstream? :O16:36
shadeslayerpleia2: this is all downstream Ubuntu work :D16:37
shadeslayers/ubuntu/kubuntu :D16:37
pleia2project neon isn't a kde project?16:37
shadeslayerit's a Kubuntu Project16:37
pleia2it looks like it's a project to contribute to kde developed by some kubuntu folks16:37
pleia2their docs are confusing then :(16:37
shadeslayeryes, but it's primarily a old kubuntu project that was revived16:37
shadeslayerit's sort of the other way round :P16:38
shadeslayerNeon is a Kubuntu Project that can be used to contribute to upstream KDE16:38
shadeslayeralongwith other stuff such as checking out new features16:38
pleia2yeah, the article is pretty confusing then16:38
pleia2anyway, I'll wait on some others weighing in with their thoughts :)16:39
* pleia2 is at work anyway, no time to post it at this moment16:39
shadeslayerthanks tho :)16:39

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