ojwbis anyone interested in and able to do some tweaking work with a web frontend?02:02
ojwbit's mostly in jquery from what I've seen02:03
ojwbprobably a day or two initially, though potentially more later02:03
ojwbfeel free to PM me02:04
RobosexualSUp niggaz10:13
* chilts wonders if Atamira's g key doesn't work :)20:47
chiltsI guess you use yahoo instead of google or bing :)20:48
Atamirano, im just lazy20:48
chilts(not that you'd use the latter anyway)20:48
Atamiraits not as if the g is that important to the one we pronounce it20:48
Atamiraand i always use google20:48
chiltsI should try that duck duck go one sometime20:49
chiltswell, I've used it before, but it's not yet in my psyche to always use it20:49
ibeardsleeremeber the good old days when altavista was THE search engine to use?20:56
mwhudsonibeardslee: yeah20:57
snailibeardslee: i remember gopher20:59
mwhudsoni remember google.stanford.edu21:04
chiltsheh, I never saw it when it was there21:21
chiltsI do remember AltaVista though :)21:21
ajmitchibeardslee: yes, my hotmail.com address dates back to before MS bought them, I swear :)21:22
mwhudsoni had one of those too21:32
mwhudsoni think i was even michael_hudson@hotmail.com21:32
mwhudsonit drowned in spam though21:32
* chilts used to have andychilton at hotmail and yahoo, but they both drowned in spam21:46
Atamiraheh, whos hotmail account didnt drown in spam tho?23:25
Atamirai had two at that time23:25
ojwbnever had one23:29

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