rwwoh for goodness sake. i keep running into telepac users accidentally now.00:30
rwwI just /ar'ed someone for privmsging the channel on /away, and didn't notice until I went to PM which ISP they were on. Either I somehow missed a tonne of annoying users in the past, or someone's /really/ taking advantage of them being a dynamic IP provider.00:31
rww!no, alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list *ubuntu*00:48
ubottuI'll remember that rww00:48
h00kI have a meeting, but alex__ seems to be consuming quite the bit of attention in #ubuntu01:01
Flannelrww: #ubuntu* might be a better example (shows you can include the hash, etc)01:01
rwwI wasn't aware you could include the hash... :)01:02
rww!alis =~ s/\*/#/01:02
ubottuI'll remember that rww01:02
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu*01:02
rwwwow, that actually worked.01:02
rwwh00k: huzzah, that resolved itself. kinda.01:04
Flannelrww: behold the power of regexp and perl!01:04
rwwI was expecting "< ubottu> alis is #". That's the sort of thing that usually happens when I try to be smart.01:04
Flannelbut you escaped it!01:05
Flannelthat would've been s/.*/#/01:05
h00krww: that's okay with me!01:05
tsimpsonit's not perl, it's python...01:07
rwwThe universe is written in perl. python is part of the universe. Therefore, python is perl.01:07
tsimpsonthat would explain why entropy always increases01:08
Flanneltsimpson: When you die, you merely become linenoise, ghosts are the line-noise that is valid perl.01:09
nhandlertsimpson: That is only true for the entropy of the universe, not of a system ;)01:19
rwwI thought idoru got turned off in #ubuntu.01:32
marienzand back on, and I just unklined that one01:33
rww(and that was a "am I misremembering? because I do that.", rather than a "rar, freenode staff" question)01:34
rwwah, so it got turned off and then back on? that would explain it01:35
* rww pouts at FloodBots for being bad at autoremoving exempts01:49
rwwalthough I rolled +e checking into the kludgy perl script I'm using to expire floodbot bans after a week, so it's not too big of a hassle.01:52
nhandlerrww: We should hopefully have eir soon which we can hopefully get working with the floodbots in some sane way02:00
rwwYeah, I'm acting a an also-three-letter alleged-bot in the meantime.02:02
Flannelrww: rwwbot?02:03
IdleOnealmost the same thing02:04
deadis it possible to see what patches if any were applied to the raw package02:58
tonyyarussodead: wrong channel02:59
deadwoops sorry02:59
rwwLooks like they're banforwarded here by tsimpson.03:05
tsimpsonI think the log of that ban explains the forward03:13
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cdbs#ubuntu is going too offtopic08:12
cdbswhat to do with jigynet?08:18
cdbsHe doesn't keep quiet when I want himt o08:18
cdbsah, he's quiet now08:18
Tm_Tcdbs: notify him in PM if needed, +q if needed, and so on (:08:19
Tm_The seems to have some attitude08:19
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ikoniacan someone please put a ban forard on the user _Techie_ in #ubuntu-server to -ops please09:59
mrmistit underlined him because your client is translating the _stuff_ aside his nick10:09
mrmistyou still want it?10:09
bazhangseems cdbs was having some issues with him earlier as well12:50
Picianother day12:50
PiciAnd how hes taking about something that doesn't really make sense on Linux.12:53
ikoniabullbuard4 really frustrates me, he knows the rules/chanel topics and persistantly ignores them12:59
PiciSome of it is a language barrier issue, but some of it is not.13:01
ikoniathe language barrier I can cut some slack on, but I don't think it is13:01
Picibazhang: Whats up with velope?13:32
bazhangPici, he was pushing the limits yesterday, then suddenly quit13:33
bazhangie just before his imminent removal13:33
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rwwI note that jigynet is the same person as that ubu*!*@*.va.comcast.net person with bantracker history.14:43
rww(no, that's not a banmask, just how I identify them apart from the attitude)14:44
ubottushiska called the ops in #ubuntu ()16:19
Picii don't know.16:22
IdleOnetroll was trolling and called himself out16:23
PiciI wish that people wouldn't throw !ot to people who are doing things that wouldn't be permitted in -offtopic either.16:24
IdleOneit wouldn't be fair to staffers if we sent them to defocus16:24
marienzgood point!16:24
marienzwe're occasionally guilty of doing just that with #defocus16:24
ubottuAnd the magical fairies came in and stole the crown from underneath the apple tree...16:38
jribhow do I get ubottu to display !ot for #ubuntu?16:40
Tm_Tnormal ot is that16:40
Tm_Tor should?16:40
ubottuot-#ubuntu-ops has no aliases - added by Mez on 2008-06-11 14:45:5416:40
ubottuot is <alias> offtopic - added by LjL on 2007-02-14 17:11:0416:40
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:40
jribthat's confusing16:41
Tm_Tjrib: indeed16:41
jribPici: how about just having !offtopic mention the factoid that discusses what is appropriate for #ubuntu-offtopic?16:41
ubottuo4o aliases: offtopic-#kubuntu-offtopic, offtopic4offtopic, offtopic-#xubuntu-offtopic, offtopic-#ubuntu-offtopic, religion, sex, ot4ot, 040, drugs - added by LjL on 2006-12-21 03:36:09 - last edited by Pici on 2010-05-20 18:27:0416:42
jribI'll be back later16:47
charlie-tcaanyone watching #ubuntu+1 ?18:37
ikoniaI can19:36
ikoniaproblem ?19:37
h00ksoreau seems to be19:38
h00kikonia: ^19:38
h00kAlthough I don't have ops there19:39
charlie-tcasoreau has been complaining for an hour about unity, and was just telling anyone that had a problem that they could forget ever getting it fixed.19:41
h00kTotally helpful.19:41
h00kIn reading the comments, I'd probably have done something if I could by now.19:42
h00ktelling people to stfu, etc.19:42
charlie-tcayup, i closed the channel, since I can't do anything anyway19:43
h00kHe seems to have quited down since he told me to 'can it,' but if he comes back, I don't think I'm going to hesitate to call ! ops19:45
jpdsJust chuck him out.19:45
h00kI can't.19:45
charlie-tcaDon't have the ability to do that.19:45
mrmistthe channel seems quiet now19:45
h00kAlso, breakage is to be expected, it's not even Beta yet.19:46
mrmistI can dump him out for you i think if you want19:46
h00kCertainly isn't being constructive19:47
* Pici is lurking, has access in +119:47
h00kwhat kind of quit message was that?19:47
jpdsWell, that's that.19:47
h00ker, /part19:47
Pici'И время замрет'?19:47
h00k� в�ем� зам�е�19:47
* jpds is capable of trolling, even in his kick messages.19:48
h00kI almost spit coffee on my monitor19:48
jpdsHa, he trolled back in PM.19:50
h00kof course19:51
jpdsCompletely got the grammar parts wrong.19:52
soreaujpds: Could you use english in your kbr messages for english channels? Thanks.19:54
popeyBug 66408820:08
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: 664088 (https://launchpad.net/bugs/664088)20:08
popeythats broken20:08
popeywho looks after the bots?20:08
Picipopey: Theres an ubuntu-bots project on launchpad where you can file a bug.20:09
popeyok, ta20:09
Picipopey: btw, Martiini is a repeat offender in #ubuntu, from the old days.20:25
PiciLikely currently banned.20:26
popeyi kinda guessed that20:56
IdleOneafternoon folks21:10
IdleOnesoreau: anything we can help you with?21:12
soreauIdleOne: So nice of you to ask, but I'm just waiting on response from jpds21:13
IdleOnedoesn't sem he is here.21:13
IdleOneHow can I help you?21:13
soreauWell for one thing, you don't want to ask me that question21:14
IdleOneI already have21:14
soreauBecause the answer is loaded.21:14
IdleOnefrom what I can see your afternoon has been loaded21:14
soreauYes, I am very sad21:14
IdleOnebad attitude, bad language.21:14
IdleOneYou might not be aware but we don't allow idlers in here.21:15
soreauSo get your op on, it'll just be par for my day21:16
IdleOneI would prefer you tell me what you need help with21:16
soreauWhat you mean to ask is, 'Do you need help with anything that anyone except jpds can help with?'21:17
soreauThe answer is no.21:17
macosend a memoserv message asking him to ping when he's around?21:18
soreauI did, he's ignoring me. He responded once then quiet21:18
IdleOnein that case I suggest you part the channel, send jpds a message and if you don't get a response within 24hrs return here and we can see what we can do.21:18
soreauAlright, thanks21:19
IdleOnethank you.21:19
* soreau tapes a 'kick-me' sign to his back21:19
IdleOnereally don't want to remove you. You are capable of parting on your own. BUT if you insist on having us remove you it will only extend the lenght of the ban in #ubuntu+121:20
soreauIdleOne: Why do you care?21:21
soreauWhy does it even matter?21:21
IdleOnesoreau: it matters to me that a usually helpful member of the community has access to our channels21:21
nhandlerGuest33630: Would you mind identifying with nickserv?22:46
rwwh00k, etc.: Non-probationary #ubuntu ops have access in #ubuntu+1.23:17
rwwor should, at least. you do ;P23:17
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