EvilPhoenix<EvilPhoenix> how can i remove a package that has a failed prerm and postinst script?00:58
EvilPhoenixit cant be removed through the standard methods, hence why i'm asking00:58
twbEvilPhoenix: when I get into that situation, I usually edit the prerm/postinst00:58
EvilPhoenixtwb:  the problem is...00:59
twbEvilPhoenix: they're in /var/lib/dpkg/info/.  Do be careful, though00:59
EvilPhoenixtwb:  i only need to remove one line to fix it i think00:59
EvilPhoenixtwb:  the issue is i cant remove the file nor can i install the updates due to failed scripts01:00
EvilPhoenixtwb:  also, the package is a package I built, i screwed up the scripts :P01:03
EvilPhoenixtwb:  so i know the changes i need to make.  thanks01:07
EvilPhoenixtwb:  the package still fails, any MANUAL removal processes you can point me to for failed packages?01:18
twbEvilPhoenix: nope01:18
twbEvilPhoenix: pastebin the transcript of dpkg -P foo01:18
EvilPhoenixhttp://pastebin.com/A4QzZqvi  <-- ignore the bash highlighting01:19
telivehello everyone . i have just installed  apache2 in ubuntu and found that there is no apache2.conf file in /etc/init dir . so apache do not stat at the boot time .01:20
EvilPhoenixtwb:  i mean, I could just manually go through and erase the files, including the stuff in dpkg relating to the package, no?  would that not fix it?01:21
EvilPhoenixtwb:  again, considering I originally built the package so its my fail that's the issue01:21
twbEvilPhoenix: I really wouldn't do that01:21
twbEvilPhoenix: just remove the "set -e" from the broken pre/post inst/rm01:22
twbAnd ideally fix your new version to not given an error if bbot isn't running at the time01:22
telivecan anyone help ?01:23
EvilPhoenixtwb:  i'd need the bash script to test if the process is actually running01:23
EvilPhoenixtwb:  i'm not pro at bash scripting01:23
twbEvilPhoenix: pastebin it01:24
EvilPhoenixtwb:  that's the thing, i dont have code for such a script...01:24
EvilPhoenixtwb:  as i said, i'm not pro at bash scripting01:24
EvilPhoenixtwb:  i just have `kill -9 bbot` in the script01:24
EvilPhoenixwhich is why it'd be triggering01:24
EvilPhoenixah there we go01:25
EvilPhoenixthe "being careful" with the dpkg/ files fixed :P01:25
twbEvilPhoenix: uh, kill takes a pid01:26
EvilPhoenixtwb:  killall, not kill01:26
EvilPhoenixi'm semi tired :P01:26
twbYou ought to have more like "invoke-rc.d bbot stop"01:27
EvilPhoenixproblem is its a .py file, the executable is just a shell script that calls the .py file :/01:27
EvilPhoenixi'll remove the kill part, hope it all works :P01:27
twb"killall -9 bbot" is totally wrong, but you could try "killall -9 bbot || :" to ignore errors from that one command.01:28
EvilPhoenixi'll test it in the next build i do, which will be tomorrowishi :P01:31
hallyntelive: is this on lucid?  natty?01:45
telivehallyn, it is lucid01:45
hallyntelive: what happens when you do '/etc/init.d/apache2 start' ?01:48
EvilPhoenixit starts the apache2 webserver01:48
EvilPhoenixunless its already started01:48
EvilPhoenixoh wait a sec nevermind01:48
EvilPhoenixi misread hallyn's message :P01:48
EvilPhoenixhallyn:  such is the nature of skimming scrollbacks :p01:49
telivehallyn, it starts the apache2 as expected  , but it didn't start apache2 at boot time , i have checked in sysc-rc-conf and the apache2 is on .01:51
hallyntelive: hm.  Perhaps you'd best file a bug.  After boot, type 'ubuntu-bug apache2'.01:56
JanCfinding the reason why it doesn't start would be nice though  ;)01:57
hallynyeah but i think we need to look at various log and config file contents...01:59
hallynJanC: do you have an idea offhand?01:59
JanCI already proposed to look into logs in another channel  ☺02:00
JanC(before i saw telive moved here)02:00
hallynJanC: sorry, didn't mean to interfere!  carry on :)02:02
uvirtbotNew bug: #736351 in qemu-kvm (main) "natty vgabios installs links into /usr/share/kvm" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73635102:02
teliveJanC, hallyn , actually i have no idea which log to watch . as there is nothing wrong in /var/log/apache2/error.log02:05
JanChallyn: you were already answering here before I answered in the other channel, so you don't really interfere ☺02:06
JanCtelive: is this with a default apache2 config, or did you change anything?02:09
teliveJanC, i just install from apt-get , nothing has been changed .02:10
uvirtbotNew bug: #736567 in apache2 (main) "apache2 didn't start at boot time . but it is checked on in sysc-rc-conf" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73656702:11
teliveJanC, hallyn , nobody is interfere , and i am really appreciate for your help , thanks you two .02:15
JanCyou could try increasing the apache log level, but that's useless if apache is never run...   ☺02:17
JanCtelive: do other sysvinit scripts get run?02:21
JanCespecially ones that ony get started at the same runlevel as apache?02:21
KB1JWQtelive: This isn't a virtualized box by any chance?02:23
GodfatherI'm looking to run a pop3/smtp on 10.10 any sugestions on the dameon?02:23
JanCdovecot for POP3 (& IMAP), postfix for SMTP02:24
hallyntelive: say, what does 'runlevel' show, and what is in /etc/rc2.d/ ?02:30
teliveKB1JWQ, it is a physical machine , not a virtual one02:34
teliveJanC,  the vsftpd doesn't work too .seems that sysv doesn't work in my machine02:35
JanCtelive: sounds like we are on the right track there  ☺02:36
telivehallyn, ls /etc/rc2.d | grep apache K01apache202:36
telivehallyn, it is stop in runlevel 2  . i think u mean rc5.d ?02:37
telivehallyn, ls | grep apache S91apache202:37
teliveJanC, means sysv doesn't work ?02:38
JanCtelive: eh?02:39
JanCdefault runlevel on Debian & Ubuntu is 202:39
teliveJanC, not 5?02:40
JanCno ☺02:40
JanCunless you changed something of course02:41
teliveJanC, 5 means the the graphic mode , it is ?02:41
JanCdefault runlevel on Debian/ubuntu is always 2, 3-5 are reserved for the sysadmin to do with whatever he/she likes02:42
JanCit's not Red Hat  ;)02:42
teliveJanC, god , jessus . i am always told that level 5 means graphic mode in red hat series02:42
twbAnd the stuff in upstart doesn't understand runlevels much, either02:43
JanCit is, in red hat02:43
teliveJanC, thanks for your time . i am so ashamed . i thought the run level is the same in the two distribution .02:46
twbNo need to be ashamed02:47
JanC... unless you make the same error again in the future ;-)02:48
JanCwell, "error", more like a misunderstanding02:48
hallyntelive: phew  :)  have a good night02:53
telivehallyn, it is day time here. have a good night to u .02:55
teliveJanC, thanks a lot . hehe .02:59
DoonzI just got a VPS box with ubuntu 10.04 installed. I created 2 new users. How do i get them to have the same terminal feel as the original user (sorry i dont know what to call it)03:45
kaushalJust trying to understand about any server which gets freezed.06:07
kaushalI have checked dmesg, syslog and various logs06:07
kaushalis there a way to trouble shoot it ?06:08
kaushaldont see any issues06:08
kaushalHow do i know whats causing the issue06:08
kaushalthe only way to set it right is to reboot the server06:08
kaushalPlease help me understand06:09
Tohuwkaushal: The first question is always: what was happening with the server when it stopped working?06:10
kaushalTohuw: its not accessible at all06:10
Tohuwkaushal: if it isn't accessible, you can't troubleshoot it until you make it accessible again.06:11
kaushalsince its located in Data Center06:11
Tohuwkaushal: they provide you no facility to remotely restart your server?06:11
kaushalso we had IPMI too it did not responded06:12
TohuwWell, until you can access the server, you cannot troubleshoot it. If it is impossible to boot the server, perhaps /var/log (or better all of the files) can be recovered.06:14
chilli0Hello I installed ubuntu 10.10 ( server and I'm having a few issues with samba)06:25
chilli0I can't seem to restart samba, I'm not sure why though. I did install samba4 and then  uninstall it but it is still there. It's confusing.06:25
jmarsdenkaushal: If you have a separate IPMI NIC and its associated control processor setup, and *it* does not respond, then I would guess that you either have a network issue reaching it, or else a hardware issue that is killing both the main server board/CPU *and* the IPMI board... which I think would probably mean a power-related issue of some sort?06:38
jmarsdenIPMI stuff is *supposed* to run completely independently of the main server hardware.  If you (and the data center tech staff) cannot get to the IPMI board, they should probably swap out the whole dedicated server chassis for you.  (If it is coloed -- your hardware, so your problem!)06:38
ttxjiboumans: yes, there is a plan in this direction. I have no clue how mature it is or how reactive they are, though.07:30
ttxjiboumans: the perceived gains for us are detailed in http://wiki.openstack.org/UseCeleryAsQueueManager07:31
ttxjiboumans: not sure how much this was compared to other equivalent solutions... I don't know of any in Python that would be so advanced, and we are Python-oriented.07:32
RoyKHappy Paddy's day :)08:19
uvirtbotNew bug: #736685 in augeas (main) "unmatched [ causes segfault in augtool.c:63" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73668508:31
uvirtbotNew bug: #736694 in squid (main) "package squid 2.7.STABLE7-1ubuntu12.2 failed to install/upgrade: ErrorMessage: Unterprozess installiertes post-installation-Skript gab den Fehlerwert 1 zurück" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73669408:46
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eagles0513875hey guys i created a user and for some reason tab completion is not enabled as well as i cant backspace if i make a mistake on a command any ideas how i can fix it09:11
ikoniaeagles0513875: how did you create the user ?09:16
eagles0513875useradd jaquilina -d /home/jaquilina -m09:16
ikoniainterestingly basic09:17
eagles0513875i found that command from googling09:18
ikoniahas it copied all the default files into her home directory09:18
ikoniaeagles0513875: you're running a business server and you had to google on how to add a user ?09:18
eagles0513875yes tha .baschrc .bash  profile09:18
eagles0513875ikonia: this is a new vps im migrating slowly to it09:18
ikoniathat doesn't change what I've said09:18
eagles0513875i know how to add a user just not have it generate a home dir for that user that is what i keep forgetting09:19
ikoniaif your running a business server as you say you are and you can't add a user without googling you are in a lot of trouble and I suggest you install the desktop gui09:19
eagles0513875cant afford to with what will be on it09:19
ikoniawhy ?09:19
eagles0513875dont have that much ram available09:20
ikoniahow much do you have ?09:20
ikoniathat's tons09:20
ikoniathe desktop with no effects won't touch that09:20
eagles0513875but once i get my sites migrated over here the dbs will eat that up pretty quick09:20
ikoniaeagles0513875: I very very much doubt your database will eat 2GB of ram09:20
eagles0513875my server before i upgraded had only 1 and it got eaten up rather badly09:21
ikoniathen your server is missconfigured09:21
* eagles0513875 goes back to googling09:21
ikoniahow big is the database and how many TPS does it do ?09:21
ikonia(or databases I should say as you suggesed you have more than 1)09:22
eagles0513875its 3 databases for 3 websites the db for my crm then for cacti then database for shopping cart09:22
ikoniaok, what sort of usage are they getting ?09:22
ikonia(rougly I'm looking for detailed figures)09:22
eagles0513875detailed figures i dont have but they will eventually be getting high usage09:22
ikoniadefine high usage09:23
eagles0513875in terms of queries09:23
ikoniawell, queries, is a good start, or anything that you think defines high usage09:23
ikoniajust what in your mind do you class as high usage?09:25
ikoniahowever you want to summerise/define it09:25
eagles0513875couple of thousand queries bout 5,000 queries or more09:25
ikoniaper day/minute/hour09:25
eagles0513875atm per day09:26
eagles0513875which then again wont be that high usage but i am expecting it to climb09:26
ikoniaok, what about when you think it's busy09:26
ikoniait's currently doing roughly 5000 per day, what sort of numbers are you expecting it to climb to09:26
ikoniathe reason I'm asking this is I've just picked one of my mysql database machines randomly, with a 800 meg DB, it's doing over 1800 transactions per hour, with 3 of those regular queries quite large and complex, and it's using under 38 meg of ram09:27
eagles0513875i think some tweaking is due on my end then09:28
ikoniaand I'd consider that very light use09:28
eagles0513875probably poor optomization on my part09:28
eagles0513875in regards to my user issue what do i need to do to remedy that issue09:28
ikoniahence why I'm auerying it and suggestin 2GB of ram is super ammounts to stick the gui on and make your life easier09:28
eagles0513875tbh i prefer command line and would like to get familiar with it09:29
eagles0513875work with it more then i have in the past09:29
ikoniayou've been learning it for more then 2 years and you're not progressing, if your genuinly trying to run a serious server, use the tools to help you do it09:29
ikoniahaving the gui on there doesn't mean you can't use the command line at the same time09:30
ikoniait's just a useful set of tools09:30
eagles0513875how much space does gnome take up outa curiosity09:30
ikoniaI think it's about 600 meg for a full install,09:30
eagles0513875O_O from what im seeing its showing 2,144MB (2.1gb) O_o09:31
eagles0513875can always purge the desktop environment when im fedup of it09:32
RoyKeagles0513875: 2GB for a server install???09:33
RoyKFilesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on09:33
RoyK/dev/mapper/idun-root 124G  1.7G  116G   2% /09:33
eagles0513875ya big time travesty09:33
RoyKon a server...09:33
* RoyK once setup linux servers with 32MB RAM drives09:33
ikoniaeagles0513875: with regard to your user issue, setup another user, see if it has the same issues09:35
eagles0513875i just realized i wont be able to access the desktop lol if i put one on there09:35
ikoniawhy can't you access the desktop ?09:37
eagles0513875i have never had much luck with forwarding x to another machine like this09:38
ikoniathat's easy to setup, we can help you with that09:38
eagles0513875i would prefer to stay on commandline09:39
ikoniawhy ?09:39
ikoniayou can't use it09:39
eagles0513875yes i can09:39
ikoniahaving the desktop will m ake it easy for you and you can still use the command line09:39
ikoniaeagles0513875: you can't use it, lets be honest,09:39
eagles0513875i can use it09:40
ikoniaand you can still use it even with the gui, but for serious tasks that are important you won't have teh worry of messing up09:40
eagles0513875this isnt on my server now this is on a vps09:40
ikoniaeagles0513875: come on, you've just had to google how to add a user, I'm not putting you down for that, but that is basic stuff for running a server on the command line09:40
eagles0513875ikonia: i know how to add a user09:40
ikoniait doesn't matter if it's a vps or a physical server09:40
ikoniaeagles0513875: you had to google it09:40
eagles0513875i just dont remember when adding a user hwo to add a user with a home directory09:40
ikoniaeagles0513875: ok, so if you knew how to use the command line you could do man useradd read the man page for the -d and -m option and add it, you wouldn't need to google it and copy and paste a command09:41
ikonia(not that there is anything wrong with googling)09:41
ikoniaeagles0513875: have you created another usert to to test yet ?09:46
eagles0513875doing so now09:47
eagles0513875same issue09:48
ikoniatry adding the user like this09:48
ikoniasudo useradd -g users -d /home/test -s /bin/bash -m -k /etc/skel test09:49
eagles0513875what exactly does the -k /etc/skel test do?09:50
_Techie_eagles0513875, sets the skeleton directory09:50
ikoniatest is the username09:50
eagles0513875its not working saying group doesnt exist09:52
ikoniathe users group doesn't exist ?09:52
ikoniashow me the output of uname -a please09:52
eagles0513875im on 10.04.209:52
eagles0513875Linux EagleEyeT 2.6.32-29-server #58-Ubuntu SMP Fri Feb 11 21:06:51 UTC 2011 x86_64 GNU/Linux09:52
eagles0513875i changed up that command a bit to try and create the user i would like to use09:52
ikoniaeagles0513875: why did you change it09:53
ikoniait is a test09:53
_Techie_ikonia, maybe he didnt want to have to redo it if it worked09:53
eagles0513875that worked actually09:53
_Techie_why do you suggest stupid things?09:53
ikoniawhat  stupid thing did I suggest ?09:54
_Techie_naming it test because its a test when its clearly better to use a proper username, and if it works just migrate09:54
ikonia_Techie_: not at all, as those settings may not have been right for him, I wanted to do a test to see if it worked,09:55
eagles0513875it seems to look fine now09:55
ikoniaeagles0513875: so it works with the auto completion ?09:55
ikoniabut the two users you made without the -k option didn't work09:55
_Techie_ikonia, i hear that you suggested that eagles0513875 install a GUI because he wasnt that well versed with all the commands?09:56
ikoniafor some rason your machine is not defaulting to /etc/skel09:56
ikonia_Techie_: correct yes09:56
eagles0513875ikonia: wouldnt kubuntu-offtopic be more appropriate for this offtopic chit chat09:57
ikoniait's not offtopic chit chat09:57
_Techie_ikonia, i dont care if i get banned for this or not, but its shitheads like you suggesting people withought perfect CLI knowledge use a GUI, they will never learn if you say that, so next time dont try scapegoat and help them the fuck out09:57
ikonia_Techie_: just tone down the language please09:57
_Techie_and with that being said09:58
_Techie_i wish you a good day09:58
ikonia_Techie_: I'm not critisising someone for not having perfrect command knowledge, however if you are trying to run a server and you've not picked up the basics in over 2 years of learning, using the gui as a fall back is a good tool09:58
ikoniaooh, why did it underline him ?09:58
jkgikonia: because <underscore><string><underscore>10:00
ikoniajkg: my client normally doesn't do it10:00
jkgoh huh, yeah, mine either a few lines prior10:01
jkgguess it doesn't do it for nicks in channel10:01
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\shhmmm...what needs to be done in an upstart pre-start script to tell upstart to not actually exec a job? is an exit code of != 0 enough to give upstart the order to not "exec <service daemon>" ?10:48
\shforget about my question...10:49
uvirtbotNew bug: #736757 in samba (main) "PANIC (pid 18442): internal error in winbindd" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73675710:57
Daviey\sh, What was the answer?11:06
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airtonixDaviey: isn't that awesome?11:07
* airtonix rages11:08
Davieyairtonix, Need more words... :)11:08
airtonixDaviey: when someone asks for help then neglects to pass on the solution11:11
DavieyI'm sure \sh will when he comes back to irc.. :)11:11
airtonixalways the optimist11:12
DavieyBut generally yes, i 'love' forum threads where it just says "fixed it!"11:12
\shDaviey: the solution is: script \n # doing some checks \n if [ <whatever is true> ]; then \” exec <service> \n fi \n end script.. I just was to complicated with my thinking of pre-start script .. end script exec ...11:14
\shI should always think twice before I ask a question...the answer is sometimes too obvious ;)11:15
Daviey\sh, ah!  Yes - i see11:15
Davieyairtonix, told ya so :P11:15
jamespageMorning all - can someone give me some help understanding how the library path works in Ubuntu?11:29
* jamespage thinks things have moved on since LD_LIBRARY_PATH was used....11:29
Davieyjamespage, You can overide using LD_LIBRARY_PATH11:34
DavieyLD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/jamespage/something/ ./somebin11:35
jamespageBut ldconfig with files in /etc/ld.conf.d is the 'proper' way todo it?11:36
Davieydave@voodoo:~$ cat /etc/ld.so.conf11:36
Davieyinclude /etc/ld.so.conf.d/*.conf11:36
jamespageDaviey: thats the one :-)11:37
jamespageso LD_LIBRARY_PATH could be used to localise a change to support say a Non-Ubuntu installed application?11:37
Davieyjamespage, Well that is a funny question... I used LD_LIBRARY_PATH on lucid just the other day, and it seemed to work... but just doing some quick searching people are saying that it doesn't..11:39
DavieyI understood setting the env variable was good for local usage, (doesn't require root!), but /etc/ld.conf.d was the place to do it for packaging etc.11:40
jamespageDaviey: so the context to my question was about bug 735296 - it looks like a local PostgreSQL install is getting included at the system level which kills winbindd11:41
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 735296 in samba "package winbind 2:3.4.7~dfsg-1ubuntu3.4 failed to install/upgrade: underproces installed post-installation script returnerede afslutningsstatus 127" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73529611:41
jamespagewanted a nice solution to allow the reported to continue with the local install without conflicting with system installed components.11:41
Davieyjamespage, Yeah... LD_LIBRARY_PATH i would think would be the correct fix for that... my i'm not certain as i'm not in doubt that still works!11:43
Davieyjamespage, I wonder why he is using non-packaged postgres?11:43
jamespageDaviey: good question11:44
DavieyStill, i'm intrigued to know the answer now :)11:44
jamespageDaviey: not sure its a full installs - looks like it may be a locally compiled version of http://pgfoundry.org/projects/psqlodbc/11:46
Davieylate-morning zul o/11:47
zulDaviey: no really early11:47
Davieyjamespage, Ah, that makes more sense11:47
Davieyzul, not on real o'clock... ie, UTC. :)11:47
zulDaviey: heh my biological clock says its really early11:48
zulSpamapS: you didnt know about augeas?12:09
zulnxvl: ping when you are around12:35
\shhmmm...lucid -> rabbitmq-server failed to install ? no bugs open? grmpf12:52
zulSpamapS: yes i know about php 5.3.6 ;P12:57
DoonzI just got a VPS box with ubuntu 10.04 installed. I created 2 new users. How do i get them to have the same terminal feel as the original user (sorry i dont know what to call it)13:01
ikoniaDoonz: please don't cross-post you've already asking in #ubuntu13:02
RoAkSoAxmorning all13:03
\shzul: somehow something is wrong with rabbitmq-server on lucid: 1. it warns me that I'm upgrading from an old version (which is not true, because it's a fresh server) and it failes to start during "configure", but it's running already13:08
zul\sh: known bug13:08
\shzul: bug #653495 eventually?13:08
daxrocHey all13:09
zul\sh: its fixed in maverick and above we need to do an sru for it13:09
daxrocwith 10.10 , More often than not when downloading files speeds drop below 10Kb ps , this is both for local and external network requests , i've tried disabling ipv6 both through sysctl and through grub to no avail, ( also tried seperate switches, ports, cables. Has any one seen this problem or have any suggestions ?13:12
daxrocLocal is Cat5e, downloads are external http, ftp and apt is also slow13:14
daxrocInternal http,ftp  are fine upto 25Mb ( roughly 1second ) then slow to < 10Kb13:15
n1md4hello.  i've installed uec on cc server, with 2 network interfaces.  network/interfaces has both configured for dhcp, surely 1 should be a public address, and the other static for dchp to the rest of the cluster.  I'm following https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/uec.html but it's not clear what should be configured for multiple interfaces.  Can someone pastebin their network/interfaces and dhcp.conf files please.13:15
n1md4https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEC/CDInstall guide even.13:16
daxrocbox is a dell precision T1500 with NetLink BCM57780 Gigabit Ethernet PCIe (rev 01) Nic13:16
daxrocconsistant over other hardware too Dell 2850 with bonded nics13:16
RoAkSoAxzul: howdy! Do we have to subscribe needs-packaging bugs to ubuntu-archive once the package gets uploading and its sitting in the new queue?13:19
zulRoAkSoAx: no13:20
RoAkSoAxzul: ok thanks. python-ethtool is there now so I guess it's just matter of time13:20
zulRoAkSoAx: yep13:20
DavieyRoAkSoAx, If it's not been looked at before Tuesday, i'd start asking ~ubuntu-archive directly13:29
Daviey\sh, Regarding the rabbitmq-server bug, you can preseed that value to go away.13:31
RoAkSoAxDaviey: will do ;)13:32
Daviey\sh, rabbitmq-server rabbitmq-server/upgrade_previous note13:33
orudiefor some reason I don't get a ping reply from some domains, for ex. I can ping yahoo.com but no ping reply from google.com13:37
Tricksalright guys our server went down earlier so I've forwarded all web traffic to our backup server13:51
Tricksit was running fine but now it's serving pages REALLY slowly and I can see about 10 processes (/usr/sbin/apache2 -k start) open with ps -aux13:52
Tricksanybody know why these processes are running?13:52
patdk-wkcause you told it to?13:55
Tricksjust started happening13:55
patdk-wkwhat do you mean just started happening?13:55
Trickstried apache2ctl -stop and start to clear them and they come back :S13:56
patdk-wkapache always runs several copies of itself13:56
Trickspatdk-wk, surely not the start command though?13:56
patdk-wkwhat part of apache starts several copies of itself ==1?13:59
resnohaving hdd issues errors pop-up: http://dpaste.com/510513/. not sure how to fix14:02
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uvirtbotNew bug: #736904 in squid (main) "package squid 2.7.STABLE7-1ubuntu12.2 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73690415:07
SpamapSzul: no I just discovered augeas a bit ago. Very cool.15:13
zulSpamapS: ah ok15:13
SpamapSzul: seems like it would be very useful when paired w/ debconf15:15
SpamapSzul: I'm using it in ensemble formulas to tweak config files.15:15
zulSpamapS: agreed15:15
iggiCan anyone help me troubleshoot an apache issue? I had a virtual host setup and it worked fine, but ever since I rebooted all of the pages state "The server is taking to long to respond"15:26
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RoAkSoAxhallyn: has anything from today's updates might have broken something with KVM/VNC?16:18
RoAkSoAxhallyn: even though while trying to upgrade It shows that qemu-kvm has been kept back, when trying to view it with virt-viewer or virt-manager it just shows a black screen16:19
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jamespagehggdh - time to move to Jenkins?16:45
hggdhjamespage, certainly16:47
jamespagehggdh: so I'm pretty happy with the state of the current from source packaging in the testing PPA.16:48
jamespageI'm just pushing through a bit of refactoring; and I have polished up the jenkins-slave package to replace the existing hudson-slave package from usit (athough it will still work with Jenkins)16:48
jamespageI guess the question is how and when.16:49
jamespageI'd also like to get the ec2 testing stuff I've been working on in a Jenkins instances as well - maybe the same one.16:49
jamespage(oh - and where - do we still want to be cloud based)16:50
hggdhjamespage, on the last question: we will need a lot more of preparation for getting out of the cloud -- we will have to check with IS how to get it running, and still be able to use the slaves we have now16:52
hggdhso I do not think we will be able to do it *right* now16:53
hggdhjamespage, about when... right now would be a good time, the ISOs are broken16:53
hggdhjamespage, and finally, on how: IDK ;-)16:54
jamespageWell we can either have a nice clean install and move over the jobs we want to keep;16:54
jamespageor we can snapshot the current system and move over in-place - it should be fairly clean16:55
RoAkSoAxDaviey: just proposed a eucalyptus branch for you to review17:00
hggdhjamespage, which one would be easier? Sounds like snapshot would work, correct?17:01
jamespagehggdh: yes but I will test it first :-)17:01
jamespageis there anything else we want to change at the same time - for example adding some extra storage etc..  which would be easier on a clean install17:02
jamespagemigrating from one server to the other is a quick scp of /var/lib/hudson -> tgt:/var/lib/jenkins17:03
jamespageAnd we can move the elastic IP when we are happy with the new server.17:03
hggdhjamespage, we might want a bit more of sotrage, just in case17:03
* patdk-wk borrows the tgt17:03
hggdhlet me check how much we use right nwo17:03
jamespageI reckon a new server is best bet then; we also need to discuss ec2 automated testing17:04
jamespageas that can be run on the master server as it has no special hardware requirements.17:04
jamespageHowever it does require more resources - I tried to run more that 2 in paralell on a t1.micro and it ran out of memory.17:04
hggdhnow, how much more memory you think?17:07
hggdhand the t1.micro is really, er, micro...17:07
* RoAkSoAx off to lunch17:13
iggiI had a virtual host setup and it worked fine, but ever since I rebooted all of the pages state "The server is taking to long to respond"17:18
RoAkSoAxDaviey nver mind uploaded wrong branch gonba fixed after lunch17:24
iggiSo... How can a website have a viewable website, but not a complete A record? i.e.- bandcommunications.com (this is obviously not legit)17:30
jkgyour browser is probably auto-adding the www subdomain (which in this case does have an A record)17:31
iggiHow did I miss that? I'm really off today lol17:32
n1md4hello.  Is this the right place to ask about uec?17:34
iggin1md4: You can ask, depends if people are around that can answer.17:35
brosseaubanyone know hot to install php 5.3.3 on ubuntu 10.04 ?17:39
n1md4I'm following this guide http://cssoss.files.wordpress.com/2010/12/eucabookv2-0.pdf I'm on page 9/10.  I've a 2 server model, 1 controller and 1 node.  The node is behind the controller, but I can't connect to the internet; i.e. aptitude fails.17:39
brosseaubi could compile this by hand but there must be a PPA or something to automate the process17:40
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b0otI'm new to snmp... is there an easy way to install net-snmp or opennms on ubuntu18:02
iggib0ot: sudo apt-get install net-snmp net-snmp-utils I believe, could be wrong, that might be for CentOS though.18:03
zulnxvl: ping again18:06
nxvlwhen was the 1st one?18:06
zulthis morning18:06
zulso augeas18:06
zulcheck the logs ;)18:07
zulso agueas18:07
zulis it possible we can get 0.8?18:07
* nxvl checked and no ping18:08
nxvli can update it liek now18:08
nxvlone sec18:08
zulill ask for FFE then or I can get Spamaps to :)18:08
igginxvl: I see a ping (but didn't have timestamp on) was about 10:45-10:50 EDT18:09
nxvl0.8 is already in natty18:10
uvirtbotNew bug: #737027 in multipath-tools (main) "kpartx udev rule is broken" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73702718:11
nxvlzul: ^^18:12
nxvland it builded18:13
zulnxvl: sorry about that then18:14
zulnxvl: you might want to update it in debian then :)18:14
nxvlnope, we are waiting for doc something18:14
SpamapS0.8 in natty works beautifully18:15
SpamapS0.7 in lucid seems confusing and a bit broken. :-/18:15
SpamapSbut I may be abusing it18:15
SpamapSjust the -s flag makes augtool a lot simpler to use from the cmdline. :)18:15
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SpamapSnxvl: are you extremely familiar w/ augeas? I could use a couple of pointers on a common scenario..18:18
nxvlused to be18:19
nxvlhaven't touch it in a long time18:19
SpamapSWhat were you going to use it for?18:19
nxvli was going to write a central managment/configuration tool18:20
nxvlbut i have no time left18:20
SpamapSwell I am trying to figure out how to do this all in one augtool command..18:21
SpamapSmysqldpath=`augtool ls /files/etc/mysql/my.cnf | grep ' = mysqld$'|head -1`18:21
HashyriHi, I installed ubuntu server, and I'm trying to setup a SQL database on it, is it recommendable ?18:21
HashyriIt's for personal use only, for learning.18:21
SpamapSHashyri: very. Which SQL database did you want to use?18:21
SpamapSOracle doesn't support Ubuntu IIRC18:22
SpamapSHashyri: I assume you meant Oracle 10g18:22
SpamapSyou know.. there are other SQL databases. ;)18:22
patdk-wk10g is old18:22
nxvlSpamapS: yeah, no, i'ven't use it that far, but raphink_ might know18:22
SpamapSraphink: ping? around? want to answer an augeas question?18:23
raphinkI'm around ;-)18:24
raphinkthe question might be better asked on #augeas though18:24
HashyriI had the Oracle 10g installed on windows server 2003, before... since I use in school I guess I should use the same version in home, don't ?18:24
SpamapSgood point. :)18:24
raphinkI'm about to leave so in case it lasts a bit ;-)18:24
Hashyriaugeas, ok, will look around18:25
SpamapSHashyri: no, not augeas18:25
SpamapSHashyri: thats something I'm working on. ;)18:25
SpamapSHashyri: You should try PostgreSQL .. its free and has similar features to oracle18:25
Hashyrihmm, ok will give a try.18:27
HashyriCan I have diferent versions of SQL databases in one linux server ? Will it generate conflicts ?18:30
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uvirtbotNew bug: #712695 in openssh (main) "sshd crashed with SIGSEGV" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71269518:37
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RoAkSoAxDavidLevin: ok the eucalyptus branch should be read, proposed the merge into the wrong branch18:46
RoAkSoAxDavidLevin: sorry >P18:47
RoAkSoAxDaviey: ^^18:47
DavidLevinno worries18:47
DavieyRoAkSoAx, ok great18:59
DavieyRoAkSoAx, What was the reasoning for switching from pycentral to dh_python2?19:03
RoAkSoAxDaviey: Debian is kinda neforcing it for what I can see, so I just decided to go ahead with the change, that doesn't really affect in anything http://wiki.debian.org/Python/PyCentral2DhPython219:05
Davieyyeah, it seems to be the direction all the cool kids move in.19:08
DavieyRoAkSoAx, Okay, it looks good to me, i'll merge and upload it first thing in my morning.  However, can you also add bug #697753 to it?19:10
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 697753 in eucalyptus "bittorrent recommendation prevents bittorrent demotion" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69775319:10
RoAkSoAxDaviey: sure19:11
zulhallyn: ping19:11
RoAkSoAxDaviey: will do it before you wake up :)19:12
DavieyRoAkSoAx, rocking19:12
Daviey(you forget i never sleep)19:12
RoAkSoAxDaviey: I was changing that to "I'll do it before UK Morning" :P19:12
zulthats why he is slightly nuts19:12
RoAkSoAxzul: *slightly*19:12
zulDaviey: the stories i heard would send chills down your spine19:13
zulhallyn: what do you think of bug 737027?19:14
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 737027 in multipath-tools "kpartx udev rule is broken" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73702719:14
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ivoksadvice: avoid btrfs at any cost19:26
ivoksrather use ntfs :(19:26
KB1JWQHating upstart at the moment.19:27
netritiousDoes anyone here know anything about SunFire E25K?19:27
KB1JWQSpecifically its half implemented brokenness.19:27
uvirtbotNew bug: #736762 in libvirt (main) "libvirtd assert failure: *** glibc detected *** /usr/sbin/libvirtd: double free or corruption (!prev): 0x094c5688 ***" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73676219:27
KB1JWQnetritious: Not if you don't ask a real question. :-)19:27
netritiousKB1JWQ well stated :)19:27
netritiousI don't know much about them, but in a meeting today I found out there is one in a Memphis TN warehouse just released from probate being sold for $35K19:28
netritiousI thought if anyone knew anything about that server they might just be hanging out here :)19:29
KB1JWQnetritious: And you intend to run *Ubuntu* on this?!19:30
netritiousuh no19:30
netritiousalthough I would try if I could lol19:30
netritiousI have seen some nice Sun workstations run Ubuntu though.19:32
KB1JWQnetritious: #solaris may be a better fit for the question. :-)19:34
netritiousKB1JWQ: good point...will do thx19:36
iggiDoes anyone know why before a reboot my virtual host in apache2 worked fine, but after a reboot it gives me a "The Server is taking to long to respond"19:44
_jwshi all - quick question regarding user-data: I have an ec2 image I've prepped and rolled out an AMI. The user-data I try passing to my AMI isn't getting run - I assume it's b/c it was already run once. Can I turn it back on? (sorry for the crap terminology)19:56
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KB1JWQ_jws: user-data in what context?20:01
_jwsKB1JWQ: sorry - the user-data script I have (eg changing hostname), isn't being run on the AMI I  created from an ubuntu image (which ran the user-data script) the first time (I then futher tweaked the instance and rolled an ami from it)20:03
KB1JWQ_jws: The only user-data stuff I have is "running puppet." :-)20:03
KB1JWQKicking the can to something that isn't EC2 specific tends to lead to better infrastructure down the line.20:04
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_jwsKB1JWQ: yeah, I'd like to get puppet up and running, but can't convince the boss of the extra time to get things running (I know, f'in stupid. i've tried pushing) - maybe I should just impl. pupppet and say the hell with it20:05
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jiboumans_jws: i'm a bit late to the conversation, but mathiaz has a great blog post on using puppet + cloudinit from the comfort of your shell20:07
jiboumans_jws: read oldest -> newest of course: http://ubuntumathiaz.wordpress.com/category/puppet/20:07
_jwsjiboumans: thanks. this will help20:10
jiboumans_jws: our infrastrcuture is implemented along those lines wiht several extensions, so feel free to shoot a question here and i'll do my best to answer20:10
_jwsjiboumans: excellent. thank y'all so much. should have this up and running in no time :)20:11
jiboumans_jws: be sure to run the latest versions of puppet though. and you're welcome20:11
orudiecan someone please help me? I installed vmware tools and at boot I get error: no such disk , I posted this on vmware forums but i'm not getting any responses http://communities.vmware.com/message/1718892#171889220:14
guntbertorudie: this is the support channel for ubuntu server, are you certain that you want to ask here?20:24
orudieguntbert, the boys over at #vmware are telling me its not vmware related20:26
guntbertorudie: I was just asking - your guest is ubuntu server I guess?20:27
orudieguntbert, yup20:27
orudieguntbert, it starts after the disk checker, and everything seems working20:27
orudieguntbert, but there is no grub loader during boot, and those errors there20:27
guntbertorudie: no grub loader? you mean no grub menu? press left <shift> during boot to get it20:29
orudieguntbert, by other VM which is also ubuntu 10.04 shows "grub loader" right after post20:30
guntbertorudie: there is (with ubuntu) *always* grub - so please try the left <shift> key20:31
orudieguntbert, i tried it, didn't come up20:35
orudieguntbert, can you help me check to see if my disk is properly mounted ?20:35
guntbertorudie: strange  In my memory there is only one way to mount a virtual HD in vmware20:36
guntbertorudie: you could boot your system from a live CD (iso) and see if there is anything gone wrong20:38
shlmthere anyone20:45
shlmanyone know what is postfix server ?20:45
ubottuA Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) is the server software that sends and queues mail. The default MTA (and !MDA) on Ubuntu is !postfix ("exim" is also officially supported). See also !MailServer and !MUA20:45
orudiecan anyone help me with my problem please ?20:47
shlmpostfix is it pmta ?20:47
shlmpostfix is itpmta ?20:47
shlmpostfix is it MTA ?20:47
ubottupostfix is the default !MTA and !MDA on Ubuntu. For help, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Postfix and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostfixBasicSetupHowto - See also !MailServer20:47
shlmi wonder using ubuntu20:47
shlmwith one iP i got several vhost20:48
shlmapache vhost20:48
shlmi installed postfix20:48
shlmi got 3 domain name : domain1.tld, domain2.tld & domain3.tld20:49
shlmworking with one ip20:49
guntbertorudie: I tried but you didn't respond20:49
shlmmy question is : with postfix is it possible to create several email ID related with domain name ?20:50
orudieguntbert, I really do not see how booting from live CD will help me20:50
shlmfor example : info@domain1.com, contact@domain2.com, pingme@domain3.com20:50
shlmis that possible ?20:50
shlmall with one IP20:51
oCeanpostfix can handle multiple domains. You have to setup proper mx records for each domain, they can have same ip (your vps)20:51
guntbertorudie: if the virtual HD is properly mounted you will see it in the live session too, and you can work on configuration problems too20:51
KB1JWQshlm: You probably want to outsource the mail to a provider.  Running a mailserver isn't for the faint of heart.20:51
guntbertKB1JWQ: ++120:52
oCeanshlm: start here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostfixBasicSetupHowto, though I agree with KB1JWQ on the fact that is might not be very easy20:52
linuxtechI have been running mail since 1995, and now I use exim4.20:52
KB1JWQNot to mention that the internet doesn't need more badly run mailservers. :-p20:52
KB1JWQlinuxtech: I've run that in the past, I tend to prefer postfix.20:53
KB1JWQThe exim root exploit late last year / early this year wasn't exactly endearing. :-)20:53
shlmI'm ready for the challenges20:53
linuxtechYes, which is why I am packaging the lateset exim for my servers.20:53
linuxtechBind is already done, mailman is also on the todo list.20:54
guntbertshlm: try/train first in a completely pivate network - open mail relays are very much frowned upon20:54
KB1JWQlinuxtech: I guess I'm not sure why you'd go to that level, but okay. :-)20:55
shlmi simply wanna know the basic things and essential things ?20:55
shlmthe rest i can manage it myself20:55
KB1JWQ#postfix may be a better resource, but you're expected to read.20:55
shlmi m already present but ppl there not so much helpfull than here20:56
guntbertshlm: if you are beginner with mail servers: don't connect it to the internet!!20:56
TheInfinityguntbert: +120:58
shlmfor  outsource, there is no question as i often to have problem20:58
shlmwhy ? guntbert20:58
TheInfinityshlm: its very easy to make a open relay -> other ppl sent spam over your server20:59
TheInfinityshlm: -> my poor little server has more to fikter20:59
guntbertshlm: you can get yourself in troubles - providers don't like open mail relays either - it even can get expensive (not to mention criminals using it...)21:00
shlmso what would like to tell ?21:01
TheInfinityshlm: test your server at home21:01
shlmdo not install postfix and to use gmaiL as it is free ?21:01
shlmhow they can send spam over my server ?21:02
TheInfinityshlm: at home means nobody can reach it from outside. behind a router or something like that.21:02
TheInfinityshlm: they can when you make the config wrong. which happens quite easy as a beginner.21:02
shlmwithout giving access on my cli how they use my server for spam ?21:03
TheInfinityshlm: bad config options, so smtp auth for example21:04
guntbertshlm: they don't  need access to your CLI for that21:04
TheInfinityshlm: my first mailserver installation took 2 weeks, every evening. just plan some time till everything works save and secure :)21:04
guntbertshlm: we *are* trying to scare you, yes, but for a very good reason21:04
TheInfinitythe reason is spam:nonspam ration = around 100:1 @ my server *g*21:05
shlmi don't really need the utility to use a mail server at home21:05
shlmi mean the necessaty of using mail server at home21:06
guntbertshlm: then don't run it at all - but if you want to learn then run it at home21:06
TheInfinityshlm: you dont need one at home (in my opinion) unless you want to learn / test or unless you have several clients21:07
shlmok let 's talk about cms21:07
shlmContent management system21:08
TheInfinityshlm: but server security is more then just a good mail server config. for example: ssh with password is baaaad. ssh with pubkey auth is fine. *g+21:08
shlmwhen we can see there are lots of cms providing the mail server module21:08
shlmwhich do what to do21:09
shlmwithout doing anything21:09
guntbertshlm: my absolutely last word in this regard: forget the mail server thing21:09
shlmwhat is your point of vue on it ?21:10
shlmis that secure to use that one or not ?21:10
shlmok leave it21:12
shlmwhat is the raid soft can do ?21:13
deedubb843Hello. I am having a problem with "preseed" installation of ubuntu 10.04.2 server. if I use ks=<pathtofileonhttpserver> which contains url --url "<directory of ubuntu 10.04.2 insallationmedia>" it works perfectly. If i used a preseed file and preseed/url=<pathtopreseedfileonhttp> it gets to the Checking Ubuntu archive mirror and errors out. I believe I need to tell the preseed where to find the installation files but I have been unable to find t21:38
deedubb843anyone? I don't understand how its suppose to know where its installing from21:42
deedubb843I tried settings the local0/repository line, no love21:42
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