afuentesowners of nvidia 8400GS (me included) had this bug since maverick04:39
afuentesi heard of the nvidia testing cards group04:40
afuentesi and i wondered if i could help to fix this04:40
ubot4`Launchpad bug 660596 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Black screen after installing Nvidia drivers on 10.10 (affects: 48) (heat: 242)" [Undecided,Confirmed]04:40
madsHi: The ISO images on http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/, what time zone are the "time modified" set at. or what i really what to know is at what time are the daily iso updated for download?07:56
madsHi: The ISO images on http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/, what time zone are the "time modified" set at. or what i really what to know is at what time are the daily iso updated for download?08:09
jibelara, good morning08:48
jibelara, can you update the topic to "Testing Natty nVidia proprietary drivers", please ?08:49
arajibel: do you remember how I get op permissions? :D08:51
* ara really needs to write that down08:51
jibelara, really not.08:52
jibelguillemhs, hi, welcome to the qa team!10:26
guillemhslet me introduce myself10:26
guillemhsI am a phd student10:26
guillemhshere in Barcelona10:26
guillemhsoptical communications stuff10:26
guillemhslinux user since 200110:26
guillemhsubuntu user since 2004.1010:26
guillemhsnow i am trying to contribute in ubuntu10:27
guillemhsi have several questions10:27
guillemhsautomated tests10:27
guillemhsdo you use checkbox?10:27
jibelguillemhs, first of all, thanks for your help10:28
guillemhsok, you're welcome10:28
jibelguillemhs, we have some introduction material to QA activities10:28
jibelIf not already done, you can read our wiki page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing10:28
jibeland our wiki http://qa.ubuntu.com/testing/10:29
guillemhsyeah, i read those pages10:30
guillemhsbasically, I have runned some testcases10:30
guillemhshowever, I reported some bugs that those bugs don't exists due to an old testcase10:31
jibelso you can participate to many of our activities bug triaging/reporting, iso testing, and contribute to automated testing10:31
jibelguillemhs, some testcases needs to be refreshed indeed10:32
guillemhsyes, that is my intention10:32
guillemhsok, basically I want to run some testcases10:32
jibelcurrently, despite what the topic says, we are testing nVidia proprietary driver support in unity.10:32
guillemhsat least to learn and to be situated in the testing routine10:32
guillemhsI know, but my PC has an ATI10:33
jibelfor automated testing we use 2 tools:10:34
jibel1. checkbox which runs a serie of tests on your local machine10:34
jibel2. and mago10:34
jibelmago is used to test the applications automatically10:34
jibeldid you had a look at mago ?10:34
guillemhsis it a powerful tools?10:35
guillemhstool, sorry10:35
jibelof course it is!10:35
jibelwe are currently running more than 300 tests in Unity and Classic desktop nearly every day to check the applications installed by default on the desktop10:36
guillemhsI have to learn how to use this10:36
guillemhsok i see those bugs10:37
guillemhsbut i don't know where those bugs are produced10:37
guillemhsthose bugs are produced using mago10:37
guillemhsi see10:38
jibelYou can help with mago by: maintaining the existing tests. Since Natty is a dev release the apps changes and tests needs to be changed accordingly10:38
guillemhsany tutorial for mago?10:38
jibelor by creating new tests for applications you use and know well10:38
jibelthe wiki is there http://mago.ubuntu.com/10:39
jibeland there is a step by step example http://people.canonical.com/~j-lallement/mago/tutorial/index.html10:39
jibelof course you can also contribute to mago itself10:39
jibelby extending/fixing and providing new feature to the tool10:39
guillemhsok great10:39
guillemhsthat's what i was looking for10:40
guillemhsone question10:40
guillemhsnatty iso10:40
jibelmago uses ldtp which is based on a11y technologies, so you can be interested in joining #ldtp as well.10:40
guillemhsdo you install natty in a virtual machine? or in your local machine?10:40
jibelI do both10:41
guillemhsVirtualbox virtualization i guess10:41
guillemhsor kvm?10:41
jibelVM is great because you can install and trash a system very quickly and take advantage of the snapshot feature to test different aspects of the desktop without reinstalling it everytime10:42
jibelbut if you want to test kernel, drivers or hardware that's not the right choice10:42
guillemhsto run some testcase with mago, what do you prefer?10:43
jibelVM is good because we are testing the applications10:43
jibeland VirtualBox with guest additions can run Unity10:43
guillemhsok i see10:44
guillemhsi use testdrive to synch the daily iso10:44
guillemhsthen i runned the VM10:44
guillemhsnow, i select a testcase from the qa wiki10:45
guillemhsi have reported bugs from those problems10:45
guillemhsI guess you install the Natty in a VM, and then you run your testcase, right?10:45
afuentesowners of nvidia 8400GS (me included) had this bug since maverick10:46
ubot4`Launchpad bug 660596 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Black screen after installing Nvidia drivers on 10.10 (affects: 48) (heat: 236)" [Undecided,Confirmed]10:46
afuentesi and i wondered if i could help to fix this10:46
jibelright, that what I do10:46
jibelthe testcases should be run in a clean environment to avoid side effect from other applications10:46
jibelafuentes, Hi10:47
guillemhsok, then I backup the initial installation10:47
jibelguillemhs, that's a good policy to run the test daily in a clean environment.10:51
jibelafuentes, you're the reporter of the bug ?10:51
jibelthere's a lot of noise in this bug.10:52
afuentesjibel, im not10:55
afuentesthe noise is basically ppl saying me210:55
jibelafuentes, yeah, that's why I say noise, it does bring useful info.10:55
jibelafuentes, anyway, we are currently testing nVidia proprietary drivers10:56
jibelafuentes, so there is a chance to give this report high attention.10:56
afuentesbut in essence, ppl with nvidia 8400GS is not able to update to maverick10:56
afuentesi have got this card, so i was wondering how can i help to fix this, since is bothering me a lot :)10:57
jibelafuentes, did you tried with Natty too ? it looks like it is only affecting maverick10:58
afuentesjibel, this comment is mine https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers/+bug/660596/comments/2210:59
ubot4`Launchpad bug 660596 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Black screen after installing Nvidia drivers on 10.10 (affects: 48) (heat: 236)" [Undecided,Confirmed]10:59
afuentesthats all i tried10:59
jibelafuentes, since it is a problem with the proprietary driver (which is a binary driver) there's little we can do.11:00
jibelafuentes, Did you tried the drivers downloaded from nVidia ?11:00
jibelafuentes, they should be the same but well.11:01
afuentesI think so, but when I saw this nvidia testing thing I wondered what is the testing about. How can it help?11:01
afuentesyep, It was 4 months ago, but I tried every combination possible of kernels and nvidia drivers11:01
jibelafuentes, we are testing the nVidia drivers in Natty, to discover this issue of thing before the release is out.11:01
afuentesjibel, only to discover them? :S11:02
afuentesI dont know much, but I tried the driver downloaded from nvidia. It installed fine without errors that I could see11:03
afuentesIt just didnt work11:03
jibelafuentes, not only :-) fixing them before it reached a major audience if also a goal11:03
afuentesjibel, but do you target only errors in the package process of ubuntu?11:04
afuentesbecause if that it is so, I am afraid we are stuck with this problem11:04
afuentessince I think it has to do with some incompatibilito of the driver with modern kernels11:05
jibelafuentes, no all errors that affect the users of Ubuntu. If the problem is with the binary driver, there's nothing we can do in Ubuntu to fix the driver it must be reported to nVidia.11:06
jibelafuentes, what you can do to help and bring the bug to the attention of the developers11:06
jibelafuentes, read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Testing/ProprietaryDrivers/Natty/WeeklyProgram11:06
jibelafuentes, subscribe to http://xorg.qa.ubuntu.com11:07
afuentesI could give natty a try and skip maverick all together. The problem is this is my production system and I cant be without it. The last time I did all the testing in maverick I had to reinstall lucid because all the kernels in maverick doesnt work with nvidia driver11:07
jibelafuentes, mark http://xorg.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/result/5154/977 as failed and link this bug report.11:07
jibelafuentes, if you use another partition there is limited risk for your system.11:09
jibelafuentes, at boot grub will propose which system to boot. Now if you're not comfortable with that, don't do it.11:09
afuentesOk, lets get dirty. Ill try all those steps11:10
afuentesI am confortable messing around ;)11:10
jibelafuentes, you're awesome :-) Thanks for your help!11:10
afuentesyeah yeah, as long as this get fixed, whatever :)11:11
guillemhsjibel, i'll try mago later11:12
guillemhswe'll keep in touch11:12
guillemhsi know where to start11:12
jibelguillemhs, k, you're welcome!11:13
afuentesok jibel. Im registered and added the output of lspci -v at the tracker11:29
afuenteswhat now?11:29
afuentesIt tells me to add me to the list of participants on the page of the instructions, how do i do that?11:30
jibelafuentes, to do that, login to the wiki and edit the page, but that's not mandatory.11:32
jibelafuentes, now you need to reproduce the failure in Natty, for this you need to run natty in a different partition or a loopback device.11:32
jibelafuentes, wubi is ok if you have windows and don't want to mess up your linux partition11:33
afuentesI dont have windows11:34
afuentesjibel, Is there a way to add a wubi like instalation on ext3?11:34
afuentesthat would be great11:35
jibelafuentes,  sure it's doable but I don't have the recipe on the top of my mind.11:36
afuentesjibel, im googling11:37
jibelafuentes, http://www.faqs.org/docs/Linux-mini/Loopback-Root-FS.html old but still relevant11:37
jibelafuentes, really too old11:38
afuenteswe should have a wubi in ubuntu11:38
afuentesits not really fair11:38
jibelafuentes, looks like it http://lubi.sourceforge.net/lubi.html11:41
afuenteswhat iso should I try? http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/?11:41
jibelafuentes, I never tried it though, but I'll surely do11:42
jibelafuentes, the lp project https://launchpad.net/lubi11:42
jibelafuentes, yes latest daily,11:42
afuentesjibel, lubi seems nice, but I dont feel confortable installing outside the repositories :(11:42
jibelafuentes, you'd better use alternate11:43
jibelsame than desktop but with the text based installer11:43
afuenteslubi project seems pretty old. I wonder why is not in the repositories11:59
afuentesill try to install from alternate12:01
afuenteshey jibel, im right now on natty13:27
afuentesX didnt work :/13:27
jibelafuentes, with nvidia-current ? Same bug ?13:27
afuentesmmm i dont really know13:29
afuentesi didnt get to the X13:29
afuentesi guess im using nv right now13:29
jibelafuentes, you can try the recovery session on boot and select failsafe session, it should use the vesa driver13:30
jibelafuentes, to get grub menu, hold left shift on boot13:31
afuentesok, ill try13:31
afuentesjibel: i dont have such option on grub :/13:34
afuentesonly recovery mode13:34
afuentesdo you remember the package to get the mouse to work in cli?13:34
jibelthat's it, select recovery mode, then it will boot in text mode and display a dialog where you can choose the X failsafe session13:35
afuentesit doesnt :/13:35
afuentesit goes to a menu where i can go to a shell13:35
afuentesor repare broken packages and the like with ncurses13:35
jibelafuentes, it's gpm IIRC, I didn't use for years13:36
afuentesthanks :)13:36
afuentesill paste the last error i get13:36
* jibel trying the recovery menu13:37
jibelthe recovery menu should have the following items:13:37
jibelis that all ???13:39
jibel"is n"13:39
afuentesbtw, pastebinit is a great package, jic you didnt know about it :D13:39
afuentesill give it another try to see if i can find that failsafeX13:40
afuentesall ive got is resume, clean, dpkg, grub, netroot, root13:42
afuentesanything else i can do?13:44
jibelafuentes, can you use netroot and paste /var/log/syslog and /var/log/Xorg.0.log of the failed boot ?13:44
afuentesi used resume witch brings me to a shell13:44
afuentescan i paste you from here? or do i reboot to enter netroot?13:45
jibelpaste it from here, but well, resume should have ... resume the boot,13:45
afuentesyep it gives some error, in the middle of the screen which i can not read because is erased with the ncurses13:46
afuentesbut id say its the one on the dmesg13:46
jibelyup, that should be what's in dmesg or syslog13:47
afuentesI dont seem to have any Xorg log13:48
afuentes:/ i never really entered the X13:48
guillemhsafuentes, ghost in the shell fan? just wondering for your hostname....13:50
afuentesi bet tachikomas doesnt have this graphic cards issues13:52
afuenteswhy do i always pick cards that have problems... why, god, why13:53
guillemhsi don't know13:53
guillemhsi have an AMD13:53
afuentes3d acceleration?13:53
guillemhsand i also have huge graphic card issues13:53
guillemhswhat? 3d13:53
guillemhsare you joking13:53
guillemhsamd sempron13:53
jibelafuentes, is it doesn't goes past the resume, it's no even the fault of the card13:53
guillemhsone core13:53
afuentesno, i am not really into cards lol13:54
guillemhsme neither13:54
afuenteswell, i can try with another iso13:54
afuenteswhat do you suggest to do next_13:55
afuentesAll my cards used to be ati... I had huge issues with all of them13:57
afuentesi thought i was safe with nvidia13:57
afuentesI had huge issues at the begining, but for 1 year and a half it started to go all right with ubuntu, till maverick13:58
afuentesthat it broke again :(13:58
afuentesit must have done some huge evil in a past life13:58
jibelafuentes, I'm running an nvidia and it's running great. Looking at the results of the testing there is only 1 serious bug reported13:59
afuentesthats what im saying... a gipsy must have cursed me14:00
afuentesjibel: any way i can start X from console?14:01
jibelafuentes, yes run startx14:01
co_cari_cewwhayy... who can resolve my problem14:02
afuentesmmm xinit was not installed :/14:02
afuenteswtf did i just installed14:02
co_cari_cewwwant to hear?14:02
afuentesshot co_cari_ceww14:02
jibelafuentes, wow, you installed a minimum system, check if ubuntu-desktop is installed ?14:02
afuentesit was not14:03
afuentesi was coocking during the instalation14:03
afuentesI would had sware i selected to install :/14:04
co_cari_cewwmy modem detected as memory storage on lucid14:04
jibelafuentes, boot to netroot and run "apt-get install ubuntu-desktop"14:04
afuentesyup, its installing now14:04
co_cari_cewwunderstand my means?14:05
afuentesit booted up alrite :) no errors i guess14:05
co_cari_cewwcome on...14:05
co_cari_cewwheelp me....:(14:05
afuentesno idea here co_cari_ceww :( can you make a the question again?14:05
afuenteswith other words?14:05
afuentesco_cari_ceww: can you paste in paste.ubuntu.com the lines you are refering to?14:06
co_cari_cewwlucid lynx14:07
afuentesco_cari_ceww: i mean, where did u read your modem detected as memory storage?14:08
afuentesafter doing what14:09
co_cari_ceww memory format is cdfs14:10
afuenteswhat are you trying to accomplish co_cari_ceww ?14:10
afuentesthis is so yummi, damn i am a good cooker14:12
co_cari_cewwfor what it is? how?14:15
afuentesco_cari_ceww: what are you trying to accomplish when you get that error?14:16
co_cari_cewwmy modem is only detected when I go in and open the application the modem drivers on windows os and go back to ubuntu14:18
afuentesco_cari_ceww: now that i understan you, im afraid i cant help you with that. I dont know14:19
afuentesbut similar thing happen to my microphone14:19
afuentesi gotta reboot14:19
co_cari_cewwi open drivers on windows without unplug modem14:19
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afuentesok, im in gnome now jibel14:24
afuentesshould i install suggested nvidia drivers?14:25
jibelco_cari_ceww, #ubuntu might be a better place to get help, or #ubuntu-bug if you think it's a bug.14:25
jibelafuentes, did jockey shows up and recommend to install the proprietary drivers ?14:25
jibelafuentes, then go ahead and install the driver14:26
afuentesin progress14:27
* jibel crosses fingers14:27
* afuentes do the same14:28
* patdk-wk wonders how you all type14:29
afuentesid be nice if it would show the actual version instead of saying current :/14:29
afuentesok, it promts me to restart14:29
testing_my gosh... its working14:34
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* afuentes prays aleluya to the lord14:34
afuentesim installing some 3d game to see how good14:35
afuenteshow is the firefox 3 package called?14:36
jibelafuentes, welcome back14:37
afuentesif there is any firefox3 available in natty14:38
jibelafuentes, the version available is 4, and the package is firefox14:40
afuentesquakelive does not run on ff4 :/14:42
afuentesim dling openarena14:43
afuentesso how do i report this is working jibel _14:43
jibelafuentes, in http://xorg.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/result/5154/419 on the line "Result" select "Passed"14:44
afuentesthis is great news... I cant wait until natty! :D14:46
afuentesgreat... sound does not work now... too good to be true...14:47
jibelafuentes, that's good to hear14:49
jibelmaybe it's just muted ?14:50
afuentesjibel, nah... This ***ing sound card has been given me problems since the very begining...14:51
afuentesI go to sound hardware and its not there14:51
afuentesI have to reboot, not once or twice, but 3 times to make it appear as a sound card14:52
afuenteseverytime i update14:52
afuentesat least until now...14:52
jibelafuentes, what's the card ?14:52
afuentescard 0: VT82xx [HDA VIA VT82xx], device 1: VT1708 Digital [VT1708 Digital]14:54
afuentes<jibel> afuentes, in http://xorg.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/result/5154/419 on the line "Result" select "Passed" <-- done :D14:57
jibelafuentes, You rock ! Thanks14:57
jibelafuentes, there are few other testcases if you want to give them a try.14:57
afuentes3D funcionality is working as well :D15:05
afuentesjibel now i understand the interface of the tests... i wasnt understanding it before :S15:06
afuentesnot much ppl is doing the tests, aint they?15:06
afuenteswell, jibel thank you very much for everything15:08
afuentesim glad my card is back to live in natty :)15:08
afuentescya around ;D15:08
jibelit's only 2 days, and it requires and nVidia card. Thanks for your help in testing :-)15:08
afuentessure, i cant do much, but i can test :D15:09
Guest59186Is a GeForce 6150SE nForce 430 a "GeForce 7 or newer" ??17:02
patdk-wkthat would be 6 :)17:05
Guest59186ta, 7000 series would have been clearer. I don't keep up with gfx card numbers :-)17:13
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