dpmgood morning all!07:35
henningeHi dpm!07:39
dpmhey henninge, good morning, I'm in your country this week, working from Köln ;)07:40
henningedpm: oh, cool! You missed the carnival, though ... ;)07:52
henningeOr was there a carnival in Valencia, too?07:53
dpmhenninge, I know, we missed it for just one week :(, but school holidays in Valencia did not align well with that. In Valencia it's Falles time this week:07:55
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andrejzmorning everyone09:08
andrejzdpm i am glad to report apt translations are fine again with today's update09:08
andrejzbut i was wondering if there are any other programs in ubuntu you know of for which launchpad translations are not used (besides apt and debian-installer)09:08
dpmhey andrejz, \o/ for apt translations :)09:11
dpmas per the question, some of them are listed in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations/KnowledgeBase/#Special%20translations09:11
dpmif you find any other, feel free to ping me or add it to the list there09:11
dpmlanguage-selector translations are also not updated with language packs, but only at the end of the dev cycle, IIRC. That's because during installation translations must be in the source package before the language packs are installed09:12
andrejzyes, but for these translations in launchpad are used right?09:15
andrejzonly difference is the translation deadline and the fact they don't update after stable release (yet)09:16
andrejzso if i translate ddtp in launchpad it will be included in 11.0409:16
andrejzi was wondering if there is any other package like debian installer, because i fixed this bug in translation a long time ago and noticed it was still there and only later found out that debian translations are actually used.. there are no more cases of that kind besides apt and debian-installer ?09:18
dpmandrejz, firefox is similar, but let me explain it to you in a bit, I've got a phone call in a few minutes and I need to prepare something for it09:18
andrejzi think that xdg-user-dirs is also a non-langpack package09:20
RawChidGood morning10:37
RawChidAnyone here who translates for Natty?10:38
RawChidI'm a member of the Dutch Translators Team and am curious how other teams keeps track of the transaltions10:54
RawChidWe use a wiki so each member can "reserve" it's own packages10:55
head_victimThat's a lot more organised than I've seen10:55
RawChidWhat did you saw?10:56
dpmhi RawChid, good morning, we do the same in the Catalan team, and other teams as well. The Brazilian team have got a bit more automated method, as I seem to remember they write automatically to the wiki the packages needing translations. I think the best thing is to ask on the ubuntu-translators list10:56
RawChidWe have also aspirant members, so DO need review of the full members with more experience10:56
dpmand I'm sure people will be more than happy to share their workflows10:57
RawChidYeah, that's why I asked10:57
RawChidFot the Dutch team I wrote a script to generate those wiki pages10:57
RawChidMaybe it's useful for other teams http://rachidbm.appspot.com/10:57
dpmRawChid, wow, that's really awesome!11:09
dpmRawChid, do you think you could add a drop-down menu to select the locale, so that every team could generate their own pages? I.e. so that the URLs don't always point to the 'nl' version11:10
RawChidHmm dpm, didn't think of that. Now you can add any URL.11:10
RawChidBut the dropdown is a nice feature11:10
RawChidThe point is that you once (when you start) have to search the right URL, en paste it into the text field. When this is done, you can directly generate a new page via the link on the wiki11:12
dpmah, you're right, I did not notice the LAUNCHPAD_URL part11:12
dpmRawChid, this is really cool, you should definitely post it to the translators list, I'm sure teams will find this extremely useful11:14
RawChidI'm glad to hear feedback and suggestions for improvement.11:14
RawChidOke, I'll do that dpm11:15
dpmRawChid, yeah, in case you haven't done that yet, my recommendation would be to host the code in Launchpad, and use the bug tracker there. This way people will be able to contribute not only with feedback opening bugs, but also with code branches11:15
RawChidOke, the code is already in Launchpad. But on my account11:16
RawChidIs it an idea to host it under https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu-translations ?11:17
dpmRawChid, sure, you can choose to host it there or as a project of its own, whatever you prefer11:26
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RawChidThnx for you insights. I'll look into setting up or joining a LP project. When that is rolled out, I'll post it on the mailing list11:32
RawChiddpm, do you have a suggestion for a proper/informative name? I was thinking of launchpad-status12:00
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dpmRawChid, launchpad-status might be a bit too generic (i.e. launchpad contains more than just translations). What about ul10n-wiki-stats? ('u' for 'ubuntu', 'l10n' for localization) - or perhaps a completely different name?12:24
RawChidul10n is great! I saw that in other projects too12:26
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ashamsdpm: would you please help me here: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/14920519:00
dpmhi ashams, sure, let me answer it tomorrow, though, I'm about to go now19:03
ashamsdpm: thank you19:03

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