iheartubuntuok thanks00:00
pleia2nhaines: yeah, that's mostly been my experience too :) I even had one lug *ask me* to post announcements to their list too00:10
nhainespleia2: well, I do have a good relationship with OCLUG anyway, so I'm sure that helps.  :)00:10
pleia2yeah, I was at a meeting for that lug when they asked me so the relationship was there00:11
pleia2and I ran the philly lug so I always gave myself permission to post :D00:11
pleia2I do sometimes argue with myself over debian vs ubuntu though00:11
akknhaines: sorry, didn't see your q earlier. The svlug installfests I went to were a bunch of guys who knew each other sitting at tables talking to each other00:12
akknhaines: so it was kinda hard to break in if you were new and shy.00:13
nhainesakk: awww.  Yeah, that's something to try and avoid.00:13
akkIf I were organizing one, I'd have some kind of indicator (t-shirt, armband, sign or whatever) people could wear to indicate "I'm a helper, ask me your questions!"00:14
seidosthat reminds me, i lost my ubuntu pin :(00:14
seidosi still have my SCaLE pin00:14
seidosi should check the ubuntu store for a replacement00:15
seidosarmbands would be cool00:15
akkand maybe a little more organization so there's some clue that "at this table, we're helping this newbie get ubuntu installed, but over at this table we're brainstorming about this weird X or programming problem, and at this table we're trying to figure out why sound doesn't work on this laptop"00:15
akknot quite sure how you indicate that, but it's tough for someone walking in to know where they can go to ask questions (maybe a "start here" person?)00:16
seidoswould there be a fun table?00:16
seidosparty hats and juggling00:16
akkI was showing up as "I can help anyone who needs help, or if not, I have this sound problem and would love people to brainstorm with me about it"00:16
akkbut I ended up just sitting by myself hacking on something because I couldn't figure out who was already busy vs. who might be interested in helping00:17
seidosi was being serious, the IBM guys at SCaLE told me to juggle after i called him Batman...he actually looked like Bruce Wayne00:17
akksure, random fun stuff is always ... fun :)00:17
seidos"interested" is the key word there00:18
akkthough I'm not sure nonstop juggling makes for an ideal installfest either00:18
seidosi'm also interested, just not very useful in able to help00:18
seidosunless you need someone to talk the problem about with00:18
seidosbecause you are tired of talking to yourself00:18
akkSometimes that helps a lot, just having a sympathetic ear to listen and help brainstorm.00:18
seidoswhich i can relate to, since talking to yourself is often frowned upon00:18
seidosyeah, a person to bounce ideas off00:19
akkI've solved programming problems just by describing them to someone who doesn't program much themselves.00:19
pleia2akk: at one of the philly ones we had a sign in sheet that we had a sign near, people could indicate why they were there (helper? giant computer in your car you help bringing in?) and someone lurking near the sign in sheet to help direct people00:19
akkBut you don't want to start unloading on someone who might not be interested.00:19
seidosmultiprocessing ;)00:19
akkpleia2: Right! That would have helped immensely.00:19
akkYou don't want to saddle somebody with "do nothing but sit by yourself by the sign-in table in case someone comes in"00:20
akkbut having someone keeping an eye on the door to greet people and show them the sign-in as they come in would be great.00:20
pleia2mostly the sign-in sheet wasn't actually used, but it was nice for when no one was right at the door to direct people, they at least felt there was something they could do (sign in) rather than standing around00:20
seidosi would offer to walk around asking everyone what they are working on, etc. but that would be annoying00:20
akkand yeah, doesn't need to be a formal sign-in sheet -- just somebody know knows who's there, who knows what, who's busy or not00:20
seidoswhat about a table that's like "a bar"00:21
akk"Oh, you have a sound problem? Sara over there is really good with sound"00:21
seidosa free for all table00:21
seidoswhere you can snoop00:21
seidosokay fine, not snoop, but "inquire"00:21
akkseidos: I tried shoulder-surfing on a convo that was already going on, but I felt sort of unwelcome doing that.00:21
* seidos sneezes00:22
seidosakk: was it at the free for all table?00:22
seidosor the "this is our clique, and you must earn your entry into it" table?00:22
akkseidos: shrug, there were just a bunch of tables, you tell me00:23
seidosi wasn't there, so i don't know00:23
akkIt's not like tables are labeled as "clique" and "free"00:24
seidosand even if i was...00:24
akkbut none of them seemed to have space for a new shy person to join in00:24
seidosi know, i was running with your idea00:24
seidosi think i got lost in my own imagination00:24
seidosthey were probably just too busy thinking about something to do the social thing00:25
pleia2http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Installfest-HOWTO/ is actually quite good for planning00:25
seidosi should wear a sticker on my forehead that says "talk to me, i'm absent minded"00:25
seidosjust in case00:26
seidosi always get stumped at "where"00:27
seidosi should probably go to the adult school here00:27
nhainespleia2: ooh, it's still being updated.00:27
seidossee if there is space there00:27
akkThat howto does look useful.00:27
pleia2nhaines: yeah :)00:28
pleia2it's the only thing on tldp.org that's being updated ;)00:28
nhainespleia2: that's what surprised me.00:28
pleia2I tend to be more relaxed about food/drink money stuff, a donation bucket for food tends to work out great, I rarely end up with out of pocket expenses00:29
pleia2but I guess that depends on the area, you do have to be willing to handle the financial burden if you end up with one :)00:29
seidoswhat's the worse case scenario in terms of the $?00:30
pleia2you spend $100 on pizza and no one donates anything00:30
seidoshmmm $100, that's quite a bit00:30
pleia2well not every event requires $100 of pizza ;)00:30
seidosi think i'd bring beans and bolillos00:30
pleia2and as I said, I've never had a problem with donations00:31
nhainespleia2: what I like most about the document is the time frame given.  Too many people in this LoCo would call for 3-hour-long installfests.  :P00:31
pleia2people are mostly good and I more often than not end up with too much money00:31
nhainespleia2: seed money for the next one.00:31
seidoswhere do you usually have them pleia2?00:31
pleia2nhaines: oh yeah, people are horrible at estimating how long it will take00:31
pleia2I think the shortest one I've done was 6 hours, and it was tight00:32
nhainespleia2: I'm sure I've been called unreasonable.  :)  I always recommend 5 minimum and refuse to do less than 4.00:32
seidosfor a second i thought you were saying 3 hours was too much00:32
nhainesAnd by "recommend" I mean as in "Recommended Minimum System Requirements" like on PC game boxes.  ;)00:32
seidosor for ubuntu00:33
pleia2seidos: back in philly we often had companies host them (usually a member of the lug/loco would offer space at the company they worked at) or at a local hackerspace (we did one in philly at hive76, one in SF at noisebridge)00:33
seidosi'm surprised there isn't more going on at CSULB00:33
seidosi remember the being programming competitions there00:33
seidosi'm probably just not in the loop00:33
seidosi'll have to go again, see if i can talk to someone in the comp sci department...not sure about the business department00:35
seidosthey didn't use linux at all when i was going there00:35
pleia2oh, we did one at a local computer recycling place ones too, that was cool, lots of spare parts!00:35
seidosthe computer recycling place here is at ucla00:40
seidosonly one i know of00:41
seidosubuntu, gets all the tough stains out, now with turbo handling!01:31
iheartubuntualthough Chrome has always had its little bugs for me, i notice i can have tons more tabs open than if i were to have the same # of tabs open in FF. wasnt that the idea for each tab when chrome was conceived?06:20
=== Guest28722 is now known as seidos
seidoskind of weird, looks like empathy doesn't authenticate to nickserv on a reconnect07:58
seidosi downloaded the source code, but i can never make heads or tales of multiple files07:58
seidoschrome is quite zippy, with it's breaking out each tab as a separate process08:00
seidosbut i'm trying to rally around the default install of ubuntu08:00
seidosi should try out natty in a vm08:00
iheartubuntui notice in the newest version of chrome, you can view "background pages" from the wrench icon and then see what pages are using the resources08:04
seidosthere was something like that in chromium08:11
iheartubuntunot like she would ever know08:15
iheartubuntuim not suggesting. just sayin :)08:16
iheartubuntuthe national tour?08:21
iheartubuntuyou would think itsgoing to be right here in LA08:21
seidosi dunno, stuff could get linked on the site unofficially08:22
seidosprobability of win08:22
iheartubuntui would go08:22
iheartubuntuhave u checked prices?08:23
iheartubuntucould be cause for a road trip08:24
iheartubuntuim going to have a(nother) beer08:24
iheartubuntuactually its about time for my next triple shot08:24
iheartubuntui can go till 6am, shower and then head out to work08:26
iheartubuntunotice how twitter grinds to a halt at 2am08:30
philipballewwhats up08:30
philipballewsee i am on irc now08:30
iheartubuntuwe are doing a one way road trip fueled by espresso and redbull to see hashtagwinning08:31
philipballewred bull is key, what keeps you up exactly?08:32
iheartubuntutriple shot08:32
iheartubuntu10pm and 2am08:32
philipballewfor what reasons?08:32
iheartubuntu630am im out the door08:32
philipballewwhere to?08:33
iheartubuntuwho the heck is this iheartubuntu guy anyways08:33
iheartubuntuto work08:33
philipballewfor sure. yes. this iheartubuntu guy is pretty cool. or at least that website makes him look cool!!!08:34
iheartubuntuprobably the 2nd one08:34
philipballewperhaps i need something to make me cool08:34
iheartubuntuespecially if you turn the monitor upside down to see the secret characters like a beatles album08:34
philipballewor play there album backwords...have you heard of that08:35
iheartubuntuyou need hashtagubuntu08:35
iheartubuntui mean08:35
iheartubuntuthats coolness08:35
iheartubuntubut their album covers speakvolumes08:36
philipballewi often do #ubuntu or #linux. perhaps now that im trying to help get a ubuntu hour started here ill do the .ca one. but in a month im moving back up north for summer...08:37
iheartubuntui feel the real paulmccartney passed away in an auto accident08:37
philipballewso hes really dead but elvis is alive?08:37
iheartubuntui think elviss soul is still alive08:38
iheartubuntudoes that count?08:38
philipballewwell does  soul ever die?08:39
philipballewmost would say no :)08:39
iheartubuntuyou are talking about r&b right?08:39
iheartubuntujust kidding :)08:39
philipballewi got sole...but im not a soldier!08:40
philipballewperhaps with a great media player like banshee you can play that. btw, that player crashed on me today. i should probably not have the ppa installed but i like the new version08:41
iheartubuntudo u knwo the version number08:42
iheartubuntuit has been pretty stable for me lately. but not sure what version im running. i think i went back to the stable release08:42
philipballewim running 1.95. i get daily updates of it. sometimes two or three times a day08:43
iheartubuntuim running 1.8.108:43
iheartubuntu87 GB of music08:43
philipballewtheres talk of them putting dvd support into it soon i have 85..darn, perahaps a music swap someday?08:44
iheartubuntui dont now why i have so much now with then et you can just listen to stuff on the fly08:44
iheartubuntuive got a ton of reggae (owned record label)08:44
iheartubuntuso ive got some marley and tosh tracks unreleased08:44
iheartubuntutosh son did some demos with me in pasadena back in the day08:45
iheartubuntui bought all the beatles discs in moscow for $1 haha08:45
philipballewwhen you live in a college dorm room and a 16 gig flash drive music seems to build fast. ive never done rege (played drums for 9 years) but sounds intresting. are you from russia?08:45
iheartubuntunyet. wife is08:46
iheartubuntudrums? nice08:46
iheartubuntuive heard one too many drummer jokes in my day08:46
iheartubuntuwhat r u listening to08:47
iheartubuntui liek a lot of old ragtime jazz08:47
philipballewhum. my brother dated a girl from passidena area full russian. its a great insturment. though i dont have it here. it is chilling back home in the small town of auburn california08:47
philipballewcurrently the band is called animal collective08:47
iheartubuntuwhen my house turns 100 im doing a big house birthday bash with live jazz band08:47
iheartubuntuwelcome to come!08:47
philipballewhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zol2MJf6XNE this is what they sound like. when will that be?08:48
iheartubuntu5 yrs from now :)08:49
philipballewi didnt know so cal has been around that. (yes, i am new to this area)08:50
iheartubuntucool music08:51
seidosit kind of has a keane vibe08:51
seidosat the risk of sounding weak, that stuff makes me cry if i'm in the right mood08:51
philipballewthank you. perhaps you should start dancing!!!08:51
philipballewreal men cry!08:51
seidosi wouldn't know how to dance this stuff08:52
philipballewit shaws abaility to know how to deal with problems08:52
seidosmaybe spinning, spinning, spinning towards freedom08:52
iheartubuntuso yur bro is in that band? with 5 million page views?08:52
philipballewlet the music move you08:52
philipballewperhaps all 3 of us have a IRC DANCE PARTY!!!08:53
iheartubuntuhell yah08:53
iheartubuntuohhh ohhhh yaaaa08:53
iheartubuntubump bump bump08:53
philipballewthat would make a good twitter08:53
philipballewi might tweet that out one day08:53
seidoswhen i dance, i carry a 600 lb twinkie that represents the psychickinetic energy of NY08:53
iheartubuntuso youre horny seidos?08:54
iheartubuntusorry, espresso kicking in08:54
philipballewi got the text. dancing seemes like a good choice08:55
philipballewmore people will get it08:55
iheartubuntuthe music stopped08:55
iheartubuntuso yur bro is in that band? with 5 million page views?08:56
iheartubuntuwhat wmusic would you call it... techno?08:56
philipballewhe is not. but this is him http://www.flickr.com/people/stuballew/08:57
seidosthat isn't techno08:57
seidosi dunno what i would call it08:57
seidosnewer wave :P08:57
iheartubuntua buddy of mine reached #1 on the dance charts in europe last year... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5sckYGBQtI08:57
philipballewalmost techno but most wikipedia calls it neo-psychedelic08:57
philipballewi would say its not techno that is made popular by europian techno08:58
seidosit's cold08:58
philipballewgo inside08:58
seidosrelatively speaking08:58
seidosi am08:58
seidosi would like to be acclimated to my surroundings08:58
seidoswindows is open08:59
iheartubuntuyou still use windows???08:59
iheartubuntuim wrapped warmly in an ubuntu blanket08:59
philipballewwho doesnt! Windows r00lz!!!08:59
philipballewDOS 4 LIFE!!!08:59
iheartubuntuthat would be a good geek tat across a waist09:00
seidosfscking nerds09:00
seidosno, the window09:00
seidosit's open09:00
seidosmore like a good geek tramp stap right above the nalgas09:01
seidosstap?  who says that?09:01
philipballewgeeks rule!!!09:01
seidosyeah, like Rich Franklin09:01
seidosdude is an English teacher and he beat Chuck Liddel09:01
seidosin fistacuffs09:01
seidosi haven't seen the fight09:02
seidosi don't like violence09:02
philipballewthis geek rules... http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2617/4186388972_27be190d4b.jpg09:02
philipballewi dont think many people like voilance09:02
iheartubuntuso once a day right?09:02
seidosgeek writes a script to reboot his computer 1000x a day09:03
seidosdies from exhaustion09:03
iheartubuntudifferent version (better) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwZd-KFk4OQ09:03
seidosevery jujitsu teacher i ever had did09:03
philipballewi reboot my computer to many times each day. i have to turn it of. if i close the lad and re open it it wont boot back again09:04
seidosi like Linkin Parks "waiting the end"09:04
seidosthat's a fun song to dance to i think09:04
iheartubuntuhave u heard this song??? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrO5J7TdS7c09:04
iheartubuntuthe trolololo man09:04
seidosdo you use s3 suspend?09:04
philipballewwhats s3? yes i am kinda dumb09:05
seidosit's like the random assignment for "sleep"09:05
seidossome number, just ignore that09:06
philipballewhum. i was gonna have dave look at it if hes at the ubuntu hour next week. im trying to find a way to have when i close my lid on the laptop my music still plays. like insomniax09:07
seidosnirvanic :)09:07
philipballewwhen you go to a college where most of the people use osx you get to know the applactions09:07
iheartubuntuHappy St.Patricks Day to all!09:09
seidosi'm trying to find highlights of the liddel franklin fight09:10
iheartubuntua liek a lot of french chanson music too09:10
philipballewif i knew what you were wearing i might have to pinch you09:11
iheartubuntuhere is typical russian pop music... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jJR4MhUDtc09:12
iheartubuntuwe're still dancing right?09:13
iheartubuntuor should i sit down09:13
philipballewim kinda winded personally09:13
iheartubuntuso ive been dancing and youve been at the punch bowl this whole time?09:14
seidosi get like "girl with a dragon tattoo" vibe from this song09:14
dragonGood night california!09:16
seidosit's funny how girls stay girls, and boys become guys or men09:16
iheartubuntuand hear i thought dragon was a bot09:16
seidosfunny sad, not funny ha ha09:17
seidosi've never met him/her09:17
philipballewits a very cultural thing that determines what happens to them and their gender09:17
seidosgender?  or sex?09:18
seidosthis song is win:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpRfC8Vl1q409:19
seidosit's like transcendental nirvanic potential pure abode09:20
seidoscultural pretty much encapsulates all human behavior09:20
seidosform choices09:20
iheartubuntuits good09:20
seidosunreal acting, not real hell09:21
seidosfear the pain, not the reaper09:21
seidosfront lobe concentration causes drowsiness09:22
iheartubuntuanother russian pop song.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHX8tIGPNAY09:22
iheartubuntuby the group "Vintage"09:22
iheartubuntufeaturing Elena Korikova09:22
iheartubuntuvery popular overthere09:22
seidosfuture communicates with the past09:22
philipballewthese russians know how to boogie09:22
seidosmanifestation in the now, of beings of tomorrow09:22
iheartubuntuthere is a lot of subtext to the video09:23
seidoshead in the clouds, feet on the ground09:23
seidoshermetic philosophy09:23
seidosas above so below09:23
seidosheaven and hell demand relinquishment09:24
iheartubuntui wonder if gwibber crashed again09:24
philipballewi used it yesterday09:24
seidosreasons for placement in the matrix, invisible09:25
iheartubuntunope. i posted that 30 minutes ago09:25
iheartubuntuu guys still at the punchbowl?09:25
philipballeware we talkin litteral punchbowl?09:25
iheartubuntuwe can hit Dennys after this09:25
seidoshaha "punch bowl", is that UFC?  MMA?09:25
seidosi never go to Denny's anymore09:26
philipballewim out of it. i live in the college bubble09:26
seidosafter i was choked unconscious there09:26
seidosIHOP ftw09:26
philipballewcome to sd and theres a denneys here!09:26
seidoslet the fail crumble away09:26
iheartubuntuonly when im coming down the 39509:26
iheartubuntui usually got o a bakery, not dennys09:26
seidosthis song isn't that great without the video09:26
iheartubuntuthats the clean version09:27
seidosporn music videos?09:27
seidosi won't mind if i'm not around to see it09:27
seidoswhat is the cost for formed bliss?09:27
iheartubuntuits typical russian pop. im not saying yay or nay09:27
seidoshow many butchered bodies line the road to Eternal Entanglement?09:28
seidospossible and impossible are unknown, not even probable is calculated by mere unscientific mortals09:29
iheartubuntuim seeing double09:29
seidosprecogs lay in sensory deprivation tanks09:29
philipballewglass of water always helps!09:29
seidosi'm almost ready to let consciousness slip into oblivion, only rearise again09:30
seidosperhaps a metaphor for being itself09:30
seidoswhere are the flatliners to verify it?09:30
iheartubuntufudge bar09:30
seidosi don't trust doctors09:30
seidosthey probably already did it at the CIA09:31
seidosthey may even be watching now09:31
seidoshigh on dimethyltriptamine09:31
philipballewbut the cia uses linux?09:31
iheartubuntudmt huh?09:31
seidosbeats me09:31
iheartubuntui believe some groups09:31
seidosi'm not in the CIA :|09:31
seidoswhere are the men who stare at goats?09:31
philipballewwere all in the cia09:31
philipballewemployed as test subjects!09:32
iheartubuntunot if youre at the punchbowl09:32
seidoswho's the NOC?09:32
seidosoh damn09:32
* seidos gets knocked out at the punchbowl09:32
philipballewi really need to get more knowlege of this punchbowl thing09:32
seidosmaybe it's where charlie sheen knocks me out09:33
philipballewits funny it took a natural distster to get him off the news09:34
seidoshere's another pleasant tune:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5ti4OERTiw09:34
iheartubuntuthats melodic09:35
iheartubuntuvery good tune09:35
iheartubuntuhas anyone here finished the UCP?09:38
iheartubuntuUbuntu Certified Professional09:39
philipballewhow long does that take to do?09:39
iheartubuntuIts either $350 or $40009:40
iheartubuntuno idea. im still doing it in my spare time... which is zero right now09:40
philipballewwould i do that on my own or a school somewhere09:40
philipballewi wonder if anyone has spare time09:41
philipballewnot me personally but i as in people09:41
iheartubuntuits just a PDF course09:42
iheartubuntuthen go to a testing facility for the exam09:42
iheartubuntualthough the new course says it replaces several older ones09:42
iheartubuntuso the exam might even be online now09:43
iheartubuntudont know09:43
iheartubuntui bought it09:43
seidosi don't place much value in certs09:43
iheartubuntubut its the old course09:43
philipballewis that testing place in europe09:43
seidosi'd rather try building something09:43
iheartubuntuits online09:43
iheartubuntutesting facilties around the USA too09:43
iheartubuntui need some sort of training09:43
seidostraining?  persistence.  what do you want to build?09:44
seidosmy problem isn't training, it's lack of motivation09:44
seidosi should build an ecommerce config for my site09:44
seidosi wonder if content in a database is indexed just as good as straight html by google09:45
iheartubuntuthats scary09:48
iheartubuntuthere must be some redundancy so google couldnt just query anything.09:48
iheartubuntusome sort of wall09:48
iheartubuntuhave you heard of the SuperGamer LiveCD? its actually a DVD09:50
iheartubuntuQuake Wars09:50
iheartubuntuDoom 309:50
iheartubuntuUnreal Tournament09:50
iheartubuntuQuake 409:50
iheartubuntuits like 8GB so needs a dual layer dvd09:53
philipballewiheartubuntu, look at the wiki. if its horrible im sorry09:53
iheartubuntuyou guys are the BEST09:54
iheartubuntui will give you my pinky finger09:55
iheartubuntuwith #tigerblood i dont need all my fingers anyways09:55
philipballewwith ketchep hopefully...09:55
philipballewto sick09:55
iheartubuntufish fingers09:56
iheartubuntuIts fast approaching 3am... The quote of the hour is: "Nothing good happens after 3am". DONG - DONG - DONG goes the bell.09:57
iheartubuntuI'll have a quote for you at 4am too09:58
iheartubuntuif im not passed out09:58
philipballewwhat could be better09:58
iheartubuntuthen what09:59
philipballewfish fingers!!!10:01
iheartubuntuohh no10:01
iheartubuntuthats the new word of the hour?10:01
iheartubuntuyouve replaced punchbowl?10:01
iheartubuntuseidos... r u diggin the fish fingers?10:01
seidosnah man10:02
seidosfish fingers aren't clean10:02
philipballewi just ate fish sticks...10:03
philipballewthat is kinda fishy10:03
seidosthere's something wrong about that10:04
seidosaside from the overfishing that's going on10:04
philipballewi see the ocean. perhaps i should go fishing10:04
seidosi watched the 1986 transformers cartoon10:05
iheartubuntunine teen eighty six10:07
seidosit was better than i thought10:07
=== seidos is now known as unicron
unicronah, nickname is registered :(10:07
iheartubuntu3 hours to go10:08
unicronuntil what?10:08
=== unicron is now known as obiwan-kenobi
obiwan-kenobidang, so is this one10:08
obiwan-kenobiit's no fun when there is registered nicknames :(10:08
obiwan-kenobithis should be a place where people where masks10:08
=== obiwan-kenobi is now known as seidos
iheartubuntuwhat does it say when a nick is taken?10:12
iheartubuntubut u are still able to use it/10:12
seidosjust that nickserv isn't enforcing it for some reason10:14
seidosi am no longer accomplishing anything useful10:14
seidosi should sleep10:15
iheartubuntui need to find some fuel10:16
seidosfare well ubuntu white collars10:17
iheartubuntuyou too kev10:18
iheartubuntuthank you10:18
iheartubuntu St. Patrick’s Day (today) is the traditional time for sowing green peas.11:08
iheartubuntuSuicide Bombers. What makes them tick?11:35
iheartubuntuI will be ordering from the Ubuntu Store today. Check it out & let me know if you are interested...16:10
iheartubuntumore details here: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-us-ca/2011-March/001589.html16:10
iheartubuntuThere are definitely some beautiful items, like a USB chip with Ubuntu on it and the Ubuntu mouse which lights up orange.16:12
iheartubuntuI have a couple of requests so far. Please let me know by 11:00pm tonight16:13
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DarkwingDuckiheartubuntu: ping18:39
DarkwingDuckTo answer to your question yes. and I will be finishing that interview email today at some point18:40
iheartubuntuohh thank you18:40
DarkwingDuckiheartubuntu: added18:54
DarkwingDuckiheartubuntu: lemme know if there is anything else you need19:01
iheartubuntubows. thank you David19:12
DarkwingDuckiheartubuntu: Anytime Dave19:14
iheartubuntuI didnt quite catch the report, but the radiation being leaked is from tritium? (not sure which -ium it was) and that iodine/iodide would not help20:10
seidosi saw a map of chernobyl's nuclear fallout, if the same thing happened in Japan california could be at risk21:03
seidoswhich made me wonder what i would do21:03
nhainesIt's impossible for it to happen in Japan.21:03
seidosdifferent nuclear technology?21:05
seidosi also wondered what would happen here in CA if we had a 9.021:05
seidosfor the record i hope you're right ^_^21:07
nhaines9.0 would be pretty devestating but it would also be pretty safe... Japan survived the earthquake very well.21:09
kdubthey were just saying on KFI about how many LA concrete buildings don't live up to code though...21:12
jtatumgood thing you don't live in LA21:16
seidosi live in the burbs of LA :)21:17
jtatumoh damn, sorry21:18
seidosi think the tsunami did the most damage in Japan21:19
seidosnot sure how likely a tsunami would be, probably not very21:19
iheartubuntuim NE of LA21:34
iheartubuntubut then pasadena is pretty close21:34
iheartubuntuwhat 10 miles?21:34
seidosi just read the nuclear cloud should hit LA on friday21:37
seidosit is estimated that the health effects are minimal21:37
seidoshopefully i grow an extra air hole :P21:37
seidosso i think i just discovered why there is all this panic and a rush to buy geiger counters and iodide pills21:39
seidosalex jones21:39
iheartubuntui have a geiger counter21:41
iheartubuntuits a small handheld21:41
iheartubuntuonly goes to 10 mR21:42
iheartubuntuuse it a work to test equipment21:42
iheartubuntuand radiative projects21:42
iheartubuntuim following the RussiaToday tweets. They seem to update often21:44
seidosso, you use the geiger counter to tell you when to bolt?21:45
* iheartubuntu probably looked stupid holding it outside a little while ago :)21:46
seidosbecause the government will wait until the last possible moment to tell you the truth, since they want to prevent panic?21:46
iheartubuntuim not picking up anything anyways21:46
seidosseriously though, what if a horrific radiation cloud was headed our way?21:46
iheartubuntumy uranium rock sets it off more than anything21:46
seidosthe only feasible survival option is retreat21:46
iheartubuntugo underground21:46
iheartubuntumine shafts would me smart21:46
seidosyeah that isn't an option, i don't know where any mine shafts are21:47
iheartubuntugo find a torrent with some army books about nuclear fallout an such21:47
iheartubuntuget to a low point21:47
seidoshmmm, what direction is the best21:47
iheartubuntuseal windows21:47
seidosnorth east probably21:47
iheartubuntunot into the wind21:47
iheartubuntugoogle wind patterns of southern california21:48
seidosi imagine the wind goes south east from japan21:48
seidosthen blows into nevada21:48
iheartubuntui was becoming less concerned until i realized its going to rain off and on the next week or two21:48
seidosunless we get santa anas21:48
seidosnuclear rain21:48
seidossounds like a cool name for a song :D21:48
iheartubuntuwe can do a jam session again tonite21:48
iheartubuntuat 3am21:48
seidosi think it would be cool if i could just stay put, and make jokes while my proteins decay21:49
iheartubuntui'll bring the punch21:49
seidosthe hawaiian punch?21:49
iheartubuntufrom the punch bowl21:49
seidosyou bring the punch, i'll bring the blast21:49
iheartubuntupills wont help, this is a diff kind of radiation21:50
seidospills?  who said anything about pills?21:50
seidosdude, someone pour some punch on the curb for the dude that died of radiation poisoning who worked on the manhattan project21:50
seidosJohn Cusack played him in the movie21:51
iheartubuntui did not realize google funds almost 90% of firefox development21:54
iheartubuntuchrome would become the defacto browser then21:54
seidosi wonder if they used firefox source to make chrome22:06
pleia2I like to think that google is smart enough to see the value in a browser market with many players, firefox is wildly successful as an open source project, it probably be a mistake to drop funding in spite of chrome22:07
seidosas long as chromium is open source, it can be forked22:07
seidosmaybe that's what will happen22:08
seidoschromium gets forked to ff 522:08
seidoschange the name, spruce up the logo22:08
seidosit doesn't look like their are any plans to implement the multithreading support that chrome has in ff22:10
seidosisn't that what it is?22:11
seidoseach tab is a different process?22:11
iheartubuntudoesnt J Lo do multithreading?22:11
seidosi better double check22:12
seidosprobably, since she's a winner22:12
pleia2multithreading and different process for tabs are different things22:13
seidosdo you have a link i can read?22:14
pleia2related, but you can have a multithreaded browser without spawning different processes for different tabs22:14
seidoswhich is faster?22:14
pleia2that question doesn't really make sense22:15
pleia2using different processes for tabs can be a type of multithreading22:15
seidosno, i think it is multithreaded22:15
seidosas each tab is a subprocess of the main process22:16
pleia2multithreading at the basic level is the ability for an application to spawn separate processes (threads), and on multi-core system these can land on different cores to spread the load22:16
seidosprocesses are typically independent, while threads exist as subsets of a process22:16
pleia2f-spot is not multithreaded, for instance22:16
pleia2but a lot of linux apps are22:16
seidosi guess it depends on what "independent" means.  i would think that the processes in chrome are not independent.  if the main process is closed then all tabs (threads?) are closed22:17
seidosthis is an interesting one:  processes have separate address spaces, whereas threads share their address space22:18
seidosi think it is multithreaded, though i couldn't find anything from google stating as such22:21
seidosi'll ask in #chromium22:21
pleia2yeah, I don't know the specifics about how chrome/chromium does it22:21
seidoshere's an interesting link:  http://www.taranfx.com/firefox-to-go-multi-threaded-for-multicores22:22
seidossupposedly firefox is going multithreaded22:22
kdubfork() is one of the coolest system calls to read about22:22
seidosthat would be nice, as it's what i use22:22
seidosi made a fork bomb once22:22
seidosi think i still have it somewhere22:23
seidoser, that link is old.22:27
seidoswell, i got this from the #chromium-support fellows:  http://blog.chromium.org/2008/09/multi-process-architecture.html22:27
kdubany way its threaded, the bottleneck is still probably gonna be bandwidth22:29
seidosfirefox is considerably less responsive than chromium on my system22:31
seidosmultiple tabs that are kept open22:32
seidosif i keep only text based sites open it isn't noticeable22:32
seidosof course, that's slower if i have to reopen a page like gmail22:32
seidosi have conlcuded that threads exist within a process, and are not displayed separately in the task manager22:35
seidosso chromium is multi-threaded and multi-process22:36
* DarkwingDuck pokes pleia2 23:03
pleia2hi2u DarkwingDuck23:04
DarkwingDuckpleia2: does KVM emulate hardware or, use hardware? Like for effects or unity 3D23:05
pleia2DarkwingDuck: I've never actually used kvm with a proper gui before, it uses the hardware virt stuff in the kernel but I don't know about 3d stuff23:06
* pleia2 downloading daily natty test built to experiment23:06
DarkwingDuckI like the ease of use from VirtualBox23:06
DarkwingDuckBut, it emulates EVERYTHING23:07
pleia2I seem to recall ted talking about the need for on hardware testing for unity because of it's 3d accelerationness23:07
DarkwingDuckand that's what I'm looking for23:08
DarkwingDuckNot just for something I'm working on (Unity from KDE user point of view) But, even my own testing23:08
pleia2looks like current vbox has addon support which tries23:08
DarkwingDuckfor virtualbox?23:10
pleia2vbox == virtualbox23:10
DarkwingDuckworks 65, 70% of the time... that means it fails 30-35%23:10
pleia2turns out that 3d in VMs is hard :)23:10
DarkwingDuckBut, I really really don't want to dualboot23:11
iheartubuntui have natty at home on 64 bit and its still not entirely fun to use23:12
iheartubuntui mean in vbox23:12
jtatum65% of the time it works every time23:14
DarkwingDuckI'll just wait till I get my desktop23:17
DarkwingDuckI'm gonna do some fun server stuff with it anyway..23:18
DarkwingDuckPlis, having a static IP is fun23:18
seidosi'm going to put alpha 3 on my live usb23:22
seidosit's easier to test installs with separate /home and /23:22

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