Cheri703Unit193: around?03:57
Unit193Cheri703: No04:00
Unit193What ya need?04:01
Cheri703you use kword in kde?04:01
Unit193No, last time I used OO.o, next/this time LO04:02
Cheri703apparently kword has an "import pdf" feature, that keeps the formatting. I want to utilize it without installing kde stuff04:03
Cheri703BiosElement:  you use kde, do you use kword? /me is just going to ping people who use kde: )04:03
Cheri703* :)04:03
BiosElementYeah, I sometimes do. Usually just use kate though04:04
Unit193Right now I'm more XFCE/Xubuntu and LXDE/Lubuntu04:05
Cheri703do you HAVE kword? BiosElement04:11
* Cheri703 needs a file converted...04:12
BiosElementYeah. Checked for the import pdf thingy, didn't see anything.04:12
Unit193OO.o can04:12
Unit193LO should be able too04:12
Cheri703I need to convert it04:12
Cheri703I want to change font color and background color to make it more eye friendly (reduce eye strain reading on computer screen)04:13
Cheri703BiosElement: that link (if you're inclined to help, if not, totally fine :) )04:13
Unit193Cheri703: Does TeamViewer need to be run as root? (#lubuntu question)04:14
Cheri703not to my knowledge04:14
Cheri703I do know it's happier in 10.10 than 10.04, at least with gnome04:14
BiosElementOld as sin, but I'll give it a shot anyway04:15
Cheri703try it with a pdf you have, and then I'll email mine (if you have a few minutes)04:16
BiosElementI'll see if I can get it working04:18
Cheri703k, thanks. I'm not trying to be all "BiosElement! DO THIS FOR ME NOWWW!" I hope I'm not coming across that way :/04:19
Cheri703BiosElement: this one perhaps? http://sourceforge.net/projects/kpdfimport/04:25
Cheri703BiosElement: that second one was updated MUCH more recently04:33
Cheri703BiosElement: I may have found one that will work with libreoffice04:39
BiosElementGreat Cheri70304:46
Cheri703trying to get it working, not sure how :/04:46
BiosElementNah, I don't mind testing04:46
Cheri703I appreciate it :)04:47
* Unit193 Akron tomorrow05:37
Unit193today? tomorrow? hrm...05:37
Unit193I be going to akron tomorrow/today/17th05:38
Cheri703ah, exciting05:39
Cheri703and happy saint patrick's day!05:39
Unit193You going in green or orange? ;)05:40
* Cheri703 is probably not leaving the house05:41
Cheri703anything exciting happening in akron?05:50
Cheri703fun fun05:53

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