chris4585you should be able to fix it yourself easily though00:00
chris4585linuxman410, its a project I made a while ago00:00
vychuneim back'00:01
chibihogoshinoill have to redo the image ?00:04
chibihogoshinolike redownload all the apps and things ?00:04
linuxman410vychune near a ide port or floppy port there are 2 blue jumpers00:04
chris4585chibihogoshino, I'm not entirely sure.. can you chroot into it from the script?00:05
linuxman410got em00:05
linuxman410you see them right'00:06
chris4585chibihogoshino, adding the code correctly and rerunning the generate ISO image option should work without having to redownload / install all the apps00:06
chris4585but I'm not sure what version of magiclive you're using..00:06
chibihogoshinoits from feb 1600:06
linuxman410ok one quick question before we do this was processor in good when you put fan back on00:06
chibihogoshinofeb 26th00:06
linuxman410vychune one of the two blue jumpers should say cmos00:07
linuxman410near it00:07
vychuneyes and ok00:08
linuxman410vychune u see the jumper that says cmos near it00:08
chibihogoshinoi dont even see filesystem.size in this one .. i guess its to old00:08
vychunejumper is missing00:09
linuxman410that is why it will not boot it has to have jumper on pins 2 n 3 right there00:10
linuxman410vychune do you have a jumper00:10
linuxman410vychune there should be 2 jumpers there one on rtc and one on cmos00:12
vychunehold on reading00:12
linuxman410vychune without them computer will not boot00:12
vychunefound it00:14
linuxman410vychune the missing jumper00:14
vychuneit wasnt missing :D00:14
vychunemy bad00:15
linuxman410vychune are there 2 in a row one right behind the other one00:15
vychunegot one off00:16
linuxman410which one the cmos one00:16
vychunei think so00:17
linuxman410vychune put it on pin 1 and 2 and hit power if u do it right nothing happens no fan or anything that is what we want00:18
linuxman410there are 2 jumpers both blue and both have 3 pins00:19
linuxman410vychune u got it00:21
linuxman410vychune they are both near a ide or floppy channel00:23
vychunealmost got it00:23
vychunegot it00:25
linuxman410vychune hit power button00:25
vychunenothing at all00:26
linuxman410now move it back00:26
vychuneYOU BROKE IT00:26
linuxman410vychune we just reset bios00:26
vychunei know i saw it on the board00:27
linuxman410vychune one you put it back in front of other one try to boot computer00:28
vychuneoops power button was unplugged00:31
vychunelinuxman410: ping00:36
linuxman410yeah anything00:36
linuxman410vychune anything happen00:37
linuxman410no screen00:38
linuxman410no beep00:38
linuxman410vychune no screen at all00:38
linuxman410you are using same monitor on this computer right00:39
vychunecmos reset is on00:40
vychuneit still started00:40
linuxman410so when u hooked up other computer not even  a blinking cursor is harddrive light moving00:40
vychuneno it snt00:41
linuxman410vychune i am sorry looks like ups did a number on it00:42
vychunei hate this town00:43
linuxman410vychune i guess u just have spare parts unless you get it going00:43
linuxman410vychune that is everything i can think off00:44
linuxman410vychune sorry i wish it had made it in one piece00:44
vychunenot your falut00:45
vychuneim gonna try another monitor00:45
linuxman410vychune i would file a claim but everytime i do they say it was not packed good enough and do not pay00:46
linuxman410vychune i was using it on a lcd i do not know if that means anything00:46
vychuneit might00:47
linuxman410vychune i boooted it 3 times before we packed it come on fine so i do not know whats wrong00:48
linuxman410vychune you have any friends who work on computers down there00:49
vychuneim that friend most of the time lol00:49
linuxman410vychune that is the way i am00:50
vychunebut i know a hackerspace00:50
linuxman410vychune sorry i could not help u get it going00:55
vychuneno probelm00:56
chibihogoshinois there a command line option to install ubuntu ?00:57
linuxman410on the alternate cd00:57
chibihogoshinowhats it called ?00:58
chibihogoshinono i meant instead of ubiquity00:59
linuxman410yeah fedora00:59
linuxman410ha ha00:59
linuxman410vychune i will keep in in mine next time i get another one that powerful01:01
linuxman410everything else i have is 800mhz and below01:03
linuxman410vychune also keep a look out at freelinuxbox.org sometimes they post free computers up there01:10
vychuneoh yeah ty01:11
chibihogoshinoi guess ubiquity needs wget or it wont work01:44
chris4585shouldn't ubiquity have that as its dependency?01:45
chibihogoshinoyou would think01:45
chibihogoshinothat would allot easer that it should of been01:46
chris4585chibihogoshino, did you get that filesystem.size error fixed?01:47
chibihogoshinoim not that great with bash scripting01:47
chris4585if you like I can try to fix it01:48
chris4585I'd just need the script you've been using01:48
chibihogoshinothats ok.. i got the os installed01:49
chibihogoshinohaving a install cd with ssh installed makes it really easy to install without a monitor01:49
Juzzyanyone familiar with http://www.trafficsqueezer.org/?14:59
cyberangerJuzzy: little bit15:06
cyberangervery little15:06
cyberangerJuzzy: why do you ask?15:53
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netritiousHowdy locotn19:21
wrsthey netritious19:54
netritioushey Papa, how's it hanging :D19:55
wrstgood netritious all is going great today19:56
netritiousgood to hear wrst :) I'm happy for you two...think you'll make a good (more than likely great) dad ;)20:00
wrstha ha :)20:01
wrstso far she likes me so that's a good start!20:01
netritiousZenAdm1n: do you guys need a SunFire E25K up there at WS? fully loaded and going cheap!20:02
netritioushaha that is good20:02
netritiousmy wife was soooo pissed when my daughter said "da-da" first after working so hard to get her to say "ma-ma" instead lol...was her first word too20:03
ZenAdm1nna, we don't do Sun20:05
ZenAdm1nhow cheap, just wondering?20:05
ZenAdm1n6  years ago today I found out I'd be a dad. We have 3 now. :) Yes, I'm out of my mind.20:06
netritious$35K ZenAdm1n20:07
netritiousgot the spec sheet here, and will have photos tomorrow20:08
netritiousan associate of mine got burned on the deal by the potential buyer, so he is feeling a little pressure to do something about it...he may even take less20:09
netritiousnot sure how much less though20:09
netritiousZenAdm1n: three kids in 6 years? Sure you aren't part rabbit or something? :D20:31
ZenAdm1nActually, I'm part hispanic :)20:31
ZenAdm1nlike John Leguizamo says, we're lazy and we like to f...20:32
netritioushehehe I hear ya man20:32
ZenAdm1nI'm speaking at Agora.io on Internet Privacy and Security next  Friday. It might be too novice for the users of this channel, but I'd love to see you online http://agora.io20:40
netritiousZenAdm1n that is a neat site/idea21:01
netritiouswill try to make it to show some support for a locotn'er ;)21:01
vychune_can someone kick my other connection plz?22:51
chris4585vychune_, can you ghost it?22:52
chris4585/ns ghost vychune password22:53
vychune_oh didnt know that22:57
=== vychune_ is now known as vychune
chris4585kicking wouldn't get it off the network23:08
chris4585that does23:08
vychunethank you23:11
vychunewell i gtg23:12
vychunedid all that for nada lol23:12
chris4585lol later23:12
vychune \o23:12

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