douglasawh-workI won't be able to make it tonight00:32
h00kdouglasawh-work: okay00:32
douglasawh-workbut I'm installing ubuntu as we speak in concession00:33
h00kthat makes up for it, then00:35
lostsonwould love to but just got home from work and have stuff to take care of here first hopefully i can catch up later01:00
h00klostson: I know the feeling01:01
h00kexigraff, intok, jrolland-ubuntu, mikeputnam, nickmoeck, ripps, twopoint718, uberushaximus, anyone around?01:02
twopoint718I'm here01:03
h00kWe've got 2.01:04
twopoint718You should reschedule it to last week01:04
h00kwe had more people01:04
exigraffokay, /me is here01:05
exigraffthe party can begin01:05
h00kSo, mostly I wanted to talk about Release Parties.01:06
h00kI am having one in Rhinelander, it sounds like Madison is going to have *something*, date to-be-determined01:06
h00kas is the one in Rhinelander01:06
h00ktwopoint718: ...excuse me for being terrible...where you located again?01:07
twopoint718h00k: madison01:07
h00kYes. That.01:07
twopoint718douglasawh-work and I will talk it over at Ubuntu hour on Saturday for sure01:08
h00kexigraff: anything you've heard about up there?01:08
h00ktwopoint718: cool, yeah, we sorta talked about it on the madlug-sc list01:08
twopoint718Ah yes, I forget that you're on that. :)01:08
h00k;) I'm that one out-of-place guy.01:08
exigraffnothing up here, though I'm not really connected to any die-hard 'buntu users here01:09
h00kripps would probably be pumped to win another keyboard/mouse01:09
h00kbut I don't havetime to plan one up there, too01:10
h00kcool. So, we may have 2. One for sure.01:10
exigraffI /will/ spend the night being slovenly drunk in #ubuntu-release-party, for whatever that's worth01:10
h00kthat's more than before01:10
twopoint718Oh, that's right! We should have prizes.01:10
h00kSomething else I thought of...is doing a member-of-the-month...01:10
h00kget a pic, and a short write-up01:10
h00kvoted on during a *monthly* meeting!01:11
h00kand throw it on ubuntu-wisconsin.org01:11
exigraffI wanted to do member profiles, this could tie in with that01:13
h00kIt could, that'd be cool.01:13
h00kSo.  Cool, we had more people around for last-weeks canceled meeting, everyone was distracted with Madison stuffs,01:15
h00kaaaaaand now we have 3.01:16
twopoint718I thought we had three before01:17
h00kwell, there were some drifters, one Ubuntu-WiGuest who emailed me later,01:17
h00kwhich was cool, and he was interested in attending the Release Party up here01:18
* twopoint718 does a "/names"01:18
twopoint718So if you have a member of the month thing, how would that be selected?01:18
h00kby other people that attend the meeting :D01:19
h00kThis was just a thought I had today, anyway. It's still pretty fresh.01:19
h00knominations and voting, perhaps separated by a month, people could email their activities to the mailing list, and then voting could take place the next month01:20
twopoint718I see.01:22
h00kJust an idea, anyway.01:24
h00kPeople say they want to be involved...have release parties and fun things01:25
h00kbuuuuuuuuuut then they don't show up :(01:25
h00kor like exigraff, who shows up, says a few words, and gets distracted (I only say this because he's a close personal friend, I'm not attacking him :) )01:26
exigraffHI GUYS01:26
h00k^ this guy01:26
h00khttps://convore.com/ ?01:27
exigraffyeah, that01:27
exigraffin the spirit of let's-add-one-more-medium-because-it-might-change-everything01:29
* h00k facepalms01:29
h00kWhich reminds me, actually01:29
h00kI hate Facebook...it'd be super-cool if someone wanted to be facebook-announcer for stuff like meetings01:29
h00kI can do Identi.ca, twitter,01:29
h00kWe have an existing group01:30
exigraffit might not be a bad idea to join forces with another loco, now that I think of it01:30
h00kWe have worked with the Ubuntu MN LoCo in the past01:31
h00kexigraff: what do you mean, "join forces?"01:31
exigraffnot indefinitely, but I think if we merge our meetings and enter into a larger group discussion, it may be less of a drag to make things happen in the small group that we have here01:32
exigraffif that makes sense01:32
exigraffborrow momentum01:32
exigraffUbuntu Midwest01:32
twopoint718h00k: I hear you on the "yeah we want the group to do fun activities" but then nobody shows up.01:34
twopoint718What's with that?01:34
h00kI don't know, but I'm actually doing an interest survey right now that I'll send to the mailing list01:34
h00kMaybe I can gain some insight to it01:34
h00kPeople seem to *want* to do things...they just don't01:34
h00kand I'm not sure why, but if we can pick up on our strengths and use them01:35
exigraffthe people who voluntarily step up and take point are few and far between01:35
h00k^ this01:35
exigraffgiven our numbers (low) and dispersion (high), every initiative that our loco takes is going to require this kind of person01:35
twopoint718Their scheduler is all messed up, they have the priority of linux events set somewhere between ironing their jeans and cleaning the refrigerator01:36
exigraffwhich is why it might not hurt to join up with another loco, one that already has a track record of Doing Things on a regular basis01:36
exigraffif only to get into that mindset01:36
h00kexigraff: good luck finding one in the Midwest that isn't Chicago ;)01:36
exigraffwhat's wrong with Chicago?01:37
h00kI know Ubuntu MN seems to be in a similar situation01:37
h00kexigraff: Nothing, but physical location.01:37
twopoint718Chicago's center of gravity would tend to draw things in that direction01:37
exigraffoh, pff. physicality is great, but I don't think there's any point in deluding ourselves here01:37
h00kWhich is why we have this cool thing called the Internet, so that we can converse from geographically diverse locations!01:37
h00klike all around Wisconsin01:37
h00kif we can focus on what people *are* actually interested, spark some sort of motivation to help or participate,01:38
* h00k opens a query with tonyyarusso01:38
h00kI'll get this survey out to Ubuntu MN, too01:38
exigraffeven just choosing some other logo/lug/something meeting a month to join - "okay guys, this month we're meeting up with Loco $x to see what we can learn from each other"01:38
h00kand I'll publish these results, too.01:38
h00kexigraff: also, for that, there's a loco-contacts mailing list that I'm on01:39
h00kfor that purpose01:39
h00kso, we may have 2 release parties, that's what I got.01:41
h00kI don't even think asking any activities for the Global Jam is a good idea :(01:42
h00khttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam01:42
h00kThe Ubuntu Global Jam is an incredible opportunity for the Ubuntu community to unite together around the weekend of 1st - 3rd April 2011 to work together to improve Ubuntu. Everyone is able to contribute to the Jam, and everyone is welcome and encouraged to get involved. Curious about how to make a real difference to Ubuntu? This is a great chance to make that difference.01:42
h00kthere we goes01:42
exigraffif it hasn't been done, they should add questionanswering on askubuntu.com to the list of ways to participate01:45
exigraffit's not mentioned anywhere there, from what I can se01:47
h00kexigraff: question/answer, like Support?01:47
h00kexigraff: or, what do you mean?01:47
twopoint718yeah, I noticed ubuntu's new stackoverflow-ish Q&A site01:47
h00kAnd I don't know if that's "Official" or not, there was a huge mailing list thread about it01:48
h00kI'll be honest, because if it's size, I didn't follow closely :(01:48
h00kLaunchpad has it's Answers section01:48
exigraffit'd still be a good move to encourage people to visit http://askubuntu.com/unanswered and help out where they can01:49
exigraffthat's a very objective .. objective01:49
h00kSure, of course it's good to help there, but there's a also places at Launchpad with unanswered questions as well01:50
h00kand the IRC channel #ubuntu is always looking for supporters01:51
h00kand the forums, and mailing lists,01:51
twopoint718<plug>We do have a pretty consistent Ubuntu Hour here in Madison</plug>01:56
h00kThat's true!01:56
h00ksorry, I've been distracted with this form01:56
h00ktwopoint718: approximately how many do you have attending/month?01:57
twopoint718It is usually around 3 or 4.01:59
twopoint718Of that 2 or 3 are hosting it (as in me, Doug, Eric, or Brad)01:59
h00ktwopoint718: yeah...that's still cool, anyway02:01
h00kCool, I think I'm about done with this02:06
h00kI'll send it to the mailing list02:06
twopoint718I'll look for it.02:21
h00ktwopoint718: thanks for coming, anyway02:26
rippsoh crap, I forgot about the meeting02:28
h00kripps: :)02:28
h00kYOU'RE FIRED02:28
h00kjust kidding, welcome02:28
h00kripps: we didn't do much, just that I'm going to have a Release Party in Rhinelander, maybe one in Madison02:28
dwhitfielooks like I didn't miss everything...02:30
h00kAnd then I dediced to make an interest form to figure out why people say they want to do stuff but never show up :)02:30
dwhitfiesorry, my "main" computer is down...thanks natty02:30
dwhitfiehanging at collectd02:30
h00kdwhitfie: :/ :(02:30
rippsIf there was one closer to superior....02:33
rippsI wanted to show off my new CR-4802:33
h00kripps: YOU are the one that got one.02:34
h00kripps: I was watching the list :(02:34
h00kripps: jealous.02:34
rippsI've already set the thing to developer mode and have started compile programs on my desktop and running them on the cr4802:35
h00kof course you have02:36
rippsI've got mplayer2 running on, pretty nice.02:36
rippsHopefully google will upgrade the intel drivers so that I can get vaapi02:36
dwhitfieI just realized what CR-48 is...sorta...with the GOOG comment02:44
h00kdwhitfie: it's that sweet google laptop03:00
nickmoeckSorry about not being here for the meeting03:02
h00knickmoeck: no prob03:03
nickmoeckSo, I'm expecting to have about 50mbps of extra bandwidth at any given time, possibly more, and I'd like to use that to help out Ubunty03:03
nickmoeckI don't think that would be enough to run a mirror of the entire repo03:05
nickmoeckHmm... maybe it would.  It appears some mirrors are running on 10mbps03:06
h00kI have on on 10gb03:09
nickmoeckunfortunately, the mirror won't be very helpful for us here in wisconsin, since the server will be located in Texas03:10
h00knickmoeck: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors03:11
nickmoeckYeah, I was just looking at that03:11
h00kI'm using Argonne National Laboratory03:11
lostsonwhew ok baby asleep time for dad to get to work on mimic what did i miss ?03:47
h00klostson: not much :D03:49
h00klostson: I threw out an interest survey to the mailing list, see what kinds of things people are actually interested in03:49
lostsonyeah saw that come through on my droid03:49
lostsoni will have to go through it my hours got switched so i work til 8 then wife needs to get a nap before she goes to work so its kinda hard to sit down03:53
h00klostson: no problem, I understand, no rush :)03:54
lostsonjust not enough hours in the day03:58
h00kI completely agree03:58
lostsonok there back in mimic04:03
lostsonwriting the code and everything is easy its writing the man pages and making good docs that kinda sux : )04:05
rippsh00k: about the survey... technically, I don't live in Wi06:51
rippsI'll just put twin-ports for now06:55
antikoathe meeting was last night wasnt it15:40
dwhitfieantikoa: yes15:41
antikoaSon of a cursecurse15:41
dwhitfiewhy is natty installing gfortran?15:46
dwhitfiewhat part of ubuntu is in fortran?15:46
antikoajust a compiler15:47
dwhitfiebut why?15:48
antikoai would assume it is a default thing like a c or c++...15:52
douglasawhmachine 1 of 2 fixed.  The 2nd one now recognizes being plug inĀ·  That's more than it was doing before16:41
douglasawhdo I need to register a channel to be able to become an op? No one is an op in #musicmanumit and I can't figure out how to become an op16:48
douglasawhok, looks like I do need to register the channel.  I don't understand why it was so hard to find that info though. I've looked a couple times17:00
douglasawhhmm, probably just not going to happen with #sportazine17:00
h00kripps: that's okay :)17:08
h00kantikoa: yeah, it was, but you didn't miss much17:08
h00kantikoa: and then I decided to send out a survey17:08
douglasawhnatty upgrade time17:36
h00kI'm doing a reinstall right now, actually, to test the installer17:44
douglasawhno problems with upgrade. yay!18:11
h00kdouglasawh: ^18:15
douglasawh_computer two of two fixed!  the power button on the other one is loose.  So, I guess it's not "fixed" but I figurd out it will turn on18:33
douglasawh_laptop mouse doesn't appear to work, so that's a bummer but it's gigantic so not a real great laptop anyway18:36
douglasawh_meh. tossing it. wireless doesn't seem to be working.  I'm not sure if it was Chakra or not, but Chakra worked on another machine...just not sure if it installs all the drivers like ubuntu does.  Too many other things to do.18:59
h00kdouglasawh_: what wireless card?19:29
h00kdouglasawh_: and is wireless encrypted?19:29

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