nlsthznmorning peeps04:39
superflymorning nlsthzn04:46
nlsthznHey superfly... and good night... working nightshift... so I go sleepy now :D04:47
superflysleep well!04:47
superflyyo sakhi06:57
inetprosuperfly: have you upgraded your quassel-core to v 0.7.1 yet?08:56
inetprosuperfly: any issues I should be aware of upgrading from 0.5.1 to 0.7.1?08:56
* inetpro wbb... taking the plunge09:00
* inetpro should remember db passwords next time 09:48
linuxboyjust use 'password'09:50
inetprocool, all upgraded with ssl and all09:52
inetproshould have been much quicker09:52
superflyinetpro: I'm runnin 0.609:54
inetprosuperfly: I haven't been following development for a long time09:55
inetproat least CTCP issues should now be resolved09:56
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kodezhello, who has the release date of ubuntu 11.11?11:51
kodezeish, i mean ubuntu 11.04?11:51
tumbleweedkodez: wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyReleaseSchedule11:52
linuxboykodez: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyReleaseSchedule11:52
linuxboytumbleweed: I was looking for that11:53
kodezthanks tumbleweed, i will open it now11:57
kodezi am recruiting someone 11:58
deegeehi kodez13:10
kodezhola deegee, how are you?13:10
deegeegud tnx.13:11
kodezi'm in sammy marks, may i comee to collect the iso?13:11
deegeekodez: right now?13:12
deegeeright now i'm very busy on wireless network for my CEO...13:13
Symmetriayou guys saw that we're now hosting the alpha-3 release of natt?13:25
Symmetrianatty I mean13:25
Symmetriawe've started synching the complete cd-image set 13:26
Symmetriawell, did the initial sync, will setup the nightly sync scripts later today13:26
kodezdeegee: ok, let's try next time13:37
kodezsymmetria, how big is the mirror?13:40
deegeekodez: let me know in advance...13:40
kodezsure, i was just taking a chance at the moment. lol13:41
Symmetriakodez the full cd-image set?13:41
Symmetriaabout half a terabyte or so13:41
Symmetria*shrug* nothing 2 bad 13:41

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