Axlinsorry histo, bip signs me in as Axlin|AFK automatically until i fire up a client00:00
esing123Histo if you send me those links you must explain me what of this is useful to me00:00
mafVirtualBox said I'm in 16 and need to set Ubuntu to 32 bit color.00:00
histogiiker: perhaps use a lighter desktop environment00:00
esing123Histo you dont even know what I want to do00:00
histoesing123: the second link00:00
mafI don't see it under System/Preferences.00:00
damianWhy does the livecd have gparted, but the actual install doesn't?00:00
giikerthankx guys for the replies, I will install and run midory and dillo and see how it goes...00:00
histoesing123: maybe if you asked people would know what help you need.00:00
damianIts rather inconvenient00:00
histo!ask > esing12300:00
ubottuesing123, please see my private message00:00
wechatesing123: maybe you don't mentioned 'guest or winuser password in config file?00:00
lathan_deversubottu, test00:01
ubottuYou're testing my patience!00:01
wechatesing123: anyway try swat -- somethink like http://localhost:<someportnumber>00:01
mafcan someone tell me where I can set color to 32 bit ? in ubuntu ?00:01
iiicygspikey_, what about dpkg?00:01
giikerhisto: I have Lubuntu installed in my 600 Mhz and 256 MB laptop and it works nice, but, really I need to uild another box RIGHT NOW!00:01
wechatubottu: you have a patiance?00:01
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:01
spikey_iiicyg: nothing00:01
giikerthanx again! will be back  in a few!00:02
cchildressso i have tried the usual instructions for installing a legacy broadcom wireless adapter...and still no luck. anyone have an idea what might be wrong? besides me :p00:02
headsetany use maplayer bout ?00:02
jepeuxhow long should gcc44 take to build?00:02
histoesing123: what is your problem with samba specifically?00:02
Prinler^LinCan i delete the stuff in /var/cache/apt ???00:03
esing123how do I know which workgroup I have https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/samba-fileserver.html00:03
iiicygspikey_, try apt-install00:03
bastidrazorPrinler^Lin: yes with sudo apt-get clean00:03
flohuelshi all00:03
wechatPrinler^Lin: sudo apt-get clean00:03
flohuelshave 1 question about screen and screenrc...00:03
jepeuxflohuels: just ask.. ;)00:03
flohuelshow do i specify a shell with options e.g. "bash --rcfile.."00:03
=== blackswan is now known as CignoNero
histoesing123: on the samba server or on windows computers?00:04
Prinler^Linok ty00:04
giikerby the way anybody using chromiun with GPU acceleration?00:04
flohuelsalready asked in #LFD but they couldn't help me...00:04
histogiiker: I have version 10 installed00:04
semitonesWhat is the difference in xset dpms between the modes "standby," "suspend," and "off"?00:04
semitonesi can't find em on the googles00:04
esing123histo let me exaplin what I want to do00:05
exutuxflohuels: --rcfile file Execute commands from file instead of the system wide initialization file /etc/bash.bashrc and the  standard personal initialization file ~/.bashrc if the shell is interactive (see INVOCATION below).00:05
headsetso ubuntu 10.10 cant play movies00:05
mafdoes anyone know how to set default color to 32 bit in ubuntu ?00:05
esing123histo I want to down and upload files to my linux computer from my windows 700:05
headsetgetting lines in screen00:05
giikerhisto: is acceleration worth only for video? o does the gpu really help run it faster?00:06
esing123histo I have added this into smb.conf so far : http://pastebin.com/h4V8Wmww00:06
histoesing123: well you have several options. You could create a samba share on the ubuntu computer and windows 7 would be able to browse to it with proper settings.00:06
wechatesing123: what is the connection type beetween two machines?00:06
histogiiker: i don't see any gpu settings00:06
histogiiker: but i'd ask in #ubuntu-offtopic00:07
esing123wechat wlan ofc00:07
semitoneswhere do I put my bash script so that it's in the $path?00:07
esing123wechat and ethernet00:07
giikerok, thanx!00:07
esing123histo what is the other option than ?00:07
flohuels@exutux: bash doesn't use one of the standard rc files, it's not a problem in ubuntu but in one other linux system...00:07
bastidrazorsemitones: you can add it like the example in ~/.profile00:07
histoesing123: okay does the windows computer see the ubuntu computer in the Network sectioin?00:07
wechatsemitones: echo $PATH00:07
mafanyone ?00:07
esing123histo no unfornatutly not00:07
histoesing123: try clicking on start and going to run and type //ipofubuntucomputer00:08
exutuxflohuels: so this is worng channel00:08
bastidrazorsemitones: err..i misread.. you can have a ~/bin that will be included in your PATH so that you can add your scripts there.00:08
histoesing123: substituting ip with the actual ip ofcourse00:08
esing123histo does it matter if I use lubuntu for the //opfubuntucomputer command?00:08
semitonesbastidrazor, ok. too bad there isn't one automatically made for you00:08
esing123ihsto ah okay00:08
flohuelshmm ok sorry for that i thought there would be many people with general screen/bash knowledge00:08
histoesing123: no the actuall internal ip address00:08
flohuels:-) but thanks00:09
bastidrazorsemitones: just create it mkdir ~/bin then add files to it. ~/.profile will automatically add it for you00:09
semitonesoh sweet! thanks00:09
exutuxflohuels: but bash is bash in all linux systems.... and --rcfile works too00:09
histoesing123: you could also open a cmd prompt in windows from the run dialog and try to ping the ip of the lubuntu computer00:09
semitonesbastidrazor, what extension should a bash script use?00:09
mafif you can read this line press .00:09
histosemitones: doesn't need one00:09
mafI get the feeling my posts aren't even posting.00:09
histosemitones: linux doesn't use extensions00:09
bastidrazorsemitones: extensions are pointles in linux. as long as its executable00:09
histomaf: we can see you00:09
mafoh, phew. ok00:10
wechatsemitones: *.sh or not any . But make it chmod +x00:10
flohuelsexutux: yeah, and I will have to use --rcfile option for bash in screenrc...00:10
bastidrazorsemitones: after you've added it, either start a new terminal session or type source ~/.profile00:10
semitonesok i'll leave it as no extension00:10
semitones"source ~/.profile" ?00:10
esing123no it does not work histo00:11
bastidrazorsemitones: that will rerun .profile so that ~/bin is included in your PATH.00:11
flohuelsexutux: i also could write a script or alias that includes that option but i thought there must be the possibility to do that in screenrc itself...00:11
esing123/ does not work either00:11
histoesing123: forget about the port its //
histoesing123: if that is the ip of the lubuntu machine00:12
cchildresshmm...by manually extracting the firmware i seem to have it going...for now00:12
esing123yes in my router it says lubunts ip is 10000:12
esing123and in ifconfig too00:12
mafso, I'm running XP and installed Ubuntu via VirtualBox... So I could run Ubuntu inside of VB - and then install VB on ubuntu and install another instance of XP and run IT from ubuntu ?00:12
ccvvccI got a file alot of lines formatted like this a,b how can i change positions? so it will be b,a?00:12
mafI wonder how many layers you could go00:12
histoesing123: okay then // two /  not one00:12
mafXP inside of ubuntu inside of XP inside of ubuntu etc.00:12
wechatesing123: maybe you need some GUI prorgram to configure share like in GNOME00:12
AlexanderCan somebody help me? I just installed flash player with ubuntu on my lappy and youtube videos will not play00:12
histoesing123: or it's \\ I can never remember what windows uses00:13
histoor \00:13
ccvvccI got a file alot of lines formatted like this a,b how can i change positions? so it will be b,a?00:13
histo /00:13
Evan1Alexander: Did you restart your web browser?00:13
flohuelsAlexander: install flashplugin-installer00:13
mafI have another question, although I still haven't found where to set color to 32 bit.   How can I increase my screen size from 800x 600  ?  Using VirtualBox from XP to run ubuntu00:13
AlexanderI already have flash. :X00:14
bastidrazorccvvcc: if you were using vim you could :s/a,b/b,a/g00:14
mafseems 800x600 is largest it allows.00:14
wechatccvvcc: search some commands working with columns00:14
histomaf: install guest additions00:14
esing123histo no it doesnt work either00:14
mafis that from ubuntu ?00:14
mafok -I'll look into that. thanks00:14
esing123but I can ping tho00:14
mafoh, I see00:14
mafin VB00:14
ccvvccbastidrazor, but not all the file is a,b00:14
histoesing123: do you get an error when you try what I told you. doens't help me when you say it doesn't work.00:14
SpooK^laptopshould work00:14
ccvvccb,c n,w00:15
wechatesing123: chmod 777 your_share_folder00:15
AlexanderI already have it flohuels.00:15
jepeuxjepeux: self00:15
histowechat: that won't do anything00:15
semitonesAlexander, how did you install flash?00:15
AlexanderVia Software center00:15
esing123yes histo. it says // could not be found00:15
histowechat: he can't even see the machine in network browsing doesn't matter if the shares are working at this point.00:15
histoesing123: can you pastebin your full smb.conf please00:16
histoesing123: any firewall ont he windows 7 box?00:16
bastidrazorccvvcc: then run another with the matching argument00:16
semitonesAlexander, "adobe flash plugin"?00:16
=== jh is now known as Guest92775
wechathisto: ok, install Look@LAN, Zenmap and scan your network from win*00:16
exutuxhisto: but shared folder is in windows or in Ubuntu?00:16
histoesing123: i've seen issues with filesharing and some firewalls like norton etc...00:17
semitonesAlexander, what version of ubuntu? 32 bit, 64 bit?00:17
histoexutux: he's trying to get samba going so  windows 7 box can see a share00:17
wechatAlexander: go get.adobe.com/**** and download *.deb -- it always works  for me00:17
Alexander64 bit00:17
Alexanderthe latest version00:17
AlexanderI think so.00:17
exutuxhisto: windows use \\ipaddr00:17
histoexutux: ahh00:18
histoesing123: \\  would be the right slash not /00:18
semitoneshmm it should be working then -- might want to visit this page to see if it's just youtube messing up http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/00:18
stiltzkinGreetings...hoping someone can help me with a frustrating display issue00:18
semitonesAlexander, that should tell you what version of flash you have installed00:18
randomuserjust popped in - if the guy working on samba is still trying to figure it out, i have some tips00:19
wechatAlexander: dpkg -l | grep flash00:19
histosemitones: 10.2 has issues right now00:19
stiltzkinI have a Dell panel, an E153FPF I believe00:19
histoAlexander: there is a 64bit version of flash prerelease availible from adobe fyi00:19
stiltzkinThere is a bug out for my issue: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers/+bug/51499700:19
exutuxhisto: and on Ubuntu him must create sambauser by smbpasswd00:19
ubottuUbuntu bug 514997 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu) "Dell E153Fpf 15" monitor not supported for native resolution" [Undecided,New]00:19
stiltzkinubottu, yeah I see that00:19
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:19
histoexutux: not to browse to a computer only when trying to access the shares00:20
exutuxhisto: oh sure00:20
histoexutux: he can't even get the first part working so he hasn't made it that far.00:20
semitoneshisto, my version is 10.2, on 64 bit and it seems to be working. what is the bug?00:20
SpooK^laptopubottu, allright divide 2 with 000:20
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:20
Alexanderhisto where can i get it?00:20
exutuxhisto: oh ok, step by step setup :p00:20
stiltzkinOK, so basically I can't get X to start at all with this monitor. I think it's a refresh rate problem. I've tried setting it myself manually in xorg.conf but to no avail00:21
stiltzkinAnyone have any ideas?00:21
histoAlexander: i'm trying to find you a link hold up they keep hiding it on adobe00:21
AlexanderLol, thanks.00:21
=== Sammy is now known as Guest41402
esing123histo it was a lot of work copying all infos from nano ^^ here you go : http://pastebin.com/r9Rfvqzd00:21
stiltzkinI've been working at this on and off over the past 3 days and I can't make any headway with it00:21
histoAlexander: http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer10_square.html00:22
Guest41402i got 50gb for the root system, how much space it used by ubuntu maverick by default?00:22
stiltzkinI'm beginning to think Ubuntu just can't support my monitor00:22
histo!pastebinit > esing12300:22
ubottuesing123, please see my private message00:22
Alexanderso histo, how do i install that?00:22
AlexanderAnd is it safe?00:22
esing123oh yes00:22
esing123\\IP works00:23
FloodBot3esing123: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:23
stiltzkinAnyone here an expert with xorg.conf maybe?00:23
wechatAlexander: get.adobe.com/flashplayer00:23
histoAlexander: remove whatever flash you have now. and dowload that. Then you put it in ~/.mozilla/plugins for just your user or /lib/mozilla/plugins where ever the system wide folder is if you want it system wide00:23
histoAlexander: after extracting it ofcourse00:23
wechatesing123: congratulations00:23
randomuseresing123, lol, that was going to be my tip00:23
Guest41402is there anything like silverlight for linux?00:24
wechatGuest41402: moonlight00:24
Guest41402i'll take a look, thx00:24
esing123histo but is my smb.conf correct th o?00:24
histoesing123: okay the network browsing is just a stupid problem with netbios naming. Or the workgroups are different.00:24
=== Guest41402 is now known as Samuel2
histoesing123: I would suggest putting your shares at the bottom of the file not at the top but it looks okay to me.00:24
Samuel2i got 50gb for the root system, how much space it used by ubuntu maverick by default?00:24
wechatGuest41402: Guest41402 : install it then click on video - accept the message - and it will download codecs - enjoy00:25
stiltzkinI'm gonna try one more refresh rate setting and if it doesn't work I'm installing a different OS, this is kinda nuts00:25
damianUnfortunately moonlight doesn't work with netflix because of drm00:25
esing123i set chmod now to 75500:25
Alexanderwait histo00:25
esing123i will test it00:25
AlexanderI can't find my firefox folder.00:25
wechatSamuel2: my / is allways 10GB - really enogh00:25
Samuel2seems fine then00:25
semitonesHow come my script "screenoff" runs in terminal, but when I set a keyboard shortcut to run it, I get00:26
Samuel2thx wechat00:26
histoesing123: there is also this for creating samba users if you want user pass access http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/create-a-samba-user-on-ubuntu/ .  If you want guest access you ahve to edit your smb.conf accordingly and change security = user to security = share00:26
wechatSamuel2: absolutely fine, and my home is always 8 GB - ok00:26
histostiltzkin: what's wrong?00:26
semitones"error while trying to run (screenoff) which is linked to the key <foo><bar><bob>00:26
damianAs long as you keep all your big stuff on a separate partition 10GB is definitely enough00:26
=== ubuntu is now known as SuBmUnDo
* rootpt is away: Estou ocupado00:26
stiltzkinhisto, display isn't supported by Ubuntu I suppose. Not sure00:26
Samuel2now how can I get rid of the old kernal in grub?00:27
histostiltzkin: nvm I see the problem.00:27
randomuserwechat, i don't believe you. You said 'always 10GB' then 'always 8GB' and i dont think either is enough00:27
histostiltzkin: what type of video card?00:27
iiicygCan you advise me extremely lightweight browser (not console)?00:27
Samuel2iiicyg, \ chromium00:28
stiltzkinhisto, Radeon RV200 QW00:28
histostiltzkin: did you see post #5 it has a solution00:28
semitonesHow come my script "screenoff" runs in terminal, but when I set a keyboard shortcut to run it, I get "error while trying to run (screenoff) which is linked to the key <foo><bar><bob>"00:28
=== ExplodingPiglets is now known as Zeku
stiltzkinhisto, yes, the solution is only for the nvidia-xconfig though00:28
wechatrandomuser: 10GB - /, 2GB - swap, 8GB - /home00:28
itaylor57i have 10.10 64bit and my flash works fine00:28
stiltzkinhisto, I can't even get X to run at all. The monitor just says "Cannot display this video mode."00:28
histostiltzkin: there is also the xrandr solution.00:29
stiltzkinhisto, xrandr does nothing. Just prints "Can't open display."00:29
Alexanderhisto please help me?00:29
headsetseen ubuntu dont like ati cards00:29
AlexanderI can't find my firefox folder00:29
histostiltzkin: most likely you are going to have to setup a custom xorg.conf to set the max display00:29
semitonesi thought ubuntu didn't use xorg.conf no mores00:29
stiltzkinhisto, already done that. Multiple times with various settings00:29
aeon-ltdheadset: linux in general doesn't like ati cards, though its getting better00:30
damianI made the mistake of giving Ubuntu 40GB when after year (I upgraded over the internet to 10.10 from 10.04), I have only used 10.25GiB, I use a games partition for wine and storage for big downloads00:30
stiltzkinhisto, including the ones on that bug page, straight from Dell specs00:30
histoAlexander: well for your user its in /home/Alexander/.mozilla/plugins the system wide one. I have to check on hold up00:30
wechatsemitones: maybe `gnome-terminal <keyforcommand> script_name`00:30
headsetis that why mplayer dont movies that well00:30
semitoneswechat, cool will try00:30
alecbenzerI just got a fresh 10.10 install, intalled chrome (not chromium) and tried to go to youtube. I didn't get anything about the flash plugin not working but the video just won't load. (flash is also listed in about:plugins). anyone know what might be up?00:30
histoAlexander: /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins00:31
semitonesalecbenzer, tell us what version of flash you have http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/00:31
histoAlexander: you need to install flash00:31
damianI wish I could give Vista 20GB, but winsxs and several other folders fill up within a few hours of use00:31
Alexanderwhere is /usr under?00:31
AlexanderFile system00:31
histoAlexander: yes00:32
esing123hehe it even works entering my downloads folder :D00:32
alecbenzersemitones: 10,2,152,2700:32
esing123Thanks !!!!!!!00:32
AlexanderWhat do you mean install flash?00:32
histoAlexander: extract the downloaded file tar -xvzf nameofflash.tgz   then cp the .so somehting like sudo cp thenameofthe.so /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins   then restart firefox00:32
stiltzkinWhere can I check to see what refresh rate Ubuntu is trying to use for my monitor? I set the correct values in xorg.conf00:33
histoAlexander: or you cna just copy it in your /home/username/.mozilla/plugins folder without sudo but it won't be system wide.  I don't know if there are other users on this box etc...00:33
alecbenzerhm, actually hulu's player seems to be working00:33
alecbenzermaybe just a problem with youtube00:33
esing123Will samba be started every start automatically or do I have to add it to startup settings?00:33
nimbioticsHelllo evry1. I've got a  568Mb zip file and I need to split it into 25Mb files. When I try the command "zipsplit -n 25000 MyCompressedFile.zip" I get error message "zipsplit error: Interrupted (aborting)". Why? TIA!00:33
histoalecbenzer: if you are running 10.2 there are many bugs00:33
semitonesalecbenzer, i think it might me -- try enabling html5 on youtube00:34
Samuel2is there some usefullnes for the mentest thing in the grub?00:34
semitoneshisto, what bugs?00:34
Alexandernope histo00:34
histosemitones: try opening two flash videos at once watch it crash00:34
Alexanderjust me00:34
histoAlexander: nope what?00:34
AlexanderSo which is the easiest way?00:34
histoAlexander: ohh00:34
AlexanderI am the only user on my lappy00:34
xjhow to uninstall my QQ00:34
semitoneshisto, sure that happens, but it shouldn't prevent them from opening any videos00:35
histoAlexander: then just put it in /home/username/.mozilla/plugins   remember .mozilla is a hidden directory in your /home/username so if you are looking at it with a GUI filemanager. You have to hit ctrl+h to show the hidden folders00:35
histosemitones: it derps up sometimes00:35
Alexanderthanks histo!!00:35
histosemitones: also practly none of there videos or html5 or don't work00:35
wechatesing123: install chkconfig (it turns on the deamon like this: sudo chkconfig <deamon> on)00:35
xjhello , help~ how can i uninstall my QQ00:35
semitonesAlexander, remember when you need to upgrade flash, uninstall this plugin before using software center00:36
headsetonly get mplayer in x1100:36
exutuxesing123: it will start alone at the boot00:36
itaylor57histo: I juat ran 3 youtube vids and no crash00:36
Alexanderwait what semitones?00:36
=== Guest76210 is now known as DarkDevil
esing123exutux ah k00:36
APwhats going on00:36
Alexanderhisto there is no plugins folder just an extensions folder00:36
histoitaylor57: it will derp at some point00:36
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest83508
APwHAt isgoing oooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn00:37
exutuxesing123: you don't need install00:37
esing123How do I start teamviewer automatically on startup?00:37
histoAlexander: then put it in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins   use sudo00:37
rwwAP: Ubuntu technical support.00:37
esing123ok thx exutux :)00:37
histoesing123: at it to your session00:37
histoesing123: s/at/add00:37
Alexanderso what command do i put in the terminal?00:37
exutuxesing123: you don't need to install other things00:37
xjhello , help~ how can i uninstall my QQ?00:37
APhi i am new not in your company00:37
histoAlexander: sudo cp nameoffile.so /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins00:37
damianmemtest is probably the best way to test your memory, as for why its included in grub, convenience?00:37
stephthegeekso i plugged in a secondary monitor and enabled it, and after applying/closing changes, my taskbars have become unclickable and partially hidden00:38
esing123histo s/at/add teamviewer ?00:38
semitonesAlexander, if you manually install the pre-release plugin, you'll have to remove it before attempting the "normal" install through software center00:38
semitonesAlexander, like if you wanted to get updates00:38
stephthegeeki can alt-tab to a terminal window though, so how would i open display settings from the command line?00:38
exutuxxj: what about your QQ is?00:38
Alexanderbut semitones, the normal plugin is not working for me00:38
stephthegeek(or fix this some alternate way)00:38
histoesing123: add teamviwer to your session startup.  Look under system > preferences > session or startup applications can't remember what it's called uner the menu now.00:38
Alexanderi mean it is but youtube is not working00:38
histoAlexander: you need to restart your browser after putting the .so in that folder00:39
histoAlexander: and check the about:plugins page00:39
giikerguys, I think Iḿ stickting to w3m, midori uses webkit and runs a little faster than firefox but less ram, links, lynx does not format webpages that well... love my new browser :-)00:39
semitonesAlexander, i'm not saying not to do the manual install, i'm just telling you ahead of time how to update it in the future00:39
xjextutux , a software.00:39
damiannimbiotics, if you can't use zip's built in splitter you could always use split in conjunction with it00:40
=== Zeku is now known as ExplodingPiglets
histogiiker: links or links2 has graphics support fyi00:40
esing123histo yes I have the session manager in preferences but I cant add anything to it. there is a list with checkboxes no more00:40
exutuxxj: software called QQ? i don't know it, but how you have installed it? from repos or??00:40
wechatexutux: it is some kind of icq - qq00:41
headsetbetter use swap or ram ?00:41
histoesing123: what version of ubuntu are you running?00:41
esing123histo i run lubuntu 101000:41
wechatesing123: make .xinit file?00:42
giikerhisto: just read the man page about the -g option thanks, will try it now with g option00:42
histoesing123: ask in #lubuntu i'm not sure what "their way" is00:42
aeon-ltdheadset: ram, its faster but you need both anyway00:42
stephthegeekhmm, ok i figured out how to disable the second monitor, except the problem still exists going back to just my laptop screen -- taskbars missing text labels and unclickable00:42
headsetgot it set to 0 ?00:42
xjexutux , i am new , can you tell me how to uninstall  a software ?00:42
histoxj: sudo apt-get remove packagename00:42
alex__why is x-windows xlib xorg or x anything sooooooooooooooooooooo bad?00:43
alex__gtk included00:43
xji think it is just as other00:43
bullgard4dist-upgrade Ubuntu 10.04.1 to 10.10 only partially succeeded. '~$ sudo service gdm restart' obtains: "restart: Unknown instance:". What is the correct syntax?00:43
alex__it's like the x system is just one big steaming pile00:43
=== root_ is now known as con_soul
histoalex__: what areyou trying to do?00:43
wechatbullgard4: sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm00:43
MagicJIf I connect to a remote machine using PLACES/NETWORK etc I can use what I need from the GUI - how do I see that remote machine once I am connected from the command line, etc?00:43
=== andrew_ is now known as Guest75903
bullgard4wechat: I will follow your suggestion.00:44
alex__histo, i'm trying to do the windows equivalent of taking a screenshot (IN MEMORY ONLY. no jpegs, pngs or whatevers to create), and then reading the colors of pixels00:44
alex__soudns sooo easy doesn't it?00:44
exutuxesing123: you must edit /etc/xdg/lxsession/LXDE/autostart and put your command there00:44
wechatbullgard4: sudo /etc/init.d/<service> restart00:44
giikerhisto: i just run links -g website, and got error: nod isplay driver, haha forgot i'm sshing to a remote box :-)00:44
alex__and i got lost for 7 hours in this x crap and some other sdl crap that hasn't had dcoumentation updated since 200900:44
exutuxxj: you can use synaptic too00:44
stephthegeekah, this link worked, in case anyone's following along at home... http://netgator.blogspot.com/2010/06/taskbar-missing-in-ubuntu-1004.html00:44
histogiiker: ahh yeah you need a worker frame buffer to do graphics with links2 unless you use X forwarding and launch it.  It may work that way with the -g option.00:45
alex__gtk is documented just as well as sdl.. piss poor00:45
exutuxesing123: or in ~/.config/autostart00:45
alex__gtk gdk gtkmm whatever it is00:45
alex__it's a big huge mess.00:45
esing123perfect thx00:45
xjexutux , yes , synaptic is well00:45
esing123thx exutux I added it00:45
giikerhisto: thanx again00:46
esing123I reboot now00:46
esing123and hpfully it works00:46
alex__linux is only good for wgetting apache servers and configuring nat and connecting a shitty website to the internet.00:46
xjextux ,thanks00:46
alex__not for anything else you might do on a regular desktop00:46
exutuxnot at all00:46
histo!language | alex__00:46
ubottualex__: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.00:46
bullgard4wechat: '~$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm' did not produce any output. (The command was accepted.)00:46
alex__anything video, forget it00:46
histoalex__: what you are trying to do is not something that is normally done. If you have a question about ubuntu please feel free to ask.00:46
alex__it's like linux is for blind people only00:47
histo!ot | alex__00:47
ubottualex__: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:47
alex__expected as much. "not supported"00:47
exutuxit's only your wrong opinion00:47
wechatbullgard4: restarting gdm will kill your graphics - it's like ctrl+alt+del00:47
alex__o well back to windows00:47
wechatalex__: Niasilil?00:47
wechatalex__: fixed: "into win*"00:48
nimbioticsdamian, How do u do that, and will I be able to unzip in windows?00:48
bullgard4wechat: What should I substitute for <service> in the command: 'sudo /etc/init.d/<service> restart'?00:48
stiltzkinI plugged in a Compaq monitor with the same resolution - works fine. So it's just that particular Dell monitor that doesn't work? Hope someone can help me understand this.00:48
h00kbullgard4: sudo [servicenamehere] restart, for instance: sudo service ssh restart00:48
wechatbullgard4: sorry, i can't remember is a gdm a service00:48
h00kwechat, bullgard4: yes, gdm is a service00:49
randomuseralex__, don't you have a print screen button?00:49
wechath00k: :)00:49
histostiltzkin: probably an issue with the refresh rate or hz00:49
alex__randomuser, i'm trying to apply the concepts of artificial intelligence to a game.00:49
giikerhisto: had to enable graphics when compiling, aaahhhhhhh!00:49
alex__which invovles screen scraping.00:49
stiltzkinhisto, but they both seem to use the same refresh rate - 60Hz00:49
alex__not print screen and me manually doing things00:49
wechatbullgard4: the *best* way to restart gdm is `kill gdm` ^)00:49
h00kwechat, bullgard4: sudo service gdm restart <- this works very nicely00:49
alex__but yea.. the whole x windows system is completely broken00:50
alex__there has even been a book written about how broken it is00:50
histo!troll > alex__00:50
randomuseralex__, so you have one entity that needs to react to another, and it's "input" comes from color recognition and screen scraping?00:50
histostiltzkin: odd00:50
alex__yes randomuser00:50
wechathook: ok, :) i'm usually restart apache and openvpn not gdm :)00:50
stiltzkinhisto, I'd much rather use the Dell panel if possible - the Compaq is a hulking beast00:50
alex__specifically, i'm doing a neural network ocr thing.00:51
bullgard4h00k: It does not work nicely. It obtains with me: "restart: Unknown instance:".00:51
wechatalex__: "Niasilil" == give up00:51
alex__it's easy in windows..  getdesktopwindow(), get the device context, getpixel() job done.00:51
randomuseralex__, is there somethigng that led you to believe this is sound methodology for programming a game?00:51
wechatbullgard4: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm --help00:51
alex__i'm not programming a game, please read00:51
histostiltzkin: there may be some X experts that can get you going around here. But i'd bet you'll find the same issue with any distro that is running bullet proof X and that monitor00:51
randomuser<alex__> randomuser, i'm trying to apply the concepts of artificial intelligence to a game.00:51
wechatalex__: Delphi?00:52
alex__yes. Never hear of deep blue? but this is OCR instead00:52
alex__i'm not programming a game.00:52
stiltzkinhisto, indeed, this is not an ubuntu-specific problem. I tried Arch and I have Lenny running at the moment. Same issue00:52
alex__i'm programming soemthing that recognizes objects on the screen00:52
syrinx_I would think the scope of this argument is beyond this channel alex__00:52
alex__based on images.00:52
stiltzkinhisto, it just baffles me that this one monitor could be completely misconfigured every time00:52
alex__and i can't getpixel because xwindows is broken00:52
histostiltzkin: yeah it's the way Xorg is detecting the display modes. if you specify a working mode in your xorg.conf you should be fine00:52
wechatalex__: It is *very* easy in windows: firfox, far, soffice ^)^)^)^)^00:52
histo!ot > alex__00:53
ubottualex__, please see my private message00:53
stiltzkinhisto, how would I go about doing that? All I have in there now is a "Monitor" section that specifies the HorizSync and VertRefresh rates00:53
randomuseralex__, i would have to agree with syrinx_ : if you need help with X, you should talk to X, not the people that package it for you00:53
alex__xwindows is very on topic00:53
bullgard4wechat: This obtains: "The script you are attempting to invoke has been converted to an Upstart job, but --help is not supported for Upstart jobs."00:53
syrinx_xwindows is idependent of ubuntu, thus not fit for this channel00:54
histoalex__: your problem has nothing to do with ubuntu. and you are just continously whinning about X windows nto asking questions00:54
wechatbullgard4: sooooooo, only restart X?00:54
alex__gnome is built on x windows right?00:54
exutuxbullgard4: sudo service gdm restart00:54
randomuseralex__, i don't want to be discouraging, we need game developers00:54
nsd_Anyone know how to make Ubuntu accept bad ram addresses (as indicated by memtest)?00:54
nsd_That is, ignore those addresses00:54
histostiltzkin: I'd check that bug report you had did that guy have working modes posted?  I'm sure there is working xorg.conf somewhere on line.00:54
histoalex__: i would try in #linuxhelp or #xorg00:55
alex__for the last time, i'm not developing a game :/ i'm developing something to play one.  I would never develop a game in any flavor of linux. there's just no drivers for video cards that work.00:55
randomuseralex__, you should realize that one can't simply find a one-to-one conversion for every method used in windows and expect it to work. You need to learn your tools00:55
exutuxbullgard4: or better is sudo service gdm stop && sudo service gdm start00:55
lluacould someone help me with this mpc volume + problem? http://pastebin.com/R1Ugqyc800:55
stiltzkinhisto, no, he didn't post his .conf file, just a list of setting specified by Dell, which I tried my best to implement into a .conf file. I've tried sample configurations but can't find anything that works00:55
giikeranyone using irssi here? how do I go to my terminal from inside irssi?00:56
wechatalex__: while you're a gaming people are building the internrt00:56
histo!attitude | alex__00:56
ubottualex__: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines00:56
bullgard4exutux: As I mentioned earlier, this fails.00:56
syrinx_giiker: /exit00:56
histostiltzkin: what is the model of monitor again?00:56
exutuxbullgard4: so but do you have gdm? or kdm?? or other?00:56
giikersyrinx_: that will logme out, right?00:56
syrinx_giiker: yes00:56
stiltzkinhisto, I believe it is a Dell E153FPF, but I can't find a model number on it anywhere00:56
stiltzkinhisto, that's only from googling the serial number00:57
giikersyrinx_: don't want to logout of irssi00:57
datakidmorning. yesterday afternoon I logged into a clients server, used /usr/bin/at to schedule a 5am reboot then logged out. The reboot didn't happen.00:57
wechatexutux: dpkg-reconfigure says he only has gdm00:57
syrinx_giiker: open a new terminal?00:57
tsimpsongiiker: then you need to use another terminal, or screen00:57
EvilPhoenixhow can i remove a package that has a failed prerm and postinst script?00:57
bullgard4exutux: In the past (Ubuntu 10.04-1) I had gdm.00:57
histogiiker: you could do something likie /exec commandname     or use screen00:57
datakidWhat have I done wrong? Should the at commend have been run in screen?00:57
alex__well. i'm perfectly fine with the answer "you can't do that in ubuntu because it's broken".  Now I can stop spinning my wheels in the mud.00:57
=== derek__ is now known as MGMTM3
syrinx_alex__: you probably CAN do that, you just don't know how00:57
stiltzkinWhy is everyone being trolled so hard by this alex guy?00:58
syrinx_and i've told you this is the wrong place to try to find out how00:58
exutuxbullgard4: pidof gdm00:58
nsd_alex__: what are you trying to find out?00:58
h00kalex__: perhaps you can check the forums, but if this isn't an Ubuntu specific issue, you're better to ask in ##linux or elsewhere00:58
InsaneModzcan anyone help me connect to a lan network? i seem to be having some trouble?00:58
alex__it is very distribution dependent.. GTK c++ programming isn't something that's every distro workable.00:58
giikertsimpson: funny thing is I'm running my irssi inside screen and I logged in into a remote shell using ssh, ahha, complicated, I know, I know I can just dettach, but I thought there was another way instead of pressing Ctrl -a -d00:58
wechatalex__: learn to use gOOgle00:58
histogiiker: i use irssi inside of screen over an ssh connection so I can C-a c and create a new terminal etc....00:59
bullgard4exutux: '~pidof gdm' does not produce any output.00:59
exutuxbullgard4: uhm ps ax | grep gdm00:59
wechatbullgard4: ps aux | grep gdm00:59
histogiiker: here ssh > box  then screen irssi    then inside screen you can have as many windows as you want. C-a c for a new one00:59
exutuxi think that it was gdm-binary00:59
stiltzkinhisto, nevermind, found the model number in teensy font on the bottom side, it is indeed an E153FPF00:59
giikerhisto: I'm connected to this channel just like you, so the only way to get out of irssi without login out is dettaching?01:00
exutuxgiiker: yes01:00
alex__wechat i've been googling for 8 hours.  Most things say:  Xwindows broken. Xorg broken and no new releases.  Use SDL (no documentation update since 2009).  Use some GDk, gtk, gtkmm gtwhatever. use xlib. install xorg-dev.  install xlib-dev. install some other stuff. it's a big mess.01:00
tsimpsongiiker: no, just open another window, you don't need to detach from screen to do that01:00
histogiiker: no opena  new window in screen01:00
wechatalex__: So?01:00
giikerhisto: you are right, forgot one can create other screens, with C-a c, thanx one again...01:01
histogiiker: ctrl+a  then hit c to create a new window will put you at a terminal.01:01
histogiiker: ctrl+a + backspace to go back to the previous screen etc...01:01
bullgard4wechat: '~$ ps aux | grep gdm; 25841 0.0 0.0 5112  764 tty1    S+  01:59   0:00 grep gdm'. I infer that gdm is not installed.01:01
wechatalex__: not only googling but REading bro01:01
giikerhisto: let try it...01:01
wechatbullgard4: ps aux | grep xdm01:02
alex__most of what i read doesn't help.. would u like the 20 or so links that end with a question?01:02
wechatbullgard4: lxdm?01:02
exutuxbullgard4: why tty1??01:02
alex__they are actually ubuntu forum links01:02
histogiiker: or ctrl+a+"  to get a window list then you can ctrl+a+# to go to a specific window01:02
wechatbullgard4: fedora?01:02
giikerhisto: awesomeeeeee, it worked...01:02
alex__but yes, i know this is not possible in c++.. i have to use some python junk to do this01:02
exutuxbullgard4: are you on tty console?01:02
alex__even though i want maximum performance01:02
wechatbullgard4: Why are you hunting on gdm? :)01:03
bullgard4wechat: I am Using Ubuntu 10.10 but it is not fully configured yet.01:03
syrinx_your still trolling?01:03
histogiiker: that's the whole point of screen. you can also split windows horizontally so irssi uptop and terminal below or vertically if you have hte vertical patch. (ubuntu default).01:03
bl4ckcombwhen installing ubby from the live cd, after partitioning the disks and clicking install, is it normal that the wait cursor is turning around for like 10 minutes without any new window popping up?01:03
giikerctrl+a+" did not work,01:03
wechatbullgard4: sudo dpkg-reconfigure -a ?01:03
rwwalex__: As the rather noticible lack of help you're getting from #ubuntu is showing, this channel really isn't suited to the level of support you need. You might want to look elsewhere rather than continuing to butt heads with people :\01:03
alex__1% desktop adoption rate. good job linux.01:03
histogiiker: remember you have to shift ' to get a "01:03
bullgard4exutux: I am on  virtual console number 1 at present.01:03
rwwthat works too.01:03
giikerhisto: split horizontally, how?01:04
wechatbl4ckcomb: `dmesg | tail -20` what says?01:04
giikerhisto: yeah forgot to Shift01:04
histogiiker: ctrl+a+s  then ctrl+a+TAB to switch between them i believe01:04
exutuxbullgard4: and sudo service gdm start   doesn't works too?01:04
histogiiker: after switching to the lower screen then you have to ctrl+a+backspace or open a new screen in it with c01:05
bl4ckcombwechat, VFS: busy inodes on changed media or resized disk sr01:05
wechatbullgard4: you havo n0 X?01:05
bl4ckcombwechat, and then: eth1: no IPv6 routers present01:05
wechatbl4ckcomb: ipv6 it's ok01:05
wechatbl4ckcomb: have no X?01:05
bullgard4exutux, wechat I have started '~$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure -a'. This will take a while to finish.01:06
bl4ckcombwechat, Xes in the dmesg log? no (or did you mean X server?)01:06
exutuxbullgard4: so do it01:06
wechatbsmith093: Xserver, graphics, desktop.01:07
giikerhisto: does that horizontal split work only in my shell or it is supposed to work only with screen?01:07
histo!ics > InsaneModz01:07
ubottuInsaneModz, please see my private message01:07
syrinx_giiker: screen01:07
giikerok let try it again....01:08
giikerok let me try it again....01:08
histogiiker: it's a screen feature01:08
giikerhisto: syrinx_ thanx01:08
histogiiker: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OXHH31yCs001:08
histogiiker: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqysa6oq80o01:09
ubottupong is an old atari game. It's fun!01:09
histogiiker: second video has audio and goes into splits01:09
stiltzkinSolved my problem - all I had to do was unplug the Compaq monitor and immediately plug in the Dell one. Hope this still works after a reboot :)01:09
giikerhisto: will watch it right now01:09
IatagoreQuestion? Why are games not popular in Linux?01:10
histogiiker: in ubuntu they have hte vertical split patch so you cat ctrl+a+|  to vertically split01:10
histoIatagore: they are popular01:10
LUcaseIantagore: They are :)01:10
nsd_histo: I think he means, why aren't there more of them01:10
wechatIatagore: <they are working>01:10
bl4ckcombwechat, any other suggestions?01:10
histoIatagore: devs don't write games natively for nix because it doesn't have a big enough market share01:10
Iatagorensd_: Naw, it's as they answered01:11
nathyubuntu is the best01:11
wechatbl4ckcomb: what is with you system?01:11
wechatbl4ckcomb: sudo apt-get -f install01:11
Iatagorehisto: But there are indie games, and you don't see a lot of people playing those for windows01:11
=== philipp__ is now known as esing123
chibihogoshinoi need a way to install ubuntu in text mode01:11
bl4ckcombwechat, I just configured the installation and pressed install (live cd)01:11
Iatagorehisto: At least for some01:11
chibihogoshinonot the alternate cd..01:11
chibihogoshinoa cli version of ubiquity01:12
histochibihogoshino: mini.iso or net install then01:12
wechatbl4ckcomb: server, desktop?01:12
esing123hm :/ It is still not working 100% :(( . Well I can upload and download files on the Samba Server but I cant replace files ?!01:12
bl4ckcombwechat, desktop01:12
histo!install | chibihogoshino01:12
ubottuchibihogoshino: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate01:12
chibihogoshinohisto: thats not going to work unless i can ssh into the iso01:12
wechatbl4ckcomb: you will see a slideshow :) - 15 minutes to make a coffee01:12
histochibihogoshino: what are you trying to do install on a headless box?01:12
nathyi'm waity for the 11.04 :))))))01:12
chibihogoshinohisto: yes01:12
esing123I made chmod 777 Downloads/01:13
bl4ckcombwechat, I know I'm supposed to see that, but I don't see it...01:13
LUcaseGoing to a launch party in my city for it too :)01:13
damianI'm waiting for Mint 11 :P01:13
chibihogoshinohi i would use ubiquity but i get a python error when i start it01:13
chibihogoshinohisto: ^^01:13
histochibihogoshino: let me find you a howto01:13
wechatdamian: mint is ugly01:13
wechat:P i'm waiting to be the boss01:14
bl4ckcombwechat, is it formatting my disks before the slideshow window appears or does it do that while it's on the screen?01:14
wechatbl4ckcomb: while01:14
esing123exutus you still here? :)01:14
bl4ckcombk, I guess I'll force a reboot then01:14
nathychmod -R 777 ...01:14
esing123nathy mean me ? ^01:15
wechatbl4ckcomb: o, I don't know exactly. But thereis a checkbox - show much more info in the bottom of the window01:15
nathyheu.... yes :)01:15
bl4ckcombwechat, I told you twice: there is no window showing up01:15
nathyfor directories .... recursive switch or wath you wanna do...01:15
NotTeddyhas any one else complained about samba being broken? this is for lucid and the 3.4.7-3.501:16
histochibihogoshino: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/OverSSH01:16
bullgard4exutux, wechat  '~$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure -a' did about 20 steps successfully and finished with the message: "dpkg-mainscript-helper: error: couldn't identify the package."01:16
NotTeddythere isn't a bug against it yet and the ubuntu package page doesn't even list the update yet01:16
StepNjumpGuys, what is the best way to install wine? From the wine hq website or via synaptic?01:17
NotTeddyStepNjump: via winehq01:17
wechatbullgard4: nothing???01:17
damianI prefer PPA of their beta01:17
chibihogoshinohisto: how about with raid ?01:17
LUcaseWinehq, but also synaptic is going good.01:17
NotTeddyStepNjump: they are maintaed by the same guy, just the ubuntu repo is older01:17
francesco_ya get the newer one from winehq01:18
histochibihogoshino: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation#Server and network installations01:18
damianthe ubuntu repo isn't older it is the stable version01:18
bullgard4wechat: What does your question "nothing???" mean? I do not understand. Say it in other words, please.01:18
NotTeddydamian: if you want to be painful, yes01:18
wechatbullgard4: is it a graphic or text= alternate install ? j_J01:18
bullgard4wechat: A text = alternate install now.01:19
wechatbullgard4: heh, never use it01:19
histogiiker: crap yeah ctrl+a+S to split not little s. small s will suspend screen you have it hit it again to unsuspend01:19
StepNjumpk tnx NotTeddy. Anything special I need to know before I install?01:19
wechatbullgard4: so it uses ncurces - blue graphic-like interface?01:19
bullgard4wechat: Yes.01:20
_jesse_I'm familiar with umask, but how can I change the default group name given to new files?01:20
esing123finally all is working :)01:20
esing123thx nathy01:21
wechatbullgard4: so answer all the questions and wait. But i think it will install minimal linux - so you have then to 'sudo apt-get install gnome-desktop'01:21
nathychmod -R 777 /01:21
nathylol, be carry of....01:21
giikerhisto:  so far I can't get to ctrl+a+", weird...01:21
bullgard4wechat: I have ansered all the questions. Now there is a prompt again and no more questions.01:21
exutuxalternate doesn't install a minimal Ubuntu...but it is a full installation01:22
Flannelexutux: It does give you the option to do a minimal install though01:22
wechatexutux: i compared with centos :) and Anaconda01:22
wechatand mageia01:22
=== prionsatux is now known as PrionsaTux
exutuxFlannel: yes but i speaking about a default installation....if you don't choose any option, it is a full desktop installation01:23
linux_is_my_herowhats this about social network sites allowing people to track the location of people when they take pictures using smartphones?01:23
Logan_!ot | linux_is_my_hero01:23
ubottulinux_is_my_hero: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:23
bullgard4wechat: '~$ sudo apt-get install gnome-desktop' obtains: "E: Package gnome-desktop cannot be found."01:23
wechatHeh, i'm crazy. Can I go to tty2, chroot and install some packages on my enother linux disrto on a HD? >_<01:24
Flannelexutux: Sure, but there's an option on it to not do that.  I don't see how that's different.01:24
exutuxbullgard4: ubuntu-desktop instead gnome-desktop01:24
wechatbullgard4: apt-cache search desktop . But wait01:24
wechat* another01:25
exutuxpackage is ubuntu-desktop01:25
bullgard4exutux: It responds: "ubuntu-desktop is the newest version already."01:25
trirnoth1Anyone know of a truecrypt IRC or familiar enough to answer a question regarding Hidden Volumes? When creating, it states it will take up the max size avail. I am looking to actually set the size.01:25
exutuxbullgard4: ans sudo apt-get install gdm  ?01:26
wechatbullgard4: finished installation?01:26
damianwow, I've spent a lot of time on here... time to go >.>01:26
=== Auv5[Alt] is now known as Auv5
tonnezhow can i make it so when i log in to my ubuntu server box via ssh disable bash but allow login01:27
bullgard4wechat: I doubt that the installation is finished.01:27
exutuxbullgard4: sorry but it is a new installation?01:27
BitBasherlol i had problems doing that a few times trirnoth1  and i just let it do what it wanted01:27
exutuxbullgard4: or better it was... a new installation?01:27
rwwHi. Any Lubuntu users around that could pastebin the output of "apt-cache policy" for me, please? (Yes, I know about #lubuntu. No, they aren't responsive :\ )01:27
bullgard4exutux: No, it is a distant-upgrade from Ubuntu 10.04.1 to 10.10.01:28
wechatbullgard4: what is your IRC client?01:28
trirnoth1BitBasher: Did it end up using all of the space? My Outer Container is an 80GB partition, I was hoping the Inner Container would only be a few GB but can handle up to maybe 40.01:28
LUcasetrinoth1: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TruecryptHiddenVolume01:28
giikerhisto:  I can do ctrl+a+w and see the names of my windows, but somehow can't change to any window using this method, I can change windows with ctrl+aBackspace though01:28
bullgard4wechat: Chatzilla (on another computer)01:28
exutuxrww: i have lubuntu-desktop01:28
wechatbullgard4: %01:28
trirnoth1LUCase: Thanks. Reading now.01:28
=== ExplodingPiglets is now known as Zeku
bullgard4wechat: 'What does this mean?01:28
wechatbullgard4: do-release upgrade?01:28
histogiiker: you have to ctrl+a+"  if you want to use arros and slect windows01:29
wechatbullgard4: I imaging you in your situation01:29
histogiiker: or when you ahve a list like that you can hit ctrl+a+window_number like ctrl+a+0  or ctrl+a+101:29
BitBasheryea after i screwed up my configuration a few times... i would use caution if you have important non replacable files but what i remember of the process prob. isnt any help to you....01:29
BitBashersince the inner is the one they expect you to use im assumign thats why it wants to use the rest of the space01:30
trirnoth1BitBasher: Using a blank drive but thanks for the warning.01:30
apporcHello ,everyone. I was just thinking about the security of ubuntu's update source server .Is it possible that some unofficial01:31
apporcsource server ,who changes some packages for their own aim?01:31
bullgard4wechat: I used the command ' ~$ update-manager -d'.01:31
trirnoth1LUCase: Okay, I was limiting myself to the GUI but nice to know there are commands.01:31
BitBasherit happened with debians servers apporc  but im sure ubuntu learned01:31
wechatbullgard4: so update-manager -d works in graphics mode?01:31
LUcasetrinoth1: sure thing01:31
BitBasheralong with others01:31
giikerhisto: i trieed ctrl+a+n for next window, i'll try ctrl+a+201:31
InsaneModzcan someone help me connect to the internet in ubuntu? i'm having a bit of a problem01:32
lonnyedrivers 1545 dell inspiron01:32
lonnyedrivers 1545 dell inspiron01:32
InsaneModzplease pm me if yhou can01:32
lonnyedrivers 1545 dell inspiron01:32
FloodBot3lonnye: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:32
wechatInsaneModz: ifconfig -a01:32
LUcaseinsanemodz: what is it ?01:32
StepNjumpxmarks bookmarks don't seem to synchronize on ubuntu.. anybody familiar with that01:32
chibihogoshinohisto: ubiquity needs wget01:32
wechatInsaneModz: sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces01:32
trirnoth1BitBasher: I thought about creating a bunch of empty files to take up some of the space before creating the Hidden Container then deleting when completed, but seemed like a lot of time to do this.01:32
bullgard4wechat: No, it worked in graphics mode only at the beginning. Upgrading did not finish completely. I could only continue in the virtual console #1.01:32
apporcBitBasher: when i use source servers from my own country , i always feel it is unsafe.but the official ubuntu source server is too slow for me.01:32
nathywget is anywhere anyway :)01:32
wechatbullgard4: ou01:33
giikerhisto: it worked now, I thought ctrl+a+w was giving me the option to choose, but it was just information so I can select later on, thanx!01:33
BitBasheryea..... took me about a week after it was all said and done if i would have screwed up maybe just 2-3 days01:33
wechatbullgard4: sudo apt-get -f install01:33
lonnyedrivers 1545 dell inspiron01:33
xanguaStepNjump: firefox 4 include sync built in01:33
wechatxangua: aga01:33
wechatIs Firefox Sync secure?01:34
BitBasherapporc  if it happened you would see it plastered all over the interweb a few days later01:34
bl4ckcombwechat, it seems like the installation was frozen last time. after the reboot everything went fine.01:34
InsaneModzwell i hawell, here's my problem: i created a bridge between my wireless connection and my lan port, and i have an ethernet cable running from my laptop (win 7, toshiba), to my pc which is running ubuntu. it recognizes the connection, but i can't connect to the internet01:34
wechatbl4ckcomb: good01:34
BitBasheris it a crossover cable InsaneModz ?01:35
bullgard4wechat: 'sudo apt-get -f install' obtains: "package lists are being read. 0 updated. 0 newly installed. 0 to remove. And 0 not updated."01:35
LUcaseInsaneModz: you have to activate network share trough win701:35
wechatbullgard4: that's good -- no broken ones01:35
InsaneModzwait, bit. it is01:35
trirnoth1Thanks all. Going the command line route.01:36
InsaneModzand lucase, i can connect to xbox live when doing this01:36
BitBasherwhats the ip of the ubuntu box?01:36
LUcaseIt doesn't modify options about xbox live network sharing.01:36
InsaneModzit doesn't have an ip, not that i know of01:36
InsaneModzit recognizes the connection01:37
InsaneModzbut it doesn't connect to the router01:37
=== Guest83508 is now known as DarkDevil
InsaneModzso no local ip01:37
LUcasereset everything ?01:37
=== jh is now known as Guest73848
InsaneModzalready tried it01:37
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest345
InsaneModzmanual reset on router01:37
BitBasherit will have to have an ip wether its assigned from the host machine or the router01:37
bullgard4exutux:What does your question "bullgard4: ans sudo apt-get install gdm ?" mean? Say it in other words, please.01:37
InsaneModzand restarted my computer01:37
BitBasherbut i wouldnt know how to fix that as i havent screwed with that portion of win701:38
InsaneModzassigned by the host machine would be
LUcaseInsaneModz: See my PM please01:38
francesco_no is a loop back01:38
BitBasherlocal toast01:38
bl4ckcombInsaneModz, assigned by the host = static IP01:38
Braber01Hey is there a command line Word gen if so how do I get it?01:39
bl4ckcombInsaneModz, assigned by the router or server = dynamic IP via DHCP01:39
Braber01*What do I apt-get?01:39
accelhow do I install hbase on ubuntu? apt-cache search hbase brings up nothing01:39
bl4ckcombBraber01, word gen?01:40
Braber01bl4ckcomb yeah like anagrams for Scrabble and stuff. (yes I cheat)01:40
bl4ckcombaccel, http://ria101.wordpress.com/2010/01/28/setup-hbase-in-pseudo-distributed-mode-and-connect-java-client/01:41
LUcaseBraber01: QR Code ?01:41
InsaneModzhow can i find a dynamic ip, if i even have one,in ubuntu?01:41
wechatBraber01: use random words from file in usr/share/<>words01:41
InsaneModzi only know how to do it in cmd01:41
accelbl4ckcomb: ya; reading taht now01:41
accelbl4ckcomb: this seems like it's more than apt-get sql01:41
Braber01LUCase what is QR Code?01:42
bl4ckcombits a 2D barcode01:42
gundasHi all, I'm able to connect to an FTP site using Filezilla (FTP Proxy setting USER@HOST) does anyone have input on how to do this at the terminal01:42
LUcaseI am asking if you are talking about that01:42
kriumeplease!! how do i stop record with RecordMyDesktop???01:42
Braber01Lucase I don't know what QR code is01:43
rww!crosspost | kriume01:43
ubottukriume: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.01:43
syrinx_!ftp | gundas01:43
ubottugundas: FTP clients: Nautilus (Places -> Connect to server), gFTP, FileZilla (for !GNOME); Konqueror, Kasablanca, KFTPGrabber (for !KDE); FireFTP (for Firefox); ftp, lftp (for !cli) - See also !FTPd01:43
rww(and #ubuntu-offtopic is not a support channel.)01:43
wechatkrups: crtl+d in terminal01:43
LUcasekriume: ctrl+c01:43
wechatctrl+c :)01:44
gundassyrinx_: the thing is i need to run the ftp script as a cron, therefore it needs to support specific settings, im using lftp but struggling01:44
wechatgundas MC can connect?01:44
gundaswechat: MC? I can connect fine using Filezilla01:44
wechatgundas: so why console then?01:45
bullgard4wechat: '~$ startx' was successful: I have now a grpahical interface.01:45
wechatbullgard4: goood01:45
gundaswechat: I need to schedule the process i.e. connect, upload a file, close01:45
gundaswechat: it needs to be done at a specific time of the day01:45
wechatgundas: ssh name@host or like this01:45
gundaswechat: ssh is not possible only ftp01:45
wechatgundas : wget ? to download something?01:46
Braber01LUCase QR Code is way way way far away form what I was asking for.01:46
gundaswechat: download the file? the server im uploading to is not under my control , I can only ftp to the server01:46
linuxman410anyone ever heard of eset nod32 antivirus 4 for linux01:47
pbearieyou don01:47
BitBasherive heard of it for android linuxman410  thats abotu it (i think it was android)01:48
Braber01I'm looking for a Tool where I can input a set of 7 letters and get words of those 7 letters back to me.01:48
pbearie't need an antivirus on linux01:48
BitBasheri dont think you need anything that good for linux although a virus scanner isnt bad to have01:48
pbeariethe only reason why you would need an antivirus on linux is if you share stuff with windows users01:49
pbeariealthough they should have their own antivirus software01:49
aeon-ltdbetter safe01:50
BitBasheryou know how a cat cant contract a dogs sickness?01:51
BitBashersame thing01:51
BitBasherwindows/ linux cant get each other sick01:51
francesco_lol great analogy BitBasher01:51
trismBraber01: apt-cache search anagram, there are several, although the an package seems to do what you want, something like: an -w -m 7 asdxidk;01:51
wechatgundas: tftpd?01:51
IdleOneBitBasher: that isn't exactly true, linux can transfer viruses to windows01:51
BitBasherif its on windows code01:52
BitBasherbut if its native to linux then it cant happen01:52
IdleOneBitBasher: why would you transfer a file that you can't use on windows from linux?01:53
LUcaseTo use with wine01:53
wechatit's better to use cheese with wine01:54
IdleOneBitBasher: ok, so having antivirus is a good idea all the same01:54
gundaswechat: will have a look01:55
StepNjump+++ I installed language support for french and english... This installation, I cannot see the language bar at the top in the tray like I used to before. What should I do in order to switch language keyboard layout when I don't see the keyboard selector?01:55
wechatgundas: 33 programs about ftp01:57
syrinx_gundas: see pm01:57
guest0551running ubuntu 10.04, ac97 audio controller but no sound at all01:57
wechatguest0551: ls pci01:58
wechatguest0551: lspci01:58
gundassyrinx_: you didn't reply?01:59
guest0551wechat: http://pastebin.com/DNzAYXgV01:59
syrinx_gundas: no response02:00
BitBasheri was wondering02:00
BitBasherwhy is there no hostmask appened here?02:00
=== pwnsauce is now known as Shudder
ShudderHow goes it people02:00
freezwayso i mounted something twice to the same directory with mount, how do i unmount both?02:00
Shudderfreezway: umount it?02:01
rafetaps3 cfw 3.60!02:01
rafetagon on ps302:01
freezway"umount: it seems /mnt/oldboot is mounted multiple times"02:01
Shudderfreezway: hm02:01
IdleOneBitBasher: what do you mean?02:02
Shudderfreezway: you could probably force it off with -f02:02
wechatguest0551: can't see without X02:02
Shudderfreezway: not sure if that's a good thing though02:02
guest0551running ubuntu 10.04, ac97 audio controller but no sound at all, lspci http://pastebin.com/DNzAYXgV02:02
freezwayShudder: im hesitant to do anything that could risk my boot files... those are important02:02
Shudderfreezway: ahaha yeah02:03
guest0551wechat: what?02:03
Shudderfreezway: I feel you02:03
BitBasheri mean the part after the @ when someone joins it shows their ip rather than a hostmask02:03
Shudderfreezway: gonna do a quick google search02:03
IdleOneBitBasher: some show ip some show hostmask02:03
freezwayShudder: you mean I feel for you, I feel you is just plain creepy....02:03
BitBasherlike * ShadowManQ (~shadowman@P2PNET-4BD61C2B.socal.res.rr.com) has joined02:03
gundassyrinx_ thats what im trying to do02:04
StepNjump+++ I installed language support for french and english... This installation, I cannot see the language bar at the top in the tray like I used to before. What should I do in order to switch language keyboard layout when I don't see the keyboard selector?02:04
gundas<gundas> syrinx_ but the problem is that im behind a proxy02:04
gundassyrinx_ i have to use a FTP Proxy setting of USER@HOST02:04
Shudderfreezway: either one is fine :P02:05
syrinx_gundas: im sure ftp supports proxy02:05
guest0551running ubuntu 10.04, ac97 audio controller but no sound at all, lspci http://pastebin.com/DNzAYXgV02:05
wechatguest0551: can't see in console02:05
Shudderfreezway: so it won't let you umount it straight up right.. umount /mnt/oldboot02:05
guest0551wechat: what do you want me to do?02:05
Chipper351I have Ubuntu Live installed on my USB drive and am trying to remove the Live User account but am unable to, can anyone help?02:06
wechatguest0551: What `dmesg` says, do you unmute sound, do you look at Administration - Setting -Sound ...02:07
guest0551wechat: sound isn't muted02:07
Shudderfreezway: the only thing I can think of is to force it off02:07
pbearie"yum update" is the equivalent to "apt-get  update"?02:07
Shudderfreezway: I don't think it will break anything - but I can't be sure, so I don't want to advocate it :P02:08
wechatChipper351: make another  user02:08
resnomy machine is restarting without me restarting it, any help on finding whats going on?02:08
greg__Envy24 and M-audio delta 1010 sound card....anybody able to help me get this working?02:08
esing123someone here?02:08
syrinx_lotta people here02:08
Shudderfreezway: is it your windows machines boot files?02:08
Logan_!ask | esing12302:09
ubottuesing123: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:09
freezwayoh nvm... forgot the sudo02:09
wechatpbearie: "yum check-update" is also exists02:09
Chipper351I made another user but it does not see the Ubuntu Live User02:09
rwwpbearie: No. apt-get update checks the update server for an updated list of packages. yum update downloads and installs available updates on RedHat-based systems.02:09
Shudderfreezway: lol ok02:09
esing123Well I want to start teamviewer as administrator on startup. Adding @sudo teamviewer does not work. only @teamviewer works but without admin02:10
pbearierww:how is that different?02:10
greg__can anybody help with envy24control and m-audio delta 1010 sound card issues?02:10
resnomy machine is restarting without me restarting it, any help on finding whats going on?02:10
rwwpbearie: checking the update server does not involve downloading or installing available updates themselves.02:10
guest0551running ubuntu 10.04, ac97 audio controller but no sound at all, lspci http://pastebin.com/DNzAYXgV02:11
kothaguy_ubuntuhi friends,i want to download natty alpha3 image with the help of zsync, url is:http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/natty/alpha-3/ i am unable to download it,can anybody help me what command should i use in the terminal to download it,as using zsync is first time for me02:11
rwwpbearie: as an analogy, apt-get update is "Waiter, fetch me an up-to-date menu!", apt-get upgrade is ordering some stuff off the menu and eating it, and yum upgrade is probably all of the above, I dunno, I don't use RedHat.02:11
rwwkothaguy_ubuntu: Natty support and discussion in #ubuntu+1, please02:11
pbearierww: then how do you download and install. would that be "apt-get upgrade"?02:11
rwwpbearie: correct02:11
Shudderpbearie: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade02:11
kothaguy_ubunturww, :the issue is with zsync,i dont knw how to use it02:12
resnoyea, yum upgrade does it all in one fail swoop02:12
rwwkothaguy_ubuntu: just run "zsync some_url_here" in the terminal.02:12
guest0551running ubuntu 10.04, ac97 audio controller but no sound at all, lspci http://pastebin.com/DNzAYXgV02:12
bl4ckcombI'm trying to set up a mirror raid with an array of 2 identical disks: one with data on it and an empty one. Using disk utility only allows me to create an array of empty disks. is there another way to do this?02:12
rwwkothaguy_ubuntu: though "How do I download Natty?" also counts as #ubuntu+1 topic, really ;P02:13
Shudderkothaguy_ubuntu: also I believe that isn't the url02:13
Shudderkothaguy_ubuntu: that's just the page02:13
pbearierww: oh..so yum update includes both the "update" and "upgrade"?02:13
skullboyok so were is the grub.lst for ubuntu02:13
Shudderkothaguy_ubuntu: you gotta pick one of the links on it I think02:13
greg__anybody handy with ice1712 sound card issues?02:13
rwwpbearie: Google appears to think so. I'd recommend asking the support channel for a distribution that uses yum ;)02:13
econdudeawesomeHey all. I'm curious of opinions/preferences people have here for tools compatible with Ubuntu for analyzing large datasets02:13
econdudeawesome(open source, of course! :-) )02:14
Shudderkothaguy_ubuntu: e.g. http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/natty/alpha-3/natty-desktop-i386.iso02:14
econdudeawesomeHave I netsplit? I'm not getting any input02:15
tonnezim running ubuntu karmic, how can i install a package from the lucid repo? it is just something simple, tinyproxy02:16
histoecondudeawesome: what kind of dataset?02:16
histoecondudeawesome: and more importantly what kind of analysis?02:16
greg__ubuntu 10.10 seeing my sound card....but no sound.  using m-audio delta 1010 (ice1712)02:16
kothaguy_ubuntuShudder, :Thank you,its working now,some one in this chat only said me about zsync,is it really worthone,i am in aplace where the net speed is too slow,by using this,how much it may take time to download the image ,speed will be max upto 15 kbps02:16
econdudeawesomehisto: would you like a link? I'm not sure exactly how to answer that. I am eventually going to use the data for econometric analysis. But at this point I want to see the data (im exporting it to csv, but way to large for excel and probably gnumeric/openofficecalc to open)02:17
econdudeawesomehisto: http://www.prosper.com/tools/DataExport.aspx02:17
fastbearanyone knows proxy software to bypass the http proxy and firewall?02:18
Shudderkothaguy_ubuntu: I have never used zsync02:19
Shudderkothaguy_ubuntu: I typically used wget or just clicked on the link :P02:19
guest0551running ubuntu 10.04, ac97 audio controller but no sound at all, lspci http://pastebin.com/DNzAYXgV02:19
greeniekinI've been pulling my hair out trying to get my tv tunner to work on ubuntu. though it seems no simple tutorials exist02:19
Shudderkothaguy_ubuntu: I don't know if it necessary makes a difference... maybe it just works it easier to put in the background?02:19
starlocksomething better than xchat?02:19
econdudeawesomestarlock: whats your question? I use irssi (a command line utility) and prefer it to xchat.02:19
rwwShudder: zsync downloads less data than wget if you point it at a file that you already have that's at least partially the same as the one you're downloading. Otherwise, they're pretty much the same.02:20
kothaguy_ubuntusudder :Thanks for the info02:20
histoecondudeawesome: google desktop has some nice searching features etc...02:20
GaryDstarlock: i use pidgin for im and irc.02:20
tonnezim running ubuntu karmic, how can i install a package from the lucid repo? it is just something simple, tinyproxy02:20
starlockecondudeawesome: irssi is good but i use it on remote boxes only, need something with GUI, right now im on smuxi, switched to it from xchat02:20
rwwtonnez: Mixing packages from different versions of Ubuntu is not supported by this channel.02:21
econdudeawesomestarlock: ah. I am out of ammo then. My irssi nade was the best I had. Best of luck :-)02:21
xanguatonnez: to install a package from lucid, upgrade to lucid02:21
tonnezhow can i just upgrade to lucid?02:21
Shudderrww: well whatdoyouknow02:21
Shudderrww: learn something knew everyday02:21
greeniekinit's absolutly driving me nuts the lack of a simple step by step instructions02:21
xangua!upgrade | tonnez02:21
ubottutonnez: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade02:21
econdudeawesomehisto: Google desktop can parse?02:22
histoecondudeawesome: disregard the google desktop. Not sure of a solution for you.02:22
econdudeawesomehisto: all good :-D02:22
histostarlock: any reason you need a gui?02:22
Shudderirssi may work02:22
histoecondudeawesome: sounds like you may need statistical software or scientific software02:23
Shudderno gui though02:23
histoecondudeawesome: http://forums.fedoraforum.org/archive/index.php/t-106930.html02:23
starlockhisto: preference02:23
LUcaseNeed help with setting up Dial-up connection trough pppconfig, everything is ok, not when i write in : pon , nothing happens and i cannot see any connections available02:23
histoecondudeawesome: what are you trying to do this for? stock tips?02:23
bl4ckcombI'm trying to set up a mirror raid with an array of 2 identical disks: one with data on it and an empty one. Using disk utility only allows me to create an array of empty disks. is there another way to do this?02:23
subcoolhey- im having an issue googleing my webcam02:23
sponzorwhat is a good vmvvare?02:23
histo!raid > bl4ckcomb02:24
ubottubl4ckcomb, please see my private message02:24
econdudeawesomehisto: no :-) I'm an economist in training02:24
lathan_deverssponzor, virtualbox maybe?02:24
histoecondudeawesome: ahh02:24
starlockbl4ckcomb: you cant just introduce another drive then RAID it and expect the RAID to copy over, it only happens AFTER the intial RAID volumes have been formatted and marked as a set02:24
econdudeawesomehisto: I try hard to use only open source software02:24
histoecondudeawesome: yeah check out statistical software or scientific stuff.02:24
esing123something what I have setup with samba now makes my lubuntu system start very long02:25
bl4ckcombthx histo, I'll check it out02:25
econdudeawesomehisto: I'll give gretl a shot. I just worry about running out of memory with soemthing so large02:25
histoecondudeawesome: r-project.org looks promissing from that link02:25
=== dcolebatch_ is now known as phelon
esing123it searches 30 seconds something with DHCP and then boots lubuntuu02:25
econdudeawesomehisto: I've used R, again a memory issue02:25
=== phelon is now known as dcolebatch2
histoecondudeawesome: that's what computers are for. Processing large amounts of data02:25
bl4ckcombstarcoder, I could expect it when I used geomirror (freebsd)02:25
esing123before GRUB is loaded DHCP is searched02:25
econdudeawesomehisto: yes! :-) But I want to see what I have in the data too, get my hands dirty if you will02:26
econdudeawesomehisto: but anyway, thanks for the tips.02:26
fastbearany proxy software under linux to bypass the fireall and http proxy?02:26
histoecondudeawesome: np that's how'd i'd approach it. I'm sure there is some scientific/statistical software package that will handle it.02:26
histofastbear: you could ssh tunnel02:27
pbeariehas anyone installed web100?02:27
subcoolI have a hp dv5 with a built in cam. ALl the feeds im finding are for older models, or lead to old broken links02:27
LUcasepbearie: what is wrong with it  ?02:27
amh345has anyone here been able to get netflix to work in ubuntu?02:27
fastbearbut that seems need a ssh server, where can find it?02:27
pbearieLUcase: nothing, is it supposed to make eg surfing the web faster?02:28
h3r0hi all02:28
greg__any help with envy24control and m-audio sound card issues?02:28
histoamh345: netflix streaming is not possible on linux at the moment. The only way is to run it through a windows guest on top of linux.02:28
=== h3r0 is now known as Guest10528
Guest10528i just only want to ask...02:28
Guest10528what is the relation between redhat and datacell.com?02:29
greeniekinthis is reallly really annoying me. so much frustration02:29
rwwreminds me, I need to mail netflix and say "Thanks for the offer to resubscribe, but no, and here's why..."02:29
=== Guest10528 is now known as hensem
amh345histo: like windows on a vm?02:29
rww!ot | hensem02:29
ubottuhensem: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:29
hensemim an ubuntu's user02:29
histoamh345: yes02:29
LUcasepbearie:Web100 project was created to produce a complete host-software environment that will run common TCP applications at 100% of the available bandwidth, regardless of the magnitude of a network's capability.02:29
esing123histo i have still one problem :)02:29
histoamh345: http://how-to.wikia.com/wiki/How_to_watch_Netflix_(Watch_Instantly)_in_Linux02:29
histoesing123: what's that?02:29
amh345damn.  i guess ill just use my other mac laptop. so much for having ubuntu as my meida machine. :(02:29
rwwhensem: That doesn't make a question about a website and another distribution on-topic for #ubuntu...02:30
histoamh345: yeah it's them being sticky with their drm stuff is the reason02:30
pbearieLUcase: so yes? i haven't noticed a significant difference..mm..02:30
hensemsori rww... i just found out they connected to that linux in port 2202:30
scottjanyone recommend a color grabber that can grab color anywhere on the screen (without taking a screenshot)?02:30
starlockanyone try natty yet?02:30
hensemim just suspicious02:30
esing123histo I want to run teamviewer as root on start up, but with adding @teamviewer to etc/xdg/lxsession/Lubuntu/autostart it starts without root. @sudo teamviewer does not work02:30
amh345histo: ok, thanks for the confirmation.02:30
astoryis there a guide to making a custom .iso?  I'd like to make one for my school with all the programs needed for our various cs classes already installed02:30
LUcasepbearie: see everything here : http://linux.softpedia.com/get/System/Operating-Systems/Kernels/Web100-7559.shtml02:31
histoesing123: why would you want to run it as root?02:31
esing123histo because it was suggested in an error which I received after teamviewer broke down. teamviewer breaks down only on linux02:31
=== Eddie is now known as Guest53703
histoesing123: teamviewer does not need root access02:32
rwwstarlock: try #ubuntu+1 for natty discussion02:32
esing123histo unfortunatly the program crashes and I need to ctrl+del02:32
histoastory: there are many on the forums and online02:32
esing123histo i thought i should try it with root because it was recommended02:32
histoesing123: what version are you trying?02:32
greeniekinwhy does something that should be so simple be so bloody hard02:32
esing123histo newest version teamviewer 602:32
Suit_Of_Sablesis lame not in the standard repos?02:33
whitewolfcan someone help me out?02:33
LUcase!ask | whitewolf02:33
ubottuwhitewolf: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:33
histoesing123: maybe contact there support?  I've never had a problem with it crashing.02:33
=== jh is now known as Guest73409
esing123histo yes mb i contact them tho I'd like to try it one time with root . is it actually possible to run it on startup as root?02:33
histoesing123: not sure how you would handle that.02:34
esing123histo would I need to add something like this " sudo teamviewer password?"02:34
econdudeawesomehisto: for future folks, the best way to do this really looks like implementing R and the additional Rpy package. Best of luck!02:34
esing123histo how do I write sudo with pass?02:34
greeniekinhas anyone here ever used a tv tuner card on ubuntu?02:34
whitewolfi just installed Ubuntu onto my dell laptop, and removed windows xp from it.  now it won't recognize the internal wifi card, and i can't turn wifi on with the function + f2 command.  how do i turn on my wifi card with ubuntu?02:34
LUcase!wifi | whitewolf02:35
ubottuwhitewolf: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:35
histoesing123: not sure that would be the best way to do it. why not jsut try and launch it from a terminal sudo teamviewer3 or whatever and see if it crashes. Then try putting it in the startup later on if it doesn.t02:35
LUcasewhitewolf, see my pm too :)02:35
esing123histo ye i should try it first02:36
greeniekinthe ubuntuforums search is slow as it's been like 3 min of twirling. yet browsing other sites are instant02:36
subcoolanyone- webcam.02:36
esing123histo tho, how could someone write the password within sudo ?02:36
amh345i've got a sample.txt file another a test.asc file. how the heck to i use the asc file to encrypt the sample.txt?   i cant figure it out.02:36
esing123sudo password xchat ?02:36
esing123or sudo xchat password?02:36
amh345does anyone know?02:36
nullp0interi am trying to do sftp to my server however it says "Recieved message too long" probably because i have the user set to /sbin/nologin shell. Isnt it less secure to enable shell access? and is there a different solution to this that is still secure?02:36
amh345i've checked the gpg man but i dont understand it.02:36
esing123or sudo password "password" xchat ?02:37
kriumelol i paid 10 euro for a 11 hours bus ride02:37
histoesing123: you wouldn't you'd use visudo and edit the config. something like esing123 ALL=NOPASSWD: /sbin/teamviewer3     in there then your user could run teamviewer with sudo and not be prompted for password02:37
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Evanescence能否wine win7 ?02:38
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest34171
Logan_!zh | Evanescence02:38
ubottuEvanescence: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk02:38
J697In the places part of the above panel how can I add a folder there?02:38
guest0551ubunt 10.04, intel ac97 audio, sound doesn't work, lspci http://pastebin.com/DNzAYXgV, need some help02:38
xanguaJ697: add a bookmark in nautilus02:39
Evanescencesorry, I have not switch channel correctly02:39
esing123histo --> root ALL=NOPASSWD: /sbin/teamviewer3 ?02:39
esing123histo or :       Username ALL=NOPASSWD: /sbin/teamviewer3 ?02:39
histoesing123: no your username ALL=NOPASSWD: /path/to/executable02:39
esing123ah k02:40
bob__how do you switch channels with smuxi?02:40
Suit_Of_Sablesdoes anyone know what repo LAME is in? 'apt-get install lame' doesn't find it :(02:40
esing123histo is it enough when I write username ALL=NOPASSWD: teamviewer ? because i can run teamviewer like this in terimnal02:40
J697xangua, ok, but I want my emblem to stay on it and it does not for some reason02:41
nullp0interanyone know about my sftp problem?02:41
shawnboyIs there a CLI command for getting info about media currently in an optical drive (using wodim or something)?02:41
amh345any ideas on my gpg question above?   there's no active chan that i can find--  you guys are my only hope :)02:41
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.02:41
histoesing123: I would specify the full path02:41
histoesing123: type which teamviewer to find out where it is02:42
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub202:42
leg3ndshawnboy, what kind information? have you tried 'file'?02:42
guest0551ubunt 10.04, intel ac97 audio, sound doesn't work, lspci http://pastebin.com/DNzAYXgV, need some help02:43
greeniekinwho would have thought there would be so much confusing useless info on tv tuners in ubuntu02:43
J697I added a folder to the places part of the top panel but it is a project folder and I put a Developer emblem on it, however it did not stay on when I put it in the places folder, I mean it is still on the folder but in the places there is no emblem on it... how can I add the emblem to it for the places menu?02:43
histonullp0inter: I don't think they will be able to sftp without shell access but I could be wrong.02:43
histogreeniekin: not something that is popular02:43
esing123histo I found only this: core@core-ThinkPad-T43:/$ sudo find . -name teamviewer602:44
leg3ndnullp0inter, you should create a ftp user and give him limited privilages and groups.02:44
histoesing123: you can just use "which teamviewer6"02:44
esing123so I must write " core ALL=NOPASSWD: usr/bin/teamviewer602:44
subcoolCan anyone help me google webcams? please?02:44
shawnboyleg3nd: just tried file. no go. In GUI software I've seen info button (ie Nero) that will tell you if a blank is in drive, if it's full, whether it's -R or RW or +R, etc.02:45
histoesing123: but it's in /usr/bin/teamviewer6 aparently02:45
shawnboyamh345: sorry, I'm not up on CLI gpg02:45
subcooli have done a few angels... i cant find anything that works02:45
esing123ah okay02:45
histoesing123: core ALL=NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/teamviewer602:45
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esing123thx !02:45
J697I added a folder to the places part of the top panel but it is a project folder and I put a Developer emblem on it, however it did not stay on when I put it in the places folder, I mean it is still on the folder but in the places there is no emblem on it... how can I add the emblem to it for the places menu?02:45
histoesing123: you may have to log out and back in for the changes but try it at a terminal sudo teamviewer6 should not ask for password now02:45
leg3ndshawnboy, theres a CLI disc burning application called 'cdrecord', i have no expierence with it but its probably as good as it will get besides fdisk and size commands.02:47
kothaguy_ubuntuhow to join ubuntu natty chat server in xchat02:48
rwwkothaguy_ubuntu: type /join #ubuntu+102:48
shawnboyleg3nd: ok. thanks.02:48
esing123hist i think you were right. Although Ive read a hint to run it as root now it says: TeamViewer must not be executed as root!02:48
amh345shawnboy: no worries. i figured it out with help from #gnupg02:48
esing123so I cant run it as root02:49
shawnboyamh345: glad to hear. simple solution?02:49
leg3ndyea you probably dont want to run RDP software as root..02:49
guest0551ubunt 10.04, intel ac97 audio, sound doesn't work, lspci http://pastebin.com/DNzAYXgV, need some help02:49
researcher1how can I learn fundamentals of CLI and file systems? Any online class by our community?02:50
giikerhisto: I've jsut spent the last 40 minutes learning scren in deep, thanx for your help!, but I ha another question, I can't do yet vertical split,how do I check If I have the split patch?02:50
leg3ndpractice and online reference02:50
shawnboyleg3nd: just FYI I found my answer at http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-631728.html02:50
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shawnboyleg3nd: solution is cdrecord -atip02:50
histogiiker: if you have ubuntu it's there02:50
amh345shawnboy: very :)    incase you need it..   gpg --import your.asc    and then gpg -r YOUR_KEY_NAME  -e test.txt02:51
leg3ndshawnboy, cool good to know02:51
esing123it is 03:49 here ^^02:51
histogiiker: it's ctrl+a+|   <----- the pipe symbol02:51
esing123thanks again histo02:51
histoesing123: did it work?02:51
shawnboyamh345: great. thanks. I'll make a note of it for my own use.02:51
histogiiker: screen rocks btw when you really learn it.02:51
J697Where are all the folder icon pictures?02:52
rcmaehlIs it rhetorically possible to rm the rm file?02:52
J697I need a developer folder icon, is there a specific folder in which they are located?02:52
rcmaehlAlso is it bad if kubuntu-netbook uses less ram then gnome-desktop?02:54
J697I need a developer folder icon, is there a specific folder in which they are located?02:54
rcmaehlJ697: /usr/share/icons probably02:55
giikerhisto: Iǘe just checked my man page of screen and can find the kill key binding, I tried already C+a+k but it won't kill the screen I'm on...02:56
giikerhisto: C+a+k works on my local machine, but not the remote one...02:56
subcoolCome on. someone... help me out here02:56
subcooli cant find a howto for this.02:57
rcmaehlsubcool: what's your problem?02:57
syrinx_!ask | subcool02:57
ubottusubcool: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:57
subcoolrcmaehl, tring to find a working howto for a builtin webcam02:57
ajwillhi all, i have a quick question, I know you can change the transparency of your panels... but how do you change the transparency of the applet backgrounds and window toolbar backgrounds?02:57
rcmaehlsubcool: sudo apt-get install cheese should allow you to see through your webcam02:58
subcoolrcmaehl, i have an HP Dv5 - but i cant find anything..02:58
subcoolsob- really!?02:58
subcooli have ben googling this all day, not a single forum pointed to that.02:58
rcmaehlsubcool: no problem02:59
extra11where can I see list of upcoming features?03:01
kontagioushey i am trying to edit my fstab. anyone familiar?03:03
rcmaehlkontagious: yes03:03
kontagiousid like to mount this: /dev/sda3 on /media/Storage type fuseblk (rw,nosuid,nodev,allow_other,blksize=4096,default_permissions)03:04
kontagiousautomount on startup03:04
kontagiousthats output from mount command03:04
rcmaehlvery specific03:04
Aurigaajwill, As no one replied to you... Maybe you could try Emerald, I haven't played with it, but it might do it...03:04
ajwillkontagious: okay, that's easy, open up a terminal, cd /etc03:04
rcmaehlokay you got fstab alread opened03:04
kontagiousi mean business03:04
ajwillAuriga: I'm trying compiz, I havent used ubuntu in quite a while03:05
psusikontagious, what is the actual type of the filesystem?  ntfs?03:05
kontagiousim in /etc03:05
ajwillokay then make a new line anywhere in fstab03:05
ajwilland put03:05
Aurigaajwill, Yeah it might, not something I use in compiz personally, I keep my compiz usage down to a cube & some other small things.03:05
=== Timic_ is now known as Timic
J697I can't find the Developer icon folder picture anywhere, I really need it. Can anyone help out?03:06
ajwill/dev/sda3 /media/Storage ntfs rw,nosuid,nodev,allow_other,blksize=4096,default_permissions 0 003:06
Aurigaajwill, Yeah it might, not something I use in compiz personally, I keep my compiz usage down to a cube & some other small things.03:06
ajwillAuriga: ahh, yeah... I'm waiting for my new computer, my old one didnt have enough ram or a good enough video card to hardly even use compiz :P03:06
kontagiousajwill, thanks will try restarting. ill be back03:06
rcmaehlput /dev/sda3      /media/Storage      auto         defaults       0      103:06
rcmaehlmake that 1 a 2 actually03:06
=== g_ is now known as nzaw4
Aurigaajwill, For your old machine, maybe try elive, something which I came across today for the first time. Or a mini distro like Slitaz.03:07
rcmaehlthose options are defailt03:07
kontagiousrcmaehl, i will try that if ajwill's doesnt work. thanks :D03:07
rcmaehlkontagious: ok03:08
ajwillAuriga: once I get my new one I'll turn the old one into a server :)03:08
Aurigaajwill, An even better idea.03:08
ajwillAuriga: and I found elive too, but I couldnt be bothered to create a paypal or write an article...03:08
skullboyhow do i access the grub2 menu03:08
ajwillskullboy: could you be more specific? like, do you just want it to show at boot? or change basic settings?03:09
skullboyajwill: i want it to show at boot03:09
kontagiousworked :D03:10
ajwillskullboy: if I recall properly, try holding shift while booting03:10
ajwillkontagious: great! glad to hear it! :)03:10
subcoolis it normal for kubuntu to be running like 2gb ram?03:10
kontagiousdo you mind helping me with another fs mount?03:10
ajwillyeah sure!03:10
skullboysubcool: how much ram do you have03:10
subcoolit appears to use swap at 303:11
ajwillskullboy: and if that doesnt work then let me know and we'll take a look at your grub file :P03:11
kontagiousok now when i installed i didnt put swap.. the tutorial i used said add it in after. so i have a swap file in /media/Storage/1024Mb.swap03:11
skullboysubcool: then it should uese all 4gb what kernel are you useing03:11
ajwillokay, first things first, are you ever going to be suspending your system?03:11
subcooluname -r right?03:11
kontagiousi might accidentily though03:12
ajwillthen dont worry about it03:12
ajwillthat's all swap is for03:12
ajwillI dont use it03:12
ajwillits just a waste of a few GB in my opinion03:12
kontagiousi am going to be running virtual machines (up to 3 at a time)03:12
rcmaehlajwill: LIES! swap is also for when you run out of ram03:12
kontagiousi need to run 3 windows servers in vmware for college03:12
kontagiousi need swap :(03:12
ajwillrcmaehl: really? I thought it was just for SWAPing? and suspending03:12
kontagiousi never used it before tho03:13
subcoolskullboy, 2.6.32-28-generic03:13
rcmaehlajwill: yeah it's like windows pagefile03:13
ajwillkontagious: okay, do you have a partition set aside for swap or no?03:13
AurigaIf you had 16GB of ram though... how often would you run out of ram...?03:13
ajwillrcmaehl: hm, I didnt know that, thanks for informing me :)03:13
kontagiousno, i did mkswap on a file then swapon03:14
kontagiousits showing up in system monitor perfect03:14
GaryDIf i had 16GB of RAM, i would just run more programs. i'm sure i could use it all.03:14
skullboysubcool: no thats not the problem are they mismatch03:14
rcmaehlAuriga: if you're running a netbook with only 1gb of ram running Kubuntu-desktop who often whould you run out of ram?\03:14
Aurigarcmaehl, ....?03:15
* rcmaehl facepalms03:15
kontagiousshould i just append /media/Storage/1024Mb.swap  none  swap  sw  0 003:15
kontagioussince my storage is already auto mounted03:16
subcoolskullboy, mismatched with... what?03:16
skullboysubcool: mismatch types03:17
skullboysubcool: did all 4 ever work03:18
kontagiousi stumped the irc rats hahaha03:18
=== Craig_Dem_ is now known as Craig_Dem
subcoolskullboy, havent really noticed honestly-03:18
subcooli just installed vmare and decided to keep an eye on it- then noticed its usage03:18
skullboysubcool: use hwinfo to see if they are present03:19
ajwillAuriga: which was it you suggest for applet/window transparency? compiz isnt doin it for me :P03:19
skullboysubcool: or take it apart03:19
skullboysubcool: that just voids ur warenty03:19
kontagiousrcmaehl or ajwill any ideas03:20
skullboyajwill | !compix03:20
skullboyajwill | !compiz03:20
kontagiousi should have set it as a partitian but i didnt want to resize my ntfs in fear of losing my data03:20
kontagious!compiz | ajwill03:21
ubottuajwill: Compiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz03:21
Aurigaajwill, I was saying to take a look at Emerald, I don't know if you will get it with that or not. But was sugesting that it might.03:21
edbiankontagious, I've re-sized my NTFS a dozen times.  Never once lost data03:21
kontagioususing the installer?03:21
Aurigaajwill, You'll maybe want to look at
edbiankontagious, Using gparted on a live CD03:22
AurigaNot that...03:22
Aurigaajwill, gnome look .org or something so...03:22
Aurigaajwill, I have it up in a vm right now hence not pasting.03:22
kontagiousi have hours of work saved i couldnt risk losing it. maybe i could run the swapon command at startup as an easy quick fix?03:23
ajwillAuriga, ahh, why dont you use virtualbox? it can transfer copy.pastes ;)03:23
elektroidI have a dual-core amd, my current distro when using top or looking at /proc/cpuinfo reveals only a single core but I remember using ubuntu amd64, it showed 2, is it just because I am runnig a 32bit distro or how can I find out?03:23
Aurigaajwill, I do use Vbox, but that is the first time ever I have needed to copy paste from a vm. So it's not something I have looked at how to do lol.03:23
subcoolskullboy, what am i looking for- memory?03:23
subcooli just skimmed through it twice03:24
midas007Hello, I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 "Lucid" and one particular video file (flv) I play has delayed audio. I'd like to play this file and have the audio properly synchronized. I'm not trying to convert the file, just to play it. Does anyone know of an application that would allow me to adjust the sound delay?03:24
skullboysubcool: RAM03:24
kontagiousmidas007, have you tried using VLC player03:25
iretchis there any simple way to have a script run instead of a screensaver? I wish to have the screen just immediately go to DPMS off mode when screensaver is run. This would be useful because I'd like the screen to immediately go back to sleep if there is an unsucessful login attempt at the lock screen03:25
elektroidmidas007: which audio driver are you using?03:25
pbeariehow do i upgrade a 2.6.18 kernel to 2.6.35?03:25
subcoolskullboy, -- lol .. nothing came up. i just ran hwinfo | grep RAM03:25
midas007i've tried VLC but I don't see how to resynchronize the audio03:25
elektroidI had significant audio lag when I used OSS03:26
elektroidmidas007: VLC is your best bet for determining if its a software or audio driver issue03:26
elektroidmidas007: which driver are you using?03:26
midas007how do I check which driver?03:26
skullboysubcool: hwinfo --ram03:26
edbianmidas007, That is a common problem with flash.  I am pretty sure that it is actually that the data itself is not syncronized.  You'd have to use a video editor to actually fix it.  Not sure if such a thing exists03:26
jrmcmI need help "uncapturing" my keyboard and or mouse from a vbox.03:27
elektroidmidas007: just open the sound under preferences should indicate if its oSS, alsa, pulse or whatever03:27
subcoolskullboy, nada- usage errored03:27
elektroidjrmcm: right-Ctrl doesnt work?03:27
elektroidjrmcm: right-ctrl should be your default home key unless you altered it03:28
midas007Sound Preferences ... Applications ... says ALSA03:28
skullboysubcool: sorry hwinfo --memory03:28
elektroidmidas007: ah ok, also in VLC you can pick in preferences which driver to use, try forcing it to use alsa03:29
_antant_Hi guys.03:29
elektroidsee if that doesnt make a difference for a start, otherwise, some videos themselves have bad encoding03:29
_antant_What can I do to solve a 'java.awt.headlessexception' error?03:29
midas007OK, tried it with VLC. Video plays the same. Same delay.03:29
_antant_Trying to run RemoteDroidServer.jar03:29
subcoolskullboy, Memory Size: 3 GB + 512 MB03:29
midas007Delay about .3 secs, sound behind.03:29
subcooli guess it uses some for the Video03:29
elektroidmidas007: delays only appears with this video or always?03:30
midas007Only this video03:30
elektroidmidas007: in VLC you can alter the sync itself03:30
midas007elektroid, u r onto the path I'm looking for, altering the sync, preferably during playback03:31
elektroidTools -> Track Synchronization03:31
skullboysubcool: so you have about 4gbs of ram03:31
skullboysubcool: use the names of the people03:32
zee313how to open .rar and .bok files?03:33
xanguainstall unrar like csf111 said03:33
midas007elektroid, thank you, looks promising, will give it a try03:33
rcarcamomidas007: Cinelerra can do both03:33
skullboysubcool: if your talking to someone pacific put NAME: MESSAGE03:34
ubotturar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free03:34
midas007thank you too rcarcamo03:35
Alix_Hello, i'm on a fresh install of Ubuntu and I have a problem with gksu.. http://pastie.org/168122203:35
subcoolskullboy, sorry- i get lazy03:35
rcarcamomidas007: welcome03:35
skullboysubcool: no problem just imageion 1mill people and one person saying something without identifying the person03:35
Alix_Can log in trought gksu.. auth failed but sudo is fine03:35
elektroidAlix_: can you use su or sudo?03:35
csf111zee313: Did that help? Or do you need more?03:35
Alix_elektroid, sudo yes but su, no03:36
syrinx_root password Alix_03:36
Alix_I never defined a root password while the installation of ubuntu, just my user03:37
elektroidAlix_: ah yeah set the root password then suduo passwd root03:37
subcoolskullboy, i know- so- what is the common use of kubuntu? why am i running on 2gb?03:37
elektroidcant use su without a password03:37
Alix_sudo passwd <my_user> ?03:37
Alix_i try that :)03:37
klabezohi there any one know how to config conky ?03:38
subcoolskullboy, i guess that came out wrong- but i thinku got what im saying03:38
=== Guest34171 is now known as DarkDevil
Alix_it's working ! thank you elektroid and syrinx_ :S03:38
syrinx_no problem Alix_03:38
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest96185
skullboysubcool: wait i just looked it up it that is how much its useing at the time if it needs more it will use more03:39
elektroidno where are the bigboys for my question and answer LOL03:39
klabezoany thing about conky please ?03:40
_antant_elektroid (or anyone): I'm trying to run RemoteDroidServer.jar and I'm being told there's a 'java.awt.headlessexception' error. Works fine under windows. Any idea why not here?03:40
edbianelektroid, What is your question?03:40
subcoolskullboy, ya, i get that. but i thought ubuntu was supposed to use like 1gb.03:40
xanguaklabezo: an easy way to configure conky is: conky colors03:40
=== SpitfireWP_ is now known as SpitfireWP
elektroidedbian: with my current distro, top and /proc/cpuinfo only give show 1 core, previously, I used Ubuntu 10.04 amd64 and it showed 2 cores, is it just a product of using a 32bit distro?03:41
klabezoapt-get install what to install conky colors Xangua ?03:41
=== root_ is now known as whoami
skullboysubcool: yes but ur running kubuntu correct03:41
=== whoami is now known as helloworld
xanguaklabezo: no, google it... is not in repository03:41
=== Timic_ is now known as Timic
subcoolskullboy, yes- but its just KDE.03:42
edbianelektroid, 32 vs. 64 bit OS should not make a difference. That is mostly about memory mapping and performance (for apps that take advantage of it)03:42
elektroid_antant_: I am not specifically familiar, sorry03:42
klabezothank you Xangua i will try03:42
edbianelektroid, You should def see 2 cores in 32 bit Ubuntu of 64 bit Ubuntu if you have 2 cores03:42
skullboysubcool: kde is more demanding than gnome03:42
audiotraxi'm not getting sound from my m-audio delta 1010 (ice1712).  I've been through every forum post/troubleshoot i could find and i still have no sound.  any ideas?03:42
needlezHi, quick question I'm having an issue with using unlock when I lock my screen through ubuntu. I have pam_tally configured to lock out user at 3 login attempts.  not sure if there is something that i need to modify in pam.d to get the gnome-screensaver to let me use unlock03:42
elektroidedbian: thats what I am worried about, is it because a 32bit distro isnt setup to use SMP in the kernel?03:43
subcoolskullboy, ya- i know. but not 1gb...03:43
DoonzI just got a VPS box with ubuntu 10.04 installed. I created 2 new users. How do i get them to have the same terminal feel as the original user (sorry i dont know what to call it)03:44
edbianelektroid, 32 vs 64 bit has no bearing on SMP.  They can both use it.03:44
skullboysubcool: well there is the apps ur running to03:44
subcoolskullboy, once again- not 1gb.03:45
StepNjumpGuys, how come the real player doesn't have the save video option in Ubuntu. It has the option in windows03:45
elektroidedbian: I looked at the kernel config, it does have SMP, I guess I am just trying to figure out why I only have a single core available, worried I am only getting half performance03:45
edbianelektroid, Yes it is very strange...03:45
audiotrax i'm not getting sound from my m-audio delta 1010 (ice1712).  I've been through every forum post/troubleshoot i could find and i still have no sound.  any ideas?03:45
Chr|sI asked this earlier, but I forgot, how do I switch to command line only mode and switch back03:45
edbianelektroid, Do you have an nvidia card?  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=163896303:46
skullboysubcool: that depends what r u running03:46
elektroidedbian: nope, ati-amd radeon03:46
edbianChr|s, ctrl + alt + F1  and ctrl + alt + F703:46
Chr|sedbian, thanks03:46
tripelbbSymmetric multiprocessing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia03:46
tripelbbIn computing, symmetric multiprocessing or SMP involves a multiprocessor computer hardware architecture where two or more identical processors are connected ...03:46
elektroidaudiotrax: I would be interested to find out too because I am planning on getting a setup like that03:46
StepNjumpIs there anything easy to install I could use to save streaming video or streaming video in Ubuntu?03:46
edbianelektroid, What is the output of cat /proc/cpuinfo   ?03:47
needlezany ideas??03:47
audiotraxelektroid:  i've seriously tried everything03:47
subcoolskullboy, - k- thanks.. ttyl03:47
elektroidedbian: http://pastie.org/168125403:47
audiotraxelektroid:  I even did a completely fresh instsall of ubuntu and started from scratch....still no results03:48
edbianelektroid, one core is missing.  I don't know why though.03:48
wenbertfrom the commandline, how do I add fileA.png  to myarchive.zip?03:49
elektroidaudiotrax: do you get the drivers to load at least?03:49
elektroidaudiotrax: as in can you get alsamixer up and what not03:49
KomotiveCan anyone give me some pointers on identifying unexpected shutdowns in ubuntu03:49
Prinler^Linhow do i log in as root? I think i killed sudo... i looked it uponline and it says log in as root and change permissions. How do i do that03:50
audiotraxelektroid:  you bet.  the sound card is set to the default.  the alsamixer comes up no problem, the system sees the card and sees the inputs.  but it only gives me the option of digital outputs (which i'm assuming is the S/PDIF) and i'm not using that...i'm using analog outs 1/203:50
Prinler^LinChanging the file rights from 644 to 440 "fixed" it.03:50
needlezPrinler^Lin:  I was gonna say cant you use sudo su to drop to root?03:51
Abhijit!tar | wenbert03:51
ubottuwenbert: Files with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with file-roller (GNOME) or Ark (KDE) - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression03:51
elektroidaudiotrax: do 'lsmod | grep snd-ice' for me03:52
audiotraxelektroid:  I got back "Usage:  lsmod"03:52
KomotiveCan anyone give me some pointers on identifying unexpected shutdowns in ubuntu03:52
wenbertAbhijit I just want to add a single to a zip file. I have uploaded that 90mb file to the server but forgot to add one file to the zip. i was hoping to add it via command line...03:52
cardamonAnyone know why empathy's stopped logging into facebook?03:52
kontagioushey im having a problem installing flash player on firefox 4, ubuntu 64 bit03:53
kontagiouscardamon, mine is down too03:53
elektroidaudiotrax: ok lets try 'lsmod | grep snd'03:53
elektroidaudiotrax: you should see snd_ice, if not you arent using the right module for that card03:53
Prinler^Linsudo: /etc/sudoers is mode 0644, should be 044003:53
Prinler^Linsudo: no valid sudoers sources found, quitting03:53
Prinler^Linneedlez my sudo has died03:54
audiotraxelektroid:  got back a whole list of stuff.  at the top of the list i see "snd_ice1712"03:54
Abhijitwenbert, no idea03:54
delinquentmewhats the ubuntu panel icon .. in the top right .. that gives me a menu with shut down at the bottom?03:54
Loshkiwenbert: you answer is buried somewhere in the depths of 'man zip'03:55
crazyharryI was wondering if this PCMCIA usb card will work for my T40 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16839101111&cm_re=pcmcia_card-_-39-101-111-_-Product03:55
Loshkiwenbert: you -> your03:55
crazyharryboth my USB doesnt work, I bought it like that from ebay03:55
Prinler^LinAnyone know how to log myself inro root so i can fix a file permission with sudo?03:56
banker247anyone savvy in autoconf?>03:56
KomotiveCan anyone give me some pointers on identifying unexpected shutdowns in ubuntu please?03:56
trismdelinquentme: indicator-applet-session03:56
elektroidPrinler^Lin: if sudo works then 'sudo -s' will drop you into a root shell03:57
delinquentmetrism, thanks!03:57
=== Axlin is now known as Axlin|AFK
Prinler^Linelektroid,  did you not even reasd my issue? sudo is BROKEN!!!!!!03:58
LoshkiKomotive: start in /var/log and see if there's anything interesting logged around the shutdowns. Also, please describe exactly what happens at one of these 'shutdowns'03:58
elektroidPrinler^Lin: I didnt understand what you meant, if you cant use sudo then use su, what else can you do?03:59
LoshkiPrinler^Lin: can't you just boot single-user and fix the file?03:59
KomotiveI've had a good few of them now and been through the logs that I'm aware of. I can see any particular issue yet03:59
KomotiveKern log doesn't show anything faulting04:00
audiotraxelektroid:  message me again04:00
LoshkiKomotive: ok, please describe the 'shutdown'? e.g. dead with keyboard leds flashing...04:00
KomotiveIt's almost like the power just cuts out momentarily ....04:01
elektroidaudiotrax: are my msgs not going through?04:01
Prinler^LinLoshki,  no04:01
elektroidaudiotrax: I asked if you are using Ubuntu studio and if you had installed any modules for the card04:01
tripelbbok, please tell me what I did when I hit  control-alt-F1   ---  and how to recover after doing it.  (says the dumbo)04:01
LoshkiPrinler^Lin: er, why can't you boot single user?04:02
rwwtripelbb: switched to a text terminal. ctrl-alt-F7. or sometimes F8.04:02
ericytripelbb: Recover via ctrl-alt-F704:03
KomotiveLoshki: Is there any way to log the power info?04:03
LoshkiKomotive: It sounds hardware/power supply related. Do you have a UPS, btw?04:03
tripelbbthanks ericy quit exit didnt work.04:03
Prinler^Linno root password04:03
elektroidPrinler^Lin: root password isnt necessary for single user04:04
KomotiveLoshki: No - but I may have to get one to rule it out ....04:04
LoshkiPrinler^Lin: what elektroid said...04:04
elektroidPrinler^Lin: run level 1 = single user mode04:04
Prinler^Linyou need root to do the command to change permissions on sudoers.d04:05
LoshkiPrinler^Lin: when you boot single user you are automatically root...04:05
audiotraxhow do you unignore someone?04:06
Prinler^Lin*raises eyebrow*04:06
audiotraxclicked the wrong button04:06
* nick laughs at audiotrax None of that!04:06
Prinler^Linhow do i boot into run lvl 104:06
rwwaudiotrax: try #freenode for IRC help04:06
spiralnihi.. new here04:06
elektroidPrinler^Lin: this should help you with single user mode and other problems http://www.debuntu.org/recover-root-password-single-user-mode-and-grub04:07
needlezPrinler^Lin: you could hold shift down on reboot and go to recv mode and then drop to root shell and modify sudoers file from there04:07
elektroidcan someone tell audiotrax that he cant get my msgs04:08
needlezHi, quick question I'm having an issue with using unlock when I lock my screen through ubuntu. I have pam_tally configured to lock out user at 3 login attempts.  not sure if there is something that i need to modify in pam.d to get the gnome-screensaver to let me use unlock??04:08
Echo9erhi all04:10
elektroidneedlez: you tried 'passwd -u [user]'04:10
Echo9erwould anyone be up to help me pick a new laptop?04:11
Echo9eri wanna run ubuntu on it04:11
Echo9erit will be for school mostly.04:11
needlezelektroid: its not at a terminal, its the screensaver login it wont allow unlock, since I modified pam.d/auth-common04:11
Echo9erand this dell rep is an idiot who i am talking to via chat.04:12
Echo9er 11:11:18 PM    Agent  Vishnu V 04:12
Echo9erYou can install Ubuntu on your own but you need to uninstall the existing software04:12
elektroidI thought Dell came with pre-installed Linux distros these days?04:12
Echo9erevidently not anymore.04:12
Loshkiaudiotrax: /ignore -r <user> to unignore. See http://www.ircbeginner.com/ircinfo/ircc-commands.html04:13
elektroidneedlez: cant reboot or what exactly?04:13
needlezEcho9er: you should look into the different hardware that is in the laptop and see if the laptop's hardware is supported by ubuntu04:13
elektroidif you are account is locked out, you cant do much of anything besides rebooting04:13
needlezelektroid: its not that im locked out, its that when I go to use unlock on screensaver its like unlock has been disabled, says password is incorrect even though its the correct password.04:14
Echo9erhow much hardware isn't supported?04:14
=== jeffbailey is now known as jbailey-laptop
needlezelektroid: I can go to switch user and login as me but just wanted to know if I can turn back on unlock somehow04:15
elektroidneedlez: I think I misunderstood the context, basically, you can login and want to reactivate unlock for screensaver?04:15
needlezEcho9er: depends, some wifi cards, some graphics cards, some processors if your kernel is before 2.6.35-xx04:15
needlezelektroid: correct, i have to use switch user instead of unlock to login, its kinda annoying04:16
Prinler^LinHmm how do i reboot into run lvl 1 from my usb drive?04:16
Prinler^Linit doesnt have grub04:16
elektroidEcho9er: yeah wifi cards are the biggest pain especially if you only have one computer around, check on the supported list04:16
hiexpo!air rack-ng04:17
trismPrinler^Lin: if it is a usb drive, just plug it in somewhere else and edit the file04:17
Echo9eris 2 gb enough to run ubunto?04:17
Echo9eris 2 gb enough to run ubuntu?04:17
needlezPrinler^Lin:  what do you want to drop to run lv  1 for??04:17
elektroidEcho9er: for a desktop, with the majority of common software, no04:18
Prinler^Linto alter the permission on sudo.... sudo is broken04:18
elektroidoh wait, Ram?04:18
Prinler^Lini need root access to change it all04:18
Echo9eryeah ram04:18
elektroid1 gb is fine but I would go 2gb if you can04:18
elektroid512 mb would even be fine but it wouldnt be the best choice if you intend to use desktop programs normally04:19
needlezPrinler^Lin: if you want to get to root, you could just hold shift on reboot which should give you grub selection , choose recv mode and then start in root or rootshell, you'll have root permission to alter any file you need04:19
Echo9erits going to be for coding in c++04:19
Echo9erand java04:19
elektroidI added another 1 gig ram because I tend to have firefox, openoffice and various audio programs open at the same time04:19
Echo9erand online test.04:19
jigynetIs there any software for xubuntu that wiy systwmll assit in clearin ALL cache, tmp and cookies on m04:19
jigynetmy system04:19
elektroidEcho9er: if you arent doing anything intensive, you can get away with 512 but again its about comfort, I wouldnt in modern times use anything less than 2 gb04:20
W43372I was installing Samba and I got these weird messages in my terminal: http://paste.ubuntu.com/581453/04:20
jigynethow do i assign more swap space on a wubi install, last timme i tried i messed up the grub booter somehow04:20
mrdebdo you recommend ubuntu 10.04 or 10.1004:20
Echo9erwell most of these laptops are 2gbs that i am looking at... thats why im asking04:20
jigynetmost os's use 400mb of ram minimum04:21
Echo9eri got windows 7 down to like 100 by disabling tons of stuff.04:21
needlezmrdeb: depends, for more over all long lasting support 10.04 its LTS but for  bleeding edge 10.10  or if your computer runs an i7 you maybe forced to run 10.10, cuz 10.04 won't recognize some i7 systems04:22
jigynetso to keep costs down, buy it as is with minimum specs..but make sure it supports upgrades and that they can be done easily04:22
mrdebneedlez: why not04:22
Echo9erwhat do you think of that one?04:22
elektroidEcho9er: are you buying each person that helps you one too? :)04:23
jigynetfor maximum options and performance steer clear of hp,compaq,dell,alien or any other proprietay vendors...they severely limit upgrades and performance in most models04:24
elektroidthat one is more than enough04:24
Echo9erlol suuuuuure...04:24
needlezmrdeb: different kernels on 10.04 and 10.10 , 10.04's kernel isn't 2.6.35-xx which my i7 will only run with that kernel or newer, older kernel doesn't allow correct acpi configuration for my system04:24
Echo9erdont get that hp?04:24
Echo9erwhich should i get then?04:24
Echo9eryou just listed everyone.04:24
jigynetthe i3 and other integrated 3d gfx is mighty weak04:24
Echo9eri5 is a 200 dollar jump04:25
jigyneti'm not syaing that i'm looking this one over now04:25
eamonWhat's a good lightweight web browser that supports images?04:25
raidoeamon: Midori04:26
jigynetnice 3mb lvl 3 cahce04:26
jigynetddr3 is a plus04:27
extra11http://www.gotomidori.com/ that is insanely slow04:27
jigynetthe hd gfx has no shaders or physix..not for gameing04:27
mrdebneedlez: that's a major issue04:27
Echo9eri can get away with dx7 games though04:27
jigynetlets see if i can find something on newegg to demonstrate my point tho04:28
needlezmrdeb: kinda, just an issue with older kernels not having the right acpi configuration for newer laptop computers04:28
Echo9erif you can find something on newegg please show me04:28
W43372I was installing Samba and I got these weird messages in my terminal: http://paste.ubuntu.com/581453/04:28
W43372Anybody know what all this means? http://paste.ubuntu.com/581453/04:30
Prinler^Linholding shift down does nothing04:32
=== james is now known as Guest1542
Prinler^LinGuess its time to redo this thumb drive i guess.04:33
Prinler^Linthanks for the help04:33
=== jh is now known as Guest90762
Guest1542hello all I just installed ubuntu 10.10, does anyone know a good link to install and use slingplayer04:34
gabo1323I want to install gift daemon, how can I do it?04:35
=== Dank420 is now known as Dankbuntu
ruangabo1323: ubuntu software center or synaptic. search "gift"04:37
jigynetecho http://www.newegg.com/Product/Productcompare.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=100006740%204020&IsNodeId=1&page=2&bop=And&CompareItemList=32|34-220-866^34-220-866-TS%2C34-157-535^34-157-535-02%23%2C34-152-249^34-152-249-TS%2C34-152-222^34-152-222-TS%2C34-115-982^34-115-982-TS04:37
gabo1323tanks so much ruan04:37
Echo9eri didnt know newegg could do that04:38
Echo9eris a n830 better than an i3?04:38
=== Guest96185 is now known as DarkDevil
elektroidjigynet: for big links, use tinyurl, just a suggestion for us using console irc clients04:39
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest24504
ruany they all have windows 704:39
jigynetyea i didnt know it was that long04:40
Echo9erthat's the one i am looking at04:40
Echo9erbut pentium?04:40
Echo9erthats... sooooooo old.04:40
elektroidjust curious, are most of you using amd64 distros?04:40
pbeariehow do i upgrade a 2.6.18 kernel to a 2.6.35?04:41
jigynetalso note echo that 64bit will perform much much better then 3204:41
ruanpbearie: why would you want to do that?04:41
needlezhi can someone go look at there /etc/pam.d/gnome-screensaver  file and post its configuration for me?? I think mines broken, unlock doesnt work04:41
=== jh_ is now known as Guest20058
Echo9eryou know you could go as high as 600 dollars yeah?04:41
pbearieruan: i have a web100 deb that can run on 2.6.35, and i want to install that04:42
jigynetyea i'm trying to save you dough too xD04:42
jigynetbut yea that ill probably get more of what you need for audio04:42
elektroidneedlez: http://pastebin.com/pEdLJ82V04:42
AurigaVirtualBox issue... Under windows I was able to edit the xml file to get more than 128mb of vram... It's not happening in Linux... Any thoughts?04:42
Echo9eryou going to hook me up with another link?04:42
giikerhisto: if u r still there, I finally sply my window vertically!04:42
giikerhisto: if u r still there, I finally splited my window vertically!04:43
jigynetthe one you originally selected need to be met or better..3mb lvl3 cache, 7200rpm HD 2gb or more ddr3 and atleast 3 cores04:43
Echo9erthe i3 is a quad core bro04:43
jigynet7200rpm hd would be best for audio and media04:43
jigynetno the i3 is a 3 core04:43
jigynethence I"3"04:44
Echo9erwell its got 4 threads04:44
elektroidAMd64 X2 dual-core, how many cores in that?04:44
mrdebi dont understand why i3 would not be supported in 10.04, when an older os like xp alreayd supports it04:44
jigynetyup, the more threads the better04:44
Echo9erok so what should i buy jigynet04:45
elektroidwhat do you mean i3 isnt supported?04:45
rwwCore i3 has two physical core, and works fine on Ubuntu as far as I know.04:46
=== velope is now known as lancel
elektroidits really down to the kernel you use04:46
needlezelektroid: are you on ubuntu or what distro is this from, cuz its way different from mine. guessing its fedora since it shows fedora04:46
elektroidyeah, fedora, you spotted me out04:47
* elektroid hides04:47
Echo9eris a dual core pentium ok to use?04:47
elektroidneedlez: but the version of pam should be the determinant as far as syntax04:47
needlezyea, im using it to try to figure out how to configure mine, thank you very much was jw04:48
needlezgonna test it after configuring it04:49
Echo9erhow about this one04:49
needlezstill no luck, shows auth failed04:50
needlezeven tho password is correct04:50
elektroidneedlez: have you altered anything specfic to /etc/passwd or /etc/group?04:51
ruanEcho9er: sold out04:51
needlezelektroid: no04:51
Echo9erjust saw it04:51
ruanwhy not a laptop without windows 7.. if there are any04:51
elektroidneedlez: has this issue occured since first install or when did it specifically start?04:51
Echo9erlol find me one and i will get it04:52
elektroidor do you want vendors that preconfigure with Linux?04:53
elektroidI can think of a few04:53
Echo9eri wanna install it04:53
elektroidand Dell claims to online04:53
Echo9era laptop that has nothing would be even better04:53
needlezelektroid: occured after I added this to common-auth auth required pam_tally.so onerr=fail deny=5 unlock_time=21600 no_reset04:53
elektroidEcho9er: cant you just format the partition? whats the difference?04:54
ruanelektroid: windows 7 adds on to the price04:54
Echo9eryou pay for the key is all04:54
elektroidany partition program will wipe a windows install in seconds04:54
elektroidthe price04:54
stewartlittleGreetings from Madison WI... Just getting the word out about Operation Moon-Walker in Madison WI.  Sat the 19th at Noon.  People are meeting at the state street statue to gather... then we are going to Moon Scott Walker.  Cheers.  I hear there may be a wave... Epic04:54
W43372I was installing Samba and I got these weird messages in my terminal: http://paste.ubuntu.com/581453/04:55
needlezelektroid: any idea??04:56
stiltzkinalright gentlemen, I've got another quick question for ya04:57
stiltzkinThe only wireless adapter I have for this PowerMac G4 is a Netgear WG111 usb dongle04:58
elektroidneedlez: sorry, I am reading pam.d configuration to find out what each part means, I am suspect to the onerr part04:58
stiltzkinThe installation of which requires ndiswrapper04:58
elektroidneedlez: if it was that line that changed everything perhaps something is missing or incorrect and I am trying to find out04:58
stiltzkinUnfortunately ndiswrapper can't really be used on PPC, since there are no PPC Windows drivers.04:58
needlezelektroid: kk take your time04:58
stiltzkinSo my question is, does anyone know of any other drivers or methods one might go about using to get this working on a PPC machine? Or am I SOL04:59
=== nick_ is now known as Guest26494
pbearieif i want to upgrade a kernel version, i download the new kernel source, compile and install?05:01
stiltzkinThere is an ancient thread here with my question but no real answer: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=17785005:02
jigynetecho well i'm stumped, i can't seem to find a non-proprietary laptop matching or beating your first choice05:03
overcluckerstiltzkin: does the usb dongle have windows drivers available?05:03
stiltzkinoverclucker, yes, but since I'm on PowerPC, it doesn't matter.05:04
overcluckerndiswrapper works on ppc, but only if you have windows drivers for the device.05:04
giikeranyone know what gvfsd-http does ?05:04
stiltzkinoverclucker, sure ndiswrapper will work, but the drivers themselves can't work...they're written for x86 processors since no version of Windows runs on PPC05:05
jigynetanyone know how i can remove tmp,cache,cookies completely? is there any helpful software?05:05
ruanjigynet: bleachbit05:07
ruanthe linux equivalent of ccleaner05:08
stiltzkinoverclucker, It's even on the ndiswrapper FAQ...the software runs on PPC but the drivers do not. That's my problem05:08
subcoolHey- i recently got some help, and it didnt work out- I am trying to install my Built-in web cam.. and installing Cheese didnt work.05:09
subcoolgoogling it is getting me no where..05:09
giikersubcool: you just want to use your webcam right!?05:11
subcool...? ya-05:11
stiltzkinlsusb returns "NetGear, Inc. WG111(v1) rev 2 54Mbps Wireless [Intersil Prism54 Intersil 3886]05:11
giikerhave you used Gimp?05:11
stiltzkinSo it's a prism54 card. Are there open source drivers for that that I might compile on PPC?05:12
subcoolwhat else would i be trying to do?? - u got me curious on that one..05:12
dannyLopez68http://pastebin.com/YXehS5vR alguien any idea?05:12
subcoolgimp? -- nah05:12
subcoolinstalling gimp now05:12
giikersubcool: if you can import an image from your webcam in gimp, you mostly sure can get any image off the webcam05:13
dannyLopez68http://pastebin.com/YXehS5vR any idea?05:13
giikersubcool: through anything else05:13
giikerwell ifgimp recognizes the webcam and gets iamges, it means drivers are ok05:14
=== jh is now known as Guest11909
subcoolgiiker, how does gimp import live webcam feeds?05:16
giikerdannyLopez68: what are you trying to do?05:17
dannyLopez68giiker: I have no idea05:17
giikerlive webcam, hmm only pics mate05:17
subcoollol - hahhaha05:18
subcoolim trying to install any drivers to make my webcam work05:18
giikerdannyLopez68: ok05:19
needlezElektroid: well with it changed to succeed it still gave auth failed, then when tried to use switch user it stalled the login and forced me to reboot, think could be the gnome-screensaver set up also05:19
needlezanyone  in ubuntu please post your etc/pam.d/gnome-screensaver file, wanna check to see what the default is for ubuntu compaired to what I have05:20
giikersubcool: what's your model?05:20
subcoolHP DV5- 203505:21
Echo9erXT989UT#ABA < can someone confirm that this model is ubuntu compliant?05:21
giikersubcool: run lsusb05:22
giikersubcool: HP DV5- 2035, that's just your laptop model, run lsusb05:23
subcooli see my usb05:24
hiexpohola all05:24
elektroidneedlez: what was it?05:25
needlezElektroid:  it was the gnome-screensaver file,... needed to add @include common-account; @include common-password; @include common-auth05:25
subcoolgiiker, all i see is my usb hub,05:25
needlezlol, looked at login unix section and it explained what happend05:26
elektroidah so you only had that line in the config altogether05:26
=== cjmccormick is now known as Chr|s
needlezno each seperated, but yea, it was missing the password and account and the way fedora sets it up is much different, so thats why it wasnt working with the other config05:27
needlezthank you very much05:27
giikersubcool: what about: dmesg | grep webcam05:27
needlezwell now, im happy :D05:28
needlezsubcool: sup?? you trying to find your webcam??05:28
stiltzkinCan anyone explain what this error means? "*** KERNELPATH:/lib/modules/2.6.35-22-powerpc/build does not exist. Stop."05:28
hiexponeedlez, soyour running fedora05:28
giikerEcho9er: you might want to try a live CD first!05:28
elektroidhiexpo: no its me with fedora05:29
hiexpooh ok elektroid05:29
[deXter]Hi all05:29
ubottuThe Ubuntu Desktop CD is a "LiveCD" which can be run without altering existing files on your harddrive. Especially useful for testing your hardware's compatibility, it also includes an install option.05:29
Echo9eri dont wanna buy it and not have it working05:30
[deXter]I've got a gnome panel on the left side that's sort of hidden, except for a 1 pixel coloumn which is visible05:30
[deXter]how do I unhide or get rid of it?05:30
[thor]Echo9er: it's free, and always has been05:30
subcoolneedlez, ya-05:30
[thor]Echo9er: www.ubuntu.com05:30
Echo9erthe computer isnt....05:30
subcoolneedlez, and install it05:30
Echo9eri need to know before hand05:30
stiltzkinNo seriously guys, what does that error mean...it's the only thing keeping me from solving my problem05:30
[thor]oh that05:30
elektroidsubcool: which webcam are you using and do you already have v4l installed? most cams work without needing more than that05:31
giikerEcho9er: you might want to burn a Live CD, burn it, and ask people @ the store if you can try you CD05:31
sheenamsi have a question about ssh05:31
needlezsubcool: internel webcam?? or external through usb??05:31
Goomehow would i make it so /usr/bin/ping can only be executed by root?05:31
Echo9erim ordering it online05:31
subcoolelektroid, i have a builtin webcam on my laptop05:32
giikerEcho9er: some stores will say, Ok!05:32
subcoolneedlez, see above05:32
elektroidsubcool: you know the brand-mode?05:32
subcoolelektroid, no- its builtin- i would say HP. lol05:32
giikerEcho9er: you might want to try to look for a similar one on a local store and go there!05:32
[thor]Echo9er: http://www.ubuntu.com/certification05:32
subcoolhiexpo, installed already05:32
Echo9erlocal stores have crap05:32
[thor]Echo9er: has all the hardware by manufacturer/etc05:32
elektroidsubcool: if you gave us the HP laptop model perhaps we could then know what cam you are actually using if you dont know05:33
giikerEcho9er: ok then, then don buy it!05:33
Goomehow would i make it so /usr/bin/ping can only be executed by root?05:33
hiexposhould work with cheese especially hp05:33
elektroidbecause its down to specific webcam to know which drivers are needed05:33
subcoolelektroid, HP DV5 2035 -05:33
sheenamsquick question about ssh, ls lists nothing but cd /.ssh finds ssh directory. Help?05:33
subcooldont be snippy- i have restated this 5 times already, just ask.05:33
giikersorry, OPs, but it's always like this @ this time, too many trolls05:34
rwwsheenams: dotfiles aren't shown in ls by default. use "ls -a" (All) instead05:34
rwwgiiker: then ignore them. feeding them makes things worse.05:34
sheenamsrww: that gives .  ..05:34
subcoolwhat command can i give to give a more specific desciption?05:34
rwwsheenams: presumably because you changed directory to ~/.ssh ;)05:34
Goomehow would i make it so /usr/bin/ping can only be executed by root?05:34
hiexpogreat batteries dieing in mouse05:35
elektroidsubcool: you have a HP TrueVision cam05:35
[thor]!permissions | Goome05:35
ubottuGoome: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions05:35
subcoolelektroid, thank u-05:36
stiltzkinI'm almost there...fixed my previous error message by installing kernel headers. Now I get "fatal error: linux/config.h: No such file or directory." How can I fix that?05:36
giikerrww: I know, sometimes I just doubt my judgment on trolls, anyway...05:36
sheenamsrww: im following directions at github. it says to cd ~/.ssh then ls to find the kepair.05:36
uberbobhi, i am having a problem where a ubuntu box refuses to change hostname, the names in /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname are fine yet hostname and hostname -f are wrong (and yet many reboots have been done)05:36
rwwsheenams: if you did ls inside ~/.ssh and you only see . and .., then you have no keypair.05:36
Goome[thor]: 700 would do fine?05:36
rwwor none in there, anyway05:37
sheenamsrww: Thanks!05:37
elektroidsubcool: can you not get it to load in cheese?05:38
elektroidI believe the v4l drivers are already on there, so it should just work05:38
giikersheenams: u need to generate them first...05:39
ejvuberbob: you know you could just restart the hostname service in /etc/init.d/ lol05:39
[thor]Goome: you need to chown the file to root as well05:39
ejvrebooting is overkill ;)05:39
subcoolelektroid, no i cant..05:39
Jon--I am unable to add anyone to my MSN on Ubuntu 10.04 using Pidgin 2.7.9 (libpurple 2.7.9). I always get the message "Unable to add the buddy EMAIL_HERE@hotmail.com because the username is invalid.  Usernames must be valid email addresses.  Any ideas?  I hve05:39
Jon--Shit. Sorry. Bad enter key.05:39
FloodBot2Jon--: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:39
=== Guest24504 is now known as DarkDevil
uberbobyour not helping05:39
sheenamsgiiker: i know that now. the tutorial i'm following said it would give me an error if there wasn't one, but it didn't give me the error so I assumed there was one05:39
Jon--I am unable to add anyone to my MSN on Ubuntu 10.04 using Pidgin 2.7.9 (libpurple 2.7.9). I always get the message "Unable to add the buddy EMAIL_HERE@hotmail.com because the username is invalid.  Usernames must be valid email addresses.  Any ideas?  I have asked in #pidgin already, but it's much less active, figured I'd ask here.05:40
ejvuberbob: did you try restarting via the init script?05:40
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest85253
ejv(im referring to the hostname service)05:40
subcoolelektroid, or.. it hasnt...05:40
[deXter]So, any ideas folks?05:40
subcoolelektroid, cheese didnt make it work05:41
Chr|sis there a channel for team speak here?05:41
hiexpojon_relax ok with pidgin and hotmail nothing special is needed when you opened pidgin you should have  got a welcome right05:41
giikersheenams: ok, good luck setting up your keypair, and please don't skip the part where it asks for passphrase...05:41
needlezsubcool: can you generate the lspci for that device so I can get the exact info for it?05:41
Chr|sI am having issues with my headset working for Team Speak05:41
Jon--hiexpo: I have used Pidgin for a while as my MSN client. It's just that lately it stopped allowing me to add buddies.05:42
uberbobjust did sudo service hostname start and it didnt help05:42
elektroidneedlez: you need lsmod05:42
ejvi'd check the ubuntuforums Chr|s05:42
Jon--hiexpo: Always telling me that their email is invalid, even if I know for a fact it isn't.05:42
hiexpoJon--, oh so you can log in but not add buddies05:42
needlezahh my bad, i see,05:42
Jon--hiexpo: Correct. returns error message, I pasted into my message above ^05:43
giikerJon--: I have been able to add contactsin amsn, if you want to try other client05:43
subcoolneedlez, nothing in the output mentioned webcam. all the output contained CPU and ATI05:43
Chr|sejv, thanks05:43
Jon--giiker: Pidgin interfaces nicely with alerts. I'm also used to the interface. I've considered changing clients, but I'd rather stick with them if I can for now, so I'd like to try and fix this.05:43
hanasakiwhat is a good tool for administrating users / groups in LDAP for id/password/group/samba05:43
needlezsubcool: lsmod sorry got mixed up05:43
hiexpojon_i just added one to my hotmail last night and no problem so maybe it is a invalid email05:44
subcoolits ok- im relearning the command05:44
Jon--hanasaki: Windows.  Not trolling, but it's very hard to do in Ubuntu I find.05:44
subcoolcan i lsmod | webcam or something?05:44
needlezjust pastbin the output05:44
giikerJon--: have you been able to use the webcam with pidgin and msn, i've had no succes at all05:44
hanasakiJon--:  you mean active dir?05:44
Jon--giiker: MSN changed protocol no FOSS client can use webcams anymore05:44
Matissetheres a directory /home/a/.mozilla/firefox-3.5.abandoned   ... what's that all about?05:44
Jon--hiexpo: It's done it to any email I try.. The last 5-10 from 5-10 different people. I doubt that that is the issue.05:45
hanasakiJon--:  and giiker what about gmail and pidgin05:45
Jon--To be honest, Meebo does a better job than Pidgin and aMSN at features/webcam/etc. -_-'05:45
=== Matisse is now known as a
Jon--But I don't want a web based client05:45
Jon--I am unable to add anyone to my MSN on Ubuntu 10.04 using Pidgin 2.7.9 (libpurple 2.7.9). I always get the message "Unable to add the buddy EMAIL_HERE@hotmail.com because the username is invalid.  Usernames must be valid email addresses. " Any ideas?  I hve05:45
=== a is now known as Guest10778
Jon--Sorry, wrong message. -_-'05:46
xanguaupdate pidgin Jon--05:46
=== Guest10778 is now known as Matisse
Jon--xangua: I have the latest version from http://pidgin.im/download/ubuntu/05:46
xangua2.7.9 is not 'latest'05:46
Jon--It's the latest repository supported..05:46
Jon--Are you suggesting I compile from source?05:47
ejvprobably a ppa via launchpad05:47
Jon--Any resource on Pidgin site for installing onto Ubuntu links to http://pidgin.im/download/ubuntu/ on their site. They don't support any packages beyond 2.7.9 it seems.05:47
xanguaso the pidgin ppa has no latest05:47
DwoodI need help fixing a problem with my sounds on Ubuntu. Anyone care to help?05:48
Jon--Dwood: !ask05:48
xanguatry getdeb.net repository, i got 2.7.11 from there i believe Jon--05:48
Jon--Shit, wrong bot macro, sorry.05:48
Jon--Just ask.05:48
ejv!language | Jon--05:48
ubottuJon--: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.05:48
elektroidsubcool: you can also ls /dev/video and then try vlc v4l2:///dev/video*05:49
giikerhanasaki: gtalk works fine, but last time i tried to chat with webcam with my wife @ home it did not work05:49
elektroidsorry ls /dev/video*05:49
Dwoodfirst: need to get my buntu version...05:49
hanasakigiiker:  did you need to use the google plugins to the apt sources? BRB05:49
Jon--I am unable to add anyone to my MSN on Ubuntu 10.04 using Pidgin 2.7.9 (libpurple 2.7.9). I always get the message "Unable to add the buddy EMAIL_HERE@hotmail.com because the username is invalid.  Usernames must be valid email addresses."  Any ideas?  I have asked in #pidgin already, but it's much less active, figured I'd ask here.05:50
ejvcan you stop repeating, for the love of god05:50
Jon--xangua: Will getdeb replace my other package for pidgin  or will it be named differently in aptitude?05:50
xanguawill update/replace Jon--05:51
elektroidsubcool: you still there?05:51
Jon--xangua: apt-get update did not find an update for pidgin05:51
giikerharisund: i have the plugins installed, maybe it was because we were on the same LAN, i don't know I could chat but not webcam conversation, weird....05:51
Jon--After installing the getdeb repo05:51
subcool_bah - got disconnected05:51
Jon--Yes it did.05:51
Jon--I apologise.05:51
elektroidah subcool, do lsmod | grep video05:51
=== m_ is now known as wordwarrior_01
DwoodUpon starting Ubuntu every time, the sound manager uses the previously set volume level as the MAX volume level05:51
DwoodThis is not okay.05:52
Jon--How bleeding edge are these packages, quite safe and stable?05:52
giikerJon--: i'm going to try to add someone on pidgin right now05:52
Jon--giiker: Alright.05:52
subcool_video                  20623  005:52
subcool_output                  2503  1 video05:52
=== Kasjopaja23 is now known as Kasjopaja
Jon--giiker: I wasn't getting any problems for the longest time, then 3-4 days ago, out of the blue, I cannot add anyone.05:52
DwoodCan someone help me with my sound issue?05:52
_jesse_hey all having some issues with ssh and public key authentication; same private key works on one system, but not on another. Gives the follwing output: http://pastebin.com/4YWBzaD805:52
hanasakigiiker:  did you need to use the google plugins to the apt sources? BRB05:52
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest28908
Jon--From #pidgin "bug fixed in 2.7.1105:52
elektroidsubcool_:  and ls /dev/video* please05:53
elektroidif you get video0 and have vlc we can try testing it on there05:53
needlezelektroid: i looked over his lsmod and it shows no uvc or v4l area, however shows video005:54
DwoodEvery time I start ubuntu it uses the previously set sound level as the maximum sound level05:54
subcool_ls: cannot access /dev/video: No such file or directory05:54
giikerJon--: ha ha, just got the same error like you05:54
Jon--giiker: From #pidgin they said the bug is fixed in 2.7.11  Are you running 2.7.9?05:54
DwoodLike if I set it to half sound, then the next time I start it up half is now as if the sound was turned up all the way05:54
elektroidneedlez: yeah its just video using raw output module05:54
giikerJon--: let me see05:55
elektroidI am trying to find out if truevision is v4l compatible05:55
giikerJon--: mine is 2.6.605:55
elektroidif so, then loading that driver should fix it05:55
lolsieshey guys please can i ask you to rate OSKit compared to other tools05:55
subcool_im glad u guys know about this- cause im soo puzzled05:55
Jon--giiker: Damn. well, to fix, compile from source or install the getdeb repositories. #pidgin says "Jon--: package builds are done by different people, unfortunately"05:56
giikerJon--: let me try05:57
jblpxhwhen is ubuntu 10.10 server going to upgrade to apache 2.2.17 in apt?05:57
jblpxhit came out december 201005:57
Jon--giiker: I'm confident this will fix it. Pidgin is aware of the bug, it's just that their PPA is not up to date.05:57
DwoodCan someone help me with a sound issue?????05:58
=== Squarism is now known as Blobbo
elektroidsubcool_: which Ubuntu are you using?05:58
rww!latest | jblpxh05:59
ubottujblpxh: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are: fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.05:59
DwoodI'm using 10.04 and have an issue with the sound, can someone help me set it up?05:59
=== jblpxh is now known as jblphx
DwoodI hate to continue repeating my question05:59
DwoodJust only 1 support channel is kind of...06:00
Tohuw!enter | Dwood06:00
ubottuDwood: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!06:00
elektroidDwood: this time of day is hard to get good live support06:00
Chr|sDwood, copy and paste is a great feature06:00
subcool_elektroid, idk about that- i get better help now then during the day06:01
rwwwhen used appropriately, in 15 minute intervals06:01
TohuwDwood: There are 1k+ users in this channel at any given time. This is much more useful than a few users in many channels. There are in fact multiple Ubuntu support channels, though this is the one for Ubuntu desktop. Your best bet is to repeat your question every 15-ish minutes. If someone has an answer, they'll answer.06:02
giikerJon--: have you tried to build it yourself yet?06:02
DwoodTohuw: all right. I'll try every now and then.06:02
elektroidsubcool_: if you have ekiga installed(most likely) give that a run see if your cam works, otherwise all I can find is sites mentioning to install the uvc drivers from source06:02
needlezDwood: sound issue??06:03
TohuwDwood: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting06:03
subcool_elektroid, installing now-06:03
subcool_i found a couple helps that include installing from source, but when i went to follow the guide- the links were no good06:03
DwoodTohuw, already tried that. needlez: when starting Ubuntu every time, the sound manager uses the previously set volume level as the max volume level06:03
elektroidsubcool_: http://www.ideasonboard.org/uvc/06:04
giikerJon--: source is heavy06:04
Jon--giiker: lol. Yes, it's no fun.06:04
TohuwDwood: meaning when you restart, the highest you can set your sound is whatever it was set to before restarting?06:05
Jon--giiker: Are you having trouble?06:06
subcool_elektroid, nothing was found06:06
elektroidwhat do you mean?06:06
Jon--giiker: I can help you if you like. Ironic, you tried to help me fix problem, and in doing so, you realized you also have problem, and now I can help you fix it. Hahaha.06:06
elektroidthe site is there, I am on it now06:06
_jesse_having some issues with ssh and public key authentication; same private key works on one system, but not on another. Gives the follwing output: http://pastebin.com/4YWBzaD806:06
giikerJon--: man, building it will take 35 mins total, by that time I will be asleep06:06
subcool_elektroid, well, after installing ekiga... nothing was found when trying to test the video06:06
elektroidgot ya06:07
giikerJon--: sorry, it is 02:07 am here06:07
Jon--giiker: no worries.06:07
AurigaHello, Any one able to tell me how to stop opening applications from following me across desktops?06:07
nishantmy synaptic is not working06:07
Jon--giiker: I just installed the getdeb repository, it has a later verison of pidgin06:07
giikerJon--: I do think I'll make it06:07
elektroidsubcool_: looks like you are just going to need to install from source, I ve been looking in my usual spots and thats all I ve seen06:08
giikerJon--: I don't think I'll make it06:08
damien\server irc.recycled_irc.net06:08
damien\server irc.recycled-irc.net06:08
subcool_elektroid, thanks- all i got is google, and i get bs...06:08
subcool_what kinda cam do i have again?06:09
elektroidyeah HP TrueVision06:09
Chr|sif I were to creat a launcher to open a program how would I add this command "padsp teamspeak"?06:09
dr0idhello friends06:09
dr0idhowz it goin06:09
giikerJon--: I was going to do evrything in virtual box, but then I said naaah, too long, i like pidgin too for their alerts, reminds me of Irc alerts somehow!06:10
giikerJon--: will give it a try in the ffuture though06:10
subcool_according to ur website, my cam isnt supported06:10
giikerJon--: it's a shame how Big Corporations shut us out though!06:10
meani have two kernel ,but i always start with 2.6.32-24,how to change to 2.6.32-27?06:11
Jon--giiker: Not really.06:11
giikerJon--: I meant MS...06:11
GaduI'm choosing between 2 nearly identical graphics cards. Option 1 supports OpenGL 4.1 whereas Option 2 only supports 3.2 but it is slightly faster. (both are Radeon HD 6850 from same brand)06:12
GaduWhat are the advantages of going up to 4.1 from 3.2?06:12
Jon--giiker: Microsoft has a closed source product that is designed to allow people to chat with other people who, most often, have their email account and choose to use their product. Should they be more open? Sure. Should we get mad or require it of them? I'm not sure you really can. It's within their rights to be competitive and keep their source closed, even if it makes us mad.06:12
sacarlson mean: I use the gui startup-manager to change grub2 settings06:12
TohuwGadu: http://www.opengl.org/documentation/current_version/06:12
TohuwGoogle is your friend, Gadu06:13
Bing0Hi.  Ubuntu 10.10 -- I have a flash issue(not speed, and full-screen works fine) on different computers with different browsers.  If I load a flash video(youtube for ex) and scroll down the flash video follows the page...also if I have other tabs open the flash overlays the other tabs.  Any ideas or anyone else having this issue?  Thanks.06:13
GaduTohuw: should have thought of it that way, kept searching OpenGL 3.2 vs 4.1 soft of thing which is pretty dead06:13
giikerJon--: wau, by the speed of your typing I might venture to say you had that in a file and copied it, but who  knows right, haha!06:13
Jon--giiker: Nope, just a software developer who also chatted on MSN too much as a child.06:14
Jon--giiker: My keyboard and me are good friends ;)06:14
nishanthello , why my touchpad not workng06:14
GaduTohuw: thanks for the correct direction XD06:14
sacarlsonmean: take a look at http://www.techienote.com/2010/10/changing-default-boot-option-in-ubuntu-10-10.html06:14
Bing0Gadu, have you googled your make/model with ubuntu 10.10 and tablet as keywords?06:14
Bing0err.. nish06:14
Bing0nishant,  have you googled your make/model with ubuntu 10.10 and tablet as keywords?06:14
giikerJon--: you are my keyboard master, then! no joking eh!!06:15
nishantit was working fine ...stopped suddenly06:15
TohuwYou're welcome, Gadu06:15
Bing0nishant, does it work in another user account? have you tried a live cd to ensure the touchpad itself is functional?06:15
nishantno I can check in windows wait will be back06:15
Bing0Hi.  Ubuntu 10.10 -- I have a flash issue(not speed, and full-screen works fine) on different computers with different browsers.  If I load a flash video(youtube for ex) and scroll down the flash video follows the page...also if I have other tabs open the flash overlays the other tabs.  Any ideas or anyone else having this issue?  Thanks.06:15
giikerJon--: I know all of your argument, and heard it many times, but I have seen many like MS do this and it has always been just to shut us out!06:16
GaduBing0: Tablet?06:16
Bing0Gadu, it was a tab completion typo..plz ignore06:16
GaduBing0: ah ok, i did find the necessary information to setup the graphics card properly with Ubuntu 10.1006:17
giikerJon--: we'd better stop, before ubottu sends us to the cafe channel06:17
Jon--giiker: There's always PM.06:18
jsoftHow to take screenshot?06:18
sacarlsonjsoft <alt> printscreen06:19
Tohuwjsoft: The print screen button, by default. Configurabe in Keyboard Shortcuts06:20
Jon--jsoft: Press alt+ printscreen for current window, printscreen for entire display06:20
Guest26494can someone say a bad word i need to test something06:20
rwwGuest26494: no.06:20
subcool_y is this always soo difficult06:20
Guest26494ok sorry then06:20
Jon--subcool_: With great power comes great responsibility.06:20
GaduGuest26494: I will in a PM if that is suitable for your test06:20
ihack4funThats a four letter word06:20
subcool_Jon--, its a laptop---06:20
Guest26494gadu that would be great06:20
Jon--subcool_: What's your problem?06:21
Guest26494i made an xchat profanity filter06:21
subcool_Jon--, this isnt DieHard 406:21
subcool_couple the guys were helping me..06:21
giikerJon--: don't even go there, this afternoon, i learned how to use almost all screen keybindings, and I haven used irc commands in a long time, less dcc06:21
Jon--subcool_: You either need to get out (stay in?) more, or that was just a terrible troll.06:21
subcool_just trying to install my webcam06:21
elektroidsubcool_: your laptop is too new, you will have to try installing the drivers as I mentioned06:21
elektroidor try the newest version of Ubuntu06:22
Jon--giiker:   /msg Jon-- yo06:22
subcool_elektroid, working on it06:22
giikersubcool_: you have been trying to install your Webcam for the last 2 hours! come on, get some sleep!06:22
subcool_giiker, no- my gf has been giving me shit for 2 days06:23
elektroidsubcool_: your webcam may very well not be supported by Linux06:23
subcool_elektroid, like everything else i purchase06:23
DwoodI have issues with brightness buttons on my laptop, someone want to help me out?06:23
elektroidI cant find anything except a few instances which is why I mentioned those drivers06:23
hiexpowow u guys still messing with thatWB CAM06:24
elektroidotherwise, try getting another cam that is supported06:24
DwoodUbuntu recognizes the buttons that they should change the brightness but nothing happens!06:24
Jon--Someone could have written him a driver by now.06:24
elektroidJon--: by all means06:24
DwoodWell the brightness dialog comes up but it doesn't actually do anything!06:24
Jon--elektroid: D: Maybe. I have limited driver writing experience however ;P06:25
subcool_elektroid, i have two- but they suck06:25
elektroidsubcool_: well, you may be in better luck if you have an older cam06:25
_jesse_having some issues with ssh and public key authentication; same private key works on one system, but not on another. Gives the follwing output: http://pastebin.com/4YWBzaD806:25
subcool_im noticing06:25
elektroidunfortunately, anything cutting edge is unsupported or extremely buggy in Linux06:26
Jon--_jesse_: Unknown Paste ID!06:26
elektroidunless you buy things specifically oriented for the unix world06:26
giikersubcool_: you should go to the same store where you bought your laptop and tell them it doesn't work in DOS and get a refund, then when you get a replacement come back here and then we can help you06:26
subcool_im use to it-06:26
Jon--Except things that actually matter, like solid state drives06:26
DwoodKinect was supported within 3 hours of its release...06:26
Jon--Where the Linux kernel actually had better support than Win7 for a while.06:26
subcool_my gf is just mad she bought me a new laptop- and i refuse to install windows on it06:26
_jesse_Jon--: hrm it must have expired06:26
_jesse_one moment06:26
elektroidJon--: as I said, if it isnt already something the unix world supports06:26
subcool_giiker, lol- i wish. but this thing is 6 months old06:27
nishantanyone can tell me why snyaptics touchpad not coming up http://pastebin.com/mejjFSVK06:27
subcool_nishant, its better than a buggy one. My touchpad f's up all my typeing06:27
_jesse_having some issues with ssh and public key authentication; same private key works on one system, but not on another. Gives the follwing output: http://pastebin.com/dTkpEXtu06:27
_jesse_Jon--: ^06:27
_jesse_seems like ssh-agent is borked06:28
elektroidwhats funny, I ve noticed a lot of people come to this channel and are like damn,my car doesnt run, whats wrong with it as if everyone knows06:28
Bing0Hi.  Ubuntu 10.10 -- I have a flash issue(not speed, and full-screen works fine) on different computers with different browsers.  If I load a flash video(youtube for ex) and scroll down the flash video follows the page...also if I have other tabs open the flash overlays the other tabs.  Any ideas or anyone else having this issue?  Thanks.06:28
nishantlol the problem is when u travel06:28
jekinhey need a help ... I have some problem with Ubuntu ..... I have a Nvidia FX5500 card which causes the booting from hard disk or live CD to fail ......  when i try the text mode this following message is comming up06:28
jekinNo init found try parsing init=bootarg06:28
Jon--_jesse_: And you did ssh-add on your client PC correct?06:29
MTecknologywhat app is there for ripping cd's?06:29
elektroidto iso?06:29
Dannydhi i have a ubuntu installed on a computer at home. But no internet connection. How can I update that computer, (can I get a list of packages from the update manager and go to an internet cafe and download them in some sort of automatic way)?06:29
elektroidyou can use dd06:29
jigynet!deep scan06:29
_jesse_Jon--: yeah, and I tried it with ssh -i too06:29
jekinany idea on how i can atleast boot to text mode06:29
giikerJon--: weird it did not work06:29
MTecknologyelektroid: to any audio format that I can toss onto my phone06:29
elektroidah ok CD to mp3 then?06:30
giikerdamn, my neighboors are fighting again!06:30
MTecknologyi remember sound juicer from way way back.. i'm guessing there's a lot better now06:30
elektroidDannyd: use apt-rdepends [name of package] and download those06:30
DwoodI have an issue with the brightness controls for my laptop. Someone willing to help?06:30
tmandryI'm stuck in lucid and I need to install ant 1.8 which isn't in the tree - how can I do this?06:31
Jon--_jesse_: Sorry I have to go to bed shortly  please find someone else to assist you.06:31
JetBoyJetGirlhint Dwood: just ask your question06:31
sacarlsonjekin: can you try holding shift at boot and select recover boot or single user boot?06:32
elektroidMTecknology: sound juicer is still the main but you can look at everything here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CDRipping06:32
JetBoyJetGirlnot sure if anyone in here would be able to help though tbh06:32
* rww uses k3b for CD ripping <306:32
DwoodI press the buttons on my laptop to control brightness, ubuntu recognizes them but the brightness does not change!06:32
elektroidthat site has a ton, kaudiocreator, k3b, and soundjuicer so I figured the site was better06:32
MTecknologyelektroid: thanks06:33
andrew_46MTecknology: This is an old guide of mine that might help: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=53595006:33
jekinsacarlson ....... i tried the recover mode but it also gives init not found error06:33
=== nick_ is now known as Guest88734
elektroidI am glad someone else likes k3b, I ve always liked it over Brasero06:34
giiker_jesse_: what are you trying to do again06:34
Dannyd elektroid: once i do that the update manager will detect that they were installed right?06:34
sacarlsonjekin: I guess your boot media must have mest up.  try boot a livecd and try mount the root partition to see if it's intact06:34
Dannydif i install the packages using dpkg -i06:34
hiexpoya but k3b is kde06:34
elektroidDannyd: hopefully, I ve been in a similar situation06:34
elektroidno internet and needing to grab packages from another pc06:35
Chr|show do I make a bash script run from launcher?06:35
* rww uses KDE <306:35
Dannydok will try06:35
elektroidhiexpo: well, something wrong with using KDE apps?06:35
Dannydthanks  elektroid:06:35
elektroidk3b works fine with the right libs in gnome06:35
_jesse_giiker: use ssh with pka; I think I might be onto something though06:35
hiexpoto each is own06:35
ihack4funK3b good for DVD movie backups06:36
giiker_jesse_: what's your error?06:36
jekinsacarlson .. the boot CD also fails actually .......  it kind of freezes midway ... also tried the safe graphics mode while booting from CD still fails ......... as long as i am using the GFX card none of linux distro (tried fedora Kubuntu ubuntu)  fail to boot06:36
elektroidihack4fun: as in to make .iso?06:36
_jesse_giiker: http://pastebin.com/dTkpEXtu06:37
=== melik is now known as Conquistador
_jesse_giiker: it looks like I didn't actually ssh-add this most recent key pair gen though06:37
giiker_jesse_: wait, can you delete known_hosts?06:37
ihack4funI want to make bacup copies of my purchased movie DVDs06:37
_jesse_I think it's ok now06:37
caffeinegumhey all06:37
giiker_jesse_: ok06:37
elektroidihack4fun: so why not just make a disk dump per and simple dd if=/dev/cdrom of=~/cdrom_image.iso06:38
_jesse_giiker: though I'm surprised ssh-agent refused to use the key even with the -i flag on ssh06:38
realsifohi. how to install nvidia driver on ubuntu?06:38
jekineasy way is hardware>drives06:38
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto06:38
realsifothanks :)06:38
ihack4funBecause I didn't know how06:39
elektroidI bet a lot of people dont even look at the forums06:39
_jesse_giiker: thanks anyway06:39
jekinelektriod ... lol ....... or not ever do google search06:39
MTecknologygah... i need to use this system more often... >250 updates every time i turn it on is ridiculous06:40
andrew_46ihack4fun: There is the hard way documented here: http://www.andrews-corner.org/fist.html06:40
giiker_jesse_: shouldn't you be using 5.8 though?06:40
MTecknologymaybe if i stop using +1 ..06:40
cryptodiratotem is complaining about needing a 'dvd subpicture decoder' in order to play a dvd..... vlc does not play this  either...it just opens and closes.... suggestions??06:40
=== Guest85253 is now known as DarkDevil
elektroidMTecknology: are they security updates only?06:40
DwoodI press the buttons on my laptop to control brightness, ubuntu recognizes them but the brightness does not change!06:40
=== bocaneri is now known as Sauvin
MTecknologyelektroid: nah; most aren't06:40
=== Sauvin is now known as Bocaneri
van7huhi,I just getting started with python under ubuntu,yes,I could call 'python' from terminal,but how could I know the version of it?06:40
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest71597
MTecknologypyrofallout: python -v06:41
elektroidMTecknology: you dont need to update everytime a new release comes out and I personally advise against it, if you feel the need just update at every release06:41
elektroidubuntu release06:41
hitmoon-v give you it's version06:41
MTecknologypyrofallout: python -V **06:41
giiker_jesse_: read thi just in case: http://openssh.com/security.html06:41
MTecknologyelektroid: I've been using natty for a few months now :P06:41
van7huI used -v but does not work :)06:42
MTecknologypyrofallout: python -V <-- capital06:42
MTecknologyvan7hu: -v verbose && -V version06:42
cryptodiratotem is complaining about needing a 'dvd subpicture decoder' in order to play a dvd..... vlc does not play this  either...it just opens and closes.... suggestions??  10.04.2  amd/6406:43
MTecknology!repeat > cryptodira06:43
ubottucryptodira, please see my private message06:43
airtonixtotem: qqmoar06:43
elektroidMTecknology: what I mean is that, you expose yourself to a lot of bugs by staying bleeding edge, if you have a version of something and its solid, stay with it unless you need new features06:43
giikergood night everyone, thanx for those who helped me tonight with screen, i really enjoyed it!! see you in the afterlife, if there is any!, I hope! :-)06:43
MTecknologyelektroid: I'm just a bleeding edge person :P   I actually roll my own kernel too :)06:43
DwoodI press the buttons on my laptop to control brightness, ubuntu recognizes them but the brightness does not change!06:43
MTecknology!repeat > Dwood06:43
ubottuDwood, please see my private message06:43
elektroidMTecknology: well, I guess its your computer, so do as you like06:44
MTecknologyelektroid: i'm jobless for another week; spare time to do stuff like that :P06:44
jigynetwhat is "deep scan"06:44
elektroidthat seems to be Ubuntu's trend anyway, constant updating06:44
elektroidI think Ubuntu was originally based off of Debian SID so that make sense06:45
elektroiddifferent Linux philosophy06:45
jigynetMTecknology, roll your own kernal?06:45
elektroidand his own cigarettes06:46
hiexpoihack4fun, dvdbackup works great06:46
MTecknologyelektroid: every version does imports from debian unstable; until a few months prior the auto sync is stopped06:46
needlezDwood: you still there??06:46
MTecknologyjigynet: setup and compile and install by hand; very very fun once you know what you're doing06:46
hiexpoihack4fun, but gotta use terminal06:46
elektroidMTecknology: thats why I stopped using Ubuntu for a desktop, since 10.04 everything was overly buggy to me06:47
ihack4funUse Dvdbackup in term?06:47
jigynetMTecknology,  meaning there is code that is tweakable for certain desireable things? and then re-compiled?06:47
Bing0Hi.  Ubuntu 10.10 -- I have a flash issue(not speed, and full-screen works fine) on different computers with different browsers.  If I load a flash video(youtube for ex) and scroll down the flash video follows the page...also if I have other tabs open the flash overlays the other tabs.  Any ideas or anyone else having this issue?  Thanks.06:47
jigynetMTecknology, what would you change for instance?06:48
ihack4funSyntax pretty easy?06:48
jigynetand why06:48
elektroidhell, I am using kernel 2.6.33 because of the realtime patch, I prefer that then the latest kernel just because06:48
=== Conquistador is now known as melik
hiexpodvdbackup is a terminal app06:48
elektroidjigynet: there are a lot of modules that the normal kernel loads and processor functions that are unneeded06:49
hiexpoand works perfect06:49
elektroida lot06:49
elektroidbut I think the majority of Ubuntu users dont notice06:49
nishantmy touchpad problem was because of the laptop key combination that disables touch pad , it remains intact even after boot06:50
jigynetlol processor functions? you would wnat as much cpu functions as possible..optimizations..06:50
jigynetcouldn't these modules be uninstalled later without having to edit the code?06:50
ihack4funGot it on Sourceforge thx06:50
elektroidjigynet: not optimizations, things like profiling and accounting which are extra overhead06:50
MTecknologyjigynet: it all can be changed; the kernel you're using is about 4.3MB with about 132MB in modules  --  mine is 2.2MB total; no modules06:51
MTecknologyno overhead of added jun06:51
MTecknologythat's an m, not a g06:51
elektroida 4.3 gb kernel LOL06:51
MTecknologyi don't think that's even possible06:51
elektroidimagine that thing loading up at start06:51
jigynetwell when you say kernal i think of it as the entire os06:52
MTecknologyneed 8GB ram06:52
jigynetnot just one module06:52
ihack4funIs there a terminal app for IRC06:52
hiexpo4.3 gig kernal wow06:52
Flannelihack4fun: irssi06:52
andrew_46ihack4fun: irssi06:52
elektroidyou arent going to have 4.3 gb in modules either06:52
MTecknologythe kernel isn't just a module; it's what the whole os runs on06:52
hiexpoihack4fun, yes06:52
MTecknologyihack4fun: irssi and weechat06:52
ihack4funCool one more torrents?06:53
knewubuntu is NOT recognising the monitor I just plugged in06:53
jigynetkernal = similar to registry? contains code that allows the os to run etc?06:53
knewi'm on a laptop06:53
elektroidMTecknology: do you use a particular kernel version based on kernel.org or ubuntu stream release?06:53
andrew_46ihack4fun: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=101078006:53
Chr|sihack4fun, you have a name like that and don't know about irssi o.006:53
nishanthow do I reduce the brightness of my LCD , the graphic properties option of Intel graphics is not there in Ubuntu only windows see it or installed in it06:53
HyperHoRsehi, what version of ubuntu is the best version06:53
elektroidjigynet: the kernel is the vmlinuz and your /lib/modules06:53
MTecknologyelektroid: latest from kernel.org06:53
nishant10.10 is the latest06:53
HyperHoRsewhat version does mark shuttworth use on his personal06:54
jigynetchrobi, he's probably learning how to hack06:54
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com06:54
HyperHoRseI have 10.1006:54
MTecknologynishant: it's the latest 'release' but 11.04 is available; i think it hit beta06:54
knewhelp me06:54
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)06:54
HyperHoRseWhat is better in 11.04?06:54
knewubuntu is NOT recognising the monitor I just plugged in06:54
[thor]HyperHoRse: shuttleworth uses 12:1206:54
elektroidHyperHoRse: the best is the latest release that works best for your particular hardware06:54
nishantyes 11.04 will be released in april06:54
knewi'm on a laptop06:54
HyperHoRsethor: what is 12:1206:54
icerootHyperHoRse: its not a stable release yet so forget about 11.0406:54
jigynetelektroid, so yes06:54
iceroot[thor]: please dont make fun of people here06:55
HyperHoRseiceroot: But what is better and more improved?06:55
hiexpodon't feed the trolls06:55
nishanthow do i install driver for intel based graphics card inbuilt06:55
knewwhy won't ubuntu recognise my external monitor I plugged in?!06:55
elektroidjigynet: look at /boot/vmlinuz, it wont be 4.3 gb06:55
icerootHyperHoRse: 11.04 is using a very important kernel-patch which should bring better desktop performance06:55
ihack4funChris got me on that one06:55
jigynetMTecknology, so what would i change to optimize a 64bit xubuntu for my atom netbook?06:55
HyperHoRseiceroot: I have only 512mb of ram06:56
oven_i mounted a network drive through nautilus..how do I figure out info about it through the terminal, using smb://harddrive/share/ won't work, and i don't know of a /dev name and uuid is what i want to figure out..06:56
HyperHoRseiceroot: Will the latest ubuntu always run with my low amount of memory.06:56
icerootHyperHoRse: i think with 512mb ram, lubuntu is worth  look06:56
jigynetelektroid, i didnt say my kernal was 4.3gb i was thinking the numbers mt said were from the entire install06:56
icerootHyperHoRse: not very good06:56
HyperHoRseiceroot: I also have a 512mb graphics card06:56
icerootHyperHoRse: not if you are using ubuntu (with gnome)06:56
HyperHoRseiceroot: Yeah but my 512mb geforce takes care of opengl06:56
HyperHoRseicroot: I actually get ok peformance and can still play games.06:57
icerootHyperHoRse: doesnt matter, applications are not using the ram of your vga06:57
jigynethyper it will run06:57
MTecknologyjigynet: depends; you first need to know what you're doing; then you deeply need to understand the inside of your system and how it all fits together; it's not as simple as just a change here and there and done06:57
HyperHoRseiceroot: is that actually true because I thought opengl takes care of all that06:57
MTecknologyelektroid: so... m4a, flac, mp3 ??06:57
jigynethyper only reason it runs in low gfx mode is because your drivers ar not installed properly06:57
icerootHyperHoRse: its as i said06:57
nishantFolks , I think Ubuntu should allow by default http://www.downloadatoz.com/driver/articles/how-to-enable-intel-graphics-driver-for-ubuntu-10-10.html06:58
HyperHoRsejigynet: my peformance is not bad I can play games pretty good06:58
elektroidMTecknology: dont understand your question? which do I prefer? mp3 because of portability06:58
jigynethyper what is your question about opengl specifically?06:58
iceroot!tab | jigynet06:58
ubottujigynet: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.06:58
HyperHoRseiceroot: Will ubuntu always support 512mb of ram06:58
jigyneta gefore 5500 for example support opengl 2.0 and previous versions06:58
MTecknologyelektroid: if what your putting it on could understand anything; which would you use?06:58
HyperHoRsejigynet: What do you m ean06:58
icerootHyperHoRse: its not a question of support, its a question about performance06:59
HyperHoRsejigynet: I mean open gl shouldn't it use all the graphics ram06:59
hiexpoi am just running a lappy and using ubuntu gnome and it runs fine06:59
MTecknologyHyperHoRse: probably not 20yr from now where people can't believe we used to use DIMM's06:59
elektroidMTecknology: or if I want to give it to another person, I dont have to worry about it working or not06:59
jigynetmost new games and hardcore cad and DCC uses opengl 3.0+06:59
HyperHoRseiceroot: more like a support question06:59
nishantubuntu doest instal intel graphics driver default - why ?06:59
Pete_hello i need to no how to delete from comand line06:59
hiexporun it till it breaks07:00
HyperHoRseMTecknology: 20years? Nah it would be sooner than that. Solid State drives are already here so its all gonna change horribly soon07:00
MTecknologyelektroid: it was looking like m4a gives you some of the best compression without being too lossy - my phone will play anything07:00
icerootnishant: maybe they are not free so they cant be on the cd07:00
=== eddyarif is now known as VADEH
jigynetHyperHoRse, no opengl wont use all the ram..textures and code fill ram..07:00
HyperHoRsejigynet: that sucks.07:00
hiexpoPete_, google rm command07:00
HyperHoRseHow come ubuntu dont write their own drivers. Is it not possible07:00
jigynetHyperHoRse,  nop thats good actually07:00
HyperHoRsejigynet: why07:00
elektroidMTecknology: unless you are doing serious recording as a musician or working with audio tracks from video, m4a isnt going to be that much of an advantage07:00
hiexpoand ytour on your own Pete_07:00
MTecknologyHyperHoRse: i have an ssd and when i boot up and run basic stuff for a day I don't end up using >1GB of the 4GB I have available until I start compiling stuff; firefox being most of that07:01
jigynetHyperHoRse, cause you dont want to fill; up ram at all07:01
iceroothiexpo: if you dont want to help instead of just posting google please stop support here07:01
HyperHoRsejigynet: oh07:01
=== jhford_ is now known as jhford
HyperHoRse10.10 is pretty good.07:01
jigynetmost directx 7-9 games uuse like 200-1gig at most07:01
elektroidFirefox appears to have a memory hole too, will eat up the majority of memory out of a common users processes07:01
HyperHoRseI have a problem with 10.10 though.07:02
HyperHoRseI real bad problem.07:02
hiexpoiceroot, so you want me to tell tell people how to use the rm command   . ok    I am a linux guy07:02
HyperHoRseThe real bad problem is I cant run unity.07:02
elektroidLOL hiexpo07:02
iceroothiexpo: i want that you give people good support if not we dont need you here07:02
HyperHoRseI think it is the problem to do with the fact unity doesn't use my graphics card drivers.07:02
MTecknologyelektroid: abcde is pretty neat :)07:02
HyperHoRseI have a fairly new graphics card.07:02
meani have 2 kernel but always start with 2.6.32-24,how to change to  2.6.32-27?07:02
iceroothiexpo: its fine if you are a linux guy a know a lot but that doesnt make a good support here07:02
HyperHoRseum the desktop thing07:03
jigynetyou mean the unity3d players for battlestar gallactica?07:03
HyperHoRsethe new one that came out07:03
elektroidmean: what do you mean at start up?07:03
elektroidmean: if you are using grub its a simple selection at boot07:03
elektroidprovided you have mention of the other kernel in grub07:03
hiexpoiceroot, i always give good support and always have i help in aircrack-ng backtrack-linux and pentoo07:03
HyperHoRseyou know07:04
HyperHoRsewhen you login and stuff07:04
HyperHoRseand its like choose this one07:04
hiexpoand here in ubuntu07:04
HyperHoRseand you go into that one07:04
HyperHoRseand it has very simple control down the side07:04
HyperHoRseon the left07:04
FloodBot2HyperHoRse: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:04
HyperHoRseand its like always freezing the computer07:04
HyperHoRsealso why doesn't it use the nvidia graphics card drivers07:04
elektroidnow we know why you are called HyperHoRse07:04
jigynetwhat version of unity would i get for the amd64 install?07:04
HyperHoRseim from www.atomicmpc.com.au07:05
elektroidyou were created by a website?07:05
[thor]HyperHoRse: help with unity can probably be had in #ubuntu+107:05
jigynethyper it is using the gfx card, what makes you think its not?07:05
HyperHoRsecos when i go into appearance07:05
HyperHoRseit says it cant do extra.07:05
jigynetwhat is that?07:06
Chr|show can I make a bash file linkable through a launcher?07:06
meanelektroid, i installed startupmanage but the grub menu didnt show up.07:06
Chr|sfor some reason its not opening up the file07:06
HyperHoRsego into appearance07:06
HyperHoRsethen select extra07:06
HyperHoRsefor extra desktop effects07:06
jigynetyou need to download them?07:06
HyperHoRsei mean07:06
FloodBot2HyperHoRse: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:06
elektroidmean: update /boot/grub/grub.conf and then do grub install07:06
HyperHoRsewhy doesn't unity work with them07:06
HyperHoRsei already have them07:06
jigynetoh k07:07
HyperHoRseim using them now07:07
rwwHyperHoRse: Please stop abusing your enter key.07:07
jigynethe's not flooding....07:07
MTecknologyyes he is07:07
jigynethe's talking to like 4 people lol07:07
elektroidmean: if when you compiled the new kernel and did make bzImage, it should have updated the grub.conf and should only need to do 'grub install'07:07
HyperHoRsewhat is ubuntu+107:07
rwwjigynet: Then they should probably start listening to the floodbots and not using their Enter key as punctuation.07:07
lancelits horSePower!07:07
MTecknologyHyperHoRse: the next version of ubuntu07:07
hiexpoPete_, google rm -rf  iceroot says ok to giveyou goodhelp on how to delete a folder so there ya go07:08
HyperHoRseso why am i supposed to tell them about my problem07:08
elektroidI can tell HyperHoRse uses text msging a lot07:08
rww!google > hiexpo07:08
ubottuhiexpo, please see my private message07:08
lancelwe need hp:s for ubuntu07:08
HyperHoRsemy problem with unity not working with my graphics card drivers07:08
jigynetxD its not abuse of the enter key its adding additional details he left out of the previous lines07:08
lancelso far it is going with diesel07:08
elektroidjigynet: well, the idea is to type lines out longer07:08
iceroothiexpo: are you a troll?07:08
jigynetso what shoulld be said is..please try to put everything you want to say in as little space as possible and on one line07:08
MTecknologyjigynet: if you have an issue, it doesn't belong here07:08
iceroothiexpo: i said we dont need google here07:09
rwwjigynet: If you have an issue with the way the floodbots and channel operators are coded, please visit #ubuntu-ops.07:09
jigynetit's just a suggestion...07:09
jigyneti'm not picking a fight07:09
HyperHoRseso why doesn't unity work with my graphics card drivers.07:09
rwwjigynet: As was that. Now, back to Ubuntu technical support.07:09
jigynetk xD07:09
bsdnuxi'm trying to recreate a raid1. both disks have 3 partitions. 2 of them where joined fine on md0 and md1, but when trying to add sdb3 to md2 i get mdadm: /dev/sdb3 not large enough to join array07:10
bsdnuxthe disks are the same size. mdadm is v2.6.7.107:10
nishanthello , does ubuntu use the latest Linux Kernel07:10
HyperHoRseI thought unity was what ubuntu is changing to. But I dont understand because extra desktop effects no longer works in 10.10 due to it not using the graphics card drivers not provided by ubuntu07:10
HyperHoRseor canocal07:10
HyperHoRseor whatever,07:10
rwwnishant: No, the current stable version of Ubuntu uses
jigynethyper what?07:10
jigynetso your using nvidia drivers instead of what was provided by ubuntu07:11
theclassycorsairwhat's that website, where you can submit and VOTE on commands? like with switches and combined to do useful and neat things?07:11
HyperHoRsejigynet: in unity. I can't use unity because of the graphics card drivers. Extra Desktop Effects does not work.07:11
nishantso in general is there a lag wrt to latest kernel , is compiling the kernel on own own advised?07:11
elektroidnishant: you can generally go to www.distrowatch.com and see which version of the kernel and main software a distro uses and no maverick 10.10 uses 2.6.3507:11
rwwnishant: No, we advise that you use the version that comes with Ubuntu, as that's the one we support ;)07:11
jigynethmm i have a nvidia 5500 with 512 let me see if i can replicate the issue07:11
HyperHoRsejigynet: What is up with Unity? also when I try to use unity for a limited amount of time it freeze the computer and i have to ctrl alt f7 ctrl alt del07:12
hiexpoiceroot, thats fine if we don't need google here > but you know when i need to find out something i use google to find out what itmeans     > so if that is the case why does google post anything about ubuntu   >     don't hack an google it is our engine07:12
jigynetone second pls xD07:12
HyperHoRseso does that mean that unity will be for basic computers that dont have graphics hardware?07:12
nigelbnishant: you dont get the bug fixes or security fixes if you compile your own kernel, neither can you log bugs.  They will be closed since we don't support mainline.07:12
nishantright thats fine07:13
rwwhiexpo: You are welcome to use Google to find things out. You are also welcome to post those things in #ubuntu if answer someone's question. Please don't, however, tell people to Google things.07:13
HyperHoRseso basically07:13
HyperHoRseim not sure.07:13
HyperHoRsewhats going on here.07:13
rwws/answer/they answer/07:13
hiexpoand i do work for google07:13
MTecknologynishant: if you miss one kernel module everything else could work fine but firefox might break; leading you to think it's a firefox issue, when it's not07:13
jigynetcrap.. nvm forgot i had to format that pc07:13
nishantI see , I understand07:14
MTecknologynishant: it's also a huge undertaking; best done by really smart people that have minds of steel and glasses of whiskey07:15
nishantthanks so I guess I have better things to do :)07:15
jokersmileHow do I make a startup thumb drive using puppy linux but putting ubuntu 10.10 on the thumb drive? And will it work?07:16
airtonixjokersmile: investigate the use of grub207:16
MTecknologyjokersmile: i 'think' you can just download the ubuntu iso and use dd to copy over the iso to the drive07:16
rwwMTecknology: nope :(07:17
MTecknologyoh.. :(07:17
jokersmilei think that i have tryied reading about how grub works and it's confussing07:17
jokersmilei already downloaded the iso file and copied it to the thumb drive07:17
airtonixjokersmile: then you need to get over that quick, because it's going to be the only way07:18
pooz millions of people must use ubuntu.07:19
jokersmileok then any one know of any user friendly tutorials for that. I prefer pictures. I'm a visual person.07:19
airtonixjokersmile: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/03/how-to-create-multiboot-liveusb-using.html07:19
airtonixjokersmile: i had to sacrifice my child to get that link07:20
zodiac207jokersmile: about what?07:20
jokersmilezodiac207: I was talking about grub07:20
airtonixgrub2 you mean07:20
mwiegandJust got a quick add-apt-repository question: Would add-apt-repository on 10.10 add deb-src lines to the sources.list, even when given a repository starting with "deb "?07:21
zodiac207jokersmile: grub2?07:21
jokersmileif that's the latest and updated and recommeded one from the community, then yeah07:21
MTecknologyelektroid: looks like mp3 defaults add an extra 20-25% over the m4a defauls; i'll assume it's just compression :)07:22
airtonixmwiegand: add-apt-repository does not add lines to /etc/source.list07:22
airtonixjokersmile: grub2 is the one that will let you do multiboot from usb07:22
airtonixjokersmile: it lets you boot straight from iso files on a partition07:22
mwiegandairtonix: It sure does on 10.04.07:23
airtonixmwiegand: no. it adds files to /etc/apt/sources.list.d/07:23
mwiegandairtonix: It even says so on its man page.07:23
jokersmilewill it work on 10.1007:23
xZwhiteif i does apt-get source on a package how can i know how the deb package is compiled?07:24
mwiegandairtonix: But aside from that, it should not add deb-src lines if not requested, right?07:24
airtonixmwiegand: every single add-apt-repository action i've executed for the last year has only created a relevant file in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/07:24
dpetrekso i have ubuntu server with shortage of disk space. command line access only. tried checking whats using the space with df -k. says 96% use on /dev/sda1 which is mounted on /07:24
dpetrekhow can i see in detail where are top consumers07:25
eckirchncmd line top07:25
meanhow to load the new kernel?07:25
airtonixmwiegand: yes, it will create a file of the name related to the ppa you requested in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ and fill that file with the relevant deb & deb-src lines07:26
overcluckerdpetrek: du -h --max-depth=1 / works for finding bloat.07:26
MTecknologyDoonz: du -hs /*07:26
MTecknologydpetrek: *07:26
dpetreklet me try07:26
* hiexpo reads up and only sees one thing about recommending Google and it was about the rm command > so is gonna make recommendations to Google about posting Ubuntu topics any longer in Google 07:27
mwiegandairtonix: So it will add deb-src entries, even when the repository starts only with "deb http..."?07:27
meani have kernel 2.6.32-27 but it always start with 2.6.32-24,how to load the new kernel?07:27
dpetrekthis does not make sense guys, although i can see disk usage by folders now, the sum of usage by fodlers is not what df -k reports for /07:28
blackshirtmean: i think you need update your grub menu, and then reboot with latest kernel07:28
meani tried it,but it didnt work07:29
MTecknologydpetrek: pastebin both07:29
blackshirtnot show on your grub menu ?07:29
meaneven no grub menu  show up...07:29
MTecknologycrap... i can't make the power cord stick in07:30
dpetrekMTecknology: http://pastebin.com/M19TahFj07:31
xZwhiteif i does apt-get source on a package how can i know how the deb package is compiled?07:32
jigynetok i installed unity where is it?07:33
Dr_Willisrun it from a command line.. theres no icon.07:33
Dr_Willissince its a window manager type thing.07:33
MTecknologydpetrek: where's the last line?07:33
Fuchsit should be listed as a session in your display manager (where you log in)07:33
overcluckerdpetrek: problem is you are using different units of measurement for each command.(-k, -h)07:33
jrawsHey guys, anyone want to help me with a charitable volunteer project? :) --> http://www.reddit.com/g5q7z/ | If you're interested, would you mind responding on the reddit thread, if possible? it literally takes 5 seconds to sign up for an account and requires 0 personal information.07:34
jrawsThanks! :)07:34
dpetrekoverclucker: still it dos not sum well07:34
FloodBot2jraws: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:34
dpetrekMTecknology: everything is pasted07:34
meanblackshirt, yes,there is no grub menu when booting07:34
MTecknologydpetrek: look again07:34
dpetrekoverclucker: /dev/sda1 should have about 10 gigs07:34
jigynetso unity will replace my current gui? or does it run overtop of it and use up more cpu/ram07:34
=== deepakk is now known as dkannan
dpetrekoverclucker: i can't find those 10 gigs07:34
mwiegandairtonix: Ping?07:35
MTecknologydpetrek: also.... look at /var/07:35
Devicehello, short of pushing reset... what to do in the event of ubuntu locking up?07:35
hiexpohola Dr_Willis07:35
=== eddie is now known as Guest49360
MTecknologyDevice: ^07:36
arandDevice: ctrl+alt+F2 login and kill things, or if that doesn't work, reisub.07:36
Dr_Willishowdy hiexpo07:36
Devicearand, i cant get any keyboard access at all, i tried that already. i even lost the mouse now too.07:37
hiexpohow you doing this evening Dr_Willis07:37
Dr_Willisgetting ready to take a long drive on vacation. wife wanted to leave early.. so i came hopme early.. they are all sleeping still..07:37
poozso how come unity doesn't work with a graphics card in 10.1007:37
Dr_WillisAint faily fun. :)07:38
poozoi i thought ubuntu was supposed to support that07:38
Devicearand, i almost want to cry lol. the ever faithful ubuntu has crashed on me for the first time ever...07:38
Dr_Willisit would depend on the driver support for that card pooz07:38
poozyeah it works fine in desktop07:38
poozbut as far as support goes' why did they release unity to 10.10 when it has such bad issues with graphics card07:38
hiexpoDr_Willis, so being patient <07:39
jigynetcause its meant to use opengl as an accelerater07:39
cdbspooz: as for that question, you need to really wait for 11.04 next month. You'll like it. No graphic issues now.07:39
jigynetpooz gotta start somewhere right?07:39
Dr_Willisperhaps because they knew it was getting a total work over for 11.0407:39
poozcdbs will 11.04 have a more improved unity interface?07:39
poozunity is cool but some of the interface sucked07:40
Dr_Willispooz:  thats its MAIN feature.07:40
cdbspooz: a completely rewritten one, using compiz/QT instead of mutter, much faster, and quite many changes07:40
Dr_WillisIve rarely seen mentioned any other improvements/changes in 11.0407:40
poozcdbs: good work ubuntu07:40
poozgood work mark shuttle worth07:40
cdbspooz: yes, no more gnome-panel in 11.04. Unity for both desktop and netbool07:40
=== Guest71597 is now known as DarkDevil
poozwill 11.04 have more games?07:41
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest65444
cdbspooz: http://ubuntuone.com/p/hx4/ is a screenshot of the applications place, and http://ubuntuone.com/p/hx5/ is dash07:41
hiexpoDr_Willis, where you guys going   . hopefully a nice place07:41
knewsomebody help me!07:42
cdbspooz: okay, since this is a support channel, further discussion on 11.04 should be on #ubuntu+1 or (if not a support question) on #ubuntu-offtopic07:42
knewubuntu is not recognising my external monitor07:42
cdbsknew: Which version of Ubuntu?07:42
* cdbs knows of some multi-monitor issues on 10.0407:43
knewcdbs: 10.0407:43
Dr_Willisknew:  depends on yoru video chipset and drivers also.07:43
knew8600m GT up to date nvidia drivers07:43
Dr_Willisknew:  desktop/laptop?07:43
MTecknologycdbs: i think MOST issues happen to be video...07:43
knewalso, it recognises up until ubuntu starts07:43
cdbsknew: What happens when you open up Monitors in the system/preferences menu?07:43
Dr_Willisupto-date as in from the nvidia web site? or latest in the repos?07:44
Dr_Willisknew:  you did run the nvidia-setttings tool?07:44
knewcdbs: It tells me it doesn't work with my driver, and it'll open my nvidia control center thing07:44
knewcdbs: the nvidia control center thing does not see any other monitor07:44
* cdbs doesn't know much about the nVidia world :(07:44
knewDr_Willis: yes, it does not see any other monitpr07:44
Dr_Willisknew:  you might need to hit the special laptop keys to toggle the monitor. OR ive seen some cases where teh monitor must be plugged in when the system boots.07:44
RaptorsDoes anyone know how to fix that?07:45
knewDr_Willis: yes, i do that, and it switches to my external monitor07:45
xxmmaannhi can you help me i have an error when try play youtube video in totem media player_GStreamer encountered a general supporting library error07:45
knewDr_Willis: but then when ubuntu login screens comes up it goes back to my monitor screen07:45
Raptors(I'm on Debian so I can't use ubuntu emerald package)07:45
RaptorsI tried asking in #compiz and #debian but those channels are deal07:45
knewDr_Willis: any ideas?07:45
Dr_WillisRaptors:  emerald is basically a dead project.07:46
Dr_Willisknew:  not really. My nvidia laptops all work good.07:46
MTecknologyRaptors: try #debian on irc.oftc.net07:46
RaptorsDr_Willis, what replaced it?07:46
Dr_WillisRaptors:  nothing.. it died..07:46
knewDr_Willis: whatever, fuck ubuntu07:46
RaptorsI want to use the emerald themes though :(07:46
Dr_Willisknew:   whatever.. have a nice day.07:46
jigynethttp://pastebin.com/LsBSN6Ud my first attempt at running unity in 1010 is this bug or error knonw?07:46
Dr_WillisRaptors:  emerald is so problematic. and proberly will never get fixed.. so use it if you want i guess.. good luck with getting any sypport on it.07:47
RaptorsWhy was it killed?07:47
MTecknologyis emerald even worked on anymore?07:47
Dr_Willisdevelopers all moved on...07:47
MTecknologyi thought that was tossed out years ago07:47
* Raptors sobs07:47
Dr_Willisthats how  GPL stuff often dies. :)07:47
Dr_WillisThe emerald theme servers all shut down about 2 yr ago? 1 yr ago?  i forget...07:48
RaptorsThere is nothing better available though07:48
Dr_Willisi dont find emerald that impressive.. sorry..07:48
MTecknologyRaptors: compiz07:48
jigynetlol@knew he'll be back xD07:48
RaptorsEmerald is the theme manager for Compiz07:48
Dr_Willisemerald is a window decorator that runs along side compiz...07:48
MTecknologyjigynet: unfortunately; probably true07:49
overcluckerdpetrek: it does look like there are files hidden somewhere. you could try looking under your mount points.07:49
Dr_Williscompiz has 3 differnt window decorators it can use. a GTK one, a KDE one . and emerald.07:49
hiexpo^ yep07:49
RaptorsDr_Willis, can you at least look at the paste07:49
Raptorsit looks like a GTK prob07:49
Dr_WillisIm suprised more window deforators have not came out.07:49
dpetrekoverclucker: how to do that?07:49
Dr_Willisbut with the  changes in 11.04 - in 3 yrs.. compiz may  be dead. :) or at least very sick.07:49
jigynethttp://pastebin.com/LsBSN6Ud does this look familiar to anyone, should i submit it?07:50
MTecknologyi like openbox; everything i need and all the extra transparency and shadow stuff i want07:50
overcluckerdpetrek: unmount em07:50
Dr_WillisMTecknology:  i read where TWM even has compositing options now.07:50
RaptorsDr_Willis, what did they add in 11.0407:50
Raptorsthat makes compiz sick07:50
jigynetwell why can't compiz use directx or gpu acceleration/optimizations?07:50
Dr_WillisRaptors:  the new interface Unity revisted..07:50
Raptorsugh, unity07:51
dpetrekoverclucker: how07:51
Dr_Willisjigynet:  directx on linux?  Compiz does use acell here.07:51
Devicefifteen minutes of distrsction and the ever faithful ubuntu has given meancontrol again.07:51
jigynetlol xD well something like directx to give apps or gui the benefits of use of the gpu with cpu07:51
Dr_Willisthat would be 'opengl' i think jigynet.07:52
MTecknologyopengl is scary land07:52
jigynetyea opengl07:52
jigynetmy bad07:52
RaptorsLOL DirectX07:52
tsimpsonjigynet: compiz does use gpu acceleration, where available07:52
RaptorsCan someone please at least look at my paste :(07:53
jigynetso what would be diffrent? why use unity?07:53
RaptorsI think it's more secure07:53
Dr_WillisIf you want fancy effects with out the hardware requirements.. check out  the latest Enlightment, or if you want to go to 'way out there land' theres metisse. :)07:53
Raptorsand adds some more features07:53
RaptorsDr_Willis, are they as good as compiz?07:54
Dr_Willis11.04 is just moveing ubuntu to a new directon07:54
Dr_WillisRaptors:  they can do  effects.. they are not the big hogs that compiz is... they have some features lacking in compiz.07:54
tsimpsonjigynet: unity is supposed to be a unified UI, compiz is just a window manager07:54
RaptorsI like it how it is right now07:54
overcluckerdpetrek: type mount. it should show you what is mounted, and where. you can run umount on the mount point, or the mounted device.07:55
Dr_WillisEnlightment - is slowly growing into a 'desktop' :) metisse is a window manager that can do fancy effects  without needing 3d acell.07:55
RaptorsI don't want this unity crap. :|07:55
tsimpsonRaptors: the code is teh broken, unless you know C and GDK/GTK, you're stuck07:55
jigynetis unity more widely  supported and adaptable then compiz? tsimpson..so compiz has dependancies and unity is self contained and streamedlined because of this?07:55
Dr_WillisUnity is the next generation. :) i guess youi can say.07:55
RaptorsI guess I'll use the ubuntu package on debian and hope that it was brick my system07:56
Dr_WillisI recall when compiz was in version like .0001 :) and was a total disaster.  Unity is proberly at  .01 level.07:56
tsimpsonjigynet: compiz doesn't do anything other than make your windows wobble etc, unity is something completely different07:56
Raptorstsimpson, it does more then just make your windows wobble07:56
Dr_Willisit can also make the cube!07:56
tsimpsonRaptors: ^ 'etc'07:56
Dr_WillisCubewiz -07:57
RaptorsCompiz > *07:57
Dr_WillisI can think of like 4 Compiz features that actually add functionality to my systems/work flow.07:57
RaptorsI'm probably going to stick with x11/compize for a while07:57
RaptorsMaybe mess around with unity in a VM or something07:58
dpetrekoverclucker: http://pastebin.com/G5A8CbyK07:59
dpetrekoverclucker: maybe it could be that fsck should be run on the filesystem07:59
jigynetwhy would having terminal open, cause all windows to assume terminal window's size is fullscreen and not allow larger or drag them outside of it??07:59
endafyhey how do I enable the Nvidia drivers if they don't show up in hardware drivers list?07:59
=== sm is now known as Guest49262
jigynetendafy, is it onboard or integrated?08:00
wincenthow to install Chinese spelling tool?08:00
endafyjigynet, its a card, but nvm I am just going to install it with the .run file I just wanted a gui way of doing it08:00
jigynetum no?08:01
overcluckerdpetrek: are any of the mounts in /storage currently in use?08:01
jigynetuse synaptic or find the drivers using the provided software08:01
piojunbabiahi, is there a channel for vb.net progammers?08:01
dpetrekoverclucker: yes there are08:01
endafythe "provided software" is a disk with Windows only drivers on it08:01
piojunbabiawhat is it?08:01
dpetrekoverclucker: vmware1 points to one hard disk, vmware2 points to another one08:02
jigynetendafy, the provided ubuntu software add/remove in the applictions menu...08:02
endafySparkle 8400GS with 1G DDR308:02
RaptorsWhat do you guys think of gnome shell?08:02
hiexpo!compiz \ hiexpo08:02
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:02
RaptorsI think it looks stupid08:02
sackboxreminds me of my mobile phone08:02
jigynetendafy, that should have been detected and installed and probably is??08:03
hiexpo!compiz | hiexpo08:03
ubottuhiexpo, please see my private message08:03
RaptorsDr_Willis, IDK what you find so great about Unity3d. It looks pretty weak. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoUTBsL7M1s08:03
Dr_WillisRaptors:  ive not even tried it. so have no oponion on it.. it is going to be what gets pushed.. so thats the bottom line.08:03
jigynetendafy,  using the add/remove software in the apps pull down menu will list installed drivers with a gren check mark08:03
endafyjigynet, its all good the add/remove doesnt have any drivers and I really dislike synaptic08:04
overcluckerdpetrek: probably not a good idea to just unmount them. you might want to reboot into a recovery console if you can. then check for files in the unmounted mount points.08:04
RaptorsDr_Willis, maybe by ubuntu. I don't think everyone will be pushing it08:04
endafysudo su then .sh NV*.run should do the trick08:04
Dr_Willisive used everything from GeOS on my C64 to twm, to you name whatever windowmanager/desktop out..08:04
jigynetendafy,  so you went to nvida and download their drivers and expect them to work with ubuntu?08:04
RaptorsI don't like the look of the side launcher.]08:04
endafyno but we'll see in a moment08:04
Dr_WillisRaptors:  dosent really matter.. Im in #ubuntu support. :) and i imagine other disrtos will follow. or go gnome-3 wich is also going similer routes.08:04
RaptorsLooks pretty horrible to me :/08:04
endafyif it is proprietary they are going to be the same driver08:05
RaptorsI'll probably have to switch back to windows or something before I use Gnome3 or Unity08:05
Dr_WillisI feel most docks are Horriable.. but that dosent stop people from using them08:05
RaptorsThey both look really horrible08:05
Dr_WillisRaptors:  thats the beuaty of gpl/linux. do what you want. I perfer function over looks.08:05
endafyRaptors, I am on Gnome 3 on my other Desktop and it is amazing08:05
jigynetendafy,  it DOES list your driver look for nvidia08:05
RaptorsHopefully there will be an option to disable gnome shell08:06
endafybrb says I have to reboot08:06
jigynetendy no proprietary drivers are completely diffrent from ubuntu supported and compiled drivers08:06
RaptorsDr_Willis, it doesn't look that functional. My Gnome 2.3.2 looks far more function then that08:06
sackboxill use gnome3 if i get to decide what apps shows up where08:06
Dr_WillisRaptors:  the operative word is 'looks' you havent tried it..08:06
RaptorsDr_Willis, the whole design looks whack like the lack of minimize08:07
Dr_Williskde4 has Much more 'functions' then anything out.. so much.. its majorly confuseing.08:07
Raptorsand no panels08:07
Dr_WillisRaptors:   differnt workflow/paradigm.  no need for them.08:07
Raptorsand having to go into a giant menu to find an application08:07
endafygroovy it worked08:07
sackboxkde need to optimization and stability08:08
jigynetthe .run file works??08:08
Dr_WillisI will wait for 11.04 to come out - then decide..08:08
endafyjigynet, lol yes08:08
endafysame driver08:08
jigynetyou have nvidia control panel and can adjust resolution etc?08:08
endafyand sackbox try KDE 4.6 then talk08:08
RaptorsI can't stand KDE's design either. I'm kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place. I'd probably have to switch to Windows/XFCE08:08
dpetrekoverclucker: i think i don't understand what you want me to do.08:09
RaptorsOr not upgrade to gnome308:09
cdbs!ot | Raptors08:09
ubottuRaptors: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:09
endafyKDE's "design" in KDE 4 can be made to look and mimic Gnome 2 Interface08:09
jigynetendafy, test it by running software then requires a 3d card08:09
endafy3D effects enabled08:09
hiexpo<     please use windoz08:09
dpetrekoverclucker: there is alot of consumption in backup, vmware1 and vmware2 but these point to another storage08:09
endafyyou know what, please go use Windows we wont miss you much08:09
jigynet3d effects are already enabled and use cpu??08:10
endafyjigynet, yes I just dislike using the .run as it has no interface to speak of08:10
hiexpobye bye Raptors08:10
RaptorsI could??08:10
* Dr_Willis goes back to BeOS.08:10
Raptorshiexpo ??08:10
madsHi: The ISO images on http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/, what time zone are the "time modified" set at. or what i really what to know is at what time are the daily iso updated for download?08:10
cbfmorning chaps08:11
jigynetendafy, pls test it08:11
overcluckerdpetrek: what i'm thinking, is that there may be files underneath one or more of your mount points. it would explain missing missing disk space.08:11
endafyI just dont see if you dont like KDE, how you could say you want to use Windows 7 with a straight face08:11
hiexpoRaptors, yu said you couldgo back to windoz   ?08:11
cbfgot two ubuntu 8.04 LTS boxes, both using identical resolv.conf for two AD DNS servers08:11
Dr_Willismads:  i doubt if its at a set time.   given the server load and  other things.08:11
=== e75 is now known as tylerthetyrant
cbfone will resolve hostnames08:11
jigynetlinux is not windows...therefore kde can not be compared with windows08:11
cbfand the other needs the domain suffix before it will resolve... any ideas?08:11
Dr_Willisjigynet:  theres kde ported to windows. :)08:11
Dr_Willisor at least parts of it.08:12
madsDr_Willis: they are updated every morning.08:12
Raptorshiexpo, ya when gnome 3 comes out.. or just stay with current Gnome08:12
endafyjigynet, I know but Windows 7 and KDE look so similar08:12
cdbs!ot | jigynet, endafy, Dr_Willis08:12
ubottujigynet, endafy, Dr_Willis: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:12
sackboxjigynet: right. windoz doesn't compare. ubuntu/gnome is rock solid and thats what matters08:12
Dr_Willismads:  proberly an automated script. so server load/downtime  could delay them.08:12
jigynetporting to windows.. how redundant and pointless08:12
Dr_Willisjigynet:  im using kvirc righjt now on windows.. so its not pointless. :)08:12
madsDr_Willis: Thansk08:12
jigynetcdavis, o.008:13
endafyjigynet, please join me in #ubuntu-offtopic08:13
cdbsjigynet: PLEASE stop that. This is a support channel08:13
Dr_Willisim so used to weechat.. using  a GUI irc client seems.. weird.08:13
hiexpoRaptors, be careful don't threaten the linux community   lol   we don't wanna lose any business to microsoft08:13
=== Axlin|AFK is now known as Axlin
RaptorsWhat business?08:14
Raptorslinux is free08:14
jigynetuh cdbs pls dont just assume we are not talking about or supporting something..everything we are talking about is in relation to a support question08:14
Dr_WillisLinux is used by a lot of businesses..  and other comercial ventures.08:14
=== Axlin is now known as Axlin|AFK
Dr_Willisthe licensing dosent really figure into it for them much. Other then its a very open license.08:15
cdbsjigynet: In relation, right? But the discussion moved offtopic, so it isn't valid here. The support question has been answered already08:15
Dr_WillisIm still waiting for a ubuntu branded tablet to come out.08:15
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ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »08:16
jigynetwell we are going oftopic talking about this and so i will stop talking about your actions as they are offtopic08:16
=== guy is now known as Guest13597
=== Axlin|AFK is now known as Axlin
dpetrekoverclucker: unmounted 3 mount points08:17
dpetrekoverclucker: still same consumption08:17
cbfdns client... any ideas or what? :)08:17
cbfwhy does one server need a suffix resolve and t'other does not08:18
cbfusing the SAME dns servers08:18
=== Axlin is now known as Axlin|AFK
ParadoxEternalIs the compiler on Natty slower than Lucid?08:19
dpetrekoverclucker: you were right08:19
dpetrekoverclucker: i figured it out08:19
overcluckerdpetrek: heh, there were files in a mount point?08:19
dpetrekoverclucker: there is backup script that puts files on SMB share08:19
dpetrekbut fo some reason it was not mounted08:20
dpetrekand it kept filling local disk08:20
Tm_TParadoxEternal: why would it be? (#ubuntu+1 is better channel for that)08:20
ParadoxEternalI'm just noticing the same stuff taking more cpu.08:20
ParadoxEternalOn Maverick aswell. I'm quite sure, I tested several times.08:20
cdbsParadoxEternal: Natty has GCC 4.5, a major improvement, so maybe because of that08:21
ParadoxEternalWhat about maverick?08:21
ParadoxEternalCoz it's maverick and natty that's slower apparently, than karmic and lucid.08:21
ParadoxEternalSo whatever it is, they share it!08:21
overcluckerdpetrek: whare are the permissions of the mount points? you might want to remove write for the mount points, so files don't end up there when it's unmounted08:22
kauhukI need to move a file to /etc/usb_modeswitch.d/ folder. How can I do it?08:22
dpetrekoverclucker: yeah that would be good idea08:23
=== thichlinux is now known as Guest51729
beer_brouwerkauhuk: sudo mv <filename> /etc/.../08:23
overcluckerdpetrek: that won't affect a root user putting files there though08:23
jigynethttp://pastebin.com/LsBSN6Ud is this a known bug with unity? should i submit it?08:23
=== Axlin|AFK is now known as Axlin
=== Axlin is now known as Axlin|AFK
dpetrekoverclucker: yeah the script runs under root08:25
dpetrekoverclucker: i wont complicate anymore08:25
kauhukhow do i tell where the file is?08:26
cdbsjigynet: Debug messages such as those are common. Is there some problem because of that?08:27
=== Guest51729 is now known as lilylnx
=== lilylnx is now known as thichlinux
beer_brouwerkauhuk: you don't know where the file is that you want to move or what?08:30
nishanti have toreload my browser few tiimes to see the java applet , ahy so?08:30
nishantreload the page08:30
dpetrekoverclucker: thanks08:31
hiexpohttp://www.msn.com/      >      on my way 2 Georgia08:31
Dr_Willisdpetrek:  thers also an autofs service that can auto mount things like that on access.08:31
Dannydim using hamachi08:31
Dannydon winw08:31
kauhuki just cant get this nokia cs-17 stick working08:31
Dannydi am using trying to use hamachi on wine...but im not able to? Need Help please!!08:32
lonejackCan you help me understand something? In the audio preferences / hardware I have a number of options:08:32
lonejackanalog / sorroud 4.1/5.1/7.1 ... There are at least a dozen. But among all the possibilities I have, only if I choose "stereo analog duplex" the microphone is working.08:32
=== Amaranth__ is now known as Amaranth
hiexponice guys finish last08:32
Dr_Willis!appdb | Dannyd08:33
ubottuDannyd: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help08:33
nishantJava applets are not unloading untill sometimes I reload the page , Why so ?08:34
cvmostertQuestion: How can I tell a program that it is today last week? i e change the date that it is fed?08:35
=== Axlin|AFK is now known as Axlin
DannydJoin #winehq08:35
kauhuki couldnt get office working properly and the nokia internet stick aint working at all08:35
=== Axlin is now known as Axlin|AFK
dr0idso vim is basically an improved version of vi ?08:36
cvmostertyes vim is just another version of vi08:37
cvmostertnot so hardcore08:37
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=== Guest65444 is now known as DarkDevil
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest45301
=== Axlin|AFK is now known as Axlin
Dr_Willis!info vim08:44
ubottuvim (source: vim): Vi IMproved - enhanced vi editor. In component main, is optional. Version 2:7.2.330-1ubuntu4 (maverick), package size 836 kB, installed size 1656 kB08:44
=== Axlin|AFK is now known as Axlin
Dr_WillisNote the default vim - is actually vim 'light' and is missing some features in the full vim package.08:44
Komok_Nervovтрям все08:44
Komok_Nervovпомогите пожалуйста в поиске пакета08:45
DJones!ru | Komok_Nervov08:45
ubottuKomok_Nervov: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke08:45
hiexpogood night all hiexpo needs 2 sleep got a flight to Georgia this am08:46
gnewbCan I put two Ubuntu flavors on one HDD, i.e. Lubuntu and Ubuntu both 10.04?08:46
DJonesgnewb: Yes you can as long as you've got enough enough partitions08:46
gnewbDJones: Thank you.08:46
elFidelgnewb: you can even install debian,gentoo,ubuntu etc on the same hd -> its a partition issue08:46
gnewbelFidel: Yes, Thank you, I am still in that learning curve.08:47
gnewbI tried to get a BSD and Debian based to dual boot, still working on that.08:48
RubenAlonzodoes anyone if there is a solution yet to hide the Unity side dock?08:50
arejayHow can i fix this08:50
arejay-(~:$)-> screen08:50
arejayCannot open your terminal '/dev/pts/0' - please check.08:50
arejayAdding user `ircd' to group `tty' ...08:50
arejaystill didnt fix it08:50
FloodBot2arejay: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:50
=== Welle is now known as MAX_
gnewbRubenAlonzo: I saw that as fixed on the Launchpad and Forums, which version are you running?08:51
TheTinyToonHi everyone, any hints on a out-of-the-box working webcam?08:52
RubenAlonzo2 Gigs of Crucial DDR2 200 pin, laptop memory should be sufficient for uubuntu?08:54
Dr_WillisRubenAlonzo:  yes.08:54
RubenAlonzoDr_Willis: Thank you.08:54
Dr_WillisRubenAlonzo:  i dont think unity is gouing to let you hide the side dock. not seen that mentioned in the 11.04 previews yet.08:54
gnewboh whoops08:55
dr0idhello Dr_Willis :)08:55
Dr_WillisJello dr0id.08:55
MagicJI love the PLACES/NETWORK ability to conneft to a remote machine . It works great with the GUI - how do I use it with file names and the command line etc08:55
RubenAlonzoDr_Willis: I am hoping it will, i played around with 10.10 netbook remix on my little netbook and loved it but my real estate for screen is at a premium, its only10.1 inches08:55
Dr_WillisMagicJ:  depends on what sort of remote box you are connecting to.08:55
gnewbRubenAlanozo, Dr_Willis: Would Lubuntu be an option there?08:55
Dr_Willisgnewb:  lubuntu works very well for me.08:56
Dr_Willisgnewb:  it depends on your needs.08:56
MagicJDR_WIllis - it is my own remote box also running ubunto and  I am connecting via ssh08:56
Dr_WillisYou can install the lubuntu-desktop pacakge on a gnome box and try lubuntu.08:56
Dr_WillisMagicJ:  ssh, scp, sshfs.  - are the tools to check out. It depends on your needs. :)08:57
RubenAlonzoDr_Willis: havent seen that one yet, i should read into it for the time being, reason i went with netbook remix is i read it was very stable. and indeed it was a flawless installation with everything working right out of the box.08:57
gnewbI am using Lubuntu now, on a 512mb desktop box, is skippy and neat.08:57
MagicJDr Willis: I am using ssh to connect - and under the gui it is great - so what is the file path so that I can use it without the gui oce connected08:57
RubenAlonzognewb: what your browse of choice if you dont mind?08:58
ekahi all08:58
RubenAlonzohi eka08:58
gnewbRubenAlonzo:> Chrome08:58
ekahow can I farce so all the files creatd under a directory get the same permissions as the directory?08:59
RubenAlonzoAlso, are the terminal commands about the same for Lubuntu as Maverick Meerkat? I.E., sudo apt-get install nameofprogramhere?08:59
gnewbRuenAlonzo: On #! I am using IceWeasel or Icecat.08:59
RubenAlonzognewb: on a desktop or laptop?09:00
gmcdonaldeka: chmod -R xxx09:00
gnewbRubenAlonzo:> Yes, it is called LXTerminal, that is about the only difference.09:00
RubenAlonzobrb will go check it out09:01
ekagmcdonald: yea but the files/dir inside are created by a  daemon09:01
ekagmcdonald: so I want that next time it creates things... they will be in same perms as the dir holding it09:01
gmcdonaldwhat daemon is it?09:02
ekagmcdonald: dropbox09:02
gnewbRubenAlonzo: I am currently on a homebuilt desktop.09:03
TheTinyToonHi everyone, any hints on a out-of-the-box working webcam?09:03
gnewb!hardware | TheTinyToon09:04
ubottuTheTinyToon: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection09:04
Ja23Hello, does anyone have some advice, I just got ubuntu a little while ago, and would like to change the way it looks, besides the options in appearance, what do people do?09:04
AdvoWorkim trying to install an old version of postgresql(8.2) on ubuntu as a test, its not available doing sudo apt-get install postgresql-8.2 as there is no candidate, any idea what source I would have to add to the sources list to be able to add that version?09:04
gnewbTheTinyToon:> That link should show you the working and not yet known Hardware dongles.09:04
=== Axlin|AFK is now known as Axlin
DJonesTheTinyToon: This should help you looking for a webcam https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam09:06
=== Axlin is now known as Axlin|AFK
TheTinyToonDJones: Thanks, that's the page I was looking for09:07
gnewbDJones:Thank you, I posted the FULL site, that one looks cleaner.09:07
TheTinyToonGnewb: Yeah, I just found all the computers there but not for peripherials.09:08
gnewbTheTinyToon:> That is why I gave DJones a thumbs up, by working together we find solutions. eventually.09:10
cvmostertcan i tell one of my programs last weeks date?09:10
cvmosterti want my program to be in trial-mode forever...09:11
llutzcvmostert:  thats illegal and not supported here. use free stuff, buy stuff or don't use it all09:12
gmcdonaldeka: sorry dont know how that operates, either make sure it runs on umask 002, or create yourself a cronjob that fixes the permissions after ir runs09:12
ekagmcdonald: I set chmod 2770 <- that did it09:12
=== Axlin|AFK is now known as Axlin
gnewbcvmostert: Yeah, what llutz said, and also look for the FSF/GNU equivalent,is Free and Open Source .09:13
ekagmcdonald: so the group permissions are enforced inside that dir09:13
cvmostertthanks peeps09:13
cvmostertif you dont know, just say so... joking.. cheers09:14
gnewbcvsmostert: I do not know.09:15
gnewbhad to go there.09:15
ileapeople 1 question09:16
gnewb!ask | ilea09:16
ubottuilea: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:16
PSiLO23Hi all, i booted Ubuntu from USB, it works, but when i boot it and choose to install, nothing happens... anyone knows what to do now ?09:17
ileai instaled the video driver but i still can't select the extra option so that i can play with compiz09:17
ileawhat to do ?09:17
AdvoWorkcan i add the sources from hardy so i can add a package that was from that version?09:17
ileai still stays on none09:18
Frazerhi ! what is the smallest Ubuntu dist that can runs? Because Mini Ubuntu need to download all the packages ; I would like to know if a base-Ubuntu dist exists with only minimal packages(shell...) ?09:18
bazhangAdvoWork, what version are you on now09:18
gnome-terminalI am trying to change gnome terminal color but it doesnt change. how can I fix this09:18
gnewbilea: Have you added Restricted to the sources list?09:18
ileai dont understand09:18
AdvoWorkbazhang, 10.0409:19
bazhangAdvoWork, no09:19
gnewbPSiL023: Did you want a Persistent USB or a Live Stick?09:19
ileai am new and someone from here e-mailed me a step by step instruction on how to install it09:19
AdvoWorkbazhang, why? cant i just add deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu hardy-backports main universe multiverse restricted to the sources list, install my package from there and so on?09:19
bazhanggnewb, you mean ubuntu-restricted-extras not restricted repo09:19
bazhangAdvoWork, what package09:20
ubottuPackages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are: fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.09:20
silveryHi. got a question about grub.d. Should it be a problem if 2 files there got same numbers: 20_linux_xen, 20_memtest86+ ? (I'm asking because it is default U*10.10 grub configuration)09:20
AdvoWorkbazhang, i just want postgresql version 8.209:21
gnewbbazhang: Thank you, I learned something new today so it is a good day.09:21
bazhangAdvoWork, why that version in particular09:21
gnome-terminalWhere are the gnome terminal settings saved?09:21
SoftdroidAnyone who can an easy way to replace pulse audio with alsa or make alsa the default driver?09:21
AdvoWorkbazhang, it has a feature available i need to use to do a fix, later versions have this feature also, but 8.2 is the only one i can restore to without fixing said issue lol09:21
Dr_Willisilea:  tell the channel what your Video chipset is.09:22
ileavia chrome 909:22
red2kicsilvery: "The order the files are run determines the menu order in grub.cfg.09:22
bazhangAdvoWork, regressing repos and packages will only bring grief and breakage.09:22
Dr_WillisSoftdroid:  pulse audio uses alsa. so its allready there.   I dont reccomend trying to remove pulse.09:22
Dr_Willisilea:  thats one of the worst supported video chipsets out there for linux.09:22
bazhangilea, that may not support compiz, ask in #compiz to be sure09:23
Dr_Willisilea:  I dont know if  you even had the drivers working right - if compiz would work.09:23
Frazerhi ! what is the smallest Ubuntu dist that can runs? Because Mini Ubuntu need to download all the packages ; I would like to know if a base-Ubuntu dist exists with only minimal packages(shell...) ?09:23
SoftdroidDr_Willis: Thanks for your reply. but I use Audigy2 and I can't use all the futures with it09:23
AdvoWorkbazhang, oh, any suggestions how can i get that package then? ive got the tar.gz but cant seem to install09:23
=== lance_ is now known as Guest63566
Dr_WillisSoftdroid:  check the forums for tips/tricks.  I cant even recall any features of my AUdigy2 that i missed. :)09:23
=== Guest63566 is now known as lance--_--
gnewb!backup | all the hackers and people that are messing with the kernel09:24
ubottuall the hackers and people that are messing with the kernel: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning09:24
aminwho could I use virtual mouse?09:24
aminwho could I use virtual mouse?09:24
Dr_WillisFrankLv:  you want just a console install?   or a light desktop?09:24
ileai noticed it dosnt suport because it dosnt have good video acceleration and things but at least i have the 1600 resolution and now my desktop looks grea09:24
bazhangamin, dont repeat09:24
Dr_Willisilea:  in the future i would avoid stuff from that company. :)09:24
Dr_Willisilea:  you are lucky you got the proper res.09:24
gnewbvery lucky09:25
red2kicLucky? It's a miracle!09:25
silveryred2kic : gonna see it then, thanks09:25
aminExcuse me again I do not have mouse I need to use virtual mouse does ubuntu have something like that?09:25
Huckdragging a wave file from a cd to a folder results in a larger file than ripping to wave via sound juicer, does     juicer add compression to a wave file ?09:25
red2kicsilvery: It's normal for files to have numbers in the beginning of the filenames.09:25
Dr_Willisamin:  thers somthing like that using the numpad. but ive never used it.09:26
red2kicsilvery: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=119527509:26
Dr_Willisbye all.09:26
aminDr_Willis: nice to have you here hi   how could I active it?09:26
ileai bought the Pc with windows on it and had that display driver09:27
ileai cant even play prince ow persia 1 and 2 properly09:27
silveryred2kic : yeah, but I wondered what happens when files got SAME numbers...09:27
red2kicsilvery: That's still fine.09:27
ileawhen i instaled linux i had the resolution some times 800x... and other times 1024x....09:28
Tito0096Does anyone know how to run plop from grub2? I cant get it to work09:28
red2kicsilvery: However, I see 20_memtest86+ -- Not sure about that other file, but if it got 20_... It'll be executed.09:28
IZI-Johanamin: Go to System > Preferences > Keyboard > Mouse Keys09:28
red2kicsilvery: It's mostly a script calling bunch of scripts as they appear -- then all output went to grub.cfg09:28
silveryred2kic : at the same time? (sorry it's a joke)09:29
Tito0096I keep getting a file not found error even though i have this correct and the file is in /boot - http://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager.html#rungrub209:29
red2kicsilvery: No. One file after one. As they appear in the /etc/grub.d/09:30
red2kicsilvery: "ls -al /etc/grub.d/"09:31
red2kicsilvery: That's how the scripts will be run, one after one. One after one.09:31
gnome-terminalthanks for ignoring09:31
PSiLO23I try to install ubuntu from usb but it doesnt work, it keeps loading after the first screen i click next09:31
PSiLO23and nothing happens09:31
verywisemanwhen i boot my system , it is required to make file system repair, but when i make fsck ,this message appear "this program can't start until you start the dbus " "system service aborting", where is problem?09:31
Huckdoes sound juicer add compression to wave files it extracts ? Files dragged from the disc are always larger.09:31
Tito0096red2kic do you know what i can do with my issue?09:31
gnome-terminalhow do I reset gnome-terminal preferences09:32
Tito0096red2kic - http://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager.html#rungrub2 ,I keep getting a file not found error even though i have this correct and the file is in /boot09:32
silveryred2kic : do you mean in ascending order?09:32
red2kicsilvery: It's in the grub link I gave you earlier.09:33
red2kicsilvery: "The order of the entries in the grub menu is based on the order of the file names. File named with a starting numeral are run before those beginning with a letter. The order the files are run determines the menu order in grub.cfg.09:33
red2kicCustom entries can be added to the "40_custom" file or in a newly created file. "09:33
FloodBot2red2kic: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:33
red2kicTito0096: Paste the grub.cfg + "ls -al /boot"09:34
=== IZI-Johan is now known as johannesch
silveryred2kic : ok, sorry for my stupidness, but I found out that grub.cfg contains only comments for 20_linux_xen (and the file is not empty for sure)09:35
Tito0096red2kic - http://paste.ubuntu.com/581513/09:35
silvery20_linux_xen got 149 lines of code none of wich is in grub.cfg09:36
Tito0096Grub config - http://paste.ubuntu.com/581514/09:36
red2kicTito0096: Why is there /boot/boot?09:36
Frazerhi ! what is the smallest Ubuntu dist that can runs? Because Mini Ubuntu need to download all the packages ; I would like to know if a base-Ubuntu dist exists with only minimal packages(shell...) ?09:36
Tito0096i am on linux mint09:36
Tito0096grub/grub has a splash screen i think09:37
red2kicTito0096: This is Ubuntu channel. FYI.09:37
gnewb!minimal | Frazer09:37
ubottuFrazer: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD09:37
bazhang!mintsupport | Tito009609:37
ubottuTito0096: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org09:37
Frazeryep gnewb but it downloads from web09:37
Tito0096Yes I know that09:37
=== johannesch is now known as izi_johan
Tito0096but since they are similar09:37
bazhangTito0096, so mint is not supported here09:37
=== izi_johan is now known as johan^izi
gnewbFrazer: Oh, offline install?09:38
Tito0096ive had many problems solved by not mentioning i had linux mint -_-09:38
red2kicTito0096: Mac OSX are based on FreeBSD -- Does not make it the same thing. :P09:38
FrazerOnly the kernel and the shell and I would be ok !09:38
bazhangTito0096, bad luck then. install Ubuntu and come back09:38
FrazerAnd I would like to know if such an iso exists09:38
Tito0096So you are just going to stop. . .and not even try to help?09:38
Tito0096since this is a grub problem09:38
bazhangFrazer, you'd not need an iso for that09:39
gnewbFrazer: Yes they do.09:39
red2kicTito0096: I really would like to suggest you to try #grub channel.09:39
bazhangTito0096, correct. go to mintsupport09:39
Tito0096mint support is deserted09:39
Tito0096no one is online09:39
Tito0096thus my presence here09:39
bazhangTito0096, all the more reason to never use it09:39
Frazergnewb: ?09:39
Frazerbazhang: u mean LFS i suppose?09:39
Tito0096bazhang, its pretty nice, this is the only quirk i have run into so far. .09:40
gnewbFrazer: Looking it up now....09:40
bazhangFrazer, no, but why not just remaster the mini or similar to what you want?09:40
red2kicFrazer: Use Mini.iso -- Don't go naive and install ubuntu-desktop. Install what you explicity want.09:41
bazhangFrazer, additionally you could choose one the base install packages and go that way09:41
Tito0096grub is empty. . .09:41
gnewbFrazer:> http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/minimal09:41
Tito0096most are afk09:41
FrazerMy actual idea is to remaster actual ubuntu-desktop, remove what I want and repack the iso09:41
=== silvery is now known as stupid
llutz!remaster | Frazer09:42
ubottuFrazer: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !live CD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility09:42
bazhangFrazer, thats more work than a base install, but sure its doable09:42
=== stupid is now known as silvery
Tito0096red2kic please can you help?09:42
=== Guest45301 is now known as DarkDevil
silveryI got 2 files with same numbers in grub.d: 20_memtest86+ and 20_linux_xen. Figured out that grub.cfg contains code only from 20_memtest86+ and nothing from 20_linux_xen, could this be because they have same numbers?09:42
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest46812
Tito0096mint and ubuntu are really similar. and not in the sense of what they are based off of, like your argument with OSX being based off of FreeBSD09:43
gnewbFrazer:> That link I posted is what is called a Barebones install.09:43
Corkflash plays super fast in browsers for em (chrome, firefox and opera), tried to reinstall flash, totem, the browsers but can't find a solution09:43
Frazerhm Ok I take a look09:43
Corkanyone have an idea?09:43
red2kicTito0096: Okay. What is in  /boot/grub/grub.cfg?09:43
Tito0096Grub config - http://paste.ubuntu.com/581514/09:44
red2kicTito0096: Because we don't really know what Linux Mint did.09:44
Tito0096well i modified the grub.cfg to add the file09:44
Tito0096and the option in grub209:44
Tito0096as where the instructions on the plop website09:44
Dr_WillisYou normally DONT edit grub.cfg by hand. You edit the /etc/default/grub or /etc/grub.d/* files.09:44
Tito0096that makes much much more sense. .09:45
Dr_WillisSee the grub2 docs/wiki/forums for details09:45
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub209:45
Tito0096time to restore the old grub backup09:45
red2kicHeh. Tito0096 ignored the message header in the file.09:45
gnewbDr_Willis: Is that like conky.rc?09:45
Dr_Willisif you rerun update-grub - the grub.cfg gets regeernated.09:45
ethanolI keep getting Mar 17 10:44:56 ubuntu kernel: [ 7491.479367] multiqueue0:src[7128]: segfault at 0 ip 00007f5be737de4c sp 00007f5bde2885e0 error 6 in liborc-0.4.so.0.0.0[7f5be7367000+56000] whenever I try to play a .m4a podcast in rhythmbox09:45
Dr_Willisgnewb:  what does conky have to do wth grub? :)09:45
Tito0096I saw the header and i was like opps lol09:45
ethanolis there any coded/library I need to install to enable .m4a playback?09:46
Tito0096red2kic Dr_Willis - http://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager.html#rungrub2 -this is what I am trying to do09:46
gnewbDr_Willis: I just asked because I did not know, on some systems dmenu,conky and such can edit that stuff.09:46
johan^iziamin: Go to System > Preferences > Keyboard > Mouse Keys09:47
vparkwhich is the best antivirus for Ubuntu?09:47
aminTHANKS WORKED  :)09:47
red2kic!antivirus | vpark09:47
ubottuvpark: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus09:47
gnewb!best | vpark09:48
ubottuvpark: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.09:48
red2kicTito0096: set root='(hd0,1)'09:48
Tito0096yeah i am looking over the wiki now09:48
Tito0096and i saw that entry before09:49
red2kicTito0096: I was pointing out the quotes.09:49
Tito0096yep i did that09:49
Tito0096oh wait09:49
Tito0096i remember i took it off because i was trying to see if that made a difference lol09:49
vpark ubottu:there may be document virus! aren't they?09:49
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:49
ethanolis there any coded/library I need to install to enable .m4a playback?09:49
davzieBollocks. If I accidently hit enter when installing Ubuntu Server on the screen that lets me select services to install, is there any way I can get back to that screen?09:50
red2kicdavzie: sudo tasksel, I think.09:50
gnewbethanol: Is that a restricted package or format?09:50
davziered2kic, champion, thanks :)09:50
ethanolgnewb: it's a podcast. rhythmbox keeps crashing when I try to play it.09:51
vparkthere may be document viruses! aren't they? Shouldn't I be careful about them?09:51
johan^iziethanol: You need to enable Multiverse and install gstreamer0.8-plugins-multiverse.09:51
gnewbethanol: Ok, have you apt-get update and upgrade?09:51
ethanolgnewb: basically what I did is, added this podcast url to rhythmbox: http://picklemonkey.net/flipper/convert.php?feed=http://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/drum-bassarena-podcast/id11062332409:51
ethanolgnewb: yes, every day.09:52
ethanoljohan^izi: I have it09:52
fisixhey, does anybody know how to rearrange the icons between and within the indicator applet and notification area?09:52
Tito0096red2kic - so i change the 40_custom file by adding that entry?09:52
ethanoljohan^izi: actually I think I have 0.1009:52
red2kicvpark: If you're behind a router (firewall), you should be fine. However, I believe the viruses are mostly targetting for the servers.09:52
maxillusionisthi ilea09:53
zvacetvpark:  I don't thing there is linux virus in wild09:53
red2kicTito0096: What is Plop? Do you need it? Paste the latest grub.cfg + "ls -al /boot"09:54
Tito0096red2kic - edit it like this correct? http://paste.ubuntu.com/581520/09:54
zvacetvpark:  you can read http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=51081209:54
maxillusionistzvacet it is wrong dude there are virus so fatal that you can't even imagine09:55
Tito0096red2kic - plop is a boot manager that lets you boot from usb on legacy devices09:55
Tito0096it can run along side everything which is good09:55
zvacetmaxillusionist: can you point me to that09:55
Tito0096red2kic - atm i have a pc that cant boot from usb09:55
Tito0096so i need this lol09:55
johan^iziethanol: hmm, do you have faad?09:55
ethanoljohan^izi: http://pastebin.com/Pb7i47Ck09:55
ethanoljohan^izi: faad?09:56
ethanolwill search for that09:56
Killswhy is ubuntu doesnt let me to play any of my audio players until a tab with a video  is no turned off?09:56
red2kicTito0096: "file /boot/plpbt.bin"09:56
gnewbethanol: There is also the Songbird thing:> http://getsatisfaction.com/songbird/topics/playing_m4a_files_on_ubuntu09:56
red2kicTito0096: See if it's there. :)09:56
ethanoljohan^izi: I have libfaad2 ?09:56
Tito0096file /boot/plpbt.bin09:57
Tito0096/boot/plpbt.bin: Linux kernel x86 boot executable zImage, version \353HdrS\006, RW-rootFS,09:57
Tito0096It is there09:57
Tito0096i made sure of it since the beginning09:57
johan^iziethanol: faad - freeware Advanced Audio Decoder player :)09:57
red2kicTito0096: Did you select Plop when it's booting up or it's simply not there? What was the response?09:57
johan^iziethanol: and libfaad209:57
Tito0096it always said "file not found"09:57
ethanoljohan^izi: have both the shared and mp4 one09:57
Tito0096even though it was there and selectable09:57
ethanoljohan^izi: don't have the command line tool though. would rhythmbox need it?09:58
red2kicTito0096: Dunno. If everything worked, I don't know what to look for.09:58
red2kicTito0096: (If everything are in places)09:58
johan^iziethanol: no, i don't think so09:58
cosmo_I cant figure out what I have set wrong, the windows machines on my home network can see me and the folders I shared but when they try to access them they get the message "Not accessible Might not have permission"09:58
Killsthis is just retarded why would some1 think that it would be good to shut down all media players till your on  a tab with video???09:58
gnewbI am going sailing now, y'all have fun and I thank you kindly.09:59
Tito0096red2kic - http://paste.ubuntu.com/581522/ - Grub.cfg, http://paste.ubuntu.com/581523/ - ls -al /boot09:59
johan^iziethanol: try starting rythmbox from the command line and see what errors it prints when you try to play the m4a09:59
red2kicTito0096: Seem fine -- What is in /boot/boot/10:00
Tito0096a folder with grub10:00
Tito0096and in that folder is a splash image10:00
KillsAny1 knows how make my media players play whenever I push play???10:00
ethanol(rhythmbox:7519): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_object_unref: assertion `G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed \ Segmentation fault10:01
Tito0096and thats it, i think that was from when i was fixing grub10:01
ethanolMar 17 11:00:39 ubuntu kernel: [ 8432.214431] multiqueue0:src[7529]: segfault at 0 ip 00007fdaccf15e4c sp 00007fdac99a55e0 error 6 in liborc-0.4.so.0.0.0[7fdacceff000+56000]10:01
Tito0096when windows took over10:01
Tito0096yeah i am going to delete it10:01
red2kicTito0096: I'm out of ideas. "ls -al /boot/boot/"10:01
johan^iziethanol: have a look at this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=159227010:02
Tito0096red2kic - that folder was made when i was reinstalling grub when windows took over10:02
Tito0096red2kic - i made a couple mistakes but now it works10:02
ethanoljohan^izi: it's not installed10:02
Tito0096red2kic - so i am going to delete it to avoid confusion since the proper location has everything in there10:02
johan^iziethanol: damn..10:03
red2kicTito0096: Okay. I have no more solutions. Sorry.10:03
Tito0096red2kic -10:03
Tito0096ls -al '/boot/boot'10:03
Tito0096total 310:03
Tito0096drwxr-xr-x 3 root root 1024 2010-10-10 07:25 .10:03
Tito0096drwxr-xr-x 5 root root 1024 2011-03-16 20:20 ..10:03
Tito0096drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 1024 2010-10-15 01:37 grub10:03
FloodBot2Tito0096: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:03
cosmo_I cant figure out what I have set wrong, the windows machines on my home network can see me and the folders I shared but when they try to access them they get the message "Not accessible Might not have permission"10:04
johan^iziethanol: i think thats it for me :) You could try xmms or converting your files. but thats not really a solution imo. Maybe someone else here can help you?10:04
ethanoljohan^izi: what player do you use?10:06
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HackeMatehello, someone experienced with kerrighed?10:07
khaardanyone using ubuntu 10.04 server edition on ps3 console?10:07
ethanoljohan^izi: if possible, could you try and check if you can play one of their files? (url: http://hwcdn.net/u5b4u5u8/cds/153.m4a )10:07
ethanolit plays fine for me in totem I just noticed10:08
ethanol(which it opens in by default if I download a .m4a directly)10:08
HackeMatei were following this manual http://www.kerrighed.org/docs/releases/3.0/INSTALL10:08
ethanolso rhythmbox just doesn't like podcasts I guess. maybe cause it has a video stream? (even if it is just a static image)10:08
=== plustwo is now known as plustwo_
=== plustwo_ is now known as plustwo
ethanolcould anyone recommend a good podcast player?10:12
=== plustwo is now known as deegee
jpdsethanol: banshee.10:14
Dr_Willis!info miro10:14
ubottumiro (source: miro): GTK+ based RSS video aggregator. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.0.3-1ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 462 kB, installed size 2760 kB10:14
Tito0096red2kic - http://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager.html#rungrub2 I am so stumped :(, just read the tutorial and tell me how you would start this10:14
ethanoljpds: will have a look, thanks10:14
newbie101hi all; What's the best way of connecting to the internet on ubuntu 10.04 through my nokia N9510:14
loltoadhey, any tips on profiling my boot up or system in general to speed things up?10:15
elFidelloltoad: bootchart might help understanding the boot-part10:15
BoothkIs this chat for support questions, or Ubuntu chat in general?10:15
elFidelBoothk: thats afaik a user2user help channel10:16
ethanoljpds: nope, banshee also crashes on these .m4a podcast files :<10:16
Boothkawesome. I'm somewhat new to bourne scripting and it hates me :V10:16
elFidelBoothk: so support -> see topic10:16
loltoadelFidel, ive ran bootchart before, but i wasn't sure what to do with the information, it was such a big file10:16
zvacetBoothk: support10:16
newbie101hi all; What's the best way of connecting to the internet on ubuntu 10.04 through my nokia N95?10:16
elFidelloltoad: i was talking about the image bootchart can generate10:16
elFideland in case that part is not helpful - you should most likely not mess around with the idea of optimizing your boot-time10:17
loltoadelFidel, yea, even on that it was a massive image, i couldn't even visually pick out anythin gof value... though to be fair i don't quite know what to look for10:17
Killswhy when i try to make a video fullscreen it ussually doesnt work?10:19
elFidelKills: tried different players & video formats?10:19
KillsIm talking about videos from websites10:20
elFidelsomehow your question right now isnt THAT DETAILED10:20
elFidelah great10:20
newbie101What's the best way of connecting to the internet on ubuntu 10.04 through a mobile phone?10:20
newbie101i.e. nokia N9510:21
Boothkgot this odd problem going on with iwconfig. I can set up wireless settings for a machine via .sh script, and configure the proxy so it'll go through. But no matter how hard i try, the machine refuses to pick up an IP address from DHCP server unless I use network-manager10:21
jattit works with the n90010:21
KillsIt very easy you play a youtube video froma website dif then youtube or someother flash video and whenyou try to go fullscreen the video keeps playing but you dont see nothing10:21
jattyou need to have the usb networking module in your kernel or as module I think ubuntu kernels already have it10:21
jattthen you need some iptables rules on the phone10:21
jattit works fine10:22
newbie101is there a tutorial some here10:22
juknewbie101: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/creating-an-adhoc-host-with-ubuntu.html10:23
KillsI get the feeling that ubuntu has a lot more bugs now at 10.10 than it had with 9.1010:24
BoothkDoes anyone know why terminal might fail to pick up DHCP?10:25
elFidelKills: video & flash is working great here - 10.10 too10:26
Killswell flash , audio quality and some other stuff aint exactly working great here10:26
elFidelKills: checked if you got latest flash?10:27
elFidelsome users tend to use flash ppa to get specific versions (afaik)10:27
Killsand srsly what the hell is with not letting media players play whenyou have a website tab with video opened10:27
madsHI all: How do i check what version and RC number of the kernel i have installed. "cat /proc/version" Returns: Linux version 2.6.38-6-generic (buildd@rothera) (gcc version 4.5.2 (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.5.2-5ubuntu1) ) #34-Ubuntu SMP Tue Mar 8 14:09:10 UTC 201110:27
madsrelated to a bug test i need RC-810:28
ethanolsomeone explain to me why totem can play my downloaded podcast files just fine (.m4a), but banshee _and_ rhythmbox both crash instantly when attempting playback? also, how coul I debug the cause of the crash?10:28
ethanolI take it back, they crash on everything now. even .mp3 :<10:30
johan^iziethanol: Sure, one sec10:30
ethanolmaybe I should remove some gstream packages10:30
Killsand i doesnt allow me to execute nothing and does not allow to change that in options10:30
Killshow to change my permissions so i could execute files with wine?10:31
overcluckerchmod +x file10:32
=== hwnd is now known as perl
overcluckerbut then, if you execute them directly with wine, you don't need to do that10:32
zvacet1hi| java_10:32
jokersmilewhen i tried downloading 10.10 netbook edition it gave me desktop edition. why?10:32
perljust run them with wine10:32
zvacet!hi | java_10:32
Boothkisn't UNR 10.10 broken atm?10:33
elFideljokersmile: netbook edition is dead afaik10:33
* Boothk is using UNR 9.1010:33
perlthere are other places to download unr 10.1010:33
Killshow to get permissions to execute files with wine is and easy question right?10:33
jokersmilewhat dose afaik mean10:33
johan^iziethanol: I can play your link in Rythmbox, Banshee, VLC and Totem..10:33
java_Kills: chmod +x file10:33
Boothkakaik = as far as i know10:33
java_Kills: or right-click the file and mark as executable10:34
KillsI have no idea what that means10:34
almoxarifeKills: you use what to look at files?10:34
ethanoljohan^izi: it must be some conflict in my installed libraries. I can also play it fine in totem. but all other apps crash10:34
Killsyeah trying to do that aint workin10:34
Killsdoesnt let me10:34
BoothkKills, "chmod +x <file>" is a terminal command. Change "mode", add execute permission, to file10:34
Boothkif you need to, use sudo chmod +x <file>. sudo gives you root power (use responsibly)10:35
overclucker+x doesn't matter if he's trying to run them off an ntfs partition10:35
ArabusGood morning10:35
monaDeveloperI have dell xps m1530 but after a while using ubuntu I noticed that the machine is overheated10:36
ethanoljohan^izi: I have no idea how to figure out which gstreamer libs I should install and which not (and which non-gstreamer ones)10:36
BoothkSo.. nobody really knows about DHCP via terminal?10:36
ethanoljohan^izi: but I can't even play mp3 files anymore in banshee and rhythmbox now :\10:36
almoxarifenautilus can change permissions, assuming the plugin is installed, unless you just love terminal10:36
KillsBoothk,  didint work10:36
HackeMatehello, i want to create a cluster with my old computers at home, kerrighed is a good project but just support 64bits10:36
HackeMateis there another project?10:36
ethanoljohan^izi: totem still works fine though.. must use something else10:36
java_I'm having an issue with java... I can run a .jar using GUI but if I try to run it from terminal using "java -jar file.jar" it does not open. Help!10:37
monaDeveloperwhen I try to run a flash thing or try to use something like virtualbox I find my machines so overheated10:37
johan^iziethanol: here is my config: http://pastebin.com/vzSrhxBy10:37
monaDevelopersometimes reaches over 9010:37
overcluckerKills: just run: wine program.exe10:37
monaDeveloperand simply the machine turns off10:37
jokersmilewhat netbook version do people in here recomend. I already head a 9.10 but is I want to shoot for more recent because I figure that it is better.10:37
Boothk9.10 is the most recent stable release as far as i know10:38
almoxarifejava_: you are not in the directory where the jar is located?10:38
monaDeveloperthat didn't happen before10:38
java_almoxarife: I am10:38
almoxarifejava_: odd10:38
java_almoxarife: I will paste the output10:38
almoxarifejava_: ok10:38
jokersmileok i'll go for that.10:38
Tito0096Can someone help me out with this? - http://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager.html#rungrub2 - I need help going about with that section of the wiki10:38
ArabusI have a small problem regarding Ubuntu 10.04 - Some of our users are not able to log in successfully. When they type in username and password in the login prompt of gdm it turns black as if to load the desktop and then returns to the login prompt. Weird thing is, this only happens to some users not all of them.10:38
ArabusI have already tried looking into the logfiles but found no error message I could connect to this. also removing .gnome and .gnome2 folders from the home directory did not help either. Someone has a clue why this happens or where I could read more on that? I'd even be grateful about a pointer where I can increase the debug output of gdm.10:38
monaDeveloperany idea what should I do10:38
java_aloril: Exception in thread "main" java.awt.HeadlessException10:39
java_almoxarife: Exception in thread "main" java.awt.HeadlessException10:39
Killsdoesnt let me10:39
zvacetBoothk: 10.10 is last see http://www.ubuntu.com/netbook/get-ubuntu/download10:39
jukmonaDeveloper: using cooler pad doesnt help?10:39
=== perl is now known as hwnd
elFidelArabus: does that behaviour change if those users select another window-manager in gdm?10:40
Boothkzvacet: yes, but is it stable? I tried using it before and it didn't want to install10:40
elFideli had that in 11.04 as well10:40
Killsthis ubuntu aint anywhere even close to what you call a smooth expierence10:40
hwndis there a patch or fix for xchat for unr 10.10, some reason i cant send or receive dcc10:40
monaDeveloperjuk: I didn't try but this is a new thing10:40
ArabuselFidel: they are able to log in with openbox, but not with kde or gnome10:40
Tito0096Can someone help me out with this? - http://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager.html#rungrub2 - I need help going about with that section of the wiki10:40
cosmo_I cant figure out what I have set wrong, the windows machines on my home network can see me and the folders I shared but when they try to access them they get the message "Not accessible Might not have permission"10:40
elFidelArabus: hehe - sounds somehow known10:41
ethanoljohan^izi: mp3 playback is working again. gonne check out podcasts now :x10:41
fisixcan somebody go over to stackoverflow and tell them to unban me >___>, i've been trying to configure my auto-login favourites and signed in/out a bunch of times10:41
ArabuselFidel: I also have tried compelte reinstalls on different systems - to no avail10:41
ethanoljohan^izi: meh still crashes. but loading the podcast rss feed in totem works, so I'll use that10:41
almoxarifejava_: the command is exact in terminal as it is in gui?10:41
zvacetBoothk:  soon you wil have to upgrade to 10.4 see if that version is stable10:42
johan^iziethanol: meh, too bad, but at least you can listen to your dnb pods now ;)10:42
elFidelArabus: always using the same install-source?10:42
=== Guest49262 is now known as sm`
ethanoljohan^izi: yarrr :)10:42
ArabuselFidel: well I have been using the same repositories, installation of the machines is only a very basic ubuntu and then everything else gets installed via apt-get10:43
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elFidelArabus: k10:43
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest31447
juk!grub2 | Tito009610:44
ubottuTito0096: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub210:44
Tito0096juk I have looked but my problem is specific10:44
ethanolis there a ubuntu dev channel for players like banshee/rhythmbox where I could go to perhaps debug the crashes these .m4a files are causing?10:45
samueldaniel7hello guys10:45
BoothkAny takers for figuring out why DHCP won't pick up in terminal?10:45
samueldaniel7this is fucking cool10:45
samueldaniel7any hardcore hackers here10:45
DJones!hacking | samueldaniel710:46
ubottusamueldaniel7: A hacker is a person who delights in having an intimate understanding of the internal workings of a system, computers and computer networks in particular, as defined by Request for Comments (RFC) 1392 - i.e. a good programmer  -- crackers on the other hand break systems, see also !piracy10:46
jukTito0096: mention it, may be you get lucky and someone helps10:46
ArabuselFidel: If I could increase the debug output of gdm maybe I could figure out what is wrong - currently I only get an omnious error message that also appears when a successful login happens. So this seems unrelated10:46
legoelandhello ! Is there a possibility to join my wifi printer HP (WPS button) with my wifi USB key Trendnet ?10:47
sacarlsonBoothk: won't pick up in terminal like with dhclient eth0 ?10:47
Corkflash plays super fast in browsers for me (chrome, firefox and opera), tried to reinstall flash, totem, the browsers but can't find a solution10:47
Corkanyone have an idea?10:47
h2o_hello everyone...i've got a problem here with some *beep* wireless card... when i want to turn it on with "ifconfig wlan0 up" i get this error in return: SIOCSIFFLAGS: No such file or directory .... any ideas anyone?10:48
Boothksacarlson: No, I've tried using dhclient wlan0 -r, dhclient wlan0 (release/renew) and /etc/init.d/networking force-reload, both usually fail10:48
samueldaniel7ok guys10:48
zvacetCork: did you tried to reinstasll them in synaptic10:48
samueldaniel7any hard core hackers here10:48
Boothksacarlson: The only exception seems to be after I've logged into the gui and gotten an ip via network-manger before release/renew works properly10:48
erUSULh2o_: what wifi chip ?10:49
h2o_erUSUL: ISL388610:49
erUSULhuh? are you sure?10:49
h2o_:) pretty sure yes10:49
erUSULh2o_: is pci or usb?10:49
samueldaniel7forget it man10:49
samueldaniel7just burn it10:49
legoelandis someone can help me ?10:50
Boothksacarlson: Also noticed that entering the name of the wireless network I'm trying to connect to doesn't add it to the iwconfig properties, but any other name DOES add =/10:50
h2o_erUSUL: it's not a good card, but at the moment this is all i've got ... the official name is: Siemens gigaset usb stick 5410:50
SimonPHOENIX_add  information to invoice - it is correct in english?10:50
erUSULh2o_: looking10:50
h2o_erUSUL: tnx10:51
ultravioletWhat is the fastest way to get a live usb so I can use it?10:51
samueldaniel7issara adi kalae10:51
samueldaniel7mala mala10:51
FloodBot3samueldaniel7: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:51
Boothkh2o_: If I'm correct, you us ifup wlan0 to turn on the wireless?10:51
h2o_Boothk: ifconfig up yes10:51
DJonessamueldaniel7: Do you have an Ubuntu support question?10:51
samueldaniel7im just a looser10:52
Killsso how do i change permissions on these stupid ubuntu?10:52
DJonessamueldaniel7: This channel is just for support questions10:52
h2o_Kills: chmod10:52
erUSULh2o_: it looks like it uses zd1211rw10:52
High_PriestKills, the same way as in all other distros: chmod10:52
erUSULh2o_: do you have the linux-firmware package installed ?¿10:53
other_rightclick file, properties, file access modality10:53
BoothkKills: Normally, you would do something like "sudo chmod o+x <full filepathname>10:53
Killsdidint work tryed to do chmod +x to the file10:53
h2o_erUSUL: yes, i've read that somewhere...i have the zd1211rw installed10:53
Killsit didint do anything10:53
h2o_by default10:53
java_I solved my java problem by installing openjdk..10:53
hydraDanybody can help me with one tutorial for ubuntu server to make one  server for lan with Bandwidth rulles?10:53
Killsyeah gave the thing the full pathname10:53
overcluckerultraviolet: unetbootin is good way10:53
erUSULh2o_: you installed some third party driver?10:54
hydraDanybody can help me with one tutorial for ubuntu server to make one  server for lan with Bandwidth rulles?10:54
hydraDanybody can help me with one tutorial for ubuntu server to make one  server for lan with Bandwidth rulles?10:54
h2o_erUSUL: no, i didn't install any driver10:54
High_PriesthydraD, no need to repeat/flood10:54
erUSULh2o_: sudo apt-get install linux-firmware10:54
ArabusI have a small problem regarding Ubuntu 10.04 - Some of our users are not able to log in successfully. When they type in username and password in the login prompt of gdm it turns black as if to load the desktop and then returns to the login prompt. Weird thing is, this only happens to some users not all of them.10:54
ArabusI have already tried looking into the logfiles but found no error message I could connect to this. also removing .gnome and .gnome2 folders from the home directory did not help either. Someone has a clue why this happens or where I could read more on that? I'd even be grateful about a pointer where I can increase the debug output of gdm.10:54
ultravioletoverclucker: Thank you kindly.10:55
erUSULhydraD: make specific questions...10:55
h2o_erUSUL: E: Unable to locate package linux-firmware .... lol? :)10:55
Killsthis is just stupid i set my account as admin it still doesnt let me execute it10:55
BoothkKills: can you tell me what permissions are set and who the owner/groups are on the file?10:55
erUSUL!find linux-firmware10:55
ubottuFound: linux-firmware-nonfree, linux-firmware10:55
High_PriesthydraD, so you want to do traffic shaping for internal lan users via linux router?10:55
erUSUL!info linux-firmware10:55
ubottulinux-firmware (source: linux-firmware): Firmware for Linux kernel drivers. In component main, is optional. Version 1.38.4 (maverick), package size 12350 kB, installed size 25636 kB10:55
overcluckerultraviolet: yup, works for some other distros to10:55
hydraDthis is10:55
erUSULh2o_: !? what version of ubuntu?10:56
hydraDubuntu server10:56
Killsit is my group and it says read a write10:56
ultravioletoverclucker: I see so, but, ubuntu seems easiest to install in a hurry ;-)10:56
* ultraviolet favours gentoo usually.10:56
High_PriesthydraD, there's a plenty of documents online which describe the complete procedure how to do it.. just google for linux router traffic shaping10:56
Boothkso, if you use ls -l in the folder10:56
sacarlsonBoothk: I've had share of problems with network-manager maybe part of your problem in this case maybe try disable it.  I guess you setup wlan0 in /etc/network/interfaces ?10:56
hydraDok thanks verry much10:56
h2o_erUSUL: i use crunchbang...which is equal to ubuntu lucid i think or koala10:56
h2o_erUSUL: w8 i'll check10:57
Boothksacarlson: Yeah, my script configures that file. I can PM you what I put in there10:57
sacarlsonBoothk: ok10:57
perseguidorhello, I tried to install aircrack-ng svn but I got an error and somebody told me that I might need to install subversion, do you know how can I do that?10:57
erUSULh2o_: "ls /lib/firmware/zd1211*" gives any result?10:57
samueldaniel7ok guys tell me how can i remote desktop from a linux machine10:58
jukArabus: are some of those users use nvidia drivers?10:58
lesshaste hi I just installed apt-get install linux-headers-2.6.38-7-generic linux-headers-2.6.38-7 on lucid10:58
h2o_erUSUL: :) no... no such file or dir....10:58
lesshastebut weirdly, I can't actually find vmlinuz-2.6.38-7-generic10:58
lesshasteany idea what is going on?10:58
Arabusjuk: all of them, there are nvidia cars in most of our computers10:58
erUSULh2o_: well there you have the pointer you need. find out how to get that firmware in crunchbang10:59
ubottuThere are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition10:59
overcluckerlesshaste: only the headers?10:59
jukArabus: did you check X logs?10:59
lesshasteoverclucker: oh..er... oops10:59
h2o_erUSUL: ok, i'll try to install it ... brb :)10:59
h2o_so zd1211rw you say10:59
Arabusjuk: I have but did not find anything indicating problems. Is there a way to icnrease the debug output for that?11:00
jukArabus: dont know, what is you type startx?11:00
jokersmileis it possible to downgrade from 10.10 desktop to NBR 10.1011:00
Arabusjuk:  Please elaborate, I do not understand what you mean.11:01
zvacetjockersmile: I think you will have to reinstall11:01
robbiethe1stjokersmile: Isn't the difference just the desktop "theme" or desktop environment? I assume you could probably just load the right config package and do it without issue11:01
Killsah forget these ubuntu are like riding a horse to work instead of takeing the car11:01
Killsmaybe Ill come back and try them in 5 years11:01
jukArabus: i meant, can you manually start X session by typing startx in terminal11:02
Killsgood luck to ya all geeks your ubuntu still has years to go to reach windows11:02
Sil4nc4hi guys, a little question about sudo: www-data ALL=(core) NOPASSWD: GIT_SCRIPT11:03
jokersmileare the config packages what you would find in synaptic package manager11:03
robbiethe1stKills: I argue the other way. Windows has loads to reach the usefulness of Linux11:03
h2o_erUSUL: i installed it through apt-get.... sudo apt-get install zd1211-firmware11:03
robbiethe1stjokersmile: try installing these packages https://launchpad.net/~netbook-remix-team/+archive/ppa11:03
jokersmileim linux all the way11:03
Sil4nc4this cmd would mean i could run git_script command as user core?11:03
Sil4nc4without a password11:03
robbiethe1stThey should actually be in the main repo, but those are the names you want11:03
Arabusjuk: I have not tried that, maybe this gives me more verbose output - thanks for the idea.11:03
pc10что это?11:03
Killsusefulnes if a simple user wastes 1 day to get 1 simple program runing and still doesnt manage to do it11:03
overcluckerKills: what are you trying to run, anyways?11:04
robbiethe1stKills: What the heck were you trying to do? Install Compiz from git?11:04
h2o_erUSUL: now i've got it to load with ifconfig up... but it doesn't catch any wireless signals from routers :( any idea why is that?11:04
Killsyou have to waste 3 months on learning to be able to use ubuntu and I dont have that i have work i have life11:04
h2o_erUSUL: ooooo wait...it does!! :D thanks man11:04
robbiethe1stKills: "sudo apt-get install *name*" should install most anything.11:04
jukbug 55724511:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 557245 in gdm (Ubuntu) "Gdm hangs, then restarts as it asks for my password. (dup-of: 553200)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55724511:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 553200 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-96 (Ubuntu) "Mouse and keyboard stop working after selecting user" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55320011:05
robbiethe1stKills: And if you can't be bothered to be polite to the people helping you out of the goodness of their hearts...11:05
Killsi undersatnd taht but everybody assumes here that I know all the steps till the last step11:05
Killswhich they tell me11:05
Killsand that aint usefull at all whenyou dont where to start11:06
robbiethe1stWell, then, tell us what the heck you're trying to do?11:06
Sil4nc4hi guys, a little question about sudo: www-data ALL=(core) NOPASSWD: GIT_SCRIPT, means I can as user www-data run the git_script command with user core without a password right?11:06
robbiethe1stWhat program do you want to run, anyhow?11:06
KillsI tryed forums guides and stuff it just eatsa lot of time11:06
jokersmilethanks robiethe1st: I new there was some easy way to downgrade11:06
h2o_erUSUL: i'm gonna go and try to connect to a network... need to disconnect from wired.... thanks again 4 your help... i'm happy to see ppl willing to help :)11:06
h2o_bye bye everyone11:06
Killsubuntu aint even close to the smoothnesss and ease of use to windows11:06
robbiethe1stjokersmile: Well, it's not exactly a downgrade - Just a different UI.11:06
researcher1how can I install many number of applications available in the list of Ubuntu Software center?11:06
Killsk good bye gtg to work now11:07
Sil4nc4Kills, this is not a windows vs linux channel11:07
Sil4nc4i want to get help11:07
robbiethe1stKills: But, in Windows, you can't just go "sudo apt-get install X Y Z". Makes things so much easier.11:07
Killsgood luck to ya all11:07
jukKills: dont say twice please11:07
Killsrobbie ubuntu has far worse problems than just going to the net to downlaod a program11:07
Sil4nc4weird guy11:08
overcluckersay hi to windows for me11:08
robbiethe1st*sigh*. I'm glad we have Windows - so -we- don't have to be stuck wuth such people.11:08
george_robbiethe1st, lol11:08
Sil4nc4anyone a sudo expert? :)11:08
onur_hello, want to capture images in jpeg or in any convenient format with mplayer from my webcam. what command must i use? "mplayer -tv driver=v4l:fps=15 -vo jpeg tv://" command don't save any file i think.11:08
robbiethe1stSil4nc4: Um, "man sudoers" possibly?11:08
Sil4nc4robbiethe1st, :) i know but check this11:09
Sil4nc4hi guys, a little question about sudo: www-data ALL=(core) NOPASSWD: GIT_SCRIPT, means I can as user www-data run the git_script command with user core without a password right?11:09
jjp_Sil4nc4: take a chance to ask your need11:09
overcluckerhe was just frustrated11:09
Sil4nc4it keeps asking for the password11:09
osseHi! Let's say I want to get the number of files beginning with the letter D in ~ I can do ls ~/D* | wc -l. But what if I want to store this in a variable? number=`ls ~/D* | wc -l`doesn't work because I can't use wildcards in a subshell this way.11:09
robbiethe1stSil4nc4: Try "git_script". Capitalization matters.11:10
jjp_osse: wrong, you will also list directories begining with D11:10
Sil4nc4its a cmnd_alias robbiethe1st11:10
h2o_erUSUL: :)) it works!! :)11:10
jjp_osse: try `ls |grep ^D|wc -l`11:11
aliveriusis there any way to configure qtcurve from a gtk based desktop? i dont want to install any kde stuff to enjoy my other qt applications with qtcurve11:11
aliveriusi know i can install kcontrol or something to edit the qtcurve settings... is it avoidable?11:12
daxrocMorning all11:12
robbiethe1stSil4nc4: Try checking your alias. Might be a problem there11:13
robbiethe1stI've got a 3D problem with Kwin/compiz and -not- with no WM running: http://robbiethe1st.afraid.org/images/linux/20110317_002.mp411:13
jokersmilehow can i test the health of my hard drive11:14
hobomoim having problems with ejecting a usb drive as i posted about on the forums http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=170877411:14
daxrocWhen accessing external websites (medium size downloads) speed seems to go below 5Kb using ubntu 10.10 x64 Desktop and server. Happens with the package mirrors and sites11:15
onur_hello, want to capture images in jpeg or in any convenient format with mplayer from my webcam. what command must i use? "mplayer -tv driver=v4l:fps=15 -vo jpeg tv://" command don't save any file i think.11:15
robbiethe1stjokersmile: smartctl11:15
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hobomodoes anyone know how to refresh hardware in ubuntu 10.04?11:19
DiamondciteI am not sure if one of your devices are not detected, but most of the time a linux system should just detect most of the hardware on boot11:20
DiamondciteThough if you think you have installed something special you can try to look in System -> administration -> additional hardware (or something like that)11:21
Diamondcitehrm.. not detecting a disconnect..11:22
hobomoDiamondcite, no the hardware is detected properly, but doesnt unmount properly11:23
Diamondcitehobomo: Have you looked in /var/log/messages to see if the kernel can see a disconnection?11:23
hobomoDiamondcite, no lemme check11:23
Diamondcitehobomo: You could also look at /dev for the remnants of your usb drive by looking for /dev/sdb when you unplug it?11:24
hobomoDiamondcite, theres a weird repeating error in /var/log/messages11:28
stevecamhello, how do i go about setting my max volume in ubuntu so it doesn't go over the unamplified mark11:28
Diamondcitehobomo: Please try to paste them inside http://paste.ubuntu.com11:28
Diamondcitestevecam: Unless you can getting into the detailed volume setting, the main slider should only go up to the unamplified mark..11:29
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jokersmileHow do I get my computer to scan for networks so that I can pick my network11:30
hobomoDiamondcite, it looks like this http://paste.ubuntu.com/581547/ but its repeating for like thousands of lines11:30
dwardercan anyone suggest me a ticket system11:30
Diamondcitehobomo: that is from pluggin the drive?11:30
dwarderphp based11:31
Diamondcitejokersmile: Assuming you mean windows networks... it should just show up in your Places > Network    does it not?11:31
lathan_deversdwarder, osticket is nice11:31
lathan_deversdwarder, also otrs11:31
Diamondcitehobomo: Err I'm out of time... *heads out*11:32
jokersmileyou mean ubuntu? I have 10.1011:32
ossejjp_, but a directory is just a special kind of file, isn't it? ;) I'll try your tip. Thanks!11:35
stephaaaanhey everyone :)11:36
cosmo_I cant figure out what I have set wrong, the windows machines on my home network can see me and the folders I shared but when they try to access them they get the message "Not accessible Might not have permission"11:36
stevecamDiamondcite, it goes above the unamplified mark, where are the settings for the volume control kept?11:37
stephaaaansomebody uses pure-ftpd and has proper log rotation?11:37
stephaaaancan't seem to figure out how to implement it :/11:38
Milosshhow can I disable auto change to /etc/resolv.conf?11:38
novitololohi, I don't know what I did but I can't see my applications in the inferior panel.  Any thoughts please?11:38
Milossh# Dynamic resolv.conf(5) file for glibc resolver(3) generated by resolvconf(8)11:39
stephaaaanMilossh] add dns to /etc/network/interfaces11:40
hobomocan someone help me with this problem http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=170877411:42
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jjp_osse: I mean, ls ~/D* will not only list regular files begining with D in ur homedir, but it will also list files in directories begining with D in ur homedir, so ~/Data/foobar would be listed11:45
Milosshstephaaaan: nameserver ?11:46
stephaaaanjust googled it, it's a little different in ubuntu11:46
ossejjp_, I see what you mean. I'll cure that with the -d option to ls11:46
stephaaaanmilossh] it's kinda ugly but you might give it a try - http://lenss.nl/2008/11/making-permanent-changes-to-resolvconf-under-ubuntu/11:47
stevecammy alsamixer's PCM levels will go over 0 dB gain, i dont want the mixer in gnome to allow this to happen11:47
Abhinav1hello I have a laptop with GPT and CD of ubuntu.How can I convert GPT to MBR?11:49
dr0idI write something like a then hit the tab key would either auto-complete or list the directories. can the same be done with files ?11:50
meerois it possible to open VNC server on active desktop?11:50
Abhinav1dr0id: it works with files name too11:51
dwarderlathan_devers: thank you11:51
Milosshstephaaaan: not working :/11:51
Milosshanyone else? how can I disable automatic updates to resolv.conf?11:51
dr0idAbhinav1: I guess that's when you already have written a dir name11:52
dr0idso Dir/now_you_hit_tabs_and_you_get_file_name11:52
meeroMilossh: maybe dhcp3 client is rewriting it..11:52
dr0idbut I am not including the dir11:52
Milosshmeero: how would I tell that? I don't see any special things in there11:53
Milosshin its conf, that is11:53
meeroMilossh: and what is the actual problem for you?11:53
stevecami know ive fixed this unamplified problem before but since i reinstalled everything i have forgotten how11:54
Abhinav1I have a laptop with GPT and CD of ubuntu.How can I convert GPT to MBR?11:54
Milosshmeero, I think it's using routers DNS, which is pinging my ISP, which DNSs are down11:54
Milosshthat's way I want to force opendns11:54
Milosshmy internet connection is absolutely unusable11:55
phabulousdoes anyone know about web100?11:56
meeroMilossh: looks like dhcp3 is causing that, i had similar problem..11:56
Milosshmeero: how to solve it?11:56
phabulousi'm confused on patching and kernels and such11:56
meeroMilossh: edit dhcp3 client setting so it is not updating DNS servers11:58
Milosshmeero: which line? what should it contain? any hints?11:58
ileawhere i can check if my video card is good for compiz because i cant activate the extra setings and try compiz12:00
meeroMilossh: try uncoment domain-name-servers from "request" in /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf12:01
cdavisIs anyone aware of a tool to use with scanimage that will detect and then remove a blank page?12:01
meeroanybody ... is it possible to open VNC server on active desktop12:02
mtesthi folks. how to install IE9 in ubuntu 10.1012:02
beer_brouwermtest: maybe with wine, but why would you want to do that?12:03
meeroMilossh: worked?12:04
lathan_deversmtest, http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=25 probably only with a VM12:04
endafyhow the heck do I play DVDs12:05
endafyyou know like the ones you buy12:05
homebrewciderhi , i've reinstalled the OS on my server adding my second hdd back, how do I find out what filesystem I have on there so it gets mounted properly please?12:05
DJones!dvd | endafy12:06
ubottuendafy: Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats12:06
endafythats BS12:06
mtestlathan_devers: any way with IEs4inux? or any other ways than wine12:06
endafyI suggest to the developers to fix this12:06
grndlvlendafy: thats copyright laws12:06
endafyno its BS that the developers of Ubuntu don't provide a way to play them12:07
Milosshmeero: would you please join #milossh12:07
Milosshjust for a second12:07
endafygo out of the way and make it legal12:07
lathan_deversmtest, sorry nothing that I'm aware of12:07
grndlvlendafy: so don't use it12:07
Milosshmeero: I want to paste something for you, but can't open pastebin12:07
endafyfuck off this is bullshit there has to be a way12:07
Piciendafy: Mind your language.  Follow the instructions on the wiki there if you want it to work.12:07
grndlvlsome ppl12:08
jjp_endafy: making it legal requires a (paid) agreement with the DVD consortium in order to get a decryption key. If you fund the realisation of the agreement, I'm sure developpers will fix the soft.12:10
Picijjp_: Hes not here anymore.12:11
Cosmo`can anyone tell me how i can get the battery indicator to show percentages?12:11
jigynetIs anyone here familiar with bleachbit?12:11
jjp_Pici: ouch, sorry12:11
grndlvljjp_: they already left, they could have found out by reading and its not difficult to add they just don't really care12:11
bboihi eveyone12:12
jjp_yeah. This DVD issue is frustrating12:12
jigynet=c i want to know if there is anything i shouldn't tell bleachbit to do12:12
red2kicI bet reading manuals are frustrating for that dude too.12:14
grndlvlfor the best really if they became so frustrated w/ a trivial task then well they would certainly have a hard time doing nearly everything else12:14
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jjp_grndlvl: agreed. So far, I found adding dvd decryption relatively easy12:15
grndlvlit sucks but necessary due to legal crap :( unless everyone wants to pay per copy of ubuntu for something that we can add easily12:16
jigynetto heck with that12:16
jigynetyou'd get pirated ubuntu xD12:16
remus_hey guys.. on ubuntu 10.10, running on an acer extensa 5220, i have installed the broadcom wireless driver from repos, the switch on/off button works, the lspci sees the device, the question is, how to connect to my wireless network?12:17
jigynetbut i'd be happy to donate cash randomly for a fantasic product xD12:17
jjp_Honestly, it may still prove easier the way it is currently on Ubuntu than actually installing a proprietary DVD soft on Windows12:17
Kre10s_I'm using the huawei 3g modem to write this message! the modem is working. however, it only works if I plug it in and leave it for 20 min.12:17
=== twitch_ is now known as twitch
jigynetremus you click on the up and down arrows in the top right and select your network12:18
Kre10s_is there a known problem with this device?12:19
jigynetkre10 sounds normal.. are you multitasking when you plug it in?12:19
jigynetwhat kinda pc are you plugging it into?12:20
jjp_kre10: do u have kernel messagers related to this device ?12:20
Bilzhello, how do i get the timestamp of a file when it was last saved12:20
jigynet^error messages^12:20
Kre10s_im on an hp 625. when i try to connect it fails. but if i leave the usb modem plugged in it will connect after 20min12:21
Kre10s_im grabbing the logs now12:21
grndlvlremus_: if its installed correctly which it sounds like it does if it lights up, then you *should* be able to https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/internet/C/connect.html12:21
* Boothk reads some backlog about commercial DVDs12:21
BoothkAm I right in thinking VLC works for Ubuntu?12:21
jjp_Boothk: certainly12:22
grndlvlBoothk: my player of choice12:22
Boothklol, Endafy raged for no reason then12:22
BoothkVLC is win12:22
Milosshresolveeeeeed :)))12:22
lathan_deversVLC is actually a VERY POWERFUL piece of software!!12:22
Milosshyeah, pretty much12:23
homebrewciderhi , i've reinstalled the OS on my server adding my second hdd back, how do I find out what filesystem I have on there so it gets mounted properly please?12:23
Boothkwhat's that Windows Media Player? You don't have the codec? That's k, VLC is here12:23
sunitI am trying to run a cron job in ubuntu 9.10. what shall I do and how can I know that cron job will run ?12:24
jrawshi, if anyone is interested in helping me carry out a mass-deployment of ubuntu at an indian prison so that inmates can have a more meaningful time, please check out this post --> http://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/g5q7z/anyone_up_for_some_real_karma_long_story_short_i/12:24
jrawsthanks :)12:24
Boothkgood question homebrewcider. Uhm....12:24
jribjraws: what's your support question?12:24
grndlvlsunit: make the time shorter for testing and see if it does what you wanted it to do?12:24
jigynetkre10 those specs look good, shouldn't be that it's just busy.. but everytime you remove it..it may have to re-install it's drivers and that would take a bit12:25
jrawsjrib: i'm requesting general advice & suggestions as well as practical suggestions for a charitable good deed.12:25
jigynetwhy do prisoners have access to pc's?12:25
Boothkhomebrewcider, are you still here?12:26
Boothkyou need to find out what filesystem type you have on your slave HDD?12:26
Boothkalright, imma pm you12:27
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Kre10s_jjp_: jigynet: http://paste.ubuntu.com/581562/12:29
Kre10s_thats what i was trying to do yesterday... ^12:29
sukimaI'm having trouble with my xmodmap. Running ubuntu server 10.04 with fluxbox installed I have the default `xmodmap '$HOME/.Xmodmap'` line in the fluxbox startup script. When I startx the mapping doesn't work however manually running the command give the following error as if the mapping was done already (keys don't match mapping) Any help please: https://gist.github.com/87423912:30
Kre10s_you can see it trying to connect and failing12:30
jigyneti don't want to create a source of bickering, over who's turn it is to spend all day playing snake when spending their alredy fairly cooped-up days in front of a lit screen is going to burn their brains and eyes out and suhave access to pc's xDck the life out of them. again why would prisoners12:30
Ntemisi have a weird output from lm-sensors12:30
jribjraws: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomatedNodeDeployment and maybe https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/Netboot and maybe https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Desktop/PXE and maybe https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PXEInstallServer and maybe https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ThinClientHowto12:30
NtemisAdapter: ISA adapter12:30
NtemisCore 0:       +9.0°C  (crit = +100.0°C)12:30
FloodBot1Ntemis: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:30
NtemisAdapter: ISA adapter12:30
NtemisCore 1:       +8.0°C  (crit = +100.0°C)12:30
Ntemiswhat do you think about this guys?12:30
Ntemiswhat do you think about this guys?12:31
sunitgrndlvl: ok, I am trying12:31
wakawaka_hi all, im using vsftpd, a user can login and create a file fine, but the created file is drwx------, any idea why / how to change the default permissions?12:31
=== Kre10s_ is now known as Kre10s
jigynetjraws you in offtopic?12:32
erUSULwakawaka_: see how to set umask for thse users/ftp12:32
jribwakawaka_: search http://vsftpd.beasts.org/vsftpd_conf.html for "umask"12:32
eXpLoDhow is the default color picker called?12:32
wakawaka_erUSUL, jrib: i tried umask, but maybe i didn't set it right, thanks for the link jrib12:33
jigynetgsm modem for a cdma network lol12:33
jigynetthat modem you have is configure to use cellphone towers12:33
grndlvlwakawaka_: also could be setting of the client12:34
jigynetthere should be settings to change this tho right?12:34
MarconMi want to know how i can to link a file and open it with a command in whatever place , typing a command12:34
wakawaka_grndlvl: how do you mean? what should be changed?12:34
MarconMwith command ln -s12:34
jribMarconM: I don't understand your question.  Give an example please12:35
grndlvlwakawaka_: some ftp clients allow you to specify the perms of files that are uploaded12:35
jigynetKre10s, are you able to connect in windows?12:35
bullgard4After dist-upgrade and rebooting I need to configure Grub 1.98-1ubuntu9. What do the letters  X and Y mean in the syntax "set root=(hdX,Y)"?12:35
MarconMjrib, do you know o command " ln -s "12:35
wakawaka_grndlvl: hm ok i'll look into that, thanks12:35
jrib!grub2 | bullgard412:35
ubottubullgard4: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub212:35
MarconMit make link12:35
jribMarconM: yes12:35
MarconMok ...12:35
MarconMall the command of the linux are on folder /usr/bin12:36
MarconMthe meanly commands12:36
jribMarconM: please just explain on one line12:36
eXpLoDhow is the default color picker called?the one that pops out when you click choose colors in many apps and displays both rgb and hex codes12:36
=== roland_ is now known as roland
MarconMokkkkk sorry .... eXpLoD ... ok i want to open a file typing a command12:36
jribeXpLoD: I would guess that's just a part of gtk12:37
eXpLoDyeah,but i wanna start it manually,whats the command for it12:37
jribMarconM: this isn't an example.  Do you just want to add a program to your PATH by creating a symlink so you can call it without giving the full path?12:37
jribeXpLoD: apt-cache search color pick  should give you options12:38
MarconMok ... i have a txt file ok12:38
jribMarconM: you have a text file. ok.12:38
grndlvleXpLoD: maybe gcolor2? sorry not on my linux box atm12:38
wakawaka_erUSUL, jrib: no luck on umask, set umask=077 in vsftpd.config, restart, re-logged in, mkdir has drwx------, any other thoughts?12:39
eXpLoDhmm,running in terminal both gcolor and gcolor2 says command not found12:39
=== dkannan is now known as dkannan|away
jribwakawaka_: I told you to search for umask on the page I linked.  Then you have to read about all the options that involve umask12:39
ruanMarconM: do you want to open the txt file with a command?12:39
jribeXpLoD: because you have to install it.12:40
=== dkannan|away is now known as dkannan
wakawaka_jrib: shoot, sorry if i missed something - will re-read12:40
MarconMmarcon.txt on a folder .. ok ... or could be a log file ... lets go .. but this file stay in folder /home/myfolder/file/job/marcon/test... omg .. i have type all this soh a want tipy just a one command, like htop, telnet, gimp and open it12:40
jigynetjrib, for a prison..education and entertainment would be best to focus on..something that even if all 20 computers are in use that could still be a group activity for those not seated at the pc's12:40
bullgard4jrib: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 does not define what X  and Y mean. But this was my question.12:40
=== dkannan is now known as dkannan|away
eXpLoDbut how do i run it,if it;s not installed?12:40
=== dkannan|away is now known as dkannan
PicieXpLoD: the color picker that programs use is not a separate program. Its part of GTK.12:40
robdigwakawaka_: look at file open mode12:40
jigynetoh shoot did i direct that at the wrong guy?12:40
Pici!away > dkannan12:40
ubottudkannan, please see my private message12:40
ruanMarconM: [program] [file]. eg. "gedit path/to/file/file.txt"12:40
ikoniabullgard4: it's the disk ID and partitoin for your system, X and Y are place holders that you swap out relevant to your system12:40
coz_eXpLoD,  sudo apt-get install agave12:40
=== dkannan is now known as dkannan|away
wakawaka_robdig: set that 0777 too, no luck12:40
overcluckerwakawaka_: umask shoud be the inverse of the permissions you want 077 sets 70012:40
MarconMruan, ??????????12:41
sunitgrndlvl: if I try to create a cron job to be run every 5 minute interval , what are the steps ?12:41
=== herton is now known as herton_away
jribbullgard4: the first argument is the number corresponding to a device (starts at 0), the second is the number corresponding to a partition (starts at 1)12:41
jigynetI've selected everything available in bleachbit, but i want to know if this is a bad idea before i give it a go..anyone have any idea?12:41
elb0wWhats the easiest way to install fonts?12:41
wakawaka_overclucker: so to get 077 permissions id set umask to 700?12:41
ruanMarconM: the command is "gedit /home/myfolder/file/job/marcon/test/marcon.txt"12:42
elb0wdo I just make a ~/.fonts folder and copy them there?12:42
Kre10sjigynet: yes. I can connect under windows. but whats that indicate?12:42
ikonia!fonts | elb0w12:42
coz_elb0w,   click on the font and a dialog will appear with "install"  button12:42
ubottuelb0w: Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer. For the official ubuntu font, see: http://font.ubuntu.com/12:42
=== doodoo is now known as Dart
ruanMarconM: it depends what text editor you want to open it with though12:42
wakawaka_overclucker: ah gotchya, thanks!12:42
overcluckerwakawaka_: yup,12:42
Kre10sI'm connected now. It just takes forever to make the connection.12:42
=== wvholst is now known as RevSpaceWalter
rizzuhHmm... why exactly is aptitude gone now?12:43
overclucker077 seems like a strange set of permissions12:43
coz_elb0w,  to use that font you will need to regenerate font cache with   sudo fc-cache -fv12:43
bazhangrizzuh, save disk space, you can install it12:43
rizzuhbazhang, meh... 20MB?12:43
coz_elb0w,  otherwise font cache will be regenerated on reboot12:43
jigynetKre10s, was just wondering if for somereason it was configured diffrently..you could try a diffrent manufacturer and see if that makes a diffrence.. do you also have slow speeds?12:43
rizzuhbazhang, capacities are measured in gigabytes now, so saving 20MB sounds stupid, if it is that much.12:44
bazhangrizzuh, on the CD12:44
ikoniarizzuh: on a 700 meb install CD it's not12:44
=== Guest56974 is now known as DarkDevil
jigynetKre10s, is this something you bought at a store to connect to the net..or something that an isp gave you?12:44
rizzuhbazhang, ... I still wonder why Ubuntu doesn't ship on DVDs already.12:44
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest76051
bullgard4jrib: How can I determine this device number and this partition number?12:45
ikoniarizzuh: because not all servers have DCD12:45
grndlvlsunit: https://secure.jabsupport.com/support/index.php?_m=knowledgebase&_a=viewarticle&kbarticleid=135 <-- this looks to be accurate and states what each time value is. I think it would be something like */12 * * * * "PATH/SCRIPT"12:45
Picirizzuh: There is a DVD available if you want.12:45
rizzuhikonia, for servers you doin't need to ship the whole GUI in the disc.12:45
jribbullgard4: is there a reason you aren't using UUID?12:45
Pici!es | riveryk12:45
ubotturiveryk: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.12:45
ikoniarizzuh: running a gui on a server is fine12:45
bazhangriveryk, #ubuntu-es12:45
Kre10sjigynet: I bought it at the isp. its from TIM but my isp is VIVO.12:45
rizzuhikonia, and besides, with servers you can usually use a BMC to mount the image from a network share, or spend $20 and get a USB reader, since servers run for several hundred to several thousand.12:46
coz_rizzuh,  the alternative to a dvd install is the minimal install cd  which will list available packages /  DE 's   during install but is only a 12 meg download12:46
ikoniarizzuh: you don't dictate what people useually do12:46
ikoniarizzuh: it's 20 meg, if it's not a big deal, download it12:46
rizzuhikonia, sure, but crippling the distro because of old technologies is not that great.12:46
grndlvlbah thats wrong actually */5 * * * * maybe... I usually have to play around with it a few times actually lol i rarely set one up12:46
ikoniarizzuh: it's not crippling a distro12:46
wakawaka_overclucker: any idea if there's a way to set the default group for a created file?12:46
Picigrndlvl: Thats correct12:47
jigynetrizzuh,  so you expect everyone to go .0020 gigabytes instead of saying 20MB?12:47
rizzuhikonia, almost.12:47
jribMarconM: the syntax to create a symlink is: ln -s TARGET NAME.  So for example if you want to create a symlink to /home/jrib/some/really/long/path/coolfile in /home/jrib, you could do: ln -s /home/jrib/some/really/long/path/coolfile /home/jrib/coolfile12:47
overcluckerwakawaka_: not sure if vsftpd can do that or not12:47
ikoniarizzuh: not in the smallest part is it crippling a dsitro12:47
rizzuhjigynet, I expect people to stop using wimpy CDs.12:47
bullgard4jrib Yes, after dist-upgrade and restart Grub 1.98-1ubuntu9 asks me to enter this syntax following "set_".12:47
Kre10sjigynet: speed is ok...12:47
bazhangrizzuh, lets move on please12:47
wakawaka_overclucker: ok, thanks again for the umask help!12:47
jigynetrizzuh, not until usb 3.0 is cheap and is actually faster then any other media12:48
jribbullgard4: what do you mean by dist-upgrade?  Did you upgrade release versions?  Where/when is grub asking you?12:48
bazhangjigynet, lets move on past this please12:48
jigynetuntil then it's dvds/cds and portable hd's12:48
jigynetdang baz do you always have to mess with our conversations?12:49
jigynetinterjection is quite rude..12:49
Picijigynet: This channel has guidelines that people should follow if they want to continue to use the channels.  You can read them here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines12:49
jigynetKre10s, so this only happens when you remove the device or each time you reboot?12:50
Kre10sThe problem I have is that I cannot connect the device manually.12:51
Kre10sI have to plug it in and count sheep for 20 minutes12:51
Kre10sIt will eventually connect on its own.12:51
jigyneti'm pretty sure i haven't violated a rule that would entitle someone to persistently interject, even in off-topic...12:51
jigyneteverytime you remove it and re-insert it.. it installs drivers and such12:52
ikoniajigynet: he's just trying to guide you back to ontopic support discussion12:52
jigynetwhy do you need to keep removeing it?12:52
jigynetikonia,  it was a single line of text... and all i intended.. i would take it to ot if he wanted to continue12:53
ikonia]jok, so he asked you to move past it, and you did, great, lets move on12:54
jigynetbut thank you xD12:54
Picijigynet: If you disagree with an action of an operator you can take it up in pm or in #ubuntu-ops, otherwise we should keep #ubuntu clear for those who want support :)12:54
PiciKre10s: Does dmesg indicate that anything is happening during those 20 minutes?12:55
bullgard4jrib: »dist-upgrade« was my short-hand for the command '~$ sudo update-manager -d'. Yes, I did upgrade a release version. The very last step of the '~$ sudo update-manager -d' procedure requested me to reboot. The very first prompt after rebooting is for Grub and requires that I enter my start data medium using the syntax: 'set root=(hdX,Y)'.12:57
ikoniaupdate-manager -d12:57
ikoniabullgard4: why di dyou use update-manager -d ?12:57
Kre10sPici: heres todays output. http://paste.ubuntu.com/581573/12:57
ikoniabullgard4: did you intend to go to the development release?12:57
Pilopewsuper ddos script12:57
ikoniaPilopew: ?12:57
PiciPilopew: Excuse me?12:57
eXpLoDlol Pilopew this is not malvager12:58
Pilopewnothing, wrong channel12:58
gottemwhat if one day you woke up and your nipples were completely gone12:58
gottemlike no scars or anything, just flat skin12:58
gottemand then once you leave your room you find out your dad died last night12:58
gottemand then several days later, you find out that for your entire life your dad had been sneaking into your room while you slept12:58
gottemand sucking on your chest to make to gigantic hickeys where your nipples should be12:58
gottembecause you were born without them12:58
FloodBot1gottem: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:58
ikoniagottem: top12:58
gottemnot for any sexual reason, just so you would fit in12:58
bullgard4ikonia: Yes I did.12:58
PilopeweXpLoD: im sorry, remind me of your malvager nick again12:58
jribbullgard4: so you are on natty now?12:58
ikoniabullgard4: then it's not supported and disscussion is in #ubuntu+112:58
bullgard4jrib:  Yes.12:59
bullgard4ikonia: No. There is no diskcussion in #ubuntu+1.12:59
coz_bullgard4,  well it may be that many of the people are not at their systems right now12:59
coz_bullgard4,  it has been slow...but that is the channel to be in for natty13:00
ikoniabullgard4: thats sad, but it's where the discussion for ubuntu 111.04 is, please join13:00
ikoniabullgard4: 11.04-pre-release is not a supported distro13:00
jribbullgard4: read the !grub2 wiki page while you wait, but the proper channel for natty issues is #ubuntu+113:00
bullgard4coz_: What do you mean by "their systems"?13:00
ikoniabullgard4: at their systems that they use to type messaages13:00
coz_bullgard4,  they may be logged on but at school...work...etc etc13:01
DoonzI just got a VPS box with ubuntu 10.04 installed. I created 2 new users. How do i get them to have the same terminal feel as the original user (sorry i dont know what to call it)13:01
sunitgrndlvl: Thanks13:01
jribDoonz: if you created the users with "adduser" (which copies /etc/skel to their homes, they should13:01
bullgard4jrib: I have been reading the wiki page while I was waiting. There the precise meaning of X and Y is not explained.13:02
ikoniabullgard4: it's been explained to you please join #ubuntu+113:02
coz_bullgard4,  you question has been answered in #ubuntu+113:02
bullgard4coz_: You are in error.13:05
coz_bullgard4,  one thing you have to keep in mind on irc,,, everyone here is a volunteer,, with their time... their knowledge,,, not everyone is correct all the time...which is an advantage on irc because someone can catch a typo  or  wrong  solution13:06
Roland_Hello, i am in need of assistance.13:07
coz_bullgard4,  it also means many times  that you have to stick around ,, and wait,, since everyone has a real life  aka   school...family...etc13:07
bazhangRoland_, with what13:07
blackshirtRoland: jusk ask here,13:07
Roland_Installing ubuntu13:07
ruanhow do i remove assistive technologies completely?13:07
jribhi Roland_ , we like it when you just get to the point and ask y our question immediately :)13:08
rogardhi hi, can you give me a documentation for linking an Active Directory server with a Postfix server (Ubuntu Server 10.10) ?13:08
Roland_I got it onto a USB drive, and booted from it, but whenever i select an option on the ubuntu screen that comes up it beeps and does nothing13:08
Roland_at first i was trying to instal 32bit on my 64bit comp, then i tried again with 64 bit version and same thing13:08
Roland_Any ideas on why it won't work?13:09
fixxif i scp something to a remote dir, like scp -r /etc/* blah.... is it common for the remote version and the local one to differ by a few bytes?13:10
ruanRoland_: what did you use to put it on the USB drive? have you tried unetbootin?13:10
Roland_i used Universal-USB-Installer-
Picifixx: no. Can you verify with md5sum that the files are idneed the same?13:10
red2kicfixx: Use rsync.13:10
blackshirtrogard: you mean windows ad ?13:10
=== guy is now known as Guest23280
ruanRoland_: have you tried the alternative cd?13:11
fixxPici: how do i md5sum a whole directory? just md5sum mydir13:11
Roland_I tried the 32 and 64 bit versions13:11
Roland_both downloaded from the ubuntu website13:11
ubottuThe Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal13:11
fixxred2kic: rsync -avuz -e ssh?13:11
fixxlemme test it quick13:12
tzaeruuh. is there a command to reset values such as contrast?13:12
tzaerua game crashing screwed that up13:12
Roland_it seems this is what i have been using13:12
Roland_i thought i meant alternative as in i could use utorrent to download it13:13
ruanRoland_: hmm. have you tried the normal livecd instead of the alternative?13:13
Roland_and to make it bootable on my flash drive i had to change the name or the program wouldnt recognize it13:13
Roland_no i haven't. haha.13:13
ruanRoland_: try that then13:13
red2kicfixx: rsync -avz (should be fine). '-e ssh' is already configured to be default13:13
Roland_I should probably do that huh.13:13
lathan_deverstzaeru, r u sure it's software settings and not your monitor settings?13:14
rogardI've got to go, see U all13:14
tzaerulathan_devers, guessing it's sofware. at reboot it anyway uses the right values.13:14
Roland_alright, ill have it downloaded and mounted in the next hour or so, ill be back.13:14
frxstremI have this problem where when I boot my computer, instead of going directly to the graphical login screen I get a terminal and have to wait for about 3-4 minutes before I get the graphical login. Can anybody please help me fix this?13:16
ikoniafrxstrem: does the graphical window start on it's own after 3 / 4 minutes?13:17
coz_frxstrem,  mm  is there a "read out"  during this 3 to 4 minute wait?13:17
frxstremikonia: yes, it does13:18
coz_that;s an odd issue13:18
frxstremcoz_: what do you mean by "read out"?13:18
coz_frxstrem,  is anything  printed out  or do you see errors reported during that time?13:18
KramBI am trying to make this .sh file executable I do "chmod +x file.sh" and when I try to execute it, it says cannot execute.  It is a compiler for java files, any help?13:19
frxstremcoz_: no13:19
coz_KramB,   the easy way is to right click the file ...go to properties / permissions  and make it executeable13:19
High_PriestKramB, try sh file.sh13:19
airworkhi. i'm trying to delete a partition from my drive but i'm getting weird error messages..http://paste.ubuntu.com/581577/13:19
coz_frxstrem,  mm this is definitely odd... is this a fresh install of ubuntu?13:20
frxstremcoz_: no, I've been using it for about half a year now, I think13:20
coz_frxstrem,  when did this start ocurring?13:20
frxstremcoz_: I think it was two days ago13:21
High_PriestKramB, and what is the exact error message?13:21
coz_frxstrem,  were there system updates at that time?13:21
frxstremcoz_: there might have been, I don't quite remember13:22
m___Hi! How can I find all files in a folder that has the regex "*[0-9].ser" ? I have tried to do this but to no avail: find . *[0-9].ser | egrep *[0-9].ser13:22
KramBcoz: It still did not work.  Priest: That did not work either, the message was "not foundipts. sh: 2: not foundipts .sh: 8: compile scripts.sh 23: syntax error: and of file unexpected (expecting "fi")13:23
coz_frxstrem,  ok ,, one of the first things I suggest for any issue is to first open a terminal  and   sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade     see if anything needs updated,, or a new package needs installed13:23
KramBend of file*13:23
coz_KramB,  what is this file for?13:23
jigynetis that guy with the HUAWEI Mobile still around?13:23
ruanKramB: you need to code the file correctly then13:23
jribm___: ls **/*[0-9].ser    in the right directory13:23
KramBcoz: to compile java scripts.13:23
KramBruan: I guess I will look over it. :s13:24
jribm___: and that's a glob, not a regex13:24
ruanKramB: it's returning errors because the code is incorrect13:24
ruansyntax errors13:24
tdnHow do I install the latest 2.6.38 kernel in Kubuntu 10.10? I need to check if a specific bug has been fixed.13:25
m___jrib: that does not work13:25
High_Priesttdn, you download it, compile it and boot it13:25
frxstremcoz_: there were some updates (for tzdata and wine), thought I highly doubt updating them would solve anything...13:25
KramBI don't see what is wrong. >:l13:25
jribm___: in what sense does it not work?  Do you get an error or does it do something other than what you wanted?13:25
coz_frxstrem,  right13:25
blackshirttdn: are you want install it from repos or compile by self13:26
m___cannot access **/*[0-9].ser: No such file or directory13:26
coz_frxstrem,  mm and this occurs every time you newly boot into  your system ...yes?13:26
jribm___: what ubuntu version is this?13:26
tdnHigh_Priest, really? Is there no easier way? I would guess that this is a fairly common task. So I thought there would be some .debs available. Either via PPAs or similar.13:26
frxstremcoz_: yes13:26
coz_frxstrem,  does this also occur when you restart X?13:26
tdnblackshirt, preferably via repos.13:26
jribm___: what shell are you using?13:26
isbric_Hey, i just ran a dist-upgrade on a lucid box, after my reboot i get consistent packet loss on localdomain every 10-11 minutes lasting for about 30-60 sec.13:26
m___well bash13:26
bazhangisbric_, dist-upgrade?13:27
frxstremcoz_: I don't know, I haven't tried13:27
tdnisbric_, that sounds *really* strange. What does dmesg say?13:27
KramBDoes anyone here know java, and could look at this for me?13:27
tdnisbric_, paste your dmesg output here: http://paste.adora.dk13:27
coz_frxstrem,  ok try it doing it the correct way     ctrl+alt+F1    log in    sudo  restart gdm13:27
blackshirttdn: check it when there that version on repo13:27
blackshirttdn: or chek from ppa archives13:27
tdnblackshirt, I have tried adding the kernel PPAs, but there are still no 2.6.38 kernel availabe from it. Which PPA should I add?13:28
jribm___: if you want to use find: find -name '*[0-9].ser'13:28
isbric_bazhang: apt-get dist-upgrade13:28
tdnblackshirt, I have not been able to find any useful info on this.13:28
tdnblackshirt, maybe I could try installing the natty kernel in maverick? Would that work? If so, how to do it?13:28
bazhangisbric_, that wont change versions if that is what you are attempting13:28
coz_frxstrem,  you got back here pretty quickly13:29
=== doodoo is now known as Dart
m___cheers, jrib!!13:29
frxstremcoz_: yes, that's because I didn't have to wait when I restarted X13:29
coz_frxstrem,  mmm  so something is up with the initial boot sequence,,, this may be beyond my knowledge....13:30
Aloneaok, is there anything I can temporarily do to fix the brightness on my EEE until the fix comes out next month? (on kubuntu) its at "100%" and its still really dim. I have the issue where my brightness scale is all over the place as I increase/decrease it (its not in order and its all pretty dim)13:30
coz_frxstrem,   which video card is on that system?    lspci | grep -i vta13:30
coz_frxstrem,   lspci | grep -i vga13:31
coz_big fingers :)13:31
frxstremcoz_: nVidia Corporation GT218 [NVS 3100M]13:31
blackshirttdn: you can install natty kernel on maverick, update your sources.list with natty repo, run update and then install kernel from natty repos13:31
coz_frxstrem,  ok13:31
ruanAlonea: have you tried the application "monitor settings"?13:31
coz_frxstrem,  hold on13:31
isbric_my dmesg: http://paste.adora.dk/P1991.html13:32
Alonearuan: so far the brightness settings that came with kubuntu is what is broken. is this a separate application?13:32
airworkhi. i'm trying to delete a partition from my drive but it's telling me the partition is outside the disk. fdisk -l /dev/sda returns weird numbers13:32
isbric_bazhang: no13:32
botcityhi guys i recently put another linux distro on my netbook i thought it would set up a dual boot with ubuntu when grub loads it shows both distros but when i select ubuntu i get error 15 file not found , i dont wanna reinstall ubuntu i know that would fix it but is there another fix?13:32
coz_frxstrem,  out of curiosity would you try    initctl status gdm13:33
ruanAlonea: yes, though it is a gnome app13:33
usr13airwork: sudo fidsk -l /dev/sda | pastebinit13:33
tdnblackshirt, is that safe?13:33
tdnblackshirt, will I always be able to go back later?13:33
[TK]D-Fendertdn: No.13:33
usr13airwork: Which partition are you trying to delete?13:33
tdn[TK]D-Fender, thought so. What will you recommend?13:34
[TK]D-Fender! 11.04 | tdn13:34
ubottutdn: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.13:34
frxstremcoz_: "gdm start/running, process 3784"13:34
isbric_any ideas?13:34
coz_frxstrem,  mmm ok hold on  let me do a bit of research on this issue13:34
airworkusr13: : trying.. but i'm on the live cd and installing pastebinit is taking forever, let me paste manually13:34
[TK]D-Fendertdn: Recommend yuo wait until it is released and you have a reasonable chance of not ending up with a crippled system13:34
tdn[TK]D-Fender, I do not want to upgrade to natty just yet. I just want to try out the kernel under maverick.13:34
airworki want to delete partition #2 on my one and only drive13:34
Alonearuan: what is even worse is if I manually set the brightness to 100% in the terminal, its still wrong. echo -n 100 /proc/acpi/video/VGA/LCDD/brightness13:35
usr13airwork: How are you trying to delete it?  (What partitioning utility are you using?)13:35
ryuguns1Hey guys....13:36
ruanany good download managers? i've tried jdownloader and fatrat but they gave me issues13:36
ryuguns1Where is a good place to learn bash?