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mandelmorning all!08:12
JamesTaitHappy St Patrick's Day, everyone! :D10:17
duanedesignmorning all10:29
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natschilSo, looking at some work that gets synced to ubuntu one, I noticed that some of it was a horribly old version where I am certain beyond any doubt that it is not the newest copy. I suspect ubuntu one, as it frequently refuses to save a new version of work and instead creating a file ending in .u1conflict with the contents of the work...Is there some sort of changelog for ubuntu one?11:16
Chipacanatschil: what version of ubuntu are you on?11:17
Chipaca(no, there isn't a changelog, but you shouldn't be seeing those auto-conflicts any more)11:18
natschilChipaca: I'm not on the current version, but on one behind.... seriously, it has no changelog? What kind of backup system has no changelog?11:24
Chipacanatschil: a backup system with no changelog would suck and be terrible and unusable11:25
Chipacanatschil: but, we are not a backup system11:25
Chipacanatschil: if you use the file sync service as part of a backup system, the onus is on you to add the missing bits11:26
Chipacaaquarius: I always forget, what's the name of the backup system that's building on us?11:26
natschilChipaca: something that uploads files to the internet and even replaces files on my computer (i.e. moving more recent files to be called .u1conflict) should have some sort of changelog at least. I mean seriously, I'm sorry but if u1 has no changelog it's a serious failure, changing some 'synced' file to delte somewhere would cascade across all the synced computers. So now way to get the files back?11:33
Chipacanatschil: deleting a synced file deletes it all over the internet, yes11:34
Chipacanatschil: and a changelog is not the same as an undo or an undelete11:35
Chipacanatschil: we're working on having an eventlog, and we already have a rudimentary undelete feature11:35
Chipacanatschil: but we are not a versioning system, and we are not a backup system11:35
Chipacanatschil: the auto-conflict issue is a bug that has been fixed, however11:36
Chipacanatschil: (auto-conflcit being the case where a single client will produce .u1conflict files because of inadequate tracking of changes)11:36
natschilChipaca: that's all very nice, but how does it help me get my data back?11:37
Chipacanatschil: which data have you lost?11:37
natschila file which I am quite sure I saved, and is now nowhere to be found.11:38
Chipacanatschil: and there isn't a .u1conflict file?11:38
Chipacanatschil: (if your problem is that there is an older version in its place)11:38
aquariusChipaca, deja-dup, but not this cycle11:39
natschilChipaca: there is no .u1conflict file as far as I can see. I found one in my trash, but it also seemed to be of an older version. Sorry I need to go, be back later.11:39
Chipacaclarita: mandel. mandel: clarita.12:03
Chipacayou guys need to talk :)12:03
ralsinagood morning!12:26
aquariusStecchino, ping12:37
Stecchinoaquarius: hi12:44
aquariusStecchino, heya; I wanted to talk to you about the music store and amarok; ralsina mentioned he'd been chatting to you12:46
Stecchinoyes he has12:47
Stecchinoaquarius: I'm going to make a time estimate for this, based on what I consider to be the minimal feature set12:50
aquariusStecchino, so...I'm probably the person to chat to about this :)12:50
Stecchinogood to know :)12:50
aquariusStecchino, can you talk about what you're planning to do and I can lay out how you might want to do it, and possible alternatives12:51
Stecchinoaquarius: 2 major parts: a collection to access music stored on u1 and an integrated store12:51
Stecchinoamarok currently have 2 stores integrated already in the internet services view12:52
aquariusStecchino, OK; you may have to talk me through a few amarok things, like what a "collection" is, here12:52
Stecchinobut want to make it a bit more interactive by including the web view12:52
Stecchinoaquarius: a collection is a source of music. We have the local collection (local files, sql database), media device collections (iPod, USB mass storage and MTP), UPnP, DAAP, etc12:53
aquariusStecchino, ah, right; so this collection would talk to the music streaming API we provide, gotcha12:54
Stecchinoanything that can support queries by artist, genre, year, etc and has it tracks accessible can be a collection12:54
Stecchinoaquarius: was a bit confused about the streaming package actually. In the regular package, would the tracks have to be downlaoded to disk before they can be played?12:55
aquariusthe music streaming API currently allows you to browse by artist, then by album, then to a song; I don't think you can query it for, say, one particular year. Does a collection need to support *all*  those things?12:55
Stecchinoaquarius: yes, in order to be displayed according to the users wishes. But for smallish collections we can cache all that info in memory and query that way12:56
StecchinoI say smallish, but we even do that for DAAP and UPnP collections, which can be huge12:56
Stecchinoaquarius: the QueryMaker class also allows stuff like similar artist lookup and integration in amarok's dynamic playlists12:57
aquariusOK, bit of a summary. The music streaming package gives you access to the streaming API; the streaming API is an HTTP API which lets you browse your music by artist and so on and get a streaming URL for any of your songs. So, you request http://streaming.../getIndexes and that returns an XML list of all artists and artist IDs; you can then request http://streaming.../getMusicDirectory?id=artistid to get a list of12:58
aquarius albums or songs for that artist. Make sense?12:58
aquariusthe streaming API is basically http://www.subsonic.org/pages/api.jsp -- subsonic is a run-your-own-music-server Java thing, and we implemented their API so that subsonic clients will work with our streaming system.12:58
Stecchinoso borwsing but no querying?12:59
aquariusAll music that's stored in your personal cloud is available via the streaming API.12:59
aquariusyou can search, but the search is "pass a string and we return all matches". You can't search for, say, a year specifically.12:59
aquariusso if you search for "Johnny" we'll return both songs by Johnny Cash *and* the song "Johnny We're Sorry" by the Fine Young Cannibals.13:00
StecchinoI don't think it's a problem to cache the missing metadata maps in memory in order to comply completely with the querymaker concept13:00
StecchinoI was also concidering making QM less strict so we can have more "full" collections in amarok13:01
aquariusso when you drill down to, or search for, a song, you get an HTTP URL to stream that song, and you just point your playback engine at that URL directly (or if you want to you could download from that URL to a local cache and point the playback engine at the locally cached file, if that's what you prefer)13:01
aquariusAlternatively, Ubuntu One file sync will synchronise those files to your computer directly, and then as far as Amarok is concerned they're just local files, but of course you need the U1 syncdaemon running to do that (that's what does the downloading).13:02
aquariusDoes that make the distinction clearer?13:02
Stecchinoaquarius: but this streaming API is only available with the streraming package?13:03
aquariusStecchino, correct, yes.13:03
Stecchinoaquarius: is there a standard folder u1 filesynced files end up?13:03
aquariusStecchino, u1 can sync any folder. So, if on your first machine you mark your ~/Music folder as synced, then it'll be synced to ~/Music on your second machine if you ask to sync it.13:04
aquariuswhich folders are synced is up to the user13:04
Stecchinoaquarius: what about tracks purshased on u1 music store?13:04
aquariusStecchino, right. Tracks purchased in the U1 store are added to the cloud first, in the folder "~/.ubuntuone/Purchased from Ubuntu One" and then that folder is synced down to your machine (if you're running the syncdaemon).13:05
* Stecchino should try it. Just has not found music he likes one the u1 store13:05
Stecchinoaquarius: so it probably makes sense to have a specific collection for the contents of that folder13:10
Stecchinoamarok can copy those tracks to the main collection13:10
Stecchinoand I think it's also possible to still keep a link to the U1 collection so it's always known that it was purchased  there13:11
Stecchinonot sure if that would be that useful though13:11
aquariusStecchino, yeah; you could handle this two different ways13:11
aquariusin Rhythmbox, there are two separate libraries; one for the "main" music library, and one for the U1 store13:12
aquariusin Banshee, they're all integrated into one library13:12
Stecchinoaquarius: in amarok it would have to be like rythembox. because the location of the local (sql) collection is user configurable13:12
Stecchinobesides, there is branding for a separate collection which I'm sure canonical will like :)13:13
aquariusthat makes sense; that's not really a technical decision (from our perspective) -- it's basically up to you as the media player guy :)13:14
aquariusStecchino, so I am more than happy to explain stuff as and when you need it; these APIs will be documented soon, but not yet (I'm still working on that!)13:24
Stecchinoaquarius: they seem to make sense so rather self documenting I hope13:25
dobeyStecchino: are you using libubuntuone as the store widget, or rewriting it in qt to use khtml/qtwebkit?13:33
Stecchinodobey: not using anything at the moment since I have not started this yet, all depends on how much time I'll have for it. But I'll probably use a qwebkitview13:34
Stecchinoor html plasmoid13:34
pavolzetordobey: hi13:39
dobeyStecchino: ah. i wish there was some way to easily make libu1 work for both gtk+ and qt13:39
dobeypavolzetor: hi13:39
dobeyhola alecu13:39
pavolzetordobey: https://bugs.launchpad.net/couchdb-glib/+bug/73630813:39
ubot4`Launchpad bug 736308 in couchdb-glib "cannot compile simple Database file (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:39
alecuhola dobey!13:39
pavolzetordobey: I have reported it, but I need know, how long takes it to fix13:40
dobeypavolzetor: greater than 0, but less than infinity13:40
pavolzetordobey: hmm, month, week or year? because I have coded some objects,but I need database and sqlite is not well suited for this13:41
dobeypavolzetor: i don't know.13:43
pavolzetordobey: who is in charge of this? why python works and vala not?13:44
dobeyuhm, python is the native language that desktopcouch is developed in13:44
pavolzetorbut couchdb is in erlang13:45
dobeysure, but python-couchdb isn't13:45
dobeycouchdb itself is just a server, not a library for accessing it13:46
pavolzetorhmm, I don't like python and I don;t knwo, why everything is coded in this lang (gwibber, ubuntuone) and therefore it is so slow13:46
pavolzetorJSON is used for accessing over CURL?13:46
Chipacapavolzetor: dobey is setting up a club of python haters13:47
pavolzetorchipaca: :-D13:47
dobeyThe Roppongi Club13:47
dobeybut it only has one member13:47
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pavolzetorso who?13:48
dobeythere is only one person who has enough hate13:49
pavolzetorokey, keep your secret ;-)13:49
pavolzetorbut who is in charge for vala and couchdb?13:49
Chipacapavolzetor: what is "in charge"?13:50
pavolzetorchipaca: someone who works on binding for C and vala13:50
Chipacapavolzetor: I'm responsible for it, but there is nobody working on it at this precise instant13:51
pavolzetorchipaca: so you know when it will be fixed?13:52
pavolzetorsome kind of schedule13:52
dobeywell i'm working on it, but in another dimension, due to quantum mechanics, so it won't appear in this reality for some time13:52
Chipacapavolzetor: it will be probably fixed by next month13:53
pavolzetordobey: why due to quantum mechanics? (is it so small or?)13:53
pavolzetorchipaca: long time13:54
alecupavolzetor, what kind of application are you using this for?13:54
faganhappy st patricks day :)13:55
alecufagan, beware of guiness and records!13:55
pavolzetoralecu: my rss reader13:55
pavolzetoralecu: I don't like liferea (I made patch for it, but I don;t like it)13:55
alecupavolzetor, nice! Do you have the sourcecode published?13:56
pavolzetoralecu: not, it is in preprepre alpha13:56
pavolzetoralecu: I have palns to publish it, but it is for my own usage (primary goal)13:56
faganalecu: Guinness is horrible man and the only record ill  be getting today is the most sleep ever13:56
dobeypavolzetor: are you using webkit in vala?13:57
alecufagan, I always thought irish people had only Guiness for breakfast!13:57
pavolzetordobey: no, why?13:57
dobeypavolzetor: how are you planning to render the feeds?13:57
pavolzetordobey: no13:57
faganalecu: well Guinness actually originated in England interestingly enough13:58
pavolzetordobey: just server and client, articles will be opened in browser (I think almost nobody reads them in readers)13:58
dobeywhat are you using desktopcouch for then? just to cache the title and url?13:59
thisfredeh, why have a reader then... :)13:59
dobeythisfred: yeah, srsly. use google reader.13:59
pavolzetordobey: yes :-D, and for settings to have them synced14:00
pavolzetorthisfred: because of UI and notification and so on14:00
* ralsina has written 3 or 4 RSS readers already, and rendering the actual page in the reader makes users very very happy.14:00
dobeychromify-osd + google reader14:00
ralsinarendering the summary... not so much.14:01
dobeyralsina: i hate seeing the "... [more]" stuff on planet sites. super annoying14:01
thisfredwell, it's your time, I guess.14:01
ralsinadobey: my planets use the full feeds if they are available14:01
ralsinastand up people, sorry about the missing ping!14:02
dobeyalso, calling them planets annoys me14:02
ralsinadobey: I don't even use planet to create them :-)14:02
thisfredI use liferea to auto download enclosures and mark those items as read. I do my reading in google reader, and it's pretty hard to beat14:02
dobeythey should be called aggros14:02
ralsinathisfred: reader sucks for partial feeds14:03
pavolzetorthisfred: okey, maybe reader is better, I have a look at it, I spend about 1 day at vala, so it is not so much time14:03
alecualecu, go14:05
alecuDONE: proposed two branches. Together they fix most known zeitgeist bugs. Bug #708145, bug #723832, bug #73561314:05
ralsinaalecu, please?14:05
alecuTODO: weekly meeting, peer review, get tickets, sort bugs14:05
alecuBLOCKED: still no input on bug #729259, still need a deep chicharra review for the branch that fixes bug #692730 and bug #69354514:05
alecuNOTE: bought a car this week. Will need to do some paperwork tomorrow morning. Still need to learn to drive :P14:05
ubot4`Launchpad bug 708145 in ubuntuone-client "ZeitgeistListener tracebacks on AQ_CREATE_SHARE_OK (affects: 1) (heat: 19)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70814514:05
ubot4`Launchpad bug 723832 in ubuntuone-client "Zeitgeist tests skipped because of intermittent failure (affects: 1) (heat: 42)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72383214:05
ubot4`Launchpad bug 735613 in ubuntuone-client "Zeitgeist should save a user friendly file name (affects: 1) (heat: 820)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73561314:05
ubot4`Launchpad bug 729259 in ubuntuone-control-panel (Ubuntu Natty) (and 2 other projects) "Scrollable list of devices looks broken (affects: 1) (heat: 300)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72925914:05
ubot4`Launchpad bug 692730 in ubuntuone-client "ZeitgeistListener tracebacks on SV_FILE_DELETED (affects: 1) (heat: 7)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69273014:05
ubot4`Launchpad bug 693545 in ubuntuone-client "ZeitgeistListener tracebacks on AQ_UNLINK_OK (affects: 1) (heat: 10)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69354514:05
alecuNEXT: mandel14:05
mandelDONE: more sso ui. Realized that I ALWAYS forget to update setup.py and that it is not tested. Wrote a bad patch to test setup.py, yet I've got a better idea of how to do in using u1-dev-tools. Reviewed alecus branch.14:06
mandelTODO: doctors appointment, do that setup.py testing thing.14:06
mandelBLOCKED: no14:06
mandelthisfred, please14:06
thisfred* DONE peer reviews [4/4]14:06
thisfred* DONE talked to vds about a strategy for couchdb view performance optimization14:06
thisfred* INPROGRESS get ubuntuone-couch into natty [1/2]14:06
thisfred - [X] 0.2.0  https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-couch/release-0.2.0/+merge/5331714:06
thisfred - [ ] ubuntuone-couch FFE http://pad.lv/72911714:06
thisfred* INPROGRESS dbus activation of control panel http://pad.lv/728722 https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-control-panel/dbusify14:06
thisfred* INPROGRESS notifications/alerts of quota events http://pad.lv/702172 https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-client/quota-notifications14:06
thisfred* TODO assist in couchdb migration14:06
thisfredNEXT: dobeyh14:06
dobeyλ DONE: more libu1/musicstore frustration14:06
dobeyλ TODO: new webkit api in libu1, bug #727558, bug #73332714:06
dobeyλ BLCK: My brain hurts.14:06
ubot4`Launchpad bug 727558 in libubuntuone (Ubuntu Natty) (and 3 other projects) "Need to notify user when Purchased Music folder is not subscribed (affects: 2) (dups: 1) (heat: 295)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72755814:06
ubot4`Launchpad bug 733327 in libubuntuone (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Notify user of missing MP3 support (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73332714:06
dobeyralsina: arriba14:07
ralsinaDONE: reviews, doctor's appointment, canonicaladmin, trying to get into allhands.canonical.com, almost fixed rhythmbox14:07
ralsinaTODO: make sure we have a reasonable release soonish, send mail to invite testing, several calls, evaluations14:07
ralsinaBLOCKED: no14:07
dobeyi hate JS/HTML/CSS14:07
dobey(aka, the web)14:07
beunodobey, it probably hates you back14:08
ralsinaand it's everywwhere14:08
dobeyalecu: i thought for #729259 we agreed to just make the scrolledwindow be SHADOW_IN for the shadow type14:08
thisfredwe should put you on rotation in beuno's team to break your spirit14:08
ralsinaWeird, I had never noticed quassel has rich text support. I wonder how that looks for others14:09
dobeybeuno: i think it hates me, and i'm doing the returning of hate14:09
ralsinaok, eom?14:09
dobeyno really, i have spent 3 days trying to figure out how to make this all fit together, but every single page in the music store is completely different, and i can't find the css for the thing i want to use anywhere, and my brain just goes into wtf-mode when i look at this code now :(14:11
dobeymaybe i'll just hack it up and pop up a dialog or something14:13
mandelralsina: I have a doctors appointment in 5 mins, is just around the block, I should be back on time for the weekly, I might be like 5 min late max14:15
ralsinamandel: ok, no problem14:16
dobeyforget this making it pretty junk14:17
kenvandinethisfred, hey... your latest branch for u1-couch didn't include any packaging... was that an oversight?14:18
Stecchinohmm, I was assuming there was a web version of the u1 music store. There isn't one right?14:19
ralsinadobey: I say make it work, and pretty we can ask for help14:19
dobeyStecchino: it is web based, but is not accessible via the web yet14:19
thisfredkenvandine: uhm, I'm not sure I understand, perhaps I pushed the wrong thing then?14:20
Stecchinodobey: but the same htmls are used by banshee and rthythmbox?14:20
dobeyralsina: making it work by putting stuff in-page is much more complicated than i thought it waas going to be, it seems :(14:20
thisfredkenvandine: yeah looks like it14:20
dobeyStecchino: they both use the same widget we provide in libubuntuone for the music store, yes14:20
dobeyralsina: so i'll do something similar to the "you need to install plug-ins" thing that drops down at the top of the page in firefox14:22
ralsinadobey: go ahead14:22
thisfredkenvandine: ah, just forgot to bzr add debian/ and apparently the strict bzr push doesn't complain when pushing to +junk or something like that14:24
thisfredkenvandine: fixed now14:24
dobeyStecchino: that's why i asked if you were going to use it, or reimplement with qt :)14:24
StecchinoI see now14:24
StecchinoI think I'll rather make a qt version of thatr14:25
kenvandinethisfred, cool, i'll look later today14:25
kenvandinethisfred, i will get it sponsored this week... sorry i keep getting busy14:25
Stecchinoor at first use the html directly with some url rewriting to integrate in amarok well14:25
thisfredkenvandine: I know how that is ;)14:26
alecudobey, for bug #729259 nessita specifically asked for design input. When she went on vacation I was tasked to ping that up, but I haven't gotten any reply yet.14:26
ubot4`Launchpad bug 729259 in ubuntuone-control-panel (Ubuntu Natty) (and 2 other projects) "Scrollable list of devices looks broken (affects: 1) (heat: 300)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72925914:26
alecuralsina, perhaps I should listen to dobey and "just make the scrolledwindow be SHADOW_IN"14:26
thisfredalecu: so, I have this branch which I *think* does the minimal work necessary for dbus activation, but I'm not sure how to test this. I guess the only way is to also do the packaging branch that picks up the new dbus service, and then build the package and install it?14:29
alecuthisfred, can you point me at it?14:29
dobeyStecchino: the thing is that oauth is required, so it's not so much rewriting URLs, as dealing with the authentication14:29
thisfredalecu: sure: https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-control-panel/dbusify14:29
ralsinaalecu: you were trying to change the background color instead?14:30
Stecchinodobey: isn't the easiest way to do oath redirect to a webpage to log in?14:30
ralsinaok, got the thing about input design now14:30
dobeythisfred: you can run the bits by hand, and then just run what rquires them14:30
Stecchinothe rewriting of urls is more for playing the previews and such14:30
thisfreddobey: awesome, now I just have to find out what bits and how14:30
alecuralsina, I was doing nothing about it until getting input from design.14:31
dobeyStecchino: not quite, we use ubuntu-sso-client14:31
ralsinaalecu: do the border, then tell to design what you did, show a screenshot and ask for input on that14:31
alecuralsina, keeping it like that is an option too (ugly for me, but who knows)14:31
alecuralsina, cool.14:31
thisfredalecu: I'd use blink tags, and make everything pink 24pt comic sans. That usually gets you feedback the quickest ;)14:31
ralsinaalecu: no, as it is now is just too ugly14:31
dobeythisfred: if you run ubuntuone-syncdaemon from the tree for example, and then run u1sdtool, it will talk to the one you ran from the tree (assuming system one wasn't already running, in which case it would be obvious it failed anyway)14:32
alecuthisfred, nice idea!14:32
ralsinamake the border raised in 3d and 5-pixels wide14:32
dobeyStecchino: i don't think we've quite set things up such that we support doing "web apps" yet, for talking to u1, which is basically what you seem to propose doing14:32
thisfreddobey: right, but if the service does not exist at all yet, does that still work?14:32
dobeyaquarius: ^^ is that right?14:33
dobeythisfred: yes, unless you're wanting to test that activation works, instead of talking to the service14:33
thisfreddobey: that's exactly what I want to test14:33
dobeythisfred: if you run a service, it's what registers itself on dbus. the .service file doesn't have anything to do with registration14:33
thisfredsince the service does nothing other than that for now14:33
Stecchinodobey: no, I mean that signing on to other oath services such as twitter is usually handled by letting the user log in via a website14:34
dobeythisfred: you can also start a private dbus session bus daemon, with a custom config that points at the directory where your .service file is14:34
thisfreddobey: but I don't have a .service file. I guess I just rename the service.IN and hardcode the path in there?14:35
alecudobey, that's what I was about to propose as well.14:35
dobeyStecchino: like i said, not quite :)14:35
dobeythisfred: right14:35
dobeythisfred: although i don't much see the point of testing activation14:35
aquariusdobey, you are correct. Stecchino, we use 2-legged oauth, not 3-legged oauth. So you retrieve an authenticated access token from ubuntu-sso via D-Bus, and then use that token to sign requests. You don't need to request a new token for the amarok music store.14:36
thisfredok, then I just need to know how to make a custom config :)14:36
Stecchinono problem, there is QOath: http://qt-apps.org/content/show.php/QOAuth?content=10742014:36
dobeythisfred: if the resulting .service file has the right path and is installed in the right place, it will work14:36
thisfreddobey: well, the bin file uses dbus to not start twice, which is the part I want to test14:36
alecuthisfred, also: try to move the REQUEST_NAME_REPLY_EXISTS bits to some file that gets tested14:36
dobeythisfred: dbus activation is well tested14:36
alecuthisfred, and log something before you do the "sys.exit"14:37
dobeythisfred: oh, well did you implement it in the same way that ubuntuone-preferences did before?14:37
thisfreddobey: I have no idea14:37
thisfredI copied bits from ubuntu-sso, but I don't know whether I did too much or too little14:37
dobeythisfred: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntuone-control-tower/ubuntuone-client/stable-1-4/view/head:/bin/ubuntuone-preferences#L109314:38
thisfreddobey thanks, that looks subtly different again14:38
thisfredalecu: so, I still don't know how to test those parts. I could mock dbus, I guess14:40
alecuthisfred, I was going to say... "ubuntuone/controlpanel/integrationtests/test_dbus_service.py"14:42
thisfredthx :)14:43
alecuthisfred, but I just saw that the only test skipped is the one that tests that bit :P14:43
dobeyi was going to say "don't"14:43
thisfredI was going to say "oh"14:43
thisfredI could just propose the branch, and take the day off and when it breaks nightlies hope that someone will fix it?14:44
dobeyit makes to sense to me that people are often so insistent on testing that underlying libraries work in apps14:45
dobeyno sense14:45
thisfreddobey: I don't I want to know that MY code works14:45
thisfredwhich I'm less than 50% sure of14:45
dobeyunit tests aren't the way to check that you're calling APIs correctly though14:46
dobeyerror handling is14:46
thisfredIntegration tests are, or alternatively, mock tests, but for those, you have to know the correct API calls first14:47
dobeythisfred: if you want to test that your code works, then run one instance, and try to run a second instance14:47
dobeyif your code works, you won't get two instances14:47
dobeyet voila, done14:47
dobeyyou don't need to test dbus activation14:47
alecudobey, we want that to be repeatable.14:47
alecudobey, if that code gets changed we won't know till it breaks.14:47
alecudobey, that's why we have tests in the first place.14:48
thisfredSo my original question was mostly: how do I do that (manual test)14:48
thisfredThen I can add mock tests that prevent regressions14:48
dobeyPYTHONPATH=. bin/foo14:48
dobeythen do the same thing in another terminal in the same tree14:48
dobeyagain that has nothing to do with activation14:49
thisfredand tie us nice and tight to the current implementation  ;)14:49
dobeythe current implementation is deprecated anyway14:50
thisfreddobey: well, since the stuff uses dbus to check whether the service is running, I have to have the service working. So create a fake service, somehow point dbus at that (which is the part I don't know how to do) run the code, profit14:51
dobeyyou keep conflating service file with actual service14:51
dobeythey are not the same14:51
thisfredfake service file14:51
dobeythe service file is completely irrelevant14:52
thisfredoh ok14:52
dobeyit is only needed for activation. if you just run the script, the service will be registered14:53
thisfredafter I upgrade since sso is still broken here14:53
thisfredyay got it working14:57
thisfredah, but now we need to still make the switch to panel work15:00
thisfredso I guess I do have to implement methods on the service. bah15:01
thisfredalecu: ^ There is no other (acceptable) way to get the currently running instance of the ControlPanelWindow if it's already running, right?15:02
dobeyif you want to talk to an already running service, dbus is the way to do it15:04
alecuthisfred, "implement methods on the service" <- yes, that's the way to get called in the process of the current ControlPanelWindow.15:05
thisfredright, so this branch is not, as I'd hoped, gonna be small and simple :)15:06
thisfredok, diving in15:06
dobeywell you can make another branch15:06
dobeythat's the great thing about branches15:06
thisfreddobey: yeah, but this branch as is will break the command line arguments15:06
dobeyyou can have so many of them15:06
dobeyall full of leaves15:06
alecuthisfred, dobey, ralsina, mandel, joshuahoover, Chipaca, cparrino: meeting in 10'?15:07
thisfredif the panel is open already15:07
alecuralsina, mumble or irc?15:07
dobeythisfred: well, i don't think that's a big problem15:08
thisfredok, well then I'll propose it, and move on to the next one15:08
thisfreddobey: if we do the packaging branch which adds the service right after that, we'll have activation15:09
alecuanybody around mumble, that can help me test it?15:09
dobeyalecu: i just used skype call testing service to test my mic15:09
thisfredalecu: am now15:10
alecudobey, I know my mic works: the gnome control panel shows it moving15:10
dobeywhy did i just get the mumble audio wizard15:10
alecuthisfred, thanks!15:10
thisfreddobey: if the headphone/mic it's configured to use is not plugged in, mumble breaks horribly. Is that it?15:11
* thisfred makes coffee15:11
dobeythisfred: no, my mic is always plugged in, and i use the speakers15:14
dobeyoh well15:14
Chipacaralsina: mubmle!15:17
ralsinamy mumble is having trouble starting, I'm getting there15:17
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christoph_Chipaca: hello, I am back.... so you mentioned something about an eventlog or an 'undo' feature for ubuntu one... are these features unusable still?15:37
=== christoph_ is now known as natschil
natschilChipaca: sorry, wrong nick. What christoph_ said was actually from me.15:38
Chipacanatschil: I said we were working on having an eventlog, and we have a rudimentary undelete feature15:39
natschilChipaca: ah I see. bummer. So ubuntu one does not store old versions of files at all? I would assume when syncing it only syncs a diff anyways, so aren't those kept?15:41
Chipacanatschil: that's a good assumption, but it's counterfactual15:41
thisfredit would be awesome if we could rsync, but cloud storage doesn't work that way, usually15:42
natschilthisfred: it could be made to.15:42
thisfrednatschil: depends on the storage15:42
Chipacayep, and the plan is to do that at some point15:42
thisfrednatschil: you need CPU on the storage side15:42
thisfrednatschil: amazon S3 doesn't have that for instance15:42
thisfredso you could build an intermediate layer15:43
natschilChipaca: well, to be frank, not having a chengelog really sucks. I'm lucky that I have a hard copy of the file, so I'll type the 1,5k words all up again, but right now it seems the culprit is ubuntu one, which I stupidly assumed to be a backup system, something I have heard mentioned several times. Maybe the website should mention that it is not useful for backups, when, for example, it mentions storage. And to be honest, if Ubuntu One wants to gain15:45
natschilany substantial, non-fed up userbase, a changelog feature would probably be useful, i mean, even other 'cloud' apps, such as google docs have changelogs. Anywho, I don't want to be inflammatory, just slightly angry that I lost this work, and probably won't use ubuntu one to backup any more.15:45
ralsinalong time no see ;-)15:47
ralsinaI always feel stupid saying bye on mumble :-D15:47
natschilthisfred: true, you need a cpu there... but at least for ubuntu one, you do have a cpu.15:48
mandeldobey: I need to leave for 15 min, but can I pick your brains later about the setup.py?15:49
dobeymandel: yes of course15:49
mandeldobey: I'd like to do it using ubuntuone-dev in a smart way, rather that a crap check15:49
dobeymandel: i need to get lunch myself, so will be gone for a bit15:49
thisfrednatschil: we do, but not on the "machine" the storage is on, which makes it harder, not impossible, which is why Chipaca said we're thinking about it ;)15:49
mandeldobey: cool, I'll ping you later then15:49
dobeyit's software, nothing is impossible. it is only inconsequential :)15:50
thisfrednothing is impossible, everything is terrible15:50
natschilthisfred: what do you mean? ubuntu one runs (ran) on my machine all the time, and did all kinds of things, it could easily have simply sent the diffs up. In cases where diffs weren't used, I don't think it would use that much server cpu to compute a diff, though I'm not so sure.15:50
dobeyfor one user it's easy, for 50 users it's slightly harder, for millions of users it is very hard15:50
ralsinanatschil: the server doesn't need the diffs between what you have on your machine and what you had before. It needs the diff between what the server has and what your computer has. That's why you need CPU on the server side.15:52
dobeynatschil: he means the data is not necessarily stored on the same machine that handles the uploads/downloads service. the server architecture is a farm, not a barn15:52
thisfrednatschil: so you send a diff, then something on the server has to apply that to the original file, which is non trivial with most cloud storage, since the files there are write once, so you'd have to load the file into memory or onto some other storage, apply the diff, and save it to cloud storage again15:52
natschildobey: ralsina: thisfred: I see, that makes sense.15:53
dobeyanyway, the answer is "we have been and are continuing to, look into improvements in this regard"15:53
* mandel away for 15 min 15:53
dobeyalso, lunch time15:53
thisfredalso COFFEE15:53
Chipacanatschil: or we could save the diffs, and then make your browser apply the diffs to the original patch when you click download15:53
thisfredI'm not feeling that itch yet15:53
Chipacacode a binary patch program in javascript15:54
Chipacathat sounds like fun15:54
ralsinaChipaca: xdelta is not terribly hard code15:54
Chipacaralsina: agreed15:54
thisfredChipaca: I like it!15:54
Chipacaralsina: *in javascript*15:54
thisfredI didn't say I wanted to write it though15:54
ralsinathen you need to access the local FS from javascript... you are going to need a plugin :-)15:54
natschilChipaca: that would just be grave design error. Why not save the diffs *and* the most recent version?15:54
Chipacanatschil: yes, why not?15:55
ralsinanatschil: that's called "reverse deltas", programs like rdiff-backup do that15:55
ralsinabut ubuntu one is not a backup program ;-)15:55
natschilralsina: true, but it seems to be advertised as one.15:55
ralsinaI suggest you use rdiff-backup to backup things and then sync the backup :-)15:55
Chipacanatschil: it is most definitely *not* advertised as one15:56
ralsinanatschil: where?15:56
thisfredexcept then you need twice the storage locally :)15:56
ralsinathisfred: well, more than that, depending on how much back you want to go15:56
natschilralsina: Chipaca: I know, ubuntu one inself does not advertise itself as a backup program. But many other places do.15:56
ChipacaI give up. Today is not a good day.15:57
ralsinathe great thing about rdiff-backup is that if you ignore the hidden files, it looks like a copy15:57
natschilralsina: Chipaca: Last time I checked the twitter feed on their website had a tweet about it being a backup program, so this misconception seems quite widespread.15:57
natschilralsina: anywho, thanks, I will look at rdiff-backup.15:57
natschiland I don't really want to start a flame war, it's just I also don't like the prospect of retyping lost work so I'm slightly angry.15:58
ralsinanatschil: it's ok, I understand the frustration15:59
natschilralsina: thanks16:00
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* mandel back16:29
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joshuahooverralsina: i started over with a clean vm, enabled proposed updates, upgraded u1-client/u1-client-gnome to the proposed client and bug #661292 still fails to work for me :( if i killall -9 nautilus, then it works, but not until then...rmcbride is trying to test again...does this work for you?16:43
ubot4`Launchpad bug 661292 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 4 other projects) "Nautilus is not aware of published files (affects: 7) (dups: 4) (heat: 59)" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/66129216:43
thisfreddobey, alecu-lunch: could use review on https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-control-panel/dbusify/+merge/5385416:45
ralsinajoshuahoover: just tested it: not working for me :-(16:46
joshuahooverralsina: ugh16:46
ralsinaugh indeed16:46
joshuahooverralsina: i was really hoping something magical happened over the past week or so16:46
ralsinajoshuahoover: me too :(16:47
dobeyjoshuahoover, ralsina: are you both testing it in a VM?16:47
ralsinadobey: yes16:47
joshuahooverdobey: i am16:47
dobeyand rmcbride was too i think16:47
ralsinacould be a timing issue?16:47
rmcbrideI have a physical machine I use for that test16:47
dobeyoh, hmm16:47
dobeywell it makes no sense16:48
rmcbrideI'm not in that room. I'm goign to do that test here after I finish scarfing down my lunch16:48
mandeldobey: ping16:54
dobeymandel: hey16:54
mandeldobey: so I was thinking about the setup.py issues, what do you recond is the best approach16:55
mandeli'd love to see an option in u1trial that if added will do the install in a prefix and test form there, but you mentioned it sounds very complicated16:56
dobeyi'm not sure, but i think we should switch all our setup.py scripts to use find_packages () instead of specifying individually16:56
mandeldobey: the only problem I see with that is that we might want to ignore some pacakages in certain platforms (like ubuntu_sso.gtk on winodws)16:57
* mandel knows you can install gtk, but he deosn't want to :P16:57
dobeywe already have that problem17:00
mandelyes, I know, the deployment in this case is crap, at least on ubuntu_sso, in ubuntuone client could be easier since y platform.windows is a package and we could ignore it, although I'm not usre about that17:01
dobeywell i don't know how you're doing build/install of ubuntuone-client on windows17:03
mandeldobey: I have not figured it yet… I'll see when it works hehe17:04
mandeldobey: I'm going to give it a try with the u1trial idea and see what happens, but I';; also look at the find_pacakage approach17:05
dobeyi don't know what you mean by u1trial idea? you mean install to a tmp dir?17:05
dobeywe can't do that in the ubuntuone packages17:06
dobeyubuntu-sso-client might work, but i think it's too much work for too little gain17:06
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rmcbridedobey: joshuahoover I'm still seeing the "only works after I relog, notice that it's not working, and killall -9 nautilus" behavior17:22
rmcbride(after waiting for client to catch up and decals to show up in nautilus first)17:23
dobeysigh, now i *have* to join ubuntu-devel17:23
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dobeythanks for the reviews rodrigo_17:51
joshuahooverrmcbride: thanks for testing again17:53
rodrigo_dobey, you're welcome, just will ask for a couple beers in Budapest though :D17:54
rodrigo_dobey, don't complain about mailing lists, you should be in the dx team to know what pain is :)18:03
rodrigo_100s of bugs every day18:03
dobeytrsut me, i get that many bug mails too18:05
dobeythey get filtered nicely into folders which i rarely open, but i get them :)18:06
dobeyi would rather get 0 bug mails though18:06
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alecuhello all!19:16
alecutoday I'm looking for some reviews....19:16
alecuand https://code.launchpad.net/~alecu/ubuntuone-client/fix-ziggy-createshares/+merge/5374019:16
alecuwill I be able to find some reviewers?19:17
ralsinaalecu: I can help!19:29
* fagan would help but cant review merges yet19:30
ralsinafagan: hmmm why? You are not on the Ubuntu One Hackers group?19:33
ralsinaYou should ask Chipa to add you to ubuntuone-desktop+ on launchpad. I should also ask him to give me permissions to add people ;-)19:34
faganralsina: oh I thought there was only the ubuntu one hackers group19:34
faganwell ill get added when im actually started I suppose19:35
ralsinaIg you are in desktop+ you are then part of u1-hackers19:35
faganoh subgroups are weird like that19:35
ralsinaArgh, I just can't type today19:36
faganHopefully anyway I can get the contract done tomorrow so I can start monday19:37
faganHR have never made an intern contract so they have to do some conditions..etc19:37
faganralsina: everyone has those days but my keyboard on this computer repeats keys sometimes if I type hard or fast so it happens a little more often19:38
ralsinaok, and it turns out that you can't be in that group until the contract is signed, I have been told19:39
faganwell thats cool I kinda presumed that19:39
ralsinaalecu: you said you needed "some reviews" and pasted the same URL twice19:40
faganralsina: he needs two so he posted the url twice makes a lot of sense19:41
ralsinaOk, I'll just double-click the approve button ;-)19:42
ralsinaalecu +119:47
rickspencer3hey, I'm on Natty, and everytime I log onto my 'puter, I get a notificatoin that a certain file is getting uploaded to my cloud, even though I haven't touched that file19:53
rickspencer3any idea what's going on?19:53
beunorickspencer3, always the same file?19:57
beunomaybe it's stuck19:57
rickspencer3beuno, yeah, always the same file19:57
rickspencer3well, it will then shortly report that it's been uploaded19:57
rickspencer3I'm considering deleting the darn thing19:58
ralsinarickspencer3: is it a big file?19:58
rickspencer3ralsina, not really19:58
rickspencer3it's POT, and not long19:58
ralsinarickspencer3: and is it uploaded now?19:58
rickspencer3should be yeah, though I never checked19:58
rickspencer3it always tells me it is19:58
* rickspencer3 checks19:58
ralsinaIf it's not uploaded (or an older version is uploaded) then it'sstuck and the "simple" fix is delete/replace but you should tell someone in foundations because it may be a bug they don'tknow about19:59
ralsinaIf it *is* uploaded, then I don't know19:59
rickspencer3I don't see it on ubuntone.com20:00
ralsinaaha! then the upload is failing and we would like to see your logs :-)20:01
rickspencer3it has the recycle symbol instead of the check mark20:01
rickspencer3ralsina, tell me what to do, I'm at your service20:01
alecuralsina, the other branch is https://code.launchpad.net/~alecu/ubuntuone-client/fix-ziggy-createshares/+merge/5374020:02
ralsinarickspencer3: well, not really my most solid area, but put the content of ~/.cache/ubuntuone/syncdaemon.log in canonical's pastebin (it may have sensitive stuff)20:02
rickspencer3ralsina, well, I am due in some meetings20:02
rickspencer3maybe someone can ping me in a bit who can walk me through it20:03
rickspencer3or I can just log a bug20:03
dobeythis may be one of the "sd gets stuck" bugs with the queue unleashing, that may already be fixed in nightlies even20:03
ralsinarickspencer3: well, not really my most solid area, but put the content of ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon.log in canonical's pastebin (it may have sensitive stuff)20:03
ralsinaoops, sorry about repeating myself20:03
dobeythough i thought those were fixed already in the last release i did20:03
ralsinarickspencer3: just delete it and recreate it, it's probably a known bug20:04
ralsinaeven probably a fixed bug as obey said20:04
rickspencer3I just dist-upgraded like an hour ago20:04
rickspencer3ralsina, will just using "mv" work?20:05
ralsinarickspencer3: are you using nightlies?20:05
rickspencer3ralsina, no20:05
ralsinarickspencer3: probably20:05
rickspencer3I'll just mv it20:05
dobeyralsina: https://code.launchpad.net/libubuntuone/+activereviews <- 2 small branches, and one larger one that implements the "your folder is not subscribed" alert :)20:05
ralsinadobey: yipee20:05
ralsinaI probably am not going to be here long enough for the big one, but I may check it early tomorrow20:05
dobeysometime tomorrow will have the mp3 codec bits20:05
dobeywhich will be much larger20:06
ralsinadobey: looks like not doing it via HTML/etc was a good idea :-)20:06
dobeywell i don't like it, but it beats having to rearchitect the web site20:07
ralsinadobey: I can't even imagine what remove-extraneous-marshal does20:07
ralsinaexcept maybe stage a coup in a small texan town20:08
dobeynah, then it would have a chuck norris/ranger reference20:09
ralsinaOk, and that's all there is in that file. It has to be the most context-free patch ever.20:10
ralsinaApproved because I am not that curious ;-)20:10
ralsinadobey: I'll look at the big one later, I am going to keave for a while because I am way too tired to make sense of it :-(20:12
ralsinaAnd I would like to field test it to see how it looks20:12
dobeyi updated the description to describe how to test it20:24
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dobeyalright, i'm off too. have a good evening all20:33
rickspencer3hey desktopcouchers ...20:42
rickspencer3this should work, right?20:43
rickspencer3db = CouchDatabaseBase("testtesttest", create=True)20:43
rickspencer3it's giving me this error:20:43
rickspencer3TypeError: __init__() takes at least 3 arguments (3 given)20:43
beunoI think it's missing the server URI as a second value20:44
beunorickspencer3, which I guess locally would be 'localhost'?20:47
beunowell, no, it's an http host20:48
rickspencer3beuno, nah, that's not required, right?20:51
rickspencer3^ has sample code there20:52
* beuno was looking at server code, so may be wrong20:52
rickspencer3if the URI *is* required now, all of my code just got busted20:52
beunothat's using CouchDatabase20:52
beunoand not CouchDatabaseBase20:52
rickspencer3oh fudge20:52
rickspencer3dan git20:52
rickspencer3*dang it20:52
beunoright, CouchDatabase auto-guesses teh URI20:53
ralsinaok, now really EOD for me. Have a nice whatever everyone!20:53
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rickspencer3beuno, ok, so basically, none of my apps that use desktopcouch will open21:54
rickspencer3(as of today's dist-upgrade)21:55
rickspencer3but they aren't throwing errors :/21:55
beunorickspencer3, so, I know about this:21:55
ubot4`Launchpad bug 736847 in couchdb (Ubuntu) "/usr/bin/couchjs crashes with /usr/lib/xulrunner-2.0/ libmozjs.so dir (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [High,Triaged]21:56
rickspencer3I was wondering21:56
rickspencer3seems that xulrunner and desktopcouch keep getting out of date21:56
rickspencer3*out of synch21:56
rickspencer3it seems like a tractable problem21:56
rickspencer3we should be able to keep them both working together better than we do21:56
* beuno invokes his "I don't do desktop" card21:57
rickspencer3there is no such card!21:57
rickspencer3anyway beuno I am certain that is the problem21:57
rickspencer3looks like Chris is on it21:57
rickspencer3is there a log that I can look at to ensure this is the problem?21:58
beunoI don't really know, rye or rmcbride may know21:58
ryerickspencer3, ln -s /usr/lib/xulrunner-2.0/libmozjs.so /usr/lib/libmozjs.so21:59
rickspencer3rye, that will fix it?22:00
ryerickspencer3, if your couchdb is busy writing ~/.cache/desktop-couch/desktopcouch* logs with the OS Error/127 error - then that's the thing22:00
ryerickspencer3, and constantly chewing the CPU at 15%22:00
rickspencer3I guess 13% counts as 15% ;)22:01
rickspencer3[Thu, 17 Mar 2011 22:01:44 GMT] [error] [<0.141.0>] OS Process Error <0.25235.30> :: {os_process_error,{exit_status,127}}22:02
rickspencer3similar, but not quite the same error22:02
ryerickspencer3, yes, exactly22:02
* rickspencer3 tries the sym link22:02
rickspencer3and now every app that I tried to open opened instantly!22:03
rickspencer3thanks rye22:03
ryerickspencer3, you are very welcome, it took me 2 days to figure that the fact that i run my desktopcouch scripts and my cpu temperature rise are somehow related22:04
rickspencer3rye well, I probably don't run desktopcouch as much as you, but I do write and use a lot of apps with it22:05
rickspencer3include my main note taking app, that i use all day, everyday22:06
rickspencer3anyway, beam.smp is back down to it's normal 2%-3% utlization22:06
ryerickspencer3, unfortunately i don't use it as frequent as I wanted to :( note taking app? writing directly to couchdb?)22:06
rickspencer3yeah, it's in my ppa22:06
rickspencer3it turns out to be in extras.ubuntu.com too22:07
rickspencer3I just found that out because apparantly it's busted there on Natty22:07
ryeDO WANT22:07
ryerickspencer3, shiny! Thank you!22:15
adorilsonhi, folks22:52
adorilsonI have some technical question about Ubuntu One22:52
adorilsonWhen its know is time to sync the files?22:53

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