Keybukno idea there00:32
KeybukI can look00:32
Keybukion: what are you subscribed as?00:37
Keybukoh, wait, wrong ML00:37
KeybukI can't look :p00:37
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telivehello everyone . i have just installed  apache2 in ubuntu and found that there is no apache2.conf file in /etc/init dir . so apache do not stat at the boot time .01:16
Keybuktelive: it may have a shell script in /etc/init.d01:16
teliveKeybuk, yes 01:16
Keybukthere you go then01:16
teliveKeybuk, but the apache2 didn't start either . 01:17
Keybukthat I can't answer, you would need to talk to Ubuntu people01:17
teliveKeybuk, i have checked the status of apache2 in sysv-rc-conf , it is on 01:17
KeybukI'd suggest #ubuntu-server would be a good start, should such a channel exist01:18
telivecan anyone send me your apache2.conf file in /etc/init  ?01:18
teliveKeybuk, thanks 01:19
JanCtelive: did you check logs for any error message or such?01:51
JanCnevermind, I see you're in -server already  ☺01:52
teliveJanC, hehe 01:53
teliveJanC, as i know , upstart have take place of sysv in ubuntu . and there is no apache2.conf file in /etc/init , so the apache server didn't startup 01:54
JanCupstart in Ubuntu has sysv emulation, so the sysv init scripts in /etc/init.d/ should work01:56
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wraidenhello, fetching http://upstart.at/download/1.x/upstart-1.1.tar.gz gives a 403 Forbidden response...19:19
Hobartis there a way to ask upstart to prompt you for each step it's going to take (a-la the old "interactive startup") to troubleshoot while booting?20:54
marruslHobart, I don't think so.  but take a look here: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/wiki/Debugging21:43
marruslHobart, the main takeaway being adding --verbose to the kernel command line.  there's also --debug which goes further.21:43
JanCduring the first steps there probably would be no way yet to prompt?21:43
marrusland then looking at daemon.log to see what happened.21:44
marruslJanC, because you have multiple paths going at once, i'm not sure an interactive boot even makes sense.21:46
JanCwell, it would remove a lot of the parallelism21:52
JanCand hide most of the possible race conditions21:52
marruslJanC, indeed.  and then you wouldn't be troubleshooting your actual scenario.21:52
marruslyup exactly.21:52
Hobartmarrusl -> thank you for the information!22:50
Hobartunfortunately at a certain step in bootup, the system was cold-booting22:51
Hobartwhich is why I was hoping for a [Y/n]? prompted option22:51
Hobartmight open up a wish request item for it22:51
marruslI've locked up a boot before daemon.log even gets started, thankfully I was able to reverse the change.  but yeah,  that sounds tricky then.  22:52
marruslHobart, does it cold boot when you try to boot to single user?22:52
Hobartmarrusl -> it wasn't, but I've already made a few changes since then (I'm 95% sure I have unstable RAM and am awaiting ECC replacement modules) 22:53
HobartI -think- the issue was that I'd said for the onboard radeon 3100 integrated motherboard gfx adapter to grab 1GB instead of 'Auto' (256MB) which appears to be outside the stable test cases for both the Windows and Linux drivers :-(    (flashplayer can BSoD the Windows side in that setting, and X was coldbooting / hardlocking, no alt-sysrq-R sanity recovery)22:54
Hobartwhich leads me to believe that the stupid was centered in the DRM module or other kernel level thing, since just X chokng usually lets me switch out virtual consoles or deal with X's recovery22:55
marruslHobart, aha.  Just thinking you could start up services manually from runlevel 1 or even see if going to runlevel 2 manually makes a difference.  22:56
marruslHobart, ah, but if it hardware, then may as well wait for the parts and see.  good luck!22:56
Hobartthanks :)   I still think 'boot everything serially' will make a good wishlist item for troubleshooting :22:58
JanCHobart: the way upstart works makes it *very* difficult to determine what a serial boot should do  ;)23:37
HobartJanC -> Imagine that I launch upstart under gdb with a breakpoint set on the call to execve() ...  23:48
JanCbut the order could still be different every time, and it would both hide bugs & create new problems if you do that...23:51
JanCnot to mention that it's very well possible that at some point there is no way to tell upstart to continue and you'd get stuck...23:54
HobartPutting a fire axe on the wall of an apartment building isn't assurance that you'll get out alive.23:56
HobartIt's still nice to have there. :)23:56

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