charlie-tcamr_pouit: can I pm you?15:28
mr_pouitcharlie-tca: yep15:28
charlie-tcaknome: got a minute for a pm?15:58
charlie-tcaXubuntu community meeting in #ubuntu-meeting in 20 minutes. Everyone is invited to attend. Agenda is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings18:40
knomecharlie-tca, now i do18:56
charlie-tcaI feel real bad about the wallpapers. But I really like what we got too!19:42
charlie-tcaknome: congratulations! Your wallpaper is really very good19:44
knomesorry, right now i'm busy again with commercial work ://19:44
knome(damn last-minute changes/failures)19:44
charlie-tcaand thank you for keeping the same image for today, too. 19:44
knomeno problem19:44
charlie-tcaI know that was difficult to do19:45
=== knome_ is now known as knome

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