curryhi, i am pretty new to linux, and xubuntu... i am trying to apply http://jurialmunkey.deviantart.com/#/d316eqx but am winding up with http://jurialmunkey.deviantart.com/#/d316eqx04:17
curryoh woops....04:17
currymaybe i can get some help as to what i'm doing wrong, or not doing . . .04:19
cody-somervillecurry, What version of Xubuntu are you running?04:41
curryokay, i got the theme, but i don have transparency . . .04:59
cody-somervillecurry, Do you have the compositor enabled?04:59
curryi don't know what a compositor is04:59
cody-somervillecurry, Applications > Settings > Xfce4 Settings Manager05:00
cody-somervillecurry, Click on 'Window Manager Tweaks' and then the 'Compositor' tab.05:01
cody-somervillecurry, Is 'Enable display compositing' checked?05:01
currythere's nothing in window manager tweaks05:01
currycody-somerville: http://screencast.com/t/frIyvisCJl05:05
cody-somervillecurry, If you click 'Overview' and click on 'Appearance', does anything show up?05:06
cody-somervilleCan you try going back to the 'Window Manager Tweaks'?05:08
curryblank still05:09
curryiḿ running this in a vm, i'm thinking that might make an impact . . .05:10
cody-somervillecurry, I've never ran into such a problem before. Not sure what the issue is I'm afraid. It might be related to your theme. If you're using a vm, maybe you could try a fresh copy and see if you can reproduce?05:12
curryalright thanks05:12
currycody-somerville: i think it's related to the theme05:19
leoquantablomen welke irc client gebruik je?08:26
leoquant je zou /set irc_join_delay 20  kunnen proberen08:28
leoquantdan heb je je cloak  direct08:29
leoquantnu join je voor ident by services08:29
leoquantfreenode needs some time08:29
leoquantstandard 2 is often to "short"08:30
ablomenhah ja thanks, goede tip08:31
leoquantnop ツ08:31
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homebrewciderhi , i've reinstalled the OS on my server adding my second hdd back, how do I find out what filesystem I have on there so it gets mounted properly please?12:00
TheSheephomebrewcider: you don't know how you formatted it?12:55
Deet`ok, i have having problems with USB drive. it's a 4gb drive, but Xubuntu see it as 64mb and unrecognized DiskLabelType under gparted]18:00
Deet`i've tried making a new partition table, but it doesn't seem to do anything18:01
Deet`any ideas/18:01
TheSheepDeet`: is it perhaps encrypted?18:01
Deet`not to my knowledge. it's brand new18:01
Sysisounds just broken18:06
charlie-tcatry formatting it to fat3218:07
charlie-tcaI have 100 US dollars worth of USB flash drives here that will only format FAT 16 or FAT3218:07
Deet`gpart won't lemt me do anything to it18:08
Sysiif creating partition table don't make gparted to see it right, formatting doesn't matter18:08
Deet`gparted won't create the partition table either18:08
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Deet`attempting to do an install to the disk18:08
Sysisounds like my broken stick18:09
charlie-tcaexchange or replace18:09
Deet`i'm in Belize. there is no exchange18:09
drcDeet`: Did you try the "Erase Disk" button in the Startup Disk Creator?18:10
Deet`i tried the USB disk creator and it just says i need to format the drive18:11
Deet`i click format, nothing happens18:11
drcDeet`: Did you try the "Erase Disk" button in the Startup Disk Creator? Again?18:11
Deet`there is no erase disk button18:11
Deet`[12:11] <Deet`> i tried the USB disk creator and it just says i need to format the drive18:12
Deet`[12:11] <Deet`> i click format, nothing happens18:12
drcDeet`: Are you using the X/Ubuntu Startup Disk Creator (Applications>System>Startup Disk Creator) or something else?18:13
Deet`Xubutnu. Applications>System>USB Start Up Disk Creator18:14
drcWhat version of Xubuntu?18:14
drcDeet`: Can't help then...the options must be different than 10.10...sorry18:15
Deet`what is the command to open a program with root permission from the Run Program dialog?18:16
charlie-tcadepending on the application, gksu or sudo18:17
Deet`oh well, gonna give hiram's a shot then18:18
charlie-tcaXubuntu community meeting in #ubuntu-meeting in 20 minutes. Everyone is invited to attend. Agenda is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings18:40
drccharlie-tca: Well, that (community meeting) was interesting19:39
charlie-tcaThank you19:39
charlie-tcaWe try to keep everyone informed through that meeting, and get people actively involvedk19:40
drcThese are weekly (and announced here)?19:40
midwayAnyone available?20:40
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.20:41
midwayim downloading ubuntu for a client, it its almost finished on the download and it says ready whenever you are. I open the display and it says this atkbd serio0: use 'setkeycodes' e00d <keycode> to make it known20:41
midwayHow do i get passed that point?20:42
drcInteresting:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Testing/TestingInfo says "The actual rsync for Xubuntu alternate cd is: rsync -tzhhP rsync://cdimage.ubuntu.com/cdimage/xubuntu/daily/current/karmic-alternate-i386.iso"  Really? Karmic?21:03
charlie-tcaworks as an example, doesn't it? It is a wiki, anyone can update up21:04
charlie-tcajust change the karmic to natty21:04
drcI know it was in example form (and one would expect someone wanting to test would be able to figure it out), but still...3 generations old?  :)21:07
charlie-tcasome of us run out of time when it comes to the details21:09
drcSpeaking of which, is the Xubuntu A3 install/upgrade working ?..tried for the past two days to install (Ubuntu A3, CD/LiveUSB and update-manager -d)...no love, no A321:10
charlie-tcaIt is best to use the daily images, but they have been broken all week21:11
charlie-tcaA3 worked fine21:11
drcand it;s not like I have strange hardware (stock Dell I-1420n...Ubuntu pre-installed)21:11
charlie-tcaDell is always strange ;-)21:12
charlie-tcaHoping tomorrows images work21:12
charlie-tcaThe daily is working, not the daily-live, as far as I know21:12
drcyeah, but try to find a vendor with linux pre-installed (just to know the hardware worked) 3 years ago21:13
ubottuDaily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/21:13
charlie-tcasystem76, dell21:13
charlie-tcanow we have zareason, too21:13
drc3 years ago (when I bought this syatem)?21:14
drcoh well, it's almost out of warrenty, so it'll break soon21:14
drcand Ubuntu has this nice Certification Page now.....21:15
charlie-tcayup, things just keep getting better21:16
drcmuch better than the days of a.out to elf (or was it elf to a.out...so long ago)21:17
drcand distro's with initials to names one could never pronounce21:18
drcoh well...</me stretches and hears the joints groan>21:19
earthmeLonI just installed Xubuntu on a laptop.  Trying to add cairo to startup applications, but the Startup Manager is  no where to be found.  I am familiar with how to add programs to the startup list in Ubuntu, but not Xubuntu22:34
drcApplications>Xfce 4 Settings Manager>Session and Startup, as far as I know.22:36
earthmeLonHey drc, that was where it was hiding :D  Ty22:38
drcTook me a while to find it coming from GNOME too22:44
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gardeniagood day. can you recommend a good motherboard brand?23:33
knomegardenia, this isn't exactly a hardware support channel :) for that, i recommend #ubuntu-offtopic or some other hardware-oriented channel (##hardware maybe exists?)23:34
gardeniathanks il try that channel23:34
knomeno problem23:35

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