Cimikklimonda: I've fixed murrine for transmission...00:26
Cimikklimonda: I didn't see you already pushed a patch, I just had time to work on that00:26
kklimondaCimi: can you still post a patch to the bug? Your solution may be better than the one written by T develope (I remember him saying that it's a workaround)00:27
Cimikklimonda: just update murrine's package00:28
kklimondaah, it's in murrine? great :)00:28
Cimiit's a workaround00:29
Cimibug is in cairo I think00:29
CimiI'm using a lower quality rendering for cellrenderers00:29
Cimi(I0m now using)00:30
kenvandineCimi, i uploaded overlay-scrollbars release to the ppa01:34
Cimikenvandine: I've also patched murrine to speedup things01:48
Cimikenvandine: I don't want to release right now, could you backport from git?01:48
kenvandineis it one commit?01:48
Cimikenvandine: yep01:49
Cimiplus I would suggest another one for mpt01:49
kenvandinewhich one01:49
Cimikenvandine: the two commits from myself01:50
Cimikenvandine: after yours01:50
kenvandinethat one?01:52
Cimikenvandine: plus the ltest01:53
DaekdroomI thought the problem was fixed in transmission.02:11
CimiDaekdroom: by a patch applied to transmission02:14
CimiDaekdroom: I've added a workaround in murrine instead02:14
Daekdroomyep, applied to transmission according to bug 65502402:14
ubot5Launchpad bug 655024 in Pango "Using higher cpu usage" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65502402:14
kenvandineCimi, i am uploading the patch for mpt to natty, then i'll upload another version with the scrollbar performance stuff to the ppa until we get the ffe02:20
Cimikenvandine: ok02:20
kenvandineCimi, ok both uploaded02:31
Cimikenvandine: awesome02:31
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MacSlowhey folks08:04
Niteshproblem with unity launcher http://twitpic.com/4al9uy08:46
elricLHey,I am getting an error when i try to run cmake after the latest pull of unity,any idea how to fix it?09:11
RAOFDoes compiz segfault for anyone else as soon as the dash tries to display?09:12
elricLHey,I am getting an error when i try to run cmake after the latest pull of unity,any idea how to fix it? pastebin.com/kpCLRdEh09:28
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robtaylorjaytaoko: any ideas why compiz would be reporting GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap is missing, despite glxinfo claiming otherwise?11:08
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nerochiaronjpatel: one quick question about .place files. is there any doc for what ShowEntry and ShowGlobal should do ? I recall i had a link to a wiki page at some point but can't find it anymore12:13
loicmrobtaylor: IIRC compiz checks the GLX extensions (last section in glxinfo) not the server nor the client GLX extensions (1st and 2nd sections in glxinfo)12:25
robtaylorloicm: ah, now, is that a bug or deliberate?12:35
robtaylorloicm: funnily I'd just figured that out, and was just jumping back to irc to ask if anyone knew why ;)12:35
njpatelnerochiaro, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity/Lenses?action=show&redirect=Unity%2FPlaces12:37
njpatelnerochiaro, ShowEntry is whether the entry should appear in the launcher and ShowGlobal is whether the entry should be part of global search12:37
nerochiaronjpatel: global search is what you get when no place entry is active, right ?12:38
njpatelnerochiaro, right, when youpress Super or click on the ubuntu icon12:38
nerochiaronjpatel: ok, that helps. thanks12:39
* njpatel restarts12:39
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loicmrobtaylor: :)13:23
loicmrobtaylor: I think that's deliberate to ensure that both client and server support the extension13:23
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rr0hitbug 737469  puts forward a nice suggestion according to me. Someone please have a look.13:24
ubot5Launchpad bug 737469 in unity "Hiding/minimizing windows from the dock" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73746913:24
robtaylorloicm: well, thats the strange thing, reported as both client and server extentions here13:25
robtaylorloicm: but doesn't appear in GLX extentions13:25
robtaylorloicm: and weirder, does appear if i switch back on modesetting, but then other bad things happen with EDID reading13:26
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robtaylor*shrug* flakey drivers :(13:26
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loicmrobtaylor: yeah, that's the main issue...13:40
jcastrokamstrup: https://launchpad.net/askubuntu-lense/13:43
jcastronjpatel_: ok so when I look at branches, I don't think I am looking at the same thing as you guys are13:44
jcastrodo you do them over mail or ... ?13:44
kamstrupjcastro: sweet, and the code is pretty clean too13:48
kamstrupnice work from stefano indeed13:48
jcastrohe's awesome, hope he comes to UDS13:48
jcastrokamstrup: didrocks around today? I'd like to sort out this quickly template business13:48
jcastroso people can just crank these out13:48
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jcastrokamstrup: can I do ~.local/share/unity/places?14:56
jcastrothe directory doesn't seem to exist14:57
kamstrupjcastro: no, afaik...14:57
kamstrupjcastro: also, places rely on dbus activation, and I don't think you can install .service files under ~/...14:57
kamstrupalthough I could be wrong14:58
jcastrodo the .places need to be in the root dir, I was thinking of just bzr branching right in there so I can update the AU place on the spot and restart unity14:58
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kamstrupjcastro: the trick is getting the .py files updated on the right path and everything - the .place file rarely needs to change15:08
costalesAnybody can help me with an icon?15:09
stefano-palazzokamstrup, jc told me about your thoughts on a data-centric view for lenses. If you need any feedback on what sort of hooks an app like mine would need, please feel free to ping me - I have some ideas15:20
stefano-palazzoI think the idea is absolutely brilliant by the way :)15:21
jcastroDBO: with no neil, can you do some reviews for me?15:31
DBOpoint me at them15:31
ubot5Ubuntu bug 53189 in linux-source-2.6.15 (Ubuntu) "kernel 2.6.15-26 breaks video4linux apps" [Medium,Invalid]15:31
ubot5Ubuntu bug 52644 in deskbar-applet (Ubuntu) "Web Bookmarks extension fails to find bookmark with keyword" [Medium,Fix released]15:31
jcastrook the bot is just dumb, ignore that15:31
ubot5Ubuntu bug 53881 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "installer Crashed on manual partition edit" [Undecided,Fix released]15:33
jcastroDBO: last one ^15:33
DBOjcastro, all done!15:36
DBOneed to check CA status15:36
jcastrothose are all new afaict15:38
DBOthe last guy signed at least15:38
DBOhis was the only merge I approved15:38
jcastroDBO: any others you think?15:38
faganwhats the px of the icons in unity someone asked a question on launchpad about it and I cant remember off the top of my head15:49
robtaylorloicm: http://paste.ubuntu.com/582139/16:02
loicmrobtaylor: backtrace of Compiz while the bug you work on is happening?16:06
robtaylorloicm: yup!16:06
loicmrobtaylor: is it deadlocked or the mainloop of that thread keeps dispatching sources?16:07
robtaylorloicm: just checking now. It could just be that it's spending it's time waiting for vsync =)16:08
loicmrobtaylor: yes, that's what I'm worndering too16:08
coz_ hey all16:10
robtaylorloicm: naa, not a hang16:11
robtaylorloicm: at least i've got it repoducable now =)16:11
robtaylorloicm: guess i need to just start adding shed loads of debug statments =)16:13
loicmrobtaylor: yeah ...16:14
loicmrobtaylor: does compiz work reliably when the bug's triggered?16:15
robtaylorloicm: compiz runs, but it's not drawing any decoration, shadows, etc16:15
robtaylorloicm: i suspect on startup, the session manager's deciding to SIGKILL it, but i'll need more logging to show that16:16
loicmrobtaylor: and does it composite your windows correctly?16:17
robtaylorloicm: well, depends what you mean 'correctly' =), i can click on windows and they come to the front16:18
robtaylorbut that's about it16:18
loicmloicm: maybe compiz fails to init the GL plugins for some reasons16:19
loicmjust a guess16:19
robtaylorloicm: well, the opengl plugin is initialising corectly - that backtrace wouldn't happen if it hadn't16:20
loicmwas just thinking about that too :)16:21
loicmrobtaylor: does it happen only when the session manager launches it?16:23
loicmrobtaylor: does it work when you manually launch it?16:23
kvalokenvandine: hi. here's the new release we talked yesterday: https://launchpad.net/indicator-network/trunk/0.3.816:28
ubot5Error: Launchpad bug 0 not found16:28
kvalohaha :)16:28
robtaylorloicm: happens on manual launch too16:33
loicmrobtaylor: ok, and what about other OpenGL applications?16:38
robtaylorloicm: glxgears runs fine16:40
robtaylorloicm: the opengl plugin won't initialise if there's too much wrong with the gl stack16:41
robtaylorloicm: could you pastebin me the plugins you see being loaded on your system?16:45
kenvandinekvalo, thx16:46
robtaylorhmm, i think i'll have to pick up an intel box over the weekend for comparison sakes =)16:46
loicmrobtaylor: http://paste.ubuntu.com/582160/16:53
robtaylorloicm: thanks16:56
loicmrobtaylor: what's your GPU?17:08
robtaylorloicm: Radeon 210017:14
robtaylorloicm: think i might add some debugging help to gnome-session17:20
robtaylorloicm: something to log app startup17:20
DBORAOF, can you try latest unity to see if it fixes your crash?17:29
DBORAOF, I mean latest nux, trunk17:29
DBOi just pushed the fix17:29
elricLHello, am just looking at the launcher.cpp in unity,can anyone tell me, how the launcher differentiates between left and right clicks?17:43
dbarth__elricL: hi, DBO or jaytaoko can tell you18:02
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elricLwell, I thought I could ask now coz,this was supposed to be a Q & A session time. Maybe I am at the wrong channel.18:09
DBOelricL, right place18:09
DBOI am here18:10
DBOMouseDownLogic is the event you are looking for18:10
DBOjcastro, Q&A, we have a bite18:10
jcastroelricL: hey alright!18:10
jcastroelricL: ask away dude!18:10
DBOelricL, you'll see in that method we do a nux::GetEventButton (button_flags) when passing on to the LauncherIcon18:10
DBOthat is what tells us what button it is18:10
DBOwe probably could do a better job filtering the button presses right now since it is mostly unchecked18:11
elricLI got the method a long time ago.Any good to know I can ask more questions. :)18:12
elricLedit *Any way good*18:12
DBOelricL, super, if you ping me directly I will answer your questions18:13
jcastroelricL: what are you working on? Or are you just digging around?18:13
elricLDBO , Thats great.18:13
elricLjcastro, I thought I could fix one bitesize bug, since I have the weekend free.18:13
jcastroI like how you roll18:14
njpatelIs this the usual Q&A time?18:14
* njpatel is sitting here too if people have dash questions18:14
DBOnjpatel, yeah, i dont know actually now that DST is in effect18:15
DBOis question time this hour or last hour?18:15
DBODST... the time of year where americans set their clocks back 50 years18:15
kklimondanjpatel: is it possible to change the launcher icon dynamically?18:16
kklimondaactually, that's probably not dash.. dammit18:17
jcastrokklimonda: make him work anyway!18:17
njpatelkklimonda, not for natty, no18:17
njpatelkklimonda, it's okay, I can answer other stuff too :)18:17
njpatelkklimonda, both DBO and I had that function in our respective dock projects and someone will abuse it. Which is fine outside of the window manager, but inside your just going to cause issues18:18
njpatelkklimonda, instead of that we added the "emblem" support in libunity18:18
njpatelubuntuone use that18:18
elricLjcastro, I am actually interested in https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/68883018:18
ubot5Ubuntu bug 688830 in unity (Ubuntu) "Select quicklist items with just one right click" [Medium,In progress]18:18
njpatel(adds a emblem/badge to the launcher"18:18
kklimondaI was thinking of creating a nice looking cpu/temp launcher so I can see how close to burning my laptop is ;)18:19
njpatelkklimonda, and see, this is we can't do it :D18:19
njpatelkklimonda, we can show progress, maybe you could abuse that?18:20
kklimondanjpatel: it'd work too (to som extent) but it won't look as shiney :)18:20
robtaylorloicm: well, i'm at least pretty certain it is bug 729597 now. it's randomly started working now. hah.18:20
kklimondaI could use counter to display temp, and progress bar to show the cpu frequency18:20
ubot5Launchpad bug 729597 in unity (Ubuntu) "[natty-alpha3] [LiveCD] compiz crash on boot, unity fails to start, installation impossible" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72959718:21
njpatelkklimonda, true :)18:21
njpatelkklimonda, that would work18:21
njpatelactually, that woudl be nice18:21
kklimondanjpatel: will there be a way to create a generic text on launcher? for example to add a °C after temperature?18:22
jcastroDBO: any pointers for elricL for bug 68830?18:22
ubot5Launchpad bug 68830 in hal (Ubuntu) "Writing to CD, doesn't recognise blank disc (dup-of: 66254)" [Medium,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/6883018:22
ubot5Launchpad bug 66254 in HAL "empty CD not correctly recognized by hal" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/6625418:22
kklimondaalso, changing colors would be nice (but I guess I could add a fire emblem when things get too hot)18:22
jcastroDBO: that's bug 688830, whoops18:22
ubot5Launchpad bug 688830 in unity (Ubuntu) "Select quicklist items with just one right click" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68883018:22
DBOjcastro, elricL, hold up, window manager acting up18:22
kenvandinekklimonda, speaking of laptop temp... when you said that i was booting mine because it had just overheated building gstreamer18:22
jcastroI bet it's invisible box again18:22
njpatelkklimonda, yes, internally the launcher just renders a string, but I think the libunity API takes a uint. unfortunately kamstrup isn't here otherwise we could have bugged him a bit :)18:23
stefano-palazzo_Question, after I click an item on my Lens, I get the loading-cursor on the Launcher for a few seconds. Am I doing something wrong or should I report a bug?18:23
kklimondanjpatel: generic text would make it possible to present dl/up speed in Transmission in a meaningful way.18:23
njpatelkklimonda, right, exactly18:23
jporsinikklimonda, natty version of psensor display the temperature in the launcher entry:) https://launchpad.net/~jfi/+archive/psensor-unstable18:24
loicmrobtaylor: ok good18:24
jporsinikklimonda, but that's currently a quick hack, it just displays the temperature of the first sensor which may not be relevant18:24
kklimondajporsini: choosing the right sensor is not that easy :)18:25
jporsinikklimonda, well, not so hard in fact18:25
robtaylorloicm: well, not really good. means it's a heisenbug18:25
kklimondajporsini: ah, psensor is the application I was going to write. thanks for the link :)18:25
jporsinikklimonda, you can display the average temperature, or the temperature chosen by the user...18:26
kklimondajporsini: does it work without lm-sensors?18:26
jporsinikklimonda, lm-sensors is used to get the MB and CPU temperature18:26
kklimonda(or rather does lm-sensors work with Thinkpads? I do remember that it didn't in the past)18:27
jporsiniI have a thinkpad w500 and I also tested on several thinkpad18:27
robtaylorloicm: though i think there's a clue here. It seems to be something to do with how compiz is choosing which modules to load - or maybe one module getting stuck18:27
jporsinikklimonda, it works, but it is quite obvious to understand who is who....18:28
loicmrobtaylor: ah, quite frustrating then18:28
kklimondakenvandine: heh, I've started setting lower frequency for longer builds to avoid overheating.. but that still sucks18:28
robtaylorloicm: yeah, could be a bugger to tie down.18:28
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kenvandinekklimonda, it rarely happens to me18:29
kklimondajporsini: I'll give it a try later then.. :)18:29
kenvandineonly when i build packages that go crazy on parallel builds18:29
kenvandinelike gtk18:29
loicmrobtaylor: could you please pastebin you "glxinfo -l" output?18:29
kenvandineand i guess gstreamer18:29
loicmrobtaylor: just to see, who knows18:29
robtaylorloicm: sure18:29
robtaylorone mo18:30
jporsinikklimonda, anyway, I am not very sure that using the unity counter is appropriate. I believe that the application-indicator is more useful (the icons change to notify hot temperature)18:31
jporsinikklimonda, the important info is "is my computer too hot", knowing the temperature is not so useful (and it is wrong with most of the hardware)18:32
robtaylorloicm: http://paste.ubuntu.com/582200/18:32
kklimondajporsini: I can tell it's too hot just by touching it, what I want to know is if it's just too hot or hot enough to break my damn g84 nvidia ;)18:33
stefano-palazzo_Question again, where are the signatures for Dee.SharedModel's  and Unity.PlaceEntryInfo's methods and their signal handlers?18:33
robtaylorloicm: i've got to head off now. feeling frustrated! Lets hope I can get this sorted soon...18:34
jporsinikklimonda, "too hot" depends on the maximum of the temperature that you have set on the configuration. So, you can put the one you want:)18:34
loicmrobtaylor: ok, see you then18:35
stefano-palazzo_Please ignore my second question, I found them /o  sorry18:36
elricLUbuntu not in gsoc this year?!19:09
ftasince the last unity update, my side panel turns crazy when a window is too close to it (i use to have xchat aligned with the panel)19:26
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ftaalso, as i use follow focus mode, it keeps stealing my focus19:26
ftaand the cpu sky rockets19:26
jcastrofta: he just timed out, I'll snag him when he returns20:42
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* vish lols @ http://launchpadlibrarian.net/66681148/out-3.ogv20:44
ftajcastro, bug 73781420:51
ubot5Launchpad bug 737814 in compiz (Ubuntu) "compiz crashed with SIGABRT in __kernel_vsyscall()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73781420:51
ftai guess this time i got a crash file because of the new apport allowing SIGABRT again20:52
jcastrovish: dumb question.20:54
jcastroif he's reported a bug with apport20:54
jcastrowhy is it New when filed?20:54
jcastroyou'd think it'd at least be confirmed?20:54
vish "confirmed" is when a second person confirms it..20:55
jcastrobut no one looks at New20:55
jcastroi'm going to try something20:56
vishbtw, mpt is filing the bugs directly in the upstream task.. (if that was what you were referring to..)20:57
vishnot using apport..20:57
jcastroI just assign it directly to DBO20:57
jcastrolet's see what happens20:57
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AndreaAzzaronehi, what about this? http://forum.ubuntu-it.org/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=441608.0;attach=10538821:58
spikebCouldn't tell ya, since you have to be logged in to see it22:04
AndreaAzzaroneSorry! Lookt here:http://img823.imageshack.us/i/keepinlauncher.png/22:05
AndreaAzzarone* http://img823.imageshack.us/i/keepinlauncher.png/22:05
spikeblooks good.22:05
AndreaAzzaroneit only works when we set OnlyMounted in Devices Settings ;)22:06
AndreaAzzaroneIt complies with the design?22:07
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rbnswartzDBO are you free for a moment?23:11

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