jussijessica_: are you certain you went to 10.04?00:03
ubottuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »00:03
jessica_10.04.2 LTS00:04
jessica_It's probably the pre-release packages that are preventing it.  I don't suppose there is a way to downgrade?00:06
areichmannot that I've seen00:08
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yaskcan somebody help me why my internet work slow in ubuntu while using morzilla00:21
areichmanyask: it's not slow in other browsers?00:22
yaskonly in morzilla firefox00:22
yaskin chrome and konquere it works fine00:22
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areichmanhello _Sophia00:29
rimvishow can i register my nick?00:29
rimvisbecouse in one of the channel i need nick...00:29
areichmanrimvis: you register a nick with NickServ00:30
areichmanthat link will show you how, I don't know how to type it in here without it actually happenin00:30
rimvisok i am register and identify but i still get errr00:35
rimvis] Cannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services00:35
areichmanrimvis: what channel?00:37
_Sophiahi areichman :D00:37
rimvisin freebsd channel00:38
areichmanor, what network? I think that NickServ is on a per network basis00:38
areichmanoh, that sounds like it's still on freenode, no?00:38
rimvisok i spend the problem thanks :)00:41
Macerwell. the flash seems to work great00:49
Macer64bit flash too :)00:49
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dustinanyone around for a Tor installation question if so could ya pm me or something please.02:16
james147!ask | dustin02:17
ubottudustin: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:17
dustini just did ask the question? what you mean02:17
james147ok then:02:18
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."02:18
dustin"ive downloaded tor now afew times but im not sure how to find it: and it says it needs to be compiled and i dont know how to do that, and i got a seperate client that needs tor to run "TORK" and thats about it.02:19
james147dustin: where did you download it from?02:20
dustinfrom this program tork it claims that it needs it so i did dl it and it claimed it was suppose to dl and install so i done that and it claimed to have compiled it for me but i still dont see the program anywhere. ill look again thou02:21
james147dustin: try this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Tor02:23
dustinokay lemme read on it a min then 1sec i still need to find the place where the file is to compile it thats proveing quite a chore i mean i found afew hints with the find command but thats it02:24
james147dustin: most things that auto compile other things tend to do it in /tmp02:25
dustinokay found it in the folder james, i keep getting a error thou when i try to sudo to it to install like that page u gave me and it gives me this error whats it mean : E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?02:32
james147dustin: make sure you dont ahve another packagemanager open/runnin02:32
dustinhmm i had one open awhile ago lemme try again.02:33
dustinthank worked james its installing those things it said from that link and i got the java one just for the heck of it. im glad you folks can help with stuff like this. i very well might stick it out with linux :)02:38
dustinnow i got all those files required to do this.02:43
ScuniziOn boot after the desktop comes up the system asks for a password again.. would that be for network manager?03:19
Natamay be is gtk program03:21
Natacheck your startup program at system settings/startup program and see03:22
james147Scunizi: its most likly the network manager if you have wifi03:27
james147Scunizi: you can setup the network manager to store the passphrases in an unencrypted file which will stop it asking03:28
Scunizijames147: how do you do that?03:29
james147Scunizi: manage connection > other03:29
ScuniziI'll look.. thanks03:30
ScuniziOk.. made the switch.. another topic.. I installed cairo dock.. on boot 2 instances load and I have to kill one of them.. I've not been able to find the "start on boot" switch to turn one off. (If that's even the issue)03:32
ScuniziUnless it's loading the non-opengl version and the opengl version at the same time.. it ends up I have to shift+alt+F12 to re-activate opengl and get rid of the black box around everything cairo related.03:34
ader10When I click an image in Konqueror, a preview inside the conqueror window pops up displaying the image. How can I get this action with the keyboard?03:35
ader10When I press enter, the image opens in gwenview (which I don't want right now)03:36
c2tarunwhich network manager does kubuntu 10.10 have? What are my other options for n/w managers?03:44
Do_Sangaok i was here other day03:45
Do_Sangaand taled to peace about wifi03:45
Scunizic2tarun: it uses network-manager .. another option would be wicd03:46
Do_Sangathat dont work03:46
Do_Sangai tried it03:46
james147c2tarun: kubuntu uses network-manager :p with kdes widget front end, there is also the gnome front end (nm-applet) or you can use wicd (will remove network-manager)03:46
c2tarunjames147, Scunizi, there is a problem in kubuntu the network-manager is not detecting DSL connections. I think its problem with n/w manager because DSL connection is just wrking fine here. Should I change my n/w manager?03:47
c2taruns/here/in ubuntu/03:51
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c2tarunI want to change my n/w manager in kubuntu, the problem is there is no internet there in kubuntu, I also ubuntu installed on my system, how can I install the new n/w manager in kubuntu? please reply03:54
c2tarunjames147, ping what were you saying about nm-applet?03:55
james147its the gnome front end to network manager (in the networkmanager-gnome package i think)03:56
c2tarunjames147, the biggest problem is I cannot access internet from kubuntu, :( how can I install anything there?03:57
Do_Sangaeverything works fine on mine just wifi04:11
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dustincan anyone explain to me how to compile from gnome i.e desktop enviro?05:19
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ralnaemiI installed kubuntu-desktop on ubuntu. When my computer starts up, the KDE login screen appears, and when I login I'm only presented with Konsole. Any ideas what's wrong?05:59
doleybralnaemi: did you pick a failsafe session in the kdm menu?06:28
robbiethe1stWould anyone mind taking a look at this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1056958307:11
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke07:20
ct529hi guys, I cannot play asf files on kubuntu 10.10 .... I googled and searched but did not find a solution08:58
ct529can anyone help me?08:58
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats08:59
Tm_Tct529: does those help?08:59
ct529Tm_T: why mp3?09:00
Tm_Tct529: it's irrelevant detail, see those links09:00
ct529Tm_T: ok! :-)09:00
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ct529Tm_T: nope, no solution09:06
Daskreech_Sophia: up?09:07
joao2fsbom dia09:12
php5engineerct529, have you tried to type "asf" in KpackageKit? Have you tried to search google for "ubuntu asf"?09:12
ct529php5engineer: that is obvious, since I said in my question that "I googled and searched" :-)09:14
php5engineerAfter a little research I have found "Aviplay AVDI/AVS/WMF Player" and xmm2-plugin-asf09:14
ct529php5engineer: it does not work09:23
ct529php5engineer: at least on my installation09:24
ct529php5engineer: if you want to try here is the stream http://www.radioitalia.it/radio/streaming.php09:24
ana_I trying to install Pixum software in lubuntu but I have an error09:28
DaskreechWhat's the error?09:28
ana_one moment please09:28
ana_I translate into english xD09:28
ana_Failed to execute child process "/ home / ana / Pixum / Pixum" (No such file or directory)09:29
php5engineerct529: I have click on the Play with Flash Player and it worked for me. If you want to play namely asf stream, try to find a link to stream, not a web page09:29
ana_sorry, that error appears when try to lauch application09:31
ana_the install runs without errors09:31
ana_any solution?09:35
php5engineerana: I have see two solutions: use general ubuntu version or try to find soft simular to Pixum09:48
ct529php5engineer: I do not understand .... where did you click?09:50
ct529php5engineer: there is no flahs player streaming ....09:51
ct529php5engineer: well, there is a flash commercial on the left, but that is not the stream09:51
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php5engineerPossibly, it is not a stream, but I can hear the radio using this link. If you want to play this radio with audio player, I give you a hint: audio players do not understand links to a web pages. You need to specify a link directly to a stream. Try to add in xmm player link to mms:// or mms:// stream09:58
ct529php5engineer: oh I see what you mean .... I will try that way10:05
ana_no problem10:31
ana_I solved my problem10:31
ana_bb and thanks10:31
FriponHi ! I modified keys in /etc/kde/kdm/kdmrc but changes are ignored, did I miss something?10:48
isokohello, i'm having trouble with chromium and flash, i'm getting "The following plugin crashed" i've tried installing/reinstalling adode-flashplugin or flashplugin-installer or the plugin at the adobe website but it still crashes10:53
newhi.. need help restoring kde 4.4.5 plasma10:56
newanyone can help?11:00
Peace-new: ?11:21
Peace-new: what's the problem11:21
newpeace i acidentally quited plasma taskbar, the one who has kde launcher and programs that are minimized in.. its just nigthmare.. impossible to do fix it11:26
Peace-new_: ALT F2 plasma-desktop11:51
new_can i restore it somehow by terminal to load kubuntu taskbar or whatever its called to a previous state( didnt restarted pc after a mess)11:53
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mbnoimiwhere can I find man pages directory?12:16
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sponzorhi. i have problem with resoloution. i cant set resolution beyond 1024. i haave ati card x160014:04
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BluesKajHey all14:09
noaXessis there a tool to set a specific window eg. to a resolution of 1280x800? i need that to only record that window with recordmydesktop.. and the end resolution should be 1280x80014:09
noaXesshey BluesKaj14:13
BluesKajnoaXess, hi....interesting question, but what about the resolution of the playback device?14:14
noaXessBluesKaj: to big ;) fullhd.. and i want just record a window, not all the desktop.. so i need to set the windo to the correct resolution and select this window to record14:15
noaXessand the prob is also, i have two monitor.. and if a just record.. i record all the monitors ;)..14:16
BluesKaj'noaXess, , my point is that the playback device will change the res somewhat depending on the aspect ratio and the device's native resolution14:17
noaXessBluesKaj: but in recordmydesktop i can select just a window. ..and the the en res. will be like that windo14:17
BluesKajnoaXess, are you sure ?14:20
BluesKajnoaXess, , maybe if you fool around with the windows setting by rioght clicking on the titlebar then, advanced ,/special windows settings or application settings you%C01what you want14:24
BluesKajoops , you can set what you want14:25
* BluesKaj checks the KB batteries , again14:25
noaXessBluesKaj: i got it14:31
noaXesstake gimp, create a image 1280x800 and place the window inside ;)  HA14:32
BluesKajahh, never thought of gimp , noaXess , seldom use it , i use picasa for photos etc14:33
c2tarunis there any pluggin to download youtube videos?14:39
BluesKajc2tarun, youtubedl  I think14:40
c2tarunBluesKaj: youtubedl still works?14:41
c2tarunBluesKaj: its not in repo14:41
BluesKajafaik it does14:41
BluesKajc2tarun, sorry youtube-dl14:42
BluesKajthere's also clive for other video as well14:44
quanthi, dragon player seg faults when I try to open a wmv video (kde 4.6.1, kubuntu 10), anyone help, please?15:15
quantkubuntu 10.10*15:15
Daskreechquant: Probably phonon.15:17
DaskreechTry mplayer>?15:17
quantDaskreech: I'll go try that now15:17
quantDaskreech: how about vlc?15:18
Daskreechthat should go as well15:18
quantDaskreech: ok, works well, but I would like to getdragon working in the future as well... I'll wait for updates15:21
c2tarunquant: try bangarang as well, its small and good player :)15:21
quantc2tarun: vlc it is for now ;-)15:21
quantok, my other question - flash gets torn apart while I scroll the brower window (adobe flash + proprietary ati driver) - anyone, please?15:22
kps_fooquant: that happens with me too, I still haven't found a solution15:23
Daskreechquant: I'm pretty sure it's just the backend choking on something in the wmv. The VLC backend for  Phonon will probably make it work fine15:23
kps_fooquant: I too have the propietary ATI driver15:24
quantDaskreech: any ideas about that flash thing, please? you seem to know everything that I ask15:25
c2tarunkps_foo: I have ati graphic card as well, but not facing any such problem15:25
kps_fooc2tarun: I dunno, facing this problem in Chromium as well as Firefox15:26
DaskreechI'd open the Flash settings and turn off hardware acceleration15:26
DaskreechThat's if I ran flash15:26
kps_fooDaskreech: ok, I will try that15:26
c2tarunkps_foo: I have two ubuntu(64 bit) and kubuntu(32 bit) and both are working fine (I use firefox in both)15:27
kps_fooc2tarun: ubuntu works fine for me too15:27
DaskreechATI using fglrx ?15:27
kps_fooDaskreech: yeah15:27
Daskreechthat was @c2tarun15:27
c2tarunDaskreech: ^^15:28
quantDaskreech: trying to get to settings... sec15:29
quantDaskreech: for some funny reason "settings" is greyed out15:29
kps_fooDaskreech: the settings option is grayed out when I right click on a youtube video :(15:30
kps_fooI found a solution, try disabling the desktop effects, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1002310715:33
kps_foothat solves the problem for me15:33
quantkps_foo: yes, that's an option, but one that I'm not willing to choose :)15:33
kps_fooquant: yeah, you are right, without desktop effects life is too boring...15:34
quantDaskreech: still greyed out... stupid as it is15:34
quantfunny how the flash ads etc. don't break, only the flash videos15:35
quantok, tried another flash site (not youtube.com) and that doesn't break15:35
quantdirect rendering and vsync... would that possibly have anything to do with this?15:38
Daskreechquant, kps_foo: You can temporarily disable Desktop effects with alt+shift+F1215:38
DaskreechIf you are playing a game or something else that global use of OpenGL either breaks or hampers it you can turn it off for a few minutes and turn it back out without opening any settings15:39
quantDaskreech: yes, thanks... that'll suffice for games, but I'm hoping to find a better solution for youtube (using it too often)15:40
DaskreechSwitch it HTML5? :)15:40
quantDaskreech: had that idea, yeah... I'll try to find that option on youtube15:40
quantDaskreech: thanks again for all the help15:45
DaskreechSure :)15:46
kps_fooDaskreech: yeah thanks15:46
[mors]do you know huge mem leaks in kmix ?15:46
[mors]ps shows "3796 user       20   0 1753m 1.5g  19m S   29 18.6 221:58.01 kmix"15:46
[mors]1.7g of used memory ! using 99% cpu whenever I change volume15:46
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Daskreech[mors]: Known bug should be fixed partially in kde 4.6.2 and hopefully squashed in KDE 4.715:49
[mors]hum, how can I backport ?15:50
[mors]built binaries somewhere ?15:50
DaskreechWhat KDE do you have installed?15:53
quant[mors]: I think the latest KDE is 4.6.1, but check it out, you can get 4.6.1 installed through an official kubuntu ppa15:53
[mors]4.5.1 :/15:53
[mors]hum, there's a ppa, right !15:54
Daskreech[mors]: You can look in the topic for links15:54
quant[mors]: ppa can be found on the official kubuntu site (click on kde 4.6 banner)15:54
[mors]thank you !15:54
DaskreechYou are welkome! :)15:54
[mors]btw, another issue. I still cannot connect to a dynamic wep wireless network while I can with gnome network manager15:55
[mors]you kow anything about it ?15:55
DaskreechUse the Gnome Network manager then15:55
[mors]I am using it yes :p but kde's should work too15:55
[mors]kde's has all the options but fails to connect15:55
DaskreechThere are a few (rapidly diminishing) things that Gnome's Network manager can do since it's quite a few years older than KDE's which is about a year old15:56
DaskreechIf you need those things then feel free to use what works but please file a bug. Should be on feature parity (hopefully KDE will have more functionality) very soon15:57
[mors]and what about easily connecting to my 3g network using my phone as modem ?15:57
DaskreechAgreed, GNOME being able to do more than KDE is a perversion of Justice and perception :-D15:58
elijahHow can I show my users home directory desktop  on my visual desktop?15:58
[mors]gnome's nm gives a simple 2 step wizard: country + operator15:58
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quantelijah: add the desktop folder widget and go to options and select your home folder15:59
Daskreech[mors]: http://lamarque-lvs.blogspot.com/ might be interesting for you16:00
elijahquant: very nice, thanks!16:03
quantelijah: np16:04
_Sophiahi Daskreech :D16:11
DaskreechHello _Sophia :) How are you?16:11
_Sophianot bad, i must say16:11
_Sophiabut i still have to fix my headphones and install Ruby stuff today >.<16:11
Daskreech_Sophia: I thought you did ruby stuff waaaaaaaay long ago16:12
Daskreech!info rails16:12
ubotturails (source: rails): MVC ruby based framework geared for web application development. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.3.5-1.1 (maverick), package size 11 kB, installed size 60 kB16:12
_Sophiaapparently the install process to make everything smooth is way more complicated16:13
Daskreechwhat counts as smooth?16:13
_Sophiajust installing by packages results in compatibility issues16:13
_Sophiawell, i don't think i can directly install 1.9.2 via package16:13
_Sophiathe newest one in the repository is 1.9.116:13
_Sophiaand i need 1.9.2 to use Rails 316:13
Daskreech!info ruby16:13
ubotturuby (source: ruby-defaults): An interpreter of object-oriented scripting language Ruby. In component main, is optional. Version 4.5 (maverick), package size 21 kB, installed size 120 kB16:13
_Sophiaif i install that16:13
_Sophiait installs Ruby 1.8.6, not 1.9.2 like i use/need16:14
Daskreech_Sophia: try sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pratikmsinha/ruby192+bindings16:16
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_Sophiawhere did you find that?16:17
_Sophiai was going to follow some vid i haven't seen yet :P16:25
_Sophiaof course, that is for ubuntu16:28
_Sophiabut they're pretty close >.>16:28
_SophiaDaskreech, it keeps failing Q_Q16:30
_Sophiasays i'm not root :l16:31
Daskreech_Sophia: you put sudo at the start?16:31
_Sophiayes ofc16:31
Daskreechis it a one line error?16:32
_Sophiai understand that using 'sudo' means admin privileges or w.e o_O16:32
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[mors]quant: can't find the ppa link.... :(16:33
Daskreech_Sophia: sudo = Super User Do16:34
quant[mors]: hold on16:34
Daskreech_Sophia: if it is a one line error can you paste it here16:34
Daskreechotherwise pastebin the whole output16:35
quant[mors]: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-sc-4.616:35
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_Sophiawas two lines16:36
_Sophiabut i'm not pastebinning it ;d16:36
_SophiaE: Could not get lock /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable) E: Couldn't lock list directory..are you root?16:36
Daskreechthat will work as well16:36
Daskreech_Sophia: Do you have kpackagekit open?16:36
_Sophiano, sec16:36
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Daskreechno it's ok :)16:36
Daskreech if it was open it would cause that problem16:36
DaskreechYou don't have another install going on at the same time?16:37
_Sophiano o_O16:37
_Sophiai have another konsole open16:37
_Sophiato alsamixer16:38
_Sophiais that the issue?16:38
FloodBotK1_Sophia: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:38
Daskreechno it's only installs that would block it like that16:38
[mors]quant: thank you !16:38
quant[mors]: np16:38
_SophiaFloodBotK1: Please don't interrupt; use http://www.youtube.com to occupy yourself; don't use interruptions as a plea for attention.16:39
DaskreechI'd log out and back in to see if it's something you did and forgot16:39
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Daskreech_Sophia: Easier than me trying to figgure out which processes you hve running16:56
_Sophiawill restart in a little bit16:56
_Sophiainstalling some torrent software so i can download this Supertramp album in FLAC =)16:56
_Sophiai forget16:58
_Sophiawhat is the keyboard shortcut for konsole? o_O16:58
dan2hey guys, I'm getting GL based artifacts every so often esp. on natty17:29
dan2they show up all over the screen17:30
Pranav_rcmasI made the mistake ofI made the mistake of installing the new Qt 4.7.1 SDK beta over an existing installation of Qt 4.7.0, in Ubuntu. I want to remove all traces of 4.7.0. I'd like to know how I can do this. Assistance please? installing the new Qt 4.7.1 SDK beta over an existing installation of Qt 4.7.0, in Ubuntu. I want to remove all traces of 4.7.0. I'd like to know how I can do this. Assistance please?17:34
Pranav_rcmasSorry about that :S17:35
Pranav_rcmasI made the mistake of installing the new Qt 4.7.1 SDK beta over an existing installation of Qt 4.7.0, in Ubuntu. I want to remove all traces of 4.7.0. I'd like to know how I can do this. Assistance please?17:35
BluesKajPranav_rcmas, open your package manager an type Qt in the search then highlight each entry that shows as "installed", i'm sure you'll the right one to remove ,. I prefer the Mon package manager for this kind of package search.17:41
BluesKajMuon package manager , Pranav_rcmas17:41
Pranav_rcmasBluesKaj, thanks, will try that17:42
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Guest20254ive been trapped in windows hell since 95 and finally escaped lucky me18:03
Guest20254anyone here18:03
james147Guest20254: quite afew people ^^18:05
james147Guest20254: most only respond when questions are asked hoever18:05
Guest20254no one talking18:13
Guest20254im noob to linux world and love it18:13
Guest20254m$ sucks18:13
Guest20254im a programmer so i can help here18:13
james147Guest20254: This is a support channel, not a discussion channel, its tends to say quite unless someone ahs a questions18:14
Guest20254i c18:14
Guest20254any talkie rooms18:14
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!18:14
Guest20254ive been at paltalk voice and can appreciate text rooms18:14
james147Guest20254: #kubuntu-offtopic and #ubuntu-offtopic18:14
Guest20254thanks i will check iut out18:14
Guest20254it wont go18:15
[mors]hi again18:30
[mors]why are "additional addresses" dropdown in network manager's vpn config dialog grayed out ?18:30
[mors]or rather, the list where I would input addresses ?18:30
[mors]and why can't I add routes ?18:31
[mors]join #kde18:32
[mors]whopps .sorry18:32
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=== bvierra|l_ is now known as bvierra
arbitraryI'm not sure how to determine if my ethernet port is borked. I ask here because the port belongs to a Kubuntu system (9.10)19:17
genii-aroundarbitrary: What is it doing or not doing, etc that makes you think it has some issue?19:27
arbitraryWell, this is a rescued computer, some parts of it nonfunctional. I know the destination works, because I've hooked that up to other things previously. However, connecting the other computer (a WinXP box, unfortunately), and Kubuntu results in no acknowledgement from either of them.19:30
genii-aroundarbitrary: Has the box had adapters pulled out or put in ? The system keeps a list and old ones no longer existing still have name eth0 for instance reserved, new ones get bumped up in number.19:32
arbitrarygenii-around: Nothing physical has been changed. The only known damage to the box is a bashed firewire port.19:33
genii-aroundarbitrary: Does command of: lspci| grep Ether                produce a line of output with the adapter name?19:35
arbitraryClaims existence of an ethernet controller19:36
genii-aroundarbitrary: OK. So then: sudo lshw -C network                  and then look for the line which starts: configuration               and if a driver is loaded for it, there will be in that line someplace the name of it19:39
genii-aroundIf nothing like "driver=somename" in configuration line then it may be something like a problemmatic one needing special driver massaging like some Broadcoms, etc19:41
arbitraryautonegoti=on broadcast=yes driver=8139too driverversion=0.9.28 - etc.19:41
[mors]something really weird happened19:47
[mors]had flash 10.2 installed (it has hw accel for video) and kde 4.6.1, using nvidia drivers 260. Went to youtube saw a video and closed the browser tab midway. Flash froze that last frame in that position of the computer screen and whenever I move something black over that region that last frame overlays the black parts !?!19:47
shane4ubuntu[mors]: that is a weird crash19:48
shane4ubuntutry in the konsole: top  and see what is hung up?19:48
shane4ubuntuprobably npviewer.bin?  or something similar19:48
genii-aroundarbitrary: So it looks like it should be able to work on a physical level. Hardware is seen and driver is loaded. Does: ifconfig eth0     show a line beginning with: inet addr:     which shows an IP address after it?19:48
[mors]not a crash19:49
genii-around[mors]: Yes, I've seen that a few times too but not able to repeat it consistently19:49
arbitraryNo. This may be because I'm not attempting to connect to the net. It does claim a HWaddr19:49
[mors]no process was alive with flash loaded. Even after logging off the frame persisted until I restarted X19:49
[mors]genii-around: workaround for me, reinstall flash 10.019:49
* shane4ubuntu is very contented with Chrome, and no flash issues.19:50
[mors]100% repro rate here19:50
[mors]happens with opera and chrome19:50
arbitrarygenii-around: Want me to pastebin the exact output?19:50
shane4ubuntufile bug report if you can reproduce it.19:51
genii-aroundarbitrary: Is the machine hooked to something like a dhcp server which will give it a number?19:51
genii-aroundarbitrary: No pastebin needed yet :)19:51
shane4ubuntu[mors]: that is really odd, I have never had an issue with chrome and flash, there was an update yesterday to chrome.19:51
shane4ubuntu[mors]: chrome or chromium?19:51
[mors]I just updated everything and it happened19:51
arbitrarygenii-around: It's not connected to anything but the other PC, and this over the ethernet connection which is causing trouble.19:51
[mors]chromium and opera19:51
[mors]so I doubt it's a browser issue19:51
genii-aroundarbitrary: Well, to see any kind of traffic though, it would need to have an IP address. so you can set one manually in the /etc/network/interfaces file that is on same range as the other box if you want to exchange traffic over a crossover cable or so19:52
[mors](how do I kill all kate output to stdout? it's too annoyiing)19:52
shane4ubunturight, probably not, but Chromium is the testing bed for Chrome, I switched to chrome, shouldn't be an issue with either though, because somehow Google implements flash inside it's browser setup or something19:52
arbitrarygenii-around: Pardon my ignorance, but how do I go about that?19:53
genii-aroundarbitrary: For instance, to open the file with admin rights: so in konsole: kdesudo kate /etc/network/interfaces      Then to add some lines specifying what it's IP, netmask, and gateway are for instance19:54
genii-aroundarbitrary: You can see examples if you do: man interfaces19:55
genii-aroundarbitrary: After the file is edited and saved, you start up the interface with it's new settings by: sudo ifup eth019:56
genii-aroundWork needs me 5-10 minutes but I'll respond on returning19:56
arbitraryOkay, looks like I need to find the range of the other machine as well, though.19:57
genii-aroundarbitrary: Yes. If it's a windows box, you can can open a dos prompt and issue: ipconfig  which will tell you20:00
arbitraryWhy oh why does it try to do it full screen o_o20:00
genii-aroundarbitrary: If the windows box didn't find a dhcp server, it's ip likely starts with 169.something.20:01
arbitraryEthernet Adapter from Local Area Connection:20:01
arbitraryMedia State: Disconnected20:01
arbitraryThat was helpful, windows.20:02
genii-aroundarbitrary: Somewhere in network setting within windows you can set it. I'm not sure where anymore because I am rarely in that OS anymore :) But the general idea is something like maybe for it , use it's own ip as gateway,netmask of   then on the linux box ip of,  own ip as gateway, same mask
genii-aroundafter that you should see at least traffic indicators, even if they can't yet agree on what or how to be talking to each other20:08
arbitrarygenii-around: Okay, so I've given those settings to WinXP, but I don't know quite how to instruct it on Kubuntu.20:11
genii-aroundarbitrary: To reiterate from earlier: kdesudo kate /etc/network/interfaces   to open the networking file20:12
BluesKajgenii-around, arbitrary , listing the IPs in /etc/hosts.allow seems to help preventing dropped and lost connections , add portmap then underneat list the IPs on lan or wan like so, ALL:192.168.X.X20:12
arbitrarySo, let's see. . .20:14
BluesKajthe router IP, and gateway IPs are the most important from the advice I received20:14
arbitraryiface eth0 inet static20:14
genii-aroundarbitrary: Then put in there, each on it's own line:  auto eth0            then:iface eth0 inet static  then: address    then:netmask  then: gateway
genii-aroundarbitrary: Then save the file. Then issue:  sudo ifup eth020:14
genii-aroundarbitrary: Then you should be able to ping the win box20:15
arbitraryShouldn't the gateway be
genii-aroundarbitrary: No, the gateway should be it's own ip. since they are wired directly to each other and traffic is not being routed20:16
arbitraryAh. So, windows should have the same address and gateway as well?20:16
jamesi need some help with authenticating20:16
arbitraryE.g. windows is address/gateway
=== james is now known as Guest53172
Guest53172i need help with to install or remove softwre yo uneed to authenticate20:17
Guest53172i enter the password but it wont go20:17
Guest53172obiously password or something else is wrong20:17
Guest53172im trying to update20:17
arbitraryOkay, issue.20:17
arbitraryI did sudo ifup eth0, received: grep: /etc/resolv.conf: No such file or directory20:18
Guest53172an application is attemptint to preform an action that requries privlides20:19
Guest53172how do i authenticate update20:19
gomiboyGuest53172: you enter a password to login or you use autologin?20:20
genii-aroundarbitrary: Sorry on lag, work. Yes, same idea in windows, different ip but same range20:20
Guest53172this is a probelm20:20
Guest53172yes gomi20:20
Guest53172 i enter a password to log in20:21
arbitrarygenii-around: As mentioned, I get a grep: /etc/resolv.conf: no such file or directory as I attempt sudo ifup eth020:21
Guest53172is it seaparate passworde?20:21
gomiboyGuest53172: and the same pass doesn't work?!? It gives some errors?20:21
genii-aroundarbitrary: You can do: kdesudo kate resolv.conf           and put in there the ip of your machine20:22
arbitraryIP of the Kubuntu machine?20:22
genii-aroundarbitrary:  kdesudo kate /etc/resolv.conf       rather20:22
genii-aroundarbitrary: Yup20:22
genii-aroundarbitrary: At any rate, I think we've established your adapter works :)20:23
arbitrarySo I just put in the file or what?20:23
arbitraryYes. Victory over step one, at least.20:24
genii-aroundarbitrary: You put: nameserver
arbitraryNow I get "already configured"20:25
gomiboyEverytime i login20:25
genii-aroundarbitrary: Yes, that means you already did the sudo ifup eth0 before :)20:26
arbitraryOkay, pinging doesn't work, but then I don't think destination machine is setup yet.20:26
genii-aroundarbitrary: If you do now the: ifconfig eth0               you should maybe see something under the RX and TX lines20:27
arbitraryWell, destination host is unreachable, but I do have an inet addr at least.20:27
arbitraryThink this machine needs restarted :|20:28
arbitraryBack shortly.20:28
* genii-around makes more coffee20:29
arbitraryOkay, I think things are okay on the Kubuntu side, but Windows is proving an issue. Investigating. . .20:37
Daskreechouzoun: hi20:38
Daskreechsergej_supo: Hi20:40
arbitrarygenii-around: We've got issues.20:45
genii-aroundarbitrary: Can you elaborate?20:46
arbitrarygenii-around: The ethernet port immediately lights up and lists out information if plugged in to a separate computer. The problem is somewhere on Kubuntu's side. This is a generic install of Kubuntu 9.10 - it works fine with a laptop Ubuntu 10.1020:47
arbitraryThe laptop, by the way, is running a LiveCD, so it's not in the setup.20:48
sergej_supogenii-around: for me the information sounds confusing... but well, your case. ;)20:50
arbitrary2genii-around: I missed any response you made due to network hiccup20:51
=== arbitrary2 is now known as arbitrary
Daskreecharbitrary: Didn't mis anything20:54
arbitraryDaskreech: Danke. That being said, this presents a serious issue.20:55
DaskreechWhat is the problem?20:55
arbitrarySomewhere in this machine: Kubuntu's settings or drivers, or the ethernet card, or the ethernet port, a connection is not being made.20:56
genii-aroundarbitrary: Work needed me agin. Lemme catch up on backscroll20:56
arbitraryKubuntu seems to think it all works from cursory examination.20:56
genii-aroundarbitrary: So the ethernet port lights up on the win box?20:57
arbitrary2Yes, when plugged into Ubumachine, not when plugged into Kubumachine.21:01
genii-aroundarbitrary: When the win box is connected to the kubuntu and result of: ifconfig shows it has it's IP, can you do from kubuntu: ping successfully? ( if the win box has that ip )21:03
=== arbitrary2 is now known as arbitrary
arbitraryGet large, fast streams of Destination Host Unreachable21:03
genii-aroundarbitrary: Hm. Are you using an actual crossover cable or a straight through?21:05
arbitraryNot sure. Cable that comes with an Xbox 360, as it's the only ethernet cable I have lying around. There's nothing between them, if that's what you're asking.21:06
genii-aroundarbitrary: If you put the two ends of the cable side by side and look at the order of the wires in the plug. If a straight through, they are in same order. If crossover, they are in slightly different order21:09
arbitraryLooks to be a straight through.21:10
genii-aroundarbitrary: The reason I ask is.. some older hubs and ethernet adapters require a crossover cable specifically when you hook two boxes directly to each other, they can't autodetect the cable type and adjust21:11
arbitraryWell, the problem machine advertises itself as Vista Capable.21:11
shane4ubuntucalibre is broken?21:12
shane4ubuntuat least calibre gui, I have used the cli, just tried to start the app, and it didn't, cli gives errors, odd.21:13
gomiboyarbitrary: afaik both network cards need to support autosensing to work with a straight cable21:14
arbitrarygomiboy: Do you think it realistically likely that a 3-4yrsold-tops ethernet card doesn't support it?21:16
genii-aroundgomiboy: Yes, that is also my thought21:16
gomiboyarbitrary: my last pc purchase was 6 years ago, and it doesn't support it, i don't know :P21:18
gomiboyarbitrary: that said if the ethernet doesn't light up, that's your problem21:20
arbitraryChrist all bitchnickels.21:20
genii-aroundarbitrary: Language, please :) We try to keep it family friendly in here21:21
genii-aroundarbitrary: Have you tried hooking the two linux boxes together?21:21
joeuser2oootried to figure out what this slang means... :)21:22
arbitraryNo, would that change anything?21:22
* gomiboy too21:22
genii-aroundarbitrary: Well, it makes it easier to have them communicate to each other when they are both using the same kind of OS21:23
arbitraryHuh. They appear to be trying to connect.21:23
arbitraryKubuntu is stuck on "obtaining network address"21:24
arbitraryProbably because the Ubuntu box doesn't have a static IP setup21:24
genii-aroundarbitrary: You mean the ubuntu box is trying for an address? I thought the kubuntu one is setup now for static, so it shouldn't try to get any ip21:25
arbitraryThat's what kubuntu was saying. the ubuntu box didn't really react, though it acknowledges a connection is possible.21:26
=== Muzer is now known as MuzerAway
arbitraryCan you give me the location for the network interfaces file so I can run through a static IP for the Ubuntu box? I lost the info when I restarted.21:27
genii-aroundarbitrary: So on the kubuntu box, ifconfig eth0              should show some two-way traffic in the last line21:27
arbitraryPackets were sent, at least.21:27
genii-aroundarbitrary: kdesudo kate /etc/network/interfaces         to edit it21:28
arbitraryNot so much on the ubuntu box.21:28
genii-aroundgomiboy: I think the win and kubuntu boxes have stupid adapters and require a crossover to talk to each other, the ubuntu box has one which can autodetect and so it can talk to both of the old ones21:29
arbitraryI would not be surprised.21:30
arbitraryLet's see, setup command after adjusting /interfaces was?21:31
genii-aroundarbitrary: sudo eth0 up21:31
genii-aroundsorry no21:31
genii-aroundarbitrary: sudo ifup eth021:31
genii-aroundTired, been a long day :)21:31
arbitraryGrah. What goes into the resolv.conf again?21:32
genii-aroundarbitrary: nameserver local-ip-address-goes-here21:32
gomiboywith 3 boxes i'd use a switch :P21:32
arbitraryMeh, have no interest in the Ubuntu box. It's dying, just with better hardware.21:33
arbitraryOkay, they definitely know the other is there, and the ip stuff is setup as suggested, , ,21:35
arbitraryNot sure how to actually retrieve info from each other.21:36
gomiboyarbitrary: it's ping time! :)21:36
genii-aroundarbitrary: Yes, can they ping each other's ip alright?21:37
arbitraryNo. Different claim than when attempting to ping the windows box.21:37
arbitraryBoth of them return: connect: network is unreachable21:37
joeuser2ooogomiboy: nope, it's time to read network books/stuff. ;)21:37
genii-around"network" is unreachable?21:38
genii-aroundarbitrary: Did you use some ip number that ended in 1 or 255 for one of the boxes?21:38
arbitraryKubuntu is - Ubuntu is
arbitraryCompletely separate matter.21:40
arbitraryNeed to add like 60GB to the partition I'm writing to save a dying one from. Of course you have to save even the data that didn't tie to anything. . .21:40
Daskreecharbitrary: Are they on the same device?21:42
joeuser2oooarbitrary: my english is bad... but you sound a bit insane to me. ;-)21:42
arbitraryjoeuser2ooo: Doing far, far, far too many things at once. Going into a manic state from the stress.21:43
Daskreecharbitrary: open partitionmanager and resize21:43
arbitraryGParted, I assume, for Ubuntu.21:43
arbitraryOf course, I have to eat an existing (but thankfully empty) partition.21:43
Daskreecharbitrary: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/30/Keep_Calm_and_Carry_On_Poster.svg21:43
genii-aroundDaskreech: He has 2 boxes connected nic-to-nic directly21:43
Daskreecharbitrary: ah right if it's empty why dn't you just dump data there?21:44
arbitraryDaskreech: Because I will need two partitions on the one device - one to contain the recovered data, the other to extract the useful stuff to.21:44
DaskreechIf you say so :)21:45
joeuser2oooarbitrary: do you really have to do this? rethink!21:45
arbitraryIt's like this. Partition 1 is a genuine storage partition that happens to have nothing to store at the moment. Partition 2 is a recovered data partition, whose primary purpose will be to host a dead operating system and read the information from it. Extract the useful information from the recovery partition, then consume partition 2 into partition 1.21:46
DaskreechIf you say so :)21:46
arbitraryGParted is taking forever to load because it's trying to learn more about a nearly-dead hard disk -.-21:46
=== nosrepa is now known as aperson
* gomiboy proposes to open pc case, take hd and mount it on the other machine... networking is so overrated...21:47
arbitraryThe other machines are irrelevant.21:47
arbitraryThe hard disk is in the one machine, and it is writing to an external hard disk.21:48
arbitraryPlus, I think cracking open my laptop may void the warranty, and I really want to get myself a brand new hard disk without the effort.21:48
arbitraryAnd none of this has anything to do with why I"m actually here. Back to the matter of the Kubuntu machine's connections.21:49
genii-aroundarbitrary: What is the result of:  route | grep default                   on both boxes?21:50
genii-around( ideally each says it's own ip is the default route )21:50
arbitraryBoth of them resolve without printing anything.21:51
gomiboyarbitrary: if the ethernet lights don't comes up, it's not an kubuntu matter. Are they up?21:51
arbitraryEthernet lights are up on the kubuntu machine21:52
gomiboyAnd on the other side?21:52
arbitraryPort doesn't have lights.21:53
nyadhi. I want to change my theme for logging in. I downloaded a whole lot of themes by clicking get new themes, but none of them show up21:56
nyadwhat's the issue?21:56
arbitraryInteresting. Go to 1GB of errata from 10K errors on disk. The next 2K errors give me 26GB of errata21:57
arbitraryAnyway, is there something with the command that would cause them to not print information>21:58
arbitraryroute | grep default - that is21:58
genii-aroundarbitrary: I would suggest something like: sudo route add default gw eth0           on box with that ip, same command with the other using it's ip21:58
genii-aroundarbitrary: It's entirely possible no default route to anyplace, but unusual21:59
arbitrarySIOCADDRT: no such process21:59
genii-aroundarbitrary: Ah. So the ethernet adapter on that box is not brought up yet21:59
arbitraryBoth claim such.22:00
genii-aroundarbitrary: Did you do the: sudo ifup eth0                ?22:01
arbitrarysudo ifup eth0 - interface eth0 already configured - sudo route add . . . - SIOCADDRT: No such process22:02
genii-aroundarbitrary: Perhaps ditch then the eth0 part at the end of the route command22:05
arbitraryNo difference.22:05
* genii-around goes to make more coffee22:06
arbitraryFor the love of. . . GParted is still scanning -.-22:08
arbitraryMust depart a few minutes. Will return.22:10
arbitraryInterestingly, turning on verbose mode adds exactly no output.22:23
Daskreechhaving arbitrary and genii-around with the same colour nick doesn't help this conversation Konversation22:27
arbitraryDaskreech: I would love to have a client that actually assigns separate colours and can handle large scales. :|22:27
genii-aroundarbitrary: I gotta leave, have to be somewhere22:28
arbitrarygenii-around: Thanks for everything, though.22:28
Daskreecharbitrary: wouldn't make a difference You eyes can quickly pick up a few hundred shades of colour22:28
genii-aroundarbitrary: OK. I'll be back in on Monday if you're still stuck22:28
Daskreechplaces like here or #ubuntu on release day would stress the brain's capacity to quickly distinguish in any case22:29
Daskreechgenii-around: Takes that much time to brew enough coffee?22:29
arbitraryDaskreech: You make a fair point.22:29
arbitraryStill actually want the capacity, though.22:29
_SophiaDaskreech ? lol22:58
=== vorian is now known as v
Daskreech_Sophia: hi23:01
_Sophiafinally restarted comp >_<!23:01
_Sophiawas socializing with people o_O23:02
Daskreech_Sophia: :)23:03
Daskreechtried the command again ?23:03
_Sophialol reading too23:03
_Sophiaokay, going to try it ;d23:03
=== mren is now known as mren|off
dbc254my nook doesn't show up? Shouldn't it show up like any other usb device?23:44

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