gary_posterI fixed tests after my changes and pushed also.02:18
gary_posterbac, for JS templating, did you see Y.substitute? http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/3/api/YUI~substitute.html and http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/theater/video.php?v=kloots-yuiconf2009-sugar @ 22:3013:12
bacgary_poster: no13:12
gary_posterit looks like it might be a nice way to go forward13:13
gary_posteror at least stateof the art, such as it is13:13
gary_postermy kingdom for a multiline JS string :-/13:20
bacgary_poster: that does look nice...quite an improvement on my awful contatenation13:24
gary_poster:-) maybe we can get around to switching at some point...or maybe we just learn for next time.13:25
gary_posterbac benji gmb mumble/kanban/weekly in 213:28
bacgmb: done!13:32
benjiyay! I finally got my JS test branch merged, working, and pushed.15:00
* benji goes to find a punch list item to do.15:01
benjiIs the thing to do with the "Add JS tests" card just move it to review until the whole shebang is reviewed/landed or move it somewhere else?15:05
gary_posteryay benji15:06
gary_posterwe are using the review lane now for punch list tasks as "things to show that I did in the morning meeting"15:07
gary_posterso move it to "reviewed" now15:07
gary_posterand after Monday's morning meeting, send it to Achived/Done15:08
benjigary_poster: "reviewed" or "review"?15:08
benji(I don't see a "reviewed")15:08
gary_postersorry, "review"15:08
* gmb -> errands; afk for a while15:30
gary_posterI pushed a branch with these changes:15:38
gary_poster"more" ellipsis hints are added; you can click on the text for checkboxes and radio buttons to change the value; subscription titles are correct when editing; saving and viewing subscriptions that do not have the radio buttons to enable bug filtering actively clear out those values when saving.15:38
gary_postergmb, please let me know when you are available.  I have a couple of questions if I can catch you before EoD16:28
gmbgary_poster: I'm available now. Mumble or IRC?16:28
gary_posterwell, I was going to try IRC, but mumble is faster.  Let's do that, thank you.  I'm looking at the "Must" section of https://dev.launchpad.net/LEP/BetterBugSubscriptionsAndNotifications and wanted to verify my answers.16:29
gary_posteruh-oh, I'm at < 3G free on my hard drive :-/17:15
gary_posterBeter find something to delete17:16
gary_posterbac, benji, gmb, here's the plan for presenting to jml, so you know.17:16
gary_posterI'm going to write up a wiki page for jml with our status, and what he needs to do to look at the varioud features17:16
gary_posterhe will review that on his own time his monday morning17:17
gary_posterthis will include checking out the ~yellow branch17:17
gary_posterso we'll want that to be ready to go--as well as anything else he'll be looking at--by that time.17:17
benjiwhere "his monday" is this upcoming Monday?17:18
gary_posteryeah, benji17:25
gary_posterI'll have a call with him 1600 UTC, our noon17:25
gary_posterto review his opinions on what he's seen17:25
benjiDoes that change our short-term approach any?  Is there anything that really needs to get done by then?17:25
gary_posterbenji, AFAIK the only thing this means is that we should doublecheck ~yellow before we sign off for the weekend17:26
gary_posterboo hoo, could someone make me an administrator of https://launchpad.net/~malone-alpha :-D .  Maybe Brad too.  Benji, Danilo, and Graham are administrators now.17:33
gmbI'll fix it.17:35
gary_posterthank you17:35
* gary_poster feels ever so slightly more infused with the power of LAUNCHPAD17:36
gary_posterthanks again17:36
benjiman, tests really are wonderful18:43
gary_posterheh, yes19:01
bacgary_poster: i'm landing that menuing branch now.  will update and push to yellow when it hits devel21:00
gary_posterawesome bac, thanks.21:00
gary_posterFWIW, https://dev.launchpad.net/LEP/BetterBugSubscriptionsAndNotifications/FeatureReviewNotes has the notes I've compiled for Jono.  I'm sending the email now.21:00
bacmy brain is mush so i'm checking out and going for a walk.21:01
gary_posterIf I get any more steam I'm going to tackle "Disable editing of the notification recipient" in feature lane 1.  If someone else has steam sooner than me, feel free: it would be good to have cleaned up for Jono's review so that he doesn't get the wrong idea.  Don't feel obliged to do anything though.  Meanwhile, my brain feels kinda mushy too, so I'm going to sign off for now.  Have a great weekend.21:09

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