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jscinozDoes launchpad support projects using git instead of bazaar?02:57
lifelessit can import git branches for you02:58
lifelessbut we only support hosting of bazaar branches at the moment02:58
jscinozwasn't there some tool somewhere02:58
jscinozthat made bzr work with git? i forget what it was called02:58
jscinozah :P02:59
jscinozi'll read up on it02:59
lifelessthere is also a git-bzr around, to approach it from the other side02:59
jscinozmany thanks02:59
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SpamapSCan an existing project be converted to a sub-project of another?16:29
maxbSpamapS: Launchpad doesn't have "sub-projects" at all. So, no.16:36
ScottKIt does have meta-projects (that's not the right term) though.16:36
SpamapSSo that is sort of a different entity entirely?16:37
ScottKProject group is the term I was looking for.16:37
SpamapSOk that makes sense.16:37
ScottKSo I suspect you are talking past each other.16:38
ScottK"Can an existing project be added to a project group" may be the right question.16:38
SpamapSRight I didn't know that they were different things.16:38
maxbIf you're referring to the relationship between projects and project groups, however, you want to go to the project, do "Change details" and set "Part of:"16:39
SpamapSmaxb: cool.. I think the relationship I want to establish will be strong enough by having the same Maintainer.. but its good to know. :)16:44
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rockstarabentley, if I changed the ownership of the stacked on branch, how do I fix the one branch that was stacked on it?18:54
abentleyrockstar: change the stacked_on location of that branch.  You can use hitchhiker to edit branch.conf, and I think reconfigure can also do it.18:55
rockstarabentley, ah, okay.18:55
StempHi all23:22
kalikiana1so I have a bit of a problem, I accidentally broke the Maintainer of the Midori project23:22
kalikiana1it says "Registry Maintainers" now23:23
kalikiana1see https://launchpad.net/midori23:23
kalikiana1it was supposed to be https://launchpad.net/~midori and when I tried to remove the second team (there were two) it changed23:23
StempAnd I'm the Registered's guy of midori23:24
StempSo kalikiana1 is not trying to steal our properties23:25
Stempmaybe he is trying to steal his property, but we should agree23:28

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