MaximLevitskyDon't know, but I can't convince myself00:01
MaximLevitskyIts just like  PA volume control00:01
MaximLevitskySure its nice, sure I use PA00:01
MaximLevitskyBut nowI end up using alsamixer quite a lot00:01
dasenwhats PA?00:02
MaximLevitskyNow I feel that using terminal is easier that unity00:02
dasenwhy is it hard to use?00:02
dasenyou can configure sound preferences from the icon on the top bar00:02
MaximLevitskyBecause PA volume control hides many mixer lements00:02
dasenreally, I didn't know that00:02
MaximLevitskySo life isn't pefect, sometimes I need to adjust them/verify them00:03
dasenwhy don't you join ayatana mailling list and voice your complains?00:03
MaximLevitskywill do soon, but meanwhile, I won't bother you :-). really thanks for listening to me00:04
cyphasewhat software is installed if you check "Install this third-party software" in ubiquity?00:05
Daekdroomcyphase, MP3 codec, I believe.00:05
dasenno prob :)00:05
dasenbye guys,. gonna sleep00:06
cyphaseDaekdroom, but the description also mentions flash, other media, and some wifi cards00:06
cyphaseDaekdroom, is that just theoretical?00:06
Daekdroomcyphase, if the description mentions that, I believe it installs it as well.00:07
DaekdroomThe last time I looked at ubiquity was a month or two ago00:07
cyphasebut you dont know specifically what it does..00:08
cyphaseah, found some info: http://askubuntu.com/questions/22285/clarification-of-the-third-party-software-options-during-system-installation00:11
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xAndromedaok it worked!00:47
xAndromedathxx all :D00:47
dlynchIs anyone here a python module debugging guru? I'm getting 100% CPU usage when importing the module kaa.metadata. This started happening with 10.10. I don't know how to isolate the problem, because when I test it using trivial code, I cannot reproduce it. But in a complex program, the bug happens every time. Running strace reveals errors but I have no idea how to interpret it's output!00:49
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jbichaI'm having problems with virtualbox-ose and the 38-7 kernel00:52
MaximLevitskyanybody else just did a update?01:14
MaximLevitskyI seem to lost ability to change desktop themes, see an default ugly gtl theme01:14
jbichaMaximLevitsky: are you using the gnome3 ppa?01:18
seiunoany ideas on this message:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1678570&highlight=fixing+recursive+fault+reboot+needed01:18
MaximLevitskyjbicha: no, just alpha301:19
MaximLevitskythen I used update manager01:19
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AwsoonnIt seems that natty install takes longer than 10.10, do others see the same deal?02:41
DanaG(gtk-update-icon-cache:11424): GdkPixbuf-WARNING **: Cannot open pixbuf loader module file '/usr/lib/gdk-pixbuf-2.0/2.10.0/loaders.cache': No such file or directory04:09
DanaGI get that spewed all over the place.04:10
DanaGAnd true enough, that file is missing.04:10
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litropyWhere do I find tutorials for Nux?05:37
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alteregodi dope beta1 is cumming06:22
alteregodnatty dread or something06:23
bazhang!11.04 > alteregod06:23
ubottualteregod, please see my private message06:23
alteregodwell as long as it uses 2.6.38 its ok, i dont use a desktop environment06:24
bazhang!info linux | alteregod06:24
ubottualteregod: linux (source: linux-meta): Generic complete Linux kernel.. In component main, is optional. Version (natty), package size 2 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 all armel powerpc)06:24
dv-how am I supposed to close just one firefox window now?06:51
dv-ctrl-w closes 1 tab, ctrl-q closes all windows06:52
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litropyI have downloaded all the files at http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/nux/trunk/files/head:/examples/ and am now trying to compile. Any ideas?07:04
hasenjafter upgrading to natty, is there a way to update all my ppas to use natty instead of maverick?08:06
geseryou have to check if your used PPAs have packages for natty already08:24
ChrisBuchholzHello guys. I want to know; how do i decide if a maximized window should fill out all horizontal space, or should be shown side by side with the Unity Dock? Sometimes maximized windows doesnt hide Dock, other times it does, and i cant find out how do "toggle" it to change?08:45
Mkaysi"Listen to music" in Unity opens Firefox ?09:13
j0llyr0tteni upgraded to natty and wifi broke10:26
gilmorning - is anyone here using the gnome 3 team ppa with natty?11:10
nlsthznPet Peeve question... when I click the Ubuntu logo my "Listen to Music" icon is a white sheet and not the banshee icon... how can I fix this?11:11
nit-witnlsthzn, right click icon the properties then click on the icon in the next screen it will take you to home11:19
nlsthznnit-wit: sorry... I didn't follow that clearly? Also, I see now clicking on the link opens FF and not Banshee, lol...11:21
nlsthznnit-wit: never mind... set defaul application for multi media to banshee... all solved :) thx for the assistance11:23
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ebischoffHello everyone. A small note to inform that kmix process (sound mixer) was eating 92% cpu here today on natty. I don't know whether it's reproduceable or not yet11:53
HyperHoRsecan you install ubuntu 11.04 onto a  usb easily?11:53
bazhangunetbootin HyperHoRse11:55
rr0hitbazhang: he is not here yet11:57
bullgard4What part of Grub_2 writes this message just after pressing the computer's power switch: "GNU GRUB version 1.98-1ubuntu9; Minimal BASH-like editing is supported. For the first word, TAB lists possible command completions. Anywhere else TAB lists possible device or file completions. grub> -"?11:57
bazhangrr0hit, au contraire, he quit already11:57
rr0hitDoes evey one have a "Listen to Music" item in the menu that appears on clicking ubuntu symbol on top left, clicking which opens a firefox window?12:07
kim0hey guys, just a note, I was getting distorted metallic flash sound .. I think this was the memcpy flash bug. The flashplugin64_installer pkg has pushed a memcpy-revert.so that should hopefully fix that problem12:29
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weboideIs nvidia-current 270.30 supposed to depends on xorg-video-abi-9, not 10 since xserver-xorg-core now provides xorg-video-abi-10? GDM won't load.12:45
weboideIt looks like it should be bumped to depend on xorg-video-abi-10.12:46
gnomefreakanyone else having issues booting with last 2 kernels?12:54
weboidegnomefreak: what sort of issues?12:55
gnomefreakcant boot. moniter goes into sleep mode(for lack of better word) during plymouth12:57
gnomefreaki had to hit ctrl+alt+F# than atl+ctrl+F712:57
weboidemine won't load gdm, so certainly a different issue =/12:58
gnomefreaki dont get that far unless i do the above. all 3 of my kernel do it13:04
weboidegnomefreak: have you tried nomodeset, noapic, etc?13:13
gnomefreakno not yet13:14
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gnomefreaki cant seem to add indicator-weather to upper panel anymore. any ideas13:58
gnomefreakalso if any ideas on why my dock wont retract off screen when not in use14:00
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BluesKajHey all14:09
alketIs Natty quite stable , I mean does it have major bugs ?14:09
weboidenvidia drivers seem broken right now14:11
gnomefreakmy new printer is not found on natty and its an HP it should work pretty much out of box14:14
gnomefreaksame with flgrx and some intel issues14:14
yofelweboide: they're being rebuilt14:14
weboideyofel: neat :)14:15
gnomefreakalket: there are a fair amount of design bugs atm14:15
gnomefreakand if i cant fingure the printer issue oiut it will have printer bugs14:15
weboideyofel: is this going to be  270.30-0ubuntu214:17
weboideyofel: I meant 0ubuntu3 ?14:17
yofelubuntu2 is ok, the driver should be held back currently14:17
weboideyofel: ubuntu2 has been built against xorg-dev .99, so it points to xorg-video-abi-9 instead of -1014:18
weboideyofel: and xserver-xorg-core now provides xorg-video-abi-1014:19
yofelhm, ubuntu1 depends on abi-9 here, ubuntu2 isn't built yet14:20
weboideyofel: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/natty/i386/nvidia-current/270.30-0ubuntu214:21
ubottuUbuntu bug 270 in Baz (deprecated) ""baz export" panics with bazaar_1.3~200503302138" [Medium,Fix released]14:21
weboideyofel: ahhh I see, i386 is broken, amd64  is fine14:22
gnomefreakis there anyway to force natty to find/see/recognize my printer. if not any idea on how to obtain the URI for it?14:23
gnomefreakwin 2214:23
syn3rgy Worried about Wayland replacing the x stack. I admin some computer at work and already hear enough moaning about ie MS Office blah blah. Our machines are all using GLX 460 graphic cards.14:28
syn3rgy We do a lot of Blender work on 1080p screens. Has Nvidia decided to work with Wayland?14:28
IdleOnewayland is not being used in Ubuntu, yet14:29
IdleOneif you would like to help with testing and making sure nvidia works in natty for you ^^14:30
gnomefreakIdleOne: any idea on how to make the dock leave the screen so it doesnt block my view? other than resizing window14:31
syn3rgyIdleOne I was thinking bout in 11.04. I have the alpha in a VM it more or looks the same as 10.10.14:31
IdleOnegnomefreak: nope sorry, I haven't been running natty in a couple months.14:31
yofelsyn3rgy: the last nvidia statement on wayland I heard of (on phoronix) was that they have no intention of supporting wayland anytime soon (for years probably)14:32
yofelso I hope we'll live in an X/Wayland mixed env for a long time14:33
syn3rgyyofel yeah I am in that # too. Seems that Ubuntu is thinking about the Mobile sector. Example Android does not use X.14:34
syn3rgySo in short, if you upgrade to Natty you will not be able to get the fullest out of your Nvidia card or ATI. Just Intel and that is fine with Sandy Bridge.14:37
yofelhm? I'm running natty with nvidia fine here14:37
yofelexcept today would be a bad idea to upgrade14:37
yofelas xserver 1.10 final is just being uploaded14:37
syn3rgyyofel what drivers are you using?14:37
yofelnvidia 270.2914:38
weboideI updated right at the worst moment... :( I fell into that black hole14:38
syn3rgyyofel now that is good news. Are you using xswat?14:38
syn3rgyweboide I have done that many times. lol14:38
weboidesyn3rgy: natty nvidia 270.30 drivers are broken right now for i38614:39
syn3rgyweboide had to do quite a lot dist-upgrades or just force14:39
yofelsyn3rgy: I am, but 270.30 was uploaded to the archive too today, so hopefully tomorrow should be good to upgrade14:39
syn3rgyweboide yeah and they really wont work at all with VMware 3D and have problems with flash.14:40
weboidesyn3rgy: dependencies are broken, so you'll end up with nvidia-current not installable, if you are using i386.14:41
syn3rgyweboide ouch.14:41
syn3rgyweboide I really love ppa-purge if you like living on the cutting edge. Will safely remove xswat and revert any other junk you might have tested.14:43
syn3rgyOK lets take this from square one: My mother upgrades 10.10 to 11.04 with your Nvidia system. Will I get a moaning phone call from her?14:45
yofelIf you use update-manager I don't think it will even let you upgrade today14:45
syn3rgyI mean when it is released.14:46
yofelwell, shouldn't be the case14:46
patdk-wkhow could anyone know that currently?14:46
weboidethat happened to me, now i'm wondering what apt-get did :(14:46
patdk-wkit's still in alpha, not beta or even rc's yet14:47
syn3rgypatdk-wk well if Natty lets you use Unity with xorg that wont be a problem.14:47
yofelweboide: /var/log/apt/history.log should tell you14:47
yofelsyn3rgy: we will still use X as default, wayland is there, but only for experiments14:47
syn3rgyyofel then all is rainbows and pink ponies :D14:48
patdk-wkand on uprgade, unity won't take over, but I'm not sure on that14:48
patdk-wkshouldn't it still default to gnome?14:48
yofelit should default to the last used session, but If they renamed the session name I don't know what gdm will do14:49
mikebeechamIs 11.04 usable for day to day use yet?14:50
weboideyofel: looks like I stayed with 270.29, but got xorg 1.10.0-0ubuntu1, so ABI issue maybe...14:50
mikebeechamor are things still likely to break?14:50
yofelweboide: er... that combination won't even install here14:50
weboideyofel: do you have i386?14:51
jrrmikebeecham: I updated a couple of my machines a couple days ago to then-latest natty and had no issues14:51
jrrpreviously (a couple months ago) was another story14:51
weboideyofel: that's why, dependencies are good for amd64, but not for i38614:51
yofeloh wait, I got 270.30 with rc2, eeek14:51
yofelbetter not reboot...14:51
* patdk-wk updates just to see what happens :)14:52
weboideyofel: well you should be good, since you must have xorg 1.10 as well, no?14:52
syn3rgyOh by the way I compiled Gnome to work with multiseat. This is really cool, I have 1 computer with 3 users using their own desktops on i at the same time. Had to patch GDM and consolekit.14:52
yofelweboide: no, as I said, I have rc2 (which provides abi-9) and 270.30 drops support for -914:52
yofelthey were discussing in #ubuntu-x that the abi handling of the nvidia packages isn't great14:53
weboideyofel: ah sorry, I see. =/14:53
patdk-wkdamn it's been awhile, 626 upgraded packages14:53
patdk-wkbut there are missing ones here for amd6414:53
weboideI should probably file a bug for nvidia-current i386 then, so that it gets rebuilt14:55
* gnomefreak doesnt use 64bit on my amd14:55
gnomefreakweboide: it is being done IIRC14:55
yofelweboide: just ping tjaalton in #ubuntu-x if it's still broken in a few hours14:55
* patdk-wk wonders when we will get 3d vmware drivers14:56
genii-aroundyofel: My dist-upgrade about an hour ago messed everything up again and it was groaning again about an xorg abi-9 package. Had to manually apt-get source nvidia-current and run everything, etc14:56
weboidegenii-around: do you have i386?14:57
yofelgenii-around: yeah, I'm doing that too right now14:57
gnomefreakgenii-around: X packages are held back due to nvidia,ati non-free drivers14:57
genii-aroundweboide: No14:57
gnomefreakdist-upgrade should remove X packages14:57
weboidegenii-around: okay14:57
weboideI rebuilt nvidia-current manually, but didn't help..14:57
weboideI guess I'll just wait for official builds14:58
syn3rgypatdk-wk I had to revert my xswat to get VMware to work with 3D in 10.10. VMware told me that they might have it worked out in a few months.14:58
gnomefreaki would think that they are on the PPAs however i wouldnt try it just incase14:58
gnomefreakyofel: did we drop CUPS for the lpd(or whatever they are called)14:59
dnearyI fucked up14:59
gnomefreakdneary: hi14:59
dnearygnomefreak, Howya14:59
yofelgnomefreak: if we did then I didn't notice14:59
syn3rgyDoes Viralbox work with the newer 3D drivers ?14:59
gnomefreakdneary: please watch your language14:59
dnearygnomefreak, But I really did :)14:59
dnearyI was using a GNOME 2 session with auto-login on Natty15:00
dnearyAnd now GNOME 2 packages have disappeared15:00
dnearySo when I boot, I auto-boot into an empty screen15:00
dnearyAnd I don't know how to disable the "auto-login" option for gdm15:00
gnomefreakyofel: i thought we did in Lucid but cant recall. i hate that i can only use one window do set up printer either its a network printer or i need the URI for the printer. i remember it being alot easier, even auto detecting printers15:00
gnomefreakdneary: in classic desktop or unity?15:01
dnearyI didn't realise the f word was considered off limits here15:01
dnearygnomefreak, Classic15:01
syn3rgy... my gut feeling about this is that I don't like where Canonical is going with this.15:01
dnearyI guess it was an update yesterday or the day before?15:01
gnomefreakdneary: you should see login screen in System->admin>login screen15:01
yofelgnomefreak: hm, I only have a HP network printer, and hplip-gui finds that fine15:01
dnearyI've been dist-upgrading every 2-3 days15:01
gnomefreakunlock it and set it in there15:01
dnearygnomefreak, I see literally an empty screen (Saturn background)15:02
dnearyNautilus is still there, but gnome-panel's gone15:02
gnomefreakyofel: thanks ill try to isntall it15:02
dnearyNo longer installed15:02
gnomefreakdneary: can you open a terminal or get into a TTY?15:02
dnearyAnd metacity doesn't appear to be starting15:02
dnearyI'm on pty115:02
gnomefreakdneary: than you have more than 1 problem. it sounds like packages were removed upon upgrae that should not have been15:03
dnearyGot Metacity running now :) and have a gnome-terminal over Jupiter's big red spot15:03
gnomefreaksounds like compiz crashes but could be a number of different things15:03
dnearyBut I started it manually15:03
genii-aroundyofel: I had to go make the nvidia-current/xorg nvidia-current/tls nvidia-current/vdpau dirs in /usr/lib and /usr/lib32  before it successfully made. Also it didn't like some glx file that wasn't a symlink15:03
gnomefreakthan compiz is best bet15:03
dnearygnomefreak, I doubt compiz was the window manager15:03
gnomefreakdneary: it is by default15:04
yofelgenii-around: sounds like multiarch mess :S15:04
gnomefreakor its both by default15:04
dnearyBut as I said when I joined, I'm not "by default" - I was using the gnome classic15:04
dnearyIn fact, I wanted to use gnome-shell, but getting that working was a bit of a hassle15:04
dnearyBut that's another story15:04
genii-aroundyofel: It says at start that it couldn't execute the preinstall script. Likely in there is the issue15:05
gnomefreakyofel: i remeber that package now. i filed a bug on it since it was only QT asked for a gtk build15:05
gnomefreakyofel: do you know of a GTK alternative?15:05
dnearyIt seemed like there was a "cleaning out" of some legacy stuff over the weekend15:05
dnearyIs that not correct?15:05
dnearyI think the easy solution would be to just wipe my gdm preferences - are they in /etc/Xorg or ~?15:06
dnearysorry - /etc/X1115:06
gnomefreakoh crap i just lost everything all panels,docks open apps other than terminal15:08
gnomefreaki guess ill be back15:09
dnearygnomefreak, See? :)15:09
dnearygnomefreak, Guess it isn't just me15:09
yofelhm, odd, nvidia-current failed to build in pbuilder, but built fine when running dpkg-buildpackage by hand o.O15:09
patdk-wkdependency missing from the build config?15:10
patdk-wkcan't imagine that is the case, but15:10
yofelwell, it failed due to missing execstack, but that was installed15:11
nicofs_After upgrading / dist-upgrading today, my Xorg (Xubuntu) doesn't start properly - all i get is a blank screen after boot. login on tty1 is possible, gdm is running, trying to start Xorg results in "no screens found".15:11
nicofs_(sorry, my internet just died)15:11
yofeland running dpkg-buildpackage by hand in pbuilder finished fine15:11
genii-aroundnicofs_: nvidia card?15:11
nicofs_genii-around, yes15:11
yofelnicofs_: you didn't apply a partial upgrade, did you?15:12
weboidenicofs_: i386?15:12
mateoburI would like to configure my launcher, but I don't see any option to do this15:12
=== nicofs_ is now known as nicofs
nicofsyofel, apt-get upgrade & apt-get dist-upgrade15:13
weboidenicofs: you might have fell in the same black hole I fell into...15:13
nicofsweboide, 64bit15:13
weboidenicofs: ahhh maybe not15:13
yofelnicofs: did you reboot? if you have nvidia 270.30 installe together with xserver 1.10 rc2 you'll need to add ignoreABI in xorg.conf15:14
charlie-tcawOw! 64bit desktop is installing today15:14
nicofsyofel, it started after rebooting... where do i put that in xorg.conf?15:14
weboideyofel: I guess I'll try that ignoreABI, that might help15:14
=== arand_ is now known as arand
yofelnicofs: should look like this http://paste.ubuntu.com/582126/15:15
weboideyofel: or my problem is reverse, I've got 270.29 with xserver 1.10 final I think15:15
yofelexcept the brightness option, that's just my system15:15
nicofswhere is xorg.conf?15:16
nicofsjust found it15:16
* yofel removes open source drivers...15:16
syn3rgyIs coolbits working again on the 270.29 for Nvidia?15:17
nicofsyofel, i don't have the server section part...15:17
yofelnicofs: the serverFlags section isn't there usually, add it15:17
bjsnideryofel, .30 should work with xserver 1.10 rc215:18
yofelbjsnider: IIRC aaron said they dropped support for rc2, maybe I just heard wrong15:18
yofelsince rc2 was pretty short-lived15:18
weboidedoes the other way around work ? 270.30 with 1.10 final? =/15:19
bjsniderrc2 is an older version, so it should work15:19
weboide270.29 I meant.15:19
weboidedarn it :'(15:19
bjsniderwell, i don't think you have to curse about it15:19
weboidesorry, I'm just in that hole, waiting for nvidia-current to rebuild, if it will.15:20
nicofsahhh... back in business... Xorg -configure resolved the problem...15:20
genii-aroundHm. Mine is 270.3015:22
bjsniderweboide, i think it did build15:23
yofelah, ubuntu2 was still broken, ubuntu3 should work15:23
* yofel reboots15:23
weboidebjsnider: nvidia-current 270.30-0ubuntu2 in i386   is broken, I need to wait for ubuntu315:25
bjsnideri think it's done15:25
weboidebjsnider: I dont see: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers15:26
weboidebjsnider: oh sorry, latest upload I see15:26
weboidebjsnider: yay it's building :)))) thanks15:27
patdk-wkhmm, well this updated ok15:27
patdk-wkbut everything is crashing like nuts15:27
bjsniderit builds very quickly because all of the dhared libs and the kernel module are pre-built by nvidia. so it finishes in a couple of minutes15:28
patdk-wkeven the crash report program is crashing :)15:28
weboidebut publishing takes long sometimes15:29
bjsniderweboide, you can download the package and manually upgrade it if you want, before it's published15:30
weboidebjsnider: i386 is built and ready, looks like :)15:31
* weboide is off to try that new package15:32
nicofsOk. What happend: a recent upgrade made the proprietary nvidia drivers disappear that previously controlled my 2 displays. with a new xorg.conf i can get the gui running - without panel. that looks for the 2 displays controlled by the nvidia driver that are not there anymore...15:39
OmegaWhat version of firefox is currently shipped with natty?15:41
bazhang!find firefox15:44
ubottuFound: firefox, firefox-branding, firefox-dbg, firefox-dev, firefox-globalmenu, firefox-gnome-support, firefox-gnome-support-dbg, firefox-kde-support, firefox-mozsymbols, kubuntu-firefox-installer (and 6 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=firefox&searchon=names&suite=natty&section=all15:44
bazhang!info firefox15:44
ubottufirefox (source: firefox): Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 4.0~rc1+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu1 (natty), package size 13783 kB, installed size 28680 kB15:44
bazhangOmega, ^15:44
gnomefreakwho was it that had an issue with gnome/compiz that i spoke to before i left15:48
=== Dink is now known as Dink[a]
gnomefreakyay fixed printer :)15:48
weboidegnomefreak: was it dneary ?15:49
gnomefreakweboide: ah yes it was thanks15:49
dnearyweboide, Yes15:49
dnearyweboide, Seems like it's partially resolves15:49
gnomefreakdneary: the reason my panels dissaappeared was due to compiz crash15:49
dnearyI reinstalled gnome-panel15:49
gnomefreakit has been a probem for a while15:49
* weboide is sad, new nvidia-current build does not help :( gdm won't start15:49
dnearycreated a new test user to ensure that gdm + unity was worning OK15:50
dnearyA bunch of stuff is still crashing during the Unity session launch (gconf stuff, the Me menu)15:50
dnearyAnd in the GDM screen, I'm still not seeing the session chooser15:51
dneary(the menus at the bottom of the screen)15:51
dnearySo things are still pretty messed up15:51
dnearyBut hopefully I can still get some work done this afternoon15:51
dnearyAh. /me sees the menus appear when you click the user15:52
dnearyLet's see how this looks15:52
dnearyIcons on desktop, panels top & bottom... check!15:52
kubu2new xorg-core wants to remove xorg-video-radeon? is this just a pkg dep or there is soemthing new in the driver?15:52
dnearyMe menu... nope :(15:52
dnearyWill live with it15:53
dnearyThanks for the help15:53
kubu2if none then it's safe to force install15:53
nicofsIs there any config file for the xfce4-panel? my panel tries to start on a display that doesn't exist anymore and hence crashes...15:55
coz_ hey all16:10
* weboide found out that apt-get actually removed xorg-server package, that's why GDM wouldn't start! =X16:13
alex_mayorgaCan I get some sets of eyes on bug 727365 please?16:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 727365 in openjdk-6 (Ubuntu) "icedtea-plugin crashes on firefox-4.0 and chromium" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72736516:22
alex_mayorgaHow can I debug? I'm getting that one almost every 15 minutes :(16:24
gnomefreakwhat is the command to use apport to file a bug on a crash in /var/crash? its not "apport"16:35
yofelapport-bug/ubuntu-bug/apport-cli /var/crash/<crashfile>16:36
yofelor just open /var/crash in your file manager and open it16:36
gnomefreakyofel: thanks16:40
gnomefreakcan i run more than one apport at a time?16:42
gnomefreakapport crashed while trying to report a crash16:43
gnomefreakyofel: apport-bug/ubuntu-bug/apport-cli /var/crash/<crashfile>   does not work. let me try a few more things but so far i get no such file16:44
yofelerm, only use 1 of the first 3 commands16:44
* yofel should have used | not /16:44
gnomefreakbash: apport-bug/ubuntu-bug/apport-cli: No such file or directory16:45
gnomefreakand apport crashes in CLi too16:45
gnomefreakyep no matter what i do apport is crashing all over the place16:46
gnomefreakyofel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/582157/16:49
gnomefreakyofel: would ubuntu-bug compiz collect the info from that file if i dont use the file path?16:51
* yofel doesn't get how http://paste.ubuntu.com/582158/ can NOT return a number16:51
yofelgnomefreak: which apport version?16:52
gnomefreakyofel: 1.19-0ubuntu316:52
yofelhm, same here...16:52
gnomefreakwhen using apport-cli or file manager are the only ones that generate a report in /var/crash the other 2 did not generate a report16:53
* gnomefreak has an idea 16:54
* genii-around examines the lightbulb over gnomefreak's head but gets no clues17:01
gnomefreak:) using ubuntu-bug package than attaching /var/crash/file.. to bug seems to have worked17:03
gnomefreakwell now i wait for it to attach17:03
* gnomefreak goes for smoke while i wait17:04
yofelgnomefreak: give me the bug # once it's uploaded, I would like to see if I can crash apport here too17:09
gnomefreakyofel: bug 73766717:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 737667 in compiz (Ubuntu) "Compiz keeps crashing in Unity" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73766717:11
gnomefreakyofel: that is the compiz bug. not sure how much time for apport bug but i will at least start on it17:13
yofeldoesn't crash apport here...17:17
gnomefreakok im attaching the files to the bug report. it is a very short report but i can add info at another time17:17
vividui freeze in a week....scary17:22
ellarhello, where do i find xorg-video-abi-9, linked by the amd and nivida packages?17:32
dan2hey guys, I'm getting GL artifacts all over the screen in kubuntu natty, but it doesn't come all the time17:32
dan2in fact it comes after quite a period of use17:32
dan2restarting X does not appear to alleviate the situation17:32
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alex_mayorgaWhat else should I provide on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openjdk-6/+bug/727365 ?17:47
ubottuUbuntu bug 727365 in openjdk-6 (Ubuntu) "icedtea-plugin crashes on firefox-4.0 and chromium" [Undecided,New]17:47
Daekdroomindicator-soundmenu is again resetting volume to 0 when opening rhythmbox =/17:48
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weboidealex_mayorga: bug 727190 does not seem to a valid bug report18:08
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 727190 could not be found18:08
alex_mayorgaweboide: mind to explain why?18:09
weboidealex_mayorga: is it a launchpad bug? it does not link anywhere18:09
alex_mayorgaweboide: never mind, it's valid but is marked private18:09
weboidealex_mayorga: Ok, that's why18:09
alex_mayorgaanything I can do about that?18:10
tsimpsonnot unless you were the original reporter18:10
alex_mayorgatsimpson: I am18:11
tsimpsonthen there will be a button on the top right of the page to make it public18:11
tsimpsonnear the text "This report is private"18:12
yofelit's a crash, I'll review it18:12
alex_mayorgatsimpson: thanks, I've changed that18:12
alex_mayorgabug 727190 should be visible now18:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 727190 in chromium-browser (Ubuntu) "chromium-browser crashed with SIGSEGV" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72719018:13
yofelnvm then18:13
tsimpsonalex_mayorga: are you certain there is no private information in the report?18:13
alex_mayorgahopefully my Swiss bank accounts aren't there :D18:13
tsimpsonpasswords, history, form content etc18:13
alex_mayorgatsimpson: I don't do anything private in a computer anymore18:14
alex_mayorgabelieving things you do on computers is private is foolish IMHO18:14
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alex_mayorgayofel: anything interesting?18:17
alex_mayorgathe bugger also crashes firefox-4.0 but chromium seems to be more resilient18:17
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yofelalex_mayorga: only did a quick check, didn't see anything there18:22
alex_mayorgaI'd say is not the browsers fault, icedtea must be doing something fishy18:23
alex_mayorgait does take down both firefox-4 and chromium 10 :(18:29
alex_mayorgaand annoys the heck out of me :)18:29
alex_mayorgayofel: do you know how to upstream chromium buggers?18:33
yofelask in #ubuntu-bugs, maybe the others know18:34
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Guest24843Has X or something like it broken after latest updates?18:38
Guest24843Has X or something like it broken after latest updates?18:38
Guest24843I can only access to tty (?) with recovery mode.18:39
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yofelwell, nvidia was broken for a few hours, X itself was also updated so updates might have broken your system, yes18:41
Guest24843I have nvidia18:43
Guest24843So it's fixed now and I can upgrade with recovery mode?18:44
alex_mayorgayofel: do you know if removing noaccel=1 is now an option?18:47
yofelI'm using nvidia since it works again, but since the upstream bug is still not fixed I doubt it18:48
alex_mayorgayofel: how do I go from nouveau to nvidia?18:55
bullgard4https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 > Using CLI to Boot > I entered: 'set root=(hd0,7); linux /vmlinuz root=/dev/sd07 ro; initrd /initrd.img; boot' and obtained: "ALERT! /dev/sd07 does not exist. Dropping to a shell! BusyBox (initramfs) _". GParted showed me that /dev/sda7 exists though. How to proceed?18:55
yofelalex_mayorga: install nvidia-current from jockey (if your card is supported by -current)18:56
trismbullgard4: it would be /dev/sda7 not /dev/sd0718:56
bullgard4trism: What do you mean by "it would be"? Grub 2 shell accepted my syntax.18:57
alex_mayorgayofel: I'd look into it, is it worth it now?18:58
trismbullgard4: unless that was a typo, it says alert /dev/sd07 not found, but as you typed later, it is /dev/sda718:58
bullgard4trism: I do not understand your English. Can you say it in other words, please?19:00
bjsniderbullgard4, /dev/sd07 should be /dev/sda719:01
trismbullgard4: on the: linux /vmlinuz root=/dev/sd07 ro; line, it should be root=/dev/sda7 unless that was just a typing mistake in your message19:02
coz_hey guys19:04
genii-aroundHm. They should really update ftp://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86_64/latest.txt to be something later than 260.1919:05
alex_mayorgacoz_: hi!19:05
coz_alex_mayorga,  hey guy19:06
bjsnidergenii-around, you shouldn't use nvidia as a source for the driver anyway. it will damage your system if you use the nvidia-installer19:07
genii-aroundbjsnider: I just noticed it wanted to go grab a retro version if you use the --update switch19:12
bullgard4trism: bjsnider: Hurrah! I have now Ubuntu 11.04! --  I believe my commands  'set root=(hd0,7); linux /vmlinuz root=/dev/sda7 ro; initrd /initrd.img; boot' did not fix my GRUB 2 permanantly. --  How should I fix my GRUB2 now permanently?19:15
trismbullgard4: sudo update-grub; should find any kernels in /boot and properly update grub.cfg, if not might need to pastebin /boot/grub/grub.cfg (unless you have another grub you're using from another ubuntu partition, then I would run update-grub there and it will add natty dev kernels to the end of grub)19:18
bullgard4trism: '~$ sudo update.grub' found 3 linux images and 3 initrd images and 1 memtest86+ image and Windows XP Professional and ended with "done". The newest kernel found is 2.6.38-6-generic. Is this Natty? Am I done?19:24
trismbullgard4: yes that should do it19:25
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yofelalex_mayorga: I'm happy with it19:37
bullgard4bjsnider: I believe my commands 'set root=(hd0,7); linux /vmlinuz root=/dev/sda7 ro; initrd /initrd.img; boot' did not fix my GRUB 2 permanantly. I did '~$ sudo update-grub' and apt-get install and apt-get upgrade. I rebooted. The computer still preents me with the GRUB 2 shell. -- How should I fix my GRUB2 now permanently?20:25
trismbullgard4: might try to reinstall grub: sudo grub-install /dev/sda; sudo grub-install --recheck /dev/sda; (from the grub2 wiki reinstall via-chroot section, except you are already logged in so you don't need the chroot)20:36
bullgard4'~$ sudo grub-install /dev/sda; Installation finished. No error reported.20:44
trismbullgard4: sounds promising20:45
bullgard4'~$ sudo grub-install --recheck /dev/sda; Installation finished. No error reported.'20:47
bullgard4I will reboot now.20:48
trismbullgard4: good luck20:48
bullgard4Ah! A grub menu appeared.20:49
bullgard4I have now a graphical desktop but no panels. I obtain an error message: "Pardon, Compiz has been unexpectedly terminated. Report an error. First I will report this error.20:52
bullgard4After another '~$ sudo apt-get update' and '~$ sudo apt-get upgrade' this error disappeared.21:01
bullgard4On my Ubuntu 11.04 desktop I do not see any panels. How should I start application programs?21:02
alex_mayorgabullgard4: try Alt+F221:04
alex_mayorgaterminal <run>21:04
alex_mayorgathen on the terminal: gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel21:04
alex_mayorgathat usually give me my panels back21:05
bullgard4alex_mayorga: Alt+F2 does not show any response.21:05
alex_mayorgabullgard4: too bad21:05
bullgard4alex_mayorga: What do you mean by 'terminal <run>'?21:06
alex_mayorgabullgard4: sorry I don't know better21:06
bullgard4Auf meinem Ubuntu 11.04-Desktop sehe ich keine Panels. Wie soll ich von der GUI aus Programme starten? Alt+F2 zeigt keine Reaktion.21:09
bazhangbullgard4, english please21:09
bullgard4bazhang: I wrote English, but you did not answer.21:10
trismbullgard4: you might try to log out and select the ubuntu classic desktop (no effects) from the session menu, you seem to be having compiz problems, which is probably why you don't get any panels21:24
charlie-tcatry Ctrl+Alt+t to get a terminal21:25
guntbertcharlie-tca: hey, thats a nice one :-)21:25
bullgard4charlie-tca: Ctrl+Alt+T works successfully for me here. --  Thank you.21:26
charlie-tcaYou are welcome21:26
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bullgard4trism: This worked wonderfully. I have back my panels now.21:34
bullgard4I have got now Firefox 4.0. But this Firefox forgot all my bookmarks. Is this normal?21:35
charlie-tcabullgard4: firefox to firefox 4.0 should not erase bookmarks. Was this an upgrade or a fresh installation?21:43
bullgard4charlie-tca: I obtained Firefox by upgrading Ubuntu 10.10.1 to 11.04.21:44
charlie-tcaThen it is a bug if your bookmarks did go away21:44
bullgard4charlie-tca: I obtained Firefox by upgrading Ubuntu 10.10 to 11.04.21:44
charlie-tcafile a bug using21:45
charlie-tcaubuntu-bug firefox21:45
charlie-tcain a terminal21:45
bullgard4charlie-tca: I will report.21:45
MaximLevitskyI installed alpha2 and didn't yet modify it in any way from install cd22:03
MaximLevitskyI am getting broken gtk themes22:03
MaximLevitskyis that known?22:03
MaximLevitskyI ask, because yestarday I did similiar install, but then I first install xubuntu, then installed ubuntu-desktop, 3D drivers and got unity22:04
guntbertMaximLevitsky: report a bug /check if one is reported already22:04
MaximLevitskyand yet same problem22:04
MaximLevitskyYea, but that looks like a packaging provlem22:05
MaximLevitskyAnd since I use VirtualBox that should be same for everyone22:05
guntbertMaximLevitsky: still, here is a place to ask questions and get support, bugs "reported" here don't get fixed22:06
Volkodavwhat's up with big X server upgrade again? Any issues with it ?22:09
yofelVolkodav: there were, should be worked out mostly by now (at least nvidia works fine here)22:14
Volkodavnvidia works fine here is a part i need22:14
MaximLevitskyglobal menu is mandatory?22:16
MaximLevitskyin unity that is?22:17
DaekdroomI haven't read about a way of disabling it.22:17
zacwhite15hey guys got a question22:19
zacwhite15im running alpha 3, is there a fix for the ubuntu software center yet?22:20
zacwhite15that fixes the error recieved when trying to install .deb;s22:20
Daekdroomzacwhite15, it was fixed sometime before.22:21
Daekdroom!info aptdaemon22:21
ubottuaptdaemon (source: aptdaemon): transaction based package management service. In component main, is extra. Version 0.41+bzr597-0ubuntu1 (natty), package size 14 kB, installed size 152 kB22:21
zacwhite15hmm.... i still get the error, even though i've grabbed all of the updates22:21
yofelzacwhite15: you mean the error that the package quality is bad? no, still open I think22:22
zacwhite15ya thats the one i was referring too...22:22
DaekdroomNever heard of that specific one.22:22
zacwhite15well its a good think i am sticking to gdebi for now :P22:22
yofeluse gdebi or install per terminal22:23
yofelDaekdroom: bug 71237722:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 712377 in software-center (Ubuntu) "Opening a known good *.deb with software centre, fails to install as lintian errors cannot be overidden" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71237722:23
zacwhite15any of you guys running the daily builds for the kernel?22:23
zacwhite15i haven't installed todays release yet, thats why im asking22:24
zacwhite15whats weird is that the daily is only putting out the main header, no update's for the kernel itself.22:24
penguin42zacwhite15: I'm running one that's a couple of weeks old; on the drm-next daily build22:58
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penguin42zacwhite15: My guess is that there is something broken in the compile23:00
pwnsauceHi all. Coming here as a last resort. Running natty for a while. Had black screen on boot errors for the last day or so. Updated just now which seemed to fix it. It boots further than before but still eventual black screen. On intel 915 chip. Any pointers?23:31
yofelhm, binutils doesn't like me... bug 73791223:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 737912 in binutils (Ubuntu) "overwrite error - trying to overwrite '/lib64/libiberty.a', which is also in package binutils-multiarch" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73791223:42
penguin42I thought you teneded to either have binutils or binutils-multiarch installe d- doesn't it have a conflicts in?23:44
Ampelbeinpenguin42: no, -multiarch depends on binutils23:45
penguin42oh yeh23:46
* penguin42 wonders how that works, I'd always assumed it was just a rebuild with multiple targets compiled in23:49
pwnsauceCan anyone help with my previously posted question?23:52
yofelpwnsauce: do you get to the login screen?23:53
* yofel goes fixing apports bash completion in the meanwhile23:55
pwnsauceyofel, almost. Well I actually do, as I hear the login chime, and the graphics show. It's like the backlight is turned off23:56
yofeloh, no idea how to debug those, except maybe ssh from another machine and check the kernel log23:56
pwnsauceI've chrooted in from my other partition, so access to the logs is not a prob. :)23:57
suprblyso how are the bugs in 11.0423:58
pwnsaucedmesg didn't throw up much and I spotted an error in the X log, but I'm at a loss as to debug it23:58

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