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coz_ hey all16:10
thorwilwhy was i ever so dumb to work out a spec like https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Specs/0007_Xubuntu_Natty_Wallpaper17:45
thorwilonly for those guys apparently aiming at to "achieve a mostly blue-toned, blurred wallpaper, but with some green hues to try to step out of the all-blue image of Xubuntu"17:46
thorwilif i wasn't done with this shit already, i would be now17:47
evilvishgosh! yea.. i just saw the post and went wtf!!17:59
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coz_hey guys19:04
darkmatterheya coz_19:52
coz_darkmatter,  hey guy.. sorry   for delay,, busy here20:00
darkmattercoz_: no problems. busy here as well20:01

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