[04:11] elky: according to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoHosting each loco is responsible for sys admin of their webspace, would this include updates to drupal and installing modules, etc like we have been discussing on the mailing list or am I missing something? [04:11] Or by sys admin do they mean someone to make requests for stuff to be done [04:12] head_victim: loco's don't have their own drupal install [04:12] Oh ok, I was looking for other stuff and stumbled across that page so was just checking stuff. [04:12] Maybe you can help us spearhead our loco upgrade? :) [04:14] head_victim: its a shared drupal install for the loco teams [04:15] head_victim: what exactly do you need done to it? [04:15] Ah ok, so have you been following the mailing list discussion? Essentially what we're looking at, if it's possible, is to update drupal to a newer version that can cope with running the UbuntuDrupal theme (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDrupal) so that we are running the current branding) [04:16] Our current one is stuck on the old branding still [04:17] Unfortunately I have no idea how difficult or otherwise this is as I have no experience with any web cms other then poking around the current admin settings to see what's there. [04:17] head_victim: its interesting, because the examples seem to be from loco websites that aren't canonical hosted [04:18] bradm: that's what I was wondering, when you said it's a shared install I was unsure how other teams were achieving this. [04:18] And so what it means is the UbuntuDrupal people haven't been working closely with Canonical then either [04:20] I certainly haven't heard of them before [04:20] I was just googling stuff because I thought we needed to update the branding and happened across that site. [04:21] its certainly possible to upgrade the branding [04:21] If that group isn't the best option I'm open to other suggestions, but yeah upgrading the branding is the number 1 priority [04:24] head_victim, i don't know about that page, but i haven't had access to our stuff since long ago. wgrant might know more [04:24] oh, bradm is helping, nevermind [04:24] I was also trying to cut down on duplication (and sometimes triplication) as the loco people would like us using loco.u.c more for events and meetings so was hoping to get the calendaring module able to accept RSS stuff a bit easier or just ditch it entirely for a link to the loco.u.c site. [04:26] elky: thanks, just trying to sort out what out there is out of date and what is current. Apparently that UbuntuDrupal group hasn't been working with official loco pages either as yet [04:26] bradm: Years ago LoCos shared a few Canoncial-sponsored dedicated servers. [04:26] well not official but Canonical hosted ones. [04:26] bradm: Admins from the various LoCos had root. [04:26] wgrant: yes, www.ubuntu.com.au is hosted on a canonical server [04:27] bradm: Right, but when one was compromised a couple of years ago they moved them into the DC. [04:27] And now stuff has to go through IS. [04:27] Back when I set it up it didn't. [04:27] yeah, its a shared drupal install and stuff [04:29] there's a moin install too, I believe [04:30] i don't think we've used a separate moin in the past 5 years [08:45] Hi all, trying to get some help with building some drivers after kernel update... [08:46] I have a script to make and make install in /etc/kernel/postinst.d [08:46] but it uses the wrong headers... uses the old headers not the new ones [08:46] any info on how to override the headers that get used? [14:57] ah nu the ubu au site is down :< [14:57] http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/ubuntu-au.org [14:57] It's not just you! http://ubuntu-au.org looks down from here. [18:32] ikt: it's ubuntu.org.au [18:32] ;) [18:36] where did I get that address from o_O [18:38] Not sure but explains why it's down ;) [18:45] up early or late? [18:56] Early, I have a day shift today so 6 am to 6 pm [18:57] On which note, I should actually stop procrastinating here and go get ready. Don't have too much fun, I'll no doubt return tonight. [20:54] :>