Random101I've used ubuntu before and nothing has ever happened (bad), but now it won't start. The screen flashes EXTREMELY quick and says "Missing 'loadfront'" and "missing something.exe" (can't read it quick enough), and it says "No webildur" (or whatever that is) Any help will be appreciated.00:25
Random101Anyone :(?00:30
Guest28722i didn't see the question00:32
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seidosRandom101: i dunno, haven't seen this problem before.  .exe?  that's strange00:34
seidosyou could try reinstalling from a live cd, without repartitioning00:34
Random101Well, as I said, it was EXTREMELY fast, so I don't know if it was .exe00:34
Random101I use/d wubi00:34
seidoshmmm, i don't have experience with wubi00:35
xAndromedaheys! so i fixed my wifi but i need to run rfkill unblock all00:37
xAndromedaevery time i want to run it00:37
* Random101 sighs00:37
xAndromedahow do i add it to the boot up script00:37
xAndromedai remember doing it like a month ago00:38
yofelxAndromeda: are you sure it's not disabled in the bios somewhere by mistake?00:38
yofelxAndromeda: you can add it to /etc/rc.local00:38
xAndromedai cant remember00:38
xAndromedawhat to type lol00:38
yofelyou're using gnome right?00:38
yofeltry alt+f2: gksu gedit /etc/rc.local00:39
yofeladd it before the 'exit 0'00:39
xAndromedajust the command?00:40
yofelI'm not sure when that file gets executed, but it should be enough for your case I think00:40
yofelthere's probably a different solution too, but that's the easiest one I can think of right now00:40
xAndromedak brb testing00:40
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xAndromedait works!00:48
xAndromedathxx :D00:48
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Thedemon007I have problems I can not use any flash drive three I have everyone says error: Error mounting: mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad01:30
seiunoi think that happened to me once01:31
seiunodo they show up in /dev/sdc* ?01:31
seiunoor /dev/sdb* ?01:31
seiunoit's been awhile, but i think i was able to mount them manually01:33
seiunousing the mount command01:34
seiunoi didn't save the code, however01:40
Thedemon007mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdd,01:40
Thedemon007       missing codepage or helper program, or other error01:40
Thedemon007mount -t vfat /dev/sdd /mnt01:40
seiunoyou have to specify vfat as the fs type *i believe*01:40
seiunobut let me try it here on mine01:40
Thedemon007i compiled my kernel01:42
seiunothis worked for me:  sudo mount -t vfat /dev/sdb1 ~/media01:42
seiunoperhaps you should check with your ubuntu user group01:42
seiunosdd i think may be wrong01:42
Thedemon007sdd is a pendrive01:43
seiunoi have sdb and sdb101:44
seiunois there sdd1?01:44
Thedemon007no there sd101:44
seiunothat doesn't make sense01:46
seiunoyeah, sdb doesn't work for me.  i have to mount sdb101:49
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kaushalAny good apps for task/event available in Ubuntu ?06:15
kaushalI mean task reminder06:15
iktkaushal, like tomboy notes?06:25
kaushalikt: i dont get popups06:27
kaushalikt: it does not highlight06:27
iktare you able to use the calendar in evolution?06:28
kaushalikt: i dont use evolution06:28
iktI think in 11.04 they have a calendar utility built in06:29
kaushalAny task reminder or event reminder apps on Desktop06:29
iktbesides evolution, maybe google calendar06:35
kaushalikt: does it have desktop apps ?06:36
iktchecking it out now06:41
iktyeah it does, but you have to be running google calendar the whole time06:47
iktit's not very integrated :/06:47
duanedesignevolution is nice because you get reminders even when evolution is not running06:54
bioterrorit is running then, as a daemon ;)06:55
bioterrorI cant use evolution becouse it sucks with rules06:55
duanedesignbioterror: i think it is through the date/time in the panel06:58
kosaidpo|hello guys07:54
kosaidpo|each time i change my resolv it goes back to its config when i upnpug plug my modem07:55
kosaidpo|can anyone help07:55
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[cenobyte]am i wasting my time trying to get evolution to work with OWA, or am i just doing something wrong?16:40
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kristian-aalborghi all19:39
kristian-aalborgI have a console-only installation... what'd be the smart way of backing it up?19:39
holsteinkristian-aalborg: in what way?19:40
kristian-aalborgI'm thinking of only copying /home/ and getting a list of installed packages19:40
kristian-aalborghi holstein19:40
holsteinkristian-aalborg: o/19:40
kristian-aalborgI'm probably going to do it to usb19:40
holsteinid probably just run ssh on it19:40
holsteinand mount it over the network on whatever box19:40
holsteingrab /home and whatever else19:40
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holstein*its not easy to get to my server box19:41
holsteinto plug a drive in19:41
kristian-aalborgholstein: gotcha, time to get ssh working as well :)19:41
yofelif you want a list of packages that you installed after installation this should do it (it's the aptitude way though)19:41
yofelaptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic'19:41
kristian-aalborgnah, ssh it is - that's more pro19:42
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* kristian-aalborg copies everything... it's free20:36
kristian-aalborgholstein: would you know how to exclude kcore?20:54
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holsteinkristian-aalborg: i dont think so21:19
holsteini mean, i dont know*21:19
kristian-aalborgit seem I have to add rsync to the mix as kcore is a neverending file21:21
holsteinkristian-aalborg: rsync is one of those things i really havent explored much21:21
holsteinnot enough to really know much about its use21:22
holsteinive been meaning to use grsync for something21:22
holsteinto help learn about it21:22
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* kristian-aalborg kicks himself for not doing a dry-run before deleting those important things on the backup hdd :(21:34
kristian-aalborgholstein: in my view, it's actually easier to use an hour or to with rsync and get the basics right instead of fumbling around with grsync21:34
kristian-aalborgalso, grsync has failed med21:35
kristian-aalborgnot that I have much expertise with rsync as evident by my recent blunder21:37
meditatingfrogi tried rsync awhile back, but now i just use scp21:40
kristian-aalborgmeditatingfrog: I started scp but it wanted to include kcore, which is some kind of eerie metafile that keeps getting bigger21:43
meditatingfrogrsync doesn't appear to have a progress indicator21:45
meditatingfrogscp does21:45
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kristian-aalborgmeditatingfrog: I went to rsync because of the kcore thing21:58
meditatingfrogmmmm so i shouldn't use it?21:58
holsteinkristian-aalborg: OH22:02
holsteinthanks for the heads up on grsync22:02
holsteinmaybe i'll just skip that then :)22:02
meditatingfrogi may have borked the syntax, i just did what i would do with scp22:03
meditatingfrogit appears to be working22:03
kristian-aalborgmeditatingfrog: I'm copying everything, thinking of trying to move my install to a CF-thingy22:04
meditatingfrogkristian-aalborg: copying *everything*?  you mean all of ~/ ?22:06
kristian-aalborgmeditatingfrog: yes22:09
kristian-aalborgactually, all of / :)22:09
meditatingfrogkristian-aalborg: weird22:11
kristian-aalborgmeditatingfrog: what is?22:19
meditatingfrogkristian-aalborg: that you are saving /  i never save /22:19
meditatingfrogwell, i have a liveusb, why would i need / ?22:19
kristian-aalborgis adds up to 800 megs, no problem22:19
meditatingfrogoh, i guess you have a lot of software installed that you want saved?22:23
meditatingfrogdon't want to reinstall from the repositories?22:23
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