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Omega30 minutes to go!16:12
jonohi folks, apologies, due to an error with DST, the session was incorrectly announced an hour early - mdz will be doing the Q+A in an hour at 5.30pm UTC16:22
crimsonmaneis there a live stream? ie, mic broadcast?16:32
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medberrycrimsonmane, no, IRC text. Ask questions in #ubuntu-classroom-chat16:33
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jono17mins until Matt Zimmerman's Q+A!17:13
brobo13 minutes! :D17:17
* jcastro taps the mic17:25
jcastro5 minute warning folks!17:25
jonofolks, tell your friends about the session, tweet, facebook, open the window and shout out if needed17:25
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jonohey folks!17:30
jonoalright let's give it a few mins for late stragglers17:30
=== ChanServ changed the topic of #ubuntu-classroom to: Welcome to the Ubuntu Classroom - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Classroom || Support in #ubuntu || Upcoming Schedule: http://is.gd/8rtIi || Questions in #ubuntu-classroom-chat || Current Session: Q & A with Matt Zimmerman - Instructors: mdz
jonohi everyone, and welcome to another Ubuntu Q+A session!17:32
jonotoday I am delighted to introduce a special guest; someone who has been with Ubuntu since the very beginning, and a person who has always provided strong guidance in the project17:32
jonoit is of course Matt Zimmerman, also known as mdz, who is the Ubuntu Chief Technical Officer17:33
jonoMatt is not only CTO, but comes from a long heritage in Debian, and he also has a position on the Ubuntu Technical Board17:33
jonoso let me explain how this works:17:33
jonoto ask a question, simple start it with QUESTION. as an example: QUESTION: I read about DEX recently...what is it?17:34
jonoyou can ask the questions and also talk about the session in #ubuntu-classroom-chat17:35
jono...so without further ado, over to mdz!17:35
mdzHello, everyone!17:35
mdzthis is the first opportunity I've had to do a session like this in a while, so it's very good to be here17:36
mdzas jono mentioned, I've been working on Ubuntu since the very beginning, and with Debian for years before that17:36
mdzI'm passionate about free software, and happy to take questions on a wide range of topics17:37
mdzthough if there are a lot of questions, I'll focus on the ones which are related to Ubuntu itself17:37
ClassBotpopey asked: Is Ubuntu losing its ideals? With the pre-installation of Ubuntu One, advertising of Landscape on the server, and the request to install non-free software by default (bug 723831), aren't we losing sight of our guiding principles?17:39
mdzhi popey :-)17:40
mdzmy first reaction is that when it comes to ideals, they belong to people, not projects17:41
mdzwe publish information about our values as a way of communicating what people in the project believe17:41
mdzbut this is just window dressing17:41
mdzwhat counts is what is in the hearts and minds of the individual people who make up Ubuntu17:42
mdzand how we choose to act17:42
mdzbug 723831 is certainly not the first time someone has suggested that Ubuntu should include non-free software by default17:42
mdzit's been happening since day one17:42
mdzbecause we care about our users, and making their lives easier17:43
mdzand it's an objective fact that pre-installing some popular proprietary software would make users' lives easier17:43
mdzwe care about more than just short term convenience17:44
mdzand we want to keep users' long-term interests in mind as well17:44
mdzand we believe that it's important to have the choice17:44
mdzand by maintaining a standard for freedom in Ubuntu, we help make it possible for people to have that choice17:44
mdzDebian is a fantastic example of this: by holding the line on freedom, they show everyone what's possible with free software, and provide motivation for more free software to be created17:45
mdzwe want to do the same in Ubuntu17:45
mdzbut it's not a black and white decision17:45
mdzfrom the beginning, we made the compromise of including proprietary drivers17:45
mdzbecause otherwise, too many people would be unable to use a free operating system at all17:46
mdzit wouldn't just be inconvenient, but virtually impossible17:46
mdzso we made that compromise17:46
mdzwe've since been able to remove some of that proprietary software, as free alternatives have become available, and we should continue to re-evaluate what we're doing as the situation changes17:47
mdzI do not take this suggestion lightly: it would be a significant shift in our position to install the software referred to in that bug17:47
mdzit's only recently come up and the technical board will provide a thorough response to it, given a few round tuits17:48
mdzwe can come back to the more historical parts of the question later if we have more time. thanks for the question!17:48
ClassBotOmega asked: I remember some mention of 'Ubuntu Light,' the optimized version of Ubuntu for OEMs, when will we start seeing Ubuntu Light equipped machines?17:48
mdzUbuntu Light was developed for use as an "instant on" operating system, in a dual-boot configuration (usually alongside Windows)17:49
mdzwhere the main operating system might be slow and cumbersome to bring up *cough*, people felt it would be convenient to have a second OS which was fast to boot, simple to use, and offered basic internet functionality17:50
mdzthis was a very popular idea at the time, and there were a few companies which sprung up which specialized in this kind of OS17:50
mdzbut there are tradeoffs: having two operating systems can be awkward, people need ways to share data between them, and it's twice as much work (or more) to get both of them working well on the hardware17:51
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mdzso while it was very well received in the beginning, there's less demand for such "instant on" operating systems now17:52
mdzfortunately, the technical and creative work did not go to waste, and has made its way into things like Ubuntu Netbook Edition and Unity17:53
mdzwhich offer the same kind of simplicity and speed, but have a "full" OS experience, not just a stripped-down one17:53
mdzthanks for the question17:53
ClassBotYash asked: SD card readers worked fine with previous versions of ubuntu, but on updating, none work, and USB flashdrives don't automount.  When will that  be fixed? Makes ubuntu less user friendly.17:53
mdzI'm sorry to hear that these features aren't working properly for you17:54
mdzthere are a lot of possible explanations for what could have gone wrong17:54
mdzbut it is definitely NOT the case that it's because we stopped caring about those things17:55
mdzmost problems of this kind are specific to a particular computer type or configuration, and can be fixed once we become aware of them17:55
mdzfor every Ubuntu certified system, we make sure that those things work reliably out of the box17:55
mdzbut for everything else, we rely on people like you to tell us when it doesn't work, and help diagnose the problem17:56
mdzso please report a bug to Launchpad with all of the details17:56
mdzI would appreciate if someone would provide more instructions for this in the chat channel17:56
ClassBotshan asked: Redhat recently announced it will undercut kernel patches. How is ubuntu affected?17:56
mdzwhat Red Hat changed was the way that they distribute their kernel patches in Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)17:57
mdzinstead of cleanly separating them out, which makes them easy to share, they have mixed them all together17:58
mdzat least, that's what I've read. I haven't looked to see exactly what's changed17:58
mdzI don't know if they've made a statement about why they are doing this, and there could be many reasons, so I won't try to guess17:59
mdzbut as far as Ubuntu, I don't think this affects us really17:59
mdzUbuntu and RHEL are usually on very different kernel versions, and there are other reasons why it might be inconvenient to share patches18:00
mdzthe kernel team might have more to say about it, but I see no reason to be concerned. Ubuntu's kernel is based on the upstream tree from kernel.org, not on Red Hat's18:01
ClassBotgaberlunzie asked: why do text2speech development seem lagging?18:01
mdzI'm not too familiar with this area, but I'll give it a shot18:02
mdzI learned recently that in Ubuntu 10.10, the screen reader did not fully support installing Ubuntu, as it did in 10.0418:03
mdzthis is regrettable, and we'll need to do more testing in the future to make sure that it doesn't regress18:03
mdzI believe the accessibility team announced earlier this year that there would be more consistent testing during the Natty cycle, so that we would catch problems like this earlier18:04
mdzhere's a post from a few days ago from Penelope Stowe of the accessibility team which explains some of the plans:18:05
mdzI hope I've answered the right question :-)18:05
ClassBotOmega asked: What do you think about the move away from X11 to Wayland?18:05
mdzI think we're still some "way" off from the "land" where we can leave behind X1118:06
mdzthe X code base may be old, and crufty, and have its limitations, but it provides many essential services we need to run the Ubuntu desktop18:06
mdzWayland is a very interesting project, and we're following it closely18:06
mdzbut it would be premature to predict such a move, and what the effect would be18:07
mdzwe love to adopt cool new open source technology, of course, but as always, we should put the needs of users first, and make sure that when we do switch, users continue to have a great experience18:07
ClassBotadminjs asked: Why does Ubuntu not support the enterprise better regarding autofs and hooking up to LDAP?18:08
mdzUbuntu gets used in a lot of different settings, from individual home users through large enterprises with many thousands of computers18:08
mdzit's even used in some pretty unexpected places, for very specialized and custom computers18:09
mdzor things which don't look like computers at all18:09
mdzif we try to serve every possible scenario, we will do at best a mediocre job of all of them18:10
mdzso we need to make choices18:10
mdzthere are a lot of factors which influence those choices18:11
mdzincluding what's happening in our upstream projects, who's joining Ubuntu and contributing to it, what kind of business opportunities there are for Canonical, and so on18:11
mdzindividual contributors, of course, are free to work on whatever is most important to them18:12
mdzbut where we try to focus a general effort on a particular area, we try to choose the one which will best advance Ubuntu's goals18:12
mdzthose which will enable Ubuntu to make the biggest difference, for the greatest number of people18:13
mdzas you can imagine, this isn't an exact science18:13
mdzdoing anything well requires a deep investment of attention, and there's only so much to go around18:13
mdzthere are plenty of great ideas out there18:14
mdzand taken individually, it's easy to say "of course that's a great idea!"18:14
mdzand it is!18:14
mdzbut collectively, we can't do justice to all of the good ideas, and we need to make choices18:15
mdzwe need to be disciplined, and try to take on challenges that we are willing to work hard at and do well18:15
mdznot just do the minimum needed18:16
mdzenterprises come in different shapes and sizes. the word means different things to different peolpe18:16
mdzto you, it means autofs and LDAP. to another person, it might mean thin clients, or the ability to lock down configurations, or the ability to use Windows applications, etc.18:17
mdzso these aren't simple yes/no answers18:18
mdzto do a good job, we need to deeply understand the user and what their requirements are18:18
mdzand that's a case we haven't spent too much time on18:18
mdzperhaps that's a long-winded answer to a short question, but I hope I've done it justice :-)18:18
ClassBotSpyder asked: I am a user of a netbook. Ubuntu thought the netbook niche important enough to release a targeted version, however it seems that one of the largest problems was a lot of core UI windows were still too large for the screens. Is the netbook niche market still a concern for the project? And if so, will this be addressed?18:19
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mdzthere is a lot of talk about netbooks being "dead", and we don't see a lot of new product launches happening in this area18:19
mdzbut meanwhile there are still a lot of netbooks being sold18:20
mdzI use a Dell mini 10v when I'm traveling, and the form factor is very convenient18:20
mdzbut you're right, there are applications which aren't so well suited for use on a netbook18:20
mdzfor reasons of performance, or user interface considerations18:20
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ClassBotThere are 10 minutes remaining in the current session.18:21
mdzwe do still care about netbook users, and one of the principles behind Unity was to maximize the available screen space for applications18:21
mdzwe may not be able to fix every application in Ubuntu to fit on every netbook18:21
mdzbut with a bit of bug fixing, and perhaps slightly larger screens becoming cheaper over time, I think this problem will sort itself out18:22
mdzwhere you're aware of specific problems, please do file them in Launchpad so that we can track them, though we can't guarantee they will be addressed in a specific time frame18:22
ClassBotsebsebseb asked: Why did you join Canonical?18:22
mdzI didn't technically join Canonical, because at the time I joined, it didn't have a name yet :-)18:23
mdzI joined because it seemed like an incredible opportunity to advance free software18:23
mdzit had the potential to reach so many people, and that was inspiring18:24
mdzit was also a chance to work with some very talented people, who I respected from their work in the free software community18:24
mdzI was also interested in the idea of a partnership between a company and a community, and how these two paradigms could work in harmony18:25
mdzthis has obviously been a great challenge as the company and project have grown!18:25
mdzthanks for the question18:25
ClassBotThere are 5 minutes remaining in the current session.18:26
ClassBotshan asked: I noticed that Natty is going to have enhanced chroot support. How different it is from debootstrap?18:26
mdzI'm not entirely sure what you're referring to here, but I think you might be talking about LXC18:27
mdzif so, LXC is a container system, which allows you to have a chroot which is a bit more like a virtual machine18:27
mdzchroot only affects the filesystem, but LXC "contains" other aspects of the system, like the process table, network namespace, etc.18:27
mdzif that's not what you meant, sorry :-)18:28
ClassBotcmrd_ asked: i'm intersted in developing applications for ubuntu but i have a little knowledge of C programming lang can anyone suggest me how do i proceed in order to develop apps.18:28
mdzshort answer: ask rickspencer3 about quickly!18:28
ClassBotdigikwondo asked: first of all, <3 ubuntu and open source, ubuntu studio made it possible to record my bands first demo and now we are working on our first album all mixed with help of the open source hackers and community!! Now the question. What is your main motivation for working with open source and why did you choose the ubuntu dist ?;)18:29
mdzfirst of all, awesome!18:29
mdzI'm a musician myself and love to hear about people making music with Ubuntu18:29
mdzI spoke about my motivation for joining Canonical earlier, but more generally for open source...18:29
mdzI work with free software because I'm fascinated by two things: technology and people18:30
mdzopen source is an opportunity to work deeply in both areas, and in the intersection between them18:30
mdzsoftware, hardware, communities, social issues...18:30
ClassBotLogs for this session will be available at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/03/18/%23ubuntu-classroom.html18:31
mdzI guess I'm done :-)18:31
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crimsonmanethank you mdz18:32
mdzcrimsonmane, my pleasure!18:33
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