crazedah i knew i forgot to rejoin a channel00:15
crazedare there any instructions out there for how you guys build your uec images?00:16
crazedlooking to build an ubuntu image for my private cloud00:16
obinocrazed: why don't you use the UEC published one?00:16
crazedi'm running on cloud.com, and to build images you typically have to boot off an iso then snapshot it at the point you want00:17
obinogot it00:18
flaccidcrazed: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEC/Images#Customizing UEC Images Boot Sequence with Cloud-Init00:18
smosercrazed, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UEC/Images/Publishing has pointers to all the code that builds our UEC images.00:39
crazedlooks like i may be able to use the uec image directly00:41
crazedi just have to make the qcow2 file available over http00:41
smosercrazed, there is no qcow file there, but you can definitely change the raw [partition] image into a qcow file using qemu-img convert00:42
crazedwhich will be my intention :)00:42
crazedprobably wind up throwing it up on s3 or something00:42
crazedsmoser: seems the instructions are a bit out of date for lucid, no floppy, what file needs to be the boot device?00:58
crazedmeh natty has it, i'll start with that01:08
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koolhead17hi all05:16
koolhead17kim0, hello06:24
kim0koolhead17: Hi man07:55
koolhead17soren, hello08:09
koolhead17hellos kim008:14
kim0Morning o/ :)08:20
soren'morning, even.08:33
kim0hehe :)08:33
kim0TeTeT: howdy o/08:51
kim0Thanks for the UCD confirmation email08:51
kim0well traditionally there is no supporting tools .. it's just irc .. and you paste whatever you want attendees to see :/08:51
kim0I know you've asked for some kinda screen sharing, which I do find useful but not quite sure how to best get it done08:52
kim0I havent had the time to play with ajaxterm and cobble up something08:52
TeTeTkim0: ok, thanks09:02
* koolhead17 jumps in the channel09:32
kim0koolhead17: so it's a good deal for you09:33
koolhead17well a small 3 people startup selling 10000 tickets per day09:33
koolhead17all on Ubuntu and open source. am all charged up09:33
kim0Party time ~o~ :)09:34
* koolhead17 wants to go to africa09:34
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smoserkim0, i jsut was poking aroudn ant hte amazon console, and I think that you had asked once how someone could see the Official images13:36
smoseras sorted from the hundreds of others13:37
kim0search by canonical id ?13:37
smoserif i search for 'ubuntu-images/' works (and is more memorable than our ID)13:38
smoseri woudl still tell someone they should *verify* the ID13:38
smoser(as anyone can register a name with 'ubuntu-images/' in it and it would "hit")13:38
smoserubuntu-images-milestone/ will give the milestone releases13:38
smoser(alpha, beta... if you want to see natty)13:39
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kim0smoser: thanks .. yeah that's kinda the way I already use14:04
smoseryeah. its mostly reaosnsable.14:04
kim0I think I asked if it was ok to use that, and you mentioned to still verify it14:04
smoseri just thought if other people were asking you14:04
smoserthat gives good results14:04
* kim0 nods14:04
smoseri can't remember everything i say14:04
kim0hehe :)14:04
kim0smoser: are your images LXC happy14:05
kim0is that documented any where14:05
smosernatty ones. chuck did the work.14:05
smoserlxwell, lxc in openstack14:05
smoserimages still annoying ly really want there to be the c2 metadata service unless you modify them14:05
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uday_any1 der17:29
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kim0hallyn: o/ any written info about running natty images under LXC19:38
crazedcluster cluster cluster20:20
hallynkim0: nope20:26
hallynkim0: (i'm afk today fwiw)20:26
kim0ok np20:26
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hallynkim0: http://s3hh.wordpress.com/2010/06/18/lxc-0-7-0/   that's basic lxc howto...  i recon i may start wiki.ubuntu.com/lxc20:53
* hallyn out again20:53
kim0hallyn: thanks :)20:53
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