nhandlerjcastro: Cool. Either they changed the site since the last time I looked, or I completely missed that directory listing in the past00:01
jcastroit's ok00:06
jcastroit's nonobvious00:06
mhall119jcastro: when's the deadline to apply for UDS sponsorship?00:59
nhandlermhall119: 29 March01:00
mhall119thanks nhandler01:00
nigelbmhall119: why do you even need those? :P03:11
nigelbgood morning \o/03:14
mhall119nigelb: need what?03:58
mhall119the uds sponsorship dates?03:58
nigelbmhall119: yeah, that :D04:02
nigelbmhall119: I'm just pulling your leg though :D04:02
mhall119nigelb: I wanted to let my loco team know about the deadline04:07
nigelbmhall119: Ahhh.  Btw, are we all still on for Apr 1st?04:46
dpmgood morning all07:25
nigelbmorning dpm07:34
kim0Morning everyone07:54
kim0morning dpm nigelb o/07:54
nigelbhey kim0!07:54
duanedesigni am having fun this morning. Going through the challenges at hackthissite.org08:05
dholbachgood morning08:14
nigelbhey dholbach08:15
dholbachhi nigelb08:15
kim0dholbach: hey08:20
kim0duanedesign: howdy08:20
kim0that site sounds like fun :)08:21
duanedesignkim0: it is. We have a new member in our loco who has found quite a few vulnerabilities in Google sites08:30
kim0duanedesign: oh! that's interesting indeed08:30
kim0the guy must be a guru :)08:31
duanedesignkim0: he gets about $500 for each one he finds08:31
kim0from google ?08:31
kim0so they actually know he's pen-testing them08:32
kim0does he have something written08:32
duanedesignkim0: that is a reddit post by him kinda explaining the process08:33
kim0quite interesting08:35
kim0I know they pay 1337$  from chrome security bugs too08:35
nigelbduanedesign: didn't we see that one for gitolite?08:35
kim0if even Google is having a hard time securing itself .. well that's kinda scary :)08:36
nigelbkim0: lol08:36
duanedesignkim0: he alsoo foound a bug on the OpenDNS site and it led to a job :)08:36
nigelbkim0: mistakes happen everywhere08:36
nigelbduanedesign: wow08:36
duanedesignyes, I have been plucking his brain. :) it is interesting.08:37
kim0haha yeah08:38
nigelbduanedesign: lol, "tl;dr I hacked their website and they gave me a job."08:39
duanedesignknowing my luck... my post would be "i hacked their site and the police kicked my door in."08:42
dpmhey all, good morning, hey nigelb, kim0, dholbach, duanedesign08:46
nigelbdpm: what'd you think of having a "project lightning" talk during UADW like we had for UDW?08:47
dpmnigelb, sounds great, do you have a list of projects in mind?08:47
nigelbdpm: no, we'll have to recruit, but it looks like I might be talking for about 5 mins08:48
kim0hey guys, in irc tution events, did anyone ever do some trick to allow screen sharing "shell screen -x" style08:53
nigelbkim0: dustin once shared his shell session08:53
nigelband doctormo did a live video08:54
kim0how was that live vid made08:54
dholbachhey dpm, kim008:54
nigelbkim0: you'll have to ask him.  He tried 3 or 4 different services before he finally got everything working.08:56
nigelbkim0: I remember testing for him a couple of times :)08:56
kim0doctormo: o/ I'd like to know more about doing a screen-sharing vid stream during an irc session .. ping me when available .. Thanks :)08:57
kim0nigelb: thanks man08:57
nigelbkim0: np :)08:58
JanCkim0: considering that Google never really cared about security, why are you scared by somebody finding a couple of bugs?  ;)09:48
nigelbIts only when google is down because of a DDoS I'd start worrying :p09:48
kim0JanC: well with the kind of resources they have .. that means pretty much no one can really secure their network09:48
JanCkim0: they have potential resources, that doesn't mean they use them09:49
JanCthe first time they really started thinking about it was when the Chinese broke into their intranet...09:50
kim0yeah that ugly n scary09:50
JanCthe scary thing is that they are so careless with the huge amount of personal data they own09:51
kim0Large internet entities have proven over n over they cannot be trusted :)09:53
kim0Amazon shutting down Wikileaks09:53
JanCthat's another issue09:54
kim0Twitter accomplicing with dictators to suppress Egypt's revolution09:54
kim0flickr doing about the same09:55
JanCwell, they didn't suppress the revolution  ;)09:55
kim0yeah but they tried09:55
JanCthose are economical-political decisions though, not technical issues09:56
kim0yeah, different reasons, same result .. data should remain under one's own control (at least an updated copy)09:57
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IdleOneCongrats AlanBell13:31
AlanBellthanks IdleOne13:32
dholbachduanedesign, I just blogged the "intro to ubuntu development" - do you think it'd be useful content for some kind of screencast or video?13:34
duanedesigndholbach: great, I will check it out14:03
dholbachlet's chat later - I'll take the dog for a walk now14:06
nigelbAlanBell: what? when? where?14:30
AlanBellgood question, yesterday, Ubuntu-uk14:31
AlanBellthere is some debate over whether I am Point of Contact or Team Leader or both14:31
nigelbAlanBell: did you get elected as loco leader?14:31
AlanBellbut whichever it is, then yes14:32
popeyAlan is as Alan does.14:32
nigelbAlanBell: CONGRATS!14:32
AlanBelltechnically there was no election as I was the only candidate14:33
AlanBellbut I don't think a lack of disagreement over who should get the role is a problem that needs to be solved14:34
nigelbwhich reminds me that I'm one of the loco contacts in my loco too along with 3 others :)14:34
dholbachjcastro, is there a gconf key for banshee to stop creating ~/{Podcasts,Videos,Audiobooks,..} ?15:06
jcastrodholbach: not sure offhand15:07
jcastroyou mean the directory or the thing in the UI?15:07
dholbachthe directory15:07
jcastrodholbach: hmm not sure, I think hyperair might know, he should be in -desktop15:33
jcastrodholbach: sorry I am a bit slammed today on Places/Lenses so wasn't paying attention15:34
dholbachno worries15:34
dholbachit's no big deal, just a bit annoying - that's all :)15:34
jcastroare they some xdg thing that gets created but you can delete?15:34
dholbachit always creates them again15:34
jonocjohnston, around?15:59
popeyWhy does the loco directory want my location?16:47
popeychrome is telling me that page wants my physical location.16:47
nigelb#blame mhall119 and cjohnston.16:47
mhall119popey: it's the embedded google map that wants it16:48
AlanBellpopey: google maps changed today16:49
popeyI am a happy "give google everything" type person, but others aren't.16:49
popeyis there any way to turn that off?16:49
popeybecause we don't 'need' it do we?16:49
mhall119yes, just tell chrome not to give it and to stop asking16:49
AlanBellsladen sent a mail about it, https is no longer a premium feature16:49
AlanBellguess this is in the same changeset16:49
dholbachok my friends - I call it a day - have a great weekend everyone! big hugs!17:07
nigelbgnite dholbach17:07
dholbachbye nigelb17:07
popeyo/ dholbach17:07
dholbachbye popey17:07
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jcastrojono: I'm transitioning to ayatana Q+A18:24
cjohnstonjono, jcastro fwiw: http://goo.gl/SzjSn   <-- please let us know if there is anything yall need done during this18:52
cjohnstonfeel free to pass that on to other managers as well18:52
jcastroOH DUDE SWEET.18:52
cjohnstonwheres my car18:52
jcastroIt's SO friday this week18:58
* jcastro is going out for ubuntinis with friends later18:58
jcastroand THIS time I am bringing my own grape soda18:59
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AlanBelljono: http://blip.tv/file/4904015 my latest Quickly project23:03
AlanBellI need to change a library then I will stick it on Launchpad23:03
jonoAlanBell, I get 4s of video23:06
AlanBelloh, I ramble on for much longer thna that23:07
AlanBelltl;dw a twitter client using the streaming API23:08
popeyi see only 4 seconds too23:09
* AlanBell trusts this is on a real operating system23:10
AlanBellon a proper computer for grown-ups :)23:11
mhall119Ronnie: the video is only registering as 4 seconds long23:11
mhall119AlanBell, not Ronnie23:12
AlanBellooh, broken for me now too23:12
AlanBellI watched it in full and so did some others23:12
AlanBellnvm, will fix tomorrow23:12
* mhall119 suspects this is one of those teaser-trailers that's supposed to go viral23:13
AlanBellblip broke it23:13

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