Amaranthseb128: whoa, never knew about bzr bd-do, that's awesome00:02
TheMusoMe either, sounds very useful.00:08
desrtrobert_ancell: i wonder if you know about this error i'm getting00:30
desrtdisregard.  i'm dumb.00:31
desrtwas entirely related to the bad wifi we had :)00:31
robert_ancelldesrt, curious00:32
bcurtiswxrobert_ancell, do I need anything in /usr/local ? i think it's causing program issues00:50
robert_ancellbcurtiswx, ?00:51
bcurtiswxrobert_ancell, i've built from source, i had it install in /usr/local .. i see other things and don't remember if i need anything from there (or can i delete it)00:52
robert_ancellbcurtiswx, built what?00:52
bcurtiswxim keeping in general terms, i've built packages from source (telepathy-gabble for example)00:53
robert_ancellbcurtiswx, I just crashed before - did you send me something before "robert_ancell, do I need anything in /usr/local ? i think it's causing program issues"00:56
bcurtiswx robert_ancell, i've built from source, i had it install in /usr/local .. i see other things and don't remember if i need anything from there (or can i delete it)00:56
bcurtiswxim keeping in general terms, i've built packages from source (telepathy-gabble for example)00:57
robert_ancellbcurtiswx, oh, do you mean, "If I delete /usr/local will that kill anything required by Ubuntu?"00:58
bcurtiswxrobert_ancell, correct00:59
robert_ancellYou should be able to.  I notice I've got some directories in /usr/local, I'm guessing they've come from me manually building something00:59
bcurtiswxrobert_ancell, thx :)01:02
RAOFHm.  I wonder if it'd be possible to shorten the skew between packages on archive.ubuntu.com and their corresponding -dbgsym packages on ddebs.01:07
RAOFOh, well.  At least the compiz crash is easily reproducible :/.  Local build, ho!01:16
TheMusoRAOF: You'd think they would be published at the same time as the other packages, or within an hour or so.01:31
RAOFYou might think that, yes.01:31
RAOFThat might be the case, but I apparently almost always want to install dbgsym packages within an hour of publication on a.u.c :)01:32
RAOFMan, no-one's reported this bug yet?  Win!01:49
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TheMusoRAOF: heh02:35
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aromanCan anyone think of what might be creating a "Desktop" folder in the $HOME of a liveCD user of ubuntu? XDG's defaults are set to not create that folder, and nautilus's gconf is set to not use the desktop folder. And curiously, when running `adduser`, the folder is _NOT_ created. It is only on the liveCD desktop user. Any ideas? :/03:26
IanLiuI'm trying to fix bitesize bugs from unity, but I'm in doubt on how to replace the current unity with my compiled one. Any help?03:27
broderaroman: the Desktop folder has never been created by adduser. it's usually something that's part of the login process, but i can't remember what component03:27
aromanbroder: Well, adduser runs skel,and iirc ubiquity has some custom adduser stuff going on03:28
RAOFIanLiu: You can either build a package with your patch applied, or install your patched unity locally.03:28
aromanI mentioned that adduser worked as expected to confirm that it was a livecd only thing03:28
RAOFIanLiu: I'd suggest doing the former; if you install it locally, it will override the system-wide one and so you won't get packaged updates.  I had that happen for a while, and was wondering where all the new features other people were talking about were :)03:29
IanLiuRAOF: so, say I install it on /usr/local, I can replace the running unity with "/usr/local/unity --replace" ?03:30
RAOFIanLiu: No; unity is a compiz plugin, so you need to put it somewhere compiz will look at.03:31
RAOFIanLiu: That's either /usr/lib/compiz/ or ~/.compiz-1/(plugins?).  The local-install target of unity's buildsystem will do the latter.03:32
IanLiuRAOF: I see. I will follow your hint and build the package ;-)03:32
IanLiuRAOF: so, after installing my patched package, will I need to restart X so my new unity is loaded?03:34
RAOFYou could do that.  You could also just run “compiz --replace”, or “unity” (which essentially just runs compiz --replace for you)03:34
IanLiuRAOF: ahh, nice!03:35
IanLiuRAOF: last question for today ;-) How can I see my debugging messages? I'm writting some g_warning in unity source so I can understand what is happening, but I'm not sure how I will be able to read them03:36
RAOFIf you run “compiz --replace” (again, or unity) in the terminal, that's where the output will go, too :)03:36
IanLiuRAOF: Perfect. Thanks for your help!03:37
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dpmgood morning all07:25
pittiGood morning07:42
chrisccoulsongood morning everyone08:06
pittihey chrisccoulson08:07
chrisccoulsonhi pitti, how are you?08:12
pittiI'm fine, thanks!08:13
pittichrisccoulson: got woken up early again?08:13
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah ;)08:13
chrisccoulsoni have a really sore neck this morning08:13
seb128hey desktopers09:15
brycehseb128, heya09:18
seb128hey bryceh, how are you?09:18
pittihey seb128, bonjour09:18
seb128hey pitti09:18
brycehseb128, doing good, you?09:19
RAOFAloha pitti, bryceh, seb128!09:20
brycehjust finished reading latest dead horse flogging on planet09:20
pittihey RAOF, good evening!09:20
pittioh, new xorg fun landing09:20
RAOFYou're well, I trust?09:21
seb128bryceh, I'm fine, playing with the new unity ;-)09:21
seb128hey RAOF09:21
RAOFPay no mind to the new xorg stuff :)09:21
seb128I didn't notice much change, out of having recently used applications listed09:21
RAOFseb128: Does the dash work for you?09:21
seb128well I didn't use it, but it displays it's icons09:22
seb128waouh, new alt-f2 rocks09:22
RAOFHm.  Maybe it's a local problem then; for me it segfaults compiz reliably.09:22
seb128it displays only one line now!09:22
seb128not the dash screen09:22
brycehthe menu seems a lot more usable than last time I used it09:22
seb128then it get icons as you type, pretty nice09:22
seb128RAOF, do you have a stacktrace?09:22
brycehstill needs some polish09:23
RAOFYeah.  It's on the unity bug I filed.09:23
RAOFLet me hunt that down...09:23
RAOFseb128: bug #73728709:24
ubot2Launchpad bug 737287 in unity "Compiz crashes with SIGSEGV in nux::GraphicsDisplay::GrabPointer when opening the Dash" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73728709:24
seb128njpatel, ^known issue?09:24
RAOFDoesn't seem to happen on my i386 install, though.09:24
njpatelseb128, nope :/09:25
njpatelWill get jason to look at it today09:25
seb128njpatel, thanks09:25
seb128we are out of retracers btw09:25
RAOFI wasn't aware they wore out :)09:25
seb128pitti, I did uncommit and revert the commit you pointed yesterday in the i386 retracer, no dime09:26
pittiseb128: :( it was a guess09:26
pittiseb128: good to have Alt menu keys back09:26
pittinot that they would actually _work_, but at least they are being displayed now when pressing alt :)09:27
seb128RAOF, they broke yesterday, they have an uncommon setup and didn't like the recent libstd changes in natty09:27
brycehpitti, btw thanks for the apport dupe sig!  I haven't implemented it yet but plan to soon09:27
seb128pitti, oh, I didn't even notice, I never user menus09:27
pittibryceh: :) I think I'll also blog about it09:27
brycehgood idea09:27
seb128is launchpad working for others?09:28
seb128it's still spinning on RAOF's bug there but not loading it09:28
pittiseb128: ah, it only doesn't work in terminals, but in other programs (except firefox)09:29
pittibut that nicely solves the focus-follows-mouse problem09:29
pittiand mumble is back in the panel \o/09:31
seb128u1 didn't stop spamming though09:32
seb128that's annoying09:32
pittihow do you mean?09:32
seb128pitti, notify-osd bubbles telling that the connection to the server was dropped09:34
seb128then sometimes restored09:34
seb128but I get like a bubble every minute09:34
seb128it's from the sync service09:34
dpmyeah, I get that too09:34
dpmhi, could someone change bug 514401 back to Triaged? It was marked as Fix Released manually by mistake09:35
ubot2Launchpad bug 514401 in checkbox "Translations are not loaded for the test descriptions in Checkbox" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51440109:35
seb128I can't, launchpad refuses to load any bug page for me09:36
dpmno worries, thanks seb128. Anyone else with permissions to change bug status on src packages?09:37
vishdpm: checkbox(ubuntu) right? done..09:37
dpmawesome, thanks vish09:38
vishnp.. :)09:38
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seb128pitti, do you work on the retracers issue or not? I can have a look if you don't, though I'm not sure what to do or check next10:46
pittiseb128: not right now, currently figuring out an input_id failure; I can look at it later on, though10:47
seb128pitti, ok, I will let it for you then10:47
seb128pitti, if you think you will not get to it let me know in the middle of the afternoon, I will give it a try10:48
pittiseb128: ok, thanks10:48
pittiah, I also need to prepare release meeting10:48
pittiseb128: so if you want to try now..10:48
pittiseb128: I think it might be safer to copy the auth file into the chroot instead of symlinking it10:48
seb128pitti, do you have any suggestion on where to start?10:49
seb128I will try to manually log in an do a retrace by hand10:49
pittithat should be a relatively easy patch in apport-chroot10:49
seb128just to say10:49
pittiseb128: the place you reverted yesterday -- i. e. where it currently calls os.symlink on the auth file, you could try a shutil.copy()10:49
seb128pitti, let me try by hand in the chroot with a symlink and with a file copy10:50
seb128just to see how that goes10:50
pittiseb128: calling apport-chroot --auth to log in worked for me yesterday10:50
seb128it did?10:50
seb128how is the retracing job different?10:50
pittijust not with the crash-digger10:50
pittiseb128: I don't know really :/10:50
pittiseb128: the symlinking is actually a bit of a hack, as it points "out of" the fakechroot10:50
pittiI'm not actually sure why I did that in the first place10:51
seb128pitti, ok, thanks, I've enough pointers to have a look I think, I will let you know how it goes10:52
* pitti hugs seb128, good luck!10:52
pittiseb128: btw, the debugging code is still in chroots/natty (for amd64)10:53
pittiapport-retrace will print the path and contents of its --auth argument10:53
* seb128 hugs pitti10:53
seb128pitti, ok10:53
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seb128is launchpad slow slow slow for others as well today?11:19
rodrigo_seb128, seems a bt slower for me, yes11:20
sorenNo, just slow slow.11:20
pittiseb128: seems fairly normal to me11:20
seb128it takes me like 3 tries and 15 seconds of waiting to load a bug11:20
seb128where usually it's a few seconds11:20
Sweetsharkpitti: ping11:30
pittihello Sweetshark11:30
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kamstrupdpm: the giraffe bug has been fixed :-D12:16
dpmkamstrup, \o/ thanks a lot!12:17
kamstrupdpm: and i may have nice surprise for you in an hour or so... maybe... i hope so at least...12:18
* dpm likes surprises12:18
kamstrupdpm: sorry, have to let you down :-/ I thought I had figured out how to make nice gtk-doc from Vala, but, well, it "works" but it's definitely *not* a pretty sight :-)12:36
kamstrupdpm: so still giraffe it is12:36
dpmkamstrup, no worries, you're still on my hero of the day list, nevertheless :)12:38
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mterryaha!  take that, eclipse menus!13:19
seb128mterry, oh, you got those to work?13:21
seb128mterry, hey btw ;-)13:21
mterryseb128, I got them to mostly work.  Which is 80% of the battle13:21
seb128mterry, is that application side or indicator side?13:22
seb128(just curious)13:22
mterryseb128, indicator side.  We have this trick we do where we fake an activation on toplevel menu items because some apps lazily calculate menus based on activation signals.  But eclipse was actually lazily calculating menus on *show* signals.  So faking a show gets the menus to appear13:23
mterryBut now it seems there are other issues with toplevel entries coming and going13:24
seb128oh ok13:24
seb128seems you got the bottom of it and are back to  "standard" menu updates issues ;-)13:24
* mterry never wants to have to figure out eclipse code again. It's so big and fragmented13:25
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* bcurtiswx_ waves to room and takes more aspirin for this migraine :(13:42
bcurtiswx_kenvandine, are the current patches for empathy in natty GTK3 compatible ?13:51
kenvandinebcurtiswx_, not sure13:52
kenvandinei hope so :)13:52
bcurtiswx_kenvandine, im building for GNOME3 PPA but it's just from source.  I plan on bringing over the patches from current natty and trying to get them to push OK and hope empathy doesn't complain about GTK3 and GTK2 being in the same codebase13:53
bcurtiswx_wow, i haven't tried building on natty yet until now.  holy cow thats much faster13:55
bcurtiswx_i've always built natty packages with pbuilder on a maverick machine13:58
pittidbarth__, seb128: just showed unity to my wife; she really liked it! I need to install natty on her laptop now :)14:03
seb128_pitti, great14:06
seb128_ok, so so launchpad issues was on my side, restarting the modem solved it14:06
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seb128pitti, is the rt meeting one hour early or is my calendar off?14:09
pittiseb128: it's early, as the US is already on DST14:10
seb128so it's not sitcked on an UTC time14:10
seb128pitti, so doing a shutils.copy doesn't solve the retracer issue14:12
seb128pitti, do you know why you debug modif don't show in a bzr diff btw?14:12
pittiseb128: it's not in a bzr branch, I only made it in the installed files in the fakechroot tarball14:12
seb128oh ok14:12
seb128stil doing the no such file or directory14:13
seb128I don't get why the auth file is working in a manual logging though14:13
pittiseb128: does the debug info show "/tmp/auth" now instead of /tmp/tmpdir/tmp/auth? and still no file contents?14:13
seb128or what is different between those14:13
seb128IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/tmp/tmpBET1Mu/tmp/auth'14:13
seb128pitti, no14:14
pittiah, so perhaps it's not the link itself, but the --auth argument is passed wrongly14:14
pittiwhile we had the link, cat'ing it in the shell worked fine14:14
pittiseb128: hang on14:15
pittiseb128: the symlinking is done in two paces, in command_retrace() and command_login(); I think back then I only patched command_login()14:16
pitti_that_ would explain the difference!14:16
seb128pitti, let me try that14:16
pittiseb128: I bet if command_retrace will also use the abspath() thing, it'll work14:16
pittibah, silly me14:16
pittihm, no didrocks today?14:17
pittimterry: should we postpone the quickly bits to o? seems this is still blocked on LP?14:18
seb128pitti, he's having a day off today14:18
pitti(well deserved)14:18
mterrypitti, oh yeah, it's unlikely they'll add the bits to LP in time for me to react to it14:19
mterryi'll postpone14:19
pittimterry: ok, thanks; so at the start of oneiric we should the re-target the entire spec14:19
pittiand change the POSTPONED into TODO again14:19
seb128pitti, the command_retrace() thing, should that be patched in the checkout or in the tar.gz?14:21
pittiseb128: in the checkout14:21
seb128pitti, ok, so doesn't work14:21
pittiseb128: apport-chroot is run "outside" and is the thing that unpacks the chroot tarball and runs stuff in int14:22
dbarth__pitti: :) sweet14:22
pittiseb128: hm, looking at your diff now, looks correct14:23
pittiseb128: does that one work with copy?14:23
pittiseb128: conversely, does the copy one work for login?14:23
pittiseb128: ah14:23
pittiseb128: ignore me14:23
pittiseb128: try replacing14:24
pittiapport_retrace_argv += ['--auth', chroot_auth]14:24
seb128pitti, trying with shutils.copy14:24
pittiapport_retrace_argv += ['--auth', '/tmp/auth']14:24
pittichroot_auth is the full "outside" path14:24
pitti(the abspath change is still correct, though)14:24
pittiI guess it was a mere coincidence that this worked under lucid14:25
seb128pitti, it's weird that those behaviour changed with the distro version14:26
pittiseb128: I guess it was fixed in fakechroot14:27
pittia path like /tmp/tmp2304823432/tmp/auth isn't actually supposed to be valid within the fakechroot14:27
pittiit's just /tmp/auth there14:28
pittirodrigo_: note that you seem to have forgotten the patch attachment in https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=64456014:30
ubot2Gnome bug 644560 in Gal "Can't set an account password" [Normal,Needinfo]14:31
seb128pitti, \o/14:31
seb128---- apport-retrace auth file:  /tmp/auth14:31
seb128it's retracing!14:31
seb128pitti, can you commit to trunk?14:31
seb128so I just have to bzr pull14:31
pittiseb128: that's in the Ubuntu branch only; will do, thanks for testing!14:31
seb128hum, it crashed14:31
pittiseb128: does it also work with symlink?14:31
pitti(it ought to)14:32
seb128    self.duplicate_db = dbapi2.connect(path, timeout=7200)14:32
seb128sqlite3.OperationalError: unable to open database file14:32
seb128pitti, I guess you need the same fix for             apport_retrace_argv += ['--duplicate-db', chroot_dupdb]14:32
pittiseb128: yep, committing14:33
pittiseb128: give me a sec to commit, push, pull, and clean up14:34
pittiseb128: ok, pulled into both apport-retracer-*/apport branches14:36
pittiseb128: mind to restart and check?14:36
rodrigo_pitti, no, just that I discussed it with upstream and the fix was a bit more complicated, so working on it14:36
seb128pitti, trying14:36
pittirodrigo_: ah, ok; the comment said "Attaching a fix.."14:37
pittiseb128: (sorry, need to finish the release team prep; spent too much time on fixing input_id :/)14:37
seb128pitti, nothing to be sorry about, thanks for spending time on that14:37
seb128---- apport-retrace auth file:  /tmp/auth14:37
seb128pitti, so it's starting retracing14:37
seb128let's see if the db thing is fixed as well14:38
seb128Duplicate check negative14:38
seb128New attachments uploaded to crash database #73729414:38
seb128pitti, thanks a lot14:38
seb128let me update the other one and remove the locks14:38
pittiseb128: I already updated bzr; you migh tneed to dist-upgrade the fakechroot14:39
pitti(althuogh that should happen automatically)14:39
seb128pitti, right that should happen14:39
seb128I will just be lazy, remove the lock and wait the next run14:39
seb128I will watch the log and debug if needed14:39
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bcurtiswx_why don't we package telepathy-qt4? j/w15:12
seb128bcurtiswx_, you are welcome to work on that15:13
seb128pitti, retracer is retracing happily \o/15:13
pittiseb128: cool!15:13
bcurtiswx_since we don't package it, and it's just as easily sync'd, what needs to be done? just a sync request?15:14
bcurtiswx_i see it's in debian, but not since 0.3.815:16
bcurtiswx_its 0.5.13 now15:16
geserbcurtiswx_: yes, a sync request should be enough but you need to check if you might also need a FFe (and that it builds in Ubuntu)15:17
bcurtiswx_geser, OK thx15:18
seb128bcurtiswx_, there is no new version in debian15:18
bcurtiswx_seb128, yes i saw that.  It's far behind the current version and it even says in there it sees a newer version15:19
bcurtiswx_but the newest isn't in debian15:20
seb128well ask on #telepathy I guess15:20
seb128is telepathy-qt used anywhere?15:20
bcurtiswx_seb128, lol i was already typing my message..15:20
Riddellbcurtiswx_: ?  we do package telepathy-qt415:24
bcurtiswx_Riddell, not at the moment.  I'm on the telepathy mailing list and I get all their package updates.  Wondering really what telepathy-qt4 is and if it is worth even packaging.  My first assumption would be that since we don't package it now, it probably doesn't make a huge difference not having it15:25
bcurtiswx_is we don't need qt support for telepathy, then we don't need tp-qt415:30
bcurtiswx_oh gosh, nvm15:32
bcurtiswx_im gonna go hide in a corner for a little while15:32
bcurtiswx_for future reference, don't go trying to figure things out mentally when you have a migraine15:46
chrisccoulsonb'ah, something has changed in natty which breaks firefox builds15:48
pittichrisccoulson: multiarch?15:56
chrisccoulsonpitti - micahg suggested that, but it doesn't look like a multiarch problem15:57
chrisccoulsoni guess it could be though15:57
chrisccoulsoni'm just looking at what packages to downgrade15:57
chrisccoulsonbut the build system looks totally screwed15:57
rodrigo_where are the daily isos for natty?15:58
rodrigo_ah, found it in firefox hstory!15:59
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chrisccoulsonok, tested the actual rc2 build, and that fails too16:15
chrisccoulsonpitti / micahg - oh, it is multiarch related. downgrading eglibc fixes the firefox build16:46
chrisccoulsonnow to figure out why16:46
Riddellbcurtiswx: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/telepathy-qt4 says we do package it16:54
Riddellbcurtiswx: we need it for the forthcoming telepathy-kde bits.   it could do with being updated to the latest version16:54
Riddellunfortunately there's no easy way to subscribe to new version notifications, it's just announced on their mailing lsit16:54
seb128mterry, bug #735635 could be a bug in your ntp backport, well rather in the error handling code from it17:29
ubot2Launchpad bug 735635 in gnome-settings-daemon "gsd-datetime-mechanism assert failure: *** glibc detected *** /usr/lib/gnome-settings-daemon/gsd-datetime-mechanism: double free or corruption (out): 0x00404c70 ***" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73563517:29
seb128the crash is in gsd_datetime_mechanism_set_using_ntp()  g_set_error()17:30
mterryseb128, looking17:35
pittiSweetshark: I updated the oo.o -> libo stuff in language-selector now, FYI17:38
Sweetsharkpitti: ah, cool17:42
* Sweetshark currently merges 3.3.2-1 from debian17:42
Sweetshark... and adds lpi integration again.17:42
mterryseb128, solved, thanks for letting me know.  stupid error on my part17:43
Sweetshark(basically completely rewritten that is)17:44
seb128mterry, thanks, I figured it was probably an easy one that's why I pinged ;-)17:44
seb128bug #73765117:53
ubot2Launchpad bug 737651 in gdm "gdm fails to load /usr/bin/X after update to Xorg 1.10.0-0ubuntu1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73765117:53
seb128bryceh, ^ it might be worth watching, not sure if that could be a breakage of today's update17:53
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pittigood bye everyone, have a nice weekend!18:10
seb128pitti, thanks, you as well!18:11
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brycehseb128, thanks; seems to be an isolated report so far (and I haven't reproduced it myself), but will keep an eye out for dupes19:02
brycehpitti, is there a way to do something like the dupe signature for bugs like 737453 and 737636?  Or else some way to get jockey/apt/apport to let the user know fglrx/nvidia isn't available if they upgrade while it's ABI broken?19:04
brycehpitti, we get ~1-2 bugs a day like these, so it'd cut down on a goodly bit of bug noise19:04
chrisccoulsonhmmm, the firefox build failure is a make bug!19:05
chrisccoulson(because of multiarch)19:05
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brycehpitti, ok DuplicateSignature implemented in -intel gpu lockup apport hook... now to watch if it works :-)20:56
chrisccoulsoni can't believe how long it takes natty to boot on my laptop atm22:28
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