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winsen1hello every body i've probleme, with grub18:41
winsen1msg error = grub loading stage1.5.  grub loading, please wait... error 1718:42
winsen1can you help me? i had reintalled winxp  cause i had 2 os ubuntu+winxp, and 'd like to reinstall ubuntu also, but unfortunely i have had this problem18:42
winsen1the problem is with grub how can i reinstall it, or remove it?18:43
winsen1i think the problem is with grub how can i reinstall it, or remove it?18:44
winsen1does anyone there?18:45
AlanBellhi winsen119:15
AlanBellthis isn't really a support channel19:15
AlanBelltry in #ubuntu19:15
AlanBellor your local country team channel19:15
winsen1AlanBell>I am land and my local country is everywhere,  if you don't the answer to my question,  please keep out your comments, thank you, regards20:33
pleia2winsen1: he was trying to help, this is not a support channel, you won't find an answer to your question here20:34
winsen1pleia2>hello, sorry but I am not spirit to beg,  when you invite guests to looking in his own country, i don't know what it means!!!20:41
pleia2winsen1: you want to ask your question in #ubuntu20:42
AlanBellwinsen1: if you tell me what country you are in I will direct you to the IRC channel of your local team20:42
AlanBellor you can ask in the international support channel which is #ubuntu20:42
AlanBellbut that is quite busy20:42
winsen1but i am also in ubuntu channel20:43
winsen1OR "ubuntu-for-Alanbell only"?20:43
pleia2winsen1: this channel is for the ubuntu for all project: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuForAll20:44
AlanBellwinsen1: you appear to be in France, try #ubuntu-fr20:44
winsen1sorry iam without country, i am not welcome here, ok iam going out , have nice evening20:47
pleia2we tried :\20:49
zkriesseOh the happenings of IRC20:51

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