slashtomgood morning11:55
tdr112_what a day , load of sun11:58
VampiricPadraigThere is not enough round Monaghan anyway lol12:46
ronin32643isn't it a lovely day lads....15:48
ronin32643well well no news with ye???18:41
hughberto172anybody around?20:51
airurandogood evening.21:00
hughberto172so thats a no so...21:00
hughberto172ha ha...21:00
hughberto172o dear o dear....21:00
airurandohi hughberto17221:01
airurandothink i logged in after your Q so your response confused me a bit.21:02
hughberto172jaysus didn't want to confuzzle you at all...21:28
hughberto172Lads im dead tired...21:36
airurandohughberto172: maybe an early night is in order so...21:40
ronin789well boys..23:46
ronin789where are ye now?23:46
ronin789hello Vamp!!!23:46
ronin789I don't know you very well vamp...23:47
VampiricPadraigI idle alot ronin78923:48
VampiricPadraigI don't normally look at the channel but I throw my eye in here every so often :D23:48
ronin789ha ha I go by alot of names wanker mostly!!!...23:48
ronin789hughberto172: ronin78923:49
VampiricPadraigheh. So where are you from23:49
ronin789Clare man...23:49
VampiricPadraigCool. I'm from Monaghan ;)23:50
ronin789by God.. thats a long way away...23:50
ronin789I'm guinuany shocked...23:50
VampiricPadraigYeah...It is far away lol23:50
ronin789that it is man...23:51
ronin789from here anyway..23:51
ronin789might aswell post my newphangeled e--mail address.... bertie@sdf.org23:52
ronin789or is it at bertie@lonestar.org????23:53
ronin789dono my self now...23:53
VampiricPadraigheh. I have a business email for the craic if anyone wants it contact@gamersandgeeks.net23:53
ronin789nice one.. man..23:54
ronin789very nice...23:54
ronin789meh on your site there man...23:56
VampiricPadraigI have only had it up since Tuesday23:56
ronin789ha ha..23:56
ronin789reeelly.. flip...23:56
ronin789I do a bit of graphic design if you want that kind of thing!!!???23:57
VampiricPadraigna. I'm good for the minute.. I will be concentrating on the site design once I finish my college exams next month, but thank you all the same23:58
ronin789flip wait a minute I'm going to collage aswell....23:59
ronin789Down in LIT...23:59

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