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jj-afkback on later01:05
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apwsmb`, morning08:40
apwsmb`, any idea what is going on on bug #63448708:41
ubot2Launchpad bug 634487 in linux "t1.micro instance hangs when installing java" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63448708:41
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apwtumbleweed, about?  i have just pushed a new test kernel for bug #717114 ... it seems the previous one was triggering some blocking and slowness09:37
ubot2Launchpad bug 717114 in xorg-server "[i945gm] Screen Corruption with new Xorg stack with terminal programs" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71711409:37
apwtumbleweed, see if that one works as well ... seems to for me09:38
tumbleweedapw: ah I was going to ask you if you would, thanks09:38
apwtumbleweed, i have it here on my test box, and it seems to work well09:40
tumbleweedapw: LGTM09:52
apwtumbleweed, excellent09:55
tumbleweedapw: and now there's another patch...09:56
apwtumbleweed, another patch?  whats the subject10:00
tumbleweedFix tiling corruption10:02
tumbleweedoh that was just for trunk, the previous one was for stable10:03
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fairuzI built a kernel from linaro tree12:00
fairuzwhen I boot, i got this modprobe: FATAL: Could not load /lib/modules/2.6.38-00509-g47dc59f/modules.dep: No such file or directory12:00
fairuzany idea? thanks12:00
TeTeTon Natty with the recent -7 kernel I tried to transfer a large file (~100 GB) via clonezilla and it stopped after 12G. Only a hard reset was possible, the log contains these messages over and over again: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/58205612:06
TeTeTis the r8169 driver broken for large data transfer?12:07
fairuzI got this error http://pastebin.com/CGD220mH when I tried to boot my compiled kernel12:22
ogra_doesnt look like your kernel package was properly installed 12:25
ogra_usually the postinst runs the necessary commands (i.e. depmod to create modules.dep)12:26
fairuzogra_: any suggestion to fix this? What I do is just clone the git tree, then compile it using a defconfig12:28
fairuzogra_: It should work I suppose?12:28
ogra_no idea if that will work, usually we build packages in ubuntu ;)12:28
fairuzogra_: sorry a stupid question..what's you call a package :D12:29
ogra_the missing modules.dep shouldnt stop you from booting12:29
ogra_a .deb file12:29
ogra_which cares for regenerating the initrd, call the right commands etc after installing the files12:29
fairuzogra_: I see the initrd in my boot partition but no idea what it is :D12:30
fairuzogra_: I just replace the old uImage with the new one12:30
fairuzogra_: maybe that cause the problem?12:31
ogra_on a sidenote i'm not sure how linaro handles the configs, they might be genereated from multiple files during buld12:31
ogra_so defconfig might or might not work12:31
fairuzogra_: hmm that's frustrating to hear :D12:32
ogra_look at the kernel area on the ubuntu wiki, there are hints how to build proper kernel packages12:32
ogra_or talk to the linaro guys about their kernel tree and how to build it, it might differ from ubuntu12:33
fairuzogra_: I'm confused. =) Actually I want to build a kernel for my Ubuntu12:34
ogra_for what arch ?12:34
fairuzogra_: arm12:34
ogra_what arm architecture is that ?12:35
fairuzogra_: Pandaboard Omap443012:35
ogra_why dont you use one of the existing kernels then ?12:35
fairuzogra_: there is one for 2.6.38?12:35
ogra_in natty, yes12:36
fairuzogra_: damn, i'm wasting time compiling then :D12:36
fairuzogra_: you save my life :D12:37
ogra_note that there is no HDMI driver for .38 yet12:37
fairuzogra_: ah ok, I use ssh then12:38
ogra_you need to use DVI and set the omapfb comdline args (same options as for a beagleboard)12:38
ogra_indeed, or use ssh ;)12:38
fairuzogra_: I dont really need the display actually12:38
fairuzogra_: actually the reason i want a new kernel build is that before, i use 2.6.35 and i want to apply some patch12:39
fairuzogra_: to appy patches, we have to recompile?12:39
fairuzogra_: if you say no, i will kill myself12:39
ogra_indeed you have to recompile to apply a patch ;)12:41
fairuzogra_: :D12:41
fairuzogra_: so I think why not use a more recent kernel that already have all the patches12:42
fairuzogra_: what's the difference from the TI omap kernel in natty than the upstream kernel?12:43
fairuzogra_: the compile steps is different?12:43
ogra_it has additional patches from TI12:44
ogra_the package is built like any other ubuntu kernel package12:44
fairuzogra_: being lazy. Did they put an already built kernel image there? :D12:45
ogra_yes, click on the armel build on the link i gave you above12:46
fairuzogra_: I click here https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-ti-omap4/2.6.38-1204.5/+buildjob/231344112:47
ogra_just copy back your original kernel, boot your panda, log in, wget the .deb file and run dpkg -i on it12:47
ogra_yaou want linux-image... and probably linux-headers... and linux-tools...12:48
fairuzon the *.udeb file?12:48
ogra_no the .deb files12:48
ogra_udeb are special packages used by debian-installer12:49
fairuzogra_: I don't see any .deb files12:51
* ogra_ sees them at the link12:51
fairuzogra_: 12:51
fairuzogra_: :D12:51
fairuzogra_: I see a list of bonary packages and a list of built files 12:53
fairuzogra_: and on built files list, all of them are .udeb12:53
fairuzogra_: I see them now . Sorry\12:54
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fairuzogra_: anything I should backup apart from the old kernel image>12:55
apwogasawara, about ?13:03
ogasawaraapw: yep13:04
lil_petehi guys. im trying to modprobe a driver module (ath6kl, wifi-driver for toshiba folio 100 tablet), but i get the error message "unknown symbol in module", dmesg reports "unknown symbol outer_cache". anybody an idea what went wrong? 13:50
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ogasawaratgardner, apw: whenever you both are free, lets mumble and circle the wagons15:20
tgardnerogasawara, ok. I'll be off the phone in awhile.15:20
apwtumbleweed, about still?15:36
apwheh actually forget that, abject failure on my machine15:36
keesapw: what's your kernel upload schedule looking like? I have yet another yama ptrace fix for chrisccoulson. I wanted to prioritize sanely...16:38
tgardnerkees,  you should be talking to ogasawara who will replace apw whilst he's off on vacation.16:40
keestgardner: oh! cool, thanks. ogasawara: same question ;)16:40
apwkees, well we need an upload today for the compiler change, and i hope to slp in an i915 fix if its not an abi bumper16:40
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apwthen its leaans call, freeze is thursday so it would likely be monday or not16:41
tgardnerapw, yet another compiler change? whats getting twiddled now?16:41
apwthere have been two uploads for multi-arch this week which has caused a lot of kaos16:42
apwthis time not a compiler payload change, more where things go etc16:42
ogasawarakees: indeed, I'd prefer not to have to do an additional upload beyond what andy does, but if we need to, monday would likely be the latest.16:42
apw(for beta)16:43
ogasawarakees: how quickly can you get the patch to the mailing list?16:43
apwogasawara, you thinking what i'm thinking?16:43
keesogasawara: right, it's not critical. I just wanted to catch it if going today. i'll send the patch to the list today16:43
apwthat if its small and not a bumper i could get it in16:44
keesit's 2 lines16:44
ogasawaraapw: yep, was thinking that :)16:44
apwkees, got it 'now' ?16:44
apwso i can see if its a bumper16:44
keesapw: gimme 10 minutes?16:44
keesapw: okay, sent to list16:51
apwkees, looks pretty small and non-bumperish16:57
keesapw: should be yeah.17:00
keesstupid threads :)17:01
tgardnerkees, needs a bug report for Maverick SRU17:01
keestgardner: okay, i'll open it with the reproducer and reply on list17:02
apwlet us know the LP#17:06
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ogasawaratgardner: bug 728746 was on the release meeting agenda and seems like a quick fix by just adding some symlinks to the broadcom firmware files.17:16
ogasawaratgardner: do you prefer a pull request against the the linux-firmware git repo or a merge request for the bzr tree?17:17
ubot2ogasawara: Error: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/728746)17:17
tgardnerogasawara, linux-firmware isn't in a bzr repo17:17
tgardnerthis is for natty?17:17
keesapw: 73767617:17
ogasawaratgardner: yah natty.  hrm, I thought I saw a bzr repo on launchpad.17:18
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ogasawaratgardner: but that answers my question :)17:18
tgardnerogasawara, it might already be fixed upstream: linux-firmware: wl12xx-Update STA firmware ?17:19
apwogasawara, you get bzr branches from the uploader, it pushed the uploads into a branch17:19
tgardnerogasawara, nm. its nor17:19
tgardnerogasawara, doh! this should be linux-firmware-nonfree17:20
tgardnerogasawara, ok, I'm just being a dope. it _is_ in linux-firmware, so just send a pull request.17:24
ogasawaratgardner: ack17:24
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bjftgardner, you have time to review an lts-backport-maverick branch? this is my first time running the script and i want to make sure things went as expected17:56
tgardnerbjf, can do17:56
tgardnerdid it run clean?17:56
bjftgardner, yes, and it built17:56
tgardnerbjf, then its likely correct17:56
bjftgardner, zinc.canonical.com:/srv/kernel.ubuntu.com/git/bradf/ubuntu-lucid lts-backport-maverick17:56
tgardnerk, gimme a bit17:57
bjftgardner, the changelog "looks odd" 17:57
bjftgardner, mostly the version numbers17:57
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tgardnerbjf, looks right. before uploading you'll probably wanna make sure all of the bugs referenced in the changelog have a  linux-lts-backport-maverick package entry.18:05
bjftgardner, huh18:05
tgardnerbjf, some of the bugs were likely created before some of your tools.18:06
* tgardner --> lunch18:08
bjftgardner, do you use an orig.tar.gz when packaging lts-backport-maverick ?18:39
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tgardnerbjf, nope.18:40
bjftgardner, thanks18:40
kristian-aalborghi all19:07
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kristian-aalborgjjohansen: ping22:39
jjohansenkristian-aalborg: ^22:42
nelhageHey, I'm looking at the latest Maverick git, and I have a question about the commits you backported.22:42
nelhageI see you backported d281da7ff6f70efca0553c288bb883e8605b3862 ("Make tiocgicount a handler"), but not 0bca1b913 or 0587102cf, which actually convert drivers to use the new handler.22:43
nelhageAm I missing something, or does that not actually fix the bug?22:43
kristian-aalborgjjohansen: I'm setting up a *third* machine shortly to try to build, I might have some questions22:43
jjohansenkristian-aalborg: ok22:44
kristian-aalborgI have a transcript of the chat the other day, I hope it's not going to be necessary - but always nice with someone around who's familiar with what you're trying to do22:45

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