MK-BBhi any officials who can help me w/ ubuntu-kr.org domain?02:17
pleia2MK-BB: what do you need help with?02:18
MK-BBi'm part of korean locoteam in charge of server..02:19
MK-BBi need help changing the domain ubuntu-kr.org dns..02:19
MK-BBwho is the person in charge of domains?02:20
pleia2they are handled by the canonical sysadmins, looking up the documentation now for how to request dns changes02:21
pleia2MK-BB: ok, you need to submit a GPG signed request to rt@ubuntu.com to get keys to change DNS02:22
pleia2details are on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoHosting under "Domain Name Service"02:22
MK-BBthank you02:26
MK-BBpleia2: is there person here who can take care for us right away? because our forum domain is like completely down and could use help right away02:26
pleia2MK-BB: the ticket has to be filed, then you can join #canonical-sysadmin to ask if anyone is around to look at it02:27
pleia2you'll want to give them the ticket number02:28
MK-BBalrite sounds good02:29
pleia2good luck :)02:29
YoBoYgood morning06:42
dholbachgood morning08:14
YoBoYBonjour dholbach comment ça va ?08:24
AlanBellhi all08:45
AlanBellduring our recent election process we discovered that the process wasn't that well defined particularly when we ended up with a single nomination there was a bit of confusion about what to do next08:46
AlanBellas you shouldn't really make up election processes as you go along we have started to define it in more detail08:47
AlanBellhttp://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/UUKElectionProcess comments welcome08:47
dholbachsalut YoBoY - ça va bien - et toi? qu'est-ce qui ce passe en France?08:55
YoBoYplein de choses :D08:56
YoBoYça va bien aussi ^^08:56
dholbachexcellent :)08:56
dholbachYoBoY, tu habite ou en France?08:56
YoBoYà côté de Paris08:57
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cjohnstonRonnie: 12:05
cjohnstonim reviewing your url branch12:05
cjohnstoni cant open up global events now12:06
cjohnstonNo TeamEvent matches the given query.12:06
Ronniecjohnston: ill have alook12:06
cjohnstonwhile your at it.. do you want to change the global event urls to be pretty urls too?12:07
Ronniecjohnston: what do you propose to put in the url @ global?>12:09
Ronnielol, got the problem12:11
cjohnstoncheck the merge.. theres a couple12:11
cjohnstonalso a problem on copying events12:12
cjohnstonand meetings12:12
Ronnieill change the global urls and then have a look12:12
YoBoYstupid quetions : are you planning to talk about LD in the next UDS? to define the next evolutions, the eventual changes in the model, etc... ?12:13
cjohnstonhave at the past two12:13
YoBoYI think all this url pretifier thing should be also talked there to make a sort of url naming convention12:14
cjohnstonyou mean an event naming convention?12:15
YoBoYnot only for the events ^^"12:15
cjohnstonim still waiting on the LC to make a team naming convention12:15
cjohnston(or force the) team naming convention12:16
cjohnstonwhat else are you referring to12:16
YoBoYfor example, a team URL is : http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-xx 12:16
Ronniecjohnston: i wait a bit for the global url renaming. putting names in the url can be dangerous, if there is no limitation to the characters used12:17
YoBoYwe could use a simple http://loco.ubuntu.com/~ubuntu-xx12:17
* Ronnie would love to see that ;)12:17
cjohnstonYoBoY: they are loco.u.c/teams/<lp-name>12:17
cjohnstonI could go with that... but  i would ssay skip the ~12:17
cjohnstonthats an lp thing12:18
cjohnstonRonnie: put a limit on it12:18
YoBoYyes, just added it to see the link with LP teams naming ^^12:18
cjohnstonplus, thats only for global events, so we only need to worry about the lc for that12:18
Ronniecjohnston: therefore i need to do some form checking etc. so ill leave that one open for now. its a bit more complicated. Ill have a look at the errors12:19
cjohnstonRonnie: could you please comment on bug 72080412:21
ubot4`Launchpad bug 720804 in loco-directory "External links look the same as internal ones (affects: 1) (heat: 4)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72080412:21
YoBoYbut that was just a thought12:21
YoBoYneed to write a blueprint for that ^^"12:21
cjohnstonYoBoY: i dont think so.. Ronnie i think the loco.u.c/team-name would be fairly easy no?12:22
Ronniecjohnston: schould not be that hard12:22
Ronniecjohnston: altough loco.u.c/~team-name is better i think12:23
cjohnstonI hate the ~12:23
Ronnie because we dont have to use the root urls.py for that url12:23
cjohnstonRonnie: how is the my teams page coming12:24
Ronniecjohnston: i need to merges to make it work (twidenash fails because i cant decide de amount of tweets, and it supports only one instance per page)12:25
Ronnieand the XML Feeds fails12:25
cjohnstonis there a merge waiting for that?12:25
Ronniewe have to team(event+meetings) feed12:25
Ronniecjohnston: for both there is a merge waiting12:25
cjohnstonwhos responsible for that? is it mhall119 ?12:26
Ronnieyes mhall119 commented on the bug. he wants to separate the code from LD and do an import12:26
Ronniebut thats not possible before bzr-apps is integrated12:27
* cjohnston wonders if we can fix now and seperate later12:27
Ronnieso, in my opinion, we could do the merge now (if approved) and serparate later12:27
Ronniesame tought ;)12:27
cjohnstoncause it would be REALLY cool to push the my teams page with the top-nav12:27
Ronnieatm the old twitter script is shipped with LD too12:28
Ronnieyes, the my-teams is really awsome to have12:28
RonnieYoBoY: any suggestions for the url "my-teams" >12:29
YoBoYhum... http://loco.ubuntu.com/my-teams ? ^^"12:29
YoBoYcjohnston: you don't like the ~ but you like the + ? :D12:30
cjohnstonbut if we are doing one we might as well do both12:30
cjohnstoneffie_jayx: ping12:30
Ronniecjohnston: im thinking about a total new url design12:30
YoBoYI like the + when it point to a function that change a page, for exemple +edit +detail +subscribe12:30
cjohnston+me is used by lp iirc12:31
cjohnstonRonnie: /6612:31
cjohnstonnm Ronnie 12:31
Ronnienow we have l.u.c/events/<team> and l.u.c/meetings/team and l.u.c/team12:32
Ronniewhy not having l.u.c/<team> l.u.c/<team>/meetings and l.u.c/<team>/events12:32
cjohnstonchange to l.u.c/team/*12:32
YoBoYin launchpad, my teams is +particpation12:33
cjohnstonshort = sweet12:33
YoBoY+1 ronnie, having the team name in the first place is great12:34
cjohnstonDaviey: any chance you could delete https://code.launchpad.net/~davewalker/loco-directory/54236712:34
cjohnstonRonnie mhall119 I want to clean up the branch list.. its getting huge again12:35
Ronniecjohnston: good idea12:35
Davieycjohnston, Was that merged?12:36
cjohnstonDaviey: i dont think so12:37
Davieyit's depreciated now tho, isn't it?12:37
cjohnstonid think so12:37
cjohnstonthe bug is fix released12:37
Davieyyeah, looks like you worked on it aswell12:38
cjohnstonty sir12:38
cjohnstonRonnie: could you please delete https://code.launchpad.net/~ronnie.vd.c/loco-directory/top-nav12:39
cjohnstonRonnie: if you could when you get time go through your branches and see what may need to be updated to push or delete :-)12:42
cjohnstonim doing that with mine and determined that i found one that should've be propsed but never was12:42
Ronniedeleted 2 branches12:49
Ronnieabout the other 2 im not sure, maybe usefull for the future12:49
Ronnieso ill keep them12:50
Ronnieone is a map with all the loco's on it, the other a link between loco and ld, so loco can change users information on LP12:50
Ronniecjohnston: do you have any information on this: http://loco.ubuntu.com/jsi18n12:54
effie_jayxcjohnston: pong?12:56
effie_jayxbe back ;)12:57
cjohnstonlooks like what would determine if a word should be singular or plural.. maybe mhall119 knows more12:57
cjohnstoneffie_jayx: could you go through your branches for loco-directory and determine if they need to be updated or if they are no longer relevent delete them please?12:57
YoBoYRonnie: when you are not in english, it's full of date string translations13:07
YoBoYcatalog['January February March April May June July August September October November December'] = 'Janvier F\u00e9vrier Mars Avril Mai Juin Juillet Ao\u00fbt Septembre Octobre Novembre D\u00e9cembre';13:07
YoBoYcatalog['Midnight'] = 'Minuit';13:07
RonnieYoBoY: i see, but how to fill it, and were it is used in the javascript?13:07
YoBoYdon't know :D13:07
RonnieYoBoY: i guess it isn't used13:09
Ronniegrep -R gettext media/ and grep -R gettext templates/ gives no result13:10
cjohnstoneffie-jayx: did you see what i posted13:12
effie-jayxmmm just woke up :)13:14
effie-jayxplanet ubuntu?13:14
effie-jayxi'm going13:14
RonnieYoBoY, cjohnston: looks like its the translation of the django admin interface13:15
cjohnstoneffie-jayx: 08.56.35 < cjohnston> looks like what would determine if a word should be singular or plural.. maybe mhall119 knows more13:15
cjohnston08.57.00 < cjohnston> effie_jayx: could you go through your branches for loco-directory and determine if they need to be updated or if they are no longer relevent  delete them please?13:15
cjohnston08.57.14 < cjohnston> https://code.launchpad.net/loco-directory13:15
effie-jayxcjohnston: I think they are old13:16
effie-jayxa year old maybe13:16
cjohnstonI think so as well13:16
effie-jayxthe are not relevant13:16
cjohnstonwe dont have access to delete them though.. and are trying to clean up the list13:16
effie-jayxI will do so now13:16
effie-jayxamnd I am sorry I could ot be of any more helpe there13:17
cjohnstonno prob.. your welcome to come back and get involced!13:21
effie-jayxcjohnston: thanks :), all branches gone. There was some good stuff there but merging would be too painful. better off chcking and seeing if it makes sense today13:23
cjohnstonRonnie: were you able to find the bug?13:24
Ronniecjohnston: fixing it now. forgot the replace the HttpResponseRedirect links13:25
Ronniedidnt test them either, just clicked a lot of pages, but no sumbit13:25
cjohnstoni was about to click approve then went.. hmm.. lemme try it13:25
effie-jayxI am also fixing the tuno branch on launchpad, register the project and al that13:29
effie-jayxwe should talk about how best you see this code working for LD13:30
effie-jayxwhen would you trigger a dent/tweet (for now)13:30
effie-jayxlike for example.. tweet upon event creation?13:30
cjohnstonthat would be cool13:30
effie-jayxwat other cases?13:31
cjohnstoni think reminders might be too much13:31
mhall119meeting announcements13:31
cjohnstonmaybe global event reminders13:31
effie-jayxcjohnston: they work13:31
effie-jayxthey ae spammy but they get people13:32
effie-jayxmhall119: good one13:32
* effie-jayx takes notes13:32
mhall119I think havving it in summit might be nice too13:32
effie-jayxtweet about random events and teams13:33
effie-jayxit's LD reaching out rather than leaving settings for anoucements per event per team13:34
effie-jayxto users13:34
Ronniecjohnston: the updated branch is pushed13:37
effie-jayxthis room has been hijacked for LD development for the last 2 years :)13:37
effie-jayxcool thing bikesheding didn't happen13:38
cjohnstoneffie-jayx: at least LD is for locoteams13:39
effie-jayxyeah :)13:39
effie-jayxjust saying nobody has complained for two years :)13:40
cjohnstonI'll start complaining13:48
cjohnstonmhall119: what do you think about committing the twidentica stuff and moving it over later when you have more time14:06
cjohnstonRonnie: could you please move lp:~ronnie.vd.c/ubuntu-website/django-forms to community-webthemes14:08
Ronniecjohnston: how to do that easly?14:12
cjohnstonjust push it to lp:~ronnie.vd.c/ubuntu-community-webthemes/XXXXX14:12
Ronnieand then delete the old one?14:12
Ronniei need to cleanup my local repo ;)14:17
YoBoYRonnie: rm -rf / ? :)14:19
Ronnieyup ;)14:19
mhall119cjohnston: are you getting a new release ready to go?14:27
cjohnstonRonnie: what is https://code.launchpad.net/~ronnie.vd.c/ubuntu-community-webthemes/tables for14:27
cjohnstonmhall119: no.. just trying to get things ready to get a new release.. since Ronnie is stuck right now14:28
Ronniebasic table styling (as written in the web-guidelines PDF on design.canonical.com)14:28
mhall119do you want me to get bzr-apps setup for LD?14:28
cjohnstonIf you have time that'd be greaaat14:29
cjohnstonRonnie: is it required for the form base styling or seperate14:32
Ronnieits separate14:32
Ronniethe forms is for the django-branch, the tables is for the base14:33
Ronnieif the forms it taken into django- and tested well, ill make a base version of it14:33
mhall119Ronnie: is your twidenash stuff on the twidenash trunk?14:33
Ronniemhall119: yes version 2.014:34
Ronniecjohnston: the django-forms should be release with lp:~ronnie.vd.c/loco-directory/form-base-styling (which have the LD specific changes to the forms)14:36
cjohnstonRonnie: im noticing a bunch of issues14:38
Ronniecjohnston: on which branch, and what issues ?14:39
cjohnstonim uploading images14:40
cjohnstonThe copyright info now wrapps14:40
cjohnstonthe misalignments14:41
Ronnieoh, i need to make some exceptions for the searchbox and language chooser14:41
Ronniethats a very stange one14:42
mhall119are we ready to include the top-nav revision of ubuntu_website?14:42
mhall119or is there still work to be done on that?14:42
cjohnstonI believe its ready14:42
Ronniecjohnston: top-nav is ready, is it?14:42
mhall119is the LD code ready to display proper username login/logout links?14:43
mhall119Ronnie: how about the new twidenash stuff, has the LD side of that been merged yet?14:44
Ronniemhall119: login/logout works correct14:44
cjohnstonmhall119: if you look at those links, i think youll seew what your asking14:44
Ronniemhall119: twidenash LD part is all in here: https://code.launchpad.net/~ronnie.vd.c/loco-directory/twidentica/+merge/5162614:45
mhall119Ronnie: thanks14:48
mhall119Ronnie: should there be any references to "twidentica" left?14:52
Ronniemhall119: you can do a search for it, but if you find one, it should be removed14:52
mhall119ok, there's on in global_event_detail_inc.html14:54
mhall119and also on jquery-twidenash.js line 4114:54
mhall119also, my top-nav is gray not white14:55
Ronniecjohnston: the error on the page were created by the wrong use of label :(14:55
cjohnstonRonnie: gotcha14:55
cjohnstonmhall119: its fixed.. you may still be pulling from ubuntu-website-themes14:55
mhall119ah yes, I probably am, what's the new one14:56
Ronnieusing <label> in <table> in not good :(14:56
mhall119still light-django-theme?14:57
cjohnstoniirc that has been comitted to trunk14:57
YoBoYarg stop acronyms15:04
mhall119cjohnston and Ronnie: https://code.launchpad.net/~mhall119/loco-directory/bzr-apps-upgrades/+merge/5401015:11
mhall119cjohnston: in order to get bzr-apps setup, we'll need IS to run ./manage.py init-ld again15:12
mhall119and every deployment after that, they'll need to run ./manage.py pullapps15:13
mhall119I've added the pullapps line to the ReleaseProcess wiki page15:14
Ronniecjohnston: i have to go15:25
Ronnieforms fixes are submitted15:25
YoBoYdholbach: great post :)15:35
dholbachthanks YoBoY15:35
mhall119yay, my passport is here!16:09
nigelbthis means no kicking.16:13
mhall119there's always cjohnston 16:15
nigelbheh, yes16:19
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mhall119one set of django-openid-auth tests done20:12
cjohnstonRonnie: have you pushed fixes to the to forms branches21:09
mhall119cjohnston: have you had a chance to test my bzr-apps branch?21:25
cjohnstonmhall119: no... combo of waiting on his branch since im in the middle of testing it and working on homework21:25
cjohnstonafter dinner ill revert his out and test yours21:25
mhall119cool, remember to run init-ld first21:29
cjohnstonmhall119: http://paste.ubuntu.com/582263/21:46
cjohnstoni think that the twidendash should be ubuntu-django-foundations no?21:47
mhall119cjohnston: it's not really django-specific though21:55
cjohnstonim talking about the lp:21:55
cjohnstonit doesnt seem to be found at ~django-foundations-dev/twidenash21:55
cjohnstonor is it twidendash21:55
cjohnstoni dunno21:56
mhall119are you talking about "Destination branch not found"?21:56
mhall119that just means you didn't have a local branch of twidenash, so it made one for you21:56
cjohnstonwhy does pulling bzr apps: not show anything afterwards21:57
mhall119I dunno, the print statement comes first, but it's being buffered or something until after the pulling is finished21:57
mhall119yuor pastebin looks like everything ran fine though21:58
Ronniecjohnston: yes, forms branch is ready22:08
Ronniemhall119: ill have a look at the bzr apps merge22:09
mhall119Ronnie: thanks, the more testing the better22:10
mhall119like I told cjohnston, make sure you run init-ld22:10
Ronniethx, i was looking for the command to download the branches ;)22:11
cjohnstonmhall119: for some reason, on the main page, i have 4 tweets from 200+days ago22:12
mhall119the command is pullapps, but it won't work until you have bzr-apps branched locally.  init-ld will branch bzr-apps if you don't have it, then it calls pullapps22:12
cjohnstonall from locodir22:12
mhall119cjohnston: I got that at first too, refresh it again in a couple minutes and see if you get more22:12
cjohnstonteam pages are not pulling up22:12
cjohnstonjust get a page of dots22:13
Ronniecjohnston: CTRL+F5 sometimes helps22:14
cjohnstonive refreshed about a dozen times22:14
mhall119hmmm, ubuntu-us-florida shows up for me, but not ubuntu-uk22:14
cjohnstonah hah22:14
cjohnstoni have that as well22:14
mhall119doh, Ronnie forgot to close a <script> tag22:15
Ronniemhall119: that could be a tricky one22:16
Ronnieand i think i know why it behaves that way22:16
cjohnstonmhall119: so do we have to update this each time we want to pull a new version of something22:17
Ronniemhall119: you have to switch line 74 and 7522:18
mhall119fixed in rev 427 of bzr-apps-upgrades22:25
Ronniemhall119: got another one22:26
Ronnieline 24 of that template22:26
Ronnie<script type="text/javascript" src="{{MEDIA_URL}}js/twidenash/jquery-twidenash.js"></script>22:26
Ronnieshould below the {% endif %}22:26
mhall119yeah, got that too22:26
Ronniemhall119: dont know why, but twitter does not replay any results22:30
Ronniebut if i copy the url in the brower, i get json response22:31
trinikronohey guys23:22
mhall119hi trinikrono 23:32
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