Andre_GondimHow do I generate a pdf from my translations?03:31
godbykAndre_Gondim: Which edition?03:35
godbykAndre_Gondim: You should be able to run 'make ubuntu-manual-LANGUAGECODE.pdf' where LANGUAGECODE is the language code (like en-US or fr or es or whatever you want).03:36
Andre_Gondimgodbyk, but, what I need to do, before do this, I was translating at rosetta03:38
godbykAndre_Gondim: Ah, in that case, you'll need to download the .po file from Launchpad (Rosetta).03:39
godbykPlace that .po file in the po/ subdirectory.03:39
godbykThen you can run "make ubuntu-manual-LANGCODE.pdf"03:39
godbykMake sure the .po file is named LANGCODE.po, too.  (I think Launchpad/Rosetta names them differently sometimes.)03:39
Andre_Gondimgodbyk, can you give me tip for this "We highly recommend enabling the "create symlinks to standard directories" option."05:12
godbykAndre_Gondim: Yes. When you run the install-tl.sh script, make sure you go to the options menu (O) and enable the symbolic links.05:19
godbyk(Sorry for the late reply. xchat hasn't been beeping at me lately.)05:21
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c7phey godbyk20:12
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godbykHey, c7p.  Sorry for the late reply. I had to snag a book from the library before it closed.20:51
c7pno problem20:56
c7pgodbyk: do we have new responses from advs ?20:57
godbykI think we only had one more so far.20:57
c7poh :)20:58
godbykYeah, I received one on the 15th.20:58
c7pi guess on this meeting we will elect leader and editor, right ?20:59
godbykNot sure what the process will be exactly.21:00
godbykI guess just have everyone read the responses we got from the applicants and then vote?21:00
c7pthat's why i mentioned it21:00
c7pyeah that sounds good21:00
godbykI don't know what voting method we'll use.  Guess we'll figure that out when the time comes.21:01
c7pshould we give time to candidates for talk or we will get this beyond the limits of the meeting ?21:01
godbykGood question.21:01
c7pregarding the voting method, we used a bot for voting if my memory presents my right for paddings etc21:03
c7pmaybe we can use the same method21:04
godbykWell, I meant do we only allow each person to vote for one applicant per role?  Or do we use some sort of run-off voting system where each voter votes for all the applicants they like?21:06
* c7p thinking21:07
zkriesseHI all21:08
c7pi zkriesse21:08
godbykHey, zkriesse.21:08
zkriesseLong time no talk eh?21:08
c7pKevin the latter sounds better to me21:09
c7pzkriesse something like this :)21:09
c7pmaybe we can separate the election process, in the first part of it all candidates can be voted (each one of us can have 2 or 3 maximum 3 votes) and the two most voted will have the right to participate in the "final election", this is the second part where everyone has the one vote21:14
godbykSomething like that could work, too.21:24
godbykI think we'll probably just have to wait and see how it goes.21:24
godbykIt'll depend on how many applicants we have and how many voters we have, I thin.21:24
godbykthink, rather.21:24
c7pyes you are right21:25
zkriesseapplicants for what?21:36
godbykzkriesse: http://ubuntu-manual.org/jobs21:36
zkriessehmm good luck with that21:37
godbykzkriesse: Thanks.  We've had a few applicants for each position, but not too many.  I think ~3 per position so far.21:38
c7pgood night all :)21:42

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