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plainasI'm having troubles making a module available to python through a deb package01:16
plainaswouldwhat would I put on my setup.py if i want to add a module to my system01:17
psusig_signal_new() takes a class_offset argument that seems to be the offset to a function pointer within the class.  Is this function pointer the class internal handler for the signal that is invoked whether or not any other classes connect to the signal?01:30
chrisccoulsonpsusi, yes01:33
chrisccoulsonand that can be overridden by subclasses too01:33
psusichrisccoulson, so what if that pointer is never initialized?  shouldn't it at least be set to null in the class _init function?01:33
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arandIf I want to supply a .png file for a menu icon, should I also supply an .xpm version, and how do I specify things in the .desktop and .menu files then? can I install both and01:54
arand... specify just the name in .desktop and specifically the .xpm file in .menu?01:55
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fabrice_spslangasek, sorry for the delay: got distracted. Working on it now. By the way, I found that libwmf-dev has the same issue, so it needs a rebuild too (and a patch to empty dependency_libs line in .la)04:23
slangasekfabrice_sp: ok, no worries :)04:24
fabrice_spslangasek, in case you're still free,  bug 73734006:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 737340 in exiv2 (Ubuntu) "Exiv2 has to be rebuilt after libexpat got 'multi-arched'" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73734006:08
fabrice_spI've subscribed sponsors, so it can also follow the normal workflow :-)06:08
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slangasekfabrice_sp: LGTM; making one change to the changelog comment (it's not true that all reverse-deps need to be rebuilt for the multiarch change, only those that have bad .la files) and uploading07:38
slangasekfabrice_sp: uploaded, and forwarded to Debian, thanks :)07:57
dholbachgood morning08:14
iulianMorning dholbach.08:38
dholbachhey iulian08:55
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\shsiretart:  bug #724452 just fix by colin 27 mins ago :) (thx cjwatson)10:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 724452 in live-boot (Ubuntu Natty) "live-initramfs is uninstallable in natty" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72445210:18
cjwatson\sh,siretart: well, I think so.  it's not the sort of thing I can test easily, but switching that dependency around seemed like a no-brainer10:30
\shcjwatson: I'll take a look next week with an fai installation running on natty10:43
arandI want to supply a .png for my menu icon in a package, and I currently only have a .desktop file used for the menu, but should a .menu item also be used for compatibility reasons, would I then use 2 icons?10:45
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Laneytumbleweed, bdrung: Do you think it would be reasonable to get u-d-t to use the new credentials_file stuff?11:18
mok0arand: AFAIK you only need a desktop entry11:18
LaneyI'm importing lpapicache from a script which I've got running from a cronjob and would ideally like it to not randomly fail...11:18
mok0Laney: indeed :-)11:19
bdrungLaney: doesn't launchpadlib handle this stuff?11:19
Laneyyou need to pass credentials_file to login_with to bypass the gnome-keyring stuff11:20
bdrungi like to use gnome-keyring11:20
Laneyit doesn't make sense for cronjobs11:21
bdrungLaney: and there is no easy way to bypass gnome-keyring otherwise?11:22
Laneyapparently you can uninstall python-gnomekeyring11:22
Laneyanyway I'd be happy with optional API support for this11:22
Laneyor an env var or something11:22
bdrungenv var sounds good. that could be implemented directly in launchpadlib11:23
Laneyfiling, will see what they say11:26
mok0Hm, if I do ls -a |sort I get dot-files sorted after their second character. How do I switch off that behaviour??11:47
siretart\sh: cjwatson: thanks! but this still won't unbreak it as it will AFAIUI still try to edit /etc/inittab, which doesn't exist anmore in ubuntu12:16
cjwatsonsiretart: not as far as I can see.  it only appears to do that if sysvinit is installed.12:19
cjwatsonthe bit of code you're talking about is guarded by if [ ! -e /var/lib/dpkg/info/sysvinit.list ] ...; then return; fi12:20
cjwatsonnot to mention testing for /var/lib/live/config/sysvinit which I assume is in live-config-sysvinit not live-config-upstart12:20
tumbleweedLaney, bdrung: uninstalling python-gnomekeyring is very much a workaround. The problem is that python-keyring needs to support this kind of thing better12:34
tumbleweedit supports the use of an unencrypted(?) keyring without gnome / kde keyyrings, but only just12:34
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EvilPhoenixis there still a possibility of submitting something for review for the natty repos, or did they freeze adding additional packages to the repos?15:05
geserEvilPhoenix: no new packages for natty as we are in FeatureFreeze15:08
EvilPhoenixgeser:  any possibility of submitting something for future inclusion?15:08
EvilPhoenixor maybe submitting something for the lucid or maverick repos?15:08
ScottKEvilPhoenix: If it's a package you're really interested in, you might try to get it into Debian and then it will automatically be in the next Ubuntu release.15:11
EvilPhoenixScottK:  yeah, Debian's packaging thing is evil, because everything's packaged for Ubuntu (from what I hear, Ubuntu packages aren't backwards-compatible with Debian's packages)15:12
EvilPhoenixScottK:  also, where would I start if i wanted to get it into debian?15:12
ScottKEvilPhoenix: We're a derivative of Debian, so this is what you'd expect.15:12
ScottKEvilPhoenix: Start at mentors.debian.net.15:12
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geserbtw is the ApplicationReviewBoard running? didn't follow it15:15
ScottKIt is.  I believe they actually accepted one package.15:22
Laneycheck extras.ubuntu.com15:24
acarpineHi omniscient people! I'm fixing several .desktop files of several packages16:05
acarpineI believe I should submit my changes to the upstream projects, but what's the right process to do it?16:05
acarpine1) File a new bug in Ubuntu 2) Send a patch there 3) Forward the patch to debian16:05
acarpineor 1) File a new bug in Debian 2) Send a patch there16:06
acarpineand the wait the automatic sync to have the bug fixed in Ubuntu...16:07
ScottKIt depends on the severity of the issue.  If it's minor, I'd do the latter.  Filing bugs upstream is good too.16:10
acarpineIt's abs a minor bug16:12
acarpineScottK: so i will use the second path16:12
ScottKOK. Good luck.16:12
acarpineScottK: tks ScottK! just another question...please16:13
ScottK!ask | acarpine16:14
ubottuacarpine: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)16:14
acarpinechanging the changelog file for a patch that I will send to Debian16:14
acarpineI should use the unstable version in the first line16:15
ScottKI wouldn't provide a changelog, just the .desktop patch and an explanation why it's needed.16:15
ScottKIf you do provide one, yes.16:15
ScottKAlso revision should be -Y, not Xubuntu1.16:15
acarpineso debdiff is sufficient?16:15
ScottKDebdiff has the changelog in it, so make it an appropriate one, but yes.16:16
acarpineok ScottK really tks for your help! :)16:16
ScottKYou're welcome.16:16
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hakermaniamicahg: Hello :) How is it going with Wallch after all :) ?18:15
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micahghakermania: sorry, will try to look this weekend18:47
ftamicahg, i see you touched bugzilla. we have in natty, but two months ago, upstream released 3.6.4 as a serious security upgrade19:04
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ScottKfta: Is it just the security fix?19:08
ftaScottK, http://www.bugzilla.org/releases/3.6.4/release-notes.html19:08
ScottKfta: Do we have a new enough Perl CDI module?19:09
ftait needs 3.5119:13
fta!info libcgi-pm-perl19:13
ubottulibcgi-pm-perl (source: libcgi-pm-perl): module for Common Gateway Interface applications. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.49-1 (maverick), package size 220 kB, installed size 616 kB19:13
fta!info libcgi-pm-perl natty19:13
ubottulibcgi-pm-perl (source: libcgi-pm-perl): module for Common Gateway Interface applications. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.51-1 (natty), package size 202 kB, installed size 600 kB19:13
ftaseems ok19:14
ftabut bad for maverick19:14
micahgfta: well, I don't think I can get to it this weekend, but will try to keep on my radar, hopefully someone else can take care of it though19:22
ftamicahg, initially, i wanted bugzilla 4 but it doesn't seem to be packaged yet19:23
micahgfta: 3.6.4 isn't either ;)19:29
hakermaniamicahg: Not a personal problem, but it should have been looked 3 weeks now, and we are anxious to see the result :D19:31
kim0Hi folks, I'm trying to package a new package (my first time) and facing some (I'd guess easy) problems .. Would someone have time to take a look20:07
mok0kim0: go20:09
kim0mok0: thanks :)20:09
kim0The pkg I'm trying is http://ms-sys.sourceforge.net/20:09
kim0it's trivially small20:09
kim0let me paste my rules file20:09
kim0For some reason .. it tries to install to /usr/local and gets a permission denied → install: cannot create regular file `/usr/local/bin/ms-sys': Permission denied20:11
kim0inside the chroot .. PREFIX=/usr make install  .. works20:14
mok0kim0: your should set prefix=/usr20:17
kim0where should that go20:18
mok0kim0: in the install section, try just "make --prefix=/usr20:18
mok0kim0: and instead of PREFIX=/usr, use DESTDIR=$CURDIR/debian/tmp20:19
kim0I want a diff :)20:19
mok0kim0: but in fact I think "make install" is enough20:20
kim0well but it's not right20:20
mok0kim0: also, get rid of dh_clean20:20
mok0kim0: are you teaching me, or am I teaching you?20:21
kim0no you are20:21
mok0kim0: you can get rid of dh_installdirs unless you have a debian/dirs file20:21
mok0kim0: still talking about the install: target20:22
kim0ok deleting those 2 lines20:22
kim0and PREFIX="/usr" $(MAKE) prefix=$(CURDIR)/debian/$(package)/usr20:22
kim0should be20:22
mok0make install20:22
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kim0just make install ?20:22
kim0what was prefix=$CURDIR... trying to do20:23
mok0kim0:  that application is built in the build: target20:23
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mok0kim0: but you deleted everything again by using dh_clean20:24
kim0oh wth20:24
kim0that template was generated for me by some tool .. so wouldn't think it'd be that broken20:24
kim0ok now retrying20:24
kim0guess google buzz would be good for this kind of thing .. having tracked history20:26
mok0kim0: you template assumes that the makefile is generated by GNU autotools, but it's not20:27
kim0I see20:27
kim0I edited the rules file and re-ran pbuilder20:27
kim0is that not enough for the changes to take effect20:28
mok0kim0: if you look in the apps makefile, you will se that it hardwires /usr/local20:28
kim0if its not defined yes20:28
mok0kim0: right20:28
kim0mok0: do I have to re-run debuild after editing rules ?20:30
mok0kim0: no20:30
kim0hmm .. I thought it was still running the old rules20:30
mok0mok0: just run fakeroot debian/rules clean20:30
mok0kim0: I mean :-)20:30
kim0I reran debuild .. this time the new rules are applied .. but still has errors20:31
kim0want the output log ?20:31
mok0kim0: wait up20:31
mok0kim0: in the install: target, use:20:31
kim0Well here it is anyway :) http://paste.ubuntu.com/582242/20:32
mok0PREFIX=$CURDIR/debian/tmp/usr make install20:32
mok0kim0: DESTDIR instead of PREFIX; sorry20:33
kim0mok0: http://paste.ubuntu.com/582244/20:34
mok0kim0: handcrafted makefiles are always a problem20:34
mok0kim0: sometimes you need to rewrite them to get them to do things right20:35
kim0yeah I understand20:35
mok0kim0: yeah, try that20:35
kim0pbuilder crunching20:35
mok0kim0: it's gonna put manpages the wrong place if it works20:36
kim0it broke bec NEWS didn't exist20:36
kim0I deleted its name from rules20:37
kim0about to retry20:37
mok0kim0: ok20:37
kim0gah changelog is camelcase20:38
kim0correcting .. retrying20:38
kim0mok0: is the correct one, camelcase, or lowercase20:38
kim0for changelog20:39
mok0kim0: debian/changelog, lower case20:39
mok0upstreams changelog, you never know20:39
kim0do I have to tear down pbuilder setup everytime :)20:42
kim0it's kinda slow20:42
kim0oh .. think it worked20:42
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mok0kim0: yay20:42
kim0warning: Depends field of package ms-sys: unknown substitution variable ${shlibs:Depends}20:43
mok0kim0: probably there are no shared libs in the package20:44
kim0where is the resulting package20:44
mok0kim0: in pbuilders build area, probably in /var/cahce20:45
kim0found it20:46
mok0kim0: run lintian on the .deb20:46
kim0mok0: a few questions please .. what's make target binary-arch20:47
Rhondakim0: For building arch-dependent parts of the package20:47
RhondaErm, not building but creating the actual .deb packages20:47
kim0and what's the level of intelligence in dh_installdocs -a20:48
kim0how does it know what's "docs" ?20:48
mok0kim0: it has some standard things it looks for20:48
mok0kim0: man dh_installdocs20:48
kim0so upstream has files like FAQ and CONTRIBUTORS20:49
kim0have those been picked up20:49
Rhondayou put it into debian/docs (or debian/$packagename.docs)20:49
mok0kim0: you can use less to look at the content of a .deb file20:51
mok0kim0: if you have  LESSOPEN=| /usr/bin/lesspipe %s20:51
kim0mok0: why would I want that20:51
mok0kim0: to see what files it contains20:52
kim0mok0: lintian says .. long description is too long20:52
kim0is it 80 chars20:52
mok0kim0: hm, something is wrong20:53
kim0W: ms-sys: extended-description-line-too-long20:54
kim0mok0: that's normal right20:54
mok0kim0: the Description line should be less than 8020:56
mok0kim0: lintian -i will give you more info20:56
kim0mok0: copyright file has    Source: <url://example.com>20:58
kim0should that be upstream url ?20:58
mok0kim0: yes20:58
mok0kim0:  see http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep5/20:59
kim0mok0: should I worry about new-package-should-close-itp-bug21:00
mok0kim, not right now21:00
kim0rebuilding to make lintian happy21:00
kim0mok0: lol .. the deb only contains /usr/share/doc21:02
mok0kim0: lets rewind a bit21:04
* kim0 nods21:04
mok0kim0: you can build the package in place, i.e. without pbuilder21:04
mok0fakeroot debian/rules build21:05
mok0fakeroot debian/rules install21:05
kim0hmm the commands I used were21:05
kim0debuild -S -kxxxx21:05
kim0sudo pbuilder build ../ms-sys*.dsc21:05
kim0is that completely different21:06
mok0kim0: yes, because we want to see what goes on during the build21:06
kim0ok the build is done21:07
kim0mok0: http://paste.ubuntu.com/582259/21:08
mok0kim0: look in debian/tmp, the tree should be there21:08
mok0kim0: ah21:08
mok0kim0: lots of probems21:08
mok0for example mkdir -p /tmp/ms-sys-2.2.1/debian/tmp/usr/usr/local/share/locale/sv/LC_MESSAGES21:09
mok0".../usr/usr/local/..." ??21:09
mok0kim0: somethings wrong with the env variables passed to the makefile21:10
mok0kim0: it should be: ..../debian/tmp/usr/....21:10
kim0not sure where the double usr comes from21:11
kim0I'll delete one usr21:11
kim0mok0: it still installs to /usr/local right21:12
kim0install -D -m 644 mo/sv.mo /tmp/ms-sys-2.2.1/debian/tmp//usr/local/share/locale/sv/LC_MESSAGES/ms-sys.mo21:13
mok0kim0: yeah that's wrong21:13
mok0kim0: you have PREFIX=/usr ??21:14
kim0wasnt in the fakeroot .. added it .. seems to work21:14
kim0I mean it's in the file .. but wasn't on the command line21:15
mok0kim0: you might need it on the make install line too21:16
kim0DESTDIR=$(CURDIR)/debian/tmp/ $(MAKE) install21:16
mok0PREFIX=/usr DESTDIR=... make install21:16
kim0that's what it currently is21:16
kim0another thing .. the resulting deb doesn't have the binary still21:16
mok0kim0: let's deal with that when the build is correct21:17
mok0kim0: the easiest at this stage is to build using fakeroot debian/rules install21:17
mok0and then check to see what's in debian/tmp21:18
mok0kim0: all files should be in their right places in that tree21:18
mok0kim0: then you use <packagename>.install to stuff them into the package21:19
kim0well the binary is there21:19
kim0under debian/tmp/21:19
mok0kim0: debian/tmp/usr/bin/ ?21:20
mok0kim0: then you need a line in <pkgname>.install21:20
kim0is that normal or workaround21:20
mok0kim0: normal21:21
mok0kim0: you need a line "dh_install" in the binary-arch target21:21
kim0echo 'debian/tmp/usr/bin' > debian/ms-sys.install21:21
kim0correct ?21:21
mok0kim0: use dh_installman to install man page21:23
kim0the man page is installed21:24
kim0without needing that21:24
mok0kim0: ok, good21:24
kim0I guess it looks good21:24
kim0mok0: I've setup a ppa .. is it easy to push that there21:25
mok0mok0: yes, use dput21:26
mok0kim0: on the changes file21:26
mok0kim0: but first make sure it builds again with your pbuilder21:27
kim0I need dh_installman :)21:27
kim0putting and retrying21:27
mok0kim0: there are a bunch of dh_install* helpers for installing various things21:28
kim0why didn't the tool enable those21:28
mok0kim0: and they generally use <packagename>.* files21:28
mok0kim0: don't know, what tool?21:29
kim0well can't remember .. that was a week ago :)21:29
kim0any way21:29
kim0ms-sys: binary-without-manpage usr/bin/ms-sys21:29
kim0it's not picking up the man page21:29
kim0so I need a pkgname.* file21:29
mok0kim0: probably because it's in the wrong place21:30
mok0kim0: it should go in /usr/share/man/man121:30
kim0install -D -m 644 man/ms-sys.1 /tmp/ms-sys-2.2.1/debian/tmp/usr/man/man1/ms-sys.121:30
mok0yup that's wrong21:30
mok0kim0: it comes from upstreams makefile21:31
mok0I think MAN=share/man will do it21:31
mok0kim0: before make21:31
mok0kim0: like PREFIX et al21:31
mok0errr no it wont21:32
kim0MANDIR = $(PREFIX)/man21:32
kim0this is where we patch it ? :)21:32
mok0kim0: I think you need to edit the makefile to achieve it21:33
kim0can I do that21:33
mok0kim0: or, shove files around in rues21:33
kim0mv ?21:33
kim0that sounds better21:33
mok0kim0: yes mv it from the wrong place to the right place21:33
mok0kim0: you might be able to do that in the ms-sys.manpages file21:34
kim0how do I know more21:34
kim0man the dh21:35
mok0put debian/tmp/usr/man/man1/... in there21:35
mok0<packagename>.manpages just needs to locate the man pages. The script dh_installman determines from the file names where they need to go21:36
* kim0 nods21:37
kim0so fakeroot .. builds whatever crap upstream wants .. then pkgname.* shuffles them around the way ubuntu wants them21:38
mok0kim0: you need to go through all parts of the debian/tmp tree to make sure everything you need comes into the pacakge21:38
kim0lovely .. built and lintian is happy21:38
mok0kim0: yes21:38
mok0kim0: pbuilder also uses fakeroot21:38
mok0kim0: only in a mystery build directory somewhere21:39
kim0mo file not picked up21:39
mok0kim0: ugh21:40
kim0correct location ?21:40
mok0kim0: yes, you can use *.install21:41
mok0kim0: same one you used to install the binary21:41
kim0so mo files don't have a special file ?\21:41
kim0why is that21:42
mok0kim0: programmer lazyness I guess :-)21:42
mok0kim0: Most likely it doesn't need special treatment21:42
kim0I guess a better question21:42
kim0yeah .. why did manpages require a special file21:43
mok0kim0: because that script implements all the debian rules for manpages21:43
kim0mok0: mo was picked up21:43
kim0I feel in control :D21:43
mok0kim0: you're the man!21:44
kim0mok0: YOU are :)21:44
kim0I really really wanna put it in a ppa :)21:44
mok0kim0: high 521:44
kim0dput *.changes ?21:44
kim0just that21:44
mok0kim0: no, you need your ppa adress21:44
mok0kim0: can't remember the syntax21:44
mok0kim0: its documented on LP21:45
kim0dput ppa:kim0/ppa <source.changes>21:45
kim0yeah it is21:45
kim0woot! it actually worked first time :)21:46
kim0mok0: Thanks a zillion21:46
mok0kim0: np21:46
mok0kim0: enjoy your package21:47
kim0does it take time to reflect on web UI https://launchpad.net/~kim0/+archive/ppa21:47
mok0kim0: yeah21:47
mok0kim0: 10 mins or so21:47
kim0the decent thing to do later, is trying to get it into universe right21:47
mok0kim0: you can try...21:48
mok0kim0: we have a system called REVU for that21:48
mok0kim0: but it requires you come here and pester people for reviews21:49
mok0kim0: there's a long queue of packages there21:49
kim0mok0: shouldn't those reviews be part of patch pilot21:49
kim0or is that a different story21:50
mok0kim0: I don't thing we're there yet for new packages21:50
mok0and REVU is actually a pretty good tool21:50
mok0well gotta go21:50
mok0See you21:51
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