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chrisccoulsonm_conley_away, i saw your e-mail about contacts/U1. is anyone working on supporting gmail contacts?00:59
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micahghi geeknihttp://cryptome.org/info/soyuz-tma18/pict1.jpg?k , anything we can help you with02:33
geeknikI'm a Firefox contributor, figured I'd come hang out in here, I see a few familiar nicks in the list. ;)02:34
* micahg is getting used to xchat02:34
geeknikAnd I heard some whispers that the Ubuntu Mozilla team might need help. ;)02:34
micahggeeknik, well, welcome :), sure, we can use help, lots of bugs to triage, help keep the dailies running...02:35
micahgpropose patches for integration issues02:35
geeknikCool. I think I have around 20ish open bugs @ bugzilla.mozilla.org right now.. And I've submitted patches to Mozilla for inclusion into Firefox as well from v3.5 on up to 4.0. =)02:36
micahggeeknik, if you like xulrunner porting, we still have a few apps that need porting02:38
micahgtused toso 2.0 that i02:38
micahgto 2.0 that is02:38
geeknikI haven't used xulrunner in a long time. ;)02:38
chrisccoulsonfta - so, it is another kernel bug which breaks chromium crash dumping08:12
chrisccoulsoni commented on http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=5673008:12
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erkan^i have seen that thunderbird 3.3 and firefox 4.0, are they good ?11:53
chrisccoulsonm_conley_away, i'm struggling to get messagingmenu-extension to build atm :(13:29
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m_conleychrisccoulson: hey - what's the building issue?13:30
chrisccoulson1 sec, i closed my terminal13:31
chrisccoulsonm_conley, http://paste.ubuntu.com/582082/13:31
m_conleychrisccoulson: hm.  That's a new one for me.  :p13:32
m_conleychrisccoulson: what were your ./configure params?13:33
chrisccoulsonheh :)13:33
chrisccoulsonm_conley, here's my autoconf.mk -http://paste.ubuntu.com/582083/13:34
m_conleychrisccoulson: hm - line 269 - "-lgdk_pixbuf-2.0 -lm -lcairo"13:35
chrisccoulsonm_conley, yeah, that doesn't look right13:38
chrisccoulson1 second13:38
chrisccoulsonthat's ok13:38
m_conleychrisccoulson: so somebody finally pointed out jsctypes to me yesterday.  I'm planning on spending a few hours today seeing if I can connect to libindicate via jsctypes - might make this ol' compilation thing a thing of the past.  :)13:39
chrisccoulsonm_conley, interesting. i get the issue now on globalmenu-extension13:42
m_conleyuh oh13:42
chrisccoulsonso, if _LIBNAME_RELATIVE_PATHS is not defined in rules.mk, the "-l" link flags are meant to be stripped from DSO_LDOPTS_DEPS13:43
chrisccoulson(which is a dependency of $(SHARED_LIBRARY) and seems to be where this is coming from)13:43
chrisccoulsonhmmm, i'm confused13:49
m_conleyme too - I'm not sure what the next step is.  :/13:49
chrisccoulsonyeah, my last comment isn't right, i misunderstood what is happening there13:55
chrisccoulsonbut the issue seems to be that DSO_LDOPTS_DEPS is full of link options, and can't possibly be a dependency of another target13:56
m_conleychrisccoulson: it's strange that this is affecting globalmenu-extension13:57
chrisccoulsonyeah, i wonder what i broke ;)14:00
gnomefreakif you dont mind i would like to blame a few other problems on you, unrelated to Mozilla :P14:03
ftachrisccoulson, hi, i read you comment about breakpad. does this mean we will never have it for lucid & maverick?14:19
chrisccoulsonfta - we'll probably SRU it. we're already backporting 1 fix14:19
gnomefreakanyone running an HP OfficeJet 6500 all-in-one with Natty?14:25
chrisccoulsonm_conley, urgh - http://launchpadlibrarian.net/66631569/buildlog_ubuntu-natty-amd64.firefox-4.0_4.0~b13~hg20110317r63436%2Bnobinonly-0ubuntu1~umd1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz15:48
chrisccoulsoneven firefox doesn't build15:48
chrisccoulsonso, something has broken in our toolchain in the last day15:48
m_conleynot good15:49
m_conleylet me know if there's anything I can do to help15:49
m_conleybut I doubt there will be.  :/15:49
chrisccoulsoni guess i should try building 4.0 rc2 here before i upload it15:50
chrisccoulsonif that fails, then we have a problem ;)15:50
micahgchrisccoulson, multiarch?15:50
chrisccoulsonmicahg - it doesn't look multiarch related15:51
chrisccoulsonmaaan, this is seriously annoying16:00
chrisccoulsonsomeone won't be getting a beer at UDS16:01
chrisccoulsonm_conley, do you still have a machine where your extension builds successfully?16:03
m_conleychrisccoulson: I do indeed16:03
chrisccoulsonm_conley, would you mind changing the showtargs target in config/rules.mk to display the contents of DSO_LDOPTS_DEPS?16:05
chrisccoulson(and then running make -C extensions/messagingmenu/components/src showtargs)16:05
m_conleyk, working...16:05
chrisccoulsonit might be quicker doing it this way than downgrading a whole bunch of stuff ;)16:06
m_conleyhow must I change rules.mk?16:06
m_conleyto make it display the contents of DSO_LDOPTS_DEPS?16:06
chrisccoulsonm_conley, you can add a line like this to the showtargs target:16:07
chrisccoulson@echo "DSO_LDOPTS_DEPS     = $(DSO_LDOPTS_DEPS)"16:07
chrisccoulsonthere's already a lot of example lines there :)16:07
m_conleyk - thanks16:07
chrisccoulsonand also, maybe run make showbuild too16:08
chrisccoulsonand make showhost ;)16:08
chrisccoulsonjust so i can compare it here16:08
m_conleychrisccoulson: hey - can I give you that stuff in about an hour or so?  I just got called away16:09
m_conleychrisccoulson: be back soon!16:09
chrisccoulsonsure, no problem16:09
chrisccoulsonfta - bug 73767617:21
ubot2Launchpad bug 737676 in linux "calling PTRACE_ATTACH from thread of parent does not attach to child" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73767617:21
chrisccoulsonthat's the one that affects chromium17:21
m_conleychrisccoulson: hey - sorry for the wait17:43
chrisccoulsonm_conley, it's multiarch ;)17:44
m_conleychrisccoulson: these are my DSO_LDOPTS_DEPS:  http://www.pastie.org/168694517:44
chrisccoulsonglibc broke it17:44
chrisccoulsonm_conley - the build system is confused by the libraries in /lib moving to /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu17:45
chrisccoulsoni'm still trying to figure out why, but this blocks the ff4.0 rc2 upload to ubuntu now :(17:45
chrisccoulsonm_conley, you don't happen to know anyone who's familiar with the build system who could help out for a few minutes? ;)17:46
chrisccoulsoni'd like to try and figure this out before the weekend, else i will be very unpopular no march 22nd ;)17:46
m_conleychrisccoulson: maybe try #build on irc.mozilla.org?17:46
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chrisccoulsonm_conley, bug 737641 ;)19:16
ubot2Launchpad bug 737641 in make-dfsg "Mozilla packages don't build in Natty (and blocking FF4.0 RC2/final)" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73764119:16
ftamicahg, i wanted a bts, but lp is not packaged/-able, bugzilla is obviously badly maintained, so i'm stuck20:07
ftajcastro, hey, another compiz crash on startup, but this time, i have a crash file20:41
jcastrohey alright20:42
jcastrofta: let's talk to DBO on #ayatana20:42
chrisccoulsonm_conley, bug 737641 is fixed already :)20:56
ubot2Launchpad bug 737641 in make-dfsg "Mozilla packages don't build in Natty (and blocking FF4.0 RC2/final)" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73764120:56
chrisccoulsonso, hopefully i can build your extension now ;)20:56
m_conleychrisccoulson: awesome!  :)  Thanks!20:56
m_conleychrisccoulson: although, I have to tell you, I'm making good headway converting my unitylauncher-extension to using jsctypes instead of my binary component - I might try to port messagingmenu-extension over that way too20:57
chrisccoulsonheh, that's cool20:57
micahgfta: well, my other favorite, mantis, is also poorly maintained :(21:38
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micahgchrisccoulson: I know you're probably past EOD, but bug 737874 just came in22:52
ubot2Launchpad bug 737874 in firefox "Firefox 4.0 forgot all bookmarks when upgrading 10.10 > 11.04" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73787422:52
chrisccoulsonthat's the same language pack issue as maverick had22:52
micahgchrisccoulson: for bookmarks?22:53
chrisccoulsonoh, i misread that22:53
chrisccoulsoni'm not sure what to do about that. so far, he's the only person to experience it22:54
micahgI'm stumped myself22:55
chrisccoulsonwell, he reported that bug from 3.6 after upgrading to 4.022:56
chrisccoulsonso, he never even restarted22:56
chrisccoulsonactually, i've got no idea what he's done, because he's running a natty kernel22:57
micahgmaybe that's it, I don't see anything remotely close on bugzilla22:57
chrisccoulsonbut he's definately running firefox 3.622:57
chrisccoulsoni wouldn't waste any time on it, unless someone else has the same issue22:58
chrisccoulsonit's almost certainly one of those cases where a user does something silly and then reports a bug afterwards22:58
micahgin that case, have a good weekend :)22:58
chrisccoulsonactually, he is using 4.0. i misread the extension summary because he has 2 profiles22:59
chrisccoulsonand he's using a second profile22:59
chrisccoulsonperhaps that's it ;)22:59
micahgmaybe an issue with the migrator?23:01
micahgalthought it seemed to transition my multiple profiles fine23:02
chrisccoulsonyeah, i've not seen any issues either23:06
ftajcastro, any progress wrt the web-apps bug?23:32

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