dewman_antant_,  http://avenard.com/media/Home.html00:25
Zinn[avenard.com] JYA’s Media Page00:25
_antant_cheers matey00:28
_antant_another question. Where can I put ln -s source destination so it auto links on startup?00:29
_antant_Ah, there. Ok00:30
_antant_Hold on. I can't find =)00:31
_antant_or :/00:31
_antant_or even :000:31
_antant_Where have they gone?!00:31
_antant_Any place I can put it other than there? Tried fstab. That ain't right00:33
tgm4883_antant_, you should only need to do a ln -s once00:35
_antant_really?? Oh, excellent!00:35
tgm4883the source mount point still needs to exist thoug00:36
_antant_ok, how do I un ln?00:36
tgm4883ie. if it is a network mount point00:36
tgm4883rm the link00:36
_antant_nope. External hdd00:36
_antant_nice one, ta00:38
_antant_Now to get my bloody TV card working.00:38
_antant_It's weird, I installed once and it worked ok. Now reinstalled and nothing00:39
_antant_Just won't recognise it at all00:39
=== symptom is now known as epoch
_antant_Well. It won't come up in the tuners in the backend setup00:39
_antant_Anyone else got a terratec cinergy 2400i?00:40
_antant_I've followed exactly the same instructions as last time00:41
_antant_Now I'm getting make errors00:41
_antant_Any idea why it would work the first time and then not the second, anyone?00:42
_antant_tgm4883 / dewman: Don't have any clue do you?00:50
_antant_apparently I was wrong. I didn't do what I did last time. Just found the page I ended up at last time00:57
_antant_never realised how important it is to add (year) to your movie filenames01:10
_antant_Is there a way to add nautilus to the Applications/Accessories menu from the command line?01:30
knp2Hello all! I just installed mythbuntu. I install all the updates. But when I boot the box, it asks me the 'default' keyring password before connecting to my wireless network. Is there a way to connect to my wireless network without requiring user input? (this box will be keyboard/mouseless)02:10
knp2disregard the question... I got it!!!02:45
knp2the solution was to edit the wireless connecting and check "available to all users"02:46
_antant_anyone got samba sharing working?06:51
perlmonkeygood morning everyone08:58
perlmonkeyif anyone needs any help setting up MythTV and understanding it's many quirks, I'm on your man08:58
perlmonkeytis cold10:59
myconah - lovely11:35
perlmonkeywhere you at11:52
perlmonkeyim freezing my nuts off had to put the heating on11:52
perlmonkeymy hands are finally thawing out but tingling11:52
_antantYay for online scratch cards!12:15
_antantBoo to online scratch cards!12:19
perlmonkeygot my CCTV cam working finally on myth12:27
perlmonkeynow the TV licence goons can't get me12:27
perlmonkeymythtv is cooool14:42
_antantI'm about to set up front ends on my 2 flatmates' machines. TV for everyone!15:16
perlmonkeymythtv is leading the way in tv licence evasion15:17
_antantI've never had one15:18
_antantwell, not since i left home15:19
_antantI'm 27 now15:19
perlmonkeytheres hope for me then15:20
_antantoccasionally have a dude come round15:20
_antantJust say it's a shared flat, nobody has a tv15:21
perlmonkeywhat do you say to him15:21
perlmonkeydoes he say can i check inside15:21
_antantI have a 46" monster sat on my wall15:21
_antantI have to recommend 3d porn15:21
_antantAnyone got the VFD on an Antec Fusion working?15:57
rhpot1991once upon a time I did16:04
rhpot1991_antant: old VFD or the newer LCD one?16:04
_antantI've tried the LCDproc run through16:07
_antantright this second I've got 'LCDproc Server' scrolling back and forth on the upper line and Cli: 0 Scr: 0 on the lower16:08
_antantCan't get it to do anything but hat16:08
Zinn[www.baablogic.net] Karmic Antec Fusion VFD | www.baablogic.net16:08
rhpot1991may be slightly out of date, but should get you in the right direction16:08
_antanton it like white on rice16:10
* rhpot1991 's rice is brown16:10
_antanton it like brown on rice16:12
_antantor I would be if I had LCDd in init.d16:12
_antantcommand not found16:12
rhpot1991did you install the right pieces?16:13
_antantwell I followed the LCDproc instruction16:13
_antantand if I run LCDd from home it runs16:14
_antantwhat have I done?16:15
_antantrhpot1991? Any idea?16:19
rhpot1991_antant: where did you install lcdproc from?16:20
_antantgot the 0.5.4 drivers from the website16:21
rhpot1991you should be installing things from apt if they exist16:22
rhpot1991sudo apt-get install lcdproc16:22
rhpot1991or use aptitude, or software center, or whatever else you are comfortable with16:23
rhpot1991you should be using the ubuntu packages and not source though unless you have a reason16:23
_antantI didn't realise they were in the repositories16:23
rhpot1991thats why you don't have an init script16:25
_antantI would imaing so, yeah16:25
_antantalso why I would imagine it16:26
_antantif I try to   sudo echo "Hey" > /dev/lcd0   I get permission denied16:26
rhpot1991dunno that will work16:27
_antanton that link you sent me am I supposed to have the '' around the options?16:28
_antantCos I've not put them in and dmesg shows 'lirc_imon: Unknown parameter 'display_type''16:29
_antantwell I got rid of that and didn't get any errors16:29
_antantbut I've still got that damn scrolling message16:30
Zinn_antant: Please watch your language.16:30
_antantZinn, I hate you with a passion that could burn for a thousand years16:30
ZinnHi _antant, something I can help you with today?  I am a bot, use !help to see what I can do.16:30
_antant rhpot1991, right I'm trying to use lcdproc to send text to it. Eg lcdproc C to get cpu info16:35
_antantAll that happens is the 'Cli: 0' goes to 'Cli: 1' briefly.16:35
_antantIt said 'Thank you for using LCDproc and linux' when I rebooted!16:37
_antantNow back to flashing heart and scrolling pish16:37
ZinnPlease follow the Ubuntu Code of Conduct and watch your language.  You can find more information here: http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct17:07
rhpot1991_antant: thats normal to have the heartbeat, now you need to enable lcd support in mythtv17:08
_antantGot it working!17:14
_antantIt's actually really easy17:14
_antant"Welcome to your /n home theatre"17:17
_antantNow I've just gotta get the volume know working17:18
_antantIt does!17:18
_antantlinux rocks17:18
chilukcongrats _antant..  welcome to the club.  Isn't it nice to be able to fix things without reformatting?17:29
_antantdamn straight it is17:31
Zinn_antant: Please watch your language.17:31
_antantMy language is fine, Zinn you bell end17:32
ZinnHi _antant, something I can help you with today?  I am a bot, use !help to see what I can do.17:32
_antantI hate you17:32
_antantAny cool ideas for things to do with my newly working VFD?17:32
chilukI don't even know what is possible17:33
_antantme either17:33
chilukdisplaying the name and progress bar of the currently watched show?17:33
chilukI know the name should work17:33
chilukbut the progress bar would be cool.17:33
rhpot1991!language | _antant17:33
Zinn_antant: Please follow the Ubuntu Code of Conduct and watch your language.  You can find more information here: http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct17:33
_antantHow old are you, rhpot? Stop telling daddy Zinn on me!17:34
dewman_antant, I wouldnt mess with rhpot199117:35
_antantProgress bar's not a bad idea at all!17:35
rhpot1991_antant: he is a bot, and I'm not gonna type all that out its easier to tell him to say it to you17:35
rhpot1991anyways, language here should be family safe, please try to follow the rules17:35
_antantwell that d word that I've used a few times is hardly swearing17:35
rhpot1991_antant: the point being you have no idea the age of people in here17:36
rhpot1991tgm4883 might be 3 years old, we don't want him hearing that17:36
_antantCoochie coo!17:37
tgm4883me hungry17:37
_antantnot me.17:37
dewmanI just had nachos17:37
rhpot1991see now you upset baby tgm4883 :)17:37
_antantI've eaten 2 easter eggs17:37
_antantThey were buy 1 get 2 free17:37
tgm4883I just had a conf call with people that don't listen :(17:38
rhpot1991isn't it a bit early for easter?17:38
rhpot1991tgm4883: welcome to life17:38
perlmonkeyi got my mythtv setup working BEAUTIFULLY17:38
_antantThat's why they were buy 1 get 2 free17:38
dewmanif they dont listen, then why did you keep talking? you should have hung up.... =)17:38
perlmonkeythey changed a few things since i last used it which had me confused17:38
_antantwell don perl17:38
rhpot1991_antant: last year's models17:38
_antanthaha! Thankfully not.17:38
_antantCreme Egg ones17:38
_antantso yes, I have in fact eaten 4 creme eggs and 2 easter eggs17:39
_antantAnd I feel rather sick17:39
_antantGood thing I gave one to a flatmate17:40
_antantok, I need cool things to do with my new case lcd17:40
_antantNewly functioning at least17:40
_antantThanks to help from rhpot :D17:41
dewman_antant, lcdproc17:42
perlmonkeylook at my eggs...17:42
_antantI'd rather not if it's all the same17:42
perlmonkeythey are pretty17:42
_antantI don't know whether I dare17:42
perlmonkeyJapanese rice eggs!17:42
_antantIt's not gonna be a blue waffles affair is it?17:42
_antantyeah, dewman, finally got it going17:43
_antantand all functioning with xbmc17:43
_antantJust can't think what else I'd like it to do17:43
perlmonkeywe could link our mythtv's together so we can watch tv without a licence?17:44
perlmonkeya national network?17:44
_antantAnyone listened to the new Chase & Status album?17:44
rhpot1991perlmonkey: no way you'd stream content over the interweb17:44
rhpot1991_antant: the most useful thing for the LCD is to display whats currently recording17:44
_antantGood plan17:44
rhpot1991other than that its mostly useless17:45
_antantAlthough I can't imagine I'll have much recording on it17:45
perlmonkeyi got a question maybe you guys can help with...17:45
perlmonkeyis it possible to date and time stamp video in mythtv?17:45
perlmonkeyin realtime on the recording17:45
rhpot1991perlmonkey: videos meaning recordings?17:45
_antantfor cctv?17:45
rhpot1991perlmonkey: http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CBQQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.mythtv.org%2Fwiki%2FMythrename.pl&ei=RZqDTebQLMTUgQfvu5TBCA&usg=AFQjCNENLuiPAZtfoBztz11VyHSTuMqAxQ17:45
Zinn[www.google.com] Mythrename.pl - MythTV17:45
rhpot1991stupid google link17:45
_antantI think he means hardcoding a timestamp onto the recording17:46
rhpot1991actually this one: http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Mythlink.pl17:46
Zinn[www.mythtv.org] Mythlink.pl - MythTV Official Wiki17:46
perlmonkeyyes actually into the video picture17:47
perlmonkeyi guess that is beyond mythtv capability?17:47
_antantWell I would imagine it would depent on how well your pc can encode video17:48
perlmonkeymy PC is pretty powerful I think17:49
perlmonkeyit has 6gb of ram and 2.7gb cpu17:49
dewmanperlmonkey, might ask in #mythtv-users, the devs hang out in there.17:49
rhpot1991prob a user job with ffmpeg can do it for you17:51
rhpot1991you are going to be doing it yourself though17:51
_antantThat's what I thought17:51
_antanthave a read up on ffmpeg17:51
perlmonkeyyes if theres a will theres a way i will read up17:52
_antantmencoder can hardcode subs, so there may be something to look at there17:53
perlmonkeyaha thanks17:58
rhpot1991old but this should get you on the right path18:03
Zinn[www.bernzilla.com] Overlaying an Image on a Video Using FFmpeg on Ubuntu, Bernie Zimmermann18:03
perlmonkeymany thanks rhpot18:03
perlmonkeyI was gonna say I could do the image in perl and then overlay the image18:04
perlmonkeyso thats perfect18:04
Seeker`hmm, mythtv seems to be upscaling content (TV always reports it is receiveing 1080p), how can I stop it doing this?20:36
rhpot1991Seeker`: adjust the size in xorg20:38
Seeker`rhpot1991: any hints? I want it to play back 1080p stuff @ 1080p, but then switch to DVD resolution for DVDs20:40
rhpot1991Seeker`: thats gonna be hard, there is a section in mythtv for playback size that may help20:45
Seeker`rhpot1991: whereabouts?20:51
Patrickdkheh? it's pretty easy20:51
PatrickdkI personally hate the mode flips though20:52
Seeker`Patrickdk: how do you do it then?20:54
Patrickdksettings, playback, just like he said20:55
Seeker`which option am I looking for in the "playback" menu?20:57
rhpot1991Seeker`: I'm not by my box now so you'll have to look around, but there is an area where you can specify the playback size20:58
Seeker`hmm, it looks like you have to set up specific input/output resolutions21:07
Seeker`in the "Separate video modes for GUI and TV playback"21:07
Seeker`there isn't a "just play native" option21:07
rhpot1991so match the inputer and output?21:09
Seeker`rhpot1991: for every resolution ever?21:12
rhpot1991Seeker`: you really only have 321:12
rhpot1991480, 720, 108021:12
Patrickdkwhy every?21:12
PatrickdkI thought it had a < and > options21:12
Patrickdk<1000 use 72021:13
Patrickdkor was it in order, first match, top down, that is big enough21:13
rhpot1991this may be helpful21:13
Zinn[www.mythtv.org] User Manual:JudderFree - MythTV21:13
Patrickdkrhpot1991, that is no fun21:13
Patrickdkkeep the manual out of it :)21:13
Seeker`Patrickdk: nope, just "choose specific resolutions", the > < thing is choosing which decoder you use21:13
rhpot1991free upscaling sounds like the best solution to me then :)21:14
Seeker`rhpot1991: I have that built in to my TV :P21:15
Seeker`and it is a decent TV, so the upscaling actually works21:15
Seeker`also, the specific resolution thing doesn't seem to work for recordings, only live tv21:16
Seeker`or videos21:16
Patrickdkshould work for recordings21:16
Patrickdkbut not videos21:16
Seeker`TV reckons it is getting 1080p when I play back stuff ripped from DVDs21:16
Patrickdkatleast not videos not using myth21:16
Seeker`Patrickdk: not working for recordings21:17
Seeker`I'd love to be able to use the in-TV deinterlacer too, but it seems that myth won't output interlaced stuff either21:18
Patrickdkit really can't21:19
Patrickdkvideo card can't send interlaced video normally21:19
Seeker`it shouldn't be this hard to get video output that hasn't been processed21:35
Seeker`someone really needs to mmake some PVR with myth's recording interface, but with decent input/output options21:35

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