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pleia2adding https://lists.canonical.com/archives/ubuntu-website/2011-March/001143.html to the fridge20:06
pleia2nhandler: we both posted :(20:13
pleia2I guess I'll delete mine20:14
* pleia2 sighs20:15
pleia2nhandler: can you please look in here before posting next time? :)20:15
nhandlerpleia2: I would have if I had IRC access at the time. I was still at school, so rather limited (I did reply to the email saying I would add it though). Sorry for the duplication of work20:52
pleia2nhandler: ah ok, I had mine posted before you replied to the thread (I started working on it as soon as I let it through the moderation queue)20:53
zkriessenhandler: Hey dude, you wouldn't happen to know where S-Fox resides on IRC would ya?20:53
nhandlerpleia2: Cheater ;)20:53
pleia2zkriesse: #ubuntu-beginners, but she's not online 24/720:53
zkriessepleia2: Hmmm..always thought s/he was a he20:54
nhandlerzkriesse: ##ufbt as well20:55
zkriessenhandler: I'm not allowed to go there :P20:55
nhandlerAnyway, this is a bit off-topic for here ;)20:56

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