ubottuLogan_ called the ops in #ubuntu ()00:46
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bazhang<Leakin> yes hello does the latest ubuntu have support for MSI installers06:50
rwwBells ringing: ident, "yes hello" trollsign, failquestion.06:50
bazhangcheck the ident06:50
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Gartralhello, i am unable to send too #ubuntu, why?08:45
Tm_TGartral: hi, apparently you are using web gateway08:46
Gartralyes, that's because im on a system that can not handle a local irc client.08:47
Gartral(Google CR-48)08:47
Tm_TGartral: I don't know what's our official stance about irccloud.com, but as it doesn't provide any means to identify your ip, our systems cannot check if you can let be talk in the channel08:48
Tm_TGartral: let me see if I can help08:49
GartralTm_T: if you talk with the folks in #freenode, you'll see that IRCcloud is a startup irc client and server, with bnc-like logging. They seem too have some agreement.. i'm not too sure on the details of it though.08:51
Tm_TGartral: yup, problem is it doesn't provide means to do excempting automatically, so I'm going to do it manually08:52
GartralI see..08:52
Gartralthank you.08:52
Tm_TGartral: try now08:53
GartralTm_T: Success! thank you!08:54
Tm_TGartral: np, feel free to leave this channel (:08:54
GartralBut this channel is my friend.. :p thanks again, and have a good day!08:55
topyliirccloud is a problem indeed08:57
gordhttp://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2011/16mar_supermoon/ - prepare for the craaazies09:20
topyliaardvark has gone much more quiet and less useful since being acquired by google. somehow i'm not surprised09:25
topylialso, wrong channel09:27
Tm_T@mark #ubuntu Quintin showing hostility towards the other users09:45
ubottuThe operation succeeded.09:45
PiciHave we had any issues with the behavior of irccloud users?11:48
Tm_Trno idea11:48
nhandlerI haven't seen any Pici11:50
nhandlerIsn't it still in a private beta? Or did it open up?11:50
Picinhandler: Well this is the second user that has shown up with the same issue.  Its at least getting more popular.11:51
nhandlerYeah, you still need an invite11:56
bazhangmindware seems to offer odd advice14:14
gnomefreakodd == bad?14:23
bazhanguninstall pidgin, reboot, etc at junctures14:24
gnomefreakodd seems right. its not bad but its just ick14:25
PiciWhat is he even going on about?14:27
bazhanggirls names for neosano's computer14:27
EvilPhoenixwhoops sorry i clicked the wrong join button :P15:29
rwwFlannel: just caught jimmy_birer in #ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic again, removed them for ban evasion19:08
Flannelrww: Thankee19:09
rwwubottu: tell gamedev about 133720:14
bazhang<nerdshell> what could happen if I run kill -9 init*21:07

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