guillemhsjibel, are you there?09:38
guillemhsi have one question for you09:42
primes2hHello jibel.16:24
jibelHi primes2h , how are you ?16:24
primes2hjibel: fine, thanks :-) you?16:24
jibelprimes2h, great!16:25
primes2hjibel: did you notice the last addition I did about lsusb text field?16:26
primes2hI saw you didn't put last things on server so I added that.16:27
jibelprimes2h, I requested the publication, just after I did the merge, it may takes up some time depending on the load of the team.16:29
jibelprimes2h, but this change I can do :-)16:29
primes2hjibel: Ah ok, that's nice116:30
primes2hjibel: So, In order to prepare the tracker, fake milestone have to be deleted, and stable releases as Lucid and Maverick have to be added, as well as Natty Alpha 3. do you think it's worth or is better to wait Beta 1?16:32
jibelprimes2h, Beta freeze is in 6 days and release 1 week after, I think we can wait for it.16:37
primes2hjibel: ok, but stable releases can be added I guess.16:38
jibelprimes2h, sure, I'll add them16:47
primes2hjibel: thanks, see you then, have a nice we.16:49

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