iheartubuntu1I am going up for Ubuntu membership now, so if anyone wants to pop into room #ubuntu-meeting and put in a good word for me, i'd be super thrilled :) thanks00:15
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seidoshey MarkDude00:48
jledbetterCongratulations, iheartubuntu100:51
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pleia2yay iheartubuntu1!00:53
iheartubuntu1OMG! Ubuntu!00:53
iheartubuntu1i probably shouldnbt say that now00:53
iheartubuntu1no questions or anything?00:53
pleia2it's good to have a thorough wiki page00:54
iheartubuntu1wow, i need a beer00:55
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jledbetteriheartubuntu1, :p ;)00:56
iheartubuntu1IRC from webchat sucks, especially during a meeting00:57
seiunoi feel awkward, like iheartubuntu1 just had a kid, and i don't really know what to say to him00:57
MarkDudehello seiuno00:57
iheartubuntu1name the kid!00:57
seiunowinner :P00:57
seiunoah, that's too deluded00:57
seiunoperhaps Rahula is more appropriate00:58
MarkDudeseiuno, CONGRATS! On your ability to mke little humans00:58
iheartubuntu1now, back to work00:58
seiunospawn is probably more accurate00:58
seiunomake involves...i dunno...work00:59
iheartubuntu1(why did i say my age, why did i say my age) i feel elderly now00:59
seiunogo and be 12 for a little while01:00
pleia2iheartubuntu1: s'ok, MarkDude is wicked old01:00
* pleia2 hugs MarkDude 01:00
seiunoMarkDude is wicked young.  He's like 801:00
iheartubuntu1ok, like twice my age01:00
akkoh, darn, I missed it -- how old is iheartubuntu1? (younger than I am, I'll guess)01:00
iheartubuntu1well, i'll never be older than 39 anyways01:01
iheartubuntu1i was just 30 a year or two ago too01:01
iheartubuntu1i still get carded if that counts01:01
pleia2actually the ubuntu community has quite the age range01:01
jledbetteriheartubuntu1, I joined late but noticed lots of folks did ages. I don't get it either :)01:01
seiunoage is kind of arbitrary, if you look and feel 18, but were born 50 years ago, how old are you?01:01
jtatumit's a mathematical fact01:02
iheartubuntu1i had recently read pleia2 article in full circle interviewing a grandmother. thats exciting01:02
pleia2I got this tea with lunch and it's really quite awful, I don't know why I keep drinking it01:02
pleia2yeah, valorie :) she's awesome01:02
jledbetterpleia2, Cause of the mug it's in?01:02
pleia2jledbetter: it's from a can :\01:03
iheartubuntu1some mugs are radioactive actually01:03
akkbananas are radioactive too01:03
jledbetterpleia2, Ew01:03
* iheartubuntu1 stick geiger counter to a banana01:03
jledbetteriheartubuntu1, I see a radioactive pattern with you ;)01:03
pleia2he's growing a godzilla in his garden01:04
pleia2it's the only way to explain the fascination01:04
jledbetterAh. Well, that is pretty awesome.01:04
jledbetteriheartubuntu1, I wanna see it01:04
iheartubuntu1see what01:04
pleia2the baby godzilla!01:04
iheartubuntu1i am?01:05
iheartubuntu1ohh yes01:05
jtatumthis may have just crossed a line01:05
iheartubuntu1i am01:05
iheartubuntu1i just fed him his iodide too :)01:05
jtatum(asking to see iheartubuntu1's baby godzilla)01:05
pleia2s'why you grow 200lbs of food a year01:05
jledbetteriheartubuntu1, Such a good daddy :D01:05
iheartubuntu1he wont glow tomorrow01:05
jledbetterjtatum, Sorry. :(01:05
* akk has a little stuffed mozilla that could play baby godzilla01:05
pleia2akk: aww :)01:05
iheartubuntu1he will get gigantic with the banana tree01:05
iheartubuntu1actually, i dont have a banana tree yet01:06
iheartubuntu1good idea tho01:06
akkbananas don't grow well in CA, I think I've heard?01:06
iheartubuntu1i have two cherry trees, two apple trees, two peaches, 4 blueberries, 1 clementine, 1 navel orange01:06
iheartubuntu1now i think we will move ina few years01:07
iheartubuntu1up the street and keep this place... maybe for inlaws or something01:07
seiunodo they produce a good amount of fruit?01:07
akkMy baby apple tree is just starting to leaf out from its bare branches (so I haven't killed it yet :)01:07
iheartubuntu1and a bunch of veggies still going01:08
iheartubuntu1i need to plan my spring crop01:08
seiunoi'd like to grow beans, but i can't walk through walls01:08
akkwalk through walls?01:08
seiunoa metahpor.  i don't own this place.01:08
* akk had a great crop of green beans one year but has failed with them every other year01:08
seiunometah-por, who talks like that?01:09
iheartubuntu1last autumn ui matched up my cherry tree with another one... now ive got two trees filled with cherries starting to come in! and people said i couldnt do cherries in socal :) ha!01:09
pleia2green beans and mint are the only things I ever successfully grew01:09
pleia2there was a cucumber once, but the groundhogs wanted it01:09
seiunoi haven't grown anything yet01:09
seiunomy cucumbers were slaughtered by the lawn mower men01:09
akkI had cucumbers one year, two kinds ... and discovered that really I'm not that interested in eating cucumber.01:09
iheartubuntu1did you report them01:09
pleia2groundhogs are fluffy and cute, and they had babies, so I let them have it01:09
seiunoi'd have to ask my dad about the cilantro i planted01:10
akkI like them in theory but in practice it's just never quite the right time to eat a cuke.01:10
iheartubuntu1you might have been awarded a lifetime supply of cucs01:10
akkSame problem as growing zuccini.01:10
seiunomy cooking and eating philosophy is quite simple.  food, in bowl, eat.01:10
seiunoit does shed light on staple foods01:10
iheartubuntu1i didnt like cucs until my wife made a salad.... cucs, tomatoes, pepper, sour cream01:10
pleia2zucchini bread is one of my favorite things in the world01:10
seiunomeat isn't a staple food for me her at moms01:11
pleia2but that only uses one of the 500 zucchinis that end up growing :)01:11
seiunosome interesting things i've had are pie with beans and pizza, and ice cream + chocolate syrup + doritos + cheese crisps01:11
* MarkDude feels like 90 today01:11
pleia2MarkDude: aw :\01:11
akkTrue, I do love zuccini bread01:11
akkthough I don't think it's because of the zucchini in it :)01:12
* seiuno feels worn out today too01:12
seiunoi even rolled around on the floor a bit01:12
seiunohip move, rolls01:12
jledbetterfor the static electricity for recharging?01:12
seiunono, for movement01:13
seiunotrying to increase energy level01:13
jledbetterLike yoga?01:13
seiunoyeah, i guess01:13
seiunowell, yoga is static01:13
akkI had to do evercises/stretches at Toastmasters ... somebody gave a speech on exercises you should do for 5 minutes every hour and a half when working a chair job.01:13
seiunothis isn't01:13
iheartubuntu1i do not recommend sticking your finger into a wall socket to recharge01:13
jledbetteriheartubuntu1, Yeah, didn't work for me either :(01:13
iheartubuntu1i was in toastmasters01:13
akkShe had us all doing shoulder rolls and lunges and piies01:13
iheartubuntu1in bwai scouts01:13
seiunoi do not recommend stepping on a nail01:13
pleia2iheartubuntu1: one of my little sisters did that once, a hospital trip followed (she was fine, just a little singed)01:14
jtatumjledbetter was tmoty in her district01:14
iheartubuntu1sitting on a plane for 13 hours isnt fun eitherl. have to get up and walk around01:14
pleia2actually, she stuck a penny between the socket and a lamp plugged into it01:14
pleia2I thought it was funny :)01:15
akkI hate those 13-hour flights! Even with walking around now and then.01:15
pleia2<me> "heather flew!" <parents> AAHAHAHA OMGDS01:15
seiunoi never shocked myself from a wall plug, but i did scorch a measuring tape when i was redoing the wiring in the kitchen of my old place01:15
seiunomusical chairs, when the music stops, better have some $ saved01:15
akkI got a buzz from a wall plug once but I guess I pulled away fast enough to avoid anything worse.01:16
MarkDudeput all of my effiort to help a friend- she ended up causing drama- creating more work for me, good intent can be useless01:16
seiunohmmm, i have been shocked before.  maybe it was from a plug...i don't recall.01:16
iheartubuntu1markdude - installing linux?01:16
iheartubuntu1i was shocked a few minutes ago actually :)01:17
iheartubuntu1in the #ubuntu-meeting room01:17
seiunoi only help those who ask for it...usually01:17
iheartubuntu1im heading to this old guys house on the weekend to put ubuntu on his system.01:18
MarkDudeiheartubuntu1, I would be more willing to to speak abou tit in Another CHANNEL #wc\u perhps01:19
iheartubuntu1i screwed around for 3 hours on XP trying to get things going for him01:19
seiunothat sounds like my mom, and that guy i tried to help in SF01:19
iheartubuntu1he couldnt print etc. pop in the ubuntu disc and he was really happy01:19
seiunodoesn't want to invest any work in learning a new system01:19
akkbetter not ever upgrade to a new version of windows either :)01:20
iheartubuntu1the system im using now has win7 on it also.01:20
seiunoyou mean the minor changes they make to the interface?01:20
iheartubuntu1i bought it for my wife but she is giving it to her relatives, so until then i have ubuntu dual boot01:21
seiunoshe gets her support from my cousin, since he has lived here longer than i have01:21
iheartubuntu1the windows side is horrible. everything keeps popping up01:21
seiunoyeah, dual boot.  that is probably the way to go with my mom.01:21
iheartubuntu1norton, mcaffee, msoffice trials, aol01:21
seiunobut then, she can get a reinstall of windows from my cousin01:21
seiunothe realities of competition :)01:22
akkpopping up ... I love when windows people give talks, and 2 minutes into the talk some dialog pops up saying "Do you want to update this app?'"01:22
akkor an IM from someone01:22
seiunoi don't watch people give windows talks01:23
seiunohow boring01:23
akkI saw one where a dialog kept popping up saying "WGA (or whatever) has detected that this is an unregistered copy of Powerpoint"01:23
iheartubuntu1has anyone here been to ferndale?01:23
iheartubuntu1Ferndale, CA01:24
iheartubuntu1just south of eureka01:24
iheartubuntu1nice little victorian city01:24
iheartubuntu1picked mushrooms in the forest :) (i know, busted)01:25
seiunodid you have lucid dreams?01:26
iheartubuntu1not those kind01:26
iheartubuntu1russians know mushrooms01:26
iheartubuntu1its like a hobby01:26
seiunoi know a little bit of everything, but not anything entirely01:28
seiunosome of the things i am good at must not be spoken of01:29
seiunodid you see that movie with steve carell, "Dan in Real Life"?01:30
seiunoDan didn't either01:32
* iheartubuntu1 needs to get some food in him01:47
iheartubuntu1not feed. feed is for animals.01:47
iheartubuntu1i almost said feed01:47
iheartubuntu1baahhh baaahh01:47
seiunoaren't humans animals?  :P01:47
seiunoanimals trying not to be animals01:47
akkI am, anyway.01:48
seiunoit is a problem with taxonomy if we say we aren't animals01:48
seiunoi am not an animal in my own head :)01:49
iheartubuntu1so a banana equals about 0.1 μSv01:51
iheartubuntu1thats going to take a ton of bananas to show up on my geiger counter01:51
seiunoplatanos for the win01:52
seiunoi hear bananas are evil01:52
seiunofrom my dreadlock nomad friend01:52
seiunoshe is a chef that studied agriculture01:53
seiunoi met her in SF at an Ubuntu Hour, actually01:53
pleia2she's great :)01:53
seiunoshe may be in the LA area still, we met up a few times while she was waiting to set sail in Long Beach01:53
seiunoshe has mentioned a few times to me that she wants to be a jedi :P01:54
iheartubuntu1nice name01:54
iheartubuntu1i could get used to it easy01:54
iheartubuntu1sure beat Mr or Mrs Doom & gloom01:55
seiunopushing without brow furrowed, not easy01:55
seiunoi saw Royce Gracie doing it01:55
iheartubuntu1maybe you are her jedi?01:55
seiunohaha Dr. Doom01:55
iheartubuntu1do YOU have a gozdilla in your backyard?01:55
seiunoi forget his first name...Vincent von Doom i think01:56
seiunono, i'm no jedi01:56
iheartubuntu1gozdilla, i mean godzilla01:56
iheartubuntu1you could be a jedi01:56
iheartubuntu1its all in the mind01:56
seiunothat is political incorrect considering what Alex Jones said about japanese01:56
seiunoi can't walk through walls01:57
seiunoit's an interesting philosophical question01:57
seiunowhat makes one a jedi?01:57
seiunoa lightsaber?01:57
iheartubuntu1Seidos ... Size matters not, ... Look at me. Judge me by size, do you?01:57
seiunothe closest thing i have to a light saber is a cell phone01:57
seiunodepends what you mean by "judge"01:58
iheartubuntu1"I cannot believe it. That is why you fail"01:58
seiunomy take on it:  "i can believe it."  "that's why you're in hell"01:59
iheartubuntu1seidos -- you need to act. “Do or do not... there is no try.”01:59
seiunogive me a script01:59
seiunoi wrote one awhile ago, but it's pretty...er...different ;)02:00
seiunothe irony of that do or not do not statement is yoda was talking about using telekinesis02:00
seiunowhich i have "do notted" many times02:00
iheartubuntu1it happens to every guy sometimes this does.]02:00
iheartubuntu1“Foreplay, cuddling - a Jedi craves not these things”02:01
iheartubuntu1(yoda said that???)02:01
seiunomaybe yaddle did02:01
seiunoyoda's supposed girlfriend02:02
iheartubuntu1yoda should do XXX movies then. here is another “Who's your Jedi master? WHO'S your Jedi Master?”02:02
seiunoand i think it was "adventure and excitement that a jedi doesn't crave"02:02
* iheartubuntu1 deletes yoda visual from memory02:03
seiunothat is so wrong...because yoda has more important things to do with his time02:03
iheartubuntu1“Urm. Put a shield on my saber I must”02:03
seiunothe cool thing about light sabers are they're the sword and sheath built into one02:03
iheartubuntu1“Ahhh! Yoda's little friend you seek!”02:04
iheartubuntu1this is one wrong movie02:04
seiuno"say hello to my little friend!"  stabs with lightsaber02:04
seiuno"yoda face"02:04
seiunoi'm thinking that a driver that isn't written well, or specifically for a device, could cause hardware damage02:40
akkShould be very rare. Most hardware shouldn't be damageable by software, except in the sense of accelerated wear.02:42
seiunoi dunno, i am speculating02:45
seiunoi do love that word "should"02:45
seiunoi can't fathom *how* it would cause damage02:47
seiunowhat's going on philipballew02:51
seiunoi'm trying to think of how it's possible to push a monitor harder than it can handle02:52
iheartubuntuhi philipballew02:52
seiunoi guess sending a level of electricity that breaks the thing02:52
iheartubuntuthanks so much for the mention on my wiki02:52
seiunoand somehow that relates to resolution @ some hz02:52
iheartubuntujust played 4 laps on supertuxkart with 20 AIs... ran nice!02:53
iheartubuntuwish that was multiplayer already02:53
seiunolasertag is multiplayer02:54
iheartubuntuthat it is02:54
seiunoso is darttag02:54
iheartubuntuso is war02:54
seiunobut i suspect people will cheat at darttag02:54
seiunowar is not a game02:54
seiunoit is a show02:55
iheartubuntuwhich theater of battle02:55
seiunoi'm not sure why the phrase "war is hell" has become cliche02:56
iheartubuntuso right now for our monthly games night the top contenders are open arena (or some 1st person), frozen bubble, chess, monopoly02:56
iheartubuntuopen arena migh be the only multiplayer that allows large amounts of players02:56
seiunoi can't play open arena, 3d acceleration is non-existent on my notebook02:57
iheartubuntuchess is 202:57
iheartubuntuso we would have to break into teams02:57
iheartubuntusame for monopoly02:57
seiunochess works02:57
iheartubuntui just saw someone walk by me in the library, yet there is no one02:57
seiunouh oh, you're jumping at shadows02:58
iheartubuntui need to try frozen bubble02:58
seiunonever heard of it02:58
iheartubuntui think the poker game is multiplayer too02:58
seiunoi wonder if warcraft 2 would work in wine02:58
iheartubuntupoker TH02:59
seiunosomething with good game mechanics, but retro graphics02:59
seiunooh and multiplayer support02:59
seiunoso i can play on my notebook with intel graphics :P03:00
philipballewhello iheartubuntu!03:00
akkfrozen bubble is strangely addictive03:00
akkbut probably not a good multiplayer game03:01
iheartubuntuhi philip!03:01
iheartubuntuwtg.com is an online golf game03:01
iheartubuntufree to play and great multiplayer03:01
philipballewi could never find a solid game to play for gold besides that one03:03
philipballewnever compared to tiger woods on my p.s.03:03
philipballewbut that does03:03
iheartubuntuPoker TH has online multiplayer!03:03
iheartubuntuwe could do max 10 people per game03:03
iheartubuntumaybe do a tree03:03
iheartubuntuwinners advance or something03:04
iheartubuntutry it out. install Poker TH from software center03:10
philipballewthe odd random software never advertised in the software can be pterry cool03:13
seiunocharlie sheen's picture:  http://twitpic.com/4agt5j03:15
seiunofor his "violent torpedo of truth" show03:15
seiunodid Steve Irwin have long enough hair to be considered a hippie?03:19
iheartubuntui get kicked outta here in 30 min03:21
seiunoi wonder if yoda ever asked a lady: "judge me by my size do you?"03:24
philipballewi would have no idea03:30
seiunohaha, i have an even better one03:31
seiunoi wonder if Yoda ever asked a Size Queen: "judge me by my size do you?"03:31
seiunodang, that's like some immovable object and unstoppable force meeting or something03:31
seiuno"Assaj Ventress was a size queen."  that might make an interesting t-shirt.03:32
philipballewclone wars...03:33
seiunoold republic...03:35
seiunoi should unsubscribe to like 50% of my rss feeds03:35
seiunoto like?  who talks like that?!03:35
seiuno"A new analysis of the 8.9-magnitude earthquake in Japan has found that the intense temblor has accelerated Earth's spin, shortening the length of the 24-hour day by 1.8 microseconds, according to geophysicist Richard Gross at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif."03:36
seiunodoes that mean we're aging slower now or quicker?03:37
seiunoi couldn't get natty to boot, either from live usb or in vbox03:37
akkI wish someone would explain that when they report it. Is it just because of angular momentum because some of the ocean floor subducted? If so, don't volcanoes and seafloor spreading slow the spin down?03:37
* akk hates "science" reports that just throw numbers around without explaining them03:38
philipballewi cant get the unity to work in vbox myself03:38
philipballewi gave up because i lack the time to put into it03:38
seiunoi don't even necessarily believe it03:41
seiunoi doubt that it impacts me at all03:42
iheartubuntucheck out my screenshot of pokerth  http://imagebin.org/14363103:44
iheartubuntuits highly skinnable too03:44
iheartubuntuswitch card styles03:45
iheartubuntudifferent backgrounds etc03:45
iheartubuntulibrary is closing03:45
iheartubuntuoutta here03:45
iheartubuntusee yall! thanks to seiuno philipballew darkwingduck and pleia2 :)03:46
Guest28722it said i was identified04:30
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seiunothe newest ubuntubytes comic: http://ubuntubytescomic.blogspot.com/04:33
jtatumwhy did they change sudo04:34
jledbetterbut ubuntu doesn't bite :(04:38
seiunono, it bytes04:41
iheartubuntuyah he got back on belts17:46
iheartubuntuwhoops :)17:48
iheartubuntuwrong tab!17:48
iheartubuntui will be ordering here in an hour or so from the ubuntu store if anyone is still interested17:48
iheartubuntu(is stretching to the last final minute :) )17:49
seiunowhat are you gonna' get?17:51
iheartubuntui want a shirt17:54
iheartubuntuand i want a mouse17:54
iheartubuntumouse looks futureistic17:54
DarkwingDuckI just wish they had Kubuntu items17:55
seiunothey have a kubuntu stress ball17:57
seiunoi noticed it because i need to find my old stress ball so i can practice my juggling17:57
DarkwingDuckIt's the onld branding17:57
seiunowhat does the new branding look like?17:58
seiunohuh, interesting17:59
seiunoit's more differentiated.  i kind of liked the old branding18:00
seiunoit made me think of "gear heads"18:00
seiunoi'm not sure what the branding is supposed to be.  are those gears?  or crowns?18:04
akkI just hope they're not getting rid of the dancing squid and the golden shrimp.18:05
akkbouncing squid18:06
DarkwingDuckseiuno: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuArtwork18:06
DarkwingDuckThat's a better picture to include SVG18:06
seiunoohhh, maybe it's like pieces forming a single gear18:07
DarkwingDuckIt's still gearish18:07
DarkwingDuckand it kept the Ubuntu tri thing18:07
seiunoyeah, the "group hug"18:08
seiunoi think it would be cool if the center of the logo was a different color18:08
seiunomaybe black18:08
iheartubuntulast call to pick something from ubuntu store18:18
* iheartubuntu likes the gear on the new kubuntu logo18:18
seiunodang, my friend in brazil got robbed today18:19
seiunothey stole his cell phone on the bus18:22
seiunowith a two handed choke to the neck18:28
iheartubuntusorry to hear18:29
seiunohe came out of it all right, but now we're speculating on what should be done in the future18:34
seiunofor some reason chromium is loading pages faster than firefox19:12
seiunolike 2x faster19:17
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seiunoit's weird, i get a msg from nickserv saying i was identified, and yet i'm a guest19:41
seiunoi thought this was interesting:  In the Majjhima Nikaya (Sutta No.135) the Buddha has said: “Actions (kamma) are one’s very own; actions are one’s inheritance; actions are one’s source of origin; actions are one’s kith and kin; actions are one’s support; actions divide beings, that is to say, into lowness and excellence.”19:58
seiunoi wonder if it's true.  seems like it might be.19:58
iheartubuntuI think its completely true20:03
iheartubuntuactions definitely define people20:03
iheartubuntuthere could be one guy who is happy go lucky and doesnt get much done (although hes good at drinkin' beer), and then there could be another guy who studies, becomes knowledgeable and applies his skills can do more than the guy who didnt20:05
iheartubuntuBilly Currington - Pretty Good at Drinkin' Beer20:07
seiunoi think i'm more like the beer drinker, except instead of beer it's cranberry juice20:07
iheartubuntu(found the vid when I was into my country music phase for a week)20:07
seiunoi'll see how long i can sit through it20:07
iheartubuntuso you are good at drinking cranberry juice?20:08
seiunoi'm getting this show "surviving the cut"20:08
seiunoi am proficient at it20:08
seiunogotta' remake this song and instead of beer say juice20:10
seiunoof course, i'd need a microphone, and some talent20:11
seiunoi should be helping an old lady cross the street20:12
seiunoquite a few people had beagle boards at SCaLE20:12
seiunothis one's terrible:  http://www.smbc-comics.com/?db=comics&id=668#comic20:15
seiunohey MarkDude20:15
MarkDudehttp://www.coreboot.org/GSoC coreboot is now part of GCoC20:15
seiunowhere is GSoC held?20:17
seiunoohhhh, linux bios20:17
seiunothat's awesome stuff20:17
seiunolike magic!20:17
seiunotwinkie magic :)20:17
seiunoit's not a joke.  i am serious.  :|20:18
seiunodoes Partimus sell systems with coreboot bios?20:19
pleia2partimus doesn't sell systems20:19
pleia2and no, the systems we deploy don't use coreboot20:20
MarkDudeseiuno, by the end of Summer if not sooner Coreboot will be an option for a few companies aat least20:23
MarkDudeAnd yes it IS magic20:24
* seiuno waves his pen20:29
seiunoi use a cloth napkin when i eat :)20:31
seiunospeaking of magic, i need to build a collection of commands i.e. lego pieces20:35
seiunoi'm not really sure what i want to build.  perhaps i should consider trying to take something apart, like empathy or something20:35
seiunoi wish programs were just one long file, i'm sure there is a reason why files need to be separated out20:36
MarkDudeseiuno, have you seen the learn to program game for kids- it is a great way to jump in20:47
seiunoi've already gotten started, i just haven't gotten finished :)20:53
seiunoMarkDude: is it in the repositories?  i'll check it out20:53
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seiunoi was doing project euler for awhile20:55
seiunobut i got stuck on #8, and haven't been motivated to do it20:55
seiunoi worked on my site a bit last night20:55
iheartubuntui was looking through my NASA app on my phone called "3D Sun" and notice two massive solar flares before the Japanese Earthquake. Interesting.20:55
seiunoi think i'm going to have to move to a CMS, but i'm not really motivated to use wordpress again.20:56
seiunoa large enough solar flare is the solution to all our problems20:56
seiunoif rebirth is true...20:57
iheartubuntuone flare on the 10th considered to be a behemoth and another on the 11th which was directed onto the northern hemesphere producing some of the best northern lights seen in years.20:57
seiunowhoa weird, where would everybody end up if there was a solar flare that consumed the whole planet, and rebirth is true?20:57
seiunoi think i am most interested in what happens to me after i die20:57
seiunoand if the answer is nothing, then i am most interested in contented survival20:58
seiunothe end.  pass the beans.20:58
seiunosomebody tell my psychiatrist i solved my soul20:58
iheartubuntuim using blogger which i find a bit easier than wordpress for some reason. plus blogger is going to be updating their site within the month to modernize it a great deal.20:59
seiunoi had 2 blogger sites20:59
jtatumthis channel is getting way too weird for me.20:59
seiunoi had 320:59
seiunoi'm sorry jtatum20:59
iheartubuntujtatum which part20:59
seiunoi'll leave20:59
seiunowho has two thumbs and makes things weird?20:59
seiuno*this guy*20:59
iheartubuntui guess it wasnt george washington21:00
iheartubuntuim finding some interesting games for our monthly games night. i will be sending a note to the mailing list after i play some games this weekend :) :) :) research, ya know?21:07
MarkDudeGeeknic is cancelled21:38
MarkDudeWe will still be meeting at Saxbys tomorrow21:39
MarkDudewe have some board games - monopoly, connect four, etc as well as a few multiplayer video games also21:40
MarkDudewho has an extra USB joystick?21:40
* MarkDude is going on a quick contract- will be done after 6 I think21:51
iheartubuntufluxbox has crashed on one system here. wont log in anymore21:59
jtatumwhat time at saxbys22:01
=== erichammond1 is now known as erichammond
iheartubuntuhi akk23:26
MarkDudeThey are sending out a press-re-lease - am NOW confirmed as the keynote for ABLEconf23:27
MarkDudeHello akk23:27
akkhey, haven't seen you in a while, MarkDude23:27
MarkDudeThe more I pay attention to the way you do things23:27
MarkDudethe more my star rises23:28
MarkDudeBeen really busy helping a friend of mine- she had a reaction to her epilepsy meds23:28
akkow, that doesn't sound good23:28
akkIs she okay now?23:28
MarkDudeSHe is better for the most part23:28
MarkDudejust dropped a card , plant and some flowers to her house23:29
MarkDudeAs well as a bird feeder for her to help kill some time23:29
iheartubuntuwow that is very nice23:31
MarkDudeWell she has all sorts of drama going on in her life23:33
akkHaving a friend come by and bring you stuff when you're sick can be such a lifesaver.23:36
* MarkDude isheaded to do a contract for a friend- I think it will involve attaching a cable23:57
MarkDudeGeeknic is cancelled- we are meeting at Saxbys to play some borad games- maybe some cards as well as video games23:58

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