mhall119Next team meeting is going to be March 22nd, add any agenda items you want here: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/team/52/detail/01:05
ShawnRam i just missing the point? should i not be able to create a raid with mdadm by using UUIDs?01:32
ShawnRwouldn't that maintain the raid integrity if i move things around (add a drive or move a cable) and it gets assigned a different /dev/sd letter?01:33
Epidemiccan I add an agenda item about discussing how awesome I am? :D02:50
mhall119Epidemic: only if you're going to be around to actually discuss it02:51
mhall119but be prepared to backup your assertions ;)02:51
Epidemicneed a meeting in the west palm area but have no idea where it could be hosted02:52
mhall119it can be a coffee shop somewhere02:52
mhall119or panera02:53
mhall119even a mcdonalds if you want02:53
Epidemici've enver even been to one honestly... a "jam" that is... not panera :P02:53
mhall119there's not much to a jam, it's just getting 2 or more people together to work on a common task02:53
Epidemicwhich is?02:53
mhall119one of the easiest ones is testing the development release of Ubuntu02:54
mhall119download the ISO and burn it to CD or a USB thumb drive, then either run it live of (preferably) install it on some hardware, if you find a bug report it02:54
mhall119if you're bi-lingual, you can also do translations of apps in launchpad.net02:55
mhall119and of course, writing documentation for any app is always a good was to contribute02:55
EpidemicI don't know how you guys do it, I barely have enough time just to boot my ubuntu box lol02:57
mhall119we keep ours booted ;(02:59
Epidemicsaving for a wedding... don't have the money for that02:59
mhall119you don't have the money to keep your computer booted??03:01
mhall119you can always suspend instead of shutting down03:03
Epidemicnot for the electricity03:03
mhall119do you have a laptop or desktop?03:03
mhall119well if you're shutting it down anyway, Ubuntu boots pretty fast these days03:04
Epidemichonestly, i'm on the computer all day long, so wehn I get home, the only time i'm on the computer is gaming03:04
Epidemicactually, it's pretty sweet how fast the 10.10 boots03:05
jck77good morning and happy Friday14:11
maxolasersquadjck77: Good Friday and happy morning.14:15
jck77its 5:30 yet? damn what a boring Friday!! cant wait to go home19:20
RoAkSoAxitnet7: ping21:18

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