thafreakMorning Ohio14:52
thafreakAnyone ever play with the tahoe grid filesystem?14:53
canthus13Never even heard of it.17:29
thafreakthe security is pretty well thought out17:35
thafreakso you can actually store stuff on the public grid, and no one will be able to access it but your gatway node17:36
thafreakI'm thinking about setting up storage nodes at any possible location I can...just don't know if I have enough to make it redundant17:36
* BiosElement sighs19:06
BiosElementPlanet Ubuntu/KDE really need to start removing some people >.<19:06
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Unit193What's going on there?19:07
BiosElementEh, idiotic political posts that have null to do with ubuntu, kde, programming, computers or anything of the sort even remotely related.19:08
BiosElementWebkit will take over the world.19:10
Unit193Firefox doesn't use it ;)19:10
BiosElementSucks to be Mozilla then19:11
BiosElementThey're being totally out-developed at the moment19:11
Unit193FF4 is looking good (but *very* late...)19:14
BiosElementLate and not terribly innovative really.19:16
djoefsm help us from 'innovation'19:20
BiosElementOr not.19:22
djoebecause, you know, I think that's what is really missing in the world right now--enough browser innovation.19:30
djoeI suppose it keeps the kids off the streets and out of gangs, though.19:31
djoeand it presents less threat to life and limb than being an NFL player.19:31
BiosElementYou seem to underestimate how big a difference technology can make >.<19:42
djoewell, I realize more and more the older I get just how limited I am.19:49
djoeBut I think I have a decent grasp of the differences technology can make.19:50
djoebut perhaps even more than you, what a pittance the 'technology' you're talking about constitutes in the broader scheme of technology.19:50
BiosElementFor a tool that's only been mainstream for barely 15-20 years, it's done some amazing things I don't think anyone can deny. Even taking into account that computers in-general are really still quite young, they've managed to change the world and I think most would say for the better. If no one innovated and tried new ideas, we'd still be living in caves.19:53
djoeDDT was innovative19:54
djoeman, meningitis sucks.19:54
djoeBiosElement: to which tool do you refer that has been mainstream for 15-20 years?19:55
canthus13djoe: The George Foreman grill.19:55
djoecanthus13: pretty sure that isn't it.19:55
canthus13djoe: I think he means desktop/laptop computers.19:55
djoeare those really 15 years old?19:55
canthus13djoe: About.. they came out in the early 90's iirc.19:56
djoeI'm just wondering what value of "mainstream" we're using here.19:56
canthus13djoe: Probably coinciding with the introduction of the web to the general public... around 1994/1995.19:57
djoewell, the web certainly wasn't mainstream then19:57
* djoe installed NCSA httpd on a system around then.19:57
djoecase in point, this 1995 furor over how the Internet was good for nothing but porn http://w2.eff.org/Misc/Publications/Declan_McCullagh/www/rimm/time.html19:59
djoe"83.5 percent of all computerized photographs available on the Internet are pornographic"19:59
canthus13djoe: 1995 was about when web addresses started appearing on tv ads.19:59
djoethe Netcape IPO was then20:00
djoebut it's an odd sort of 'mainstream'20:00
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Cheri703holy freaking crap I want to punch the idiot who is parked in front of their house with their subwoofers blasting >.<22:53
Unit193Cheri703: EMP?23:13
Cheri703well, it finally stopped, but having a directional emp would be AMAZING23:13
* Unit193 would have too much fun with that...23:14
canthus13Cheri703: Meh. Stungun applied directly to the stereo works.23:23
Cheri703true, but I'd have to go over there and they'd know it was me. There's a big church a few doors down from my house, I'm thinking a small directional emp mounted up near the roof, able to be aimed from my house...heaven!23:24
canthus13Of course, if you're wielding a stun gun, they're not likely to retaliate.23:25
Cheri703depends how long it takes to cycle after a discharge23:26
canthus13Most people don't realize stun guns need to cycle.23:26
canthus13A molotov cocktail would be effective, too. :)23:28
* Unit193 is working on a friends laptop and named it Aegir (Capt. of Valhalla, Asgard mothership)23:28
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* Cheri703 is working on this: http://samurai-sudoku.com/23:54
Cheri703difficulty: fiendish23:54

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