MutantTurkeyhands all cramped D:00:14
InHisNamestill around, MutantTurkey ?01:22
InHisNameI LOVE vbox, MutantTurkey01:23
MutantTurkeyyeah still here01:23
InHisNameI don't need to use KVMs & 3 coumns of 5 PCs each any more.   Now just ONE killer box and vbox.01:24
InHisNameYou should try it out real soon, like tonight, MutantTurkey01:32
MutantTurkeyhah, on an intel atom no way01:32
InHisNameThat could be verrrrry interrrrestinggggg.01:33
MutantTurkeyverrrryyyy slowwwww more like.01:41
MutantTurkeyI get enough trouble compiling stuff.01:41
=== jackson_ is now known as jackson
InHisNameIt's morning, time to wake up everyone!14:15
* ChinnoDog throws alarm clock at InHisName 14:15
andrew[Alarm clock goes flying across the room, misses InHisName by mear inches.]14:16
* InHisName Notices that it bounces off the rooster and now ChinnoDog gets disturbed by all that crowing.14:17
ChinnoDogan alarm clock hitting a rooster from across the room would probably kill it14:18
ChinnoDogOr at least knock it out14:19
* ChinnoDog throws a limp rooster at InHisName 14:24
* ssweeny keeps quiet14:26
ChinnoDogSee, there are others trying to sleep in here14:26
* InHisName thanks ChinnoDog for the rooster, made great fried chicken dinner!14:27
andrew[ ChinnoDog misses InHisName with the limp rooster and instead hits pleia2 ]14:27
andrew[ ChinnoDog then watches the limp rooster bounch off pleia2 and land on Dossy ]14:28
InHisNameawww, poor pleia2, she didn't even 'keep quiet' and still got involved.14:28
andrew[ InHisName retreives the limp rooster and cooks it up, offering to share a small bith with pleia2 ]14:28
* Dossy is not dead, yet.14:29
andrew[ Dossy awakens ]14:29
InHisNamepleia2 can have the left wing and ssweeny can have the right wing.  (fried NOT buffaloed)14:30
InHisNameDossy being nearly dead is offered the chicken liver to boost his hemoglobloin (sp)14:31
DossyYAY, LIVER!14:31
InHisNameSince ChinnoDog is wanting to be late by throwing around alarm clocks & roosters ...  He can have the head, goodness he needs to catch up so he can get ahead in the world.14:40
ChinnoDogrooster brains are for rooster zombies14:41
ChinnoDogHowever, being that a rooster zombie would only come out at night it would be missing out on its favorite time of day14:45
ChinnoDogI don't eat turkey heads either.18:17
jedijfChinnoDog: you should join pacs next year19:22
jedijfone sat a month, drive down19:23
jedijf2-3pm turkey time at pacs19:23
jedijfit's the least you can do19:24
ChinnoDogI hope to be in DC next year19:24
PennBotSomebody said work is 1.5/1.5, jedijf19:25
andrewI think I said that, PennBot19:32
andrewBut soon, work will be much faster19:32
andrewAs soon as I respond to the quote for FiOS19:32
ChinnoDog@seen IrishmanLuke20:44
PennBotChinnoDog: IrishmanLuke was last seen in #ubuntu-us-pa 50 weeks, 0 days, 5 hours, 37 minutes, and 18 seconds ago: <Irishmanluke> ah20:44
jboyetteHello everyone20:59
ChinnoDoghi jboyette21:07
jboyettehey there ChinnoDog21:07
jboyetteGreetings everyone21:07
ChinnoDog@seen Can0beans21:55
PennBotChinnoDog: Can0beans was last seen in #ubuntu-us-pa 35 weeks, 0 days, 3 hours, and 45 seconds ago: <Can0beans> bts3685, so jealous21:55
ChinnoDoghi Can0beans21:56
Can0beansI've been lurking more recently than 35 weeks21:56
ChinnoDoglong time no type21:56
ChinnoDogoh. k.21:56
ChinnoDogPennBot does not count lurkers. Maybe he should.21:56
PennBotWish I knew, ChinnoDog.21:56
Can0beansYup, it's been awhile21:56
Can0beansAnd I'm actually just catching up on Reddit while I'm waiting for my shirt to dry ...on my way to get some nom-nom21:57

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