Xpistosmorning all15:02
wrstmorning :)15:07
XpistosHOLY SChnikies!15:21
XpistosWrst wife has just finished compiling for source!15:21
wrstha ha15:21
Xpistosand Brianna Kate version 1.0 has been released!15:21
cyberangerdepends: a good parent, food, water, nice home, plenty of attention16:50
cyberangerrecommends: double of depends ;-)16:50
cyberangerwrst: again, congrats17:05
vychunehey cyberanger long time no see17:09
cyberangernot too long, I idle here a bit17:09
vychunewhat you been up o?17:10
cyberangerunfortuntately simplistic week, between doing freelance, and looking for something stable, this week was pretty much work17:12
vychunemy job is driving EVERYONE crazy17:14
chibihogoshinowhy ?17:14
vychuneat one location there is only one full time worker17:15
chibihogoshinowhat is it17:15
vychunethe other has three full time17:15
vychunetax prep business. im ech support17:16
chibihogoshinowhy so unbalanced ?17:16
vychuneno one wants to help the shorthanded location17:18
vychuneo/ Kurisu_Yamato17:18
chibihogoshinocant someone just go over there instead of their current location ?17:18
vychunethey dont want to17:19
chibihogoshinowhy not17:19
Kurisu_Yamato<_< Hello. :)17:19
vychunethe shorthand locale is supposed to have four women17:20
chibihogoshinois it farther away ?17:20
vychuneso its kinda a battle of the sexes17:20
vychune3 men vs 4 women17:20
chibihogoshinothat dosnt make any sense17:20
vychunebut the only one able to work is the boss's dautgher17:21
vychunewhich is another situation17:21
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chibihogoshinoso send some guys over17:21
vychunenot my call17:22
vychuneboss is in florida17:22
vychuneon vacation17:22
chibihogoshinono one can make the decision but the boss ?17:23
vychuneso her daughter is acting owner. and no because they wont listen neone else17:24
chibihogoshinothey wont listen to her ?17:24
vychuneHELL NAW17:24
chibihogoshinothen she needs to tell some one to go there17:25
vychuneshe did17:25
chibihogoshinoand ?17:25
chibihogoshinowho did she tell ?17:25
vychuneim at the front desk -_-17:25
vychuneCyberanger: whats wrong?17:26
cyberangeryour mess it sounds like17:27
chibihogoshinoso your there ?17:27
chibihogoshinoso someone did go then17:27
chibihogoshinoso two people are there  ?17:27
vychuneby myself except for ms bowen running her store17:27
cyberangerso tax support, and tech support, is there really that many issues at a tax firm?17:28
cyberangerhere, minus the huge chains, H&R and what not, it's outsourced tech help17:29
cyberangerand the huge chains are in house17:29
vychunethe men location cant print without me being there because of the incompetence in management17:30
cyberangerso really it's incompetence support, ugh17:31
vychunein his words, i say, "ALL YOU GOTTA IS HIT PRINT, ARFF, ARFF, ARFF" (dmx reference)17:32
vychune*gotta do17:33
vychunehey whered everyone go?17:37
chibihogoshinoi dont know what to say to the 3rd to the last message ..17:42
cyberangerincompetence support?17:43
chibihogoshinothe dmx thing17:44
chibihogoshinoalso im trying to figure out what to do with this server thing i got17:46
cyberangerinstall ubuntu server on it?17:46
chibihogoshinoi did17:46
chibihogoshinobut other than that im not shur17:47
cyberangerare you a Media buff?17:56
chibihogoshinomedia i guess ..17:57
chibihogoshinoim thinking of a media server17:57
cyberangerIcecast then17:57
cyberangeror MPD17:57
chibihogoshinobut ill need to get more hard drives17:57
chibihogoshinoand they would have to be usb17:57
chibihogoshinoit had 6 40 gig hds17:59
cyberangerfor a server, how much storage are you seeking?18:00
chibihogoshino5 tb18:01
cyberangerlook for motherboard limitations18:02
chibihogoshino100 did of music is that much18:02
cyberangerat that size18:02
chibihogoshinogig ..18:02
cyberangerhard to say, I go high on quality18:03
cyberangerbut more than enough to start with18:03
chibihogoshinoyeah, thats not many songs18:03
cyberangersftp them outh18:03
chibihogoshinosftp ?18:04
cyberangerwell, I'm thinking of storage limitations, that would work around any18:05
chibihogoshinoi could get some external tb hds and use them18:06
cyberangerworth a try18:06
chibihogoshinoor sata i guess.. that would be faster18:06
chibihogoshinoi can never get samba working right18:09
cyberangerhence why I suggest sftp18:09
cyberangerover samba, every time18:09
chibihogoshinofor a media server ?18:13
chris4585sftp is great, I also love using sshfs18:14
cyberangerwell, ideally for a media server, internal rules, 5TB, might be too much18:14
cyberangerhardware limitations18:14
cyberangerdepends on your actual hardware, of course18:14
chibihogoshinoheh i didnt really mean that much.. maybe 3tb to start18:15
chibihogoshinothis is a ibm eserver x34518:16
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cyberangernetritious: you still got that server that costs as much as a house?22:55
netritiousit's not mine, it belongs to an associate of mine22:56
netritiousbut yeah it's still available22:56
netritiouswhy you need a place to live?22:57
cyberangerlol, no got a home, I just wondered, why the huge pricetag22:57
cyberangerand was that the orig. price or 1.5%22:58
netritiousthe orig price was $2m22:59
netritiousgot tied up in probate court and my associate owns a liquidation company23:00
cyberangerwhy such a high price then, did they TEMPTEST it for the DoD23:00
netritioushis buyer bailed so he is looking to remove it from inventory ASAP23:00
netritiousit's a fully loaded sunfire E25K23:01
cyberangerI didn't see the full specs, but I can't imagine a server for 35k23:01
cyberangerone server23:01
cyberangerjust kinda suprised me, made me wonder what 35k buys I suppose23:07
cyberanger:-                                  )23:07
chris4585cyberanger, a kickass server?23:09
cyberangerbetter be kickass23:16
cyberangerfor that price23:16
cyberangerthat price you could fund a small war for a year, a cyberattack for 10 years, or buy a house23:17
vychuneoli oli oxinfree23:31
netritiouscyberanger: this is actually not just "a" server, it's actually 18 servers and an integrated storage arrays in a server cabinet, all Sun branded stuff at that, and comes with $500K worth of software23:34
netritiousanywho, going to dinner...bbl23:35
cyberangernetritious: ah, that makes more sense23:35
cyberangerI've seen two 19 inch cases full of 15k in gear, the backup system was probally not included in that price, total cost 20k I suspect, with linux, no price on that23:37

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