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tjaaltonRAOF, bryceh, Sarvatt: so uploading 1.10 et al will be postponed to next week?06:58
brycehtjaalton, probably safest bet07:03
tjaaltonbryceh: ok07:05
brycehalthough looks like raof fixed up -geode and -ati, so maybe it's good to go now07:06
tjaaltoni could upload those when tseliot is around to upload nvidia07:11
tjaaltonthough I think most of the input drivers are rebuilt for no good reason, only evdev and synaptics support XI2.107:12
Sarvatttjaalton: tseliot is on vacation until monday, he said whats in the PPA is good to go outside of a version change in the changelog07:15
brycehhi Sarvatt07:15
brycehon the one hand it seems like it'd be better to wait and do it like Monday morning tjaalton's time, which would mean we'd have one of us around at all times in case of problems07:16
brycehon the other hand, it seems unlikely that there's going to be problems, and doing it now gives a good bit of additional time for testing before beta07:17
tjaaltonon the other hand if RAOF has it all under his trigger to rebuild&dput the drivers, I'll gladly let him to do the uploading :)07:19
brycehhe doesn't have coredev yet07:20
tjaaltonoh right07:20
brycehtjaalton, hmm, I think the weight of the balance favors having more testing time07:21
tjaaltonwell, to publish them somewhere for dget07:21
brycehplus you me and sarvatt are going to be around for the next day, we can handle problems07:21
tjaaltonRAOF: PING!07:21
brycehtjaalton, I'm going to boot on -ati now just to doublecheck but otherwise I say go for it :-)07:21
tjaaltonbryceh: okay07:22
tjaaltonshouldn't be that late down under..07:22
brycehhmm, -ati box got dropped to failsafe mode07:26
tjaaltonoo, libx11 1.4.207:28
brycehhmm, something's busted with -ati07:32
brycehit works when I run 'startx' as root or a user, but when gdm starts it, boom\07:32
brycehno obvious errors tho07:33
tjaaltonthe previous version works?07:33
brycehwell, the version from before updating the X stack worked07:34
tjaaltonthere's 6.14.1 btw07:34
tjaaltonnot packaged yet07:34
brycehobviously downgrading would not go on this xserver07:34
brycehsheesh, why no errors anywhere?  It doesn't even generate a new Xorg.0.log, all that gets created is the failsafe-x one07:40
brycehtjaalton, do you have a ati system handy you could test putting the PPA on?07:44
tjaaltonbryceh: not set up, I do have an old firegl and an agp-board, but they're not in a case or anything07:45
brycehlet me try booting earlier kernel07:46
brycehno go07:47
brycehsince startx works... I think the problem may not be X07:47
tjaaltonnothing in the gdm log either?07:48
brycehI notice the session with startx loads with a gnome-terminal open but no decorations, no panel, no background07:48
brycehno gdm log is produced07:48
bryceh.xsession-errors shows "Fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server :0.0.07:50
brycehmaybe startx isn't setting up auth07:50
brycehwhen I upgraded to the ppa, since -ati wasn't there, apparently apt decided to uninstall all of gnome07:54
* bryceh apt-get install ubuntu-desktop ;-)07:55
RAOFtjaalton: PONG!07:56
tjaaltonRAOF: :)07:57
tjaaltonRAOF: so we were thinking about pushing the final abi to the archive07:57
brycehok, desktop happy now :-)07:58
tjaaltoncould I just pull all the packages from the ppa and push them as-is07:58
tjaaltonwithout the rebuild hassle07:58
tjaaltonRAOF: oh, and isn't only evdev and synaptics needing rebuilds for the new XI?07:59
tjaaltonthe ppa has all the input drivers07:59
brycehwhat package provides window decorations?08:05
tjaaltonbryceh: unity?08:05
brycehno, got that installed08:06
brycehaha, point to RAOF08:07
RAOFtjaalton: Actually, none of the input drivers need rebuilding; that was an artefact of my over-eager script.08:07
tjaaltonRAOF: heh, ok that's good08:07
brycehalrighty, that looks proper08:08
RAOFLet me run through http://cooperteam.net/Packages and check that all's good to go.08:08
tjaaltonRAOF: sure, it's easier to wget from there anyway, I guess08:08
brycehRAOF, do you want to send a note to the lists or would you prefer me to?08:08
bryceh(or shall we just surprise them?)08:09
RAOFBah, stupid compiz crash.08:10
tjaaltonsurprise attack is the best kind08:11
RAOFI think it'd be easier if you send the note; I'm pretty much done for the day.08:11
RAOFHm, don't need the already-uploaded mesa in thereā€¦08:11
RAOFLooks like everything's there.08:24
tjaalton1.10-0ubuntu1 builds?08:24
RAOFAnd installs and runs.08:25
RAOFIt's already built in the PPA.08:25
tjaaltonoh cool, so the build-failure was in the packaging?08:25
tjaaltonactually, the ppa seems to have that one as pending08:25
RAOFWhat build-failure?08:26
RAOFOh, ah.08:27
tjaaltonthe diff between rc3 and final08:27
RAOFNo.  There was a cherry-pick to take from post final to make sdksyms work.08:27
RAOFSuddenly, context happens :)08:27
RAOFBecause the wonderful udeb-builds-don't-work problem that has plagued me locally became a global problem.08:28
tjaaltonok then, I'll pull those and upload, and will sort out any kinks during the day, and hand over to bryceh/Sarvatt when they start their day :)08:28
RAOFYou've got an nvidia driver to go?08:29
tjaaltonI can pull the one from the ppa08:30
tjaaltonRAOF: push the server changes and others, if you haven't yet08:32
tjaaltonto git08:32
RAOFDone for xserver, ati, intel.  Checking nouveau.08:34
* RAOF should update the rebuild-the-world script to do the git-y thing, too.08:35
RAOFHm, whoops.  Looks like nouveau's git is already out of date.08:37
RAOFAaand nouveau's in git too.08:49
tjaalton1Mbit uplink ftw08:54
tjaaltonnvidia-current doesn't build-depend on a specific server version09:04
RAOFWe should update nvidia-current (and fglrx) to just list the abis it supports in the packaging, and then have an alternate depends on all of them.09:07
tjaaltonbut now it's getting the wrong abi in depends09:07
RAOFRe-rebuild it is :)09:09
tjaaltonwell, I'll add the build-dep09:09
tjaaltonnice, nvidia failed to build on amd6410:35
tjaalton cdbs : Depends: python-scour but it is not going to be installed10:35
sorentjaalton: Do you have a link to the build log?10:37
tjaalton0ubuntu1 built fine10:38
tjaaltonso probably some chroot problem10:38
sorenThat would be my guess, too.10:40
sorenGlide built just fine on the same box just now.10:44
tjaaltonI'll retry it11:07
tjaaltonbuilt fine12:22
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faganhey, I have a small question, I just bought a second video card so now I have an ATI and a nVidia in the one machine. The hardware tool picked up on the nv one 14:52
faganbut not the ATI14:52
faganSo I installed the driver manually, will that break anything or was that just a bug with the detection process?14:53
faganits in 10.10 I havent tested it in 11.04 since its my work machine 14:53
fagan(and the fact I just came from 11.04 and the closed source ATI driver was broken)14:54
jcristauthe closed driver won't coexist peacefully14:56
jcristaudrivers, even14:56
faganjcristau: hmmm well I could just use the ATI card with the open source driver since it works fine without the closed one but its a shame that they dont work.14:58
faganOn windows the only things that clash are the control centers14:59
faganbut I suppose they must have put a lot of effort into making them work on windows obviously 14:59
faganOk im upgrading to 11.04 then since ill be using the nv driver as my main 15:01
faganill report bugs since thats all the rage :)15:01
cndwas there a change somewhere that hides cursors from touch devices somehow?15:37
cndI can't complain :)15:37
cndbut I just did a dist-upgrade15:37
tjaaltonnot just touch devices15:37
tjaaltonit's been awhile15:37
cndtjaalton, can you describe when the cursor disappears?15:37
cndit only seems to disappear when I use my touchscreen15:38
tjaaltonhmm not sure15:38
tjaaltondoesn't seem to happen here15:38
tjaaltonmaybe I was wrong15:38
cndtjaalton, it seems that the cursor is hidden any time the contents of the x window under it changes15:41
cndif you run "xinput test-xi2"15:41
cndthen move your cursor over the terminal window15:41
cndit will flicker15:41
cndas raw motion events are printed15:41
cndsame thing if you hold a button down and drag on the root window in a gnome desktop15:42
Sarvattapw: did you update mesa between tests?15:44
Sarvattapw: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/natty-changes/2011-March/009496.html15:45
Sarvattpretty big change for i386 mesa yesterday15:46
apwSarvatt, nope flipping just the kernel is enough to bust me, so i assume its enabling the optimisation which triggered it15:57
apwSarvatt, and indeed, we have a panic so ... i think mesa is off the hook15:57
Sarvattah, phew16:01
AmaranthSarvatt: oh, btw, mesa 7.11 snapshots from xorg-edgers seem to have fixed my fullscreen flash issues17:32
Amaranthand the odd screen flashing I'd get while loading an HTML5 video17:33
cndbryceh, I've pushed a fix to xorg-server packaging tree17:36
cndjust fyi17:36
cndit doesn't have to be uploaded asap, as I think only xinput test-xi2 exploits the bug17:37
cndI've also pushed a fix for synaptics that isn't needed asap17:39
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afiestasI just installed a fresh Kubuntu Natty from alpah3, and upgrade18:54
afiestasafter the upgrade (before everything was fine)18:54
afiestasxrandr is not showing my crtc18:54
afiestashttp://paste.kde.org/7606/ xrandr output18:55
afiestasI'm going to reboot and try to start the kernel without the HDMI cable plugged18:56
afiestassame result :(19:00
* afiestas is scared19:00
afiestasI think I got the problem, intel driver wasn't isntaleld :/19:21
afiestasMueeheh dunno why but intel driver was not installed, really impressive the fbdev performance19:29
brycehafiestas, look at your /var/log/dpkg.log19:30
afiestasbryceh: http://paste.ubuntu.com/582223/19:32
tjaaltonafiestas: your mirror was lagging behind, and you forced the upgrade19:51
afiestastjaalton: okz, thanks20:09
tjaaltonafiestas: so the xserver upgrade probably removed it, along with xserver-xorg-video-all20:10
afiestasyes, because I didn't had vesa either20:11
afiestasthe odd thing is that KWin was perfectly working with fbdev :s20:11
tjaaltonbut slow?20:20
bjsniderSarvatt, i just tested the preinstall script in nvidia-common and it doesn't actually suppress the nvidia-installer. it simply adds a yes/no question. the user can hit enter and continue. there is not even a detailed error message like "this installer is not compatible with ubuntu...".20:54

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