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aztekhi all13:59
aztekdo u use ubuntu?14:02
s-foxYes, though not as my main operating system.  I am more commonly found in #!14:17
aztekso, what is ur main OS?14:21
s-foxaztek,  http://crunchbanglinux.org/ 14:23
aztekwht is the superiority use that distro???14:28
s-foxaztek,  http://crunchbanglinux.org/wiki/about14:31
s-foxI use it because of how the performance is on my systems.14:31
s-foxIt is very quick.14:31
aztekam checking it14:31
s-foxaztek,  What is your main os? 14:32
aztekwhat is Ubuntu...14:32
azteksorry, i use ubuntu...14:32
azteksince 2 month ago..14:33
s-foxHow are you finding it? :)14:34
azteksorry, litle bit trouble...14:40
aztekmany people in this forum, but no discussion...14:44
s-foxGuess nobody has much to say :)14:45
s-foxRight starcraftman ? 14:45
starcraftmanJe suis Napoleon!14:45
* starcraftman dons hat.14:46
s-foxstarcraftman,  If I must use english, then so should you14:46
s-foxyar rly14:46
starcraftmanand hello aztek :)14:46
starcraftmanhow goes s-fox?14:47
s-foxFabulous darling14:47
s-foxHow are thee?14:47
azteknice to meet u starcraftman..14:48
s-foxHow are you finding ubuntu aztek ?  It is your first gnu/linux distro ?14:48
starcraftmans-fox: oh alright, nothing too earth shattering. Had a few interviews in past few days went well.14:49
starcraftmans-fox: Mentored my coop mentee yesterday too, gave some pro tips for interviews. He got his first one on monday :)14:49
aztekstarcraftman: from my friend14:49
aztekstarcraftman: i used microsoft before14:50
s-foxThat sounds good starcraftman , good luck!14:50
s-foxoh btw zenix alpha 2 now boots starcraftman :)14:51
starcraftmanaztek: most people do, it's still the defaut OS on many computers. :/14:51
starcraftmans-fox: awesome !14:51
s-foxOr should I have said zenix 2 alpha , lol14:51
s-foxI have been working on the new site, all new.  I am a little annoyed with little css problem. I seem to have created a scroll bar of 10px. I do not like css so trying to figure out "why" 14:54
starcraftmans-fox: why no like css? It makes things pretty.14:58
s-foxcss is great, when it is working like you want ;)14:58
aztekI wanna off15:01
aztekit is time to go to bed now 15:02
s-foxTake care aztek :)15:02
starcraftmanbye aztek15:02
azteki have class tomorrow15:02
azteksee u soon15:03
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aztekhi startcraftma....23:21
triggerhappThis place doesnt change :D23:24
triggerhapp<.< Noticeably! I miss this silence  :D23:26
azteki also find this place so silence bro tiggerhapp23:35
aztekno interaction23:36
triggerhappI used to be a regular in here23:41
triggerhapploong while back23:41
triggerhappbe suprised if people remember me now23:42
triggerhappOut of interesting rather than labeling it a bug, anyone notice how long partition formatting stays at 33% ?23:59

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