T0rCh__hello all, I`m back from studio natty to say that the things are a lot better, after a few updates the system looks much more stable ... I`m planning to test the lowlatency kernel.03:11
T0rCh_raonyok, I`m back, now using the the lowlatency kernel. The sound looks good still need to learn to test the performance of the system.03:17
T0rCh_raonyI`m testing the system with jack and sooperlooper03:17
ailo_T0rCh_raony, There are nos pecific tests to do, that we share. But, just using jack and the programs you like to use will of course tell something. There are some results posted at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RealTime03:19
T0rCh_raonyok, I will try to use ardour, I want to learn how to use all this programs for sound, video and image. thanks all03:21
ailo_T0rCh_raony, My conclusion so far is that -lowlatency is working very well, as good as -rt did with Karmic. There is something causing xruns for me using Ubuntu Natty, and jack with 64 frames/period. Probably a network card driver. Other than that, the results are very good.03:22
ailo_T0rCh_raony, What audio device are you using?03:22
T0rCh_raonyI running in a inspiron 1525 with a 00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 02)03:25
T0rCh_raonyI`m planning to buy M-Audio and use the system for live performance.03:26
ailo_T0rCh_raony, Laptop, right? Yeah, I use M-Audio Pci cards. Thinking about getting a usb device later for mobile use. M-Audio Fast Track Pro, most porbably.03:29
T0rCh_raonyexactly this one03:29
ailo_I like that card because it has phantom power and requires no extra power. However, I've heard the preamps are not the best, which would be the only downside03:30
T0rCh_raonyailo, can you tell me how to test the development of the studio controls from git clone git://gitorious.org/ubuntustudio-controls/ubuntustudio-controls.git  ?03:41
T0rCh_raonyI just have to put the files at the specific folder and run from the menu ?03:42
ailo_T0rCh_raony, You can use all the python files in any folder you like, but if you don't want to edit the code by hand, it will be looking for the shell scripts in /usr/lib/ubuntustudio-controls/03:44
ailo_And the two resource files: ubuntustudio-controls.glade, audio.conf. Those should be in /usr/share/ubuntustudio-controls/03:45
ailo_T0rCh_raony, After the files I mentioned are in their right folders, just go into the git folder and do ./ubuntustudio-controls03:47
ailo_T0rCh_raony, You'll need to install zenity, if it is not already installed03:47
ailo_T0rCh_raony, So, 3 shell scripts and 2 resource files need to be put into specific folders.03:49
T0rCh_raonyhaha sorry03:50
T0rCh_raony/bin/sh: /usr/lib/ubuntustudio-controls/gksudo-privilege.sh: not found03:53
T0rCh_raonyCheck if user needs to reboot03:53
T0rCh_raonyOk, now close app03:53
T0rCh_raonydon't think it worked I will try to reboot03:53
T0rCh_raonylooks very nice the job!!!!03:54
ailo_T0rCh_raony, If the gksudo-privilege.sh was not found, you'll need to add it into that folder, though03:54
ailo_Otherwise no changes were mase03:54
ailo_T0rCh_raony,  All three shell scripts need to go there, did you add them?03:55
ailo_T0rCh__, Did you catch my messages?03:57
ailo_T0rCh__, Did you put the shell scripts into /usr/lib/ubuntustudio-controls/03:58
T0rCh__not yet, I will do this now03:58
ailo_Those I would want to replace with Python code. I recently noticed there was a library called python-pam that should take care of that04:00
ailo_The super-user privilege, that is04:00
T0rCh__works like a charm !04:03
T0rCh__I will send some screens04:03
T0rCh__thanks for the help, I will try to learn more about this code now.04:08
ailoT0rCh__, Yes, looks like it's working :P. Perhaps it would be easier to start with a simple GTK python barebone app first? This one has some freaky code, that I don't want to use later anyway.04:14
ailoT0rCh__, I'm making one based on this app, so only the basic things are left concerning Python, GTK and the glade file.04:18
ailoT0rCh__, You should install Glade 3, so you can inspect the glade file too.04:21
T0rCh__ok I will try04:21
ailoT0rCh__, Ok, here's just enough to start the app, quit it by closing it, and 4 buttons will print text on to the console. http://paste.ubuntu.com/581923/04:24
ailoT0rCh__, Should be enough to get a feeling for the GTK part of it04:25
ailoT0rCh__, Just realized, the "Apply" button is not active by default. This was done with glade3, so it's not in the code, initially. Anyway, all of the things done with glade3 can be done using code too.04:26
ailoor, glade, as it is called04:28
ailoT0rCh__, And I guess it goes without saying that the code I just sent you should be used in the same folder with ubuntustudio-controls.glade04:30
ailoT0rCh__, So, the code I sent you was enough for me to learn how to make this app. As I said before, I would like to start working on something different for the next version of ubuntustudio-controls. One that could involve more than one app, and a indicator-app as well.04:33
T0rCh__I agree, the code looks really very simple. I will spend sometime learning about pygtk and glade to see if I can develop something to help, may be the indicator-app04:34
ailoT0rCh__, If you like, you could check out the indicator stuff. I have only started by finding an example app from Ubuntu.  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopExperienceTeam/ApplicationIndicators There is a Python example at the bottom somewhere04:36
ailoT0rCh__, From http://www.pygtk.org/ you can learn more about how to build gtk from scratch, which I guess you need to do with the indicator menu a bit.04:38
ailoT0rCh__, If you like we can start a common repository and make up some plans on what to work on. I have some ideas, but I haven't put it on paper yet04:39
ailoT0rCh__, On gitorious we can create a team, so everyone belonging to that can edit a wiki and push code into the repo. I have an account on github too, but haven't found out so much about how that works yet.04:42
T0rCh__for me it's fine :) I use both as well04:45
T0rCh__I'm creating a project on gitorious04:45
T0rCh__that's you ?04:46
T0rCh__git clone git://gitorious.org/studiocontrols-indicator-app/studiocontrols-indicator-app.git studiocontrols-indicator-app04:49
ailoT0rCh__, Yep. I'm ailo04:56
ailoT0rCh__, I added you as a administrator to a new team called ubuntustudio-controls05:02
T0rCh__thank you I will check05:05
ailoT0rCh__, I added my app to this project.  Here is the wiki page. I think you should be able to edit as well http://gitorious.org/ubuntustudio-controls/pages/Home05:05
T0rCh__ok, so from this branch you want to create the new ubuntustudio-contorls based on this same theme, using the same .glade file ?05:07
T0rCh__cool stuff http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3_kQdMNN6Y PyGtk base class library for fast app development05:11
ailoT0rCh__, Still learning about projects and teams on gitorious. I also started a project called ubuntustudio-controls. We can have different repos for different parts of the project. 05:17
ailoT0rCh__, I will probably remove my original repo, and start on new code from scratch.05:18
T0rCh__ok. hope i can help somehow :)05:19
ailoT0rCh__, paultag talked about making a plugin-able app. That is my thought too. The indicator app can hold other apps05:19
ailoT0rCh__, The main app should be setting system preferences, like enabling realtime05:19
ailoT0rCh__, But if someone has an idea, for instance we could have a multimedia specific package manager. Then we just add that as a new part of the project, and a new repo.05:21
ailoT0rCh__, Don't know how realtime will work in the future. Could be no settings are needed at all.05:25
ailoT0rCh__, It's not all that straight forward using gitorious is what I think now :P. Anyway, I will try to get something set up there in the coming day.05:38
ailoNow I can't reach my project even. I borked it.05:53
ailoT0rCh__, Ok. I added the project ubuntustudio-controls to the group ubuntustudio-controls. I removed my original repo and added a new one: system-preferences. If you like, you could create the indicator repo within the ubuntustudio project.06:01
ailoSeems like that would make most sense06:01
ailoT0rCh__, Just to clarify, http://gitorious.org/ubuntustudio-controls is the project now owned by the team, so create the repos inside this project. 06:03
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